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European Extreme Boss FAQ by SolidSemtec

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 04/05/05

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake eater - European Extreme boss guide
Playstation 2
Version 1.10
Last version - 5/4/05

1)Boss Guide
       0.1 - Ocelot Unit
       0.2 - Ocelot
       0.3 - The Pain
       0.4 - The Fear
       0.5 - The End
       0.6 - The Fury
       0.7 - The Sorrow
       0.8 - General Volgin
       0.9 - Shagohod
       0.95 - Shagohod: part 2
       0.10 - The Boss



This guide is a straight forward boss guide for metal gear solid 3
European mode. To me, this is how I killed the bosses with ease and
usually without healing. I hope my hints will help you fight the 
bosses. Since this guide does not include the general walkthrough,
you are free to contact me by email and ask how to get past a 
certain area. This guide isn't about stamina killing but about using
weapons just to get past the enemy. Keep note that the only enemy
that can be "alerted" which will cause a game-over is the Ocelot

In the future I plan to include:

- Tweeks concerning boss fights. (more details).
- An FAQ.

0.2) LEGAL

This guide is copyrighted by SolidSemtec, 2005.


0.1 - Ocelot Unit
Difficulty: 1/5
Most useful weapons: Any silenced pistol, stun grenade.
Most useful camouflage: Tiger.

Your main objective should be eliminating them without alerting 
them. Keep note, you can put them to sleep; you can stun them;
and you can kill them. Start off by crawling under the bed, face
towards the door. When some of the ocelot unit charge inside, 
throw a stun grenade behind the door- this will take out a couple
of them. Throw another stun grenade, but aim at the wall at the far
end behind the broken down door. If it all goes well, you should of
taken down about 5~ ocelot units, if not throw the last stun grenade
at the same spot. Open the locker to find some thermal goggles, now
walk outside the door. If you failed to stun 5 ocelot units, there
will be either a guy on the roof (likely) or some walking around the
room - PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Shoot them down with the silenced 
pistol at the head if, however if there stunned then just loot there
corpses and walk slowly outside. Now the remaining ocelot units will
be walking all over the field, it's best to find the crawling space
which leads to the basement. (The same area which EVA ran into).
This will be just outside on the left of the building, behind some
bushes. It's now best to find all the shafts which lead to the 
fields, and look around. If you see any ocelot units, wait
into there head is turned then crawl using the D-pad and aim them
at the head with the silenced pistol. When the area outside the 
factory is secure, leave the basement and crawl to the grassy
areas. The ocelot unit are more or less like the normal soldiers,
concerning their eyesight and hearing. So now your objective is
to crawl to the grassy areas (keep note you should have around
80% camouflage just by laying on the grass). Well anyway, crawl
to the grassy areas and watch the ocelot units pattern carefully:
aim your silenced gun at their heads, just repeat this pattern
into the "easy" battle is over.

0.2 - Ocelot
Difficulty: 3/5
Most useful weapons: Any gun, grenade.
Most useful camouflage: N/A.

The first real boss is surprisingly hard! A direct shot will
take about 20% of Snakes health so try to keep cover and 
only shoot if your confident you can shoot him head on. 
Start the battle by running to the rock on the left, take 
cover. Ocelot will fire a few shots and hopefully miss.
Now the rest of the covering is in your hands: when ocelot
runs in the east direction, head that direction yourself and
use the rocks to cover, when he heads west, head that
direction yourself and use the rocks to cover. Near the start
of the battle, Ocelot will stand still near the left and say
"I won't let you get away!", this is a good opportunity to 
shoot him. When you shoot Ocelot for the first time, his
unit will try to defend Ocelot by shooting you - No don't
run around like a madman, stand still and shoot Ocelot
again. Ocelot will take cover and start shooting again,
you should also take cover. If your interested, I would
shoot the hornets nest on the top of the tree - this
will make the hornets attack Ocelot as long as he isn't
reloading his gun, it should give you a couple of good
opportunities to shoot him. Keep note though, this will
make Ocelot shoot the hornets nest on your side and it
isn't really worth it. When Ocelot is reloading his 
revolver, throw a grenade wherever he is reloading, this
will deal OK damage and piss him off. (hehe ^^). Also
Ocelot will stand still in open area when he is reloading
his revolver for the first time, this will give a great
opportunity to shoot him. Shoot Ocelot when you see him
reloading his revolver (doesn't happen always).
When Ocelot has around 3/4 - 1/2 of his health left, 
he will start shooting around the place. 
(E.g. he shoots a tree, it hits the floor and bounces
into you). The best way to do this is to run around and roll
to avoid it, when he starts shooting normal again - take 
cover. Don't think hiding in the grass will fool him, as
he will eventually find you. Follow the tactics above into
he eventually loses. 

