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Duel Mode FAQ by SketchySpider

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/08/05

Metal Gear Solid
Duel Mode
Philip Saunders 2005

1. Introduction

2. Legal Disclaimer

3. Duel Mode Normal
i. Ocelot Unit
ii. Ocelot
iii. The Pain
iv. The Fear
v. The End
vi. The Fury
vii. Colonel Volgin
viii. Bike vs. Pursuers
ix. Shagohod
x. The Boss

4. Duel Mode Special
i. Ocelot Unit
ii. Ocelot
iii. The Pain
iv. The Fear
v. The End
vi. The Fury
vii. Colonel Volgin
viii. Bike vs. Pursuers
ix. Shagohod
x. The Boss

5. Unlockables

6. Frequently Asked Questions

7. Credits

1. Introduction

Welcome to my FAQ for Metal Gear Solid 3's Duel mode. At the time of 
this being written, it is currently a European exclusive, however I'm 
sure everyone else will get it sooner or later. I will provide 
techniques as to how to defeat the formidable foes encountered in Duel 
Mode, as well as full equipment lists, etc, as you would have come to 
expect from GameFAQs.

2. Legal Disclaimer

This document is copyright 2005 Philip Saunders. You must get 
permission from the author before reproducing or retransmitting it. 
This document cannot be sold. I will grant permission as long as you 
wish to use it to help others and not make a profit. You cannot alter 
this guide in any way without prior consent from me. 

3. Duel Mode Normal 
Name of boss 
Short description of the fight 
Name	initial ammo/max ammo  
(Note: only relevant equipment will be listed here. Stuff you shouldn’t 
really use won’t be listed)  
How to dispatch 
My Score 
Top Score

i) Ocelot Unit

Rather regrettably, I really suck at these guys, so I’m gonna hand you 
over to a walkthrough sent to me by Mustaine_86, which worked very well 
for me.

MK22 – 25/25 
Stun Grenades – 5/5

Make sure you have the MK22 and Stun Grenades out of your backpack. As 
soon as the fight starts, equip the MK22 and go into first-person view 
mode. Stand on your tiptoes (press L2 + R2 together) and shoot the guy 
outside. It doesn't matter where you shoot him, he'll be put to sleep 
eventually. Now crawl under the bed and equip the stun grenades and 
wait for the door to be shot down. When it is, throw a stun grenade 
outside. There are 4 guys outside the door, so depending on how many 
you have taken out with the first stun grenade; you may need to throw 
another. Either way, when you see that there are only 3 enemies 
remaining, crawl out from under the bed and go out the door. Stand to 
the left side of the tall boxes which are beside the door and wait for 
the guy on the roof to stop (he will stop on the right hand side of the 
roof as you look in normal view). When he stops, shoot him in the head 
with the MK22. Now head out of this room and go south. Crouch behind 
some boxes and look to the east. There is a guard patrolling around the 
grass outside the walls. Press L2 + R2 together to sit up and shoot him 
in the head with the MK22. Now head to the very west of the building. 
When you come to the wall beside the stairs, stand at the corner of the 
wall. Go into first-person view and peek around the corner (hold L2) 
and shoot the guard in the head with the MK22. You will get extra 
points for no kills and no alerts.

Received this from The Sorrow, works on both Normal and Special, though 
personally better on Normal

Start by equipping suppressor and shooting those two guys through the 
window by mk22, and then quickly hide under the bed. When doors will 
blow up, throw your stun grenade. If it not stuns all four, don’t 
worry- just shoot them by mk22. In that moment you should have around 
4-5 mk22 rounds. Let’s bring some action, then. Jump through the window 
and get to the ladder and get on the roof (don’t care about alert or 
damage) run to that sniper and perform circle+direction (that powerful 
CQC throw) roll down the roof and run south-there will be another guy, 
circle+dir. Now run west and throw another ocelot. Now run northwest, 
there is last one, circle+direction. That’s all. Simple, right? No kill 
and time under 1.45 gives you easy victory. Sometimes you can get 
killed (not often) when this happens just try again. On second attempt 
you should see the record. Try to dodge some bullets by rolling and 
watch out for knife attacks (rule number 1: be quick). This may sound 
difficult, but this is really easiest method.

My Score: 90257 
Top Score: 90000


ii) Ocelot

This can be a bit of a pain, due to a lack of proper equipment, such as 
the SAA, but nonetheless, it is one of the easiest fights.

MK22 – 25/25

At the beginning of the fight, hold R2 whilst the fight loads, allowing 
you to pick the MK22 quickly. From here there are two approaches. You 
can both run behind a rock, and use jump out shots to hit him, or you 
can use my method. This is to stay where you are, and fire in first-
person, using the shoulder buttons to lean to see Ocelot. In the 
unlikely event you run out of ammo, run to the right, there is some 
there. Tricks are a good approach as well. Things such as shooting his 
hat off give you a free shot. When you see the cutscene where he’s 
talking about reloading, skip it to get a free shot. Also, using my 
method, there is a good chance he’ll come to the crevice to challenge 
you to a quick-draw duel, which lets you shoot him too.

