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FAQ/Move List by EChang

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/19/03

   (v1.0, 8-19-03)
 by Edward Chang (chang.459@osu.edu)

Version History
v1.0 (8-19-03)
   First Version, all characters with full changes from XX noted, including
   EX Mode (some characters don't appear to have EX changes).

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Conventions
3. Basics
4. Moves List
5. Soundtrack
6. Translations
7. Miscellaneous Tips/Tricks/Secrets
8. Credits


Guilty Gear XX #Reload is a new, revised version of Guilty Gear XX. Many
moves have changed properties, making some characters stronger, and others
weaker; there is also one new character.

What is Guilty Gear XX? Guilty Gear XX is the latest game in the Guilty
Gear series, a very underrated highly technical 2D fighting game with anime
style art and wacky characters. The first game, Guilty Gear, had a console
Playstation version, and didn't do that well. The sequel, Guilty Gear X: 
By Your Side, by contrast, did very well, and it was ported on the
Dreamcast. Two stripped down versions appeared on the Wonderswan, another
on the Gameboy Color, and an enhanced version, Guilty Gear X Plus, was
released on Playstation 2. The latest version is an enhanced version of the
arcade edition currently on the Japanese PS2. An American release was put
on the market in February of 2003.


u/b   -- up and back
u     -- up
u/f   -- up and forward
f     -- forward
d/f   -- down and forward
d     -- down
d/b   -- down and back
b     -- back
u/b   -- up and back
qcf   -- quarter circle forward (d, d/f, f)
qcb   -- quarter circle back (d, d/b, b)
hcf   -- half circle forward (b, d/b, d, d/f, f)
hcb   -- half circle back (f, d/f, d, d/b, b)
dp    -- dragon punch (f, d, d/f)
rdp   -- reverse dragon punch (b, d, d/b)

Attack Buttons
P     -- Punch
K     -- Kick
S     -- Slash
H     -- Hard Slash
D     -- Dust

[x]   -- button 'X' should be held
(T)   -- throw; move must be performed extremely close to opponent and is
(C)   -- chargeable; move changes if attack button is held down
(MA)  -- move must be performed in midair
(AMA) -- move can also be performed in midair
(GC)  -- guard cancel; move must be performed while guarding
R     -- move is eligible for Roman Cancel
F     -- move is eligible for False Roman Cancel
J     -- move is eligible for Jump Cancel
X     -- move is NOT eligible for basic Cancel
-->   -- followup


Guard Gauge
This gauge represents how much you have been blocking. It starts off half
filled. As you take damage, the guard gauge decreases; as you block, the
guard gauge increases. If you neither take damage nor block, it slowly
returns to its middle position. The more empty the guard gauge is, the less
damage you take. Thus, the last hit of an 8-hit combo will do substantially
less damage than it would alone, since your guard gauge would be practically
empty. If you continuously block, your guard gauge will fill up so much that
it will start flashing at 3/4 full. At this point any hit you take will 
immediately be a counter hit.

Tension Gauge
As you move towards the enemy, inflict damage, or take damage, your tension
gauge gradually fills up. Tension has a number of different uses, including
tension attacks, Fortress Defense, Instant Kill, Dead Angle Attacks, Roman
Cancels, and False Roman Cancels; see below for details. Tension is not 
carried over between rounds. The bar changes colors; at less than 1/4
filled, it is blue, and can only be used for Fortress Defense or Instant Kill.
At between 1/4 and 1/2 full, it is green, and can be used for False Roman 
Cancels. Between 1/2 and all full, it is red, and can be used for Dead Angle 
Attacks, Roman Cancels, and tension attacks. Finally, if the bar is completely
full, it turns gold. Using tension by any means besides tension moves makes 
it harder to regain tension for a short period of time. Specifically, after
performing FD you will gain tension at a reduced rate of 20% for 1 second.
After a Roman Cancel or Dead Angle Attack, you will gain tension at a reduced
rate of 20% for 4 seconds. Finally, if you get hit with a Negative Penalty
you will gain tension at a reduced rate of 20% for 10 seconds. 

Negative Penalty
If you turtle, i.e., you sit back and play ultradefensively, not attacking,
you will get hit with a negative penalty. This reduces your tension gauge
to zilch, and you'll have to fill it up all over again. Also, it becomes
harder to fill it up again for a period of time (only 20% fill rate for
10 seconds!), and you will also get dizzy more easily. So in other words, 
try not to turtle.

Burst Gauge
The Burst Gauge is new to GGXX. It too fills up as you inflict damage and
take damage during a round, but unlike Tension, it does carry over between
rounds. The Burst Gauge has two uses. Both uses are applied by pressing
D and one other attack button. If you use a Burst while you are being
attacked, the Burst will serve as a combo breaker; the opponent will be pushed
away, and you'll be able to counterattack at your leisure. This kind of burst
is blue in color and takes the entire Burst Gauage to perform; if you hit
with the pushback, you will get 1/3 of the Burst Gauge back. If you use a 
Burst otherwise, it will be an attack. This kind of burst is yellow in color 
and only takes 2/3 of the Burst Gauge. The attack is hard to hit with, but the
bonus is that if you hit with the Burst attack your tension gauge immediately
fills to maximum.

Double Jump
By pressing an up direction in midair, you can jump to an even higher height.
Some characters had triple jumps in GGX (Chipp, Dizzy, Justice) but Dizzy 
has lost this ability.

High Jump
By pressing a down direction and then an up direction in rapid succession,
you will perform a high jump. A shadow will follow the character during
a high jump, and obviously you can reach higher than you could with a normal
jump. You can't mix double jumps and high jumps, though.

By double tapping forward or back, most characters can dash. This lets you
move around quickly, but be warned: you cannot block while dashing. You can
also dash in midair. If you jump forward and press forward again, this counts
as two forwards, so your character will jump forward and immediately airdash.
Millia and Dizzy can airdash or airbackdash two times in a row, making them
extremely mobile. Potemkin cannot dash; Johnny and I-No have altered forward
dashes; Slayer has unique ground dashes.

Attack Levels
Attack levels determine how the attack can be blocked. Standing attacks can
be blocked high or low, or in midair with Faultless/Fortress Defense. You
CANNOT block moves from a grounded opponent while you are in midair, normally.
Mid attacks must be blocked standing; they will hit a crouching character.
This includes most midair attacks and dust attacks. Low attacks must be
blocked crouching. This category includes sweeps and some (but not all)
crouching moves.

Basic Attacks
Basic attacks are simply performed by pressing P, K, S, or H. By pressing
these same buttons while crouching, or while in midair, you can perform
different basic attacks. f+P and f+H are also basic attacks; S changes
whether close or far from the opponent. Some characters also have f+K basic 
attacks. Bridget does not have an f+H but does have an f+S.

Special Attacks
Special Attacks are what makes each character unique. The commands to perform
them are similarly unique. See the movelist for details.

Tension Attacks
Also known as "Awakening Attacks" or "Overdrives". These attacks require
half of a tension bar to perform. The exceptions are Dizzy's Gamma Ray and
Justice's Gamma Ray, which take a full tension bar to perform. Like Special 
Attacks, the properties and inputs vary depending on your character. 

Instant Kill
Also known as "One Hit Kill" or "Destroy" moves. If you successfully hit
with this move, the opponent instantly loses the round, no matter how much
health he or she has left. To perform an instant kill, press all four attack
buttons at the same time. This will put you into instant kill mode. While
in instant kill mode, your tension gauge gradually decreases. You will be
unable to perform any other move that requires tension. Also, if your tension
runs out, you will slowly lose health instead. Once you perform the move, or
once you cancel instant kill by pressing all four buttons again, you will
no longer lose tension/health. The instant kill is performed by pressing
qcf, qcf+H, with one exception: May, whose instant kill is hcf, hcf+H. Again,
the property of each instant kill is different. Also, regardless of whether
you hit with the instant kill or not, you will lose your tension gauge for
the rest of the round.

