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Guide and Walkthrough by Metroanime

Updated: 01/22/2004

MONSTER RANCHER 4 FAQ-Walkthrough v1.0
Monster Rancher 4 by Tecmo.
Posted/Written by Gregg Sharp for gamefaqs.com

A: Things Tecmo needs to fix for MR5.
  FREEZING MONSTERS: In MR4 you can't unfreeze them. Taking them to the freezer
is a oneway deal, all you can do is combine or retire them at that point.
Thawing them out would be a good thing.
  TRADABLE BOOKS: In MR4 you can't trade books with your friends or colleagues
in order to try and complete the pages. It counts against your totals to check
discs too. This was something from MR3 that needs to be reinstated, being able
to compare and trade is a nice conversation starter.
  DATING GAME?: Why do a number of the char in MR4 remind me of a dating sim?
Come to think of it, wouldn't that be an interesting twist to throw into future
editions? Some interaction for such things, even just dialogue options, would
be interesting. That way you can get the brush off from Yuri and possibly
invite Chiho over to your ranch on a day off.
  FAST FORWARD CUTSCENES: You have to sit through that sequence every time you
check a disc and your main character has the same win pose every time. This
gets tired really fast. A way of skipping the scenes would be appreciated.
  USING MEDICINE/ITEMS: You can give your monster items during the Free Time
section of the week, but the benefits aren't clear. Being able to give the
monster the items before a match or during an adventure would be better.
  INTERACTION: some more interaction on the ranch would be nice too. Mockruji
for example - is on the farm but only speaks during cutscenes. More interaction
with the monsters would be nice too.
  YOU CALL THIS TREASURE?: You have two "dungeons" in MR4. Togle Caverns and
Kalagiri Jungle. After the first few times in either you get heartily sick of
getting Toy Glasses or Bone. While they can be sold at the Item Shops
(requiring a weekend to be blown on a shopping trip) these are otherwise
useless. Likewise with Combination Items like STR stone or ACC stone. Sure
these give a slight boost (10pt) in a single given stat when combining, but
that means diddly on the course of training up a monster and doesn't make up
for the difference of one of the monsters that has higher stats when freshly
taken from DVD/CD. How about a few healing potions that can be used in a
dungeon? Pow. or Acc. potions that permanently raise a stat? (Especially when
you have a monster that starts out with a really poor stat like Pipo Ape's Int
    WHAT THE HECK DOES YOUR ASSISTANT DO? You've got this mysterious assistant
but there's no real indication of what they are doing. Why do you have to blow
a weekend on a shopping trip instead of sending your assistant off to buy
   EXTREMELY SILLY MONSTERS. A problem i have with pokemon and monster rancher
and the similar genres. Why does something that looks like a plush toy get a
term like 'monster' associated with it? Some of these critters are about as
monstrous as a hubcap and have less appeal. Is this a Japanese thing or does
someone out there actually like the Koropendora and Pancho? (After all, some
people like the Suezo which i've never understood.)
  A WHOLE NEW WORLD: you *could* add cutscenes as each city unlocks. Something
showing off the town/village, some indication of how these monsters are used in
everyday life when they're not being managed as fighters. Places with retired
monsters too old to fight. Even just having occasional mail in your box (maybe
delivered by a postal mocchi or pixie) to indicate a world beyond the
ranch/fight circuit.

1.0 Characters

One of the teachers at Elives School who remembers Phayne. When Vizley is
unlocked late in the game she's one of several you can speak with irregularly
at the school.

Shrine operator for Togle. Father of Rio. Shows up regularly in plotlines to
give some expositionary dialogue.

A sometimes flirty waitress at the Bugle Inn in Torble when that unlocks in the
game. You can buy Canned Fuel, Honey Toast, Cake here. Sometimes monsters like
these specialty foods.

When Vizley is unlocked, you can visit Elives School and the person greeting
you varies randomly. Chris is at least better than Lambda.

A "Stray Monster Hunter" in Torble investigating the Case Of The Missing Mocchi.

The Monster Association worker assigned to Togle. Shows up in the 2nd Week and
performs Association functions (Retire/Combine). Later on she says she's a fan.
Looks vaguely like Ritsuko Akagi from Evangelion.

A Professor in Torble at the University. Doesn't seem to have a lot to say.

Seems to be the stock 'Aristocrat teen angry snob' type common to some anime
(Kuno-Ranma 1/2, Mendo-Urusei Yatsura, etc) and games. Torble, appears when you
register. One of Phayne's classmates and apparently not a friend. He has over
sixty monsters at his ranch and the latest training gadgets, or so he says. You
end up challenging him to be beaten in an official bout.

Announcer at the Torble arena.

Library at Ryuwn. All those Old Texts you've been picking up can be translated

Announcer at Togle.

Announcer at Ryuwn.

Announcer for the stadium in Vizley.

Villain in the Case Of The Missing Mocchi quest.

One of several potential speakers at Elives when Vizley is unlocked. Doesn't
talk much.

Tubby classmate from Elives School who became a breeder in Ryuwn. Has a crush
on Philia.

After you get a monster to Grade C, this demented sailorboy gives you his old
ship so that you can reach other towns. Apparently has a relationship
developing with Yuri. Is it all business?

Runs the Item Shop In Ryuwn. Apparently not the chatty type.

FIMBA president for the Nettle Kingdom at least.

When Vizley is unlocked, this is one of the rotating persons to greet you at
Elives School. Angry young man type.

In Vizley there are only two buildings. The Hospital and Elives School. Laurier
is always at the Monster Hospital. She sells Vitamin (useful for dieting
monsters) and various medicines like Oily Oil (a fatigue reliever for monsters,
it just suffers from Silly Name Syndrome.) There seems to be some hostility
between Laurier and Talt.

Association worker at Torble.

A spirit tree on the farm that you can only speak to within cutscenes at the
beginning of the story.

Main character. Thrown out of Elives School for reasons that come out after
your third city. Has had a bad experience involving a Mocchi.

