How to throw red smoke?

  1. wat buttons do I press to throw the red smoke or the bombs?

    User Info: berrickhood

    berrickhood - 8 years ago
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    When i tryed to throw it,the yellow line went up,but nothing else happened.Wat do i do from there

    User Info: berrickhood

    berrickhood - 8 years ago

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  1. Open your Inventory (R2 by default) and select the desired grenade. Once equipped, hold the fire button (R1 by default) and you'll see a yellow line begin to arc froward from your character - this is the path your grenade will travel when it's thrown. The harder you hold the fire button, the further and harder the grenade will be thrown; the grenade will not be thrown unless it's thrown a certain distance from your character.

    All hand grenades are thrown in this matter. Rifle grenades, on the other hand, are selected by changing the rate of fire on whatever weapon is armed with a launcher - ie the M16/M203 has three rates of fire: Semi, Burst, and Grenade.

    Satchel Charges and C4 are context-sensitive items, and can only be placed on/in a certain area; you'll see a command icon to let you know that you can place one. Simply press the action button ("X" by default) to complete the desired action, or hold it down to select an action if there are multiple actions that can be performed.

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  1. a good answer YNAL

    just to add,,

    MAKE SURE you do not throw any grenades near your men,, they WILL be killed!!

    so watch your yellow line,, the arc, and the toss

    have a good one,,


    User Info: gtaSAMaster

    gtaSAMaster - 1 year ago 0 0

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