Dust Attacks
Formerly performed by pressing S+H, in GGXX the Dust Attack is performed
simply by pressing the handy new Dust (D) button. These moves are unique
from character to character, but generally they take long to execute, long
to recover, and don't do much damage. The advantage is that they float
the opponent extremely high. If the move hits, you can immediately chase
after the opponent by pressing up, and proceed to hit the opponent with your
best air combo.

Pressing d+D will perform a sweep. The sweep must be blocked low, and if it
hits, the opponent will be knocked to the ground.

Knockdown Attack
Pressing D in midair will perform a knockdown. If it hits, the opponent will
be knocked to the ground or back against the wall. Simple.

Throws must be performed extremely close to the opponent, by pressing either
f+H or b+H. They are usually very damaging, and cannot be blocked. Once a
throw is started, there is no way to escape. Getting close enough to perform
the throw, though, is quite a challenge. Dashing in and pressing H doesn't
work because this will just give the f+H basic move; you must either release
f and press f again, or stop your dash and press b+H.

Air Throw
New to GGXX are air throws. They are performed exactly the same as a regular
throw, but obviously, both you and your opponent must be in midair. They also
tend to have better range than ground throws, about twice as far in most

Basic Cancel
The most basic form of cancelling, is of course, the basic cancel. This
refers to cancelling the recovery time of a basic move (i.e., a move that
most characters have, like standing S, or f+P, or f+H, or jumping K...) into
a special move (such as Faust's qcf+P or Sol's qcb+S). Most basic moves can 
be cancelled into special moves with few exceptions.

Jump Cancel
Certain basic moves can have their recovery time cancelled into a jump simply 
by pressing up as soon as the move connects. Whether you can perform a JC 
depends on the move, so experiment with each character. I have designated
Jump Cancellable moves with a "J" in the movelist for each character. If the
basic move floats, like Dizzy's f+H, then you can use the jump cancel to set
the hapless opponent up for a float combo.

Faultless Defense Cancel
As opposed to my previous revision when I said that FDC's were removed, they
are still in the game although their use is more limited. To perform a FDC,
perform the Faultless Defense motion (b+P+K) during the execution of a move.
This will cut the recovery time of a move to null while taking a little
tension. Also, certain air-moves, such as Faust's d+K, can be FDCed, making
him drop to the ground quickly.

Roman Cancel
By pressing three attack buttons other than D at the same time, you can
perform a roman cancel. This will stop all recovery time of a move and allow
you to attack immediately. However, it takes 50% tension to perform.
Obviously, this is the core to many comboes. Note that you can only perform
a roman cancel if you hit the enemy, regardless of whether they block or not.
Whiffed moves cannot be RCed.

False Roman Cancel
New to GGXX, the false roman cancel is similar to the RC in many aspects.
It is performed the same. However, there are a few differences. Not every
move is eligible for FRC, and the timing is very strict - probably within
1/5th of a second of a certain point during the move. Also, you do not have
to connect with the opponent to perform a FRC. FRCs also take only 25%
tension. Finally, a successful FRC will glow blue instead of red. 

Dizzy (no, not the character)
If you hit your opponent with a long combo or with powerful hits in
succession, they may become dizzy. While dizzy, a character cannot perform
any moves, and cannot block. They are basically open to anything. Dizzy
time may be shortened by mashing the buttons and shaking the lever around.

New to GGXX is staggering. Some moves stagger the opponent. While staggered,
a character cannot attack or block. Think of staggers as a mini-dizzy.
Like Dizzying, staggering may be nullified by mashing buttons or shaking
the lever. A list of moves that stagger in the game follows.

Hard Slash (H)
Forward HS (f+H) Counter Only
Air Dust (MA D) Counter Only
Normal Throw (f/b+H)
Under Pressure (S/H during Dandy Step) Counter Only
Chi wo Suu Uchuu (hcb+H)
Chokkagata Dandy (MA qcb, qcb+S) Noncounter Only

Forward HS (f+H) Counter Only
Daiboku wo Sasuru Te (hcf+S/H)

Crouching S (d/db/df+S) Counter Only
Crouching HS (d/db/df+H)
Ghosts: Far Slash (S) Counter Only
Sword: Itasou, tte Iu Ka Itai (qcf+S --> H) Counter Only
Sword: Chikazuku to Yukimasu  (hcb+H) Noncounter Only

Special (d/f+P) Counter Only
Special (MA d+S) Counter Only
Roger Lash (qcf+H during Yoyo Haichi)
Loop the Loop (hcb, f+S) (Seventh Hit)

Forward HS (f+H)

Hard Slash (H) Counter Only

Hard Slash (H) Counter Only

Forward Punch (f+P) Counter Only
Silent Force (MA qcb+S) Counter Only

Hard Slash (H) Counter Only
Forward Kick (f+K)

Crouching Slash (c.S) Counter Only
Jump Slash (MA S) Counter Only
Forward Kick (f+K)
Megafist Back (qcb+P) Counter Only
F.D.B. (hcb+S) Noncounter Only
Gigantor (hcb, f+H)

Forward HS (f+H)
Rokusai (qcf+S during Resshou) Counter Only

Crouching Slash (d/db/df+S) Counter Only
Jumpd Dust (MA D) Counter Only

Forward Kick (f+K) Counter Only
Kabari (hcf+H)

Forward Punch (f+P) Counter Only
Crouching Slash (d/db/df+S) Counter Only
Ashiharai (K during Bakushu)
Geki: Saishinshou (qcf, qcf+H)

Crouching HS (d/db/df+H) Counter Only
Jumping HS (MA H) Counter Only

Far Slash (S) Counter Only
Crouching HS (d/db/df+H)

Forward Punch (f+P) Counter Only
Kachoufuugetsu (First through Third Hits)

Hard Slash (H) Counter Only

Hard Slash (H) Counter Only

Far Slash (S) Fourth Hit
Forward Hard Slash (f+H) Both Hits, Counter Only

Robo Ky
Hard Slash (H) Counter Only
Forward Hard Slash (f+H) Counter Only

Kliff Undersn
Forward Hard Slash (f+H)

Crouching Slash (d/db/df+S) Ground Counter Only

Adjusted Damage
You might have noticed that Chipp take much more damage than Potemkin for
any given move. Even with the same Guard Gauge levels, different characters
will take different amounts of damage for any given attack. The exact
adjustment is given in the chart below. Please note that activating Guilty
Gear mode changes this chart.

Slayer    0.96          I-No    1.00            Zappa  1.00
Bridget   1.06          Sol     1.00            Ky     1.03
May       1.06          Millia  1.21            Eddie  1.06
Potemkin  0.87          Chipp   1.30            Faust  1.00
Baiken    1.18          Jam     1.06            Johnny 1.00
Axl       1.06          Anji    1.06            Venom  1.00
Testament 1.00          Dizzy   1.06            Kliff  1.31
Justice   1.06          Robo Ky 0.89

(Guilty Gear Mode enabled)
Slayer    1.00          I-No    1.03            Zappa  1.03
Bridget   1.10          Sol     1.03            Ky     1.07
May       1.10          Millia  1.25            Eddie  1.10
Potemkin  0.91          Chipp   1.34            Faust  1.03
Baiken    1.22          Jam     1.10            Johnny 1.03
Axl       1.10          Anji    1.10            Venom  1.03
Testament 1.03          Dizzy   1.10            Kliff  1.35
Justice   1.10          Robo Ky 0.93

Blocking is performed simply by pressing back or d/b. Standing blocks
will guard against anything but low attacks; crouching blocks will 
guard against anything but mid. You can also block attacks in midair; 
however, you cannot block attacks that come from a grounded opponent 
while in midair.

