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    Online Play Guide by ljump12

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    I Created this guide as a reference for myself, and also as a
    reference to all those people that are new to SOCOM II and don't
    know the maps, or haven't even played an Online Tactical Shooter
    before. You won't find ways to cheat in this guide, and don't
    email me asking to tell you because you will never get answers
    from me, or pretty much any upstanding SOCOM player. Just
    remember when you play, sure you can worry about the ranks etc.
    But in the end ranks don't matter, it’s the fun that you had
    getting them. So Join a clan, and meet some people, because
    that’s what it’s all about.
    3.10--------------------------Chain Reaction-
    (Please note these are precision shooter controls, these are the controls
    that will be refered to throughout this guide.)
    D-Pad Left: Peek left
    D-Pad Right: Peek right
    D-Pad Up: Zoom in
    D-Pad Down: Zoom Out
    Left analog stick: Move forward/backward; strafe left/right.
    Right analog stick: Rotate left/right
    X: Perform special actions such as Rifle Butt, Planting bombs etc.
    Circle: Talk
    Square: Jump
    Triangle: Change body position (stand, crouch, hold for prone)
    L1: Primary weapon quick select
    L2: Secondary weapon quick select
    L3: Change fire mode; (or If you have Option Switched this may be select)
    R1: Fire gun, throw grenade, or place PNMmine/Claymores
    R2: Display your Inventory
    R3: Force reload
    SELECT: Display Scoreboard (or If you have Option Switched this may be select)
    START: Pause game and display Options.
    -Shots Remaining: (Bottom left, just above the picture of your weapon) It
    will tell you how many shots you have, out of how many shots your gun can
    hold. And how many magazines you have left.
    -Current Weapon: (Bottom Left) Is represented by a picture
    -Rate of Fire: (Bottom Left) This will tell you what your current setting
    is. If there is 1 bullet shown, then you are in single fire mode. Three
    bullets is Burst mode. And 4 bullets is full automatic.
    -Crosshairs: (Center) These will show you where you are currently aiming.
    Look for little red arrows around them to show you where Shots are being fired.
    -Tactical Map: (Top Right) If you look at your tactical map you should be able
    to see who has the bomb, and other important landmarks.
    -Special Action Icon: (Bottom) When you are close to something, such as a
    turret, or a door. You can press X to perform the special action.
    -Countdown Timer: (Bottom Right) Tells you how much time is left in
    the current round.
    -Headset Icon: (Bottom Right) It is represented by a picture with
    people in it, and a number on the top left of it. That number tells
    you how many people you can talk to. When you are dead the Icon changes to a
    -Health: (Bottom Right) This is represented by a green bar. When you are
    shot, or fall long distances your bar will momentarily turn yellow as it
    loses the health. Then the health you have lost will remain Red, The health
    you still have left is green.
    Friends Lists:
    This is to help you manage your friends, people you meet online that you
    love playing with and would love to know WHERE THEY ARE!!!!!!.....*ahem*
    First, meet a player you want to add. Second, make sure you are both
    online, and go on your screen to Friends List (on the SOCOM II Online
    Main Menu) hit "Add New Friend" and type their name exactly how it is
    spelt (DO NOT PUT CLAN TAGS IN, more on that later) and an authentication
    message will be sent to the other player, once he/she accepts it then you
    both appear on each others lists. There are some problems but I have
    encountered none thus far. The list does support Alternate letters, but
    it is VERY HARD to add someone to your list with alternate characters
    in their name.
    Ignore Lists:
    This is a lot easier then the friends list. Click on "IGNORE LIST", also
    on the SOCOM II Online main menu. Click on Ignore, type the name in exactly
    how it is spelt (without clan tags, more on that later) and boom they are
    on your ignore list. Basically this means when (and if) you’re in the same
    room together, he/she is automatically muted.