Classmate from Elives School. Apparently has a crush on Phayne or at least a
serious case of like. Top Rookie at Ryuwn where she lives with her grandmother.

Middle aged pusher of training gadgets. Or builder/salesman of training
gadgets. Shows up every so often and will appraise Old Tablets to see if they
have training manual directions.

Librarian Assistant at Ryuwn.

Teacher at Vizley, Elives School. Possibly insane.

Your assistant after Yuri returns to her shop. Talks to monsters. Daughter of

After Torble and your encounter with Diehl, Swift will show up on *very* rare
occasions to sell you effect versions of training gadgets you have gotten
through Pollock before.

Coming from the same island as the boat your character arrived with is this
monster veterinarian. Who looks like a girl but has a male pronoun used to
refer. Error in translation, crossdressing healer, or victim of Jusenkyo?

A formerly popular breeder whose star has begun its decline and isn't happy at
all about that. Initially a rival.

Togle Monster Association, works with freezing and combining monsters.

Young student/former classmate of Phayne now at the University in Torble.
Eventually gives you a Magic Medal so that you can outfit one Training Gadget
as a slightly more efficient version.

Carpenter friend of Cesare. Looks like another crossdresser, or victim of
Jusenkyo, or someone whose gender was mistranslated. A pair of pink coveralls?
The one who shows up to upgrade your house & hut.

Initially your assistant in running the Ranch, once you get a monster to D
Class she returns to run the Item Shop in Togle.

MR 4 is very linear, so only brief descriptions are used.

I: Starting Off

You start off with a long involved scene where you have just met TEETEE and
neither of you are happy with the situation. CESARE takes you in and sets you
up with your first monster and the ranch.

GARU is an above average specimen of his type. You can easily get him up to B
Class though he's going to suffer age problems beyond that. He's got above
average beginner in everything except Int so you can focus on a particular area
immediately. Concentrating on Power and Accuracy is the most efficient way of
giving him an early edge, as doing a Tornado and Fire Charge combo will take
out most opponents until much later in the game.

GARU (Garu/Garu) Class E
Pow 185  Lif 120  Int 95
Acc 155  Def 135  Spd 150
Attacks: Wild Slash, Tornado, Fire Charge
Traits: Sonic Nail, Fire Lore

There are the inevitable lessons as one section of the game's commands after
another are unlocked. At first you can't even enter tournaments so just
concentrate on stat-raising.

2W: Cynthia shows up to name the Ranch.
3W: Cesare moseys in to give you food for the monster.
4W: Another two hints about Rio's ability to speak to monsters.
May Wk1: Cesare takes you to the arena and the Association is unlocked.

After being shown the arena and another encounter with Teetee, you'll be able
to participate in tournaments. Win three and you can get your monster to
participate in the Official Cup Battles, which can raise your monster's Grade
to the next level.

Rio talks to a spirit tree (Mockruji), the spirit tree talks back, and you hear
more about Rio's abilities.

May 2W: Yuri brings by her monster Meowzer (Mew/Mew) to teach you battle
May 3W: Yuri unlocks competitions and tournaments.

At this point all you can do is try to train, beat the little fights, and then
schedule an Official Cup Battle. It should be fairly easy, your starting Garu
is fairly impressive when contrasted to the low level fodder.

The first Official Cup Battle is Jul 3W. At that point I had the Garu built up
GARU Grade E
Pow 191  Lif 137  Int 117
Acc 155  Def 139  Spd 160

Winning the Cup Battle, your Garu goes to D Class and triggers several events.
Your little hut will finally be expanded, allowing you to get more than one
monster, and Yuri will head back to her family's Item Shop. Rio becomes your
new assistant.

Doctor Talt (who looks like a girl but the male pronoun is used regarding) the
monster veterinarian is introduced. Following this, you see Pollock the
manufacturer of training gadgets.

Garu will seem lonely the next morning and Cesare will conveniently explain
that the family needs to be bigger. So you're going to need a bigger hut, more
monsters, and to start checking discs for an appropriate monster.

Yu the carpenter (another guy that looks more like a girl) shows up to expand
the house so you can get those other monsters.

There's a list in the appendix of available monsters and what DVD/CD unlocks
them. Chaos Durahan from the Two Towers DVD is a good choice for a fighter but
lousy as an explorer while a Pixie is a good explorer but takes forever to
build up to where she isn't KOed in one hit.

One morning (Aug W4) Rio will wake you up because of the disappearance of that
rolled up section in your farm map, indicating the adventuring mode has been
unlocked. You'll be given a brief description of how to use your monsters in

i used a Monty Python CD to produce an Aero (Pixie/Tiger):
Pow 86 Lif 87 Int 159
Acc 138 Def 82 Spd 142
Attacks: Somersault, Raycast
Traits: Golden Foot

followed by the Two Towers disc to produce a Chaos Durahan:
Pow 200 Lif 120 Int 105
Acc 125 Def 180 Spd 95
Attacks: Kick, Gaea Sword, Cut-In-Two, Charge
Traits: Super Weapon, Magic Lore
note that the one in the book is significantly less powerful than one directly
off the DVD.

This is the cave complex on the farm itself. Typical dungeon crawl with chests
that can be opened for "treasure". In Togle this is mainly items like Toy
Glasses and Silver Coins. The items and XP are better in Kalagiri Forest (which
unlocks later).

The monsters in Togle are class E and mainly annoying. You can get your
monsters up to adventuring level 9 without much problem, after that you need
the bigger XP from Kalagiri to make a dent in that XP Required field.

Each searchable area can only be searched by a particular type of monster that
has learned a particular ability. Garu and Antlan pick up Dirt Search fairly
soon, required for those patches of bare earth. Pixies develop Water Search and
High Search - necessary for lakes/rivers and stone pillars/trees in that order.
Garu also pick up Cave Search, for those chimney like outcroppings and tree
stumps in Kalagiri.

For the first outing, if you can go to the second floor. In the SE section of
the map is a chest with an Old Tablet. That will end your adventure safely and
trigger another scene with Pollock.

