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Guide and Walkthrough by Frowdo

Version: 1.0.2 | Updated: 10/27/2004

Add Line Breaks.Monster Rancher 4 FAQ/Walkthrough

By Frow
Created:        2/08/2004
Last Updated:   2/08/2004
Version:        1.0.2

I.   Introduction
     A. About The Game
     B. Legal Info
     C. About This Guide

II.  The Game
     A. Getting Started
     B. Competing In Togle
        1.Getting The Farm
        2.To Battle
        3.Togle Cave
        4.TeeTee's Epic Battle
     C. Set Sail For Ryuwn & FIMBA
        1.Getting The Runaround
        2.Welcome To The Jungle
        3.Moving Up in the World
     D. Mecha Monsters and Toble
        1.Bungle In The Jungle

     E. Vizley/Elivez

     F. After You Win

III. Lists
     A.Ranch Upgrades
     B.Traits List
     C.DVD/CD List

V.   Summary


A. - About The Game

Monster Rancher 4 is the latest in the Monster Rancher series from Tecmo.  
Much like past versions you get control of a small ranch and build it up, 
while also raising monster(s).  The monsters you can either get from in-game, 
or pull them off DVD's and CD's.  Half the fun of Monster Rancher is putting 
in your favorite discs and seeing what you get from them.  Unfortunatly all 
Xbox, all GameCube, and all PC games will give you the same type of monsters. 
There are 328 different monsters in the game, think you can discover them all?

B. - Legal Info

Copyright 2004 by Jason Renfrow

This FAQ was created and is a copyright by Frow.  This FAQ is intended for 
private use and should not be altered in anyway.  At this time the only web 
sites given permission to host this FAQ is/are:


Any site wishing the use of my FAQ must:

1.  Ask me permission
2.  Must not alter anything
3.  Must give me credit for my work

Any violation is against Internation Copyright Laws.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

C. - About This FAQ

One thing that I will make perfectly clear before we get to far into this 
FAQ.  This FAQ is not made to spoil the story.  Only slight spoilers exsist.  
However, this FAQ is here to help outline a training regiment to get your 
monster in fighting shape for the story and afterwards as well.  As with past 
Monster Rancher games half the fun comes after the story has been completed.  
As a result of this you may or may not get the same results as me.  Since you 
get a random ammount of skills per excersise this may not work 100% for you, 
but following this guide should get your pretty close.

This guide is version:

Version 1.0 - Created guide, posted guide


A. - Getting Started

When you first start up the Monster Rancher 4 game you get to watch a very 
lovely anime cut screen and then get to choose one of three options: New, 
Load, VS. Mode.  Of course we are going with New, and thus we begin our 

When you first start some woman by the name of TeeTee is screaming at you.  
Much like your character in the game, no one has any idea what is going on.  
An older gentleman by the name of Cesare from the town shrine and tries to 
find out what's going on.  Teetee tries to get him to jail you, then storms 
off.  Cesare asks your name and tries to find out more about you.  You tell 
him your name is Phayne (or whatever you picked) and you have been expelled 
from the elite school, and apparently only one, Elives.  Elives is known for 
training the best monster trainers in the world.  Cesare sees somthing in you 
and decides to ask you to tend a small ranch he has in Togle.

B. - Competing In Togle

[1] - Getting The Farm

Of course you accept his proposal and off we go.  At first glance the ranch 
really isn't that much.  You get a house, a hut, and an assistant.  Here we 
meet Yuri, the daughter of the Item Shop store keeper.  She's going to be your 
assitant, congrats.  We also meet for the first time your monster.  His name 
by default is Garu and his breed is Garu for the primary and Garu for the 
secondary.  From now on I'll show names and breeds like so:

Pow 185  Acc 155 Int 95 Spd 150 Lif 120 Def 135

As you see below the name and breed is the starting statistics of your 
monster, let's go over those real quick.  

POW = Power, This stat basically determines how much strength your monster 
has.  POW based attacks will do more damage.

ACC = Accuracy, This will determine what your chances of landing a blow are.

INT = Intellegence, This stat determines how much damage you will do with an 
INT attack.

SPD = Speed, This determines how fast your monster is of course.  The faster 
he is, the faster he attacks.

LIF = Life, How many hit points your monster has.

DEF = Defense, the higher your defense the less damage you will take from a 

At this point there isn't much to do with your monster.  You're going to want 
to train your monster to get him ready for competitions.  Looking over your 
monster and his attack types you'll notice he has a high POW and also has 
several POW attacks.  We are going to go with a tried and true template that 
most people who play this game use.  That is getting your POW and ACC as high 
as possible while raising all other stats to at least level 10.  Keep in mind 
one thing for when you start raising other monsters in the future.  If you 
raise a monster that has mainly INT type attacks and a high INT then instead 
of going with POW and ACC you'll want to go with INT and ACC.  A Pixie would 
be a fine example of this.  By design Pixies are physically weak, however have 
high intellegence therefore make better INT than POW monsters.   Make sure you 
PRAISE your monster when he does good and SCOLD him if he isn't doing what he 
needs to do.  By building a bond with your monster he will follow your 
commands, a monster that has no bond with it's master will easily be defeated.

