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FAQ/Walkthrough by Element50

Version: 0.84 | Updated: 01/25/05

“Half of what I'd been told was a complete and utter lie..... the other half
was a conveniently constructed lie.”

              __  __  ___  ____  __   __       __  ___   __   ___
             (  \/  )(  _)(_  _)(  ) (  )     / _)(  _) (  ) (  ,)
              )    (  ) _)  )(  /__\  )(__   ( (/\ ) _) /__\  )  \
             (_/\/\_)(___) (__)(_)(_)(____)   \__/(___)(_)(_)(_)\_)
                        ___   __  __    __  ___     ___
                       / __) /  \(  )  (  )(   \   (__ )
                       \__ \( () ))(__  )(  ) ) )   (_ \
                       (___/ \__/(____)(__)(___/   (___/


(						     )
( ASCII Art By: http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ )
(						     )

Author: Josh Silvis a.k.a Element50
Author Helpers: LionHeart627 for the Frog and camo locations. Imperator171 for
the song lyrics. akz for The End boss battle strategy. http://www.network-
science.de/ascii/ for the ASCII art.
Date Started: December 2, 2004
Last Update: January 24, 2005
Email Address: Element30000@aol.com
Copyright. 2004-2005 Josh Silvis

(1.) Version History					<<01HIS>>

Version 0.10*** 12.2.04
Just started this thing. I hope to submit most of it by the 20th.

Version 0.50*** 12.17.04
Guide submitted. Table of contents, version history, controls, virtuous
mission walkthrough, weapons, Items, Food, Fun Things, Frog locations and
Camo/facepaint sections done.

Version 0.60*** 12.18.04
Updated the walkthrough up to the Ponizovje Warehouse.

Version 0.60*** 12.19.04
Updated the walkthrough up to the Fear boss battle. Fixed a bunch of typos and
spelling errors.

Version 0.71*** 12.21.04
Got a good amount done. I updated the walkthrough all the way up to Groznyj
Grad. I updated the thanks section, making sure to put CjayC in this time. I
also put a small list of sites allowed to host this thing. I also fixed some
more spelling errors and typos.

Version 0.75*** 12.24.04
I added three new section, the character, song lyrics and game basics. Haven’t
done anything with the actual walkthrough but I still got a lot done.

Version 0.80*** 1.7.05
Sorry about the major delay in updates, but I took some time off for Christmas
and New Years, and I also couldn’t pull myself away from KOTOR! Anyways, Im
back up to normal progress and I’ve updated the walkthrough up to the Shagohod
fight. I should have the main walkthrough complete with the next update. Oh and
I also have how to defeat The End, sent into me by a user by the name of akz.

Version 0.83*** 1.10.05
Ok, so I guess lied. I didn’t finish the main story walkthrough. But before you
say anything, I have a reason. I have changed the layout of parts of the guide.
I also put in two new sections. I put in a new Table Of Contents that is
longer, but much easier to read and understand. Putting the Operation Snake
Eater walkthrough into four different sections will also make it easier to find
things. I would have updated soon, but I had some MAJOR problems with my
gamefaqs.com account and almost lost it, which would of ment no more Snake
Eater walkthrough. But I thankfully got it working again. I promise you with
the next update the main storyline will be finished.

Version 0.84*** 1.24.05
No, I didn’t lie again, because this isn’t really an update. All I did was put
in some pretty cool ASCII art. Dunno when Ill finish the main storyline. People
haven’t given me any reason to continue or work harder, so I dunno, you may see
it or you may not, depending if people actually start reading the thing and
sending me stuff.

To make finding things in this guide easier, you can use the search function
found on almost all computers. To use this feature, Press Ctrl+F on your
keyboard. A search box will come up and then you simply type in what you want
to find.

(2.) Table Of Contents					<<02TOC>>


(1.) Version History                                         <<01HIS>>

(2.) Table Of Contents                                       <<02TOC>>

(3.) Game Basics                                             <<03GMB>>

	3a.)Controls                                           <<03CON>>

	3b.)Game Features                                      <<03GMF>>

	3c.)Game Actions                                       <<03GMA>>

	3d.)General Tips                                       <<03GGT>>

(4.) Characters                                              <<04CHR>>

(5.) Song Lyrics                                             <<05GSL>>

(6.) Virtuous Mission Walkthrough                            <<06VMW>>

(7.) Operation Snake Eater Walkthrough                       <<07OSE>>

	7a.)Operation Snake Eater --- Part 1                 <<07OSEP1>>

	7b.)Operation Snake Eater --- Part 2                 <<07OSEP2>>

	7c.)Operation Snake Eater --- Part 3                 <<07OSEP3>>

	7d.)Operation Snake Eater --- Part 4                 <<O7OSEP4>>

(8.) Miscellaneous                                           <<08MGF>>

	8a.)Weapons                                            <<08WPN>>

	8b.)Items                                              <<08GIT>>

	8c.)Food                                               <<08FOO>>

8d.)Fun Things                                               <<08FUN>>

8e.)Frog Locations                                           <<08FRG>>

8f.)Camo/Face Paint Locations                                <<08CFP>>

(9.) Thanks                                                  <<09THS>>

(10.) Boring Legal Stuff                                     <<10BLS>>

Guide Legend

I decided to keep both the Table Of Contents and Guide Legend in the same
section, so that why there not separated.

This is the name of the area you are entering. Pretty simple.

This is an detailed explanation of how exactly to get through an area in the
best possible way. This section may have multiple paragraphs if the walkthrough
of the area is long.

This section is where you will find the location of any food item that may be
in a certain area. This section normally isn’t very long as there are not too
many food items in a single area. If there is no food in a area then this
section will be marked None.

This is the section you will want to look at for items location if any items
are present in a certain area. If there are no items in an area then this
section will be marked None as well.

Side Notes
= = = = = =
This is the section where you will find useful information, funny things,
useless things and things of that nature.

That’s about all there is for the Guide Legend.

(3.) Game Basics					<<03GMB>>

3a.)Controls						<<03CON>>

Square - Weapon button. Hold to aim the currently equipped weapon, release to
discharge weapon. When equipped with a knife, hit to swing the knife.

Triangle - Action button. Climb, open doors, hang, etc.

Circle - Punch button. This is also your "Enter" button when given menu

X - Crouch/Crawl button. Hit again to stand back up. This is also
your "Cancel" button when given menu options.

R1 - Hold for first person view.

L1 - Hold for more precise aiming.

R2 - Opens up Weapons menu. Tap to quickly disarm or arm selected weapon.

L2 - Opens up Items menu. Tap to quickly select items.

Directional Pad - Move around in stalking mode.

Left Analog Stick - Move around.

L3 - When grabbing an enemy, push to interrogate.

Right Analog Stick - Move camera.

R3 - Lock camera.

L2 + R2 - Stand on tiptoes.

Start - Enter the Survival Viewer.

Select - Use Codec Radio.

3b.) Game Features					<<03GMF>>

The Life Bar- Your life bar is your health, when the bar empties you die of
course. When you get shot, cut, stabbed, break a bone or anything to that
effect you lose some health, and in some cases you need to heal the injury with
the Cure menu (more on that later). When your health drops down to about 1/4 of
the bar, you begin to bleed. When bleeding you can be tracked by enemy soldier
and you lose health faster. A noise will indicate that you are bleeding. To
cure bleeding crouch down, this applies pressure to the wound and stops the
bleeding. Or you can also take a Life Medicine to cure around half of your
health. When fighting bosses or when with allies your health along with
multiple other health bars will appear on screen. Also your health bar, unlike
the stamina bar is always slowly increasing. So if you get hurt in battle, find
a safe place to hide until you heal up.

The Stamina Bar- The stamina bar is a addition new to the MGS series. The
stamina bar can both help and hinder you in the game. When you do a lot of
things like running, rolling, sneaking and fighting it drops. The more intense
the activity you do the more it drops. The lower the stamina bar drops the less
efficient you become in all things. Your arms will shake, making it hard to aim
a gun, you will run, walk and sneak slower, making it harder to move swiftly or
sneak up on an enemy. Also when your stamina gets too low your stomach will
start to growl, indicating that Snake is hungry. To raise your stamina, eat all
sorts of food like snakes, instant noodles, birds and tons of other in game
items. Just like the life bar, when fighting a boss or when with allies
multiple stamina bars will appear on screen, showing you how much stamina they
have left. The stamina gauge also serves as your grip and oxygen meter. The
longer you are hanging onto a ledge or swimming, the more it will decreases
until you start to drown or you fall.

The Backpack- Another new addition to the MGS series is the backpack.
Everything that you find in the game has to go somewhere and the backpack is
the place. You can store animals you have killed or tranqed, weapons, and other
things in the backpack. The backpack does have limited space for everything, so
you do have to pay attention to what you do and do not want stored. You can
hold a maximum of eight items and eight weapons in the backpack along with all
the animals that you can get. Also, every item you hold has a set weight on it,
and the heavier the things in your backpack, the faster your stamina drops.

Eating- The third new feature of this game is a very important one, eating.
Gone is the luxury of eating pre cooked, man made meals, now you have to resort
to killing and eating snakes, birds and frogs along with an assortment of other
tasty treats. Most of the game takes place outdoors so you will be killing a
lot of animals for food. The reason for eating food is to refill the stamina
gauge when it get low. Different foods affect Snakes stamina in different ways.
For example, if you kill and eat a tree frog, Snake gets grossed out and
doesn’t gain very much stamina back. But if he eats a certain type of snake, he
will ask for more and gain back a lot of stamina. If you keep feeding Snake a
type of food he doesn’t like over time he will adapt and begin to like eating
it. The downside of food is it can spoil and rot. If you eat a snake that you
killed at the begining of the game, and try to eat it near the end, it will be
rotten and Snake will get a stomach ache.

CQC (Close Quarters Combat)- CQC is a big part of this game. It allows you to
do a multitude of different things to your enemy such as knock them out, take
them hostage, use them as a human shield and much more. Below is a list of the
many of different things you can do with CQC.

1a. Press the button while running towards them will result in you preforming a
powerful throw that knocks out your enemy.

2a. Tap the button to do a 3 times to do a punch-kick-punch combo that knocks
the enemy off their feet.

3a. Sneak up behind them an press the button lightly to put them in a choke-
hold. From here, you can do many things.

1b. From the chokehold press and hold the button hard to silently kill your
enemy by slitting their necks.

2b. Tap the button the choke them. Tap it 3 or 4 times to knock them out, and
tap it many times to silently break their neck and kill them.

3b. While holding them, push the left analog stick in any direction to tug the
enemy in the direction you push. Every few tugs you will squeeze hard and after
three of them you knock out the enemy.

4b. While holding them, press L3 to interrogate them and they will either
insult you or give you sometimes useful information, like the locations of
items and other such things.

5b. While holding them, press the button lightly and a direction on the left
analog stick to throw them to the ground. If you have a gun equipped while
doing this, you can point it at them right after you throw them down to make
them give up their weapon and lay face down. Shoot next to their head to get an

6b. Press R1 while holding them do go into FPV and use them as a human shield.
This will stop enemy soldiers from attacking you for a few seconds, but they
soon get wise and slash you in the face with a knife, giving you a cut.

Stalking- Another new technique is stalking. Stalking is just like running only
you move much slower and are silent when doing it. Stalking is very important
for doing things like sneaking by enemy soldiers, pulling off safe hold ups and
doing good CQC. To stalk all you have to do is press the d-pad in the direction
you want to move. Stalking also uses up the most of Snakes stamina so make sure
not to abuse it.

The Radio- The radio is how the FOX team communicates with each other. Use the
radio to call all your team member for advice, help and just to chat. You also
use the radio for saving by calling a certain frequancy. Another nifty feature
of the radio is being able to call off alerts, alarms and you can listen to
different songs to get healed if you are injured.

The Cure Menu- The cure menu is of the useful features about this game.
Throughout the course of the game Snake will recive gunshot wounds, cuts
stomach achs, colds and a multitude of other ailments. The cure menu allows you
to cure all of these things and more. If you leave Snake with an injury like a
broken ankle or something you can permanently shorten your health bar. If you
get a serious injury, a small portion of your health bar will be red. Below is
a list of injury’s and sickness and how to cure them.

--Stomach Ache--
Digestive Medicine

--Food Poisoning--





--Bullet Bees--

--Crossbow Bolt Wound--

--Broken Bone--

Suture Kit

--Gunshot Wound--

That should be about it for the game basics. If I missed anything, feel free to
E-mail me.

3c.)Game Actions					<<03GMA>>

[Basic In-Game Movements]
Moving your on-screen character (Snake) is the most basic action in the game.
To move Snake around, push either the left analog stick or the D-Pad. Pushing
the left analog stick will either make Snake walk or run, depending on how hard
you push the stick. Pushing the D-Pad make Snake move in “stealth mode”. When
walking like this you will move very slow, but will be able to sneak up on your
enemies secretly. By the way the D-Pad looks sorta like this:

 - -

Rolling is a very useful feature, especially if you are going for a 0 kill
game. Rolling is basically a forward somersault that can knock enemies flat on
their asses. There are a few uses for rolling in addition to the enemies. You
can roll over metal grates and river without making any noise. You can also
roll into doors to bash them open. Another very good use of rolling is, roll
into a door when their is a guard right on the other side, and you will knock
them backwards and knock them out. Rolling is also a good way to save some
health. When being shot at, roll around and you will avoid most of the enemies
gunfire. A very nifty feature overall.

Climbing is good for getting on top boxes, rocks and other things for good
vantage points or good cover. Some objects Snake will climb automatically. To
climb climbable objects, simply press the action button (triangle).

