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FAQ by Eizaz Azhar

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/13/2003

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 (PlayStation 2)
EA Sports


As with all FAQs, this section must be included to avoid any
legal complications.

This FAQ is written by Eizaz and is copyright ©Eizaz Azhar, 2003.
No form of reproduction of this FAQ is allowed and it may not be
distributed in any way without the author's content (me). For the
time being, only http://www.gamefaqs.com has my authorization to
post this FAQ on its page. Violating this rule can and will induce
serious legal action, so you might not want to do anything rash.
You may print/download as copy of this document for your personal use,
but selling it or using it to make profit in any is strictly prohibited.
(That part's reserved for me.)

I don't mind if you use this FAQ on your page, as long as you ask my
permission for it, and you give me credit, and if you have any tips/hints
or glitches, comments, anything about this game or the FAQ, or even about
me (yikes!) drop me an e-mail at:


Alternatively, come to my site at


And post your questions in the forums, where I shall reply to them.


- Version 1.0 -

# Well, started this FAQ to be the first person to make a FAQ on this game -
I know that many of you out there are waiting for one, so here it is.
It may be rather small, but it'll tell everything you need to know, covering
the foundations completely. So many releases coming out soon - next update
will probably next week.
Started on Saturday, October 11, 2003, 11:14:39 PM
Finished on Monday, October 13, 2003, 9:44:06 PM


Hello there, reader, and welcome to my FAQ for one of the greatest golf games
ever created - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004. You know, once in a while, there comes
something so great it inspires you to get hooked on it for life - and this is one
of them. (I wouldn't be a football nut if it weren't for the 2002 World Cup, and
I also wouldn't be a car nut if it weren't for Gran Turismo.) I never liked golf
until late 2002, when Tiger Woods 2003 came out - at the time, the only thing that
came to mind when the word "golf" was involved was a millionaire trying his best
to hit a small ball into a hole, and getting frustrated when he didn't make it -
why, if he wants to put the ball in the hole, just pick it up instead of having to
go through all that trouble by hitting it with sticks! All that changed when I
played Tiger Woods 2003. The game was spectacular - so real that instead of the
normal energy bar (Super Mario Golf, Hot Shots and to an extent, the NES golf game)
it used the analog sticks instead. This resulted in very realistic shots; you could
curve the ball according to will, and still mantain complete control over the power
of your shot, instead of having to wait for a cursor to reach the words "MAXIMUM"
in order to get a full shot.

The series started back in 2002 - I've never played the game myself, but aparently
it's come a long way since then. The patented Analog Swing system is a joy to play
with, you'd think you're on course playing the real thing - and since all gamers
then were used to the "energy bar" style of shooting, this was a revelation.

In Tiger Woods 2003, they perfected the swing even more, so perfect, in fact -
that holes in one were no big deal. You pick a golfer, go through a challenge
(Tiger Challenge) where you defeat golfers to earn cash and upgrade youe stats.
The game was rather limited, in the sense that when you finished the Tiger Challenge
you had nothing else to look forward to, except for playing the occassional game
with friends and family.

Now, all that has changed. Reader, I present you... Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004.
This game is huge. There's so much to do, and so much to look forward to - this
game will keep you entertained for a very long time, believe me :) Here, it took
2003 one step higher; they finally included a create-a-golfer option, like Tony
Hawk's Pro Skater. Here, you can change your face, down to the last detail (I spent
20 minutes on mine, and he looks exactly like me... though I can't say the same for
the personality.) Apart from that, there are hundreds of items to buy, sponsorship
deals to be collected and a whole lot more. The main differences I can see between
TW 2003 and 2004, are:

- Holes in one are extremely tough to get, with you having to spin the ball on
  every occasion. In TW 2003, just leave it as it is and chances are it'll make it.

- The "World Tour" players aren't exceedingly tough anymore. Yosh, for example
  played like crap; hitting the rough, and missing putts - even Sunday Tiger!

- The soundtrack now includes some rap numbers. Although I prefer rock (Saliva's
  Superstar comes to mind) but it's okay overall.