My Score: 100543 
Top Score: 90000


iii) The Pain

Bees ladies and gentlemen, bees. Those shall bee (sorry, had to) your 
main adversary this fight. You must learn to avoid the various attacks 
that come at you whilst shooting The Pain.

MK22 – 25/25 
Grenade – 5/5 
Stun Grenade – 5/5 
WP Grenade – 5/5

As soon as the fight starts, shoot at him with your MK22, repeatedly. 
You can normally reduce his stamina by about one bar before you must 
stop this. This needs to be stopped because about then, he will wrap 
himself in his ‘Bee Armour’, making him invulnerable to you attacks. 
When he does this, swim to the island north-east of you that has the 
MK22 ammo on it. Throw a normal grenade (you can use the others, but 
these obscure you vision less) at him, and hold you MK22 at the ready. 
The grenade should disperse the armour, making him vulnerable to your 
attacks again. Once you’ve reduced his stamina by half, he becomes more 
aggressive, firing those bullet bees at you. Just repeat the previous 
strategy to finish him off. A few things to note: when climbing onto a 
platform, you are immune to everything. Head shots take quite a bit of 
stamina from him, so if you can, aim for the head. When he yells 
‘Grenade!’ wait a second or two, then get in the water. Immediately 
climb back out, and the blast won’t hurt you. The same applies with 
bullet bees. ‘Tommy Gun!’ don’t stay still, or you can be minced in an 
instant. Just run about on your platform landing shots whenever 
possible. One last thing: stay on and around the platform with the MK22 
ammo, otherwise it can seem a long swim to reload, and it’ll give him 
time to get his bees back.

For those of you who hate grenades cos you can’t aim well with them, 
your prayers have been answered by Sanjuro

I just found out another way to defeat The Pain on Normal Mode (well, 
it worked better for me, maybe because I hate to use grenades).  
Yooouu need:  
- MK22  
- M37  
- Grenade (optional)  
Okay, when the battle starts, put out your MK22 and aim at his head. 
This can be a bit difficult sometimes, because he moves very fast, and 
his stamina isn't reduced that much when you hit his neck. When he puts 
on his "Bee armour", equip your M37 (shotgun) and fire three shots at 
him. If he yells "Grenade!", don't stop shooting. If you hit him 3 
times before his bees carry the grenade, it won't hit you. If you see 
the bees carrying the grenades flying at you, just shoot them with your 
shotgun. The grenade will fall into the water and you won't be hurt. 
Okay, when the bees don't cover him anymore after firing at him with 
the shotgun, he should say "My hornets!". Now you can shoot him with 
your MK22.  
It took me less than 50 seconds until his stamina was reduced by half. 
Now, The Pain will use his bullet bees. Don't let them hit you, so jump 
into the water and swim to the island to the north-east. Take the MK22 
and M37 ammo lying there and look at The Pain. If he's not covered with 
bees, try shooting his head with your MK22, and if he's covered, either 
fire 3 shots at him with your shotgun, or throw a grenade. Keep doing 
this until he's dead.  
If you see a lot of bees around you and you can't move, just don't do 
anything, they won't hurt you. When you see non-bullet-bees fly at you, 
also continue shooting him, they won't hurt you either.

My Score: 102862 
Top Score: 100000


iv) The Fear

People fighting this guy for the first time are probably gonna be 
scared as hell. He’s super fast, invisible and shoots arrows at you 
from seemingly nowhere. On top of that, there’s a chance if you’re 
going for stamina kill, he’ll replenish his stamina. But fear not (sooo 
many puns, so little time), it can be very simple.

MK22 – 25/25 
Thermal Goggles 
Survival Knife (optional)

Get out your MK22, and look up. Fire two shots into him, and then equip 
your Thermal Goggles. There’s no real trick to this, just track his 
movements, and fire when he lands. If you hear a noise like a creaking 
floorboard, take evasive action to prevent getting wounded, and return 
to your place. When his stamina gets below two bars, he will say that 
he is hungry, and go to shoot something down. This is a great time to 
shoot him, because he is 1. visible to the naked eye, and 2. staying 
still, so he won’t be able to get the food he was after. You can either 
continue doing this, or you can make it easy on yourself. At the base 
of a tree, to Snake’s left when you start, there are two mushrooms. 
Shoot them, cut them or whatever, and leave them there. When The Fear 
gets hungry, he’ll go straight for them, yelling they’re poisoned. 
Great opportunity to shoot him. After, he’ll climb back up a tree, when 
you can shoot him more. He’ll leap around some more too, so get more 
shots in. With a bit of luck, you should down him easily before he can 
get a chance to replenish his stamina. If he does, retry. My best time 
for this fight was 54 seconds, that’s how easy it can be.