Over the next month you won't be able to battle, but your door will be open to 
severl visitors.  Take this time to set up a good training schedule.  I would 
go with training excersises that will raise DEF, LIF, and SPD.  In the early 
days training will take very little out of your monster so take advantage of 
this.  On your schedule I would go in and set 3 training excersises in a row 
followed by a REST day.  My suggestion would be:

Intellegence Training
Life Training
Defense Training
===Rest Period===
Speed Training
Life Training
Accuracy Training

By doing this you can get your lower stats up to level 10 quicker and can get 
your ACC up close to you POW pretty quickly.  I wouldn't concentrate on INT 
too much as you will only have one INT attack at the begining of the game and 
will only get about 1-2 more if that many.

Now during this time my schedule isn't automatic, keep a close eye on your 
monster's Tiredness guage.  If after the second week it is close to 30% or 
higher, DO NOT TRAIN the next week.  REST.  If your monster is tired, 
frustrated, or hungry they will not gain much.  At this time I would also say 
that you should feed them when they get close to 50% on their Hunger bar.  
Feed your GARU only potatoes.  They are filling and won't make your GARU a fat 

[2] - To Battle

After going through all your new stuff and learning about RIO, Yuri will show 
up with her pet monster:


Here you will learn the basics of battle, so pay attention.  By next week you 
can battle.  At this time you can only do E Rank competitions and you cannot 
to Offical ones till you win 3 of the other competitions.  There are six 
levels of competition:

S Rank - Highest Level
A Rank
B Rank
C Rank
D Rank
E Rank - Lowest Level

In your CALENDER schedule the next 3 competitions, this way you can see on 
your SCHEDULE when they are coming up.  It's usually a good idea to rest on 
the week before or after a competition.  If your monster has about 25% 
tiredness on the week before a competition REST if it's lower then go ahead 
and do your training and REST on the week after your competition.  You want to 
definatly make sure you monster has a close to no hunger.  If your monster 
gets injured you might not see it for a while and by the time you get it might 
be pretty hungry.  Before you start fighting we need to go over something.  
During a match when certain critera are met, your monster or the opponents 
monster will use some special abilites.  Here is a list of a few of those:

BULLISH:  Monster will not obey commands and will move towards opponent.  
Depends on their personality and bond.

TIMIDLY:  Monster will not obey commands and will not move.  Depends on their 
personality and bond.

GUARD: If you can manage to live through 3 hits, your monster will take less 

COMPOSED: If you can land a couple consecutive hits then your monster's Guts 
meteter will regenerate faster and you'll move faster.

FURY: This tends to happen when a monster takes a hit that knocks their HP to 
a fairly low level.  The monster will deal more damage and critical more often.

NILVA: This happens when a monster is repeatadly dodges an attack.  The 
monster will dodge the opponents current range attacks more easily.

FINAL GUTS: The most annoying ability.  Even after taking fatal damage 
sometimes monsters will come back with 1-3 hitpoints.

These "ABILITIES" should not be confused with a monster's attacks that cause a 
status change.  These abilites can happen during any battle, where as a status 
change can only occur when an attack that deals that status change lands and 
only randomly.  Here are examples of those status changes:

POISON:  1% of opponents current hitpoints are lost per second.

SEAL:  One of the monster's range of attacks cannot be used.

PALSY:  Reduces evade.

SLOW:  Slows down monster, making it easier to hit.

You should be ready for your first competition.  This should be pretty easy as 
should the next few.  Remember that your best stat is POW so attack with POW 
attacks.  The best one is the long range fire wheel attack.  It does an insane 
ammount of damage.  For the next couple of competitions you should keep the 
same idea in mind.  Start trying to formulate a stragty when fighting and know 
your strengths.  The game doesn't get much easier than where you are now.  
Before your 3rd competition check your monsters stats, is INT, LIFE, DEF, or 
SPD above level 10?  If so replace it with POW, if more than one is above 10 
then replace the other one with ACC.  As soon as all of these are about level 
10 we will be switching to only POW and ACC for the rest of the monster's life 
span.  Go ahead and enter the third comepetition, much like the earlier two it 
shouldn't be too hard at all.  As of now you should have 3 E Rank wins under 
your belt, if not keep entering competitions until you have 3 wins.  Once you 
have 3 wins you'll need to schedule to join the E RANK OFFICIAL CUP.  Your 
same stragety should work here.  It should be a breeze.  If not work out until 
your stats get up there, it's a really good idea not to waste time building up 
your rank, as your monster only lives so long.