- Attributes can now be changed to 110%! Instead of having to beat Super Tiger Woods,
  extras can be boosted via "modifiers".

- Not many side games; very, very seldom pop out.

So, do you think this sounds interesting?

Oh, yeah!


There was once this joke about a golf-ignorant person - one day, his friend
brings him to a golf course to get him exposed to this activity. There, our
ignorant fool watches a senior player funnel his shot into the bunker. 1 shot,
2 shots, 3 shots... Not out yet. On the 10th stroke (by now, our fool is laughing
his head off) he somehow makes contact, the ball soars beautifully for a hundred
yards or so and lands gracefully into the hole. Now, the fool thinks to himself -
"Oh, boy. He's gonna have a tough time getting the ball out of that one."
Heh. I assume that you don't know anything about the game (hopefully more than our
fool above) and I'll explain the rules from scratch.

Your objective, simply put, is to sink the ball into the hole with the fewest
amount of strokes (shots with your club) possible. If you hit the ball out of
the playing area, you will be penalized by one stroke and will have to restart
at the restart point (wherever that may be). There are 2 main types of grass on
the course, namely the fairway and the green. The green is where the hole is
located, and the fairway is the "road" to the green. There are a number of
obstacles on the course too - not everything's smooth sailing. There are Bunkers
(sand pits that eat your ball up), Waterhazards (ball does a re-enactment of the
Titanic) and the Rough, where the fairway ends, and the long grass starts.

Every course is made out of 18 holes, with a par of 72. Every hole has a "par",
or average number of strokes needed to hole the ball. You can either be under
par (great) par (average player) or over par (prepare to be laughed at). So you
see, you aren't up against your opponent; rather, you're against the hole. All
holes come in: Par 3s, Par 4s, and Par 5s. Nothing more, nothing less.

Shots are as follows:
4 strokes over par........ 4 over par (So bad it's out of Bogey range)
3 strokes over par........ Triple Bogey
2 strokes over par........ Double Bogey
1 stroke over par......... Bogey
Par....................... Par
1 stroke under par........ Birdie
2 strokes under par....... Eagle (On a par 3, a hole-in-one)
3 strokes under par....... Double Eagle/Albatross (On a par 4, a hole-in-one)

Anything more that 10 shots and you automatically lose the hole - indicated in
big, bold letters as "SHOT LIMIT EXCEEDED".



You can't expect to play if you don't know the controls, right? Here they are.
This is really a repeat of the introduction of the game, but I go in deeper
and more detailed, covering more topics. No, you can't change the controls.

Right Analog Stick....... Swing club/Change spin direction
Left Analog Stick........ Swings club too/Also changes spin direction
Right On D-Pad........... Turns right
Left On D-Pad............ Turns left
Front On D-Pad........... Moves forward
Back On D-Pad............ Moves backwards

Square Button............ Changes swing mode/View replay
X Button................. Changes view; hold to elevate view upwards
Triangle Button.......... Resets club/location back to default
Circle Button............ Zooms in on target
L1 Button................ Power Boost
L2 Button................ Call hint/Spins ball
R1 Button................ Change to lower club
R2 Button................ Change to stronger club

Start.................... Pause game
Select................... Nothing


Now, this is very important. Swing the club via any of the Analog sticks. Pull
back to swing the club backwards, and when you reach the desired height push
front to let it fly! The amount of backswing controls the amount of power -
so literally, for a really huge, enourmous swing swing the club as far back as
possible. Don't let it remain idle at maximum height for too long though; the
longer you stay there, the more power is lost, and the shorter the ball flies.
You can use any Analog stick - left or right. Make sure that you swing the club
straight, or the ball will curve to the left/right, as indicated by a yellow/
blue stripe on your backswing. Beware...