Pollock will tell you that he'll give you the Training Gadget as soon as he's
done deciphering the blueprints. Liar. He never gives anything away.

Your first objective in Togle will be a shrine area (3F) that sets off a
dialogue sequence and clues about Rio's strange talents. You'll probably need
to level your monsters up to achieve that.

At this point you have to balance weekends between adventuring, going into town
for supplies, and scheduled battles.

Best way to get money and stock up those supplies so you can concentrate on
other things is to sell off those items you pick up in the adventures that
serve no useful purpose. Nunchaku 250g. Junk Toy 15g. Yarn Ball 25g. Teddy Bear
65g. (Though there's something wrong somehow about beating up a random monster
and taking its teddy bear.)

Acheiving that first Togle Caverns objective will set off the next sequence in
the plot, where training gadgets fail to function and the Official Cup Battles
are put on hold. You won't be able to increase the Class level until you get
this quest done.

Back to the Togle Caves. Your Garu can learn two of the major explorer skills.
i'd suggest at least one other monster who can learn useful adventuring skills.
Either a Pixie to reach those chests atop pillars or a riding monster like a
Zuum or Dragon.

This time you'll definitely want to level up a few times. Eventually you'll go
to level 5 of the Togle Caves and fight a boss (Shiden of the Raiden). He's not
particularly hard if you've got at least two monsters with decent accuracy and
attacks. More hints about Rio's abilities, some great problem supposed to hit
the fan again, Raiden are unlocked, etc.

Once you've beaten the boss, you'll be back at the farm again. Cynthia shows up
with a Breeder Ranking card and you'll be able to participate in Official Cup
Battles once again.

Back to trying to power up your monsters and get through the tournaments. Most
likely with Garu as that monster has a head start on the others' development.

By the time the Official Grade D came around, i had Garu at:

Pow. 274, Lif. 155, Int. 124
Acc. 155, Def. 161, Spd. 185

You'll spot Kelarino, Teetee's Hare, in the lineup. Of course it'll be your
last fight in the sequence.

Beat her and your Garu becomes Grade C. CESARE shows up to talk to RIO, and
POLLOCK shows up to tell you to set your sites on Ryuwn and the FIMBA

A boat will pull aside your cliff a week after you've gotten a monster to Grade
C. GUNWALE gives you a ship he's apparently outgrown, the "Sardine". Whatever,
its needed to get you to Ryuwn and the other cities when they unlock.

Now that you've got transportation, you'll need to visit Ryuwn to progress the


You run immediately into GRAM, a classmate from Elives who has a crush on
PHILIA who is also here.

You'll also run into an officious lout named PIERRE at the Association. His job
is to screen out the riff raff. That includes you by the way. He'll make an
appointment to see you in a week.

Surprise. Pierre throws some sarcasm, some sneering commentary, but no
registration your way. After he throws you out, you'll run into Teetee again.
It appears Teetee knows Philia and the two don't get along. Teetee knocks over
MAURO on her way.

Helping Mauro gets Philia reintroduced to Phayne (or whatever you named your
character) and your next quest.

Back to the Togle Caves for the Healing Mushrooms.

After the competition monsters, the wandering ones here are almost
embarrasingly easy. There's a mini-boss on 4F with the mushrooms.

Bring the mushrooms back to Philia and you get the next quest for your FIMBA


You have to find the "Junk" in the jungle and bring it back to Ryuwn's
Association building.

Philia shows up during your first week back from Ryuwn so that she can unlock
the "Counter" function.

Teetee shows up, issues a challenge, and Tag battles are unlocked.

While alternating visits to the shops for food and scheduling battles, you can
adventure in Kalagiri now. Tougher fights, better treasure. Slightly in both

One creature found more often in Kalagiri than Togle is the Jack-in-the-Cho.
Opening a chest reveals it is a Pancho style monster that attacks you. In
Kalagiri it has 130-160 Lif.

Occasionally a chest or fight will produce something like a Monster Stone
(Fancy, Sprite, Beast) or an Old Tablet (Old, Int, Acc, etc.) but most of the
time it's the same old thing. Another pair of Toy Glasses. Whuppee.

First time into Kalagiri is much like the first time in Togle Caves - 3F has a
shrine with a Gaia Stone and a repeat performance with Rio. Same picture
flashing up on the screen. Same immediate cut to the farm.

Next time through, explore to your heart's content. Kalagiri ends up being
unavailable after this quest for awhile. (Until the next quest unlocks it

At this point:

Pow. 325, Lif. 165, Int. 124
Acc. 155, Def. 161, Spd. 204
Wild Slash, Tornado, Wild Bite, Fire Spin, Superclaw, Fire Kick, and Fire Upper
Traits: Sonic Nail, Fire Lore, Golden Foot, King's Fist, Cave Search,
Hyperbeam, Keen Fang, Dirt Search

Chaos Durahan
Pow. 233, Lif. 137, Int. 116
Acc. 161, Def. 180, Spd. 166
Kick, Swing, Cut-In-Two, Charge, Turn Slash, Midare, and Gaea Sword
Traits: Super Weapon, Magic Lore, Heavy Armor, Golden Foot, Genius*
* Since Genius increases Int attacks and lowers defense against Str attacks,
this makes absolutely no sense for a Durahan but you can't choose Traits. Well,
maybe in MR5?

Pow. 115, Lif. 134, Int. 210
Acc. 149, Def. 116, Spd. 174
Somersault, Ray Cast, Windylance, Starlight, Fairy Dust, Star Shower, Milky Way
Golden Foot, Sniper, High Search, Pheromone, Hyper Beam, Water Search

The majority of treasures in either dungeon are lame. Not of use within the
game and of little value at trade. Long before this point you're probably sick
of getting Toy Glasses.

5F is the area where the boss battle occurs. The "Junk" is preceded by a
monster and turns out to be a hook-hand as seen in pirate movies.