Congradulations, you are now the proud parent of a D ranked Monster.  Much 
like when you first started the game, a lot is going to happen at once.  Yuri 
will leave to go back to her family's ITEM SHOP.  Of course you'll need a new 
assistant and RIO will gladly apply for the job.  THEN, yes there is more, 
Pollock will show up at your doorstep.  He makes and sells training gadgets.  
The gadgets will help upgrade your monster's skill points faster, but will 
also make them tired faster.  If you have the money, which you should, you can 
buy a few of them for about 2k each.  I would suggest the POW and ACC 
gadgets.  RIGHT NOW!  You'll need to alter your training schedule.  With the 
new training gadgets you'll need to change from 3 trainning weeks in a row to 
two.  This way the extra Tirdness of the new gadgets won't wear them out too 
quickly.  Also keep in mind that only one monster may use a particular 
training gadget in a week, so you may have to alternate.  For a new schedule I 
would suggest either:

LV. 2 POW Training
LV. 2 ACC Training
LV. 2 ACC Training
LV. 2 POW Training

or if you find your monster tires out too quickly then do:

LV. 2 POW Training
LV. 1 ACC Training
LV. 2 ACC Training
LV. 1 POW Training

[3] - Multi-Monster

Next, Cesare will come knocking at your door and say that he thinks your GARU 
looks lonely and that he should have friends.  He will bring a young man to do 
free work on your ranch.  His name is Yu and he's a contractor.  After one 
week he will give you a better house and better monster pen.  You can now have 
more training gadgets and can train up to 3 monsters at a time.

This is what we have been waiting for.  After waiting a week you should be 
able to place your new house and pen.  Now we get to visit the SHRINE!  
Immedialy you should go there and start trying to get monsters.  Check every 
DVD/PS2/PSX/CD you have till you find a couple monsters you can live with.  
Keep in mind that different breeds of monsters have different strenghts.  
Choose something that suits you and your personality best, but also make sure 
you have a varity.  Different breeds learn different abilities that will help 
you in different ways.  If you can get a Jell from one of your CD's KEEP IT, 
I'll tell you why later.  After you have 3 start them on a training schedule.  
Keep in mind what I said earlier about their INT and POW.  A schedule like the 
one I had earlier should work.  As for fighting I would suggest taking your 
GARU as far up in the ladder as possible, he'll probably make a RANK A easy, 
have one be your replacement for him should he ever get injured or need to 
retire, and finally have one that you keep at a low rank.  Why keep one at a 
lower rank you ask.  The higher in rank a monster is the less competitions 
there seem to be.  So if you keep an E RANK monster around.  He can continue 
to win, win, win. Brining you in money, fame, and some dinner too.  It'll also 
fill in days when you don't want to explore or go to town, and if there isn't 
a higher level competition going on.  

[4] - Toggle Cave

Soon after this the final new thing to be unlocked will show up.  A mysterious 
cave will pop up out of nowhere right on your ranch.  When you decide to 
investigate a man by the name of Mr. K will pop out of nowhere and ask you to 
explore for him.

After entering the cave a tutorial will start up telling you about 
adventuring.  Despite how repetative it is, adventuring is the best thing you 
can do for your monsters.  You may have noticed an Adventuring level on your 
monster's page.  Each level you earn by defeating wild monsters in the cave 
will grant you new traits like:

FIRE LORE: Increased Fire DMG and Add Fire to Attacks.
CAVE SEARCH: Be able to search little caves while adventuring.
HYPER BEAM:  Increase damage of beam attacks.

You can also get new moves this way as well as some items.  Remeber earlier 
when I said if you can find a Jell, keep it,  here's why.  They are one of 
only 2 breeds that can learn every type of adventure trait you can get.  This 
makes them excellent treasure hunters.  On this trek into the cave you'll only 
need to go to the 2F and you will find a STONE TABLET.  This will end your 
trek and return you to your ranch.  Pollock will show up saying that he let 
himself in and was waiting for you.  Have him APPRAISE the STONE TABLET and 
he'll make a Level 3 Training Gadget.  This gadget when complete will cost a 
little more than the previous and will also raise one stat high, while 
lowering another one and also increasing your tiredness.  An example would be 
the one I recieved:

Flying Target
^^Accuracy   VLife  VVTiredness

* ^Is increase/ V is decrease

As of now you can go adventuring on any free weekend you have, and as soon as 
you can you need to go again.  This time you'll go down to about the 3rd Floor 
where you'll find a stone.  The stone is a Gaia Stone and RIO will have an 
interaction with it.  You'll learn that bad things happened in the past with 
monsters.  That's about it, now you'll leave again.  After you've done this, 
guess what, you'll have to go adventuring again.

Soon after you'll learn that Training Gadgets all over aren't working because 
the cause of their power, Geoctye, is running low.  Your Sprit Tree will tell 
you that he feels that something is sucking the life out of him from his 
roots.  This is a tip that you need to once again adventure into the Togle 
Cave.  Until you go here you won't be able to raise in rank, so the sooner you 
go the better.  Up until now you need to have your 3 monsters on a regular 
schedule, building them up.  Head back down to the cave, this time you'll go 
even deeper than before.  At the end you'll meet the culprit.  His name is 
Shiden, his breed is a Raiden.  Apparently something woke him up and he needed 
to eat some Geonyte, but he is overeating and refuses to go back to bed.  This 
will be your first boss battle, good luck.  This boss is fairly easy, however 
unlike your earlier battles this one will drag out a little longer because his 
defense and HP.  Just keep hitting him until he goes down.  Hopefully you were 
able to make it with at least 2 if not all 3 of your monsters down to him.  If 
you lose to him, no worries, you can go next week or any week after that until 
you do beat him.  When you finally do beat him several more thing will all 
happen at once.  You'll learn a bit more about RIO's special talents, you'll 
be able to get Raidens from CD's now, and you can fight in OFFICIALS CUPS 

When you get back Cynthia from the ASSOCIATION will show up with an increase 
in Breeder's rank to B.  This will let you do more things with your monsters 
during free time.