For you to place the ball where you want it to be, obviously you need to know
where to place it. Press LEFT or RIGHT to look about for a suitable location
to shoot your ball. Onc you find a location, press Circle to zoom in and to
see how much power is needed. Above the arrow, will state "100%", "70%", and
so on and so forth. This indicates the amount of swing needed from a particular
club to reach that distance. If it states 100%, you'll need a full backswing,
and if it reads 50%, you'll need 50% of your power. Remember, The amount of
backswing controls the amount of power released. If you want to return to the
default location and club, press Triangle to reset your view and club. The
distance is measured in yards, and on the green, in feet.


This is where we come to changing the club. Different clubs have different
ranges, and different altitudes when you hit the ball. This being a much
more detailed game than Tiger Woods 2004, has more choices. Here they are,
what they are used for and how the ball will travel.

- Driver (8.0', 8.5', 9.0', 9.5', 10.0', 10.5')
  Also known as the 1 Wood. Drives the ball high and far, but with huge amounts
  of forward spin generated. May get you past obstacles and other things, but
  with no distance precision. The angle of the driver determines how high the
  ball travels. The higher the ball goes, the easier it is easier to spin on the
  fairways and over obstacles but will sacrifice distance and is also easily
  influenced by the wind. The lower the angle, the lower the ball goes, and
  the more forward spin you generate - but drives low. Everything has pros and
  cons, so make your choice wisely! The higher the angle, the higher the ball goes
  and vice versa. Shot may miss if the ball is buried in the bunker.

- Wood (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
  A scaled-down version of the Driver, the Wood doesn't go as far as it but may be
  just perfect for some occasions, and like the Driver, your shot may miss the ball
  if it's buried in the bunker.

- Irons (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
  Now, you'll be using these a lot. Irons are generally for mid-range shots; ball
  goes high into the air, and can be spun nearly anywhere onto the fairway. The
  higher the iron value, the shorter the ball travels, making it more precise, but
  with less forward spin.

- Wedges (PW, AW, LW, GW, HLW)
  Wedges, like the Woods, are scaled-down versions of the Irons. The ball travels
  high, is more accurate and easy to spin but doesn't go far. Use this for precision
  shots, and has very little, or no forward spin.

- Putter
  The Putter is used soley for the greens, the area where the hole is located.
  Putting will test your skill of "reading" the green, or telling how the ball
  will roll after a putt. The Putter hits the ball lightly on the green, and if
  you've read the green well, the ball slowly rolls into the hole. Hopefully.


There are many types of shots to choose from, by pressing Square on the
controller. Certain shots work better than others in some conditions, and
have different effects, and some can only be used with specific clubs.
"All Clubs" means that this option is available for all clubs, and "Wind
Factor" shows how much the wind affects your shot.

- Full
  All Clubs: Yes
  Wind Factor: 90%
  During a full shot, your character hits the ball as hard as he can with
  the club. Maximum power and distance.

- Punch
  All Clubs: Yes
  Wind Factor: 10%
  Punch "punches" the ball forward, so it doesn't go very high and is immune
  to wind effects. Also used to get out of tight situations where there are
  obstacles above you (trees, etc.)

- Pitch
  All Clubs: Wedges only
  Wind Factor: 30%
  A scaled-down version of the Full shot. Use this to get the ball close to
  the hole, and has lots of forward spin - you can hole it from here!

- Flop
  All Clubs: Wedges only
  Wind Factor: 80%
  Flop "flops" the ball high into the air, with very little or no forward spin,
  which enables it to drop directly where you want it to. Accurate, but will
  not spin far forward, although you can spin backwards as much as you want.

- Chip
  All Clubs: Wedges only
  Wind Factor: 0%
  A scaled-down version of the Pitch. Very accurate; lots of forward spin,
  but you'll have to read the green well in order to make this work.

- Putt
  All Clubs: Putter only
  Wind Factor: 0%
  Well, this putts the ball - in a separate topic below.


Most of the time, the ball will be in the air - which is where the wind
comes in. The wind, measures in mph can go from Calm (No wind) to 22 mph
(Force 3). Depending on how high the ball travels and wind speed, the wind
can knock your ball off course ranging from into the rough or the OB (Out
Of Bounds.) Counter the wind effects by planning your shot direction, taking
the wind into consideration. On certain courses, the wind is much more powerful
than others, so stay alert.


