PlayStation2 CodeBreaker Save (North America)

Save Game File02/04/13Ultra B.24K
At game start with max cash and maxed out performance/all unique parts equipped.
Save Game File04/20/05GameMasterZer012K
Unlock All Visuals
Save Game File03/22/05XxX Dayzed XxX19K
Wierd looking skater, story mode complete. Max stats.

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (North America)

Save Game File05/30/05allstar5620K
beginner mode, game complete, almost every goal beat..
Save Game File07/12/05RSX42K
Underground mode complete, all cars, tracks and parts unlocked, and more

PlayStation2 SharkPort 2 Save (North America)

Save Game File09/09/04Warhawk133K
All Cars and Tracks Unlocked, On cover of magazines except for 11 of them, Underground mode complete, All visual (decal – vinyl – tire rims – etc.) unlocked

PlayStation2 X-Port Save (North America)

Save Game File12/13/03SuperSupra196K
All the parts that can be bought unlocked, a dual gt wing, formula hood, and other random unique upgrades.
Save Game File11/27/03AlucardRIP196K
Finished game

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (Europe)

Save Game File03/16/05omega_gene39K
About 50% complete unlocked, about 60% of cars, vinyls etc
Save Game File11/15/04evz16K
completed underground mode and all extras unlocked

PlayStation2 X-Port Save (Europe)

Save Game File12/30/03Gfk!133K
All cars and tracks unlocked, plus stacks of cash.

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