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Online Strategy Guide by brad2596

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 07/13/2004

MADDEN 2004 Online Strategy Guide
By Brad Earlywine
Copyright 2003-2004 Brad Earlywine
V 1.1

Table of Contents
   1b.Version History
   1c.What should I contribute?
   1d.Something Important
2.Online Mode
3.Genenal Strategy
4.Offensive Strategy
5.Defensive Strategy
   6a.FAQs about Headsets
7.Credit & Thanks

Well first off, I am Brad. I wrote this guide because I really get sick 
of cheaters and quitters. So basically I wrote this guide for all
the real people who want to play the game, and how they can beat the
cheap plays that opponents online do to you. Also, for all those who
are reading, this is a Online Guide. This originally was a Full FAQ
but someone got to it before me, witch is the 4th time this year.
Anyways, I converted it to an ONLY online guide. So this is it.
CONTRIBUTE ANY THING YOU WANT! It helps and will make this guide much 
larger, more detailed, and contain more information! Just because I
didn't know where else to put it... going for it on 4th down is
very cheesy! Especially when you do not need to, and when it is
more then 2 yards. Just do not do it, if you are winning, that
is called "Running up the score."

This is copyrighted 2003-2004. Any use, other than personal use, is
forbidden. If you wish to use this on any other strategy guide, or you 
wish to put this guide on another guide to make it a complete guide, or
to put this guide on any other website than www.gamefaqs.com.
All you have to do is simply ask me and I will permit
you to. If this guide is found on any other source without my credit 
and my permission, it will be brought up (small exception, this guide
is alowed on NeoSeeker.com. BUT V1.0 and up is, as far as I know, only
for GameFaqs.com. They are my favorite site so therefore they get V1
and up.) The copyright notice may be changed at any time without
further consent. If you do wish to post the V1 and up on your website
then contact me. I will then revise your site and see if it is easy
to browse and helpful to all users.

1b.Version History
V 0.80 - Guide Converted to Online Guide from Full Guide.
V 0.90 - Made some MAJOR remodeling and added a lot of new strategies,
         also reworded some. Corrected errors.
V 0.95 - Added more strategys and did very INTENSE ERROR correcting that
         took me 2 hours. Most things should be pretty much error free.
         Guide is now about 27.4 kb is size I NEED CONTRIBUTIONS OF 
V 0.97 - Copyright update, and new added sections "Online Mode" and 1C.
         30.3 Kb
V 0.98 - Updated Copyright again, corrected a few errors, and noted
	 about cheese (numbers at the top are for spacing)
V 1.00 - Just plain finished the guide. Still send anything you want on
	 here for version 1.1!
V 1.01 - Just a small update with Something Imporant. Dont cheese, be a
	 true playa of this game.
V 1.02 - Small update, added FAQ Headset section.
V 1.03 - A little on zones, finally!
V 1.05 - Got tired of stupid **** with online games. Added more Cheese
	 entrys, and ways to beat it. If you can.

1c.What I should contribute?
Anything for Madden 05!!!!!

1d.Something Imporant
This is something you should read. For all those readers, what I refer
to cheesing is not illegal to do. Although, I disagree with people
constantly using the motion glitch against you, or moving their D-line
backwards before snap so they crash right through your offensive line.
So don't email me about how it is not cheesing to go for it on 4th
down every time, just becuase I can not stop you. I would like to play
a true balla game, so if you don't play true then DO NOT play me.


2.Online Mode
This is the Online mode details section. If you don't know what the 
online mode is, you shouldn't be here reading my guide, unless you have 
the PS2 version of the game and want to find out about it. I am not 
going to describe how to register your EA account, nor will I tell you 
how to set up the Internet connection. Refer to the manual to do those 
things. For starters, after you log in to the EA server, a screen will 
come up that looks like all the Madden main screens. It will have 5 
options. All of them should be below with a brief description included 
with them.

Play Now:
Select here to have the game quickly find you an opponent with about the 
same rank and ping, so you can play a ranked game with fair-play 
enabled. It is basicly for a nice and quick game. Although be careful,
this gameplay mode is full of quiters and cheesers. It is rare that you
face a worthy player, but it is possible. Some jsut plain quit on you  
(read below on how to fight quiters.)