Ah, the Power Boost. This feature enables you to hit the ball with all your
strength, boosting its distance by nearly 30%. The Power Boost button is
represented by L1. During your backswing, mash L1 as fast as you can. As
you hit it, notice the bottom-right corner of the screen. A golf ball will
begin to fill up with the colour red, indicating how much boost it has. The
faster you hit the button, the more it fills up, and just before your backswing
ends, puch forward. Some absurd animation should occur, and your character
swings the club with all his/her might (complete with fire as the ball leaves
the tee.) Note that the animation only applies to shots off the tee, or with
the Driver/Wood.

One common occurance I come across is that during a power shot, your accuracy
goes down, and the ball streaks everywhere across the course. To prevent this,
allow your character to relax, by leaving him/her alone for a second. By default,
your character is programmed to practice hitting the ball when left alone - wait
for that animation to stop before proceeding with a power shot (or any shot, for
instance) for more accuracy, and the power indicator also builds up more quickly.


If you want the ball to go where you want it, you'll just have to spin the ball
yourself. Spin is generated by pressing the direction you want the ball to spin
in and repeatedly mashing the L2 button. The more you mash the L2, the faster the
ball spins. Note that you can only do this while the ball is still in the air
(if you could do that on the ground, let's just say that it wouldn't be fair.)
Spinning in the right direction could save you a lot of trouble, and set up
a very nice follow-up shot... Use your head!


Another important topic, putting is only available on the green, where the
flag is located. Putting is done with the putter, a dotted strip and with
some hints from your caddy - called a caddy tip (yes, the caddy does get
drunk sometimes, so try to follow your instincts.) The dotted strip shows
you where your shot'll go if you putt from the default location. The shorter
the lines are, the slower the ball goes (indicating it's going uphill) and
the longer the lines are, the faster the ball goes (indicating it's going
downhill). The caddy tip should give you a rough estimate to the hole, like
"5 feet Right, 2 inches short". This move the aiming cursor 5 feet to the
right of the hole, and 2 inches short. Use the approximate size of the hole
to your advantage - the hole itself is 2 inches wide. (12 inches equals 1


If you play well, sometimes after a game, some company will pop out and
say that they're very impressed by the way you played, so they're willing
to sponsor you - i.e. they pay you $5000 per item you use after every
round, with a bonus of $500000. Once you get a sponsor, make the best out
of it - wear caps, wear their clothes and even their gloves and watches to
get as much cash as possible. The more you wear, the more cash you get;
if you think that's it's bizarre to wear 2 watches, one on each hand - that's
what I do to get cash!

NOTE: The sponsors only pay you when you participate in the PGA Tour Mode.
      Anything else and they won't pay!


Listed here are all techniques of advanced play, from curving your ball,
height consideration and reading the fairway.


Before a shot, note the bottom-right section of the screen. There should be
a picture of a golf ball, and something that says "100%". This is your ball
contact with the club. Simply put, if the value is at 100% (on the tee, for
example), the club makes 100% contact with the ball, so you get more distance
and accuracy. If the value reads 60% (in the rough/bunker), it means the medium
that your ball is resting on will eat 40% of your club contact - meaning the
ball will only travel for about 60% of its maximum distance with a certain club.
If ball contact is low, switch to a bigger (longer distance) club and estimate
your shot.


If you're... Say, 50 feet above ground, a club will reach further than it
normally should. To prevent this, use a smaller club/reduce your backswing
to prevent from overshooting the hole into the rough (usually on a Par 3.)
The height is represented by the aiming cursor, in feet and an arrow to show
its direction. If the arrow points downward, the ground the cursor is at is
lower than you, and if the arrow points upward, the ground is higher than you
are. If you're on lower ground, your ball will land with a huge amount of forward
spin, so bear this in mind if you change to a bigger club to compensate for
the height difference. If you're on higher ground, the ball has a tendency to
spin back. Remember!