Fortress/Faultless Defense
By pressing P+K while guarding, your character will be surrounded by an
aura. At the same time, your tension meter gradually decreases. While 
engaged in FD, you will not take any guard damage. You will also not
accumulate any guard gauge, and your opponent will be knocked backwards.
However, you must still pay attention to attack levels, and if you run
out of tension, you can no longer perform FD. Another bonus is that you
can block attacks from a grounded opponent while in midair if you
utilize FD.

Air Recovery
If you are knocked into the air, you can press any attack button
besides D to right yourself. After righting yourself, you may attack, but
beware that this also opens you up to attack from the opponent. Also,
certain attacks are not open to recovery. Generally, counter hits cannot 
be recovered.

Dead Angle Attacks
Dead Angle Attacks serve as universal counter attacks. They are performed
by pressing forward and two attack buttons aside from D while blocking.
This takes 50% tension to perform. The Dead Angle Attacks are usually
short range and low on damage, so use them wisely.

Instant Block
If you block an attack at the precise moment it connects, your character
will flash white and you will take no damage. The advantages are that this
reduces guard stun, knocks the enemy back somewhat, and for a period of
time you will gain tension more easily. The knockback and the guard stun
ranges are less than normal guard and FD. The timing is QUITE severe so don't 
try for it unless you are sure.

Opposing Hit
If two attacks of approximately the same strength hit each other at the
same time, a flash of lightning hits and neither character will take any
damage. Both characters will cancel the remaining recovery times for their
moves, if any.

Unlike other games, Guilty Gear is not all about combos. Since damage
inflicted during comboes decreases drastically, it may not be in your
best interests to use them. For instance, Faust's qcf, qcf+S tension attack
can do up to 90% LESS damage even as the second hit of a combo.

Also, the damage from combos starting with d+P or d+K, an oft-abused tactic 
in GGX, has been reduced substantially, between 10-30% depending on character.


This moves list is alphabetical by character name. 

Character information was taken from the official Guilty Gear XX website (
http://www.guiltygearx.com/ggx/xx/xx.html), with the exception of voice 
actors. In cases where characters are old from GGX, I've assumed that the 
voice actors are the same. New characters I am sure about. The exception is 
Eddie/Zato's voice actor. In GGX, it was Shiozawa Kaneto, but he passed away 
after his role in GGX. In GGXX, the role has been taken over by Koyasu 

Some move information was taken from Guilty Gear XX The Midnight Carnival
Burst Encylopedia, the offical mook/guidebook to GGXX (ISBN 4-7577-0934-X).
At approximately $10 US, this book is a steal, and it comes with a pack of
20 GGXX artwork postcards. You can order it from Amazon Japan (

Story information was also taken from the Burst Encyclopedia. The story
provided in the Burst Encyclopedia is pretty skimpy; in fact, the BE mentions
that GGXX takes place merely a few weeks after GGX, and many of
the characters' stories remain unchanged, while others have changed only
a bit.

More information was taken from the Guilty Gear XX Complete Guide, the
official mook/guide to the console version of GGXX (ISBN 4-7973-2294-2).
Though not quite as pretty as the Burst Encyclopedia, this game has even
more technical information to sink your teeth into.

Each move description has the name, command input, damage, and whether it
is eligible for Roman Cancel (R), False Roman Cancel (F), or Jump Cancel (J).
Also, moves with an X in the cancel column are NOT eligible for basic Cancel.
I chose to do it this way since the vast majority of basic moves ARE eligible
for basic Cancel, and so it's easier to add a few X's to each list rather than
add a whole bunch of C's. Starred move names also have added notes. Damage 
fluctuates based on who it is performed against and the status of the 
opponent's guard gauge; these damage values are only approximate. A full life 
bar is 420 points.


The time is around the same as when GGX took place. However, the goal of
"Defeat Dizzy for the bounty" has been fulfilled, and the goals this time are

Dizzy's hiding place, the "Devil's Living Place", was discovered, and a series
of challengers arrived. Finally, Sol defeated Dizzy, but did not take her
life and left. Johnny arrived afterwards and offered to take Dizzy away;
the bounty money was awarded to Jam. Even Gabriel acknowledged this turn of

After this Dizzy agreed to join Johnny and became a member of the Jellyfish

In the middle of his travels, Zato lost his life, and the Eddie began
controlling his body.

GGXX takes place a few weeks after the hunt for Dizzy concluded. Because of
this, some, like Bridget, do not yet know that the bounty has already been

Height: 183 cm
Blood Type: B
Weight: 68 kg
Birthplace: Pre-destruction Japan
Birthday: January 1st
Eye Color: Black
Likes: Active sports, travelling
Important Items: Faith, Freedom
Dislikes: Demons, Sophistry
Voice Actor: Igarashi Tooru

Story: A few decades ago, Japan was destroyed by certain invaders. These
invaders were created by none other than "That Man". Anji has continued his
journey to find "That Man". But, that journey is not born out of hatred and
the desire for revenge. He simply had a goal to chase "That Man". Hiding his
own race, Anji travels on today. In front of him lies only the unknown, 
shrouded in darkness.

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   10
Kick                                      K                 R/J   14
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   26
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R/J   30
Hard Slash                                H                 R     38
Dust                                      D                 R/X   20
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     8
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     12
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     28
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     38
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R     28
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     10
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R     18
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   28
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     32
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R     40
Forward Punch                             f+P               R     24
Forward Kick                              f+K               R/F/X 28
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R/F/J 14x4+34
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     56
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60

Normal Moves
Shitsu *1                                 qcf+P             -     18           
Fuujin *2                                 qcf+S/HS          R     30/46         
  --> Nagiha                                --> S           R     30
  --> Hitoashitobi *3                       --> K           -     -
  --> Shin: Ichishiki                       --> P           -     10x6
Kou *6                                    (GC) P            R     30+10x6+40
On *4                                     dp+HS             F     90            
Kai *5                                    qcf+P/K           R     32/50
Shin: Nishiki                             (MA) qcb+P        R     16x6

Tension Moves
Tenjinashi                                [d], u+K          R     30+15x13
Issei Ougi: Sai                           hcb, f+H          F     12x11+100
Kachoufuugetsu *6                         (GC) hcb+S        R     40x4

Instant Kill
Zetsu                                     qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 If blocked, Shitsu turns into a second overhead projectile with damage 30.
*2 Fuujin can link only if it makes contact with the opponent.
*3 Anji jumps forward. If the Fuujin hit close, this will put Anji at the
   opponent's back.
*4 Anti-air throw.
*5 P is a short range hop, K is a longer range jump attack.
*6 This is a Guard Point cancel. Guard Point refers to the auto-block Anji
   possesses during his close S, H, crouching H, f+K, f+H, and (in EX only)
   f+P. If auto-block succeeds during one of these moves, perform the
   input listed.

FRC Timing
Forward Kick: 2-frame window the instant the kick comes out
Forward Hard Slash: 2-frame window 2 frames after the last attack comes out
Shin: Ichishiki: ?-frame window before Anji reaches apex of jump.
On: Cannot if throw connects. 3-frame window 3 frames after the grabbing
    motion begins
Issei Ougi: Sai: ?-frame window immediately before fan folds up.