    Most of the clan system is handled like in S1, you get an invite, you accept
    it and you’re in. But the clan system is much more player friendly. There is
    no more need to create a new name and add the clan tag (unless you want too
    of course). The clan tag appears in Reddish color at the beginning of your
    name. This tag is not actually part of your name, so when you add someone
    to your friends/ignore lists don’t type the clan tag with it. Clan tags
    are limited to 3 letters. Also, by highlighting the "Clan" menu selection
    on SOCOM II Online, you can see if your clan mates are on or not, and see
    where they are. Leaders can do the usual, but now clan messages appear below
    server messages. Also, you no longer have to be online to receive an invite.
    - Do not accuse someone of cheating because they killed you 3 times in a row,
    it happens sometimes... sometimes its caused because of lag, that is neither
    your, nor his fault. Sometimes it’s just because you plain old suck. It’s
    alright to get on you mic and be upset about it, or even say that there was
    no way that just happened. But don't accuse someone of cheating unless you
    are 400% sure. As of now the only reaaaal cheating is taking advantages of
    glitches in the game, none of which are completely game altering.
    - Know when to stop trash talking... Its good to a point, but you have to know
    when to stop. There comes a point when it stops being in good spirit, and
    just turns into being really annoying.
    - Don't hog Giveaway points... Point such as on crossroads where you can blow
    the bomb, take turns with someone else. Just because you start closest to
    the switch, does not mean that you have the right to hit the switch every time.
    Voting is the same as in the last game, except now it takes 75% of the team
    to vote someone off. Muting is achieved the same way as voting, except you
    pick "Mute On" and now whenever they talk. YOU DONT HEAR THEM (great for
    muting those 5 year olds screaming and singing badly into the mic)!!! Spectator
    support is also something new. Select "Watch Game" on the briefing room lobby
    screen and then select your game. Some games require a password for
    Some have it disabled. Look on the Room Select screen in the briefing room
    lobby to see if spectators are enabled and how many they are. If the max
    spectators is 0, watching is disabled. If it asks for a password to connect
    when you want to spectate, it requires a password. Also, people normally vote
    spectators for lag reasons. Getting voted as a spectator does NOT affect your
    The SOCOM II Ranking system is based on the Chess Ranking system developed by
    Dr. Arpad Elo. However, it is much more complex in order to take into
    consideration the SOCOM II game format which has multiple players per team,
    multiple rounds, and individual performance differences. Your Score (as seen
    when you select a player from the Player Ranking Screen) is the master value
    that tracks your relative ability vs. other players.
    The SOCOM II Ladder is just an indexing of every player's Score (i.e. the
    player with the highest score will be #1, the second highest #2, etc). Your
    position on this ladder determines your ranking as indicated below:
    ADMIRAL = Top 10 Players
    CAPTAIN = The Next 5% of Players
    LT. COMMANDER = The Next 25% of Players
    LIEUTENANT = The Next 55% of Players
    ENSIGN = The Remaining 15% of Players
    The first time you play SOCOM II online you start with 1000 points. If the
    highest ranked Ensign does not have 1,000 points, you would be ranked as a
    Lieutenant before you even played a Round. Even though you have yet to
    accumulate any statistics, you would have a better ranking than many players
    that have been playing SOCOM II online because they may have lost games
    and died a lot while you have not.
    The primary means to improve your Score is by winning Games (not Rounds, full
    Games). In almost all cases, if you win a Game your score will go up and if
    you lose a Game your score will go down. The following factors will effect
    how large or small your score will move in any single game:
    Relative Strength of the Teams: The Scores of members of your team are
    against the Scores of the opponent's team to determine who is 'expected' to
    Winning against stronger teams will increase your Score faster while winning
    against weaker teams will increase your Score much slower.
    Number of Players in the Game: Full 16-player Games have larger Score moves
    than say an 8-player Game.
    Number of Rounds won by losing team: If you win by a sweep (i.e. winning the
    first 6 Rounds in a best of 11 Game), your Score will go up more than if you
    just won by one Round (i.e. winning 6 Rounds and losing 5 Rounds in a best
    of 11 Game).
    Individual Performance: Doing more to contribute to the victory like getting
    more Kills, having less Deaths, rescuing Hostages, creating Breaches,
    destroying Bases, etc. will result in a larger personal Score increase.