Online Lobby:
Select this mode to join some EA rooms. In this room, you can join the 
East Rooms, West Rooms, Created Rooms (even create your own), Beginner 
Rooms (you can only enter if you have played 25 games or less), and the 
Elite Rooms (you can only enter if you have a rank about 1000.) This is
for the more controlled game, you can choose the player you want to
play against. This might save you from a disheartened quiter, and make
the game challenging.

EA Tournaments:
Go here to create or join tournaments either for 4 teams, 8 teams, 16 
teams, or 32 teams. This mode has many options. Please refer to the 
manual to learn everything. I'm not your mom. If you do not have a 
manual, you can go to an EA Sports website and download a PS2 version 
manual to read on the computer. Technology is great...

Online Features:
This is an important area. It lets you select your favorite team so that
when players challenge you they will see whom they are going against. It
also lets you turn in-game chat and profanity filters on or off. I DO 
NOT RECOMMEND TURNING IN-GAME CHAT OFF! That is so annoying. It makes 
you look like a cheeser. The other things you have access to from here 
are the Roster update page, Membership Agreement, and the Stat Book.

My Madden:
Just like in the normal main menu, this lets you access the system 
settings, custom game controllers, controller remapped, and the game 
play settings, selecting online options. These options include fair-play
settings, in-game chat, and profanity filters. Do not turn your chat 
off, which is just weird and makes u smell like cheese.

3.General Strategy
The first things first, PLAY YOUR STYLE! If you don't play the way you 
know you can play, then you aren't going to win many games. If you 
normally win by running 85% of the time and you come out onto the 
online field and you try and throw 85% of the time, its probable that 
you won't win. But yet if you go out onto that field and you take it 
too them, wear them out, and control the clock you have a better 
chance, only if that's you're style though. Remember, it's not all 
about the offense. The defense wins the games if you ask me. A good 
defense will usually win over a good offense, but of course when the 
Colts and the Buccaneers played that Monday night showed us that the 
offense might beat the defense. That was a good game, but I was going 
for the Buc's. Oh well it doesn't matter I'm a Packer fan. Also, try
doing what the team is good at doing. I do good at screens with the
Packers...just like they do in real life.

Further more, be careful about changing your offensive playbooks, only 
do that if you run an offense that is not even close to what the real 
team uses. I personally think the team's designed playbook works better 
with that team then any other team, but that's your choice. But defense
is totally up to whatever you prefer I guess. I only run a Cover 2 or a 

Something some players ABUSE in this game is the depth chart roster 
reorder option. I have played people that made some weird match-ups. 
Like for example, I have played someone who used the Buc's, and he put 
a fast linebacker, I believe, at LE and put WR Jurevicius at TE 
position. It really sucked and it made me so mad because he was a 
lot faster then any linebacker. So I used a different formation, a 
defensive formation that I had 3 cornerbacks and had 2 linebackers. He 
beat me somehow in that so eventually I used a 4-3 zone called Cover 2.
That worked quite well. I ended up losing that game anyways because 
someone picked up the phone. That is basically disastrous because I was 
winning and it goes on you're disconnect percentage. That 
reminds me; make sure you tell people in the house that you're online!

4.Offense Strategy(s) 
There are multiple things you can do on offense. Sadly, I cannot tell 
you how to run an offense. Running an offense is ALWAYS based on 
personal preferences. Personally, I am just recently learning how to 
pass into a slant. Well sort of. I am getting good at it too. I know
when not to do them too. Hey! Don't be hate'n! I would still do better 
going deep a few times, or throwing short passes and curls (70% of my 
passes). Weather or not you can succeed in that is all up to what you 
prefer. All I can do is tell you my strategy and tips. Here goes:

"Brad's Audible Strategy"
First off, you should know who Peyton Manning is. If any of you have 
watched his playing style, he picks 3 plays in the huddle, comes onto 
the field, looks at the defense, and chooses one of those 3 plays based 
on the defense. I do something SIMILAR to that. First off, you MUST 
edit you're audibles to do that. I find it very effective. I use the 
I-Form to do this. I will chose 2-3 runs, and 2-3 passes and Punt 
Return Extra Coverage play for the L1 button. I usually use a Slam 
play, a Toss, and at least a FB pass. Those are my basic 3. It's not 
the only one. Sometimes I edit the depth chart also. Since I use the 
Packers, RB Ahman Green, he gets tired because I use him all the time. 
Tony Fisher, the backup, I personally think he fumbles WAY too much. 
Green already fumbles WAY too much. I find it better if I use the other
3rd Man, Najeh Davenport. He is a FB converted to a HB this past year.
He is the same speed as Fisher, but yet he is much more big 
and plows better. That way I have a decently strong back coming in 
after Green gets tired.