This is a good tip from Jacko

I defeated The Fear simply with a shotgun and thermal goggles. At the 
very beginning of the battle I equipped the goggles, looked up and shot 
him with the m-37. After that, hold still and turn around in first 
person view and every time he lands on a branch, you should be able to 
land a shot at him. This way I beat him in 1 minute and 2 seconds, high 
score over 90000, first place. Try it :)

My Score: 121845 
Top Score: 90000


v) The End

Everybody has their own way of doing this, so I’m gonna list as many as 
possible. This is a very open fight, allowing you to use any means you 
wish to complete it.

MK22 – 25/25 
M63 – 301/301 
Thermal Goggles 

Regardless of how you intend to beat him, to begin with, run to the far 
right of the screen, to the wall. Now, run to the north, hugging the 
wall; you must get to the furthest exit to Sokrovenno North, under the 
raised area. Proceed to the north. When in S. North, go around until 
you reach another raised area. From here, return to S. South. Stalk up 
to The End; you should he able to see him pretty well. Now here is the 
choice. You can go for kill or stamina-kill. I’ll use kill for the 
moment. Equip the M63, aim it at him, and unload ammo until you see The 
End Topple forward. Turn around instantly. After the flash, turn to see 
him running. Follow, constantly firing the M63, you can get a few more 
shots in before you lose him. Once he is gone from sight, equip the 
Thermal Goggles, you will see his footprints. Follow them, and if you 
suspect you are close, go into FPV to look around. Once you see him, 
stalk, and shoot. Turn away once he topples and shoot after him after 
the flash. Repeat until he is down.

Alternatively, use the MK22 to tranquilise him. Three shots once you’ve 
snuck on him, turn away, give chase, sneak up, three shots. Repeat 
until he is finished. 

If you have any trouble finding him, equip the D.Mic and scan the area 
for heavy breathing, snoring or him saying ‘This...is The End’. Once 
you’ve got his general direction, equip the thermal goggles to have a 
look around to try to see him. Another thing to look for is the light 
reflecting off of his scope, which gives away his position very easily. 
The downside of this is that the light prevents you from getting a good 
shot. Though with the strategy above, you shouldn’t need these tips.

This tip from Jacko also definitely has its merits, though he can be a 
pain to find after you’ve done it

I found out in the battle with The End, that in Normal mode, you can 
easily snipe The End from the first area. At the very beginning, go 
left of the starting point about one to three in game meters and look 
north. When in the right spot, you should see a tree with Green tree 
python hanging and right underneath the snake you can see The Ends' 
scope flashing. Equip the SVD and point in FPV the Dragunov into that 
direction. Then zoom in and you can easily land at least three shots in 
The Ends head. But you have to bee quick, he will see your scope 
flashing too, if you aim for too long before you shoot. Then follow him 
and use the same methods and you can get him. It's quite effective in 
the beginning.

My Score: 174297 
Top Score: 100000


vi) The Fury

I’ve heard every way to defeat this guy under the Sun, but one stood 
out from all the rest…mainly because it worked for me. Not badmouthing 
any other methods, just saying this was the best one for me. Feel free 
to tell me yours, I’m sure there are people who will benefit from it.

Survival Knife (seriously, that’s all)

As soon as the battle starts, equip your knife. Wait in your tunnel for 
ten seconds, and then exit it. The Fury should be right near you. If 
not, don’t worry, he’ll be in the fourth tunnel. Run up behind him, and 
do a 5-hit knife combo on him. This will reduce his health by a third. 
Once he gets up, you WILL get blasted, but ignore it unless you’re 
injured. Get up, and knife him up some more. That’s two thirds gone. Do 
this once more, and he should have to take one more slash before he 
dies. Can be done in under one minute and thirty seconds if done 
correctly, achieving the top score easily.

My Score: 95021 
Top Score: 80000


vii) Colonel Volgin

I may not be the best person to write for this, because I had major 
problems with him. However, I will since I managed it in a rather more 
odd way than most.

Stun Grenades – 5/5 
MK22 – 25/25 
Handkerchief – 36/36 
M37 – 13/13

Okay, start off by throwing all your stun grenades one second apart. 
He’ll be almost down to half now. When there is no electricity around 
him, grab him in CQC, and chuck him to the floor, the shoot him with 
the MK22. Alternatively, which I find better, is to wave the 
handkerchief in his face when he gets near you. This should have the 
first round over in a matter of seconds. Second round, immediately 
equip the Mask, and go up to him. Run behind him, and shoot him with 
your MK22 as many times as you can. Then use CQC whenever possible, or 
wake the handkerchief in his face. Make sure when you see him raise 
both his arms, drop to the floor, or be prepared to die. Also, if at 
any point you’re caught in the combo where he throws you in the air, 
restart; you don’t need that kind of time penalty, or that damage.