Counter Hit Effects
Forward Punch: Stagger
Forward Kick: Downed
Knockdown: Wall Bounce

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Mugyou *1                                 hcb, f+HS         R     20
  --> Kou                                   --> P           R     40+22x6+50
  --> Ten                                   --> K           R     30+20x13
  --> Sai                                   --> S           -     20x11+50
  --> On                                    --> H           -     120

*1 Tension Move. Identical to a Fuujin. Links only if it hits.

Altered Moves
Forward Punch                             f+P               R     28
Shitsu *1                                 qcf+P             F     18
Fuujin *2                                 qcf+S/H           F     28
  --> Kai: Ichishiki                        --> P           R     32
  --> Hitoashitobi *3                       --> K           -     -
  --> Nagiha                                --> S           R     30
Kai: Nishiki *4                           qcb+K             R     32
Shin: Ichishiki *5                        qcb+P             -     10x6
Kachoufuugetsu *6                         hcb+S             R     36x4

*1 If blocked, Shitsu turns into a second overhead projectile with damage 30.
*2 H version hits behind opponent. Links only if the move connects. Only
   H version is FRCable.
*3 Anji jumps forward. If Fuujin hit close this will put Anji behind the
*4 Only K version of K can be performed in EX Mode.
*5 Performs directly; does not link from Fuujin
*6 Becomes a regular Guard Cancel instead of a Guard Point Cancel.

Lost Moves
Issei Ougi: Sai

FRC Timing
Forward Kick: 2-frame window the instant the kick comes out
Forward Hard Slash: 2-frame window 2 frames after the last attack comes out
Shitsu: ?-frame window as butterfly first comes out
On: Cannot if throw connects. 3-frame window 3 frames after the grabbing
    motion begins
Fuujin (H Version): 4-frame window from when Anji dashes furthest behind 

Gold Mode Changes
Shitsu always transforms, even if the move connects. It also flies all
the way across the screen and more than one can be out at once.

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Jump H -> Jump D Gatling possible.
Forward Punch stuns longer, cancellable, slower, damage down.
Forward Kick Guard point increased, cancellable with K, recovers slower.
Forward Hard Slash untechable longer when hits in air.
Close Slash faster, knocks back more.
Far Slash hit boxes larger.
Hard Slash faster, reaches further, moves Anji forward, Guard Point slower,
   recovers slower.
Crouch Kick knocks back more.
Jump Hard Slash damage down.
Jump Dust recovers faster, cancellable earlier, floats lower.
Shin: Ichishiki recovers faster, FRCable, executes slower.
Shin: Nishiki damage down.
Fuujin (S) damage down.
Shitsu floats lower when blocked, stuns longer.
Hitoashitobi faster, jumps further.
Kou has added invincibility.
Kai (P) hit boxes larger, damage down.
Kai (K) damage up, stuns longer, bounces on counter hit, executes slower.
Issei Ougi: Sai FRC timing changed, guard gauge decreases less, recovers
   faster, damage down.
Tenjinkyaku charge time down, guard gauge decreases less, damage down.
Kachoufuugestsu added invincibility, guarantees hit if within range, damage

EX Mode
Shitsu is FRCable.
Kou (after Mugyou) damage up.
Sai damage down.
Kai: Ichishiki damage down.
Hitoashitobi faster, jumps further.
Kai: Nishiki damage up.
Kachoufuugetsu damage down.


Strengths: Versatile; Fuujin links are all around great; Instant Kill is
           one of the better ones.
Weaknesses: Range is limited; recovery time large for many moves; Gatling
            Comboes are unusual.

Anji was low tier in XX, but he has been improved in #Reload. The speeding
up of Hitoashitobi gives him a great crossover; his guard points are also
slightly easier to use, especially with the strengthening of Kou.

Height: 179 cm
Blood Type: B
Weight: 78 km
Birthplace: England
Birthday: December 25th
Eye Color: Blue
Likes: Billiards
Important Things: His girlfriend Megumi
Dislikes: Preaching
Voice Actor: Nanba Keiichi

Story: Even at the conclusion of the last tournmanet, Axl couldn't return to
his own time period, and was finally lost again in a different age. And then
one year later, Axl found himself experiencing the same events again (although
from his point of view, this was three years later.) However, he did not gain
nothing from his travels. Hearing about a man with the same time travelling
ability as him... "That Man", Axl wondered if he could learn how to return
to his own time period from him. Recognizing the scent of "That Man" on the
previous tournaments, Axl sets forth again.

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R     32
Kick                                      K                 R     16
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   28
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R     33
Hard Slash                                H                 R     42
Dust                                      D                 R/X   20
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     28
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     9
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R/J   34
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R/F/X 40
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R     30
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     10
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R/J   18
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R     28
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     38
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R     44
Forward Punch                             f+P               R/J   32
Forward Kick                              f+K               R/J   36
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R/X   46
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     50
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60
Special                                   df+P              R     24
Special                                   (MA) f+P          R     16

Normal Moves  
Bentengari                                dp+S/H            R     46/36+24
  --> Axl Bomber *1                         --> dp+H        R     55
Rensengeki                                [b], f+S          R/F   20x3
  --> Kyokusageki                           -->  [u]/[uf]   -     35
  --> Sensageki                             -->  [d]/[df]   R     26x5
Rashousen                                 [b], f+HS         -     1+80
Tenhouseki *2                             qcb+P/K           -     110         
Housoubako *3                             dp+P              R     42
Raieisageki *4                            hcb+S/H           R/F   45/20x3
Axl Bomber                                (MA) dp+H         R     60

Tension Moves
Shiranami no Homura *5                    rdp+P             R     30+30+50      
Byakuerenshou                             qcf, hcb+H        -     50x2+30x5

Instant Kill
Rensen Ougi: Midaregami *6                qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 Only links from HS version of Bentengari.
*2 P is a high reversal, K is a low reversal stance.
*3 Another reversal.
*4 Only HS version can False Roman Cancel.
*5 Must link from Housoubako.
*6 Even though it looks low, this move may be blocked standing as well.

FRC Timing
Crouching Hard Slash: 2-frame window from when attack begins
Rensengeki: ?-frame window from when glowing sickles first thrust forward
HS Raieisageki: 3-frame window 3 frames after bouncing off the ground

Counter Hit Effects
Forward Punch: Downed
Far Slash: Stagger

EX Mode Changes
New Moves                                 
Nutotsu *1                                qcf+K             R     40
Yousou Renzan *2                          qcf, hcb+K        R     24x5+40

*1 Similar to a Dust attack, holding up will cause a Dust-effect type jump
   after it hits.
*2 Tension Move.

Altered Moves
Bentengari (S) *1                         dp+S              R     28
Sensageki                                 qcf+S             R     15xn
Rensengeki                                qcb+H             F     20x3
  --> Kyokusageki                           --> [u]/[uf]    -     35
Raieisageki *2                            (MA) dp+S         F     20x3
Byakue Renshou *3                         qcf, hcb+H        R     60x3

*1 S version may be linked up to three times. H version unchanged.
*2 Similar to H version of normal Raieisageki. S version of normal Raieisageki
   is lost.
*3 Tension move.

FRC Timing
Crouching Hard Slash: 2-frame window from when attack begins
Rensengeki: 1-frame window from when glowing sickles first thrust forward
Raieisageki: 3-frame window 3 frames after bouncing off the ground

Gold Mode Changes
Moves backwards about twice as fast.
Shiranami no Honoo links automatically from Housobako and doesn't
need any Tension.