On reading the defense with this formation, I look at how many DB's he 
has, how many downed linemen, and how many linebackers. That is step 1. 
Step 2, I look for blitzers. The blitzers really determine the play 
calling. If I have a SS or a FS blitzing, he will move up to the line. 
Do not run it that way. At least I would playmaker it the other way. If 
a linebacker is blitzing, RUN THAT WAY! He has a chance to get you, but 
with the I-Form you have the fullback leading the way, he should get 
picked up, and then you can explode into the secondary level. If there 
is 4DB's, or 5 DB's, run it. You aren't going to get too much of a 
chance from a pass, watch their zone coverage in case they do it again. 
Find the weak-points in the D. If they run a 4-3, you decide. I use a 
pass to the FB over the middle or a slam. Watch out! If the defense
makes some kind of audible at the line, it could be bad. There is a
section that covers this, go ahead and look into it. Oh, jsut so you
all know, I do not consitantly change the play back and forth or go
to a differnt play again if you audible to a differnt defensive play.
I am not like those cheesers (well lets call people who do that "people
who expose the weak points in madden", or "people who have no skill
that must expose the AI weaknesses to win.")
I dont use this anymore.

This is what bothers players the most. I admit, I have quit myself
3 times. Although they were for different reasons other then the score.
Anyways that doesn't matter. What matters is that there is a small
way to combat these players that quit every time they are about to lose.
Always look at their DC percentage and how many games they have played.
Someone might have 100% DC but have only played 1 game... that doesn't
mean that they will always quit. Think about it, the percent of games
that he has quit. If someone has a 20 game record, and 50% DC rate,
that means that he has quit 10 times. You also have to consider the
fact the maybe he didn't quit. Although, to be safe, if the player has
100% DC rate and has played 3 games total...I wouldn't play him.

If you are winning by a huge margin (Example: 36-0) and it is in the
3rd quarter, you should just finish the game against the CPU. It still
counts as a win if you win. I would think about playing the computer
if it is a close game, like (Example 7-10) and you are leading with 5
minutes left of the 4th quarter and you have the ball. That might be
risky because the CPU pulls a bunch of crap on you. Although if the
score is the same with about 2 minutes left and you have the ball...go
for it. Just run it and run the time out. Be careful if you do not get
a first down, the CPU might be able to score. Use playmaker back and
fourth with motion to confuse the CPU into moving it's linebackers/line
to the wrong side.

Quiting rate has rose extreamly. Now its hard as heck to get a straight
game. Almost no one plays anymore without cheesing, or doing something
that totally is taking advantage of certain things that weren't ment to 
be taken advantage of.

"Strength Vs Weakness"
This might be one of the better strategies there is. For example, I
play against the Falcons a lot. They do not have much of a pass defense.
They do however have a good run defense. What you do is pass here. Once
they have to change formations, lets say from a 3-4 to a Nickel 
package, that's when you pound the ball a bit. They will again have to
change formations. Soon you'll find yourself changing you're Offensive
Run/Pass ratio a lot. That's the same as going strength vs. strength, 
but with 1 change. That change is that you force the defense to guard 1 
thing, then you do the other. The whole point in football is basically 
to pass when they expect a run, and run when they expect a pass. To a 
certain degree that is. :)

In Madden 2004, there are several trick plays. These include, but are
not limited to: Draws, Screens, WR Reverses, HB Passes, Counters, and
Delays. This section will also cover the magical powers of motion.
I will cover when and how to do each of these in this section. 
Man this is like a complete guide to game play!

HB Draw:
This play is designed so that the defense decently thinks that a pass
is coming. The Defensive line pushes forward, the Offensive line gets
engaged in their blocks. Shortly after, the hole opens. You hand it off
to you're HB and take it right at the hole. When do you use this play?
You use this play on a passing down. That is when it has the most
effect. It also works well if you have had a good passing game.