This method was sent to me by SITHDUKE, thank you for it:

I start by kneeling. This will reduce the flash bang effect of stun 
grenades. Equip Stun Grenades and throw all of them (5) right in front 
of you. This should nearly completely deplete Volgin’ Stamina by half. 
Upon detonation of the 5th Stun Grenade equip the Raiden Mask and 
Volgin will look at you puzzled. Quickly whip out your MK22 and pop one 
in his Skull. This should take his Stamina below the 50% marker. This 
entire process can be done in about 18 seconds.
Once the second round begins throw your Glowcap Mushroom near Volgin. 
This will absorb all of his attacks for a short time. This buys you 
enough time to CQC grab (Press and hold O) him then throw him too 
(Press a Direction and O) the floor. Perform a roll into him and wait 
for him to stand back up. Quickly use the Cig-Spray to knock him out of 
his immunity and perform another CQC Throwdown + Roll. Keep doing this 
till Volgin is defeated.

Contribution by Ginger_Guy

For Volgin I kept slamming him, then on normal you have time to get two 
mk-22 in him and on special you only have time to hit him once while he 
is on the floor.  
Also another useful tip is to only take out your gun after you slam 
him, then after you shoot him put it away because the electric bolt 
attack takes most, if not all your ammo from that gun.  
Also after you've taken a small amount of health away he sits there and 
the screen acquires a blue haze, this wastes 10secs or so, so I threw a 
stun grenade at him.  
also when ever you get the chance throw a stun grenade at him, a good 
time is when he recharges off the panel on the wall.  
I also found some useful tricks to beating some of his attacks. When he 
places bullets in the palm of his hand and starts firing them at you, 
you can't slam him until he starts firing. So what I did was to stand 
in front of him and wait for the first bullet, then slam him. For some 
reason the first few bullets will never hit you.  
Also if you're having problems avoiding the electrical bolt move as 
this move becomes stronger as the fight goes on, with Volgin shooting 
out 3 at a time near the end. A way I found to stop this is when you 
see him charge it up, toss some food (you get a few bits on the dual 
mode) in front of him, all his electricity will ground onto the food, 
allowing you time to walk to his side and slam him.

This is from Ben Laurence, worked very well for me

First, equip the shotgun (M37 I believe), and just before Volgin fires 
his electric bolt, unequip it (Tap R2) Now while he is doing this 
attack, run behind him (It should be easy as he cannot direct the bolt 
at you properly as you have no weapon) and equip the shotgun (Tap R2) 
and shoot him in the back (You don't need to use first person view) Now 
he should finish his attack. You can re-equip and unequip (i.e., 
repeating the above strategy) or you can just keep running behind him, 
or trying to and he will try and attack you, this means you can equip 
the shotgun, shoot him and then unequip, repeat this. It should take 
about three shots and the cutscene will begin (but it wont as it is 
duel mode) Immediately after you begin again, go prone to dodge his 
next attack, then get up, and repeat the above strategy. This got me 
three top scores in a row (109000, 111000, and 117000/120000) If done 
correctly, this is literally fool-proof, and it really is.

My Score: 116438 
Top Score: 100000


viii) Bike vs. Pursuers

This, like The End, is a fight of choice. In Normal, you are lucky to 
be graced with infinite ammo, so you need not worry about running out. 
The pain is choosing a weapon that can eliminate your enemies easily, 
quickly, and a lot of them. It should also have a decent reload time, 
otherwise it can be annoying too.

RPG-7 - infinite 
M63 - infinite 
Scorpion - infinite 
Stun Grenades - infinite  
(these are only recommendations)

As I said, this is a fight of choice. You have to find what suits you; 
no one can tell you how to do it. This is just how I or others have 
done it in the past. To begin with, take the M63 out of your backpack, 
and put anything you don’t want back in. Leave out the RPG-7 however. 
You will come first to four guards, three on the floor, and one in a 
tower. Use the RPG with tactical reload (pressing R2 twice quickly) to 
dispatch them. Equip the M63. In the next area, gun down the two men, 
and continue this way until you reach the bridge (by now, your enemy 
count should be 9 or 10). Fire an RPG into the centre of the bridge, 
which should take out all 5 guards. If not, dispose of the remainders 
however you please. Now sit around and wait until you reach the next 
area. In the next area, immediately equip the RPG, and shoot the three 
guars quickly before they’re out of sight. From here, equip the M63 
again, and fire at anybody you see. When the bike stops for the first 
time, the RPG can be better than the M63 at hitting all the guards 
quickly (make sure you get the roof guy). Keep shooting everybody as 
you drive, until you come to another stop. You should see a group of 
men storm round the corner. RPG can hit all of them at once. Last leg, 
M63 everyone you see. Your final count should be in the region of 29-
34, and your time around 2.30.

Some other people say that the Scorpion is a better weapon to use; 
because of its laser pointer and that it is just generally a good 
weapon. There are rumours that Stun Grenades can be used, I don’t know 
if anyone has managed to get top score with them, but it seems really 
hard to me. But you are free to choose any weapon you are best with.

My Score: 43184 
Top Score: 43000


ix) Shagohod

If you can’t do this one, I think you need to take your game back right 
now. But it can be tough for first timers, so here it is. Worth noting, 
the numbers written after this are for the second portion of the fight, 
for the first, you have unlimited ammo.