Make sure the only weapon you use throughout this battle is a
MK22. Defeating Ocelot this way will win you his animal 
camouflage which can be found near the starting position of
the crevice.

0.3 - The Pain
Difficulty: 2/5
Most useful weapons: AK-47, Grenade.
Most useful camouflage: Tiger, Black.

This guy is a pushover, seriously. Start the battle by 
blasting some AK-47 rounds into The Pains soft flesh, if 
all goes well - he will fall to the ground and say 
"Your quite good!". Dive into the water and swim to the 
bottom, this should give you 95% camouflage, swim to the
other end into you see some sort of platform. Climb onto the
platform from behind, he will most likely spot you now.
Blast some AK-47 rounds into The Pain like you did before.
Sometimes, The Pain will use his hornets to cover his whole
body, he will also make a clone of himself. Simply throw a 
grenade and he will receive massive damage. (There must be
a clone of himself for this to successfully happen). Don't
worry as you can never run out of grenades, some grenades
spawn at the other end, under the platform deep in the water.
If you ever need food, throw a couple of grenades in the water
to kill a load of GOOD fish. The Pain will mainly attack with
his hornets and use his "Tommy gun" to fight this round, you'll
be notified of his attacks as he'll say things such as 
"Tommy gun!". Repeat the above tactics into The Pain has about
half his health left, then their will be a cut scene. 
{KEEP NOTE - The Pain will now often throw grenades at you,
he will also fire hornets out of his mouth - massive damage}.
The Pain takes off his mask, now he is more deadly than before! 
Your  main tactic should now be using the grenade tactic. When this
round starts, dive under water to the other end, go to the surface,
repeat this into The Pain stops talking. (Like a cocky son ofabitch).
Lift yourself onto the platform, if you look straight ahead you 
will see The Pain covered in hornets and his clone. Throw a grenade
(don't use first person view as it make's it harder to aim) roughly
in the middle. If it goes well, he should get blown up and lose much
health. You can take risks of going on the platform and firing
the AK-47 into him when he has no hornets covering him, but
during the second round; he has the pleasure of often throwing
grenades at you. If you see a grenade, get out of there! If
your in the water and hear "Grenade!", swim the opposite direction
and you should be able to avoid the grenades. When he fires hornets
out of his mouth, just simply dive in the water to avoid it.
Repeat the above tactics into you kill him, rather easy fight eh?

You will need your MK22 and a smoke grenade or some sort. Basically
try not to cause severe damage on him with a grenade, so it's useful
to use a smoke grenade. Not only is the range bigger but it also
breaks down the hornets making him visible for attacking. It is
advised you go for headshots throughout the fight, try and shoot
while your in the water as you'll have a more clear view of his
head. Beating him will win you his camouflage, to get it, run up 
the ledge on the right hand side of the exit and roll down the ledge
onto the place The Pain was standing.

0.4 - The Fear
Difficulty: 2.5/5
Most useful weapons: AK-47, M13.
Most useful camouflage: N/A.