Remember the yellow/blue streaks that occur on your backswing? Well, those
will curve your ball in order to get past doglegs/obstacles. A right curve
is indicated by a YELLOW streak (hook) and a left curve is indicated by a
BLUE streak (called a draw.) If you want the ball to curve to the right,
for example on your backswing, draw the Analog stick diagonally downwards
to the right for your backswing, and push diagonally upwards to the left
in order to make curve right. Vice versa applies to a left curve.

NOTE: If you try to curve the ball too much, the ball goes nuts and may even
      drop of the tee (considered one shot, and you won't have the tee for your
      next shot.)


The game implements a new function, which enables you to "read" the fairway
and/or the green. When aiming, zoom in to your shot - a yellow grid should
appear. The grid shows you the direction that the ground is curving it - it
coule be downhill, to the right or even backwards! The amound of slanting
is indicated by the little dots on the grid - they flow in the direction
of the slant. The faster they move, the more the slant and the more it affects
your shot when it lands. Use this to your advantage - you can also read the
green with this.

NOTE: This function is not available with your putter.


Now that we know the basic controls, let's put them to good use. If you have a
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 save file on your memory card, insert it to get a
free sponsorship and cash when you start. When you first start the game, you
will encounter different game modes on screen. Here's what they are:


This is a real-time version of my introduction. It covers less, but do drop
by if you're new to the series, and get accustomed to the gameplay. It doesn't
cover much, but it'll do. The intro puts you in the shoes of Sunday Tiger Woods,
and sends you through a few challenges. You earn no cash from here, but just to
use Sunday Tiger Woods, I'd say it's worth it :)

EA SPORTS "Game Face"

Welcome to the create-a-golfer screen! Here, you create your own custom-made
golfer - even the appearance! Start by inputting your name, birth date and
which hand you use. Note that if you screw up here, you need to start all over
again by creating another golfer; you can't change the gender, birth date, name
or hand dexterity once you create your golfer. After that, it takes you to the
face-o'-matic (ha-ha.) where you can customise every little detail of your face
- hey! You made the game! After that, it takes you shopping for clothes (no, you
aren't naked; but you don't have any shoes). Buy your clothes, and you're off to
start a brand new golfing career!


This, reader is where you adventure begins. Modes to choose from include the
World Tour, where you defeat opponents to get cash, the Real-Time Events Calendar
(what's going on in the game on a certain date), Arcade Modes (wacky styles of
golf), Traditional Games (golf as it should be;) and Scenarios (multiple challenges
of every kind, all set to make you break your club). I'll be going in-depth into
these late in the FAQ.


If you have a golfer, this screen takes you to your hall of fame, and biodata.
It's a record of how many birdies you've made, eagles, double eagles, holes-in-one,
and how many bogeys/over par rounds (ouch!) You can also check your status for
trophy balls - signature balls that you get over your golfing career after you
complete an achievement. Apart from that, you can see what awards you've been
given in the PGA Tour, and your EA Sports Bio. Press Circle to go to the Pro Shop,
explained below. There is also a create-a-course function, where you can create
your own course.

- Pro Shop
   This is where you buy new equipment, apparel, accessories and stans, and also
   customise your appearance (don't like the way you look? Come to the Pro Shop;
   the only golfing shop on Earth where we offer free plastic surgery) and more.
   Again, I will go into this in-depth later in the FAQ.


This option allows you to play online with someone. I don't have a modem, and
I've never played online before - so I can't help you much on this. :\


Meh, the options. Change everything from the display to the soundtrack to the
wheather. For a challenge, try turning "Caddy Tip" off and the dotted line off.
Note that all wheather/environment changes do not apply to the PGA Tour season,
the World Tour and Scenarios. Oh, and the Password section - use this to enter
the cheat codes to unlock other golfers.


Wow, this title is so big that I had to dedicate an entire topic to it.
Well, here's the Pro Shop - and everything in between. You can buy stuff
here, and equip them on your golfer - but let's start with the attributes
first, shall we?