[4] - TeeTee's Epic Battle

Now that you've put to sleep the Raiden and everyone's Spirit Trees are back 
in working order you can once again fight in OFFICIAL CUPS.  As soon as the 
next one is up it might be a good idea to try it out.  If you have kept your 
monsters on a decent schedule you should really have no problems with this 
battle, especially after visiting the Togle Caves three times.  You're first 
few battles will be easy wins, then when you get to the last battle you'get to 
fight TeeTee's monster, KELARINO.  This fight might be a tiny bit more 
difficult, but nothing you can't handle.  Afterwards she gets all mad and 
storms off.  Congrats, you are now have a RANK C monster.  At this point 
several people are saying to go to Ryuwin.  Not long after RIO will inform you 
that a ship is pulling up next to your ranch.  A man by the name of Gunwhale 
will graciously give you a ship by the name of the Sardine.  With this you can 
now go to Ryuwin and you unlock the HARBOR in Togle.  You can visit the Harbor 
and talk to Gunwhale and even get a free fish.


[1] - Getting the Runaround

On a free weekend you need to head over to Ryuwn.  There you'll meet a couple 
of old classmates, only one is really important.  PHILIA is an up and coming 
trainer that you'll be spending some time with over the next couple of weeks.

After seeing the stadium in Ryuwn you'll need to go to their local 
ASSOCIATION.  You'll meet a man by the name of Pierre who will make you make 
an apointment before you can talk to him.  This is a great time to get your 
monsters in shape.  This is one of the better times you can train as you can't 
do much for a while.  Coming back the next week won't make matters any better 
as he still won't let you join because you don't have a breeder's liscense.  
Walking out the only thing that could make this week worse is what happens 
next.  TeeTee shows up, spouts some hateful stuff, and runs over an old lady.  
Being the gentleman you are you help MAURO home.  Not long after getting her 
home Philia will show up and she'll convince you to go get HEALING MUSHROOMS 
from the Togle Caves.  This time you'll need to go down to the 4th floor.  The 
mushrooms will be in an empty room.  Stepping into the middle of the room will 
start a cut scene and a boss battle.  This battle is nothing, so just beat it 
down and leave.  After you go back to Ryuwn and give them the mushrooms you'll 
no longer be able to go to MAURO's house, but you'll meet MR. KARNAB, or Mr. K 
from when you first could go to the Togle Caves.  He'll let you into the Ryuwn 
competitions and give you a breeder's licsense if you will go find some JUNK 
from KALAGIRI JUNGLE.  When you get back to your ranch Philia will show up and 
teach you about COUNTERS and TEAM BATTLES.  COUNTERS basically allow you the 
chance to guess what type of attack the opponent will launch, and if you guess 
right you hit them instead.  However once you use a COUNTER if you miss the 
counter you won't be able to dodge the attack. Occasionally special battle 
cirumstances will appear and give you special abilites.  You'll also learn 
about TAG TEAM battles when TeeTee shows up and wants to battle you.  This is 
a breeze, simply wait till a TEAM UP bar fills up, and if you connect with an 
attack another one of your monsters will follow up with an attack as well.  
The TEAM UP bar is the small red bar under your backup monster's name.  You 
can now also use TEAM COMBO's.  These occur when you have the right kind of 3 
different monsters with you in a TAG BATTLE.  When TEAM UP occurs attack, and 
sometimes special things will happen.  Occasionally you'll be able to heal all 
team mates, or have all three team mates attack.  The down side is all your 
monster's guts will drop to 0.  Now that we have all this cleared up, we move 
on to the jungle.....

[2] - Welcome to the Jungle

Much like the earlier Togle Caves expierence, don't expect that you can get 
this in one pass.  One thing we need to go over that's pretty important.  By 
now your GARU, at least, should of filled up or is close to filling up his 
TRAITS.  You can replace old traits new traits.  When you have a full traits 
list and you earn a new trait it will ask you if you want to get rid of the 
new trait, say no, and it will ask you if you want to replace it with and 
older one.  This is a great way to get rid of useless traits that some 
monsters start with.  For example, GARU has a trait called HYPER BEAM.  This 
strengthens BEAM type attacks, well I've looked and can't seem to find any 
BEAM type attacks for him.  So it might be a good idea to replace it.  A 
decent replacement might be WIND LORE.  This will increase fire damage, and 
add WIND ELEMENT attacks to your moves.  If you have FIRE LORE, which you 
start out with, WIN ELEMENT should boost the power.  Not to mention that 
several of your best attacks are fire based.

As for the jungle itself.  It's pretty much exactly like Togle Caves, maybe a 
bit prettier.  The battles should still be pretty easy even if they are 
stronger monsters.  There are a few new obstacles however.  This first trip 
here is a breeze, head down to the 3rd Floor and you'll find another GAIA 
STONE.  RIO will have an interaction with it much like her first one and 
you'll leave.