HB Delay:
This play might resemble its brother the HB Draw. The only difference is
that the HB starts to move...fooling the defense that he is leaving for
a pass. Then the QB hands it off to the HB and he runs it through the
hole...sometimes there will not be any linebackers there at all. When
should you use this play? You should use this play on a passing down, or
when you're passing game has been good.

HB Counter:
This play is designed to throw the defense into thinking the run is going
one way, but having the run go the other way. This play, I think, works
the best of all the other 3 running plays. When to use it? ANYTIME! It
works best when he fakes to the strong side, then bursts off to the weak
side. So it is worth using Play Maker to switch it up. Even put a TE in
motion to the fake side, just to throw them off more.

HB/FB Pass:
There are a few of these in all the playbooks. It is simple, it does
what it says it does... the HB/FB passes the ball! This play will 
sometimes work, because if they are in pass coverage. You can always
keep it and run, but if they are in run defense you can just stay
behind the line and throw the ball to a receiver. When do I use this
play? It doesn't matter all that much. Mostly when you're running game
has been doing great.

Play Action:
This is a very helpful trick. The defense usually buys it too. The QB
steps back, fakes a handoff to the HB, and then steps back and throws it. 
It usually is good for all types of passes. It works well for
anything deep because it moves the safeties out of position. It is called
cheesy to do this every play and go deep...just so you all know. When
should you use this play? This play should be used when you're rushing
game has been almost unstoppable. The more the defense fears you running
the ball, the better the chance you will beat them on the pass.

WR Reverse:
I seriously hate this play. The chances of it working in this game are
slim. I have took a beating because someone ran this play, he scored
a touchdown. It just doesn't work well on the game. When should you do
this? You should do this when you are plenty ahead or when you know you
got the win. I really do not recommend this to anyone, run a different,
more tricky play instead of wasting a down on this play.

I do not do this all the time, but every time I do it I get much needed
yardage. Using motion is a great way to detect the Zone. Actually, it
almost always tell you if the CBs are in Man-to-Man or in a zone (maybe
also a blitz.) Using motion to the far receiver on a toss is a good
idea. It moves the CB to the opposite side of the field. Although
this does not work if the CBs are in Zone. Using motion also throws the
defense off, and often leaves the motioned man decently open on most
routes. Also, moving you're RB to the outside can become a desaster for
the defence. I consider it cheesy when you consistantly do that and go
deep with it. I do consider it Cheesy to hike the ball with the reciever 
in motion. Wait I do take that back. I think it is cheesy to do it EVERY
PLAY! It is ok to hike it right behind the TE once in a while. Just to
be safe, do not do it to much a game, and wait untill your reciever is
fully stoped to be perfectly safe.

"Man to Man Only Defense Strategy(s)"
To fight the all Man-to-Man coverage, go deep a little more often
if your Wide Receivers are fast enough to escape the CBs. Although, 
what I mean by all Man-to-Man coverage is when the linebackers are 
either blitzing or in zones. As long as the safeties are in Man-to-Man,
you should beat them deep. I almost always beat that defense deep with 
Driver or Walker. The only problem is detecting that coverage. There is 
NO way to detect weather the safeties are in a zone or Man-to-Man unless 
the player does the thing where he sets his CBs and Safeties into a 
better position on the receivers (also know as a Coverage Audible, and 
can be accessed by pressing Triangle and Right on the directional pad.) 
If he does that they will usually move up and line up directly with your
running backs. It is always best to have fast receivers, that is why I do
not get along with the Bucs anymore. Although do NOT base all of your 
receivers on speed. These are some of them, there are many more. I just 
wasn't going to list anyone under 88 overall.
Marvin Harrison  (Colts)    - Speed 96
Terrell Owens    (49ers)    - Speed 97
Randy Moss       (Vikings)  - Speed 99
Tory Holt        (Rams)     - Speed 97
Peerless Price   (Falcons)  - Speed 97
Laveranyes Coles (Redskins) - Speed 97

