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Camoflauge FAQ by notalot

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 12/28/04

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
By: Aaron Schultz "AKA" notalot
Version: 1.8
E-mail: mgs3_notalot@gmail.com

Updates: Put in a different e-mail.


1. How to use
2. Face Paints
3. Uniform
4. Special Camoflauge
5. FAQ
6. Fan Info
7. Contact Info
8. Legal

How To Use

Camoflauge is a big addition to MGS3. You can now hide from enemys by using
camo. To use Camo, you acces the Survival Viewer by pressing start. Then 
select Camoflauge. Now a screen will come up with different camoflauges on it.
Pick the one you want and press circle. You will now have your selected 
camoflauge on.

Face Paints

Note: When you complete the game, you must go to load game and then load your
beaten game. You can't start a new game.

No Paint

Where - You start with this, though it's not really a paint. 

Description - Snake with no paint.

Where to use -  You really should not use the No Paint camo.


Where - You start with this paint.

Description - Black stripes across your face.

Where to use - Good in almost every area. Also good in buildings.


Where - You start with this paint.

Description - Black and Green stripes going horizontally across Snake's face.

Where to use - Good in bushes and most forest areas. I used this one the most.


Where - You start with this paint.

Description - Snake with a black face.

Where to use - Good in the dark, or at night.


Where - Crawl space in Graniny Gorki Lab.

Description - Looks like a clown mask.

Where to use - Good for white backrounds.


Where - Mountain Area before The Fury.

Description - Brown streaks going across your face.

Where to use - Good in desert or mountain areas.
Thanks to Lukestrife5.


Where - Behind where you find Sokolov, after you meet with EVA.

Description - White, Black, and big teeth. Looks like a Zombie.

Where to use - Sometimes useful at night but other than that, don't use it.


Where - You start with this mask.

Description - Looks like Raiden.

Where to use - Use when you must dress like Major Raikov.


Where - On the pond in front of the waterfall _after_ meeting EVA
behind the waterfall.

Description - Similar to Oyama, but more manly no lipstick.

Where to use - Beats me. I truthfully never used it. Maybe it'll work
with The Boss fight, maybe not.
Thanks to Jack. A. Trades and BBJJ.


Where - In Bolshaya Past Bade if you crawl around the trenches around the 
base. It's under a plank.

Description - White and green going across your face.

Where to use - Use in white areas.
Thanks to andy_sojo. 


Where - In the river near the entry of Peschera Cave, where the 2 hovercrafts
are patrolling. It should appear after you talk to Granin.

Description - Not sure, I have not got this yet.

Where to use - Use in the water.
Thanks to Dominique.



Where - You start with this.

Description - Tiger Stripe pants with no shirt.

Where to use - Don't use this unless you want to show off to your friends.

Olive Drab

Where - You start with this.

Description - Olive color. You start the game with this pattern on.

Where to use - Sometimes good in buildings, but outside go with Leaf or 
Tiger Stripe instead.


Where - You start with this.

Description - Different shades of green with brown.

Where to use - Good pattern. Good in bushes, and forest.

Tiger Stripe

Where - You start with this

Description - Green with brown horizontal stripes.

Where to use - Good everwhere. Soil, decent against trees, grass you name it.

Tree Bark

Where - You start with this

Description - Looks like bark.

Where to use - Use when you are up against trees. sometimes good on soil.


Where - You start with this

Description - Looks like a brick wall.

Where to use - Good in Rassvet during Virtious Mission. Sometimes good in


Where - You start with this

Description - Looks all black.

Where to use - Use in the dark or at night.

Rain Drop

Where - Under bridge in Dolinvodno in Operation Snake Eater.

Description - Looks like raindrops, with spots of red.

Where to use - Use this when it's raining.
Thanks to Snake19

Choco Chip

Where - On the northeast side of the area, after the croc swamp.

Description - Tan with spots of brown.

Where to use - Good in desert or mountain areas.


Where - On the East Side of the area after the crocodile infested swamps. On a

Description - White and blue in different shades.

Where to use - Use in areas when your in, or around buildings.
Thanks to LukeStrife5


Where - Near the end of the cave after the Ocelot battle. It's in a crawl 

Description - White with green.

Where to use - In white areas.


Where - Eva gives it to you in the abanded factory in Operation Snake Eater.

Description - Snake in a scientist uniform.

Where to use - Use where there are scientist.


Where - Get it by beating the game on normal.

Description - Snake on a tuxedo.

Where to use - Sometimes good in dark areas, but don't use it besides that.

Raikovs Uniform

Where - Get it when you must take his clothes in the weapons lab.