If you want to use the jungle to earn levels, do it NOW!  After your next 
quest it will be locked off for a little while.  Togle Caves will still remain 
open, however, so it's up to you.  Leave before the 5th Level to keep it 
open.  The best place would be at level 4, when you are about to go to level 
5.  That way you don't lose any of your precious life span.

Anyways, you still haven't found the JUNK that Karnab was looking for so 
you'll need to make another trip down to Kalagiri.  This time you'll need to 
go down to the 5th Level.  Yet another boss battle will occur, he's much 
harder than previous ones, but you should be able to beat him.  He seems kinda 
like a Treant.  Anyways after defeating him he'll drop some junk that you can 
collect.  It resembles a pirates hook.  Take the hook to the Ryuwn association 
and he'll make you jump through one last hoop.  You must defeat Philia, which 
really isn't that hard.  I kinda get the feeling she's holding back.  
Defeating her will get you the Breeder's Rank of B, it will also allow you to 
join in battles at Ryuwn and FIMBA competitions.  Once again Cesare will hire 
Yu to come build up your house and pen.  You now have the best house and pen 
you can have.  You get to keep a total of a whole 5 monsters now.  This is a 
REALLY good time to get them and start them on a schedule.  The same schedule 
should fit any monster.

[3] - Moving Up In The World

Do you think they could make you jump through anymore hoops, from now on there 
isn't as much story or tutorial, but pure battle, rest, adventuring, and 
training.  Now you need to fight in the OFFICIAL RANK C competition.  This 
will be much harder than previous fights, so you may want to level up a little 
while first.  When you finally do compete you'll blow through your usual 
weaklings to get to Gramm's monster:

POW: N/A Acc N/A Int N/A Spd N/A Lif 355 Def N/A

A good stragety is to not COUNTER.  When you COUNTER if you miss then they 
will hit you for sure.  He'll miss most the time anyways, so just hope you can 
evade and try to land as many blows as possible.

Defeat him and you'll have a B RANKED Monster!  With a new rank comes new 
responsabilities and that leads us to....


[1] - Bungle in the Jungle

After getting your monster's B rank Karnab stops by your ranch to ask you a 
huge favor.  He wants you to go back to Kalagiri Jungle because several 
trainers and an Investigation Team went missing down there.  Before you go, go 
to town and stock up on food.  Don't get things like BEEF, FISH, or any 
sweets.  Stick with vegtables, especially potatoes.  You should have a 
buttload of money now so feel free to get 50 of each thing you want.  Now, 
back to the offter of helping him out.  Of course you offer your services and 
on a free weekend you go.

You'll need to take your 3 best monsters or else you won't make it.  This time 
you'll have to go 7 levels down and there are plenty of chances to lose a 
monster.  Levels 1-4 are pretty basic.  You'll meet some pretty lame and easy 
monsters so you shouldn't have too much trouble.  HOWEVER, levels 5-7 are 
pretty hard.  The monsters here have a definate increase in power and 
strength.  As long as you got your 3 best monsters like I mentioned earlier, 
you should be able to make it.

Your objective is on level 7 as mentioned earlier.  Of course you have to face 
a boss battle.  A huge monster with a hook hand and a patched eye will drop 
down.  He'll talk about how people are trying to fuse machines with monsters.  
RIO and yourself try desperatly to get him to believe that you aren't the kind 
of person that would do such a thing, the only thing that will change his mind 
is a battle.  This boss it like Dodongo, whome you fought in the Official C 
Rank Cup.  He is deadly if he connects with anything, but has a tendancy to 
miss.  His stats are:

POW: N/A Acc N/A Int N/A Spd N/A Lif 388 Def N/A

The next week you get a letter from Karnab.  Visit the Monster Association in 
Ryuwn and he'll give you a B Ranking for breeding.  RIO will question him 
about monster with modifications, but he says he doesn't know anything and 
ducks out.  Philia will tell you to check out Toble to see if you can find out 
more about this...

[2] Toble

As soon as you visit you'll meet a former classmate by the name of Wit.  
You'll need to go to the University later on and meet him, and his assistant 
Teetee?!  You'll need to return the following week to the association.  When 
you visit the association again you'll meet another former classmate of yours, 
Diehl.  Unlike the other ones you've met so far he by far is not your 
favorite.  You'll challenge him to a bout which will happen later on in the 
story.  You'll need to make a stop by at the Bugle Inn to continue your 
investigation.  You'll find out about something strange happening to Mocchi.  
As you can probably guess doing the following tasks will unlock Mocchi's to be 
taken off CD/DVD's.  After returning home Philia will again show up, but this 
time with a Mocchi, more of Phayne is revealed.  TeeTee will again visit your 
ranch and want you to visit Wit.  

Go back to University at Toble and you'll recieve a Magic Medal, this will be 
importation soon.  Soon after Doctor Talt will visit you once again, and again 
someone will be talking about Mocchi, personally not my favorite monster.  
Soon after Swift, basically an upgrade of Polloch will show up.  He'll let you 
replace an older training gadget with a Magical one since you have a Magic 
Medal.  Pick a gadget that will help the monster types you like, listed in a 
later section I have a list of all gadget types.