Save. Take the hook to Ryuwn. Mr K = Karnab. Your test now is to beat Philia.
You get upgraded to Grade C, you can enter FIMBA competitions, and the arena at
Ryuwn. Cesare asks Yu to stop by and you'll have another ranch expansion on the

With roughly three years to get a monster trained and up to Class B for
combining, this is awfully slow going. No POW up potions?

The Official League C will be tough unless you've been levelling up
significantly. At the end of which you fight Dodongo - Gram's unique looking
Golem with 355 life points. Beat him, get your monster to Grade B.

Karnab drops by - your next quest is back to Kalagiri for a missing
investigative team.


You've got the basics by now of whatever strategy you've adopted for
training/shopping/exploring. Some monsters balk at some kinds of training,
others thrive on the same regimen. It usually means finding a critter that does
well under your style.

At some point you'll probably want to freeze or combine one of your younger
monsters just so you stagger the ages further out. If you have a bunch of your
monsters reach retirement age at the same time it can really play hob with
getting any of the plot done.  Adding your fourth and fifth monsters at this
point will do this, but if you add that fifth monster you can't check any
additional CDs or DVDs until you empty a slot. The Yellow and Blue Atlan
Rangers that you get from using the Monster Rancher 4 disc as your source disc
are surprisingly strong, especially the Yellow. Whether you get Blue (hi int.)
or Yellow (hi pow.) depends on which season you visit the shrine.

Since i got a TGH Stone from a chest in Kalagiri last time, it gets used on a
combining of a Joker and Gaccharing to produce a slightly more favorable
Lif. 95, Pow. 110, Int. 143
Acc.120, Def. 140, Spd. 133
Pokkorin, Aim Hit
Trait: Fire Lore

Whatever you go with, go adventuring to gain those additional attacks. Use the
two other slots for more experienced monsters in Kalagiri. By the time you get
past 4F you should have your newest monster up to level 5 as an adventurer.

In the case of the above mentioned WizRing that meant adding Pokkorin and
LinLinHat as attacks. Hard Head, King's Fist, High Search and Sniper as Traits.

When ready get your three toughest since you've got quite a few levels to get
through before a boss battle.

7th floor has the boss, the head with the pirate hook you see in the opening
animation. DON is against cyborging monsters, which Rio is also pretty set
against. Of course, dialogue gives way to battle.

DON the pirate monster (Rio later refers to him as a Nendoro) has 388 hp and
some fairly good attacks if he connects. Compared to some of the Official Cup
Battles though, particularly B and above? Piece of cake unless he gets lucky.
Just try again if he beats you.

Cynthia shows up the next day. Karnab is sending you a letter. (What? They've
got pixies and other flying monsters but the post is delivered by high ranking
human employees?) You need to go to the Monster Association Office in Ryuwn

Karnab gives you a Monster Rank B, which unlocks the city of Torble. Rio asks
Karnab about altered (cyborg) monsters, Karnab pleads ignorance and acts
evasive before exiting.

Philia shows up and advises you to check Torble for more clues.

VI: Torble

As soon as you get a free weekend from competitions and shopping, head to
Torble. You'll meet WIT right off the bat, seperate, then rejoin him at the

Teetee shows up as Wit's assistant? Is she pulling a Fujiko (Lupin III
reference)? Whatever, you'll have to visit the Association next week.

You meet LUCIA and DIEHL. You end up challenging him to a battle at the arena.
This will take place in a cup battle later.

Before you leave, stop at the BUGLE INN and speak to CHIHO. Something
mysterious is going on with the Mocchi. Now you can return to your ranch.

Philia shows up with a Mocchi. Phayne's reluctance to raise a Mocchi is

Cue Teetee. Wit wants you to come visit him at the University. Once there, Wit
gives you a medal and triggers another visitor to your ranch.

First Doctor Talt shows up. Talt checks out your monsters and relates "his" own
experiences with a Mocchi.

SWIFT appears, and you can get effect (Healing, Magic, Intense, Lucky) versions
of gadgets you already have. Since all you have is a Magic Medal, you can sell
off one of your training gadgets and buy a Magic version in replacement. After
repeatedly utilizing these things, i have to question the in-game commentary
about their effectiveness.

Which Training Gadget you replace with a Magic variant is up to you. Whatever
you think will get your monster an edge in the current fight. For this case i
went with the Magic Tub as the defense scores aren't so hot and there are
things like the Hare's 'Spring Leap' which can turn your Class C Durahan to a
one-hit loss. There's a list of Training Gadgets that i've found in section 5.

My monsters at this point are:

Garu, (Garu/Garu) Rank B, adventure level 13
Pow. 456,  Lif. 193, Int. 147
Acc. 255, Def. 160, Spd. 217
Wild Slash, Cyclone, Wild Bite, Fire Charge, SuperClaw, Fire Kick, Fire Upper,
Beam, and Wild Stomp
Traits: Sonic Nail, Fire Lore, Golden Foot, King's Fist, Cave Search, Hyper
Beam, Keen Fang, and Dirt Search

Chaos Durahan, (Durahan/?), Rank C, adventure level 13
Pow. 233, Lif. 189, Int. 126
Acc. 172, Def. 178, Spd. 320
Kick, Swing, Cut-in-Two, Charge, Turn Slash, Midare, Air Slash, Gust, Gaea Sword
Super Weapon, Magic Lore, Heavy Armor, Golden Foot, Genius, Wind Lore, Foresee,
Lucky Star

Aero (Pixie/Tiger), Rank D, adventure level 13
Pow. 160, Lif. 194, Int. 277
Acc. 163, Def. 191, Spd. 174
Somersault, Ray Cast, WindyLance, Starlight, Fairy Dust, Star Shower, MilkyWay,
Healing Ring, and Silky Dance
Golden Foot, Sniper, High Search, Pheromone, Hyper Beam, Water Search, Hi
Counter, Thunder Lore

WizRing (Suzurin/Joker), Rank E, adventure level 6
Pow. 120, Lif. 116, Int. 167
Acc. 124, Def. 131, Spd. 141
Pokorin, Pokkorin, LinLinHat, Aim Hit, Hat Attack
Fire Lore, Hard Head, King's Fist, High Search, Sniper

Since a lot of Pixie attacks are Int based (Starlight, Ray Cast, etc.) that's
the stat to concentrate on for increasing damage. Garu and Durahan primarily
rely on physical attacks. While many of your opponents in the arena battles are
close to a perfect hexagon in well rounded development, it is the ability to
react quickly and hit hard that will win more battles. Don't obsess over
rounding out your character when the monster's lifespan is as limited as it is.
If there was a Life Extension magic or Fountain of Youth in a dungeon, maybe,
but with three to four years?