The reason this guy isn't 2/5 is because he does so much damn damage 
every time he attacks. Start the battle by equipping your thermal 
goggles and your AK-47, you should see him up ahead in the tree; blast 
him into he retreats. NOW go into the survival viewer and cure your 
wounds, make sure you got full stamina and get back to the battle. The 
Fear will start by jumping from tree to tree, make sure you have your 
M13 equipped and while he is jumping - shoot him. He will soon stand in 
a spot some place in a tree around you, don't stand around to much 
otherwise he will attack you with flame bolts, poison bolts or general 
bolts! Use the thermal goggles to find him and blast him with the M13, 
this should do good damage on him. If you're having trouble finding 
him, wait into he fires a few bolts and look in the direction he is in 
and shoot him. It's best to try and avoid the bolts which aren't a huge 
problem, just run in circles and use the trees as a barrier to avoid 
his bolts. Occasionally he will shoot at mines and fire grenades; these 
will more or less almost kill you; so try and avoid them at all costs. 
He will also jump off the trees and run towards you and hit you melee 
for puny damage, don't use first person view to shoot him, just look in 
his direction and shoot him with the gun shooting button. Your thermal 
goggles are essential in this battle, so make sure to use the Russian 
greencap mushrooms to recharge the batteries. Your M13 does reasonably 
high damage on him and if you aim every shot great, he should be dead 
in no time. However when he has low health he will be a bit harder to 
find, that's because he is usually HIGHER in the trees, if you can't 
find him; wait into he tries to melee you then blast him with the M13 
to finally kill the freak. If you thermal goggles run out of power, 
don't worry as you can still briefly see The Fear.


I hope you have a nice collection of rotten food eh? Great! Throw the 
food around your start position. You don't have any rotten food? Doh! 
Fine, shoot down all the fruits you see on the tree's and hunt for 
"poison dart frogs". Throw them around the middle of the map. Now for a 
bit of "lizard hunting", equip your MK22 and your thermal goggles and 
start searching for him using the same tactic as above. When The Fear's 
stamina gets low he will start to hunt for food, he will go after the 
food you threw on the floor and start to vomit to death! If that fails, 
shoot him with the MK22 for a stamina kill.

I basically explained it above; no worrys as I will explain it again.
Before the fight begins, hunt in the area for "poison dart frogs",
make sure you have like 5 at least in your food collection. Otherwise
you could bring some "rotten food" to the battle, in extreme difficulty
your food rots much faster than easier difficultys. Ok now in the fight,
cure your wounds and now "equip" your rotten food or poison dart frogs
and throw it directly north of you. Make sure you throw ALL the bad 
food in your collection as this will increase the chance of a victory.
Now equip your MK22 and your thermal goggles and start shooting him
with the MK22, because he is naturally decreasing in stamina and you
are shooting him; he will lose stamina VERY fast. When he has about
1/2 of his stamina left, he will start searching for food. He will 
almost certainly go for your prepared food rather than a live snake
for example. After eating some of your food, he will start vomiting
and losing stamina; to ensure his defeat, shoot him with the MK22.
His spider camouflage can be found a little bit north from your 
current position.

0.5 - The End
Difficulty: 3/5
Most useful weapons: SVD.
Most useful camouflage: Leaf.

Camouflage is essential in this battle. If you don't have an SVD rifle, 
then read other guides on how to get the rifle. Now it's a game of cat 
and mouse, the reason this guy is 3/5 isn't because he is some kind of 
uber strong human (actually that's the opposite of what he is) it's 
because it take's so long to find and hunt him down. After you picked 
up the SVD, immediately look at your map to locate where he is. Equip 
your Thermal Goggles and aim your SVD at him; zoom in with L1 and blast 
him in the head. If you're lucky you can get in a few shots before he 
runs away. Now you're the hunted, in fact let him show off his sniper 
skills, when he has blown his cover, sneak to his position using 
camouflage to get there (remember you can see his position marked red 
with the map in survival viewer). Hide in the long grasses to well 
camouflage yourself, use your thermal goggles and your MIC to locate 
him. Then blast him again, if you're going for a stealth kill; it might 
be good to sneak up behind him and hold him up "FREEZE!" 3 times to get 
his useful camouflage armour, taking him down using the MK22 will win 
you his rifle! When you found his position and he starts to retreat, 
you can now follow his footsteps using the thermal goggles to try and 
locate him much easier. The battle will be around 3 major maps, if you 
use your camouflage wisely with your thermal goggles and MIC, you 
should be able to take him down without a problem. There is a LOT of 
food to find in these battle areas, so if you're running low on food 
then you should never have a problem of recovering your stamina. If you 
take to long to kill/MK22 him then he will recover his health/stamina 
so try and not to take your time. One other thing to say is, it might
be useful holding up The End three times just for his MOSS camaoflage;
it infact is very useful for the battle.