RPG-7 – 10/10 
Mosin Nagant – 16/16

First half of the battle is pretty simple. Fire at the treads until EVA 
drives you round the back of the Shagohod. Then fire an RPG into the 
back of the cockpit. Some strange people can fire two RPG’s accurately 
per second. No problem with that, more power to ya, just most people 
can’t do that. I’m not sure if it’s possible to land more than one hit 
anyway. When you’ve finished it off, you’ll be fighting the ‘Volgohod’. 
Fire an RPG at one tread, then nail Volgin in the head with the Mosin 
Nagant. That will take away a third of his stamina. When he starts 
firing, run towards him to dodge the bullets and run underneath the 
Shagohod. Fire another RPG at a tread, and then Mosin Volgin’s head. 
Repeat once more and you’ll have a quick, no kill victory.

My Score: 112738 
Top Score: 100000


x) The Boss

This is supposed to be the ultimate fight, and be very hard for you to 
do. Everyone I’ve spoken to finds otherwise, but hey. This is a very 
simple fight as long as you NEVER get CQC’d.

Handkerchief – 36/36 
MK22 – 25/25 
Cigar Gas-Spray – 15/15

Start off by going into the backpack and removing the Mosin Nagant, 
SVD, XM16E1, M37, Grenade and M1911A1. Put in the Cigar Gas-Spray. Exit 
the viewer now, and charge straight at The Boss. When Snake grunts, 
press and hold circle, he will counter her CQC and she will be 
defenceless for a moment. In this moment, run right up to her and wave 
the handkerchief in her face. Now run around her. Continue to do this 
and she’ll be down in no time. If you want to speed it up a little and 
don’t mind taking injuries, you can run up to her while she’s firing at 
you and punch-punch-kick her, then MK22 her while on the floor. Using a 
combination of these techniques, it is possible to finish this battle 
in less than 3 minutes. Just make sure you give chase when you see her 
run off, it’ll make it even quicker. Also, when she’s on the floor, to 
conserve ammo, roll over her to knock off a good chunk of stamina. The 
only trouble with this is if the camera slightly switches you end up 
rolling in the complete opposite direction to the one you want to be 
rolling in.

And now, something from the Gmaster himself, the ‘classic’ The Boss 
method. Only comment I have on this is ammo conservation

I read the FAQ, and I that the boss idea doesn't work as well as CQCing 
her when dazed, then MK22ing twice to the head, running in a circle 
pattern around her, then changing direction when she stops firing, then 
charging at her.  
Also, I would recommend for you to put that you can use the Thermal 
goggles, since they help finding her, if she gets away.

A note on what I said about ammo, if she demolishes one of your 
completely empty guns, she will fling new ammo everywhere. Handy. (This 
tip is from SketchySpider by the way)

My Score: 190150 
Top Score: 180000

4. Duel Mode Special 
Special mode is a little different to Normal, whereby you have very 
limited supplies, not great time, and generally a higher difficulty to 
achieve your score in. This is for absolute professionals, and takes a 
damn lot of practise to perfect. Good luck!

i) Ocelot Unit

In Normal, there were 8. In Special…there are TEN! Even worse than 
that, you have very limited ammunition. This was very frustrating for 
me, but with the help of the message boards, I did it.

MK22 – 9/25 
Grenade – 1/5 
AK-47 – 61/61

Okay, this will take a few goes but it is doable. Start by equipping 
the MK22s suppressor, and stand on tiptoes to shoot the guy outside in 
the head. Get onto the bed and shoot the guy to the side moving your 
way in the head. Get under the bed and equip the Grenade. When the four 
men storm the room, chuck the grenade out the door into the middle of 
them. This should take out all four. Four to go. Get into the 
crawlspace in the floor and head south until you reach the opening. 
MK22 the guy in the head. Crawl out of there and head to the barrels 
next to you. Count to three slowly, and then crawl around them. Stand 
up and run along to the ladder. Wait for ten seconds, and then climb. 
If ten seconds is too short, then restart and go for 12-15. MK22 the 
sniper in the head. Roll off the roof over to the metal steps and go 
up. Collect the AK-47, MK22 the guy in front of you in the head. Go 
back down the steps, to a little further back than the tree, and MK22 
the last guy in the head. No Alerts and a time of around 2.40-3.00 
should be perfect to get the record.