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Dust executes faster, recovers slower.
Jump P -> Jump f+P, Jump K -> Jump f+P Gatlings possible.
d/f+P stuns longer.
Forward Kick jump cancellable.
Tenhouseki recovers slower.
Hachisubako recovers slower.
Raieisageki (S) damage down.
Byakue Renshou damage down.

EX Mode
Byakue Renshou damage up.


Strengths: Great range; has several good reversals; most moves are powerful
           and have good stun/dizzy chances.
Weaknesses: Not great at short range; rather slow and long recovery time on
            almost all moves.

Axl's FRC game has been improved with the lengthening of the Rensengeki
window. On the other hand, his reversals are harder to use and his
powerful Axl Bomber loop is now much harder to do.

Height: 162 cm
Blood Type: B
Weight: 45 kg
Birthplace: Pre-destruction Japan
Birthday: March 5 (assumed)
Eye Color: Peach
Likes: Sake
Important Things: Sake Bottle
Dislikes: Tanuki Ornaments
Voice Actress: Sudou Miho

Story: When Japan was under attack, Baiken witnessed her own parents and
friends being burned to death in the flames. Their death was a result of
Gears, but amidst the strongest flames there was a man. This man, encircled
by flames and Gears, was studied by Baiken. At that moment, she felt a
definite premonition. "This man is one to be defeated." Even now these
memories drive Baiken forward, and she searches for "That Man"
with murderous intent. Her travels continue.

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   8
Kick                                      K                 R/J   14
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   28
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R/J   30
Hard Slash                                H                 R     44
Dust                                      D                 R/X   20
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     8
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     12
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     32
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R/J/X 22x3
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R/J   30
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     10
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R/J   18
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R     32
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     40
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R/F/X 50
Forward Punch                             f+P               R/J   15+25
Forward Kick                              f+K               R     24
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R     66
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     60
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60

Normal Moves 
Tatamigaeshi                              (AMA) qcf+K       F     40
Youshijin *1                              (GC) b, df, d+P   R     12
Mawarikomi *2                             (GC) b, df, d+K   F     -
Sakura                                    (GC) b, df, d+S   R     30
Suzuran *3                                hcb+K             F     -
Youzansen *4                              (MA) dp+S         R     44
Kabari                                    hcf+H             R     12
  --> Tetsuzansen                           --> S           R     36

Tension Moves     
Tsurane Sanzuwatashi                      qcf, qcf+S        R     60x3
Baku: Ki *5                               (GC) b, hcb+P     R     10
Baku: Rin *6                              (GC) b, hcb+K     R     10
Baku: Ryuu *7                             (GC) b, hcb+S     R     10
Baku: Hou *8                              (GC) b, hcb+H     R     10

Instant Kill
Garyou Tensei                             qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 Floats on counterhit.
*2 Puts Baiken at opponent's back.
*3 Dash forward; auto-avoids attacks that can be blocked standing.
*4 This move's speed and range has been improved from GGX.
*5 Opponent will be unable to jump. Lasts for 14 seconds.
*6 Opponent will be unable to use anything but basic attacks. Lasts 
   for 14 seconds.
*7 Opponent will inflict less damage. Lasts for 14 seconds.
*8 Opponent will take more damage. Lasts for 14 seconds.

FRC Timing
Knockdown: 3-frame window 3 frames after flames first appear
Tatamigaeshi (ground): 3-frame window 3 frames after tatami flips all the
   way up
Tatamigaeshi (air): 2-frame window 3 frames after tatami first appears
Sakura: ?-frame window during thrust forward.
Mawarikomi: ?-frame window when Baiken reaches opponent's rear.

Counter Hit Effects
Forward Kick: Stagger
Crouching HS: Downed
Youshijin: Downed

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Sanmai Tatamigaeshi                       qcf,qcf+K         -     40x3
Zakuro                                    rdp+H             R     16x6
Tate Shunmaku *1                          (T) qcf, qcf+P    -     120

*1 Tension Move.                        

Altered Moves
Youshijin *1                              rdp+P             R     12
Mawarikomi *1 *2                          rdp+K             -     -                              
Sakura *1                                 rdp+S             R     30
Youzansen *3                              (MA) dp+S         R     44
Baku: Ki *1 *4                            b, hcb+P          R     10
Baku: Rin *1 *5                           b, hcb+K          R     10
Baku: Ryuu *1 *6                          b, hcb+S          R     10
Baku: Hou *1 *7                           b, hcb+H          R     10

*1 No longer Guard Cancels.
*2 Puts Baiken at opponent's back.
*3 Identical to GGX version.
*4 Opponent will be unable to jump. Lasts for 14 seconds.
*5 Opponent will be unable to use anything but basic attacks. Lasts 
   for 14 seconds.
*6 Opponent will inflict less damage. Lasts for 14 seconds.
*7 Opponent will take more damage. Lasts for 14 seconds.

FRC Timing
Knockdown: 3-frame window 3 frames after flames first appear
Tatamigaeshi (ground): 3-frame window 3 frames after tatami first appears
Tatamigaeshi (air): 2-frame window 3 frames after tatami first appears

Gold Mode Changes
Tatamis do not disappear even if Baiken takes damage.

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Forward Kick damage up.
Sweep prorates 70%.
Tatamigaeshi (ground) FRC timing changed.
Sakura FRCable.
Mawarikomi FRCable.
Youzansen recovers slower.

EX Mode
Sanmai Tatamigaeshi input changed.


Strengths: Large variety of guard cancels that can disable opponent.
Weaknesses: Not very versatile if not guarding; moves generally not very
            damaging; range fairly limited.

Baiken was rather powerful given her guard cancels and air dust loop, so
she's been toned down in a few areas. Her combo damage is down in general,
although as a nice bonus she can now FRC Sakura for combos, and Mawarikomi
as well, for some improved guard cancel play.

Height: 158 cm
Blood Type: O
Weight: 50 kg
Birthplace: England
Birthday: October 26th
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Likes: Yoyos, Trying like a boy, Naps
Important Things: Parents, Stuffed Animal Roger, Yoyo received from father
Dislikes: Weak muscles
Voice Actress: Konishi Hiroko
Roger's Voice Actor: Ishihara Akihiro

Story: He used to cheerfully obey his parents, but then he realizes that the
more he searched for his own happiness, the more he hurt them. He came to
the conclusion that he would have to live as a boy and not trouble the 
village further. At that time, news of the bounty came to him. He became 
determined to seek out the bounty for himself and the village. The fact 
that the bounty on Dizzy had already been collected is unknown to him.

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   12
Kick                                      K                 R/J   22
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   22x2
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R     34
Dust                                      D                 R/X   17
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     8
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     12
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R/J   30
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R/F   32
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     16
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R/J   20
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R     32
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R     16x3
Forward Punch                             f+P               R     30
Forward Kick                              f+K               R/X   20x2
Forward Slash                             f+S               R     46
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         R     48
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     55
Special                                   df+P              R/X   24
Special                                   (MA) d+S          R     46

Normal Moves   
Yoyo Haichi                               H                 -     -               
  --> Yoyo Hikimodoshi                      --> H           -     40
  --> Roger Rush                            --> qcf+H       -     36x5
  --> Jagged Roger                          --> (AMA) qcb+H -     20x3
  --> Roger Hug *1                          --> dp+H        -     30
  --> Rolling Idou *2                       --> (AMA) qcb+K -     -
Kick Start My Heart                       qcf+K             R     30
  --> Teishi                                --> P           -     40
  --> Hassha                                --> K           R     50
Starship *3                               (AMA) dp+P        R/F   22x4

Tension Moves
Loop the Loop                             hcb, f+S          R     20x7+60
Maintenance-chuu no Higeki                hcf, hcf+S        -     24x18
Ore to Kill Machine *4                    hcb, f+H          -     25x12

Instant Kill
Shoot the Moon                            qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 Will pull the opponent in if it connects, regardless of whether they
   block or not.
*2 Bridget will jump towards the yoyo's current location. After a Roger
   Hug, you can do air throws and the like.
*3 Hits only three times in the air. Only ground version is FRC.
*4 Must be performed when yoyo is out (Yoyo Haichi).