[Standing/Prone Position]
Unlike other MGS games, this time you can simply hold X to go into prone
position. The other way you can do it is to press X once, then push the left
analog stick in any direction and Snake will automatically go into prone
position. Just like in all the other MGS games, you press X once to go into the
crouching position. Lastly standing is the most simple thing in the game. You
can stand from the prone position by holding X or pressing X twice. While
crouching simply press X once to stand back up.

[Side Stepping]
You can only step to the left or right while you are in FPV (First Person
View). To side step, while looking in FPV press either L2 to strafe left and R2
to strafe right, accordingly. You can hide behind a corner, press L2 or R2, pop
out, fire off a couple of rounds at the enemy and take cover again before any
one even knows your location as well.

Hanging is used for getting out of the way of incoming gunfire, rockets or
other deadly objects. To hang, run off the side off a ledge or cliff, or
something of that nature and Snake will automatically hang off the edge. While
hanging you have a blue meter that is right under your health bar, and the
longer you hang, the more it goes down. How much hanging stamina you have left
depends on how much normal stamina you have left in your bar. You can also hang
off things like rope bridges, tree branches, cliff walls or other things. While
hanging, you can go into FPV or draw your currently equipped weapon. This is
useful for taking out enemies in the forest without giving away your location.

Knock, knock. Who’s  there?? Well I dunno who is there (who does?), but I do
know that knocking in this game is a very useful tactic. To knock, run up to a
object like a wall or box, press you back flat against it and press the circle
button and Snake will rap on the wall a couple of times. Knocking is useful in
a few different ways. The most common and useful is to knock when a guard is
very nearby and when they hear the sound, they will come running to
investigate. When the guard comes running, you can step out from your hiding
spot and knock them out or kill them, or you can sprint around behind the guard
and sneak up on him to kill him secretly or to interrogate him. If your going
for a 0 kill game then use this tactic often, as it is very useful for sneaking
around and by guards.

[The Tactical Reload]
This is one of the most useful features in the game by far. What the tactical
reload is, essentially is reloading any weapon instantly, very good if your in
a high intense fight where you can’t waste time by reloading every 10 seconds.
To tactical reload, quickly tap the R2 button twice and you will instantly have
full ammo for the previous weapon you had in your hand. Do note that the
tactical reload only reloads the clip and not all the ammo in the gun, so you
still have to be careful about conserving your ammo.

[Destroying Enemy Radios]
Throughout your adventure in Metal Gear Solid 3 you may have noticed those red
and blue flashing things that the patrolling guards always carry around. These
flashing things are the enemies radios that they contact headquarters with.
They can call in for ammo, supplies and mostly reinforcements. To destroy a
enemy radio, you first have to go into FPV and aim at a guard with a radio on
his suit. Then aim carefully and shoot the flash that you see. If successful
you will see sparks come off the radio and it will start to smoke slightly. Now
the guards can’t call for ammo or backup. In some areas there will be multiple
guards who have radios, and in that case, you have to shoot them all quick or
risk having to deal with more guards.

There isn’t much to say about ladders except that there are very few in the
game and they are always red. To climb a ladder, simply walk up to it and push
the left analog stick up. Most ladders Snake will climb by himself but some
longer ones you have to manually climb. Press up and down on the left analog
stick to move in the corresponding direction. You can’t fall off ladders so
there is no need to worry about that.

[Dragging Enemies]
Once you have an enemy you can do more than just kill him. Once you either kill
or knock out a guard, the you will probably want to hide the body of the dead
guard so that other enemies won’t find them and call an alert or something. To
drag a body, stand over it and hold the square button. Snake will automatically
pick him. To move the body to another location, pick up the body and press the
left analog stick just like you would walking and Snake will drag the body in
the direction that you press. To drag a living guard, then get one in a choke
hold and lightly hold circle so that you don’t slit his neck. Once you have
him, press the left analog stick in any direction and you will roughly drag the
enemy in the direction you push. While dragging them like this, you can knock
them out by dragging them a little ways and cutting their air supply until they
lose conciseness.

[Corner View]
To see what is around a corner without having to expose yourself, press up
against a wall and press the left analog stick in the direction you want to
look. By doing this you can covertly scout out an area ahead of time and make a
plan of attack.

[Cardboard Boxes]
The cardboard box is one of the oldest things in the Metal Gear Solid series.
You first saw it all the way back in 1998 with Metal Gear Solid. A box
basically involves obtaining one and equipping it in the items menu. When
inside a box, you re hidden from enemy view, at least as long as your smart
about it. What I mean by that is, you don’t wanna hide in a box right in front
of an enemy or you don’t wanna try to blend in while sitting in front of a
door! Places you Do want to use it would be next to a wall inside a building,
or next to some other boxes and people won’t know a thing. When actually inside
the box, you can look through a small cut out hole in the side to see what is
going on. While looking through this hole, you can press L2 or R2 and look left
or right. Throughout the game you get not one, not two but three different
boxes. Cardboard Box A, B and C. They all serve the same purpose and are
identical in every way. You can also use boxes to infiltrate buildings and
such. To do this, climb into the back of a truck with an open back and equip
and box. Guards will think you are supplies or weapons and haul you off to the
destination that is printed on the side of the box you are in.

Well, there you have it. The Gameplay actions of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake
Eater! If I missed any or you have something you would like to add, feel free
to E-mail me at Element30000@aol.com

3d.) General Tips					<<03GGT>>

--Be prepared. Whenever you enter an area, press START and read the Strategy,
Food, and Items sections before advancing into an area so that you are prepared
when you go in.

--Save Often. You never know when you will fall off that unexpected cliff or
your power will short out, so save often to avoid losing data.

--Scout out areas before entering them. You can pull out your SVD sniper rifle
if you have it, or you can pull out your binoculers and scout the area out.

--Avoid detection. Sure, wasting 20 enemy soldiers is great, but if you have
the choice between slaughter and sneak, choose sneak. If you see an chance to
sneak by enemies, do that rather than killing them

--Reload Often. Whenever there is a moment of peace before a big firefight or
something similar then reload you equipped weapon. When in the heat of battle
try using the Tactical Reload for best results.

--Conserve Ammo. You don’t always need to fire a entire clip into a single
guard. Most of the time a simple head shot will work. Aim for the temple and
shoot, and you will have a dead guard while only using a single shot.

--Blend in. In all areas, there is a certain type of camo that will work best.
If indoors, try wearing the Splitter camo for maximum effect. If in the jungle,
wear leaf, tiger stripe or other blending camo’s. Just don’t be stupid!

--Move slowly. When in unknown territory, walk slowly to ensure guards don’t
hear your running foot steps. When near a corner always press your back to it
and look around the corner to be prepared.

--Be silent. When in an area with multiple guards, always put a suppressor on
your weapon if you have one. This way, enemy guards will be less likely to
start searching for you.

Well there you have it. General tips for Metal Gear Solid 3. If you would like
to add any, feel free to E-mail me at Element30000@aol.com

(4.)Characters						<<04CHR>>

--Naked Snake--

Codename: Naked Snake
Name: Jack
Sex: Male
Nationality: American
Birthplace: ???
Birthdate: ???

Snake is the main character that you play as. Was the apprentice of The Boss
for 10 years. Created CQC with her in the 50’s. His main mission throughout the
game is to rescue the research scientist Sokolov.

--Major Tom/Zero--

Codename: Major Tom/Zero
Name: David Oh
Sex: Male
Age: 55
Nationality: British
Birthplace: Exeter, England
Birthdate: August 8, 1909 (08/12/1909)

Major Tom is your main commander in the game. He is the one you talk to for
mission info and help. Major Zero worked with The Boss in the SAS, and he is
the leader of the FOX unit.


Codename: Paramedic
Name: ???
Sex: Female
Age: 28
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Boston, MA
Birthdate: June 22, 1936 (06/22/1936)

Paramedic is who you want to talk to if your hurt. She talks to you about
animals you have caught, food and medical things. She is a big movie fan and
also records your mission data.


Codename: Mr. Sigint
Name: ???
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Nashville, TN
Birthdate: November 11, 1939 (11/11/1939)

Mr. Sigint is the master of all things electronic. He is your main man for
weapons and device info. A lot of the weapons you use were made by Sigint. You
can also call him while wearing different things for funny conversations.


Codename: EVA/Tatyana/Tanya
Name: Cynthia
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Meridan, ID
Birthdate: May 15, 1936 (05/15/1936)

Eva is your partner for most of the game. She is a former NSA code breaker and
a very good motorbike rider. She has and old German-made motorbike that has the
sidecar taken off so that is much lighter allowing her to preform amazing

--The Boss--

Codename: The Boss
Name: ???
Sex: Female
Age: 40’s
Nationality: American
Birthplace: ???
Birthdate: ???

The Boss is a legendary solider who served in WWII and led the allies to
victory. The Boss is snakes former mentor for 10 years. She was the Sorrows
lover, but then had to kill him for her mission. She served with Major Zero in
SAS and created CQC with Snake in the 50’s.

Codename: Thunderbolt
Name: Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin
Sex: Male
Age:40s - 50s
Nationality: Russian
Birthplace: U.S.S.R.
Birthdate: ???

Volgin is the main villian in the game. He has over 10 million volts of
electricity running throughout his body. He is using Sokolov’s invention, the
Shagohod to try to create a world war.


Codename: None
Name: Dr. Nikolai Stephanovich Sokolov
Sex: Male
Age: 50s
Nationality: Russian
Birthplace: U.S.S.R.
Birthdate: ???

Sokolov is the head of the OKB-754 Design Bureau. Sokolov’s family is in the
USA and he wants to find a way back to them in the beginning, but later on says
he cannot go back. Colonel Volgin is forcing him to use the Shagohod to start a
new world war with nuclear missiles.


Codename: Ocelot
Name: Adamska
Sex: Male
Age: 20s
Nationality: Russian
Birthplace: Normandy
Birthdate: ???

Ocelot is a wizard with revolvers. He uses a single action army gun throughout
the whole game. He is a major who is working for Colonel Volgin. Ocelot is the
leader of the Ocelot Unit who are a elite group of GRU Spetsnaz.

--The Cobras--

The Cobras are a group of specialy trained soldiers. The Cobra Unit consists of
six members. The Pain, The Fear, The End, The Sorrow, The Fury and The Joy.
Very little is know about them. Also The Boss is The Joy.

--The Pain--

Codename: The Pain
Name: ???
Sex: Male
Age: ???
Nationality: ???
Birthplace: ???
Birthdate: ???

The Pain is the master of hornets and bees. He can manipulate a large number of
hornets to attack anyone he wishes. He also has venomous bees that he unleashes
through his mouth called “Bullet Bees”. The Pain has a horribly scared face for
some unknown reason.

--The Fear--

Codename: The Fear
Name: ???
Sex: Male
Age: ???
Nationality: Freak (not really)
Birthplace: ???
Birthdate: ???

The Fear is an absolute freak! He can dislocate both of his arms and put them
behind him. Using these arms he is able to leap great distances and he jumps
from tree to tree during your battle with him. He carries a bowgun called
Little Joe and a crossbow called William Tell.

--The End--

Codename: The End
Name: ???
Age: 100+
Nationality: ???
Birthplace: ???
Birthdate: Somewhere around the 1860s

The End is called “the father of modern sniping”. Because he has moss growing
inside and outside of his body, The End is photosynthestive and can go days
without food, water or movement.

--The Sorrow--

Codename: The Sorrow
Name: ???
Sex: Male
Age: ???
Nationality: ???
Birthplace: ???
Birthdate: ???

The Sorrow has the abilities of a medium, meaning he can talk to the dead. He
used to find out the enemy’s postion in war by talking to the dead. The Sorrow
was also the Boss’s lover.

--The Fury--

Codename: The Fury
Name: ???
Sex: Male
Age: ???
Nationality: Russian
Birthplace: ???
Birthdate: ???

The Fury is the last member of the Cobras beside The Boss/The Joy. After WWII
he went up into space, and upon reentrance he suffered severe burns all over
his body. His weapon of choice is therefore a flamethrower.


Name: Alexander Leonovitch Granin
Sex: Male
Age: 50s-60s
Nationality: Russian
Birthplace: Russia
Birthdate: ???

Granin is another scientist like Sokolov. But Granin hates Sokolov because
Volgin chose Sokolovs project instead of his (baby). He invented the first bi-
pedal, nuclear equipped battle tank.

Well, that’s it for the main characters in the game. Feel free to E-Mail me if
I missed any.

(5.) Song Lyrics						<<05GSL>>

--Main Theme--

    Song Title:                       "Snake Eater"
    Music and Words by                Norihiko Hibino
    Vocal by                          Cynthia Harrell
    Strings and Horn Arrangement by   Mark Holden
    Programming by                    Nate Phillipe, Rika Muranaka
    Recorded and mixed by             Alan Meyerson
    Produced by                       Rika Muranaka (Un Jazz Music Inc)

    When you hear:      - Opening movie (that's unlocked after you complete
                          the Virtuous Mission)
                        - Going up the ladder before you meet The Fury
                        - At the last 3 minutes of the fight with The Boss

    How you can  get:   - Wait until the official Soundtrack CD comes out
                        - Download the official trailer at Konami's website:

    ==== LYRICS ====

    What a thrill
    With Darkness and silence through the night
    What a thrill
    I'm searching and I'll melt into you
    What a fear in my heart
    But you're so supreme!