There are 10 attributes altogether, all with a different purpose, and
each can reach a limit of 100. The higher your attributes, the higher
your skill in a certain area. "My Rating" indicates how useful a certain
stat is, from my point of view. Here they are, complete with descriptions:

- Power
  Obviously, this controls your power. The more Power stats you have,
  the further your shots can go - which means the easier it is to get
  to the green and over obstacles.
  My Rating: 80%

- Power Boost
  Apparently this controls your Power Boost - the more you have, the
  faster it fills, but I don't see any difference even when it's maxed
  out. Yes, I use the standard DualShock 2 Controller - no Turbo function.
  Put this at the very bottom of your upgrading list.
  My Rating: 1%

- Driving Accuracy
  This controls your accuracy from your Driver, and improves distance
  control - if your backswing is 100%, it goes 100%; if it's 60%, the
  ball goes 60%. Only for the Drivers and Woods.
  My Rating: 40% (Drives go haywire anyway, so why bother?)

- Ball Striking
  Improves accuracy from your Irons and Wedges. Works in the same way
  Driving Accuracy does, but is specific for those clubs. One of the
  best to max out, as this will come very handy.
  My Rating: 85%

- Approach
  Improves your approach shots, using wedges. Distance control and accuracy
  is generally higher, but not really useful.
  My Rating: 50%

- Recovery
  Improves your accuracy from the sand and rough. It won't get as good as
  the fairway, but will improve accuracy and distance control by a bit,
  meaning you don't have to rely on luck to get you through the beach.
  My Rating: 60%

- Spin
  This is the best attribute available - if I could extend it to 150% at
  the cost of all my other attributes I'd gladly do it. The higher this
  attribute, the more spin you can generate by mashing the L1 button, and
  the faster the ball spins. Very useful indeed, and my favourite stat among
  the rest, so the rating may seem a bit biased :)
  My Rating: 100% (It's really useful!)

- Luck
  This raises the amount of ball contact if you're stuck in the rough, and
  raises chances of your ball getting to where you want it to (it can skip
  over water, for your information.) It doesn't seem to work on sand, though.
  My Rating: 60%

On the right-hand side of the Attributes window, you should see 4 ... Well,
holders of some kind at the end of each stat, with the words "Modifiers"
above it. Modifiers are items which can boost your stat over the maximum
level. Each holder represets 2.5%, so if you have a level 4 Modifier item,
your stat will be boosted by 10 points - making the maximum value of each
stat 110%, instead of 105% in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 - and you don't have
to defeat Super Tiger to get it! That brings me to the topic below...


Heh. This game seems like a mixture between The Sims and Tiger Woods :)
Here, you can buy stuff to make your golfer look cool - but everything
has a purpose, and different items have different modifier balls, depending
on its level. Note that the apparel available depends on gender. You can
buy everything, from clubs to rubber bands, even your celebrations!
I've listed them all down here for your convenience:

    \- Wedges

- APPAREL (Shirts)
   \-US Polos (Long-sleeved Polos)
    \-Mock Turtlenecks
     \-Outerwear (Sweaters)

- APPAREL (Pants)

- APPAREL (Headwear)
 \-Visor Caps
    \-Cowboy Hats

- APPAREL (Shoes)
 \-Saddle Shoes
  \-Sport Shoes

  \-Lucky Tees (something to put behing your ear)
   \-Lucky Rubber Bands
       \-Wrist Bands
         \-Accuracy Tape
          \-False Teeth (!)
           \-Hair Dye (facial and scalp)

 \-Positive Celebrations (some are really bizarre, to say the least)
  \- Negative Reactions

So there you have it. I may have missed a thing or two, will check back
whenever I've got the time. To equip an item, buy it first (you can
preview it) and a tick appears, that you can check. To sell if back,
uncheck the item (tick another item) and press Square. Note that the
Pro Shop buys back the items for 25% value, so be warned. Oh, and
check out the "Featured Items" list, where everything is on sale for
a whopping 50% discount!