Some time during the battle, save your game. If you're to load the game 
in about 2-3+ days, The End will find you and take you to jail, meaning 
you have to escape. However if you set your PS2 clock a week later, The 
End would of died of old age waiting for you; cool eh? ;)You could of 
avoided the battle altogether by taking him down at the warehouse using 
the SVD if you was lucky to find it, but this is just a boss guide so 
we won't go into detail of that.

I really enjoyed doing this method. The End will almost certainly be
north on the cliff from you, start by letting him know where you are
and he will shoot; this will reveal his location on the map. Now try
and go to the other map as fast as possible, go AROUND the cliff. Use
the MiC so you can hear his heavy breathing and use the D-pad for 
gental movement. You can now hold him up 3 times for his useful MOSS
camouflage or keep shooting him from behind. Let's say you want to hold
him up 3 times, get behind him and aim your gun using the first person
view: "FREEZE!", he will lay on the grass, aim at his head into he refuses.
As he get's up, make sure to shoot him a few times, he will now throw
a stun grenade (also he does this if your to close and you attack him),
you now need to use your thermal goggles to track him down by following
his footprints. If The End's footprints lead to a mountain, go around 
the mountain, if it leads to a new map, follow it to the new map. 
However, when you hold him up for the third time, he will refuse at first
but he will give in and finally retreat. The moss camouflage, not
only does it give you 100% camouflage in certain areas but it heals
your stamina in natural light. If your still going for a stamina kill,
repeat the above method into he dies. He will drop his mosin nagant
which will be north-west of your current location. The End might ask
the forest to recover him during this battle, if he does don't worry
as he can only do it once.

0.6 - The Fury
Difficulty: 3/5
Most useful weapons: Combat Knife.
Most useful camouflage: ALL.

This may seem like a whole joke but the Combat Knife is actually the 
most deadly weapon in this battle - as it rips his suit apart and does 
huge damage. When the battle starts, he will fly straight past you with 
a load of flames, don't panic as these flames will NOT harm you. I read 
in many other guides that if you go far north and lay down with the 
black suit in the shadows it helps, but when I tried this method it 
wasn't very effective as weapons are very weak against him and the 
flames fly up the ledge on to you, so DON'T do that. The good thing 
about The Fury is that you can hide from him long enough to try and 
heal your health but don't stay in the same position for to long or he 
will find you. What you should do for the first time is put your back 
against the wall, wait into The Fury starts walking down your 
direction; when he finally walks past you, slash him with the knife; a 
good combo will take huge damage. He will almost certainly blast you 
with his flame thrower, to avoid curing yourself, just change into a 
different camouflage EVERYTIME you get burnt. If you do need to cure, 
just do so (ointment + bandage). If your lucky The Fury will stand 
still making himself more open to attacks, if he does stand still then 
you know what to do? Slash him! Keep note that he will probably burn 
you to a crisp, if you're very lucky like what happened to me, he will 
stay still throughout the whole battle into he dies. If that does 
happen then just cure your flames, change the camouflage when needed 
etc. If you're unlucky then The Fury will fly away, this doesn't mean 
much, it just means that you have to hunt him down again and knife him 
into he dies. His flame thrower does not do so much damage on you, just 
make sure you cure the flames otherwise the "past will catch up on 
you". If you repeat the above methods, he'll be dead easy! Knife > 

Of course if you want to waste time and do it the "safe way" then just 
equip your favourite fire arm, such as a M13 or AK47 or maybe the SVD. 
Keep your distance and shoot The Fury, but since you don't deal much 
damage on him, this could take forever. (When I first fought him, my 
Rocket Launcher didn't even do 10% of his health).


*Hang on the ledge - This means the flames will miss you, if 
you're feeling confident then shimmy over to The Fury and jump up 
and attack.
*Run around the pillars - When The Fury is firing in your 
direction, it's quite obvious; run around the pillars and his 
flames will miss you.
*Roll + Crawl - When I tried it, The Fury missed me because I 
crawled: can anyone confirm this?

It will help a lot to have the mosin nagant in this battle, otherwise
your going to have to get close with the MK22 and shoot him; not easy.
However if you have a mosin nagant, my only advise is to stay at a 
distance from him and shoot him when he is in sight (laying down on the
ledge so he can't see you helps a lot but retreat after he finds you).
He should go down reasonbly fast with the mosin nagant and very slow 
with the MK22. One last thing for the MK22, if your finding it hard to
sneak up on him; stealth yourself maybe on the ledge or near the pillars
and when he gets close: shoot him. When The Fury has fallen, his
camouflage can be found near your new starting position.