    (Article taken from
    --Color in Lobby--
    First type: #C (exactly as shown)
    Then type: a number, or alternate letter
    Then type: two spaces
    Then type: your message
    Example: #C1 This is cool!
    Ex. #C1qá Will Give You a Select button before your text.
    1st á= Select
    4th ä= Red Dot
    5th å= Right Arrow
    æ= X
    2nd é= Black Dot
    3rd ê= Copy Right
    4th ë= Red Dot
    1st ì= Left Arrow
    2nd í= Triangle
    4th ï= Text Color Dot
    ñ= Down Arrow
    1st ò= L1
    4th õ= Square
    5th ö= Up Arrow
    1st u= L2
    Those are all the Alt Letters that actually make symbols that I have
    found and I believe that is it.
    To write in different colors while making symbols you have to change in
    what order you put the 1st 2 things before the alt letter, ex.
    #Ca!á= Select image and Purple text
    #C1qá= Select image and Baby Blue text
    #C%qá= Select image and depending which symbol you put, most the
    time will give you dirty white.
    Now you can type in a lot of different colors only not that
    many if you are putting a ps2 symbol.
    Here are some codes for different colors without ps2 symbols.
    #Cá= Yellow
    #C1á= Light Blue
    #Ca!= Tan
    #C1q= Green
    #Cq1q= Purple
    After you put in your code just hit Space, and type whatever
    u want and then hit enter.
    *Note if you capitalize any of the letters it usually just makes
    the color a little darker, and lower case is lighter.
    #C - Capital C
    #CQ RED ( 2 spaces )
    #CQ PPURPLE ( 1 Space double first letter as shown )
    #Czx YELLOW/GOLD ( 1 space )
    #Cxz SILVER GREY ( 1 space )
    #C(first alternate a 2 times) SELECT SIGN
    #C(2 spaces) BLUE
    #C(2 of the 4th alternate a's)
    Type those in while you are typing on SOCOM and you get the
    stuff listed above.
    (Special Thanks to Gaylord_Focker, dlhurst, and SoCoM_AdDiCt
    for creating this section.)
    - To send general messages to people in the room, just press R1, and
    type in your message.
    - If you want to send a message to only people in your team, press the
    "Team" button on the onscreen keyboard, then type in your message. It
    will appear in green, and will only be visible by people on your team
    (Seal, Terrorist etc)
    - To send a message to a specific player while you are in the lobby or
    in the waiting room of a game, press the "message" button on the
    onscreen keyboard, the type in the name of the player you want to
    message (Excluding the clan tag.) Press Select and then type in your
    message. It should appear in Red and will be sent only to that player.
    - To send a message while in the middle of a game, you must have a
    keyboard. If you do type "/w playername message" Substituting the name
    of the player for playername, and whatever you want to say for message.
    - If you are unable to get online, your best bet is first to unplug both
    your cable Modem, and/or Router. Plug them both back in and then restart
    your Playstation. It fixes the problem 90% of the time. If you are still
    unable to get online, call your provider.
    - If you are unable to hear anyone or talk, you have a linksys router,
    and you know you headset is in working order, then try opening ports
    6000-7000 and see if that fixes it.
    ---GENERAL TIPS---
    - Keep Moving, The minute you stop moving you’re prime real-estate for snipers,
    Exceptions to this rule would be if you are in a closed off room and are
    covering the entrances
    - Patience is the key to winning, if you have a good position, do not let up.
    Let them come to you.
    - Reload: Always reload when you have time to. Make sure you have a full
    clip, or if you don’t, be aware of what you have left, and save it.
    - Hide Behind walls, Go into the third person view, and peek around walls
    without actually sticking your body out. By doing this, you can see if
    someone is coming, and when they do jump out and have a perfect shot at them.
    - Watch the ground for PNM mines in locations where there is heavy traffic,
    and in dark shadows. Other places might include on top of dead bodies, and
    where the bomb is planted.
    - After you plant the bomb, place multiple PNM mines on top of it. It will
    almost guarantee a win.
    - Do not follow the same route for an entire game. Eventually someone will
    smarten up, and know where you are hiding. They’ll either launch a rocket or
    sneak up on you, and you won’t even have a chance.