    I give my life
    Not for honor, but for you (snake eater)
    In my time there'll be no one else
    Crime, it's the way I fly to you (snake eater)
    I'm still in a dream of the snake eater

    Someday you go through the rain,
    Someday you feed on a tree frog,
    It's ordeal, the trial to survive
    For the day wee see new light

    I give my life
    Not for honor, but for you (snake eater)
    In my time there'll be no one else
    Crime, it's the way I fly to you (snake eater)
    I'm still in a dream of the snake eater

--Ending Theme Song---

    Song Title:               "Way to Fall"
    Written by                James Walsh, James Stelfox,
                              Barry Westhead, Benjamin Byrne
    Published by              EMI Music Publishing Ltd
    Performed by              Starsailor
    Licensed Courtesy of      TOSHIBA-EMI LIMITED

    When you hear:      - At the credits screen, after beating the game

    How you can  get:   - Buying Starsailor CD: "Love is Here"

    ==== LYRICS ====

    Son, you've got a way to fall
    They'll tell you where to go
    But they won't know

    Son, you'd better take it all
    They'll tell you what they know
    But they won't show

    Oh, I've got something in my throat
    I need to be alone
    While I suffer

    Son, you've got a way to kill
    They're picking on you still
    But they don't know

    Son, you'd better wait to shine
    They'll tell you what is yours
    But they take mine

    Oh, I've got something in my throat
    I need to be alone
    While I suffer

    Oh, there's a hole inside my boat
    I need stay afloat
    For the summer long


    Left my Sweet Soul
    Beneath the bed clothes
    I'm not coming down.

    Walls have ears but
    No-one hears when
    Nobody's around.

    Son, you've got to wait to fall
    They'll tell you where to go
    But they won't know

Full credit is given to Imperator171 for this section.


(6.) Virtuous Mission Walkthrough			<<06VMW>>

()---Dremuchij South---()

After watching the game intro where Snake is illegally dropped into enemy
territory using a HALO jump, we are ready to begin. Upon landing you can
either turn right, around and up a grassy hill, or you can turn left, around
and under some logs to get to the tree that you backpack is snagged on. Walk
up to the tree and hit triangle to climb the tree. Then walk across the branch
and hit triangle again to hang, and grab your backpack. After this you will
receive a long radio call from Major Tom. After the call just head north to
the next area.

There are some mushrooms and tree frogs that can be found near where you
landed, but they recover barley any stamina. What you want is the Giant
Anaconda that is just north of the climbable tree. Try to get this as it
recovers a lot of stamina.

There is a Life Medicine at the top of the grassy hill that I highly recommend

()---Dremuchij Swampland---()

Nothing really to do here but get the items and food. Head north to get to the
next area. Make sure not to die in the quicksand.

There is plenty of food here. There are six alligators that, when killed drop
three Indian Gavials each. To kill them, simply use you survival knife, it
will take quite a few swings to kill them. Another great food is the hornets
nest that is on the middle island. Shoot it down and keep your distance. After
the alligators there is a Retilicated Python slithering in the grass that you
should get. Lastly after the alligators there is fruit in the trees that you
should shoot down.

On the island in the middle there is some burn ointment. On the left patch of
land there is a supressor for the MK22. Finally on the right patch of land
there are some grenades.

()---Dremuchij North---()

Ok this is your first time in contact with the enemies. There are three ways
to get past them. The first way is just shoot them with your MK22 and run past
them. The second way is to shoot them, and then use your survival knife to
slash them to death. The third, and funnest way is to sneak past the. Use
woodland and leaf camo to get by them. A good idea is to use the hollowed out
log and wait for the first guard to walk by. After that it is simple to sneak
by the others.

As soon as you enter Dremuchji North turn right to enter a big grass field. Go
to the end of this field to find a Reticulated Python. In the main area there
is another Giant Anaconda crawling around.

In the secret area, right next to the python there is a SVD Dragonuv sniper
rifle. Be shure to get this as it will be very helpful. Also don’t be very
concerned about conserving ammo, because you will lose it soon. Go back to the
begininng of Dremucij North and go forward. You will find a hollowed out tree
with a box of grenades. Further ahead there is another tree with MK22 ammo.
Finally there is a log at the end of the field that has Thermal Goggles in it.


This section is very easy. As soon as the cutscene is over use your Hush Puppy
to shoot down the hornets nest that is above the guard. After that, simply
cross the bridge and continue on to the next area.

There are two hornets nests in this area, one is above the first guard you
come across, and the second one is on the other side of the bridge.

Near the end of the bridge hang down off the side of it, then press X then
quickly press triangle to grab onto the branch. You can also get there by
running to the other side of the bridge, turn around and then shimmy down the
wall. On this ledge you will find a XM16E1 assault rifle, a Pentazemin, and
some Hush Puppy ammo.


After watching the short cutscene, pull out you sniper rifle and snipe the
first two guards you can see. Then go right, hugging the fence and run to the
end. Look forward, If you see any guards snipe them out. After that run
forward until you get to an area with a locked gate, some barrels and a red
ladder on the side of a building. Climb up this ladder and run across this
roof and lay down. If you can see any more guards you know what to do. After
all that is done go forward and jump off the roof. Then simply run to the red
door and press triangle to enter it. Note that there are multiple ways to get
through this area, but this is the way I found to be best.

There are rats crawling all over the place in the area. Rats provide a decent
amount of stamina, but by now you shouldn’t need anything.

If you go up the red stairs in the west area of Rassvet you will find a
supressor for the XM16E1, as well as ammo for it. Just below these stairs are
some boxes. Next to these boxes there is a M37 shotgun. Finally there is a
Life Medicine next to the room Sokolov was in.

Side Note
= = = = =
After the cut scene try shooting Ocelot in the head with a deadly weapon for a
funny cut scene where Colonel Campbell yells at you for creating a time
paradox. Another cool thing to do is shoot him in the arm or leg with a deadly
weapon, and the next time you see him, he will have a bandage where you shot


That’s right you have to come back here. Once there you are treated to a long
cutscene where a multitude of things happen, including you meeting two members
of the Cobras.

()---Dolinovodno Riverbank---()

This is the first out of many times you get to use the Cure menu. Snake has
four cuts and two broken bones right now, so go into the survival viewer and
cure them. For the cuts you need disinfectant, styptic, suture kit and a
bandage. For the broken bones use a splint and a bandage. After this watch the
cutscene and your done with the Virtuous Mission. Onto Operation Snake Eater.

(7.) Operation Snake Eater Walkthrough			<<07OSE>>

---Operation Snake Eater --- Part 1		      <<07OSEP1>>

Side Note
= = = = =
When still in the air in the beginning cut scene press R1 to look around
through Snake’s eyes. Look up to see a poster with a hot girl on it.

()---Dremuchij East---()

Nothing to do in this area, just head north to get to the next one.

To the left of your starting point there is a Reticulated Python. There is a
Japanese Flying Squirrel just past to two large rocks, in the tree. To the left
of the squirrel there is another Reticulated Python. Lastly, in the area just
before you leave Dremuchij East a third Python can be found.


There are no items in this area.

()---Dremuchij East---()

Again there is nothing to really do here besides get some snakes.

Right after you jump off the cliff there is a RP. North of him there is another
one that is slithering in the grass. As you continue down the path you will
hear a horse. Right about when you hear that you should pass a tree with a
Green Tree Python. I recommend getting this as it recovers a lot of stamina.

Again there is no items to get.

()---Dremuchij North---()

As soon as you enter this area, switch to the Black camo, and lay down in the
grass of to your left. After about 15 seconds, two guards will come. You can
sneak up behind them and fight them, but seeing as though you have no weapon
that would be a bad idea. What you want to do is, when they pause to look at
the demolished drone get up and sneak behind their backs. After heading north,
you will find an intersection. The left path leads to another guard and a Giant
Anaconda and the path that goes up leads to the next area. If your in need of
snakes (which you shouldn’t be) then go left, but you will most likely just
head north.

There are the same animals, that are in the same areas as when you were doing
the Virtuous Mission, so you shouldn’t need to search around much, just scroll
up to find their locations.

Still no items!


This time around you have no weapons, so its a little harder, but still very
easy. Just lay low in the grass at the top of the hill until the guard turns
around, then slide down and CQC him. After this cross the bridge quickly and
lay in the grass until another guard comes. Either slit his neck or sneak past
him, but I suggest killing him so that you can get the items.

If your playing on very easy then shoot down the same two hornets nest that are
on either side of the bridge.

Go back to that same area under the bridge. This time there is a Life Medicine,
some grenades and your first new camo, the Raindrop camo. Its not all that
helpful but its looks cool.


This time around its night and there are no enemies around, but plenty of
items. To continue, go into the room Sokolov was being held then exit the door
After watching the cutscene, there are Ocelot guards outside. When you first
gain control, aim your gun at the door and wait to take down three of them.
After that just hunt the rest down, also note that there is a guard on the

Still the same things, rats and snakes. Try to stock up if your low.

Lots of items are here. First off, there is an Ak-47 at the top of the red
stairs. Go to the room to the left of where Sokolov was being held to find
Cardboard Box A on top some boxes. Directly behind that room is the Zombie face
paint. This facepaint isn’t very useful. In Sokolovs room, in the left locker,
there are some Thermal Goggles.

()---Chyomyj Prud---()

All you really have to do here is get to the other side. To do this, just swim
across. Once you are on the other side of the lake. You should see a rope that
is strechted across two trees. You can either crawl under or shoot it, but if
you shoot it, make sure to get out of the way. One fun thing to do hear, if you
don’t mind continues is get near a croc.

After entering this area there is a RP to the right. There is also about 7
crocs in the water, along with tons of fish.

All the items here are pretty hard to get. To start off from the entrance, go
left as far as you can go, then dive in the water and swim across. One the
other side, under the water you should see some logs. Swim under these logs and
go onto shore. To the north there is a climbable tree. Climb up and hang down,
then shimmy across the wire until you see another wire under you. Press X to
drop then triangle right away to grab the other wire. Shimmy across again till
you see an item on a small cliff. Drop off the wire and grab the Croc Cap. Then
slide east off the small cliff and into the water. Keep swimming east until you
see the GA-KO camo under the water.

()---Bolshaya Past South---()

Go forward and you will see a large electric fence, but on the east side of it
there is a small area where you can crawl under. Once past it stay on your
stomach and head west. On the other side of the fence are some guards and a
dog, simply traq them and keep crawling past the landmines. Keep going west
until you see another gap under the fence, crawl under it or climb the tree and
walk across the branch. Once on the other side look west and put on your
thermal goggles. You should see two or three guards, take them out with the
MK22 or M19. Then turn around and head east, use leaf camo and then take out
the guard that is right next to the quicksand. If you killed the guards when
crawling before there should only be one guard left, take him out and that
should be it. After this crawl under the last fence and head northeast to the
next area.

There are some mushrooms scatterd throughout this whole area.

Next to the first pool of quicksand there are some small ledges. Climb up these
then shimmy across the wall to get the Splitter camo, a camo that you will use
a lot in the game. After the Splitter camo there is another fence. Crawl under
this and go west, you should see a hollowed out tree. Inside this tree is the
Choco Chip Camo.

()---Bolshaya Past Base---()

Take out the guard that is protrolling to the north.  Keep going west until you
see a guard standing in front of a door. Shoot him, then look left, there
should be another guard, take him out. Next climb the ladder that is next to
the door and lay down. From there just snipe the rest of the guards. When you
finish there, simply jump off to the north, past the electric fence and onto
the next area.

Some rats in the shack at the far end of the base.

On the roof where you sniped there is the water camo. Under one of the bridges
above the trench in the beginning of the area there is the snow camo. Inside
the guarded door there is a mousetrap, a suppersor for your M19, some MK22 ammo
and a mousetrap. To the north of the building there is a small shack that
contains a Russion Ration, R.C. Mate and another mousetrap. Finally in the
northeast there is another small shack that has some medicle supplies.

Side Note
= = = = =
 In the east area of the base you should see a large helicopter. Get on the
turret in the back of the base and shoot it until it explodes. If you do this
you will not have to deal with it later.

()---Bolshaya Past Crevice---()

*****Ocelot Boss Battle*****
This fight is real easy. All you really need to do is soot him until a cutscene
is triggerd. Ocelot has troops that he will occasonally call upon, but if you
just stand still while their shooting they won’t even hit you. Hide behind
rocks for cover and pop out when he is not shooting at you. One good move
Ocelot has is he will ricochet his bullets off things and hit you.

There are rabbits, frogs, and some King Cobras on the battle field.

There is some M19 ammo, MK22 ammo and some grenades here. If you deplete
Ocelots stamina bar by shooting him with the MK22 the whole time, there will be
his special Animal camo uniform waiting for you in the cave below.

()---Chyomaya Peschera Branch---()

A lot of people complain about how dark it is in this cave but you can still
see perfectly fine, if you do want light then equip your cigar. To start off go
right hugging the wall and keep going until you reach a long path, but don’t go
down it. Go west and down that path. At the end you will find a room with two
waterfalls, in between these waterfalls is the torch. Grab that and turn
around, a little east of the path you were just on is a small hole at the
bottom of the rock. Crawl through this hole until you come out on top those two
waterfalls you were just at. Keep going along this path to the next area.

Vampire Bats and snakes can be found in the small tunnel you crawl through.

Some Bug Juice as well as Ocelots cam uniform (if you drained his stamina) can
be found at your starting point. There is also the torch but you already know
how to get that.

()---Chyomya Peschera Cave---()

As soon as you enter this area you will find a fork. Go on the east path to get
the items and go on the west path to get to the next area.

Some snakes and spiders are in the cave.