A little while later you'll need to return to Toble and get an update about 
the whole Mocchi thing.  You'll need to go back to the Bugle Inn and talk to 
Chiho again.  You'll also meet the stray monster hunter, Cortes.  Now you'll 
get a Mocchi doll that will help you investigate Kalagari Jungle even further. 
Now that, that is all out of the way, you can finally start working on getting 
to A Rank, start doing some competitions.  As long as you've been leveling 
your monsters like you've supposed to have been, the competitions should be a 
piece of cake to you.  If you find you are having trouble then you might want 
to spend some time training.  As soon as you are ready let's go for the 

Rank B Cup is pretty difficult, you'll battle your usual assortment of 
faceless trainers till you finally get to Diehl.  This would hardly be worth 
mentioning if what happens next wasn't so important.  His monster is:

POW: N/A Acc N/A Int N/A Spd N/A Lif 333 Def N/A

His monster seems to have a pretty high defense, hit him with your best stuff 
and as much as possible, because he hits hard too.  Diehl will call you a 
cheater and talk about how your in with Wit.  It's kinda obvious now why 
Phayne doesn't like him to much isn't it.  However now you'll finally get to 
go back to....


The final area in the game will be unlocked with Vizley, so you are really 
close to beating it, but your fiercest competition is about to unfold.  As you 
can probably tell the story is getting a little thin here as of late, but hang 
in there.  The first thing you need to do is meet Casa at Elives School.  
You'll finally figure out why Phayne was expelled from school.  There really 
isn't much else to do in Vizley besides the school and hospital.  Head back 
home.  Cynthia will be at your doorstep, eager to give you your A ranking as a 

You'll once again need to venture into the depths of the jungle.  This is the 
last time that you HAVE to go adventuring.  The enemies will be VERY tough on 
the way down so make sure you bring your best.  This time your boss is on the 
6th floor, and once again in an empty room.  You'll have to find Gera's 

POW: N/A Acc N/A Int N/A Spd N/A Lif 241 Def N/A

Much like all Madillo's he can take quite a few hits before going down for the 
count.  Hang in there and just try to connect with as many blows as possible.

After returning to your ranch a series of visits will occur, nothing that is 
spectacular.  However, now that you've beaten Geras, Mocchi's are now unlocked.

Now it's a race to the finish line.  Your GARU is probably getting really old, 
real quick.  There is no time to fool around.  You MUST get to rank S ASAP 
that means no loses.

To get oh so close to beating the game you need to advance to S Rank.  Much 
like every other rank  you'll go through several faceless trainers till you 
get to Wit.  His monster is near unbeatable and is:

POW: N/A Acc N/A Int N/A Spd N/A Lif 371 Def N/A

As you can probably guess he isn't the easiest person in the world to beat, 
but it can be done as long as you've been leveling up your monsters or have 
combined high level monsters and trained their offspring up well.  

At this point more thing will open up such as the Karewa and Volcano areas, 
complete these to unlock the Zan and to beat the game.


After you beat the game, including the Mocchi, and volcano sidequests) two 
additional options become available.  +Adventuring and the Phoenix.  The 
+Adventuring makes all the caves much longer and much harder.  We are talking 
about S Class random encounters.  However the rewards are great.  Instead of 
silly glasses, and silver coins we are talking major loot, including Rainbow 
Discs that can be appraised at The Shrine.  These will fill in the rare 
(___/???) breeds.

The Phoenix on the other had is a bit tougher, well not really.  Just wait two 
weeks and a feather will magicly show up.  A phoenix will come and ask you to 
raise phoenixs.  At this point Phoenix's are unlocked.

III. Lists
[A] - Ranch Upgrade List


[Poor House]   - (2X2) Beginning house, holds up to 4 training gadgets.
[Normal House] - (2x2) First upgrade, holds up to 8 training gadgets.
[Great House]  - (3x3) Best house, holds up to 16 training gadgets.


[Poor Hut]     - (2x2) Beginning Hut, holds 1 monster.
[Normal Hut]   - (3x3) First upgrade, holds up to 3 monsters.
[Great Hut]    - (3x4) Best Hut, hols up to 5 monsters.

[Level 1 Training Gadgets]
No Gadgets Available.  Basically your monsters plays by itself.

[Level 2 Training Gadgets]

[Sandbag]      - (1x2) ^^ POW, ^^ Tiredness, V Fullness
[Book]         - (1x2) ^^ INT, ^^ Tiredness, V Fullness
[Target]       - (2x3) ^^ ACC, ^^ Tiredness, V Fullness
[Trampoline]   - (1x1) ^^ SPD, ^^ Tiredness, V Fullness
[Tub]          - (1x2) ^^ DEF, ^^ Tiredness, V Fullness
[Life Blade]   - (1x1) ^^ LIF, ^^ Tiredness, V Fullness

[Level 3 Training Gadgets]

[Rock]         - (2x2) ^^ POW, V DEF, ^^ Tiredness, VV Fullness
[Stonehenge]   - (2x2) ^^ INT, V SPD, ^^ Tiredness, VV Fullness
[Flying Target]- (1x2) ^^ ACC, V LIF, ^^ Tiredness, VV Fullness
[Pitching Ma..]- (2x4) ^^ SPD, V POW, ^^ Tiredness, VV Fullness
[Cannon]       - (1x4) ^^ DEF, V ACC, ^^ Tiredness, VV Fullness
[Rodeo]        - (2x2) ^^ LIF, V INT, ^^ Tiredness, VV Fullness