Diehl's monster is pretty tough, all right. Sometimes the game seems to be
cheating as even with an Acc. of 255 and an attack with an Accuracy score of A
- your Garu can't land an attack while every attack from the monster hits and
crits. Just reset and try again, this isn't one of those "you can't win" fights
designed that way by the programmers.

Give it a week or two then return back to Torble and the Bugle Inn. Chiho gives
you an update. You also meet CORTES the "Stray Monster Hunter". You also get
the Mocchi Doll so that you can investigate further at Kalagiri.

Eventually you'll be ready for the Official Rank B Battle in Torble, most
likely with Garu.

Diehl's monster "Balboa" is a Durahan (Durahan/?) with 333 Lif. There are
other, tougher, monsters in the lineup getting to him. If you hit fast with
Tornado and follow with two Firespin, a Garu can take him out fast.

Lif. 333, Pow. 351, Int. 234
Acc. 254, Spd. 174, Def. 322
Kick, Swing, Cut-in-Two, Charge, Turn Slash, Midare, Air Shot, Gust, Aura
Slash, Gaea Sword
Super Weapon, Golden Foot, Thunder Lore

After your win, you've got a monster up to Rank A. You're accused by Diehl of
cheating, and of collaborating with Wit. He makes a comment about steroids, and
you part on poor terms with him. Rio talks about getting Diehl a teacher to
show him a better path and Vizley gets unlocked.

Class A monsters seem to be well balanced and all stats are right in the
295-350 range. Fights are usually six to eight opponents. You're gonna to power
your monster up some before you'll be able to get through this mess, the bar
has been upped significantly.

Go to Vizley, meet with CASA and finally get details on why Phayne was
expelled. "Tome Of Black Arts" sounds more like something out of Lodoss Wars
than Monster Rancher, but there's more to the story than was in the official
records apparently.

You'll also get a scene with LAMBDA, CHRIS, and RICHTER.

Before leaving Vizley, pick up a couple of Vitamins at the Hospital. They're
expensive at 1000g each but if you need to diet your monsters, that's about the
only thing that'll work.

When you get back, you'll start another day with a visit from Cynthia. IMa has
certified you as a Rank A Breeder and you can take part in competitions in
Vizley now.

Back to Kalagiri and solving the Mocchi problem.

The boss is on the 6th floor (in an apparently empty room) and the wandering
monsters are C class. Tough buggers too. You may see some getting up with
"Final Guts" three or four times before they finally stay down.

GERAS is the Mocchi kidnapper and he has something called a "Mocchi Radar"
which is reading the Mocchi Doll you got from Cortes at the Bugle Inn.

Geras' monster is a DeviMadillo Class C with 241 Lif. Pretty good Def. so
you'll have to use fairly strong and accurate attacks.

Rio finally did something useful while the fight was going on. Geras gets away,
and Rio wants you to think about raising a Mocchi.

Cortes shows up at your ranch, and indicates he knows Geras and is going after

Back to training up your monsters.

The next week, a Mocchi shows up that Phayne recognizes. Talt explains
something. Mocchi are unlocked so you can regenerate them now.

With this many hints, go ahead and find a disc with a Mocchi and start it off.
It really doesn't matter which variety.

To advance the story, you'll need to get a monster to S rank. This probably
means you'll need to combine two A rank monsters into a D rank and start all
over again the long process of fighting/adventuring/training necessary to get
your monster to the point where you can win three A Rank battles and then get
through the A Rank Cup.

At some point you'll go to Vizley, talk to Laurier and trigger a scene with
Talt and Laurier. As far as i can tell, this does absolutely nothing with
regard to interactions later or furthering the plot.

The A Cup battle is tougher than the boss battles so far. Tougher than the tag
teams or competitions to this point. Add to this that the clock is ticking on
your monster because it took so long to get to A Rank in the first place...

While the opponents shuffle between preset groups, this is a typical opponent:

Nashe (Ripper/Lesione)
Lif. 341, Pow. 342, Int. 351
Acc. 385, Spd. 377, Def. 352
TRAITS: Water Lore+, Ice Lore+, Whip Tail, Eagle Eyes
SKILLS: Tail Claw, Slicer, Ice Pillar, SpinBlade, Dark Gale, Freeze, Hell,
Tempest, Spin Sword, Piercing

The final fight is against Wit's monster Spartacs who will have not lost any

Spartacs (Ripper/?)
Lif. 371, Pow. 358, Int. 371
Acc. 435, Spd. 369, Def. 315
TRAITS: Ice Lore+, Wind Lore+, Heart Lore+, Whip Tail
SKILLS: Tail Claw, Mute Cutter, Slicer, Ice Pillar, SpinBlade, Phantom, Freeze,
Hell, Piercing

If there is more than a 100 pt difference between your monster's Acc. and the
opponent's - your only chance to really hit and do damage is in a Counter and
you've only got a 1/3 chance to land that. Likewise the amount of damage is
determined by either Int. or Pow. on attacks and target's Def. Most players
i've talked to have their Garu visiting the hospital as a result of this battle.

(to be continued.)