To get all these items take the east path at the fork. At the end of the path
you will find a M37 shotgun. As soon as you get the shotgun get on your stomach
and crawl under the rock. Keep crawling until you reach a small room, in this
room is the snow camo. North of the camo is another crawlspace. Go through it
to find the left path and some smoke grenades.

()---Chyomaya Peschera Cave---()

*****The Pain Boss battle*****

For this battle your gunna want the M37, or if our trying to get his stamina
down the Mk22. As soon as the battle starts, shoot The Pain as many times as
you can before he calls all of his bees to him. Whenever he does this they will
all surround him like a shield, and you can’t hurt him. Once he does this
either just wait for the bees to leave, or throw a smoke grenade at him and
then put on your Thermal Goggles and continue to shoot him.

The Pain has a couple of attacks he will use. The first is, he will just send
bees after you. If he does this, just dive into the water for a few seconds,
then climb back up. If he sends and grenade, shoot down the cluster of bees
before it reaches you. If he use an attack called “Tommy Gun!” Then just dive
deep underwater until the attack is over. Once you get his health or stamina
halfway down he will take off his mask and start using a new attack called
“Bullet Bee”. If you do get hit with this attack, then you have to go to the
cure menu and use a knife to dig it out and then Styptic and Disinfectant.

If you beat The Pain by lowering his stamina bar, you get his special camo.
Most of time this camo will appear on his rock that you can’t get to. If this
happens then there is a small pathway right next to the exit that leads to his
platform. Once you beat him just go north of the second platform to the exit.

()---Chyornaya Peschera Cave Entrance---()

All you have to do in this area is head north. On the way you will be treated
to a cut scene of some hovercrafts that didn’t even exist in the 60’s.

After the cut scene look down to find some Golovas as well as some rats. In the
second open area there are some snakes on the ground. These are Thai Cobras, so
I suggest getting them.

Right after the cutscene look to the left to see a gap in the rock. This gap
contains the mine detector. You should already have one from Rassvet though. In
the second open area there is a small cave to the west that contains Mk22 amoo,
Ak-47 ammo and M19 ammo. When you go in there watch out for the claymores that
are planted on the ground.

()---Ponizovje South---()

There are two hovercrafts flying over head, and if you try just running or
walking across they will see you. What you should do if equip the water camo
and the croc cap, and then swim across the whole area. Once you reach the end
of this waterway there are two pathways. One is to the left and not to
noticable. But that’s the one we want right now.

There’s plenty of fish in the water if you need them.

At the very north end of the waterway there is a box of chaff grenades. Nothing
else here.

()---Ponizovje West---()

The only strategy I can give here is just to stay low in the water and snipe
out the guards that are to the west and north with your M19 or Mk22. After
getting all the items in this area backtrack to Ponizovje South and take the
other path that you ignored before.

Still some fish in the water.

This is the whole reason we came to Ponizovje West. After taking out the two
guards, swim north and climb up on the dock. You should see a yellow-ish door
in front of you. Inside this door is a SVD Dragonov sniper rifle, Ak-47, M37
and Mk22 ammo, TNT and some grenades. The is a suppersor for the Mk22 behind
some boxes next to the room with the SVD in it. An M19 suppresor is hidden deep
under water in the south area. Mk22 and Ak-47 ammo is on the south boat.
Finally there are some WP grenades and stun grenades on the north boat.

()---Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior---()

If you want to skip the most annoying boss battle in the game here is your
chance. As soon as the cutsecne is over then pull out your sniper rifle. Take
out the guard that is standing there and the guard the is wheeling The End.
After you do that shoot The End about 4 times and his wheelchair will explode.
Make sure to dodge that wheelchair wheel. Once you do all that there should be
one guard left, snipe him out, climb onto the dock and go up the stairs to

Surprise surprise more fish!

On the west dock you will find Night Vision Goggles. There are also two boats
on the west pier, on them are Mk22 ammo, stun grenades and Ak-47 ammo. You can
find M19 ammo, SVD ammo, M37 ammo and a suppesor for the M19 deep in the water.

()---Ponizovje Warehouse---()
---Operation Snake Eater --- Part 2			<<07OSEP2>>
As soon as you go up the stairs and walk through the door, crouch down. A guard
should walk by, when he does aim for the head with the Mk22. Next, go down the
stairs and go into the south part of the warehouse and look up and forward. You
should see a guard guarding the top of the stairs. After that guard creep up
the stairs, when you get to the top there should be one guard left. Take him
out however you want and head through the double doors.

No animals here but there are some Instant Noodles and a Calorie Mate in a room
on the second floor of the warehouse.

After climbing the stairs, there is a Serum and an Antidote to your south. Down
on the bottom floor on the very south side is the desert face paint. On the
second floor in a small room is Calorie mate, some Instant Noodles and a
mousetrap. The question of the day is how the heck do you get that item on top
those boxes? The answer is simple, head up to the second floor, hang from the
railing and drop down onto the boxes.

()---Graniny Gorki South---()
Not one enemy is here, but there are traps all over the place. Quicksand,
landmines, leaf-covered pits, snares, logs with spikes on them you name it.
Using your Thermal Goggles you can spot every one. The exit to this place is
directly north of your starting postion.

The usual stuff is here. Snakes, fruit. Don’t eat any of the mushrooms because
they are poisonous, and because they will help in the upcoming boss battle.

There is a life medicine in a raised area to the east of your starting point.
Side Note 1
= = = = = =
If you wanna see a kinda cool secret, then look in the west raised area. Look
for a spike log that has a sceientist stuck to it. I guess they didn’t want him
to escape!

Side Note 2
= = = = = =
If you want the Infinity Face Paint (a paint that gives you unlimited ammo for
all your weapons) they lay down about 3-4 mousetraps on the ground and wait for
one of them to catch a Tsuchinoko which is a very strange snake. DO NOT EAT IT!
keep it alive until later in the game when you lose all your items. To get it
back go outside the waterfall you will be at and look on the ground. It will be
crawling around. Keep that one alive until the end of the game.

()---Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Outside Walls---()

As soon as you enter pull out your SVD sniper rifle and look to the west. You
should see two guards and a dog patrolling on the other side of the fence.
Snipe out all three of them and run west as far as you can. At the very end of
the fence will be a gap, crawl under it and go straight. Stop when you get to
the side of the building and lay down. There is a very small hole in the wall
hidden by the grass. Crawl through this hole to get to the next area. Also make
sure you have the Mk22 equiped.

There is a couple of snakes slithering through the grass on both sides of the

As soon as you crawl under the fence go straight, there is a M19 suppressor.

()---Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls---()


As soon as you can stand up and look north. There should be two guard very
close to you, and one has he back turned. Use the Mk22 to nail the first guard
in the back of the head. The other one shouldn’t notice anything. Take him out
and then pull out your SVD and look east. At the far end of this area there
will be another guard. Snipe him out and then put on the scientist uniform.
There are two ways into the building, if you go through the door on the far
east you get nothing, but if go into the ventalation shaft on the far west side
you get the Oyma face paint. The ventalation shaft is at the back west side.

You may be able to find a couple of snakes in the grass, im not sure.

On the far east side of the lab, there is a small building. Inside is a XM16E1
assult rifle, SVD, Ak-47 and M37 ammo. There is also some TNT. If you enter the
ventalation shaft on the far west side of the lab you get the Oyma face paint,
a very useless paint. Lastly under the big army trucks on the south east side
of the area is some M19 and Mk22 ammo.

()---Graniny Gorki Labs 1F---()

This strategy is if you came in from the main door. One big thing you should
note is that even though the guards can’t tell you apart, the scientists can.
If one sees you and it does not go into alert then either run away or press
triangle(to make Snake push up his glasses). If your stopped by a guard, just
stand there and keep pressing triangle until he says move along. Ok onto the
strategy. So if you entered from the main door, Head past the front desk, and
go north past the hall, to a door on the right. Run through the library type
room and turn left down the stairs. If you came from the ventalation shaft then
go through the door in front of you, then go south, left to the end of the
hallway, north then left again. You should be at the main desk now.

It’s a fricken lab! What do you expect? Shrimp Cocktails?

From the front desk go through the hallway that’s on the right and enter the
first door you see. There is a scientist in this room, if you want to take a
little risk then sneak up behind him and hold O, you should silently slit his
throught. Anyway in this room are some medical supplies. After you get these
head up to the second floor. The first door to go to is north. It is a very
small room with a Mk22 supressor. The room above that is a bathroom, and you
want to kick in the third stall over to get the fly camo. Across from the
bathroom is another door. Go through it if you still need the Choco Chip camo.
All the other doors are easy to find and contain diffrent items.

()---Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West---()

Head down the hall and enter the first door the left side of the hall. Note
that there is a scientist in this room, just sprint past him. Enter the door on
the far end of the room. You will be in a R&D type room, again just sprint down
the middle and no one will notice you. Turn left at the end and head through
that door. In front of you should be a white door, go through this to get a
long cut scene. After it’s over go allll the way back to Graniny Gorki South.
Everything is the same as when you came here, so you should be fine getting

What, now you want a lobster dish with penne sauce?


Past the hall are two doors, one on the west and one on the east. In the east
room there is Cigar Gas-Spray. In the west room is a Mk22 supressor and a
battery. In one of the jail cells, under the bed there is a Life Medicine.

()---Graniny Gorki South---()

*****The Fear Boss Battle*****

This fight can be either very easy or very hard. If your trying to lower his
health it’s very easy, but if your going for stamina then it’s very hard. To
start off with lets get that bolt and poison out of you. Go to the cure menu
and use a serum for the poison and for the bolt use the knife, styptic, bandage
and disinfectant. That’s out of the way, so lets begin the fight. As soon as
the battle starts look up, The Fear will be standing on a tree branch, this is
your chance to get a few shots off on him.  After he jumps away, don’t go after

 him, put on your Thermal Goggles and start running around the battle field
look for mushrooms and frogs to shoot. The reason for doing this is, during the
whole battle The Fear jumps around from branch to branch. The combanation of
that and his camo makes him lose stamina very quickly. When he gets down to two
bars of stamina he goes on the hunt for food. So when you shoot the poisoned
mushrooms, he tries to eat them and gets poisoned. The only reason I say the
battle is hard if your going for stamina is because it seems like no matter how
many things you shoot he always finds food.  So the whole time you just wanna
shoot The Fear and the mushrooms. If you manage to lower his stamina, you get
his special Spider camo. The Spider camo lets you become invisible, but drains
your stamina very fast. After the battle is over high-tail it back to the

()---Ponizovje Warehouse---()

Everything is still exactly the same as your first pass through here. Once the
guards are taken care of go back to the entrance/exit but don’t go through it.
This time go through the red door that’s above it to get to the next area.

Crabs?? Anyone want some crabs?? there only 50 cents!

You guessed it. Nothing new.

()---Svyatogomyj South---()

Now this part is very confusing and difficult. What you have to do is walk
north to the next area. A lot of people have trouble with this, so if you need
help with this part E-Mail me at youareverystupid50@aol.com

A couple snakes and mice are hanging out around this area.

There are a bunch of medical plants that when shot... well give medical things.
Bet you didn’t see that one coming did ya?

()---Svyatogomyj West---()

Ok time to get serious again. Run north until you reach a fork in the road. One
is going to the west and the other is going north. Take the north path. As soon
as you see a trap pit just past the grass lay down and equip your thermal
goggles and SVD. Wait a minute and a guard will walk by, snipe him. Get up and
go northwest a little, keeping your goggles on. On the left side of the area in
a trench type thing another guard stands, take him out as well. Now go a little
northeast on a winding path, when you reach the end of it, lay down and snipe
out the guard. There are now two exits to go to, one to the north and one to
the northeast. The north exit is where to go to continue, but the northeast one
is the one to take if you want the coolest weapon in exitanse, the M63. That’s
where the next part of the guide will go.

()---Syvatogomyj East---()

Near the beginning of this area is a fork, one going north and one going west,
lets take the west one. Follow this path until you reach the roof of a tall
shack. Go onto the roof of the shack, lie down and equip you thermal goggles
and SVD again. Now look east-ish, you should spot 2-3 guards patrolling the
area. Snipe them out and jump off the roof. In front of you should be a large
cabin. Walk up to the door on the east side (that should be the side your on),
open the door and chuck in 2 WP grenades. Walk you walk in you should find a
charred guard. After you get all the items and food in the area, run back to
Syvatogomyj West and take the north exit.

There are some mushrooms growing under the trees, spiders in the cabin, and a
few snakes outside. Also in the small cabin you will find two R.C. Mates and a
Russian Ration.

Between the two cabins you can find M16, SVD, M37 and Mk22 ammo, suppersors for
the Mk22, M16 and M19. You can also find some TNT and an M37 shotgun. But the
big prize here is the M63 machine gun in the back room of the big cabin, behind
some boxes. The M63 has about 300 or so rounds in every clip and has hella fire
power. The only problem with it is that if you don’t have the IFP (infinity
face paint) then it does run out of ammo very quickly.

()---Sokrovenno South, West, North---()

*****The End Boss Battle*****

This is a strategy sent into me by akz and is not mine. All I have done to it
was fix some spelling errors he had. Thanks for the contrabution akz!

Hey just wanted to let you know in the Boss Battle for: The End there is a
glitch to make the boss battle a lot easier and faster. Run towards the
northeast where the exit is, currently it should be covered by the trees. In
that area is one particular tree which you can climb up onto to snipe. when you
have climbed up turn around and look around there is a gap among bushes and
trees. That is where The End will be showing up, wait a few minutes and you
will see his scope's reflection quickly zoom in and shoot him. (Surprisingly in
this tree no matter how slow you are he cant hit you dead on ..) after you have
nailed him he will run off into the right into the trees.. look to the right
and look around but in about a minute or so he will be back in the exact same
area where you shot him last time. Do this until he is dead.. simple and fast.