In this section of the Pro Shop, you can edit all clubs currently in your
bag. To change a club, uncheck it by pressing Circle. You can have a maximum
of 14 clubs, so choose wisely! There are 4 required clubs:

At least 1 Driver
4 Iron
Sand Wedge

You can't change these, although if you own a branded set of clubs you can
change them here by pressing Left or Right on the brand.


Meh. Nothing much here, you can change your face if for some reason you
aren't satisfied with it - but you cannot change the gender, birth date,
name and hand dexterity.


There are a number of game modes that you can choose to play from, in the
"Game Modes" menu. Play games to earn cash and upgrade your stats, or buy
new items. I'll explain all game modes in detail below.


Good ol' golf as it is and as it should be. You can either use one of the
preset golfers or your very own golfer. These modes consist of:

- Stroke Play
  Play against a CPU or against the course. Get cash for defeatng the CPU, or
  just play this for practice :)

- Match Play
  A 2-player game consisting of a point system instead of strokes. The player
  who wins the most holes (by number of strokes) wins the match. Strictly for
  2 players - nothing more, nothing less.

- Skins
  A 4-player or less game - something like Match Play, but can now include up to
  4 players. Every hole has a certain amount of cash, that the winner takes. You
  need at least 2 players to play this mode.


Well, this isn't your grandpa's style of golf, to say the least. These modes
are only for those who want to try something different for a change - don't
get offended at how ridiculous they are!


If you've played Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003, this is the "Tiger Challenge"
version of it. Play against other golfers to earn a huge amount of cash,
and get your T.I.G.E.R card while you're at it. An in-depth walkthrough
on this will be coming soon...


Wow, this is great! This sends you through a 10-year career on the PGA
Tour, with all events and golfers competing in it! This requires another
in-depth topic, and I myself haven't finished it yet... It's long. All
events are in 4 rounds, 18 holes per round - and offer an enourmous amount
of cash. Here, you can check your current sponsors, and see what items
are currently equipped on you to maximize your cash, and turn yourself
into a moneymaking machine.


The Real-Time Calender has preset events, unlocked by the internal clock
of your PS2. For example, January 30th is Tiger Woods' birthday - there's
an event on that; win it to unlock new stuff. Different events have different
courses, and unlock different things.

EVIL TIP: Change the PS2's internal clock to gain instant access to the
          event that you want :)


This game mode puts you in some tough situations, and depending how
well you deal with them, will present you with a Bronze, Silver or
Gold Medal - or none at all, if you do badly. Once again, an in-depth
walkthrough will be up as soon as I find time.


Yes, this FAQ is finished already - it will cover everything
soon; will try my best to have to have it 80% complete by end
of this month. Anyway, here are the credits; thank you all...

- EA Sports! My word, you certainly have outdone yourself this
  time. Thanks for the best golf game ever created!

- Tiger Woods! Wow, great idea there - had a dream and made it happen.
  Good job!

- CJay! Hiya, man - I know, this isn't up to par compared to the rest
  of my works, but I'll update as soon as I can, okay :)


As the title says, there are many, many more things I need to
learn/unlock about this game - I started on this late, and I've
got other projects to do - many new games coming out. Sorry if
I didn't live up to your expectations - I'll make up for this soon;

I promise!


Well, if you want to contact me, you can send me an e-mail to the following address:


I'll reply to any message, provided you send any to begin with, because I'm
nice :) Note that flame mails will be deleted. On second thought, I'll reply
to them with a flame of my own, then block all other messages from the sender,
so I have the last laugh - Mwahaha!

Alternately, come to my site @ www.vogz.cjb.net
And post what you like in the forums section, where I'll reply to them.
You can join us if you like...


And just in case...

This FAQ is written by Eizaz and is copyright ©Eizaz Azhar, 2003.
No form of reproduction of this FAQ is allowed and it may not be
distributed in any way without the author's content (me). For the
time being, only http://www.gamefaqs.com has my authorization to
post this FAQ on its page. Violating this rule can and will induce
serious legal action, so you might not want to do anything rash.
You may print/download as copy of this document for your personal use,
but selling it or using it to make profit in any is strictly prohibited.

- [fin] -

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