    - Although this may be considered cheating by some people, it is commonly
    used, and as long as you tell as many people as you can about it, it is
    even for everyone. Anyway, the trick is third person night vision. To be
    able to turn on your night vision in third person view, Hold down select,
    and zoom as far as your gun can zoom, and even then hit ^ a few more times...
    then zoom back out to third person and release select. You should now be in
    third person but have night vision on.
    ---SNIPER TIPS----
    - If you can, equip a thermal Vision to your rifle, it makes it 200%
    easier to find the opposing team
    - When you are zoomed in with a thermal scope on a gun that has 2 levels
    of zoom, try switching between those two zoom levels at a fast rate to
    pick up targets you could not normally see.
    - Do not hesitate AT ALL to take a shot if you see someone aiming at you...
    don’t zoom in more to see if you can get a better shot etc. Take the shot
    immediately, and if you happen to miss get up and move. If you see him
    aiming at you chances are he’s already had enough time to set up the shot.
    - Try planting PNM mines behind you, (far enough away that if someone
    steps on them they will not kill you), If someone walks over them they
    will die, or if someone sees them and blows them up with a grenade, at
    least you know that someone is behind you and you can turn around and
    have a better chance at surviving.
    ----------------MAP STRATEGIES---------------
    For each map, there is a Seal strategy, and a Terrorist Strategy.
    For each team there is a Sniper and Assault Strategy. Remember that
    these are only one way to play it out, and there are infinite possibility’s
    improvise as you see fit, and as you become more accustomed to the levels,
    create your own strategies. Feel free to submit them to me, as I will
    add them into the guide and give you credit.
    Sniper - Ok... Your best bet is to take a M87ELR, because it 1 hit kill
    pretty much anywhere on the body, grab your self a thermal scope and you'll
    be set. Now follow the right edge along the bushes, and go prone on the
    farthest bushes. Now you have two options here, you can cover the radio tower,
    which I would check first for snipers, then direct you attention the
    turret. Its really up to you. But you should have a good position there.
    Assault - Were going to start out the same way as we did with the sniper, but this
    time were going to take the radio tower. Follow the right edge along the bushes,
    but before you get to the end veer off to the right, and go up to the Radio
    tower Breach point. Set the C4, and while you’re waiting ack up turn on your
    night vision, and make sure no one is hiding on the Radio tower trying to snipe.
    After the door is breached, rush through and take out anyone that is waiting,
    but watch for M87's. Blow up the radio tower, not only do you get +2 points,
    but you disable their ability to launch air strikes. From here you can launch
    an Assault on their base, don’t forget to throw some M87's into their base
    through the windows to clear out their base.
    Sniper - For the terrorist sniper, I usually take a M82A1A, because it is also
    a one hit kill machine, equip it with a thermal scope for increased vision.
    Now make your way along the left side of the mountain towards the radio tower.
    Set some PNM mines right after the entrance that the Seals need to breach. But
    far enough away that a breach wont blow them up. Turn around and look out into
    the open. Lay prone and pick off as many people as possible.
    Assault - Equip yourself with your favorite weapon of choice, and proceed right
    along the breech wall (The wall should be on your left as you are running) At
    the end, climb over the wall... Now follow the mountain all the way into Seal
    territory... Hide along the wall, and take out Seals as they try to breach that
    -*The Mixer*-
    Assault - Take the Hostages and run north right away, run up the two set
    stairs. Lay prone right away, to avoid any snipers. After a little bit
    get up and run down the stairs. Make a left at the bottom of the stairs.
    Run down a little ramp, then make a right and proceed up those stairs. Run
    all-the-way across the bridge and jump down onto the boxes... you’re now at the
    extraction point before they even know what hit them. Hide the hostages
    behind the walls, and protect them.
    Assault - Take a M4A1-M203 Proceed down the left Roadway. About halfway down
    there is a set of steps that lead to a balcony. Stand on the balcony and
    just frag the crap out of the bomb area.