Description - An officers uniform.

Where to use - After you take his clothes, use it untill you take off the 


Where - In the bathrooms behind a locked door in Graniny Gorki. Must kick the
door down.

Description - Looks like poop with flies.

Affect - You smell, sometimes guards don't come near you.

Where to use - I have not really used it. I'll have to find out.
Thanks to LukeStrife5.


Where - Beat Monkey VS Snake

Desciption - Green with bananas all over.

Where to use - There are better patterns than this one, don't use it.


Where - in the northeastern part of Chyornyi swamp.

Description - Smiley faces. 

Affect - You can here the frogs that you need to get Stealth Camo.

Where to use - Use when you are looking for the frogs.
Thanks to Bonecrusherjb.


Where - On top of the main building in Boshaya South.

Description - Looks like water droplets.

Where to use - Use when you are swimming or underwater.
Thanks to PxDre.

Special Camoflauge

In order to get most of these uniforms; you must kill the bosses non-lethal. 
Meaning you have to tranquilize them.

Hornet Bees

Where - Beat the Pain non-lethal.

Description - Orange with black stripes.

Tactics - Its not to tough, when he walks around with no bees around him, 
shoot him with your Mk22. If he sends bees to attack you, then dive into the
water. Make sure you take your silencer off the Mk22. When he says "Grenade"
then take out tour Ak 47 and shoot the bee hive, that way the grenade will not
hit you.

Where to use - Shoot down a bee hive, the bees will stick with you and charge
at enemys.
Thanks to NP Black Mage.


Where - Beat Ocelot non-lethal.

Description - Looks like leapord skin.

Tactics - Not hard at all. Take the silencer off your Mk22, now try to shoot
him when he peeks around the corners. He gets some weird thrill by reloading,
so shoot him in the head. If the soldiers behind you shoot at you, stay still  
and they will most likely miss.

Affect - Makes it so your gun does not shake.

Where to use - Use when you are shooting a tough shot and are out of food.
Thanks to Reborn DarkJedi.


Where - Beat The Fear non-lethal.

Description - Looks like the fears suit.

Tactics - This battle can be hard. Use your Mk22 and Thermal Goggles. You can
easily see him with your goggles. So dodge his attacks, when he stops, try to 
get a quick shot in before he moves or starts attacking you again. When his
Stamina gets low, he will say he gets hungry and needs to eat. This is a good
oppurtunity to get a shot off. If you don't have the Thermal Goggles, watch 
the trees. You can see the leaves falling from them, watch the leaves to see
where The Fear is. You can tell it is him because there will be a blur the
shape of a person. Use the same tactics but, you may have to look around more
since you don't have the Thermal Goggles.

Affect - Works well in every area. But drains stamina fast.

Where to use - You can use it anywhere, but make sure you watch your stamina.
Thanks to Reborn DarkJedi.


Where - Hold up The End.

Description - Camo looks green thats 3-D.

Tactics - This can be difficult. One, because he is hard to see. Two, he can
run from you extremely fast. Three, he uses Stun Grenades that blind you. Last
but not least, he will regain health and stamina when it gets low. You
will need your Thermal Goggles for this. Use the goggles and look for him in 
high spots. When you see him, equip a good camo and sneek up on him. Move 
slowly, he has very good vision. Once you sneek up on him, equip a loud gun.
Hold him up. He will refuse so now point a gun near his head, he will 
refuse a couple time but on the third, he will give up his camo. After that he
will run away. If you don't have your Thermal Goggles, you will need to
spend some time looking around with your scope. His scope flashes wich 
could give away his location. Do the same as above if you don't have the 

Affect - You will gain stamina when you stand in the light. It is also useful
around forests. You can lay in the grass and get 100% camo.

Where to use - Good in any outdoor terain.
Thanks to Zerg G.

Note: If you Tranqilize The End, you will get his sniper rifle. The Mosin


Where - Defeat The Fury with a non-lethal weapon.

Description - Red and black. Looks like fire.

Tactics - Thermal Goggles are again useful in this fight. If you dont have 
them, use your Motion Sensor and your Mk22. Dodge his attacks and try to get 
off a quick shot when he runs around looking for you. There really is not
much of a strategy here. Dodge his attacks, when he stops attacking you
get off a quick shot.

Where to use - Sometimes good indoors. Or around buildings.

Affect - You will not get hurt by fire.


Where - Defeat The Sorrow

Description - Looks like leaf but black, grey, and white.

Tactics - You will have to dodge the ghosts. Then at the end, The Sorrow will
kill you. You then use the revival pill. The camo will be in your backpack 
when you get it back.