I got this post a not too long ago, and tried it out. Unfortunately, I 
don’t have my game at the moment or I would post a new, much improved 
score thanks to this. Here it is, from Imbored666

I found your method for defeating the Ocelot Unit (Special) quite 
troublesome. My way I think is much simpler:
CQC method: first, run down to the southern part of the room and stand 
to the left of the door, and face down. When the ocelot soldiers break 
the door open, they'll fire a few shots, den throw a stun grenade which 
wont effect u for long because u should be facing down. Next 1 will 
fire a few more shots, and then actually run into the room. At this 
point, he'll notice you. Run to him and CQC him down before he gets a 
shot off, then run to the left again. A second ocelot soldier with a 
shotgun should come in, CQC him too before he can get a shot off. Den 
run out of the room to the room south of it, and take out the other 2 
soldiers with CQC. They'll have thrown a grenade, so make sure u 
knock'em quick, then run back up to the room u started in. run  up on 
the bed, then dive through the window. 2 more guards are waiting for u 
here, CQC them. Then climb the ladder on the building and take out the 
one on top of the building. Drop down from the southern side of the 
room, and run out of the building area, heading southeast. There should 
be another soldier here, so take him out. Only 2 soldiers left, just 
run west through the green part of the land, u'll meet 1 soldier along 
the way, and the last one will be on the left side of the building. 
This method may take a few tries if u keep gettin shot down, but I find 
its much easier to pull this off than careful shooting and timing with 
the mk22. I got 89000 points this way, and finished in 1:47 mins.

A quick tip from Gmaster13, worth noting

The first guard you take out, (the one outside the window) changes how 
the 4 who come in. If it's not a headshot, and he's awake when the 
guards get to the door, they'll shoot down the door, and throw a stun 
grenade in. If this happens, you'll have to ready your stun, and lob it 
as soon as the door opens. Then lob another grenade at the guards 
checking the body.  
The rest is the same, but the sniper might change position. If he's 
looking over the rest of the warehouse, stalk to the opposite and tranq 
him by peeping out. The rest is the same.

To add to this, it is if a noise is made that determines if they burst 
in or not. If a noise is made, they will open the door slowly after 20 
seconds. If no noise is made, they will shoot it down accompanied by a 
stun grenade. So, theoretically, you CAN get both guys outside the 
window in the head without noise, and still have them busting in with 
flash bang.

My Score: 82403 
Top Score: 80000


ii) Ocelot

This battle bears some similarities to its Normal counterpart, but with 
the addition of several weapons, each fairly important to your success 
in this battle.

SAA – 6/18 
XM16E1 – 21/61 
M63 – 101/301 
RPG-7 – 3/10

To say this battle can be somewhat hit and miss would be an 
understatement. You only have to do one thing, and that is fire when 
you see him. Start off with your XM16E1, and fire a couple of rounds 
each time you see him, one will usually hit its mark. When he reloads, 
again, skip the scene and shoot him. He will hide behind a tree until 
he’s finished. While he’s there, fire at the large rock with the SAA, 
and you’ll hit him every time, so long as you don’t fire too quickly. 
The quick-draw game also works. You can also use the right analogue 
stick to play with the SAA. He will see you and become distracted 
twirling his revolvers, giving you a free shot. If it gets desperate, 
use the M63 or RPG-7 to hit him. He will go down fairly easily.

Another contribution from Imbored666, haven’t tried it yet, but I’d 
like to bet it works pretty well

I managed to kill ocelot within a few tries using the Mosin Nagant. You 
have to be careful though, cos u have little ammo, so u have to get 
most shots on the head. rather than shooting when he runs out, shoot 
when he's taking aim at u, u have a few seconds before he shoots. If 
you feel u don’t have enough time to aim on the head, shoot him 
anywhere, and he'll stand there talking to his soldiers for a while, 
giving u an easy shot on his head. Da no kill bonus helps a lot when 
gettin those points...

And now, from the near legendary man of the boards Grey_Fox4, we have 
this quick little titbit which is definitely worth noting

This is a really good tactic to beat ocelot  
Yeah in the first 3 seconds before he runs behind the tree SAA him 
(Hold l2 before battle begins) if you miss restart his unit starts 
shooting he will stand still shoot him in the head with the SVD and 
then he will shoot you let him svd him in the face if he shots you 
again just svd his face when he runs away Just try to shoot him get him 
when he reloads the start is the most important part of the battle.

My Score: 88906 
Top Score: 85000


iii) The Pain

There is one difference between this and Normal, and that is you don’t 
have the AK-47 anymore. However, since it’s best to go for a stamina 
kill, that doesn’t matter too much. Still, his difficulty has been 
raised like everybody else, so don’t expect it to be as easy as before.

MK22 – 25/25 
Grenade – 5/5 
Stun Grenade – 5/5 
WP Grenade – 5/5

Okay, start as before, fire until his stamina gets down by one bar when 
he calls his bee armour. Swim over to the little MK22-ammo island, and 
throw a grenade over to disperse the bees. Begin firing until his 
stamina gets to half way, and into round two. For this repeat what you 
were doing in Normal too. His attacks however make the battle a lot 
harder. The words ‘Bombs away!’ hail a barrage of grenades coming 
towards you, so do as you would with grenades. Get in the water, then 
get straight out, and you should be fine. More commonly than before he 
will get his bees to form around you so that you cannot move. The best 
you can do is move the right analogue stick and mash circle and pray 
they get off before he yells ‘Grenade!’. When a lot of bees get near 
you, dive in to prevent being smothered. Above all, if the clock goes a 
second over 4.00, restart. You need everything you’ve got to get the 
best score.

