SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs (PlayStation 2)

How do I get past (protect and serve)?

  1. every time i get over to the AA gun none of my guys will place a sachel, what do i do
    jimmy969 - 13 years ago - report

Top Voted Answer

  1. Point your crosshairs on the back of the AA-gun.
    Press 'O' and pick 'Able'. 'Deploy' and then you can pick 'Satchel'
    Clear out and let explosives do their magic ;)
    MUSICISAWEAPON - 13 years ago - report
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  1. ONce you take out the guys in the area,, you will have a couple minutes before they gang up and start firing again,,

    approach the AA gun, and keep out of firing sight,, there are snipers across from you in the buidlings

    click "O" and the menu will come up,, for your teams,,,

    You may click Able for you partner,,,,,,, or click Bravo for your other team, and then click "deploy"

    a list will come up again and click satchel,, one of the men will deliver the satchel and run away,,,

    be careful of where the men are placed,, satchels do a lot of damage, and can kill your whole team

    once they are out, and the AA gun is gone, truck on to get more bad guys,,

    have a good one,,

    gtaSAMaster - 5 years ago - report
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