3.0   TRAITS______
BIG LUNG - Increases the force of breath attacks like Inferno.
CAVE SEARCH - allows this monster to search those chimneys and tree stumps in
the dungeon.
DIRT SEARCH - allows this monster to search dirt piles in the dungeons.
EAGLE EYES - see high-speed opponents and up accuracy.
FIRE LORE - Ups Fire and Ice attack strength. Adds a Fire element to skills.
FORESEE - Dodge rate increases but so does amount of damage from a successful
attack. Which makes absolutely no sense but that's how its supposed to work.
GENIUS - increases power of Int moves but makes the monster more vulnerable to
Pow moves.
GOLDEN FOOT - increases power of moves that use the feet like Somersault.
GREAT TONGUE - increases damage from tongue attacks like Lick and i wonder if
anyone at Tecmo realizes how silly that sounds.
GREAT WING - increases damage from wing attacks like Flutter.
HARD HEAD - increases damage from attacks like Head Butt.
HARD SCALE - same as Hard Skin.
HARD SHELL - same as Hard Skin.
HARD SKIN - reduces damage but harder to dodge attacks. Heavy Armor is more of
HEART LORE - Ups Heart power and adds Heart element to attacks.
HEAVY ARMOR - reduces damage but harder to dodge attacks.
HI POWER - Allows for easier increases of Pow. Yellow Antlan is the only one
i've seen with it.
HI RECOVERY - Decrease chance of injuries from K.O.
HI SENCE - Allows for easier increases of Int. Blue Antlan is the only one i've
seen with it.
HI SPEED RIDE - While in dungeons you can ride this monster and get a decreased
encounter rate.
HIGH SEARCH - Monster can search trees, fountains, and other high places in the
HYPER BEAM - increases damage from beam attacks.
IRON HEART - training hard doesn't tire the monster out as badly, they just get
irritated or frustrated instead.
KEEN FANG - Increases attack strength of bites.
KING'S FIST - Increases power of moves that use the fists like Slap and Judo
LUCKY STAR - Supposedly brings good fortune but i haven't seen any indication
of this.
MACHISMO - Increases strength of Pow moves but makes the monster more
vulnerable to Int moves.
MAGIC LORE - Increases Magic power and adds Magic to attacks.
PHEROMONE - Increases power of moves that use charm like Fairy Kiss.
POWER RIDE - You can ride your monster over dangerous obstacles like thorn
barriers. Found in Golems.
ROCK BODY - Same as Hard Armor. Found in Golems.
SNIPER - increases attack moves that involve throwing or shooting like Smoke
SOFT BODY - decreases damage from punch or stab attacks. Found in Mocchi.
SONIC NAIL - increases damage done by claw attacks like Wild Claw.
STRONG HORN - increases damage of attacks done with the horn like Charge.
SUPER WEAPON - increases damage of attacks done with the weapon like Midare.
SWEET VOICE - increases damage from vocal attacks like Hawaiian, though why
does that attack have that name?
THICK FUR - identical to Heavy Scale, Hard Armor, and so on.
THUNDER LORE - Increases the power of Thunder and Water, lets you add a Thunder
element to an attack.
WATER LORE - Increases the Water and Earth element powers. Attacks have Water
WATER SEARCH - This monster can search lakes and rivers when found in a dungeon.
WHIP TAIL - increases attack strength of tail attacks like Tail Slap.
WIND LORE - Increases Wind & Fire elements. Adds Wind element to attacks.

4.0 ATTACKS: Attacks are grouped by overall type, sub-breeds don't have any
variation. Damage is modified by various Traits (see 3.0 Traits)
Attack: short/mid/far range; cost to pull off move, damage to target's life,
damage to target's guts, critical hit rate, accuracy rate.
   The letter scores work the same way as monster grades. S,A,B,C,D,E. For
example Golem's Atomic Punch is very effective to deal damage, but good luck
trying to land an attack.

Fire Punch; Mid, 17, Life C, Guts E, Crit E, Acc D
Smoke Bomb; Short, 13, Life E, Guts E, Crit E, Acc C
Scissors; Mid, 27, Life C, Guts E, Crit E, Acc D
Whirlwind; Far, 32, Life E, Guts B, Crit D, Acc C
X Blade; Short; 22, Life B, Guts D, Crit B, Acc C
Punch Rush; Short; 25, Life C, Guts C, Crit E, Acc C
Tail Sting; Mid; 32; Life B, GUts E, Crit E, Acc D
Lightning; Far, 35, Life C, Guts C, Crit C, Acc D
Crescent; Mid; 35, Life B, Guts E, Crit B, Acc D
Meteor; Far, 49, Life C, Guts C, Crit C, Acc C

Kick; Short, 17, Life D, Guts E, Crit D, Acc C
Swing; Short, 14, Life C, Guts E, Crit E, Acc S
Cut-in-Two; Mid, 20, Life A, Guts E, Crit D, Acc E
Charge; Mid, 22, Life B, Guts E, Crit E, Acc B
Turn Slash; Mid, 30, Life A, Guts E, Crit D, Acc C
Midare; Short, 48, Life S, Guts D, Crit C, Acc A
Air Shot; Far, 29, Life D, Guts C, Crit D, Acc A
Gust; Mid, 32, Life A, Guts E, Crit S, Acc D
Aura Slash; Far; 40, Life S, Guts E, Crit D, Acc D
Gaea Sword; Far, 37, Life S, Guts D, Crit C, Acc D

Wild Slash; Short, 14, Life D, Guts E, Crit E, Acc C
Tornado; Mid, 24, Life E, Guts C, Crit D, Acc C
Wild Bite; Short, 22, Life D, Guts E, Crit B, Acc C
FireCharge; Far, 30, Life B, Guts E, Crit D, Acc C
SuperClaw; Short, 24, Life A, Guts D, Crit D, Acc C
Fire Kick; Mid, 31, Life B, Guts D, Crit E, Acc A
Fire Upper; Mid, 28, Life C, Guts D, Crit B, Acc C
Beam; Far, 32, Life E, Guts B, Crit E Acc A
Wild Stomp; Mid, 38, Life C, Guts C, Crit S, Acc D
Golden Arm; Far, 40, Life S, Guts D, Crit D, Acc C