My Score: 69432 
Top Score: 50000


iv) The Fear

You are super impaired for this fight. Minimal ammo combined with the 
lack of ability to see your opponent makes for a truly terrifyingly 
difficult experience. Do not fret though, this can actually be just as 
easy as on Normal, just a little harder.

MK22 – 9/25

Look straight up and fire two shots into him. Run to the left and kick 
the mushrooms on the tree base for later. If you can find The Fear, 
follow his movements, shooting when he lands. If you can’t, run 
immediately to the right, all the way. Behind a tripwire is a box of 
MK22 ammo. Collect it and return to your spot, taking shots every time 
you see him. Once his stamina is down to half, he’ll go pick up the 
mushrooms you kindly left him. MK22 him while he is scuttling around, 
ad he’ll be done in no time at all.

My Score: 84742 
Top Score: 65000


v) The End

Right. Imagine Hell for a moment. Multiply that by the biggest number 
you can think of. That answer doesn’t even come close to how hellish 
this can be. But thanks to a crack team of specialists, I can supply 
you with the method to do it in under 2.00. You do not have any 
technical aid on your side however; no D.Mic or Thermal Goggles, so you 
must have good eyesight.

Mosin Nagant – 16/16 (you only need one round)

Okay, go To Sokrovenno North via the north-western most exit. Stick to 
the wall near you and get to the raised area. There are two sniping 
points up here. If he is not here, go to the west. North of your new 
position, there is a large area of grass. Look VERY carefully, you 
should find his spotty head. One shot, perfectly lined up is enough to 
give you it. Miss and you must restart. Exceed 3 minutes and you should 
restart. Don’t find him at any of these points, you should restart. Be 
prepared for a long one.

This method was sent in by SITHDUKE. I followed the same method, but a 
little more carefully, so he did it faster than me.

From your starting location immediately head to the top right. 
From here take a quick scan of the areas with the D-Mic. If you don't 
hear The End by the sound of Breathing, Snoring or him actually saying 
"This...is the end" then proceed to Sokrovenno West which should be the 
Top Left of Sokrovenno North. 

From here you'll be surrounded by tall cliffs. Proceed till you're 
almost beyond them then STOP! Get on your face (Prone) and get out your 
Mosin Nagant. Take a look at the far right of you. The End should be 
sitting in some Long grass. If you know the area well I’ll tell you 
it's the hills with the patches of light leading to the mountains. If 
he's in the long grass quickly snipe him in the head and that's Game, 
Set and Match! 

Using this method I beat the end in less than two minutes and gained 
well over 2X the points needed. The First place record was 120,000. I 
earned 250,000. If you find the end isn't in this location you can 
either try your luck or restart.

My Score: 248194 
Top Score: 120000


vi) The Fury

This is no harder than it was in Normal. In fact, I found it even 
easier. I am actually just going to copy what I said for Normal, 
because it is identical.

Survival Knife (seriously, that’s all)

As soon as the battle starts, equip your knife. Wait in your tunnel for 
ten seconds, and then exit it. The Fury should be right near you. If 
not, don’t worry, he’ll be in the fourth tunnel. Run up behind him, and 
do a 5-hit knife combo on him. This will reduce his health by a third. 
Once he gets up, you WILL get blasted, but ignore it unless you’re 
injured. Get up, and knife him up some more. That’s two thirds gone. Do 
this once more, and he should have to take one more slash before he 
dies. Can be done in under one minute and thirty seconds if done 
correctly, achieving the top score easily.

My Score: 74910 
Top Score: 50000


vii) Colonel Volgin

The main difference between Special and Normal is that he is much more 
aggressive on Special. Also, your ammo is more limited too, so you need 
to be pretty good with CQC.

Stun Grenade – 5/5 
MK22 – 9/25 
Handkerchief – 12/36 
Cigar Gas-Spray – 5/15

Begin as you did in Normal, but throwing all of your stun grenades at 
him. Then wave the handkerchief in his face a couple of times, and he’s 
down for round one. In round two, equip the Mask, go behind him, and 
shoot him as many times as you can. Once you can grab him in CQC, throw 
him to the floor and roll over him. At every chance you get, dodge his 
attacks and wave the handkerchief in his face or blow the Cig-Spray at 
him. CQC rolling combined with this takes him down very easily. As 
before, if you’re caught in any of his large attacks, best to restart. 
Also, in the second half, you can use the Russian Glowcap Mushroom to 
absorb some of his attacks (second half because they are far more 

My Score: 72048 
Top Score: 60000


viii) Bike vs. Pursuers

This is a royal pain, simply because they have given your ammunition a 
limit. This means ammo must be used sparingly, and that you can’t rely 
on the same weapons all the time. More variety though, so pick you 
weapon of choice and begin.