0.7 - The Sorrow
Difficulty: 1/5
Most useful weapons: Err nothing.
Most useful camouflage: N/A.

This isn't even a battle but it's of course the easiest one to do. The 
length of the river is dependant on how many people you have killed 
during the game, if you played it safe and didn't kill many people then 
you won't have very far to travel but if you killed people like crazy 
then the length of the river will be very long. Start by walking 
towards the sorrow, soon after all the people you killed will start 
coming after you; these are just ghosts, try to avoid them by walking 
around them (if you get touched then you will get zapped, nothing bad). 
This is pretty straight forward and nothing much can be written, just 
when you get to the end of the river, touch the body and you'll die! - 
Nah it's really a fake death, so during the 'continue' screen hit L2 
and use the revival pill. This will also win you The Sorrows 
camouflage. Guns won't work on The Sorrow, but as you see... you 
strangely have them in your backpack, but don't bother with them. I 
find out that on extreme difficulty, it tends to be a little harder to 
dodge the ghosts - my only advice is try and walk straight forward in a 
line past the ghosts rather than a curve. The Sorrow also fires a beam, 
just walk around it to avoid it.


Fine, drown yourself then hit L2 and use the revival pill.


I read somewhere that if you call your commander 3 times then
save your game and reload it, you wake up. Try it out.

0.8 - Volgin
Difficulty: 3/5
Most useful weapons: M13.
Most useful camouflage: Sneaking suit.

This guy is a lot weaker than he actually looks. You will have Ocelot 
on the top supplying you with ammo and cheering you on, but since 
theirs a 5 minute deadline, just ignore him but take the ammo he gives. 
Start the battle by putting on the sneaking suit and equipping the M13 
then press R2 to un- equip it, also try to not waste ANY life meds 
during this battle, it's actually easy as long as you know how to dodge 
him. Run around General Volgin, he should try to punch you. Press R2 to 
equip your weapon and blast him, press R2 again. The reason you have to 
press R2 after shooting is because, Volgin will fire an electrical wave 
and the clips inside your gun will usually attract the electrical wave. 
Whenever Volgin puts his two arms in the air, run around him and shoot 
him once, he will now start firing a like machine gun at you; simply 
run away to avoid it. Repeat the above tactics into the first part of 
the battle is over.

During the second part of the battle, Volgin will be a bit tougher than 
he was before. He will start by saying "Time to die!" and will put his 
arms in a certain position, whenever he puts his arms in this position; 
lay on your stomach to avoid it (this does heavy damage). It is now a 
game of shoot and run, just like before, when he tries to punch you; 
avoid him and shoot him in the back/side. Volgin will do one other 
attack, basically he will crouch on the floor and fire electricity on 
the floor - I just ran left and when the electricity came I rolled to 
the other end. Volgin also tends to supply his power much more often in 
this battle, it's best to shoot him in FPV (first person view) when he 
does that, he might recharge during the first part but during the 
second he will do it more often. Volgin will also fire electricity more 
often, press R2 to un-equip your weapon and try to stay in the middle 
to avoid it. Repeat the above tactics into he gives up.


*Wear the Raikov mask, since he was Volgin's lover this will 
confuse him and you can get a free shot at him. 
*Shoot the water pipes, not the best damage but if you're bored 
and want to try it out, go ahead.
*Throw the Russian greencap mushroom in the battle; this should 
absorb some of the electric attacks.

You will have to use the MK22 when his back is turned. When he is
distracted, either fire at his head in FPV with the MK22 or use the
mosin nagant. It will be a frustrating fight, however head shots 
are mose effective. Apparently you can CQC him so he falls to the 
floor, then as his back is turned you can shoot him a few more times.
Since I never did this nor understand how, you'll have to fiqure it
out. When Volgin has lost, his "cold war camouflage" will pop out of
him, quickly grab it before the next cut scene.

0.9 - The Shagohod (part 1)
Difficulty: 1/5
Most useful weapons: RPG-7.
Most useful camouflage: Sneaking suit.