Flick: Short; GUTS 10; Life D, Guts E, Crit B; Acc A
Slap: Short; GUTS 16; Life C, Guts D, Crit C; Acc C
Megaton Kick: Short; GUTS 20; Life A, Guts E, Crit D Acc E
Fist Shot: Far; GUTS 24; Life A, Guts E, Crit A, Acc A
Rock Attack: Mid; GUTS 27; Life B, Guts E, Crit D, Acc C
Atomic Punch: Short; GUTS 32; Life S, Guts D, Crit B, Acc E
Magnifist: Far; GUTS 24, Life D, Guts C, Crit D, Acc A
Spin Punch: Mid; GUTS 48, Life C, Guts C, Crit C, Acc A
Meteor: Far; GUTS 50; Life A, Guts C, Crit B, Acc:B

Slap; Short; GUTS 17; Life C, Guts E, Crit D, Acc C
Hip Attack; Mid; GUTS 14; Life D, Guts E, Crit E, Acc S
Licking; Short, 20, Life B, Guts E, Crit D, Acc D
Stretch; Mid, 22, Life D, Guts E, Crit E, Acc C
Kororon; Far, 30, Life A, Guts E, Crit D, Acc C
Head Butt; Short, 48, Life A, Guts D, Crit C, Acc D
Mocchi Bullet; Far, 29, Life D, Guts E, Crit D, Acc A
PetalWhirl; Mid, 32, Life B, Guts E, Crit S, Acc D
Gotcha; Short; 40, Life A, Guts C, Crit D, Acc D

Somersault; short, 10, Life C, Guts D, Crit E, Acc A
Ray Cast; short, 13, Life E, Guts D, Crit B, Acc C
WindyLance; mid, 24, Life B, Guts D, Crit C, Acc D
Starlight; far, 25, Life D, Guts C, Crit D, Acc C
FairyDust; mid, 42, Life D, Guts B, Crit E, Acc C
Star Shower; far, 50, Life A, Gus D, Crit D, Acc D
Milkyway; mid; 32, Life D, Guts A, Crit E, Acc D
HealRing; far; 55, Life E, Guts E, Crit E, Acc E
SilkyDance; Short, 28, Life E, Guts B, Crit E, Acc C
Fairy Kiss; Short, 17, Life E, Guts A, Crit E, Acc D

SUZURIN__ (Bell-type)
Pokorin; short, 10, Life D, Guts D, Crit D, Acc A
Pokkorin; short, 20, Life A, Guts E, Crit E, Acc D
LinLinHat; short, 24, Life B, Guts C, Crit E, Acc A
Aim Hit; Mid, 12, Life E, Guts D, Crit D, Acc A
Hat Attack; Short, 40, Life A, Guts B, Crit C, Acc D
Aim Boom; Far, 32, Life A, Guts E, Crit E, Acc D
Dizzy; Mid; 26, Life D, Guts A, Crit E, Acc D
RingX3; Far; 32, Life E, Guts S, Crit D, Acc C
Share Pain; Far; 58, Life S, Guts A, Crit E, Acc D

ZUUM__ (Lizard)
Tail Whip; Short, 19, Life D, Guts E, Crit E, Acc B
Tackle; Mid; 23, Life C, Guts E, Crit D, Acc D
Fireball; Far; 26, Life D, Guts D, Crit E, Acc C
Jump Kick; Short; 22, Life C, Guts D, Crit B, Acc D
Tail Slap; Far, 38, Life B, Guts D, Crit C, Acc C
Charge; Mid or Far, 50, Life A, Guts E, Crit D, Acc B
Tear Bite; Short; 38, Life A, Guts D, Crit C, Acc D
Break Shot; Short, 42, Life A, Guts B, Crit D, Acc B
Spin Tail; Mid; 33, Life B, Guts E, Crit D, Acc S

Basically exercise equipment, though in the game they're powered by "geonyte"
which figures into the first quest. The basic level 2 equipment is easy to come
across within Togle Caverns. Finding level 3 is much more spotty.
AID KIT - Effect. monsters recover from injury or illness faster.
ARTEMIS STA - Focus increases when monster trains within the 3x3 radius of the
BOOK - Level 2. doubles Int. increase rate, doubles tiredness rate and
decreases fullness.
FLYING TARGET - Level 3. doubles Acc. increase rate. -1 on Lif. Double decrease
in Tiredness and Fullness.
LIFE BLADE - Level 2. Doubles Lif. increase rate, doubles tiredness and
decreases fullness.
PHONOGRAPH- Level 4. Triples Int. increase rate. Adds Lif. Decreases Def.
Increases Tiredness and decreases fullness rate x3.
PITCHING MAC- Level 3. Doubles Spd. increase, decreases Pow. Fatigue x2.
Fullness -2.
ROCK - Level 3. doubles Pow. increase rate, -1 to Def. high decrease on Tired
and Fullness.
RODEO - Level 3. double Lif. increase, -1 to Int. and -2 to Fullness and
SANDBAG - Level 2. doubles Pow. increase rate, doubles tiredness rate and
decreases fullness.
STONEHENGE - Level 3. doubles Int. increase rate, -1 to Spd. -2 in both Tired
and Fullness.
TARGET - Level 2. doubles Acc. increase rate, doubles tiredness rate and
decreases fullness.
THUNDER MAC - Level 4. Triples Spd. and increases Int. Decreases Acc. Tired x3
Fullness lowered x3.
TRAMPOLINE - Level 2. doubles Spd. increase rate, doubles tiredness rate and
decreases fullness.
TUB - Level 2. doubles Def. increase rate. Doubles tiredness rate and decreases
WONDER WELL - Effect. Lowers stress level of monsters.

HEALING ________. As the original training gadget but it also reduces the
monster's stress.
INTENSE ________. As the original object but the item also increases focus.
LUCKY __________. As the monster trains, money is generated.
MAGIC __________. As the original object but the magic increases the effect.

APPENDIX: Monsters Unleashed. Note that some monsters have stronger stats and
attacks if you take them fresh from the DVD/CD as opposed to their book stats.