M63 – 301/301 
RPG-7 – 10/10 
XM16E1 – 61/61 
Scorpion – 61/61

Again, I say it, this is pretty much a free-for-all battle. This is how 
I would recommend you approach it. Begin by putting the SVD, M37 and 
MK22 back in your backpack. Put in your weapon window the Scorpion and 
the M63. First four guards, use the XM16E1 to go for headshots each. 
Equip the M63 and fire at everybody you see. When you get to the bridge 
(should have 10-11 because there are more in Special), fire the RPG-7 
at the middle, taking them all out. Wait until the Shagohod dance is 
finished and you move into the next area. Equip the RPG-7 and quickly 
fire a shot towards the men at the barrier; if you miss, you should 
probably restart. Continue with the M63, taking out everyone in sight, 
including when you stop for the first time. The second time, use the 
RPG-7 to take everybody out as they come around the corner. Finally, 
continue firing at everyone that presents themselves where appropriate 
aiming for explosive barrels to make your life easier. You should 
finish with around 31-36 people downed and in about 3 or so minutes.
Of course, you can use whatever weapon you like for this. Many do 
recommend the Scorpion; it’s just a matter of what you are comfortable 

My Score: 70591 
Top Score: 65000


ix) Shagohod

This fight is fairly simple, as it was earlier, with the exception that 
your ammo is even more limited in the second half. I don’t know if he 
is more aggressive or not, seems about the same to me. By now, you 
should maybe be more skilled, and be able to land more shots much 
quicker, so use that to your advantage. The numbers shown below are for 
the second half, in the first they are all infinite.

RPG-7 – 7/10 
Mosin Nagant – 6/16

Round one is simple as could be. Fire at the treads, when you get near 
the back, fire at the sparking cockpit. If you have fired at the 
cockpit, immediately fire at a tread, then when it starts moving, the 
other one. That way, you’re already near the back, and you can get 
another shot off faster. Once you enter round two, fire an RPG at a 
tread, so it stops moving. Then whip out your Mosin Nagant and hit 
Volgin in the head. As with Normal, this saps a third of his stamina. 
He will likely charge at you after this. Let him run over you, but run 
to the side, near a tread so it does no damage. Turn around and shoot a 
tread with the RPG-7 then put another Mosin Nagant round in his head. 
He won’t adopt this tactic next; he will usually turn around and start 
firing. To avoid this, run towards him and go underneath. Fire at a 
tread, the Mosin Nagant headshot. The battle is won.

My Score: 101076 
Top Score: 90000


x) The Boss

Okay, if you’ve been playing in order then this will be your last one, 
so make it a good one. As with all he other Special fights, your ammo 
is limited, and the difficulty is slightly raised. But by now, you 
should be laughing at this fight, and not reading here anymore to do it 
by yourself. But for those who need help, here it is.

MK22 – 9/25 
Cigar Gas-Spray – 5/15 
Handkerchief – 12/36

To begin with, charge The Boss when she charges you. Remember, when 
Snake grunts, press and hold circle to counter her attack. Equip the 
handkerchief and go right up to her to wave it at her. Run away as she 
recovers, then follow her wherever she goes to make the time a bit 
better. You will not have enough ammo in your handkerchief to use it as 
your sole weapon. Instead, try to alternate between it, PPK combo then 
MK22 and PPK combo then roll over her (good, but can be difficult if 
camera switches). With a combination of these techniques, you can 
easily beat it and get the top score. Also, you can PPK her while she’s 
firing at you; dangerous as it is, it pays off, and makes your time 
even better.

My Score: 144504 
Top Score: 115000

5. Unlockables 
There have been many questions about what you get for completing Duel 
Mode, so this section will quickly clarify all the details.

Complete Normal Mode
Green Face Paint 
Gives you infinite grip when hanging, effectively letting you hang 

Complete Special Mode
DPM Camouflage 
The official camouflage pattern of the British Army. Doubles the 
natural life recovery rate. Also looks seriously cool on Snake.

6. Frequently Asked Questions 
Q) Do I have to get the top scores for the battles to unlock those 

A) By complete, I do mean get all the top scores, yes.

Any tips for the battles or full methods for them will be much 
appreciated, and if they vary from mine will be added and credited to 
the person I received them from. Please do send in any and all 
questions you may have too.

7. Credits

Hideo Kojima and his team for making such a great game

My parents for buying the game

Ginger_Guy for Volgin Tips on Normal and for The Ocelot Unit on Special

Mustaine_86 for The Ocelot Unit on Normal

SITHDUKE for The End on Special and Volgin on both

The person who told SITHDUKE and I how do defeat The End on Special

AlxanderVII for The Ocelot Unit on Special

gmaster for The Ocelot Unit on Special
(I’m not sure if gmaster and Gmaster13 are the same, please confirm 
this. Anyway, Gmaster13 for Ocelot Unit on Special tips and The Boss 

Ben Laurence for Volgin Normal method

The Sorrow for The Ocelot Unit on Normal

Sanjuro for The Pain anti-grenade method

Jacko for The Fear and The End on Normal

Imbored666 for The Ocelot Unit and Ocelot on Special

And all of you people who have read this and it has helped.

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