FRC Timing
Sweep: 2-frame window from when Yoyo reaches maximum extension
Starship: 2-frame window from time third attack begins
Roger Rush: ?-frame window from when Bridget bends forward.
Jagged Roger: ?-frame window from when Bridget bends forward.

Counter Hit Effects
Special (d/f+P): Stagger
Forward Slash: Wall Bounce
Special (j.d+S): Stagger

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Maintenance-go no Gigeki *1               (T) hcf, hcf+S    -     24xn

*1 Tension Move.

Altered Moves
Yoyo Haichi                               H                 -     -               
  --> Yoyo Hikimodoshi                      --> H           -     40
  --> Roger Lash *1                         --> (AMA) qcf+H -     36x3
  --> Jagged Roger *1                       --> (AMA) qcb+H -     20x5
  --> Roger Hug *2                          --> (AMA) dp+H  -     30
  --> Rolling Idou *3                       --> qcb+K       -     -
Ore to Kill Machine *4                    (AMA) hcb, f+H    -     30x12

*1 Damage properties altered. Speed also altered.
*2 Will attach to the opponent whether they block or not. Can now be done in
*3 Bridget will jump towards the yoyo's current location. After a Roger
   Hug, you can do air throws and the like.
*4 Must be performed while Yoyo is out (Yoyo Haichi). Tension Move. Can now
   be done in midair.

Lost Moves
Maintenance-chuu no Higeki

FRC Timing
Sweep: 2-frame window from when Yoyo reaches maximum extension

Gold Mode Changes
Moves involving Roger hit twice as many times; Roger stays out longer.
Roger Lash and Jagged Roger don't disappear after hitting if you hold H.

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Starship speed down, invincibility down, damage up.
Roger Rush FRCable.
Jagged Roger FRCable.
Roger Hug damage up.
Maintenance-chuu no Higeki damage down, sped up.
Ore to Kill Machine damage down.
All Roger moves now performable from Roger Hug.

EX Mode
Roger Hug damage up.
Ore to Kill Machine moves slower.
Maintenance-go no Gigeki damage down.


Strengths: Good range; moves highly confusing to opponent; tension attacks
           highly damaging.
Weaknesses: Gains tension quite slowly; some moves have extremely high
            recovery time.

Bridget's cheesy-as-hell Starship has been toned down quite a bit, but
in exchange, he gains the ability to link Roger Hug into any of his
other Roger moves, including Ore to Kill Machine - still powerful and
frustrating to fight against.

Height: 183 cm
Blood Type: B
Weight: 67 kg
Birthplace: Insists that it's Japan (actually America)
Birthday: February 9th
Eye Color: Red
Likes: Dreaming
Important Things: Sleep Medication
Dislikes: Nightmares, Mafia, Gangs, Yakuza
Voice Actor: Miura Takeshi

Story: Unable to win the last tournament, he became aware again of his own
weaknesses, and set out to train once again. Witnessing the death of Justice,
he realized that despite his murderous actions, he was searching for someone
to save him. Chipp searches for that "saving hand". Now, hearing about a Gear
that does not hurt others, Chipp set forth to find her.

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   6
Kick                                      K                 R/J   12
Slash                                     S (close)         R     28
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R/J   26
Hard Slash                                H                 R/J   36
Dust                                      D                 R/X   17
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     6
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     8
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     28
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     34
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R     26
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     8
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R/J   16x2
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   28
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     26x2
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R     40
Forward Punch                             f+P               R/J   18x2
Forward Kick                              f+K               R/X   28
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R/J   60
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     60
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60

Normal Moves
Alpha Blade *1                            (AMA) qcf+P       R     44
  --> Alpha Plus                            --> H           R     38
Beta Blade *2                             (AMA) dp+S        R     30+26
Gamma Blade                               hcf+H             -     32
Tsuyoshishiki Ten'i *3                    d, d+P/K/S/H      -     -
Tsuyoshishiki Meisai *4                   qcb+K             -     -
Genrouzan *5                              (T) hcf+K         F     90
Resshou                                   qcf+S             R     18
  --> Senshuu                               --> qcf+K       R/F   30
  --> Rokusai                               --> qcf+S       R     22
    --> Senshuu                               --> qcf+K     R/F   30
Sakuganki                                 (MA) d+K          R     16x3

Tension Moves
Zanseirouga                               hcb, f+H          R/F   30x5+110
Banki Messai                              qcf, qcf+K        R     9x16+30x4

Instant Kill
Delta End *6                              qcf, qcf+H        -     All     

*1 Does 40 in midair.
*2 Does 28+18 in midair.
*3 Teleportation maneuver. P goes to 1/3 screen in front of opponent, K goes
   to 2/3 screen in front of opponent, S goes to a short distance behind
   opponent, and H goes to above opponent.
*4 Makes Chipp semi-transparent.
*5 Long distance throw.
*6 Unblockable after the tension glow; however, the glow takes an extremely
   long time to appear after the command input.

FRC Timing
 Genrouzan: 1-frame window from when Chipp slashes opponent's throat
 Senshuu: 3-frame window from when first jumping
 Zanseirouga: 4-frame window 4-frame after first thrusting attack commences

Counter Hit Effects
Forward Kick: Wall Bounce
Alpha Plus: Spinning Knockdown
Rokusai: Stagger

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Hayoku Rakuhou *1                         (MA) qcf, qcf+H   -     24x12

*1 Tension Move. Occasionally one of the knives will be replaced by an iron
   pipe (48 damage) or a Japanese food item (1 damage).

Altered Moves
Alpha Blade *1                            (AMA) qcf+P       R     40
Beta Blade *1                             (AMA) dp+S        R     28+24
Gamma Blade *1 *2                         (AMA) hcf+H       -     32
Senshuu *1                                (AMA) dp+K        R     24
Banki Messai *3                           (T) qcf, qcf+K    R     8x10+20x3+110

*1 Links to Alpha Blade with P, Senshuu with K, Beta Blade with S, or Gamma
   Blade with H. Links up to three times.
*2 No longer holds opponent.
*3 Still a Tension Move.

Lost Moves
Alpha Plus

FRC Timing
Genrouzan: 1-frame window from when Chipp slashes opponent's throat
Senshuu: 3-frame window from when first jumping
Zanseirouga: 4-frame window 4 frames after first thrusting attack commences

Gold Mode Changes
Tsuyoshishiki Meisai lasts for 18 seconds whether Chipp is hit or not (unless

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Hard Slash -> Forward Kick gatling gone.
Far Slash slower.
Sweep recovers slower, damage down, stuns shorter.
Sakuganki more vertical.
Forward Punch executes slower, recovers faster.
Forward Kick hits overhead, slower, no wall bounce on counterhit, stuns
Dust executes faster, recovers slower.
Alpha Plus counter hit blows oppponent back, wall bounce.
Beta Blade floats higher, untechable longer, damage down.
Air Beta Blade recovers faster.
Genrouzan much faster, recovers slower.
Banki Messai damage up, more effective against airborne opponents.