[Level 4 Training Gadgets]
[Fan]          - (2x4) ^^^ POW, ^ SPD, V LIF, ^^^ Tiredness, VVV Fullness
[Phonograph]   - (1x2) ^^^ INT, ^ LIF, V DEF, ^^^ Tiredness, VVV Fullness
[Moving Target]- (1x3) ^^^ ACC, ^ DEF, V SPD, ^^^ Tiredness, VVV Fullness
[Thunder Machi]- (3x2) ^^^ SPD, ^ INT, V ACC, ^^^ Tiredness, VVV Fullness
[Pendulum      - (2x3) ^^^ DEF, ^ POW, V INT, ^^^ Tiredness, VVV Fullness
[Running MAchi]- (2x2) ^^^ LIF, ^ ACC, V POW, ^^^ Tiredness, VVV Fullness

[Special Training Gadgets] - These have differnt Version that give xtra stuff

[Wall Push]    -(2x3) ^^ POW, V ACC, ^^ Tiredness, VV Fullness
[Picture]      -(3x2) ^^ INT, V POW, ^^ Tiredness, VV Fullness
[Slot Machine] -(3x3) ^^ ACC, V INT, ^^ Tiredness, VV Fullness 
[Revolving Bar]-(2x2) ^^ SPD, V DEF, ^^ Tiredness, VV Fullness
[Slap Machin]  -(2x2) ^^ DEF, V LIF, ^^ Tiredness, VV Fullness
[Spa]          -(2x2) ^^ Lif, V SPD, ^^ Tiredness, VV Fullness

[Effect Gadgets]

[Aroma Pot]    -(1x1) Recover from stress faster. (Effects: Entire Ranch)
[Artemis Stat.]-(1x1) Gradually increase focus. (Effects: 3x3 Area)
[Bragma Stat.] -(1x1) More effective training (Effects: 3x3 Area)
[First Aid]    -(1x1) Monster heal quicker. (Effects: All Monsters)
[Fleria Stat.] -(1x1) Monster don't get ill as easily. (Effects: Ranch)
[Gemini Stat.] -(1x1) Compatability will raise. (Effects: Ranch) 
[Gadamon Stat.]-(1x1) Raises monster's enegry on adventures. (Effects: Ranch)  
[Sweet Incense]-(1x1) Monster will recover from tiredness quicker. (Effects: 
[Wind Drum]    -(1x1) Increases focus, but fatigued easily. (Effects: 3x3)
[Wonder Well]  -(1x1) Monsters won't get stressed as easily.  (Effects: Ranch)

[B] - Traits List

[Big Lung]    Increases power of moves that expel breath.
[Cave Search] Search for treasure in small caves.
[Dirt Search] Search inside ground for treasure.
[Eagle Eyes]  See high-speed opponents and up accuracy.  
[Earth Lore]  Increases Earth and Thunder power. Lets you add Earth to a 
[Fire Lore]   Increses Fire and Ice power. Lets you add Fire to a skill. 
[Flight Ride] Can ride your monster and fly over obstacles. 
[Foresee]     Anticipate and Dodge better but damage easily.
[Genius]      Increases INT attack. but POW attacks damage easily.
[Golden Foot] Increases power of moves that use the feet.  
[Golden Hip]  Increases power of moves that use the hip.  
[Great Tongue]Increases power of moves that use the tongue. 
[Great Wing]  Increases power of moves that use the wings.  
[Hard Head]   Increases power of moves that use the head.  
[Hard Scale]  Reduces damage but makes it harder to dodge attacks.  
[Hard Shell]  Reduces damage but makes it harder to dodge attacks.  
[Hard Skin]   Reduces damage but makes it harder to dodge attacks.  
[Heart Lore]  Increases Heart power. Lets you add Heart Pow to a skill.  
[Heavy Armor] Reduces damage but makes it harder to dodge attacks.
[Hi Counter]  Increases power of counter attacks.
[Hi Energy]   Monster Increases LIFE easier.
[Hi Power]    Monster Increases POW easier.
[Hi Recovery] Less chance of injuries due to KO.
[Hi Sence]    Monster can increase INT easier.
[Hi Speed]    Monster increases SPD easier.
[Hi Speed Ride]Allows you ride your monster at high speeds to avoid random 
[Hi Technic]  Monster can increase ACC easier.
[Hi Toughness]Monster can raise DEF easier.
[High Search] Search for treasure in higher locations. 
[Hyper Beam]  Increases power of moves that beam attacks.  
[Ice Lore]    Increases Ice and Wind power. Lets you add Ice to a skill.
[Ironheart]   Training won't cause your monster to tire as quickly.  
[Keen Fang]   Increases power of moves that use fangs.  
[King's Fist] Increases power of moves that use fists.  
[Lucky Star]  The Lucky Star brings good fortune.  
[Machismo]    Increases POW attack. but INT attacks damage easily.  
[Magic Lore]  Increases Magic power. Lets you add Magic Pow to a skill.  
[Pheremone]   Increases power of moves that use charm.
[Popular]     Gain FAME more quickly. 
[Power Ride]  Allows you to ride your monster and across dangerous terrain.  
[Sniper]      Increases power of Throwing/Shooting moves.  
[Soft Body]   Softens damage from punch or stab attack.  
[Sonic Nail]  Increases power of moves that use claws.  
[Strong Horn] Increases power of moves that use the horn.  
[Super Weapon]Increases power of moves that use the weapon.  
[Sweet Voice] Increases power of moves that use the voice.  
[Thick Fur]   Reduces damage but makes it harder to dodge attacks.  
[Thunder Lore]Increase Thunder and Water power. Lets you add Thunder Pow to a 
[Water Lore]  Increases Water and Earth power. Lets you add Water Pow to a 
[Water Search]Allows you to search water for treasure.   
[Whip Tail]   Increases power of moves that use the tail.  
[Wind Lore]   Increases Wind and Fire power. Lets you add Wind to a skill.  