Final Fantasy VII#1     =    Mocchimonk (Golem/Mocchi)
Final Fantasy VIII#1    =    MocchiMonk (Golem/Mocchi)
Final Fantasy IX #1     =    Moose (Garu/Hare)
Final Fantasy IX #2     =    Munitan
Final Fantasy IX #3     =    Sueko (Pixie/Suezo)
Final Fantasy IX #4     =    BakuRoller (Roller)
Monster Rancher 2       =    Devi (Mocchi/?)
Ogre Battle             =    Eared Mew (Mew/Hare)
Spyro:Yr of the dragon  =    SanzinCho (Pancho)
Xcom Ufo Defense        =    ArmorCho (Pancho)

Ape Escape 2            =    Piyo Ape (Ape/?)
Arc the Lad:Twilight    =    Fairy Hare (Hare/Pixie)
Dead Or Alive:Hardcore  =    Kasumi (Pixie/?)
Dragonball Budokai      =    Goku (Garu/?)
Fatal Frame             =    Miku (Pixie/?)
Final Fantasy X         =    Nightsickle (Ripper/?)
Final Fantasy X-2       =    Mogi
Ico                     =    Anquiloden (Raiden/Dillo)
LOTR:2 Towers		=    Mogi
Kingdom Hearts          =    Dolaine (Atlan/?)
Monster Rancher 4       =    Atlan Ranger (3 kinds)
OPM Demo Disc 10/2003   =    Jell (Jell/Jell)
OPM Demo Disc 12/2003   =    Garu (Garu/Garu)

Skies of Arcadia        =    sealed (Mocchi/Hare)
Record of Lodoss War    =    Henger
Evolution               =    DarkCell (Jell/Joker)

Big O, volumn 1         =    Queen Roller (Roller/Ogyo)
Big O, volumn 2         =    AlohaSaurian (Zuum/Plant)
Chobits #1              =    Ripperslime (Jell/Plant)
Detonator Orgun         =    Jell
Dual vol 3              =    Haktak (Naga)
Dual vol 4              =    Ryulon (Ryuon)
Fellowship/Ring extnd #1=    Pancho
Fellowship/Ring extnd #2=    Moose (Garu/Hare)
Fellowship/Ring extnd #3=    Rhinotank
Fellowship/Ring extnd #4=    Koroball
Finding Nemo disc 2     =    Mischief (Pixie/Ducken)
Gatekeepers vol 1       =    Freebird (Mogi/Raiden)
Gatekeepers vol 2       =    MochiPlant
Gatekeepers vol 3       =    KoronCho (Pancho)
Ghostbreakers            =   MumMew (Mew/Pixie)
Phantom Quest Corp      =    SuzuriCho (Pancho)
Pilot Candidate vol 1   =    Zabel (Garu/Zan)
Pirates of the Carib (1) =   (Mocchi/Tiger)
Pirates of the Carib (2) =   (Mocchi/Ducken)
Princess Nine:1st Inng  =    Mogi
Princess Nine:Dble Hdr  =    Rhinotank
Star Wars II flscrn #1  =    Ripperslime
Star Wars II flscrn #2  =    Rhinotank
Terminator 3, disc 1    =    Green Suezo (Suezo/Plant)
Terminator 3, disc 2    =    Rubberabby (Hare/Koro)
Two Towers fullscreen #1=    Joker
Two Towers fullscreen #2=    Chaos Durahan (Durahan/?)
Vandread: Enemy Engaged =    Owlbeard (Dragon/Raiden)
Vandread2: Survival     =    Suezo
Vandread2: Sacrifice    =    PanQuiche (Mogi/Garu)
Vandread2: Revelations  =    Mogi
Vandread2: Final Asslt  =    Joker
Xmen 2 disc 1           =    Henger
Xmen 2 disc 2           =    Henger

Abbot & Costello:Who's on =  Pod Dog (Tiger/Henger)
Ayako Lister:Japanese Koto=  Shidao (Garu)
Bach's Greatest Hits      =  Plauna (Ogyo)
Bananarama: Greatest Hits =  Salamander (Zuum)
Bond: Shine               =  RedHotBaku (Baku/Dragon)
Brooks & Dunn:Greatest Hit=  locked
Doctor Demento: Very Best =  Zuum
Fleetwood Mac: Rumors     =  Jelaydon (Beetle/Shin)
Karen Ashbrook:Hills Erinn=  Eval (Antlan/Shin)
Lynrd Skynrd: All Time Grt=  Pixie (Pixie/Pixie)
Megumi Hayashibara:Bertemu=  MiniOgreKoro
Monty Python Insnt Rec Col=  Aero (Pixie/Tiger)
Stray Cats: Best of       =  locked (Raiden/Garu)
Transiber Orchestra:Attic =  Jet (Gitan/Shin)
Weird Al: Greatest Hits 2 =  Mew

HIDDEN MONSTER: Take one of the Atlan Rangers (produced off the MR4 disc) and
combine with a Chaos Durahan and you'll get the Dark Ranger.
Special monsters:
There are certain monsters you cannot make through combinations and must get
through discs. They usually have a unique look, relating to the disc they have
been spawned from.

AI: Artificial Intelligence
Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (Special Features Disc)
Simpsons Season 1 (Disc 1)
PlayStation game
Monster Rancher 2
PlayStation game
Monster Rancher 1
PlayStation2 game
Kingdom Hearts
PlayStation2 game
Midnight Club 2
PlayStation2 game
Gran Turismo 3
The Simpsons Season 2 (Disc 1)
PlayStation2 game
Dragon Ball Z Budokai
PlayStation2 game
Grand Theft Auto 3
PlayStation2 game
Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
Silent Hill 3 soundtrack
PlayStation2 game
Omnimusha 2
PlayStation2 game
PlayStation2 game
Fatal Frame
PC game
Most computer games
PlayStation2 game
Final Fantasy 10
PlayStation2 game
Dynasty Warriors 4
Shrek (Disc 1)

Dragon Ball Z Majun Buu- Defiance
White Mocchi
Ice Age

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