Do not forget about curls and slants while the defense does this. You
can often get good yardage off a curl, or hook. These work well when
the defense does this. Like I said earlier I am not a slant expert
here. It isn't my style. Although I recently got some information on
completing the slant. Something you need to remember from now on is 
that slants are not that effective in Bump-and-Run. Some players can
defiantly still do it, but you need very good timing on it. It works
best if the man you're throwing it to has no other CBs on that side
besides the guy guarding him. If he does, it has a chance of incomplete.
If you're RB is a lot faster then the LBs, then by all means, throw it to
him more. You should have him appear out in the flats, or go up the 
middle, or even have him go up the middle and do a in/out. Those all can
be very effective if used in the right circumstance. This also includes
Play Action passes and runs. Pick a PA Pass if you have had a very good
ground game, the defense should buy the fake. Running it up the gut or
running an Off Tackle play should work good if you can break into the 
secondary. Have your WRs run deep, outward slants, and Ins or Outs to
get the CBs out of the way.

"Zone Only Defense Strategy(s)"
I have gotten a little help here from someone.

"To beat Cover 2 defense you must send your 1 and 2 recievers deep.  
Either or both will be open between 2 to 3 seconds after the snap.  
It also helps to send a TE deep with them."

"Stopping the Punt Block"
Below, I covered how to block a punt. Here I am going to cover how to
keep a punt from being blocked. If you come out onto the field in a
normal Punt play, and the Defense is in a Punt Block, you might get
blocked. Is there a way out of this? Why yes there is. Here is the
secret a lot of players would not want you to know...there is an audible
to go into Max Protection Punt. All you have to do in the above
situation is press Triangle, then press R2. I bet some players want to
kill me now, hopefully they will bring it on in a game. I am here to
help the player out so there we go, that will save many players!
NOTE: If the defense audibles to a normal Punt Return, you might want
to kick it out of bounds... If you don't he might be able to escape it
out the sideline and score a TD. Also, if fair play is on, adn you are
ahead, it may be impossible to audible. If so, I urge you to call a time-
out and change to the above play.

"Cheap Plays"
1)If the defense shows up in a field goal block for a goal line 
situation, make sure u audible to an extreme pass with 4 or 5 receivers
going deep or in slant routes.

2)If the defense shows up in a quarter coverage with all linebackers 
in that package, audible to a 3 or more receivers to go deep.

3)If the defense lines up first in quarter coverage, then does an 
audible to a 4-3, putting 2 speedy cornerbacks at line backer, you 
need to audible to a any I Form and run it up the gut.

4)Be alert if the defense shows up in a 3-4, then audibles to another 
3-4 so that a linebacker is on the line and the DE or DT is moved to a 
linebacker position. I wouldn't run to the side where the D-line man
has been put.
(Contribute any you think should be added.)

5)New stuff I found. Certain things are totally retarded. This can be
simply moving Safties up and calling bumb and run, Or by setting a
defensive lineman off of the line...So he plows right throw. Also,
They can get 5cbs on the feild and still stop your running game.
If the do, and they line up all coverage people, pick a goalline
play taht you can run it to the outside. It should get pretty
good yards.

"Cheesy Substitutions"
Linebackers, Corners, and other faster players can be put at the
DE position. It is not all that hard to defeat this kind of playing.
All you have to do is run it right at that guy. There is not much of
a chance that a CB or a HB can escape that sides T (tackle). If he
puts a linebacker there, make sure you use a FB lead run just in case.
If the linebacker doesn't break the block, you then have another blocker
in front of you. It might also be a good idea to put the TE on the side
of the linebacker because sometimes linebackers can use speed to get out
of the block. I have seen some weird things. Like Javon Kearse at MLB,
and Champ Baily playing SS and Fred Smoot playing FS...that dominated
the pass. I threw like 13 interceptions that game, to bad I still won.
Becareful for small things like M. Faulk at TE, or T. Holt at 3rd WR
Slot. Thats for defense though.

5.Defense Strategy
Something I do not want to say but I am going to anyways. Some people
online just SUCK! No names or anything, I am just saying be careful. 
Trust me, you do not want to spend 2 hours playing someone that you
beat 79-0. Mostly these turn out to be 'kids', so to speak. Sorry
about the complaint, it was just something I thought you might want
to be aware of. Maybe they will read this guide and become a better
player, who knows.