S.S. =  Seseame Street
V.T. = Veggie Tales
*Tried AOL 8.0 and Wheel of Fortune
***Music Side
Disc Name                     TYPE          Monster Name       BREED
S.S. Kid's Favorite Songs     DVD            Ecologia         Antlan/Plant
Baby Songs Volume 4           DVD            Eval             Antlan/Zan
Blair Witch Project           DVD            Falcolan         Antlan/Raiden

Resident Evil                 DVD            Baku             Baku/Baku
Finding Nemo Dsk. 1           DVD            Baku             Baku/Baku

Birdman of Alkatraz           DVD            Grapaduck        Ducken/Naga
Tenchi Muyo! Vol. 1           DVD            Ducken           Ducken/Ducken
Blair Witch Project 2***      CD             Ducken           Ducken/Ducken

Devil May Cry                 PS2            Kagemusha        Durahan/???

Staind: 14 Shades of Grey     CD             Wolfie           Garu/Tiger
Good Charlette                CD             Garu             Garu/Garu

Jewell: Pieces of You         CD             BigKorobocci     Golem/Koropendora
Vampire Hunter D:Bloodlust    DVD            Gobi             Golem/Hengar

Sponge Bob:Tales From Deep    DVD            Joker            Joker/Joker

Blair Witch Project 2         DVD            Madillo          Madillo/Madillo

Pink Floyd:Darkside of Moon   CD             Mochimew         Mew/Mocchi

Baby Beethoven                DVD            Cybernetico      Mogi/Durahan
B.E. World Animals            DVD            Cybernetico      Mogi/Durahan
Akira                         DVD            Freebird         Mogi/Raiden
Social Distortion:Live Roxy   CD             Freebird         Mogi/Raiden
Final Fantasy X-2             PS2            Mogi             Mogi/Mogi

About Schmidt                 DVD            Viper            Naga/Zuum
Animal Numbers                DVD            Jungler          Naga/Plant
Alice in Chains:Unplugged     CD             Ceto             Naga/Hengar

Christmas Eve on S.S.         DVD            EvilFish         Ogoyo/Zan
Freddy Vs. Jason Dsk. 2       DVD            BeetleFish       Ogoyo/Madillo
Godzilla: The Album           CD             Gyoruna          Ogoyo/Dragon

Elmo's World Happy Holiday    DVD                             Pixie/Durahan
Finding Nemo Dsk. 2           DVD            Pixie            Pixie/Pixie

V.T. Ultimate Silly Songs     DVD            Plant            Plant/Plant
Any PC or Unrecongized CD*    PC/CD          Mushtan          Plant/?????
Offspring: Huck It            DVD            Plant            Plant/Plant

Fatal Frame 2                 PS2            Korokoroller     Rhinoroller/
Final Fantasy Tactics         PSX            Bakuroller       Rhinoroller/Baku

Final Fantasy X               PS2            Nightsickle      Ripper/???

Xenosage Episode 1            PS2            Nightfang        Tiger/Zan

Elmo Saves Christmas          DVD            Mustardy         Zuum/Suezo
Everafter                     DVD            Psirow           Zuum/Rhinoroller


Q. What's the best monster to go with?

A. Depends on your training style and your personality, there is no bestest.

Q. Where can I find ____ tablet?

A. Check and recheck caves over and over.

Q. What are all the battle abilities?

A. Listed above in the FAQ are a few, I'll add a larget list in the LISTS 
section when I have more of them.

Q. What is the raising stragety again?

A. Basically all monsters use either or both INT and POW attacks.  Whichever a 
monster has more of raise that skill and ACC to 20-30.  Raise all remaining 
stats to level 10.  This should speed you through the game.


I'd like to thank anyone who reads my FAQ and think it's actually informative 
or at least interesting.  I'd also like to thank Bizkitty for a lot of random 
information, as well as Chikita.  I'd also like to thank my girlfriend for 
putting up with my habit/addiction of video game and writing about video games.

Thank you to Metroanime for the S class info.
Thank you Gamefaq messageboard users for ideas and learning from your 
questions and answers.

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