Strengths: Great speed and mobility, combo potential; gains tension quickly.
Weaknesses: Weak defense; most moves not very damaging.

Chipp inexplicably seems to have been sped up. Some of his FRC timings are
different, but so far, at least, he doesn't seem to be very different from
his XX incarnation at all.

Height: 167 cm
Bloodtype: Unable to determine
Weight: 56 kg
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthday: December 25th (assumed)
Eye Color: Reddish-Brown
Likes: Preening wings (?)
Important Things: Foster parents, Forest animals
Dislikes: Poachers
Voice Actress: Fujita Kazue

Story: Having hidden away in the "Devil's Living Place", she was finally
discovered by the humans, and was pursued. Being forced to defend herself,
she nevertheless did not injure any of her pursuers severely, although this
took much effort on her part. And then finally, the man who held the power
of a Gear, Sol, defeated her. After that, the one who appeared before her
was the leader of the pirates, Johnny. At the end of a long solitude, Dizzy
has gained many warm friends. Her only obligations now are helping and

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   10
Kick                                      K                 R/J   16
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   24
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R     20x5
Hard Slash                                H                 R     40
Dust                                      D                 R/X   20
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     8
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     18
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R/J   28
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     44
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R     38
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     12
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R     16
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   28
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     42
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R     30+40
Forward Punch                             f+P               R     26
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R/J   38x2
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     60
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60

Normal Moves 
Hajime wa Tada no Akari Datta n Desu      qcf+S             -     20x3
Sakana wo Karu Toki ni Tsukatta n Desu    qcf+H             F     55
Ki no Mi wo Toru Toki ni Tsukatta n Desu  rdp+S             -     25+55
Yoku Hanashi Aite ni Natte Kuremasu *1    qcb+P/K/S/H       -     25/25/45/45       
Hitori ni Shite Kudasai *2                (MA) qcb+P/K      -     45

Tension Moves
Imperial Ray                              hcb, f+S          F     40xn
Necro Okotta Baai *3                      df, hcf, b, f+P   -     0+34x6
Gamma Ray *4                              f, b, f, hcf+H    -     13x5+13x32

Instant Kill
Dizzy has no Instant Kill.

*1 P, K produces multiple bites. S produces an upward-moving laser; H
   produces a downward moving laser.
*2 P produces a bubble to Dizzy's side, K produces a bubble below. The bubble
   must be hit by another attack from Dizzy to have any effect.
*3 This is unblockable, but the opponent must be standing over the symbol
   that appears on the ground for it to hit.
*4 Requires a full tension bar to perform.

FRC Timing
Crouch Hard Slash: ?-frame window almost immediately as attack starts.
Sweep: ?-frame window from when Dizzy hits the ground.
Forward Hard Slash: ?-frame window from when first hit hits.
Sakana wo Karu Toki ni Tsukatta n Desu: 2-frame window about 1 second after
   ice spike appears.
Imperial Ray: 2-frame window from when the very first flame appears

Counter Hit Effects
Forward Punch: Downed
Crouching HS: Ground Bounce

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Michael Sword                             qcf+H             R     30x2
Necro Install *1                          qcb, qcb+S        -     -

*1 Tension Move. For about 6 seconds, Dizzy will be sped up and is immune to
   most attacks. After the period is over she will be dizzy for a short while.

Altered Moves
Jump Slash *1                             (MA) S            R/J   30
Ki no Mi wo Toru Toki ni Tsukatta N Desu  (AMA) rdp+S/H     F     25/55
  --> Release *2                            --> P           -     -
Imperial Ray *3                           hcb, f+S          -     32xn
Necro Okotta Baai *4                      df, hcf, b, f+P   -     36+24x8+34x6

*1 Identical to GGX's version.
*2 Only S version releases. H version fires immediately.
*3 Tension Move. Animation changes. Start up, recovery slower. More frames
   of invincibility. No longer FRCable.
*4 Tension Move. Is now a counterattack stance. If counterattack fails, 
   Dizzy loses no tension.

Lost Moves
Sakana wo Karu Toku ni Tsukatta n Desu

FRC Timing
Ki no Mi wo Toru Toki ni Tsukatta N Desu (S): 2-frame window from when Undine
   first creates ball of electricity
Ki no Mi wo Toru Toki ni Tsukatta N Desu (H): 2-frame window from when Undine
   first creates ball of electricity

Gold Mode Changes
Any of the Hanashi Aite's stay out until hit; they may be controlled by
   pressing P, K, S, or HS.
Hajime wa Tada Hikari now does not disappear after hitting three times.
Dizzy regenerates.

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Crouch Hard Slash damage down, FRCable.
Sweep FRCable.
Forward Hard Slash FRCable, staggers on counterhit.
Dust faster.
Sakana wo Karu Toki FRC timing delayed, damage down.
Hitori ni Shite Kudasai faster.
Imperial Ray damage up.


Strengths: Variety of projectiles; most special moves have NO recovery
           time; can double air-dash.
Weaknesses: Gains tension very slowly; no instant kill.

Dizzy's ground combo power has been toned down quite a bit, as she can no
longer do her 200+ damage FRC icespike combos. In exchange she gains the
ability to FRC more moves as well as improved priority on some basic moves
as well, which was always a problem for her before.

EDDIE (formerly Zato)
Height: 181 cm
Bloodtype: A
Weight: 68 kg
Birthplace: Spain
Birthday: January 28th
Eye Color: Formerly Blue
Likes: The language of flowers
Important Things: Pride
Dislikes: Women
Voice Actor: Koyasu Takehito

Story: The Eddie's use had been perfectly mastered by Zato, but with the
weakening of Zato's body and mind the Eddie took over. However, Zato's
body would soon be destroyed. In order to continue its life, the Eddie
would need a new host. In order to prove its existence, Eddie sets forth
again for the solitary battlefield. The time left to him is short...

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   9
Kick                                      K                 R/J   12
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   30
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R     20x4
Hard Slash                                H                 R     25x3
Dust                                      D                 R/X   18
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     8
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     18
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     24
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     50
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R/J   20
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     13
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R/J   18
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R     22
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     40
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R     55
Forward Punch                             f+P               R/J   22x2
Forward Kick                              f+K               R/F/X 30
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R/X   60
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     50
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60

Normal Moves 
Invite Hell                               d, d+S/H          F     40
Break the Law *1                          qcb+K             -     -   
Eddie Shoukan *2                          qcf+P/K/S/H       -     -
  --> Shou Kougeki                          --> P           -     25
  --> Idou Kougeki                          --> K           -     20x3
  --> Taikuu Kougeki                        --> S           -     50 
  --> Drill Special                         --> H           -     34x3
  --> Chuudanwaza                           --> D           -     40
Dranka Shade *3                           qcb+S             R     30
Damned Fang                               (T) dp+S          -     92
Shadow Gallery                            (MA) hcf+S        R/F   25+50

Tension Moves
Megalith Head *4                          hcb, f+S          -     44x3         
Executor                                  (MA) qcf, qcf+S   R     16x30
Amorphous                                 hcb, f+H          -     82x2

Instant Kill
Black In Mind                             qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 Eddie sinks into the ground. He cannot be hit while in the ground, and can
   move back and forth, but the time he can stay underground is limited.
*2 Summons an Eddie. The Eddie will disappear if it or the original Eddie is 
   hit, and it has limited lifespan.
*3 Reflects projectiles.
*4 An Eddie must be out in order to perform this move.