    Sniper - Sniper takes sort of a backseat on this map... While you can snipe,
    it’s probably not the most productive position. If you still want to, here’s
    what you should do. Hang back at your Starting point and cover the roads
    leading out of it. Lay some PNM mines around the streets, sit back and
    relax... wait it out, and hope someone travels along. Your best bet is
    the alleyway next to your "base"
    Assault - Rush the bomb, terrorists will have the first shot at the bomb
    because they are closer, in fact if you get there fast enough, the seals wont
    even have a chance to shoot you or launch grenades. After you get the bomb,
    pull back the way you came, and follow up that alley towards their base.
    Sniper - Sniper takes sort of a backseat on this map... While you can snipe,
    it’s probably not the most productive spot. If you still want to, here’s what
    you should do. Hang back at your Starting point and cover the roads leading
    out of it. Lay some PNM mines around the streets, sit back and relax... wait
    it out, and hope someone travels along. Your Best bet for seals is the
    street opposite your "base"
    Assault - You pretty much have a choice of many different ways of entry here...
    The key is to move slowly, watching for PNM mines... Once you actually
    reach the buildings towards the terrorist’s base however, it is a different
    story. Move fast jumping from building to building moving down towards the
    Terrorists base. Throw HE grenades the opposite side of the way you are
    going to distract Gunners with the thermal scopes.
    Sniper - Wait back and let your Assault team breach the first few gates...
    when the middle gates are gone, and the area is relatively clear move up
    to were the broken car is. See if you can take out any snipers that the
    Terrorists might have, or expectably the two gunners in the turrets, who
    are sitting ducks for you. If you are being fired upon from a turret and
    are close to getting a good shot on them, wait it out and hope that you
    can line up the shot before you die. It is probably your best option.
    Assault - Terrorist Assault teams are going to have to not so much stop
    Seals from breaching gates, but rather stop them from getting into the
    "core" of Sujo, or the part made up of many small buildings. I am going
    to leave how you do this up to you.
    Sniper - You may not want to actually take a sniper rifle, but rather
    a regular assault rifle. Grab some PNM mines, and hole yourself up in
    your base (Your starting point.) Take the Turrets and go wild.
    Assult - The assult team is going to need to take out the snipers on the hill.
    Have about 2-3 people from the team move up the mountains and flush out the
    snipers. Meanwhile have one person hide 1 of the hostages and stay with them,
    and another person take 2 hostages and move right along with the others.
    Sniper - Go along the left side, and you will see a mountain that you can
    go around. Dip back into that mountain and follow it around. Right before you
    pop out next to the waterfall, hit the ground and look out. You should have a
    clean view of the river. Stay there and pick anyone off that comes into view.
    Assult - From your starting point move to the bottom of the map, so that you
    are along the wall that is completly opposite the extraction points. face the
    wall to your left and move foward. You should run into a seal assult team,
    possibly with hostages so stay low and fire only when you have a good shot.
    Sniper - You will want to move to the mountain that over-looks where your
    Assult team is moving in. Cover them and take out anyone in sight.
    Assult - Your job is to rescue the hostages, you have three options. The
    first is to make a quick left from where you start (So that the sea is on
    your left. Follow the river to the last entrace, make a right up the stairs.
    Then make a left, go through the room, and breach the tunnel. You are now in
    enemy terriorty, you can figure it out from there. The second option is to
    follow the sea so that it is on your right, and jump up the first entrance.
    As you go up the entrance there should be a stucco wall on your right. At the
    end of the wall, you can jump over it. Jump over and breach the wall that now
    should be to your right. The third option is to follow the sea, keeping it
    to your right, and goto the last entrance. You are now in an open field. Move
    your way up slowly but surly and take out any terrorists. A tunnel to your
    right will lead you to their "base" without you haveing to breach anything
    Sniper - Follow the sea keeping it to your right, as if you were going to
    enter the last entrance. But instead of going up the third entrance, take a
    dip in the sea. Duck back, and take out your sniper rifle. You should have a
    clear shot at terrorists coming down the big open space. Also look for
    gunners etc.