"Play Stopping in General"
For those people that pass and run, they might actually get plenty
of pass and run yards. There are a few ways to avoid giving up a lot
of yards. Firstly, for the run, all you really need is at least 1
linebacker in a QB Spy coverage. After you call the play and hold
R2, you can see this coverage because it is represented by a 
yellow-ish orange circle around the man. If 1 QB spy is not enough,
there are a few plays that offer 2 QB Spy coverages. Remember that
people in that coverage tend to stay lined with the QB, so after
the snap they usually move toward the middle some. These QB Spys
are great at stoping the run and the middle pass. If you are having 
problems with motion, such as he uses playmaker then sends the man 
in motion just long enough so that he gets near the line and then 
hikes it so that the WR runs out in a slant and is wide open, then 
check you're play calling. Don't cheat man, people want real football.
Hopefully Madden 05 will KILL YOUR ACCOUNT for cheating.

"Punt Blocking"
I am going to give the ancient secret of blocking punts away here. It is
simple, do the play "Punt Block." Simple eh? If I was you though, if the
offense shows up in a Max coverage play (when everybody is crowed in the
middle with no Flankers on the outside) then audible to the normal Punt

"Michael Vick"
Well you need several things to combat the running number 7.
You need fast linebackers, or fast defensive ends. Getting the DE 
to the outside quickly is a crucial part in stopping Vick, unless you 
have speedy linebackers. If you have them, you need to get them out 
into the flats. A good 4-3 play for that are the Man flats when 2 
safeties are in Man-to-Man coverage and 2 Cornerbacks are on the 
receivers, the Middle Linebacker is on a back or Tight End, and the 
Right and Left Outside linebackers are running off into the flats. 
One of the best teams I can remember with fast linebackers is the 
Baltimore Ravens. Some teams with 1 or 2 fast ends below. Remember,
this is only a start.
K. Gabaja-Biamila  RE  Packers      Speed 83
J. Peppers         LE  Panthers     Speed 83
J. Taylor          RE  Dolphins     Speed 82
J. Kearse          RE  Titans       Speed 85
S. Rice            RE  Buccaneers   Speed 81
D. Freeney         RE  Colts        Speed 83

You will also need a good play-calling scheme. You can't run Quarter
Coverage - Prevent and expect to stop Vick every time. You can, 
however, run a zone defensive play if you don't have really fast 
linebackers and ends. Grab a zone that lets the corners stay in the 
flats, and that have the safeties stopping anything deep.
Just play your best. If you can have all 3 of the above, then you 
WILL stop M. Vick.

"Deep Bombers"
I personally think these are the simplest to stop, but some do not. 
This strategy will work only with a consistent deep bomber. It is not
'cheesy' to go deep a lot. It all depends on the defensive formation.
But I believe it is 'cheesy' to go deep to 1 receiver every play. This
is how you stop it to your best. It soon should be so simple to you.
First off, make sure you choose a play that covers all the receivers
plus leaves the 2 safeties in zones to cover the deep pass. If you 
know what way it is going, use your playmaker to cheat your safeties 
over that way to defend against it. If you're guarding Randy Moss, or 
Terrell Owens, good luck. The faster they are, the harder it is to 
guard them. If you have good safeties you should be in good condition. 
Be careful because they might change it up, and throw to a different 
receiver, or use some kind of package to switch the left and right
receivers. Always look to what side he is on before the play.

"Non-Stop Running"
This is what I think is hard. People use the Dolphins as their team 
and do nothing but run, and then maybe pass 5 times for 10 yards. It is 
annoying. NOTE: Do not get me wrong on this. It is there playing style.
I personally do this with Green in a way, but I get them thinking "Stop
Green!" so I can make some yards on the pass. They will be thinking
"Stop Farve!" and so and so.

Choose a 46 defensive play, spread you're linebackers, and move you're 
safeties and cornerbacks up. If I remember correctly, you can't choose a 
4-3 defensive playbook to do that, because the 46 is not available. 
Sometimes the player cannot run it to well because of lag (my guess), 
but you're defense gets so tired and backups start to come in that 
RBs can just run over players all day long. You're full-of-energy 
backups might do better than you're very tired starters. It just 
depends. But do not forget to defend the pass at the same time. This
sounds difficult but if you can stop his run early, then shut his pass
down later in the game, you might have yourself a win.

You could choose a team with a good defense. That's about all the 
advice I can give you. Well except, if you can't stop him, then choose 
a team with a good offense and just try to out score the other team. 
Although he has the clock management because of his runs.