()---Krasnogorje Tunnel---()

Run north a little until you reach a ladder. Start climbing the ladder, put a
weight on it and then go ask your parents if you can take a trip around the
world. When you get back from your trip you might almost be about halfway
there. Anyway, once you finally reach the top, run north

Some rats.


()---Kransnogorje Mountain Base---()

Well, we are out of the jungle for awhile, so its time to change. The Choco
Chip/Desert face paint combo works well, but if you drained all of Ocelot’s
stamina, way back at that boss battle, then use the Animal camo/Desert face
paint combo. It gives you 95% coverage when laying still.

To start off, go west then north until you reach a very hilly area. when you
reach this area, sneak forward until up see the head of a patrolling guard. If
you have the animal/desert combo on, he won’t see you. After he is down, head
north to the next area.

 Every now and then a White Rumped Vulture will land. Try to make room for
these as they recover a lot of stamina.

Smoke grenades and Serum are right outside the exit of the tunnel. Regular and
Chaff grenades can be found on the tall hill and SVD, Mk22 ammo and some Serum
can be found under the large rock in the hilly area.

()---Kransnogorje Mountainside---()

As soon as you start this area pull out your sniper rifle, and look north.
There should be a guard on a small incline, take him out and look up. There
should be another guard walking around. After those two, run on up the path.
there is another guard just past the AAG that you pass on the way, and another
one just past him. A little ways past where they were standing is a lower path
and upper path you have to climb up onto, climb onto the upper path and run to
the end of it, where the SAA ammo box is. Crouch down and snipe out the guard
that is below you and the one that is standing in front of a building near the

After this jump down off the high path and continue into the village type
place. When you get to the second hut, stop and crawl over behind it on the
right side. There should be a guard with his back turned to you who is guarding
the exit. For a little fun, hold him up by aim your gun at him for a few

Side Note
= = = = =
Remember back at Bolshaya Past Base when I had you destroy that Hind helicopter
with the turret? Well if you did do that then you won’t have to deal with it

Still vultures. But hey you can’t complain about that.

Throughout the pathway you use, there will be 4 tiny caves with items in them.
Also near the begging of the area there is a crevice type thing with SVD,Ak-47
M37 and M19 ammo. Lastly in the village place at the end of the area, there is
a RPG-7 rocket launcher, TNT, Serum, an R.C. mate, three Russian Ration, a
splint and a disinfectant.

()---Krasnogoreje Mountaintop---()

As soon as you gain control of Snake, you will see a guard who is walking away
from you. Run up behind him and slit his throught silently. Next hop down into
the trench that is just to your right. Run down to the end of it and turn left.
Run down it some more until you reach a fork, one going north and one going
west. Pull out your suppressed M19 and look into the west passage. Shoot the
guard the is walking away from you in the back of the head. Then run into the
north passage, you will be in front of a large shack.

Now what we want to do is hop up onto the left side, but you can’t so what you
do is this. On the right side of the shack there will be two large dirt steps.
Climb onto the first step and turn so that your facing left. Now push the left
analog stick to the left and press the X button at the same time, so that you
do a rolling jump to the other side. As soon as you are done with the roll look
north, you will see a guard that is fairly close to you, Use the M19 again to
shoot him in the head.

After this is done go north a little and run east along a trench. Do another
rolling jump over the trench and again pull out your M19. Look to the south and
you should see a guard patrolling. Shoot him in the head and then hop into the
trench in front of you and run north until you reach a red door, head through
this door to get to the next area and a long cut scene. Now all this may seem
like a lot, but it is really quite easy and once you lean it you can get though
this area in a minute or less, like I do.

Vultures still.

Now there are a lot of items in this area but none of them are anything
special, and its hard to get them without having to gun every one down, so I
just suggest skipping the items unless you really need them. If you do decide
to get them they are all in the shacks that are scatterd throughout this area.

()---Krasnogorje Mountaintop: Behind Ruins---()

Ummmm head back in the ruins, Duh!



Side Note
= = = = =
If you want to have some fun, pull out your SVD and look down at Groznyj Grad.
You should see plenty of guards and barrels. I’m not sure if the guards come
back when you get there, but it’s still fun.

()---Krasnogorje Mountaintop Ruins---()

If you are reading this part, then you need to go get a brain examination.

A couple packs of Instant Noodles.

Some Claymore mines, Mosin Nagant, Ak-47, M16 and SVD ammo.

()---Kransnogorje Mountaintop---()

Run south down the trench until you reach about the end of it. Make sure not to
go past it though. Crouch down, equip your suppressed M19 and wait for about 10
seconds until a flamethrower weilding wacko walks around the corner and starts
to climb the steps. Shoot him in the head, climb the steps he was, run forward
and slide down a snowy hill. Then jump off two more small cliffs. Upon landing
you should see a red door behind you. Sprint through it before anyone raises an

Don’t try to get any unless you wanna be charred by the flamethrowers.

Again, don’t try to get any unless you want to be on some guys B-B-Q with some

()---Groznyj Grad Underground Tunnel---()

Head on down the stairs, past some walkways, down a ladder and into the big
room. It all very straight forward.

*****The Fury Boss Battle*****
As soon as the battle starts, equip the survival knife, because surprisingly
the knife make his health fly off. It also rips his suit, letting you do more
damage and shoot him from all side if your going for a stamina win. After you
do that The Fury will boost down to the southern side of the hall way. Chase
him down and as soon as he lands press square as many times as you can and you
should take away 1/2 to 3/4 of his health (on extreme mode it takes about 7
combos or so to kill him). After you do this he will either rocket away from
you or attack back. If he attacks back roll out of the way. If you going for
his stamina then as soon as he lands slash his suit a couple of times and then
start unloading on him with the Mk22. As for The Fury’s attack well they are as

1.Blast Off. He will simply fly to a different part of the area, not much of an
2. He will fill a hall full of flames. Make sure to be out of his way when he
does this.
3. He will countdown from 3 and blast down a hall at you also filling the hall
with flames.
So most of the battle you want to try to sneak up behind him and press square a
lot or sneak up behind him and shoot him as many times as you can with the

If you manage to get a stamina win (which isn’t really too hard) then you get
his Fire camo. The fire camo cuts damage you take from fire or explosives in
half. After you beat him, collect the items and camo if you got it, head north
and up the ladder. Onto Groznjy Grad to save Sokolov!

There are some Bats that attack you near the big room.

M37, M19 and Mk22 ammo near the bottom of the stairs. Mk22 and Ak-47 ammo in
front of the barrels and a Battery behind them. After the Fury Fight you can
find a Bandage, Disinfectant and Ointment.

()---Groznyj Grad Southwest---()

---Operation Snake Eater --- Part 3			<<07OSEP3>>

Groznyj Grad is a secret compound that was built by Volgin with the money of
the Philosopher's Legacy and has four areas. There are guards and items in all
four areas, but to get to your next destination, you only need to go through
two of them, so that’s what I am going to guide you through. You are also now
out of the forest and mountains and into an urban enviroment so a change in
cloths would be smart. I suggest the Splitter/Splitter or the Splitter/Black
camo combo. Also note to get the items in these areas you may need to take a
different route than the walkthrough.

Ok now onto the actual walkthrough of the area. You start off standing in front
of some boxes near the manhole you entered. Climb up onto these box and run
north a little ways. Very soon you will see a guard with his back turned to
you. Sneak up behind him and grab him. Interrogate him if you want and slit his
neck. Run a few more feet forward until you hit a wall. Run left along this
wall until it goes north and you run into a warehouse. Run north along this
little passage behind the warehouses and you will see another guard walking
away from you. Slit his neck as well and then keep running forward until you
hit another wall. Run left along this wall a little ways until you reach a red
door. Go through this red door to get to the next area.


There are some containers near the very beginning of the area and under them
are Chaff Grenades, Styptic, Bandage, SVD, Mk22 and M16 ammo. In a small truck
near the north exit of this area is a suppressor for the M19.

()---Groznyj Grad Northeast---()

As soon as this area loads, run to the right a ways and look forward and to the
left. You should see a guard patrolling and a guard standing next to some boxes
near the door that leads into the big building in front of you. Make sure you
are far enough away from them and run forward into the building in front of
you. Run left just a little ways until you can see the guard standing next to
the boxes, if you have trouble seeing him, then equip you Thermal Goggles. Pull
out you Mk22 and shoot him in the head. Now make sure the other patrolling
guard is facing away from you and run into the red door behind where the guard
you just tranqed was standing.


In two trucks in this area there are 5 types of grenades and some M19 ammo.

()---Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing---()

The second you have control of Snake, go into the survival viewer and take off
any face paint and equip the scientist uniform. Just like in the Graniny Gorki
labs this disguise will hide you from the guards, but the scientists can still
recognize you, so don’t hang around them.

So as soon as you enter put on the disguise and run north. You will see some
stairs that wrap around and lead into a large area above and behind you. Run up
these stairs and when you go through the door, run south through a couple of
doors until you reach a room with four rows of lockers. From here you have to
play the waiting game. Your goal here is to get Raikov’s uniform and sure you
could just find him, kill him and drag him all the hell way back up to this
room, but then you have to kill all the scientists and guards and it is a major

 So anyways, once your here just wait and watch until you see Raikov walking up
the same stairs you did. When you see him doing this, walk up to the large cork
board that is just above the lockers. Press your back against this board and
wait for a minute. Raikov will come into the room, and as soon as he walks past
the board you are on, step out, grab him and slit his neck, or if your going
for no kills then knock him out. You will automatically get a cut scene of
Snake jamming Raikov into one of the lockers. After the cut scene run to the
bottom of the room and go left through the door that opens for you.


There are some items on the first floor of the area, but the only one really
worth getting is the Scorpion sub-machine gun which is on the first floor, west
side at the back.

()---Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: Main Wing---()

Ok this part is so easy a monkey high on PCP could do it. Run forward until you
reach the next area and don’t kill any guards.



()---Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: West Wing Corridor---()

Again, a monkey high on PCP. Watch the very long set of cut scenes that follow
your arrival.



()---Groznyj Grad Prison/Torture Room---()

Well your eye has been shot out, your badly injured and your locked up, great.
Well first off if you don’t want to deal with some Ocelots later, but wanna
miss a hilarious cut scene then go into the Cure menu and dig out the
transmitter that is in your back out with the fork that is on the floor of your
cell. But a few extra Ocelots is worth the laugh you get, so if this is your
first play through, don’t take it out.

Now to escape. There are three ways to do this and they are as follows.

1. Go into the Cure menu and dig out the bullet in your leg. When you do this,
a F. Death Pill will pop out. Use it when the guard walks by and he will come
in. When he comes in, use the revival pill, kill him and escape.

2. Call up the frequency 144.75 on your radio, and the door will open up. For
best results, use when the guard is in the bathroom.

3. Go to the survival viewer and spin Snake around for a while, then when you
press start again he will puke. The guard will see this and come in to clean it
up. Make your escape when he does this.

Choose your method for escape form the list above, grab the items and run
straight across and south to escape the building. Once out, you need to run to
Groznyj Grad Northwest, where the sewers are. I really don’t have a good
strategy to get there. My only method is to run like The View is on the T.V. in
your cell. When you get there, run to the northeast corner into a gated area,
crawl under the pipes and snake will automatically enter the sewers.

Side Note 1
= = = = = =
When ever you look in FPV from now on, you can only see from one eye. This dose
not really make a difference, but is still cool.

Side Note 2
= = = = = =
Throughout your stay here, the guard will throw you food every now and then.
Instead of eating it, pick it up and throw it through that small hole in your
cell door. Do this three times for an extra cut scene. During it you find out
that your guard is none other than Johnny Sasaki. Not the Johnny from MGS 1 and
2 but his grandfather. Kinda makes you feel bad about killing him don’t it?

Side Note 3
= = = = = =
As soon as you get into the cell save your game and turn off your PS2. Then
load your game back up and you get to play an awsome hack and slash mini-game.
This is a small portion from an up coming Konami game. This game is also
normally referenced to as Snake’s Nightmare.

()---Groznyj Grad Sewers---()

The sewers are made up of a few different areas that you get to by crawling
through small holes at the bottom of the walls. Im not going to tell you
exactly where to go, because this area is so simple. Just watch out for the
dogs that will chase you and keep crawling north until you get to a large, lit
open area and run forward.

A Russian Ration is under the staircase near the very beginning of the area. In
the second area, under the deep water there is another Russian Ration and some
Instant Noodles.
South of when you where you enter the sewers there is some SAA ammo. You can
find a Life Medicine west of where you start and SAA ammo and a Styptic under
the water in the second area.

()---Unknown River---()

That’s not really the name of this river, but I dunno what else to call it so
The Unknown River it is.

*****The Sorrow Boss Battle*****

This isn’t a “boss battle”, it is really a “boss walk”. See you don’t actually
fight him, you have to chase him down a river while he shoots off a blue,
swirly blast type attack. This is his only attack and its very easy to dodge.
Simply move to the left or right as soon as he starts putting his hands

The whole time you are walking down the river, ghosts of the people you have
killed throughout the game walk by you. If the ghosts touch you, then you lose
a small amount of life. The length of the river depends on how many people you
have killed. So if you have killed everyone you have seen, then your in for a
long walk, but if you have only killed the bosses (which you have to) then only
they appear and the walk is pretty short.