    Assult - Take all the hostages right away, and move them to the top right of
    the map into the ustairs of a room ussually called "The Boathouse" Have
    two people cover each door, Keep one hostage downstairs, to protect you
    from grenades (They wont throw grenades if you have a hostage with you,
    because it would risk killing the hostage to.) Make sure you set PNM mines
    all around the outside of the base.
    Sniper - On this map your gonna want to find any rooftop. Once your on the
    rooftop just lay prone and look for guys coming in. Try going to the top of
    the boathouse. Then go out on the "balcony", and jump off onto the roof
    Beside it. Follow the little path to the left up there, and you should have
    a nice sniping spot right beside the door. Remember do not keep the same
    spot more than 3 times in a row.
    ****---***---*** Please note this is a work in progress ***---***---****
    Q: Can I play this game online with a dialup connection? 
    A: No, it is broadband only. 
    Q: Is a headset required to play this game? 
    A: No, the headset is not needed to play online but it is recommended and
    enhances the experience. 
    Q: What kind of headsets are compatible with the game? 
    A: Logitech, Sony, and Labtec USB headsets are the main ones that are
    compatible. Most people would recommend the Logitech or Sony brands due
    to the fact that the Labtec doesn't work with other games and its sound
    quality is less than the other 2. 
    Q: How much does a headset cost? 
    A: The price generally ranges from $30-40 (U.S. Dollars). 
    Q: Does the headset come with Socom 2? 
    A: No. 
    Q: Does Socom cost money to play online? 
    A: No, if you have broadband Internet access and the network adapter
    it is free after that. 
    Q: Can two people play on one ps2? 
    A: No, you need as many consoles and copies of the game as you have
    Q: Where can I find a single player walkthrough? 
    A: If u get insider on IGN, you can use theirs (http://guides.ign.com)
    or you can pick one up at your local game store for about $15.” 
    (Answer contributed by Mirch) 
    A2: Check out Gamefaqs(http://www.gamefaqs.com) for another great guide. 
    Q: How do I plant a bomb? 
    A: “When you look down, you'll see an icon at the bottom of your screen
    that says something referring to something about the bomb. Hold the X
    button after that is selected and wait until the meter fills. When the
    meter fills, it should plant the bomb.” (Answer contributed by adirolf) 
    Q: Is it true there is no cheating on Socom 2? 
    A: There is minimal cheating, occasionally you see someone exploiting
    glitches but they are dealt with quickly. That is about the worst you
    will see online at this point. 
    Q: What is that clicking noise? 
    A: No one knows for sure but it’s similar to the one from Socom 1 (When
    you would try to fire your model 18 just as you died) only now everyone
    can hear it. It’s just a bug, nothing to worry about. 
    Q: What is the best ladder site out there? 
    A: Gamebattles(http://www.gamebattles.com) is hands down the best. 
    Q: Can you play co-op vs. a computer controlled team?
    A: No you can only play Humans vs. Humans through lan or online.
    ---Contact Info---
    If you would like to contact me you can reach me at...
    E-mail: madigncom@hotmail.com
    MSN: madigncom@hotmail.com
    AIM: ljump12
    Website: http://www.videogamemusicvideos.com
    SOCOM(InGame): Chrysanthemum
    IGN Username: Bitchentechnology
    --Special Thanks--
    A very Special Thanks to 2 major contributors to this FAQ. The first is
    plutoknight from the PS2 Underground boards. He created the Menu Section,
    and the Voting/Muting Section. Also thanks to the Playstation 2 Magazine
    for explaining the ranking system. Special Thanks to Gaylord_Focker, dlhurst,
    and SoCoM_AdDiCt for creating the color section.
    -Rights Reserved--
    ---FaQ Updates----
    .70 -12/15/03- I created the Guide-GameFAq's rejects guide, IGNFAQ's posts it.
    1.0 -12/29/03- Fixed all errors, added some basic sections. Created basic
    shell for the entire guide.
    1.01 -12/30/03- Added Fishhook, and Foxhunt.
    1.1 -12/31/03- Added a Frequently asked question section. Guide was uploaded
    at gamefaq's and IGN boards uses it as FAQ Stickied.

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