Yes 1/5, this guy is weak! As Eva is circling around the Shagohod, use 
the RPG-7 and blast at the Shagohod's tracks, this will make the 
Shagohod start to screw up and he can't move. As you circle around the 
Shagohod, aim the RPG-7 and shoot him at the back. You have unlimited 
ammo at this fight so don't worry, an idea is to press R2 for a fast 
reload. Nothing much to say, repeat this tactic into part 2.

0.95 - The Shagohod (part 2)
Difficulty: 2/5
Most useful weapons: RPG-7, SVD.
Most useful camouflage: Sneaking suit.

Not much weaker than before however, now you must concentrate on Volgin 
rather than the Shagohod. The battle will start with Volgin chasing 
around Eva, keep shooting at the Shagohods tracks to make Volgin start 
coming after you. When Volgin finally comes after you, walk towards the 
Shagohod. If Volgin says "I will grind you" or something, lay on your 
stomach to avoid it, however if he doesn't; run THROUGH the Shagohod, 
you will avoid his attacks but also something cool can happen. You will 
now have a clear view of Volgin's back, take out your SVD and shoot 
him. The headshot is most effective but the body is still quite 
effective, so don't worry about aiming him right on target. If you run 
out of ammo, Eva will throw in some ammo to help you. If you keep 
running through the Shagohod, you can avoid his main frontal attacks to 
avoid major damage, when he actually runs you over; I found that the 
Shagohod wasn't in fact taking close to any damage so I didn't need to 
heal throughout the whole fight. Follow this tactic carefully and he 
will be good as dead.

Instead of using the SVD, use the mosin nagant; that's all. You get
no camouflages to my knowledge for winning this fight.

0.10 - The Boss
Difficulty: 3.5/5
Most useful weapons: SVD, All machine guns.
Most useful camouflage: Snow.

A lot of people say that you only need to crouch down to avoid her, but 
the truth is, all you need is to be at a distance and have around 40%~ 
camouflage (basically if you stand up and at a distance, you should be 
safe). The battle will start with The Boss charging towards you, simply 
counter her attack by pressing "o" just as she starts to attack you 
(she will do this quite often). She will now be stood up and stunned, 
this is your chance to get out a machinegun of any kind and blast her. 
You can deal a reasonable amount of damage on her so do it into she 
falls to the floor. She will now get up and fire her patriot, don't let 
her hit you! Run away at a distance into you can hear no more gunfire. 
It will now be your chance to snipe her, so equip thermal goggles and 
look around in FPV for her. When you see her looking for you, equip the 
SVD and blast her; it doesn't matter where you blast her as long as you 
hit her. After you attack her with the SVD, she might know where you 
are so just run out of there to a bigger distance and look for her 
again. Don't waste your time crawling around as it is just wasting your 
precious time to kill her. Just repeat the above tactics and she will 
be dead quite easy, just remember to keep your distance and blast her 
when you spot her with the thermal goggles and when she comes to kick 
your ass in CQC, just counter and shoot her. I wouldn't keep the 
thermal goggles on at all times in less you have a few Russian greencap 
mushrooms; you only need them on when you're trying to snipe her down. 


*The monkey mask confuses The Boss for one turn.
*The Boss will shout out the time left into the place gets nuked.
*The Boss bluffs quite often so keep your position unless she is 
actually shooting at you.
*Remember you only need snow camouflage and to be stood still to 
avoid her, just be at a distance and run around regularly and she 
will find it hard to find you!
*It sometimes takes practice to get used to the counter-attack 
CQC, but don't give in.
*There are three snakes; solid, solidus and liquid to be found. 
They are kinda useless though since your stamina doesn't drop too 
much during the fight, but they give full stamina incase you were 
wondering. However, if you want one of the special items, they are

Basically as she charges towards you in CQC, counter it by pressing 
the "o" button; when she is shocked, blast her in FPV with the MK22
preferably in the face. If your lucky, you can get in a few shots 
before she fires off the patriot. Instead of using the SVD at a 
distance, use the mosin nagant and aim mainly for headshots. After
she dies, her "snake camouflage" will pop out of her; grab it fast
otherwise you will lose the opportunity to wear it in the next


Got any questions about the story? Or how to get past a certain area? 
Or maybe you want to share your theory?

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