Once you reach the end of the river, touch The Sorrow’s skeleton and he will
kill you automatically. Once the “Game Over” screen appears, press L2 to go
into you items and select the revival pill to wake up and continue on with the
game. When you touch his skeleton, you get his special camo which is the Spirit
camo. The Spirit camo is one of the most useful camos in the game because
enemies can’t hear you footsteps and it allows you to gain stamina when
chocking enemies in CQC.


From you starting point you want to head up stream, but you can’t do that
directly so you have to follow a route. Start by heading east, north then west.
At this point you will come to a log that crosses over to the other side. Walk
about halfway across the log and jump into the stream and start going up it.
You will reach another area where you will wanna go east then north and the
continuing up stream. If you didn’t take out the transmitter back in you cell
at Groznjy Grad then you will have to deal with some Ocelots, who are real
easy. Either way, once you reach a waterfall walk along the narrow path next to
it that leads behind the waterfall.

To the right and left of your starting point is a Markhor goat and a Giant

After the long cut scene behind the waterfall, dive into the large pool that
the water is falling into. At the bottom of this lake is the Kabuko face paint.

()---Tikhogomj: Behind Waterfall---()

Simply go north down the long hall, into a small room and up the ladder that
leads back to Groznjy Grad.
There are some frogs and rats in the long hallway that leads to the ladder.

Im not going to bother to explain to you where every item in the area is
because they are all either in your starting room or in the hallway and they
are all in the open for you to see.

()---Groznyj Grad Northwest---()

When the cut scene of you climbing the ladder is over you are in the same area
as the entrance to the sewers. To get into the labs again without having to do
much you want to get into a truck next to the entrance to the sewers. To get
there simply go to the northeast section of this area is. The truck your
looking for is directly left of the red gated area and has an open back. Climb
into the back of this truck and equip Cardboard Box A, B, or C they all work.
Once you do this you get a short cut scene of you being dropped off in the
Shagohod hanger.



()---Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: Main Wing Hanger---()

You start off in a cardboard box next to some stairs. The first thing you want
to do is get the Sneaking and Maintenance uniforms, which are in the locker
room where you killed Raikov. To get there, climb up the stairs next to you,
turn around climb up the other set of stairs and go forward. You will be just
to the left of the door leading the locker room, so go in it.

()---Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing---()

The only reason you are here is to get the items, so do that.


To start off with, open the locker that you stuffed Raikov into earlier and
walk inside to recive the sneaking camo. The sneaking camo cuts damage taken by
half and reduces your stamina consumption. Next, turn around and face the row
of lockers directly behind you and open the second one from the left. You will
get the Maintenance uniform. The maintenance uniform is what the mechanics who
work on the Shagohod wear, and is crucial for the next part of your mission.
Once you have both of these, take off any face paint you have on, put on the
maintenance uniform and return to the Main Wing Hanger.

()---Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: Main Wing Hanger---()

The maintenance uniform (boy I have been saying that word a lot!) works just
like the scientist uniform (there’s that dang word again!) as in the guards
can’t tell you apart, but the mechanics can. So make sure to never get near
them, and avoid them at all costs. As soon as you enter the door equip the C3,
run forward and hop over the railing to land in the main area of the Shagohod.
There are four fuel tanks here you need to plant C3 on and they are in the
northwest, northeast, east and west. Simply run up to each of them an press O
to plant the C3. After planting your second charge, you get a call from Eva,
telling you that she’s done planting the C3 at the rail bridge. After the call,
plant the final two charges and you get some a few cut scenes before you have
to fight a charged-up Volgin.


In the northwest corner of the hanger, under the large army truck, there is a
Life Medicine. I have also heard rumor of a Russian Ration on the third floor,
but you would have to get by some mechanics to get it, so I would forget it.

Side Note
= = = = =
Throughout the cut scenes, you may have pressed R1 and seen The Sorrow hovering
behind Volgin holding a card thing that has a timer that is ticking down. This
is the time that you have to fight Volgin. There is nothing you can do to
change this, so don’t worry about it.

*****Volgin Boss Battle*****

The Volgin battle can be very difficult your first few times through. You only
have five minutes to defeat him so you need to beat him fast. If you are going
for a stamina win, then your in for a long hall and will probably finish the
battle with 30 seconds or less because Volgin has a electric shield that covers
the front of his body. You will most likely want to stamina kill him your first
time through, because his camo is incredibly useful. To stamina kill him your
gunna want to unload on him with the Ak-47 or M63, if you have it. After a few
rounds of this, Volgin with run off and put his arm in a power socket thing to
charge up again. When he does this, your going to wanna hit him with as many
shots from the Mk22 as you can. Your going to need to repeat this 4 to 5 times,
so you see why I say you will have very little time left.

If you don’t really care about getting his camo, and want to skip all the above
crap, then follow the steps below.

Step 1. Go into the survival viewer and put on the mask face paint.

Step 2. Equip the M63 light machine gun.

Step 3. Press START again and Volgin will be shocked and his shields will
lower. This is when you want to unload on him, holding the shoot button. After
5 seconds at the most, a cut scene will happen. After the cut scene, hold the
shoot button again. This time it will take a little longer, but it will still
beat him very quickly.

There, a beaten Volgin in 3 easy steps. If you do decide you want his camo, and
you go through all that other crap, then you get the Cold War camo. The Cold
War camo stops enemies from shooting at you when the soviet side is facing
them, very useful.

Side Note 1
= = = = = =
To make the battle a little easier, throw a Russian glowcap on the ground. The
glowcap will attract all of Volgins attacks for a short time.

Side Note 2
= = = = = =
Above Volgin, you should see some pipes. Shoot these pipes and water will burst
out, allowing you some free hits on Volgin.

Side Note 3
= = = = = =
For a small laugh, try shooting Ocelots hat off. It dose not help at all, but
it makes for a short laugh. If you want, you can also kill Ocelot for a time

()---Groznyj Grad---()

You will be in the side-car of Eva’s motorcycle for a while from now on, and
you have unlimited ammo for EVERY weapon, so don’s waste that. Also I will not
be putting in the food or items in any of the area for a while, seeing as
though you can’t get any while in the side car. Also if you got it, put on the
Cold War camo to make the area easier to deal with. There isn’t too much
strategy for the chase scenes, so just shoot any guard you see and ignore the
Shagohod for now because you can‘t hurt it. Once you smash through the gates of
the main facility, you will be onto the Groznyj Grad Runway, one of the funnest
area of the whole game.

()---Groznyj Grad Runway---()

Once you blast onto the runway, you will start to be chased by motorcycles that
have a driver with a gun and a passenger with a gun. Pull out your RPG-7 and
aim with L1 and fire near the wheels and the whole thing will go flying! If
your going for a 0 kill 0 alert game, then shoot the drivers with the Mk22.
This will cause the motorcycle to crash, killing both of them but it dose not
count as a kill for you so don’t worry. As for the Shagohod, when it gets near
you, shoot the area above the red thing to do some damage. This is useful
because this damage carries out to the next battle with him. When he shoots
rockets after you, pull out your M63 or Ak-47 and blow them out of the sky.
After watching a few cut scenes and wasting some more guys, you go onto the
next area.

()---Groznyj Grad Rail bridge---()

---Operation Snake Eater --- Part 4			<<07OSEP4>>

After watching the short cut-scene, you are looking through the scope of a
Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle. Stay in the 3x zoom so that you can look for the C3
charge that Eva set up. It is easy to spot because it has a flashing red light
on it. Once you locate it, go into the 10x zoom and aim right on it. Sit with
your sights on it until Eva says “It’s here!”, once she says this, pull the
trigger and detonate the C3. After the short cut scene, your onto fighting the
Shagohod and Volgin!

Side Note
= = = = =
If your having trouble hitting the C3, try equipping Ocelots Animal camo, as it
reduces hand shaking.

()---More To Come!---()

8a.) Weapons						<<08WPN>>

Survival Knife
CQC weapon.
Use to threaten and interrogate enemies when neck-held, or to slit their
Use in Cure Menu to remove enemy projectile remains from Snake's body.

Tranquilizer pistol.
Put enemy soldiers to sleep or defeat bosses non-lethally.
CQC compatible.
Suppressor compatible, press O when selecting it in inventory.

Lethal pistol.
CQC compatible.
Suppressor compatible.
35 maximum ammo capacity.
7 bullets per magazine.

Machine gun.
Manual and automatic interchangeable.
Find at Rassvet, at the top of the metal steps at the end of the Virtuous
151 maximum ammo capacity.
30 bullets per magazine.

Machine gun.
Single shot, 3 shot burst, full automatic interchangeable.
Suppressor compatible.
Find in Graniny Gorki Lab, Exterior, in a supply room.
101 maximum ammo capacity.
21 bullets per magazine.

Powerful weapon.
Find in Chyornaya Peschera Cave, in the area where you meet The Pain, in the
tunnel to the right.
21 maximum ammo capacity.
4 bullets per magazine.

Continuous machine gun.
Fires entire magazine non-stop.
Find in Svyatogornyj East, in the back of the shabby wooden house.
501 maximum ammo capacity.
501 bullets per magazine.

Dragunov Sniper Rifle.
First person view when equipped.
Scope magnification interchangeable between 3x and 10x by pressing Triangle.
Find in Ponizovje West, inside the munitions building.
51 maximum ammo capacity.
9 bullets per magazine.

Mosin Nagant
The End's tranquilizer sniper rifle.
Obtain by defeating The End non-lethally.
26 maximum ammo capacity.

Single Action Army. Aka The Peacemaker.
Lethal pistol that shoots ricochet bullets.
Press R1 to aim in first person view.
Press L1 to zoom aim.
Rotate Right Analag Stick when in first person view to spin gun.
30 maximum ammo capacity.
6 bullets per magazine.

Laser sight equipped automatic pistol.
Single shot and full automatic interchangeable.
101 mamimum ammo capacity.
30 bullets per magazine
Rocket launcher.
Find in Krasnogorje Mountainside, in the munitions building.
20 maximum ammo capacity.
1 bullet per magazine.


Hand grenades.
Explodes a few seconds after release.
Press button hard to toss farther.
20 maximum ammo capacity.

Stun Grenade
Knock out grenades.
Explodes a few seconds after release.
Knocks out all enemies nearby.
20 maximum ammo capacity.

Chaff Grenade
Radio interference grenades.
Explodes a few seconds after release.
Disables all radio and radar equipments in the area.
20 maximum ammo capacity.

Phosphorous Grenade
Flame spreading grenades.
Explodes a few seconds after release.
Causes everything nearby to catch on fire.
20 maximum ammo capacity.

Smoke Grenade
Smoke emitting grenades.
Explodes a few seconds after release.
Creates a cloud of smoke, blocks the view of enemies.
20 maximum ammo capacity.

Set at a location and detonate from a safe distance.
Blow up enemy storage rooms to cause the enemies in the area to go hungry and
become less alert.
16 maximum ammo capacity.

Land mines.
Visible with thermal goggles.
Crawl and approach to recover.
16 maximum ammo capacity.

Handkerchief soaked in knockout drug.
Apply to enemy's face during CQC to render him unconscious.
Wave in the air to form a cloud of knockout drug.
Equippable weapon when in Scientist outfit.
Find in Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West, in a locker in the room with a scientist.
60 uses.

Knockout Cigar
Equippable weapon when in Scientist outfit.
Press Square to blow knockout smoke at enemies and render them unconscious.

8b.) Items						<<08GIT>>

Life Medicine
HP meter full recovery.
10 maximum capacity.

Bug Juice
Use to avoid hornets and leeches.
25 maximum capacity.

Fake Death Pill
Enter a fake death state to fool enemies.
Use the Revive Pill to return to life.
5 maximum capacity.

Adult magazine.
Use to attract the attention of enemies.
10 maximum capacity.

Empty weapon magazine clip.
Toss to attract the attention of enemies.
100 maximum capacity.

Use to catch live animals to keep in the inventory.
Live animals will not spoil.
Live animals can be thrown at enemies as weapons.
16 maximum capacity.

Directional Microphone
Use to locate enemies from a distance with sound.
Useful against snipers.

AP Sensor
Anti-Personnel Sensor.
Uses battery power when equipped.
When equipped, controller vibrates when enemies approach.

Motion Detector
Uses battery power when equipped.
Detects moving objects within a certain radius.

Active Sensor
Uses battery power when equipped.
Shows the locations of all living things on the map screen, including both
animals and enemies.
Emits sound which can be heard by enemies.

Night Vision Goggles
Uses battery power when equipped.
Enables vision in the dark.

Thermal Goggles
Uses battery power when equipped.
Differentiates objects that emit heat from the background.
Find in Rassvet, in the starting point room when the enemies storm the area.

Take pictures and save onto the memory card.
Find in Groznyj Grad, in the office outside the torture room.
Or obtain by clearing the game once.

Cardboard Box
Use to hide from enemies.
Find Box A (Weapons Lab East) in Dolinovodno, on top of the lockers to the
left of the room the scientist was in.
Find Box B after Tikhogornyj, behind the waterfall, at the end of the hall.
Find Box C in Groznyj Grad Southeast, in an alleyway at the Eastern side of
the area.

Light in dark areas to see.
Can also be used as a weapon.
Find in Chernoya Peschera Cave Branch.

Mine Detector
Find in Rassvet, in the room outside of where the scientist was being held
after the Virtuous Mission.