Also, these people tend to complain that Green can't be stopped, and
will not play Packers. The funny thing is, they use Broncos or
Dolfins and run over 200 yards. Oh well. I stopped a person that
would not give up on running with Jamal Lewis. He did that 80% of
the time. I held Lewis to 43 yards :).

"Battling LAG"
This is a MAJOR problem. Although, it's not quite something you can 
stop. Here are some pointers/steps to keep the LAG low.
There is a way to tell other peoples connection. When you try and 
challenge someone (or get a challenge offered), there is a 5-color bar. 
The colors change depending on your connection. Here is a chart that 
will help you. If there is this many blocks and their colors are:
1 Block,      Red      =  BAD CONNECTION! (over 400 ms)
2 Blocks, Dark orange  =  O.K. and still will work. (350-300 ms)
3 Blocks, Yellow       =  Average, but will work well. (300-250 ms)
4 Blocks, Light Green  =  Good, it shouldn't lag.  (250-100? ms)
5 Blocks, Dark Green   =  Perfect, it won't get better. (less 100 ms)
The numbers in "()" stand for the ping time in Milliseconds.

Keep in mind that they are in order by number, 1 being worst and 5 
being best. If you have a dial-up Internet connection, you're 
connection rate will not be in the dark green, and any person that uses
a cable connection versus dial-up, the dial-up will have the least 
amount of LAG. I recommend you do not play anyone under 2 blocks, and 3
blocks are GREAT. It doesn't LAG much at all, for me anyways. All 
depends on you're preferences and connection.

Last and final, you might want to unplug any cordless phones and 
unplug you're computer modem if you want the best that it will get. I 
heard that those things will slow down you're connection. You can
get a 2nd line put in for PS2 only purposes that might speed it up
some. There are other expensive ways to go, like T1 and DSL. Some towns,
citys/countys do not have access to these connections.

Well, the time comes where I describe this area. All you have to do is 
submit you're questions and I will try and find an answer. Kapish?

Q:When does the next game come out?
A:Aug 12th.

Q:When are the rosters updated on the Madden server?
A:Its over with now.

Q:How do I pass/run/get sacks/block punts?
A:In Madden, things are made realistic. Sacks and blocked punts/kicks
  are rare, so therefore they are in the game. Although you can master
  8 sacks a game if the offense is not good. Although again, if the
  offensive player is decent, you might get 3 to 4. A fast DE helps.

Q:What version is this guide?
A:It is at the top of the guide.

Q:How do I reach you for contributions?
A:My email at that_jackass_me@hotmail.com

Q:How consistently is this guide updated?
A:ASAP, basically whenever I get new ideas or new submitted Stuff.

Q:Can you cheat online? Can you use gameshark/codebreaker?
A:NO! That is un-sportsman-like conduct! Besides it doesn't work unless
  somehow you can get it past the games built-in cheat detector! Thanks
  for that EA, I'm serious! Finally people cannot easily cheat! But it
  is cheating to do "CHEESE"

Q:Can we use custom made playbooks online?
A:That is something I wish we could do. I did have an awesome playbook
  that fitted my style. Although I doubt you can, I couldn't figure it
  out. If you can, please send me an email.

6a.FAQs about Headsets
Q:Can I use the SOCOM: US NAVY SEALS headset?
A:Yes it does.

Q:Why can I not use my headset?
A:You have to have ethernet connect, a.k.a: Cable or DSL. Also, read
  the manual to learn how to start and stop recording. Make sure your
  USB headset has a working speaker.

Q:What do I use the headset for?
A:Are you nuts? You use it to "trash talk you're oppents like the pros
  do", as said by EA.

7.Credit and Thanks
Thanks for all the help I receive. 
I did take a few things out of Prima's Official Strategy guide, but just 
small pieces and I reworded it. Thanks for reading this guide, and this
section. Play me online anytime. My screen name for online PS2 is
"GBfanBrad" I believe. Send anything that you would like added, and 
I'll most likely add it and I will give you credit. Thank You.
My email address is:


Credit owed to:

All trademarks are registered trademarks to their respective owners. 
Mainly, EA Sports, Players Inc., and the all mighty NFL, the National 
Football League.

Copyright 2003-2004 Brad Earlywine

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