Affect - The guards do not hear your footsteps, you gain stamina when you
choke guards.

Where to use - Sometimes good indoors or if your stamina is low. 

Cold War

Where - Defeat Volgin non-lethal.

Description - Soviet union flag on front, U.S. flag on back.

Tactics - Don't have your gun out. Dodge his lightning attacks by a well timed
roll. Now equip your Mk22 and use CQC on him. When he is down on the ground,
shoot him in the head with your Mk22. Repeat. Make sure you don't have your
gun out because the lightning attack will take out bullets wasting your ammo.

Where to use - Not really good anywhere.

Affect - The guards won't shoot you from in the front. Good time to shoot them
in the head.
Thanks to Zac Carroll for giving me that affect.

Stealth Camo

Where - Shoot all the little frogs in the game.

Description - You are invisible. Guards can't see you.

Where to use - You always have 100% camo so use it anywhere!
Thanks to DARQ MX.


Where - Beat The Boss non-leathal.

Description - Silver with black snakes.

Tactics - Hide from her with snow camo on. Crawl and peek up using L2 R2.
When you see her, shoot her quick. She will then come after you. Roll than
hide again. Repeat.

Where to use - Anywhere when you are crawling. 

Croc Head

Where - In the swamp right after you meet E past the gates. It is on a ledge 
so you have to go all the way to your left and swim under a tree in the water 
and get on the other side. Climb the tree and go across the vines to get to  
the croc head. This one goes in your backpack and can be used as an item.

Description - A croc head. Can be used to fool guards.

Where to use - Under water, guards don't see you.
Thanks to DARQ MX.

Sneaking Suit

Where - In the same locker where you put Raikov's (Raiden's) body to
get Officer uniform. Obtainable only when you are sent to destroy the
Shagohod with the C4's given by EVA.

Description - Very similar to The Boss' suit, only black in appearance.

Effect - Cuts damage received by half. [Also to my experience, I think
it also decreases the likelyhood of you receiving heavy wounds, i.e.
fractured bone, cut, gunshot wound, etc. I can't confirm this though.

Where to use - You can use it right away if you want. The effect is
very beneficial, especially when it comes to the last 3 boss fights.
Thanks to Jack. A. Trades.


Where - In one of the lockers on the row across the same locker you
put Raikov's body. I think if I'm correct, it's the 5th locker from
the top of the row. Obtainable at the same time you get Sneaking Suit.

Description - Same uniform worn by maintenance crew of Shagohod.

Effect - I never used it, but I have a gut feeling it'll have the same
effect as you would wear the Scientist uniform in the Weapons Lab.

Where to use - During the "Plant the C4 to blow up Shagohod" mission.
Thanks to Jack. A. Trades.

Here I will post what people questions from now on via e-mail. Ask any 
question and I will try to answer it.

Fan Info

From: Trevor Manu. Thanks.

The Fear is possibly the easiest boss fight in the entire game, next to 
The Fury. If you want The Fear's camo, then climb the first tree you come 
across with vines you can climb. Should be north-west of you starting position 
Climb it, take out your Mk22, thermals, and equip the highly-recomended Animal 
Camo obtained from Ocelot Non-Lethal. Then, if you're good enough, you can get 
a shot off on The Fear everytime he lands. Using this method, you'll disrupt 
him from shooting and going for food. He should be down in no time. You should 
also be hitting him so often that he wont be able to get shots off on you.

From: SMJ. Thanks.

Here is an alternate way to defeat Volgin when you fight 1 vs 1.

Try to save up as many Stun Grenades as possible. Just throw the grenades 
near to him as possible. It takes about ten to twelve good throws to finally 
take him down.  Remember to dodge his attacks as much as possible, though.  
I'm not sure if his electricity attack will detonate a grenade in your hand.

From: Greatwhite devil. Thanks.

Tactic for The Pain.

The Pain is very easy. The M37 shotgun is your best friend. Instead of 
swimming around and waiting for the bee armor to fall off him, a couple well
placed shotgun shells will destroy his armor a perfect chance to hit him
with the Mk22. You can also throw some WP grenades to destroy his armor.

Legal Stuff

Nobody can take this and put it on their site without my permission. E-mail 
to ask. It is mgs3_notalot@gmail.com 

Contact Info

If you have any questions please e-mail me. If you have any other camos I 
don't, please send them. You will get credit. Also, thanks to all the people 
who gave me where the camos are, and the tactics. If you e-mail me, make sure
that you put Camoflauge FAQ or something like that in the subject line.
Also, please tell me the name you wish to be credited. Piece all. 

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