8c.) Food						<<08FOO>>

Snake A King Cobra Good stamina recovery
Snake B Taiwanese Cobra Moderate stamina recovery
Snake C Thai Cobra Moderate stamina recovery
Snake D Coral Snake Good stamina recovery
Snake F Green Tree Python Moderate stamina recovery
Snake G Giant Anaconda Very good stamina recovery
Snake H Reticulated Python Very good stamina recovery
Snake I Snake Liquid (Flower Field) Full stamina recovery
Snake J Snake Solid (Flower Field) Full stamina recovery
Snake K Snake Solidus (Flower Field) Full stamina recovery
Frog A Otton Frog Moderate stamina recovery
Frog B Tree Frog Poor stamina recover
Frog C Poison Dart Frog Poison
Bird A Parrot Poor stamina recovery
Bird B White-Rumped Vulture Very good stamina recovery
Bird C Red Avadavat Poor stamina recovery Bird D Magpie Low stamina recovery
Bird E Sunda Whistling Thrush Decent stamina recovery
Fish A Bigeye Trevally Poison, low stamina recovery
Fish B Maroon Shark Good stamina recovery
Fish C Arowana Good stamina recovery
Fruit A Yabloko Moloko Low stamina recovery
Fruit B Russian False Mango Digestive Medicine, good stamina recovery
Fruit C Golova Excellent stamina recovery
Mushroom A Russian Oyster Low stamina recovery
Mushroom B Ural Luminescent Poison
Mushroom C Siberian Ink Cap Poor stamina recovery
Mushroom E Russian Glow Cap Recharge battery, small stamina recovery
Mushroom F Spatsa Sleep
Mushroom G Baikal Scaly Cap Antidote
C Mate Calorie Mate Very good stamina recovery
Noodles Instant Noodles Excellent stamina recovery
Ration Russian Ration Decent stamina recovery
Bat Vampire Bat Low stamina recovery
Crab Kenyan Mangrove Crab Good stamina recovery
Gavial Indian Gavial Moderate stamina recovery
Markhor Markhor Good stamina recovery
Nest Baltic Hornet's Nest Excellent stamina recovery
Rabbit European Rabbit Moderate stamina recovery
Rat Rat Decent stamina recovery
Scorpion Emperor Scorpion Poison, small stamina recovery
Spider Cobalt Blue Tarantula Poor stamina recovery
Squirrel Japanese Flying Squirrel Moderate stamina recovery
Tsuchinoko Excellent stamina recovery
Vegetable Vine Melon Good stamina recovery

8d.) Fun Things						<<08FUN>>

Extra Scenes
When in the jail cell, throw food back out the little hole in the door a few
times. The guard will eat it and an extra scene will happen.

After the torture scene, don't remove the transmitter for an extra scene with
Eva in the cave.

Extra R1 Scenes
After being thrown off the bridge by The Boss, after you cure Snake for the
first time, during the scene look to the left to see The Sorrow's corpse.

At the beginning of the Snake Eater Operation, when inside the little rocket,
you can look around the cockpit and see a model poster.

After Volgin kills Granin in Groznigrad, after Ocelot finishes interrogating
Eva, look to see Eva hand gester to Ocelot the same way Ocelot always does.

During the torture scene, when Ocelot leaves you with The Boss, look to see
The Boss hand gesture to Ocelot the same way Ocelot always does.

After the Shagohod Volgin battle, after the lightning bolts, look to see The

After defeating The Boss, look to see The Boss standing together with The

In the ending sequence when President Johnson holds out his hand to Snake,
look to the left to see Ocelot outside the window.

In the ending sequence when Snake is saluting The Boss' grave, look and you
can see Snake's view tear up.

Extra Reactions
When fighting Ocelot, shoot the hornet's nest above him.

When fighting Ocelot, shoot off his hat.

When fighting The End, use a Fake Death Pill near him and he will approach to
examine you. But he will only be tricked once.

When fighting Volgin, equip the Raikov disguise and Volgin will get confused
then angry.

When fighting Volgin, throw a Russian Glow Cap Mushroom on the floor.

When fighting The Boss, use a Fake Death Pill and she will see through the
fake and kick you awake.

When fighting The Boss, equip the Monkey Mask to confuse her for a moment.

0 Kill?
Giving enemies poison food and causing them to die is not a kill.

Tranquilizing enemies on the hover platforms causing them to explode is not a

Tranquilizing motorcycle enemies causing them to crash is not a kill.
Killing animals are not human kills.

Dropping unconscious enemies down to their deaths (cliff, water, electric
fence) are kills.

Enemies stepping on claymores are kills.

Enemies getting blown up by TNT explosions are kills.

Fun With Eva

1.Stare at Eva for a while.
2.Equip the Box in front of Eva.
3.Equip the Monkey Mask in front of Eva.
4.Use the Fake Death Pill and the Revive Pill in front of Eva.
5.Rotate Eva to make her puke.
6.Puke in front of Eva.
7.Throw a snake at Eva.
8.Put a book down in front of Eva.
9.Hide from Eva, then come out.
10.Tranquilize Eva and listen to her talk in her sleep.
11.Punch or shoot, or choke Eva.
12.Crawl on the ground, wait for Eva to lay down, crawl on top of Eva.

My Noodles
If you possessed Instant Noodles, when Eva gives you your equipment back in
the cave behind the waterfall, the noodles will be gone.
During the scene, pressing R1 as prompted will allow you to see the noodle
wrapping tossed on the ground.

Ghost Photos
Take a picture of The Sorrow's corpse for Kojima Hideo's ghost photo.
During The Sorrow battle, take pictures of the ghosts of past boss characters
you killed.
There are production team ghost images to the left of all the boss characters'

Alternate Paths
At the docks, kill The End, no boss battle later.
At the facility with helipads, destroy the helicopters parked there, no
helicopters on the mountain, instead hover platform troops will appear.

After being captured by Volgin, depending how how much injuries Snake took up
to this point, Volgin's comment about Snake's body will change.

Toys From the Future
In Granin's room there are figures of ZOE Jehuty, MGS2 Ray, and MGS Rex.

Snake's Nightmare
Save when in the jail cell and restart the game using that save file.
Snake's nightmare is a preview of an upcoming Konami game currently named "Guy

1.MGS2 poster - on the door of the locker to put Raikov in.

2.Final Fantasy poster

3.Silent Hill 3 poster - Research Lab, library, on the wall above the
bookcases, two pictures

8e.)Frog Locations					<<08FRG>>

There 64 Kerotan frogs scattered throughout the game. When you shoot them they
make a noise, and shooting all 64 gives you a prize.

-Virtuous Mission Frogs-

1. Dremuchij South - Immediately from your starting position, head right and
then go up into a narrow grassy path. Once you're at the very top, the frog is
visible to your left on top of a hill.

2. Dremuchij Swamp - Past the swamp, when you're in the second patch of tall
grass it's on a hill directly to your right.

3. Dremuchij North - From your starting position, head forward and take the
second right. Head through the fields of tall grass until you get to a
hollowed-out log next to the wall. The frog is on top of this log, but you
have to be in front of the log to see it.

4. Dolinovodno - High up on top of the left post of the Southern end of the

5. Rassvet 1F - Directly to the left of the stairs there is a hole in the
wall. Look through the hole. The frog is there. Shoot him.

-Operation Snake Eater Frogs-

6. Dremuchij East - Under some logs in the middle-left of the map.

7. Dremuchij North - Find the climbable tree in the middle horizontal path of
this map. Climb it, then look left. The frog is on top of a hill.

=You're going to have to backtrack to two previous areas now, because the rest
of the game never forces you to go back here. Head south from Dremuchij North.=

8. Dremuchij Swampland - Get to the island in the middle. Now head left to the
little outcropping of land (you may want to kill the alligators, since they
will only hinder your search. Plus, they're ugly. Ugly little bastards). In
this patch of land, look behind the northern-most tree. Aha! There's the

=Keep heading south.=

9. Dremuchij South - Left of where you landed during the Virtuous Mission,
hop over the log and then head into the top-left corner of this little area.
Our friend is sitting on top of the hill there (you can see him even in third-
person mode). Plant a bullet between his eyes.

=Now return to Dremuchij North and then proceed normally from there.=

10. Dolinovodno - Now it's on top of the post on the OTHER side of the bridge.

11. Rassvet 1F - Under the stairwell, to the right of the big cylinders.

12. Chyomij Prud - This little bastard is underwater. To find him, head
straight north through the water and find a big grey tree that's sticking out
of the water. It's hugging the north wall, so the it may blend in a litte, but
it's there. Looking at the map, it's right in the middle between the two
northern paths out of this area. Dive, and the frog will be to the left of the
base of the tree. Shoot him twice just for good measure.

13. Bolshaya Past South - Head north until you get to the big fence with a gap
in the middle. Go to where the gap is, but stay on the southern side of the
fence. Now head right, staying along the fence, until you find a multi-trunked
tree on this side of the fence. In the middle of the cluster is your green
little target.

14. Bolshaya Past Base - Go into the building and find the room with all the
beds. The frog is under a desk at the bottom of this room.

15. Bolshaya Past Crevice - From your starting position, run all the way to
the right until you hit a wall. Then turn around so you're facing the camera
and go into first-person view. The frog is right there.

16. Chyomaya Pschera Cave Branch - This is a toughie. Make your way to the
waterfalls. Directly across from the little alcove where you got the torch is
a passageway; go through it. Follow it until it dead ends, and then crawl into
the crack in the wall. Follow the crack until you get to another open area,
where directly across from the opening you just exited is ANOTHER crack in the
bottom of the wall. Go through this until you come out in a room with a big
hole in the floor. Go into first-person mode. Right across the hole from you
is the frog. ELIMINATE HIM.

17. Chyomaya Peschera Cave - There's a small island to the south of this area.
Swim behind it, go into first-person view, and look up. There's a big hole in
the ceiling right above The Pain, and the frog is chillin' like a villain at
the top of that hole.

18. Chyornaya Peschera Cave Entrance - About midway through the area, there is
a cave on the left, enter it (be careful, as there are mines), and once you're
inside, face the cave's entrance and look up in first-person view. The frog is
hiding above the archway.

19. Ponizovje South - Just a little ways forward from the starting point, the
frog is on dry land to your left, slightly obscured by a rock. Without going
into first-person, you can see it as a little whitish speck against a tree

=Ponizovje West is easy to miss by accident. Right before the river begins to
narrow in Ponizovje South, there's a semi-hidden passage to the left. Go there

20. Ponizovje West - Swim to the northwest corner of this pool. Then dive.
There's a frog behind that grate. Piece of cake.

21. Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior - Get on top of the docks and run over to
where the two boats are. Go to the end of that pier, face the camera, and go
into first-person mode. In first-person mode, look right. See those red doors?
See that frog on top of the red doors? Waste 'im.

22. Ponizovje Warehouse 1F - You see those white crates in the southeast
corner of the room? Climb on top of those, then crouch and face north. Look
way up to the right in the rafters, above the stairs. There's a little froggie
head up there just begging to be sniped.

23. Graniny Gorki South Easy one. Run all the way up to the northern exit,
then look up to your left. It's sitting on a tree branch. Crafty little frog.

24. Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Outside Walls Starting out, crawl all the way
+to the east of the area. Then shoot the electrical box and crawl under the
fence. Get safely out of site behind the building. See that gap in the wall?
That's how you get into the lab. But we don't give a damn about that, we're
here to kill statues. Stand up and press your back against the wall. Go into
first-person mode. The frog is in between two tree trunks slightly to the left.

25. Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls To the far right of this area
there is a big building with a boarded-up door, and to the right of this door
is a window. There's a frog sitting in the window, and he's looking mighty
hungry. Why don't you feed him a lead sandwich?

26. Graniny Gorky Lab 1F  Follow the hallways until you find a cluster of four
lockers near the stairs to 2F. On top of the locker closest to the camera,
there is a frog. You have to be in first-person to see it, as it's sort of
hiding in the corner.

27. Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West - This is the basement section with several
rooms in it. Run into the back room with a television and a single scientist
walking around inside. There's a frog in the northwest corner on top of a desk
by two lockers.

28. Graniny Gorki Lab B1 East - This is the basement section with several
prison cells in it. You can find a frog in the cell at the very end of the
hallway. Why is the frog in jail? Your guess is as good as mine. Probably
picking up hookers or something. You know how frogs are.

29. Svyatogernyj South - Immediately after entering this area, just run
forward until you get into the first patch of high grass. Then turn around and
look back at the entrance. At the top, where the concrete meets the dirt,
sitting on the very corner is a frog.

30. Svyatogernyj West Head forward and bit until you come to a hollowed-out
log laying on the ground. On the hill directly in front of this log is a frog.

-Make SURE you take the northeastern exit out of Svyatogernyj West, NOT the
northwestern one. This next area is totally optional and, much like Ponizovje
West, easily overlooked. -

31. Svyatogernyj East  Go forward and ALWAYS stick to the left path.
Eventually you'll come out on top of a small shack. Jump off the roof and run
straight towards the larger building in front of you. Go up the stairs, and
you should see a door. To the left of the door, there should be a window, and
you should be able to see a frog sitting on the shelf inside. Shoot it through
the window.

=Now backtrack back to Svyatogernyj West and take the northwestern exit this

32. Sokrevenno South In the northwestern corner of this map there is a
building. Run up the ramp to the building, then walk around to the side. From
here, you can look at the hill directly behind the building, and a frog is

33. Sokrevenno West - Follow the stream all the way south, then duck and look
at the opening in the wall where the water is flowing into. There's a frog in
there. That's sort of its natural habitat, I guess. Now shoot it.

34. Sokrevenno North - Start out at the middle-south exit. Now hug the left
wall and run, following it as it curves around. Pretty soon, you'll come to a
hollowed-out log. Now, keep following the wall, and look behind the VERY NEXT
tree that is growing right up against the wall.

35. Krasnogorje Tunnel - Right away, you see that arch in the middle of the
hallway? The frog is on the ground behind it, on the left side.

36. Krasnogorje Mountain Base - Run all the way to the northwest corner of the
map. Still in third-person mode, you can see the frog up on a hill directly in
front of you. However, you can't get a good angle at him from here, so run
back a little bit to some high ground and whip out the sniper rifle. That'll
do him in.

37. Krasnogorje Mountanside - In the shack at the top of the mountain with 3
rations and a calorie mate. You have to shoot this one from afar because the
angle is quite bad. So bust out something with a scope.

38. Krasnogorje Mountaintop - Go to the lowest stationary turret gun and look
at the cliff across from it in first person view. I'd use the turret to blow
this frog away, but you might attract some unwanted attention.

39. Krasnogorje Mountaintop Behind Ruins Right in front of you, there is a
radio tower. Use the sniper rifle to locate the frog about midway up the
tower. I guess frogs aren't afraid of heights, but a bullet to the head
oughta make him squeal.

40. Krasnogorje Mountaintop Ruins - Run down the stairs and into the room with
the bed in it. Face the bed, and go into first-person. The frog is on a shelf
above the bed. Put his voyeuristic activities to a permanent end.

41.Groznyj Grad Underground Tunnel: End of the right center... on a red pipe
(this is the BOSS FIGHT with the Fury)

42.Groznyj Grad 1F (With tank hangars): Middle West building... look in the
doors... on the turret

43.Groznyj Grad 1F (With the jail BUILDING): On top of building at the
Southeast corner of the jail building.

44.Groznyj Grad 1F (INSIDE Jail building): Under near eastern desk in the
northern room

45.Groznyj Grad 1F (West side): On some stairs in the midwest of the map...
jump on the crates

46.Groznyj Grad 1F (Northeast): Behind a grate in the vents

47.Groznyj Grad 2F (Building with Raidenovich): 2nd floor Northwest side on
top of shelf

48.(connecting bridge between 2f after you get disguise): Look out the window
to the left - it is sitting up top there

49.(AFTER you beat the Sorrow): Look at the right side of the log at the very
bottom of the river (south)

50.(BEHIND waterfall - near the end with ladder): Turn around when you reach
the ladder and look to the south-west corner of the room on a pipe

51. (Building with Sagohod): At the FAR LEFT of the screen near the first bomb
destination (it's the one in HIGHER elevation - and thus LOWER on the map from
top to bottom) - look right at the sagohod and you should see it at your feet.

52. (Boss fight with Volgin): Look to the UPPER LEFT. It's staring down at you.

=The following eight frogs are in the bike sequence. You can, and should save
each time the bike enters a new area.=

53 .In the first area... it's in a tower in the tank area, look behidn you
when Eva stops...

54. In second, sitting in one of the forklifts

=These next 2 are the Hardest in the game - sniper rifle or the RPG-7 seem to
work best)=

55. In first runway, on one of the boxes on the left, AFTER Eva makes the turn.

56. In second runway, on box on RIGHT, near beginning (i think it was the 6th
or so box).

57. On bridge sniper part, You have to STAND UP to see it. It's on one of the

58. During Shagohod Fight, it is in the tower on your left when you begin.

59. Jungle part, it is between the first barricades near the end.

60. Jungle part 2, in front of a rock on the ground, on the RIGHT. Near the

61. Jungle part 3, on top of rock on LEFT. over the first hill at the

=End bike sequence=

62. In the first area after the wreck, go to the log bridge on the lower left
side, and its INSIDE the gap, on a ledge on the left of you.

63. In the second, look at the map, and you see that big circular island in
betweent he two big areas... its in the southern path area. Behind a tree

64. During the fight with The Boss, it's on top of a tree. use the SVD to get

You have now gotten all 64 Kerotan frogs. If you nailed them all, upon
completion of your game, you will receive the Stealth Camouflage. It is the
same one as in MGS and MGS2, and it is an item, no

8f.)Camo/Face Paint Locations				<<08CFP>>

Note, all camouflages minus the ones you start with are found in Operation
Snake Eater. You cannot get additional camos in Virtuous Mission, unless you:
A. Completed the game, got all the camos, and started a new game from the file.
B. Completed the Snake VS Monkey missions, which give you the Banana camo*


What is it/does it do?: No uniform worn on the upper body. Does not provide
much camouflage. You take more damage

Where do I get it?: Available from the start.

-Olive Drab-

What is it/does it do?: A single-color battle uniform for general infantry.
Does not provide much coverage.

Where do I get it?: Available from the start.

-Tiger Stripe-

What is it/does it do?: Striped camo pattern resembling a tiger's coat.
Effective in wooded and grassy areas as well as against soil and mud.

Where do I get it?: Available from the start.


What is it/does it do?: Camo pattern developed to provide cover in forested
areas. Effective in underbrush.

Where do I get it?: Available from the start.

-Tree Bark-

What is it/does it do?: Camo pattern designed with hunters in mind. Pasted
with photos of tree trunks and leafy branches. Effective when pressed against

Where do I get it?: Available from the start.

-Choco Chip-

What is it/does it do?: Camo pattern designed to provide cover in the desert.
Named for it's resemblance to a chocolate chip cookie. Effective in desert and
mountain enviroments.

Where do I get it?:

1. Bolshaya Past South, in a hollowed tree after the second electric fence
that you must crawl under.
2. If you miss it in the first place, you can pick it up at Graniny Gorki Lab
Exterior:Inside Walls, on a balcony that you can get to from inside the lab.


What is it/does it do?: Camo pattern often used on German airplanes during
World War II. Effective in urban enviroments.

Where do I get it?: Bolshaya Past South, on a ledge after the first fence that
you must crawl under.


What is it/does it do?: Camo pattern used extensively in Eastern Europe.
Effective in the rain.

Where do I get it?: In an area under the bridge in Dolinovodno. Operation
Snake Eater only.


What is it/does it do?: Camo pattern consisting of an array of squares. Makes
it difficult to distinguish the silhouette of the wearer. Effective against
brown backgrounds.

Where do I get it?: Available from the start.


What is it/does it do?: Camo pattern used extensively by the old German
Defense Force. Effective when underwater.

Where do I get it?: Bolshaya Past Base, on the roof of the main building.


What is it/does it do?: Black battle uniform. Effective in the dark.

Where do I get it?: Available from the start.


What is it/does it do?: Camo pattern used to provide cover in snowy
enviroments. Effective against white backgrounds.

Where do I get it?: In the caves, after exiting a crawlspace that can be
entered from the area where you get the shotgun.

-Sneaking Suit-

What is it/does it do?: The latest battle uniform developed by the Soviet
Union. Cuts all damage in half and reduces stamina consumption.

Where do I get it?: Can only be found the second time you're at the locker
room where you stuffed Raikov. Open the locker where he was and the suit is


What is it/does it do?: Scientists uniform. Can be used as a disguise inside
the buildings of Groznyj Grad and Graniny Gorki.

Where do I get it?: Eva gives it to you when you meet her in Rassvet.


What is it/does it do?: Raikov's uniform. Use it to disguise yourself during
your first trip to Groznyj Grad.

Where do I get it?: You get this by knocking out/killing Raikov and putting
him in the locker.


What is it/does it do?: Maintenance crew uniform. Use it to disguise yourself
in the Shagohod hangar.

Where do I get it?: In one of the lockers across from the Raidenovich locker.


What is it/does it do?: Formal dresscoat. Cannot use CQC or facepaint with
this on.

Where do I get it?: You get this by beating the game.

-Hornet's Stripe-

What is it/does it do?: The Pain's camo uniform. Wards off hornets, spiders,
and leeches. Also allows wearer to tame hornets.

Where do I get it?: Defeat The Pain by completely draining his stamina gauge.

What is it/does it do?: The Fear's camo uniform. Gives wearer stealth
capabilities at the cost of stamina.

Where do I get it?: Defeat The Fear by completely draining his stamina guage.


What is it/does it do?: The End's camo uniform. Gives wearer photosynthetic
capabilities. Extremely effective in Svyatogornyj and Sokrovenno areas.

Where do I get it?: Sneak up on The End and hold him up with a high powered
weapon (like the shotgun). He'll get on the ground. Point the gun at his
head/groin. He'll refuse you twice, but on the third time he'll give you the


What is it/does it do?: The Fury's camo uniform. Reduces damage from flames
and explosions by half.

Where do I get it?: Defeat The Fury by completely draining his stamina gauge.


What is it/does it do?: The Sorrow's camo uniform. Eliminates footstep noise.
Also allows wearer to drain stamina by choking enemies in CQC.

Where do I get it?: Finish the battle with The Sorrow by walking all the way
to the end of the river and touching his skeleton.

-Cold War-

What is it/does it do?: Volgin's camo uniform. Enemies from the Soviet side
will hesitate when you're facing them with the Soviet side of the uniform.

Where do I get it?: In the hand to hand fight with Volgin, completely drain
his stamina guage.


What is it/does it do?: Snake pattern camo uniform. Provides the "ultimate"
cover in any enviroment.

Where do I get it?: Defeat The Boss by completely draining her stamina guage.


What is it/does it do?: GA-KO pattern camo uniform. Wearing it enables you to
hear Kerotan's calling.

Where do I get it?: Chyomyj Prud, northeast, in the shallow water.


What is it/does it do?: An animal skin camo uniform. Wearing it removes any
hand-shaking while aiming a gun.

Where do I get?: Defeat Ocelot by completely draining his stamina gauge.


What is it/does it do?: A foul-smelling camo uniform. It smells so bad that it
attracts flies, but it also makes enemies think twice before coming in for a
proximity encounter.

Where do I get it?: In the third locked bathroom stall on the second floor,
in Graniny Gorki Lab.


What is it/does it do?: A banana pattern camo uniform. It makes any food taste

Where do I get it?: You get this by getting first place in each level of the
Snake VS Monkey missions.


What is it/does it do?: A mummy-wrap pattern camo uniform. Prevents any
serious injuries.

Where do I get it?: Download it


What is it/does it do?: Not sure what it looks like, but the grenade camo gives
you the ability to have unlimited grenades while wearing it. Thanks to multiple
user’s who have e-mailed me about it.

Where do I get it?: Download it


What is it/does it do?: Not much is known about the Wondergoo camo, or what it
does. It can be seen here though:


Where do I get it?: Apparently, you have to take your memory card to a
Wondergoo store, and they download it onto your card.


What is it/does it do?: A desert camo pattern designed in Australia that
provides excellent cover against white backgrounds. Also, wearing it drops
any damage to 2/3.

Where do I get it?:  Unknown.

-Desert Tiger-

What is it/does it do?: A tiger-stripe pattern designed for desert
environments. It is especially effective against brown backgrounds. Also,
wearing it prevents an equipped suppressor from wearing out with use.

Where do I get it?: Unknown.


What is it/does it do?: A forest camo pattern designed in the U.K. that
provides excellent cover in forested areas. Wearing it doubles the natural
LIFE recovery rate.

Where do I get it?: Unknown.


What is it/does it do?: A forest camo pattern designed in Germany that
provides excellent cover in forested areas. Wearing it prevents battery drain.

Where do I get it?: Unknown.


No Paint-

What is it/does it do?: No face paint applied.

Where do I get it?: Available from the start


What is it/does it do?: Woodland patterned paint. For use in forested areas.

Where do I get it?: Available from the start


What is it/does it do?: Black face paint. Effective in the dark.

Where do I get it?: Available from the start


What is it/does it do?: Water pattered face paint. Effective when underwater.

Where do I get it?: After beating the Fear, go back past the warehouse, and
to the river where you first encountered the hover guards. At the far end,
under the water you will find this paint.


What is it/does it do?: Desert pattered face paint. Effective in mountainous

Where do I get it?:Can be found in Ponizovje Warehouse. It's in the south of
the building, by a red double door.


What is it/does it do?: Best used for indoor-ops.

Where do I get it?: Available from the start.


What is it/does it do?: Snow pattered face paint. Effective in snowy
enviroments, and against white backgrounds.

Where do I get it?: Bolshaya Past Base, in the trench to the left of the main
building there.


What is it/does it do?: Face paint that mimics a Kabuki character.

Where do I get it?: After meeting with Eva under the waterfall, go back out of
the cave, and dive into the small body of water there. At the bottom is the
Kabuki face paint.


What is it/does it do?: Face paint that mimics a zombie.

Where do I find it?: Operation Snake Eater, Rassvet. Behind the building
Sokolov was previously being held at.


What is it/does it do?: Kabuki's female role face paint.

Where do I get it?: It's in a vent on the outside left of the building Granin
is in.


What is it/does it do?: Mask used with the Officer disguise. Looks familiar,

Where do I get it?: Available from the start.

-Infinity Face Paint-

What is it/does it do?: Face paint with infinite power. Weapons will not run
out of ammunition.

How do I get it?: Complete the game with a live Tsuchinoko in your food menu,
or beat the game in under five hours, with no kills, no alerts, no continues,
25 or less saves, and no special items.

(9.)Thanks						<<09THS>>

I would like to thank LionHeart627 for giving me the frog and camo/face paint

Imperator171 for the song lyrics.

akz for The End boss battle strategy.

El Greco. I got a lot of ideas for this walkthrough from reading parts of his.
Great job man!

Hideo Kojima and Konami for making such a great game.

http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ for the ACSII art you see at the beginning
of this document.

FlamingStar07717 for pointing out some minor mistakes.

CJayC for running the greatest gaming website out there.

Finally I would like to thank you, the reader for reading this.

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