FRC Timing
Forward Kick: 2-frame window from when kick first begins
Invite Hell (HS): 2-frame window from when drill first appears out of ground
Shadow Gallery: 3-frame window between first and second attacks

Counter Hit Effects
Dranka Shade: Wall Bounce

EX Mode Changes
New Moves                         
Ten'i *1                                  qcb+P             -     -
Ten'i Feint *2                            qcb+K             -     -
Dark Sentinel *3                          hcb, f+H          R     108

*1 During Eddie Shoukan. Eddie switches places with the shadow.
*2 During Eddie Shoukan. Fake Ten'i.
*3 Tension Move.

Altered Moves
Invite Hell *1                            (AMA) d, d+S/H    F     40
Megalith Head *2                          hcb, f+S          -     44x3
  --> Shou Kougeki                          --> P           -     25
  --> Idou Kougeki                          --> K           -     20x3
  --> Taikuu Kougeki                        --> S           -     50 
  --> Chuudanwaza                           --> D           -     40

*1 Only ground version can False Roman Cancel.
*2 Tension Move. Requires a full Eddie gauge. Once performed, press a button
   to perform a "standard" shadow attack, after which Megalith Head performs
   immediately. If no button is pressed Megalith Head performs near Eddie.

Lost Moves
Break the Law

FRC Timing
Forward Kick: 2-frame window from when kick first begins
Invite Hell (HS): 2-frame window from when drill first appears out of ground
Shadow Gallery: 3-frame window between first and second attacks

Gold Mode Changes
Infinite Eddie Gauge.
Drill Special performs faster.

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Hard Slash -> Dust Gatling possible.
Crouch Kick Gatlings only to far S, crouch H, forward H.
Sweep Gatlings only from forward P, K, H, crouch K, crouch S.
Guts down (takes more damage).
Backstep invincible less.
Dizzies easier.
Hard Slash damage up, hit boxes larger, guard gauge increase up, staggers on
   counter hit, recovers slower.
Dust faster.
Kick prorates 70%.
Crouching Slash slower, damage down.
Crouch Kick faster, hit boxes larger, recovers faster.
Jump Slash hit boxes smaller.
Sweep recovers slower.
Throw recovers slower.
Forward Kick faster.
Far Slash damage up.
Break the Law recovers faster, draws counter hits.
Invite Hell slower, S version not FRCable.
Dranka Shade damage up, invincible to throws, recovery down.
Shadow Gallery damage down, untechable less.
Eddie Gauge recovers slower, decreases more, doesn't refill until Drill
   Special ends.
Chuudanwaza prorates 70%.
Amorphous executes slower, recovers faster.


Strengths: Can attack without risking self; can fly and/or stay underground
           to avoid many moves.
Weaknesses: Gains tension slowly; limited combo potential.

Eddie was top top tier in XX, and his #Reload rebalancing reflects this
Eddie unblockables are now much much harder to do, combo damage is down
in general. He's no longer the threat he used to be, but he still shouldn't
be underestimated.

Height: 282 cm
Bloodtype: Unknown
Weight: 55 kg
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Eye Color: Glowing
Likes: Unknown
Important Things: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Voice Actor: Kondou Takashi

Story: After regaining his memory, he felt the weight of his sins, and decided
to end his own life. However, for him "death" is not pain, but rather an
"escape", as he continued his travels. Then one day, he learns that the death
of the girl was not a result of his own mistake but a murder from some
third party. Putting aside his own guilt, he resolved to save as many lives
as he can.

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   10
Kick                                      K                 R/J   30
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   30
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R     42
Hard Slash                                H                 R     24x3
Dust                                      D                 R/X   25
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     12
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R/J   12x3
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R/J   28
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     42
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R/J   38
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R/X   13
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R/J   20
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R     32
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     55
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R     30+40
Forward Punch                             f+P               R     32
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R     80
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         R     60
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     55
Special                                   (MA) d+K          R     35

Normal Moves   
Rerere no Tsuki                           hcf+K             R     30
  --> Hikimodosu                            --> b           R     -
    --> Uisu!                                 --> qcf+P     R     30
      --> Koe ga Chiisai!                       --> qcf+P   R     -
        --> Mou Icchou: UISU!                     --> qcf+P R     70
Nani ga Deru Ka Na? *1                    qcf+P             -     Varies
Ai *2                                     (MA) qcf+P        F     1+40
Yariten Enshin Ranbu                      qcf+S             R/F   44
  --> Zenpou Idou                           --> f, f        R     40
  --> Kouhou Idou                           --> b, b        R     40
  --> Kubi Biyoon                           --> P           R     40
  --> Growing Flower                        --> K           R     35
  --> Hana Daro? Ore, Hana Daro?            --> S           R     30
  --> Going My Way                          --> H           R/F   16x4
  --> Nani ga Deru Ka Na? *1                --> D           -     Varies
Mettagiri                                 (T) qcb+H         R     16x9
Mae Kara Ikimasu Yo *3                    qcb+P             R     44
Ushiro Kara Ikimasu Yo *4                 qcb+K             R     44
Ue Kara Ikimasu Yo *5                     qcb+S             R     38
Going My Way                              (MA) qcf+H        R     18x4

Tension Moves
Shigekiteki Zetsumeiken *6                qcf, qcf+S        R     Varies         
Na-na-na-nani ga Deru Ka Na! *7           qcf, qcf+P        -     Varies

Instant Kill
Konshuu no Yamaba                         qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 May produce 7 different items; a donut, chocolate, a sledgehammer, posion,
   a mini-Faust, a bomb, and meteors. Donuts and chocolate will heal 16 points
   to whichever player picks it up. Sledgehammer does 44 damage. Bombs do 60
   damage and can damage both players. Mini Fausts do 25 damage. Poison poisons
   the character for 6 seconds. Meteors do 36x6 damage.
*2 Also can do 30 damage to self.
*3 Faust disappears and reappears in front of opponent.
*4 Faust disappears and reappears behind opponent.
*5 Faust disappears and reappears above opponent.
*6 Base damage is 30. If it hits, four boxes will appear. The opponent may 
   hit either P/K/S/H to open a box, or one will open up automatically after 
   a certain amount of time. Three of the boxes contain Death, which causes
   an additional 100, 150, or 190 damage. One of the boxes contains an angel,
   which will do 10 damage to Faust.
*7 This is the same as Nani ga Deru Ka Na? but produces four items at once.

FRC Timing
Ai: 2-frame window 4 frames after attack begins
Mae/Ushiro Kara Ikimasu Yo: ?-frame window when door opens
Going My Way: 4-frame window from when high-speed spin stops
Shigekiteki Zetsumeiken: ?-frame window during finish pose.

Counter Hit Effects
Kick: Wall Bounce
Crouching Slash: Stagger
Knockdown: Downed
Hana Daro? Ore, Hana Daro?: Downed
Ue Kara Ikimasu Yo: Ground Bounce

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Shin Souten Enshin Ranbu *1               qcf, qcf+S        F     28x7

*1 Tension Move. Faust can move forward while performing this move.

Altered Moves
Far Slash *1                              S                 F     42
Rerere no Tsuki *2                        hcf+K             R     30
  --> Hikimodosu                            --> b           -     -
Koe ga Chiisai!                           qcf+H             R     40
Uisu!                                     (MA) qcf+H        R     40
Mettagiri *3                              qcb+H             R     16x8
Konshuu no Yamaba *4                      qcf, qcf+H        -     ALL

*1 Identical to GGX's version.
*2 Links only to Hikimodosu.
*3 No longer needs to be performed at throw range.
*4 Instant Kill. Animation changed.

Lost Moves
Going My Way (qcf+H version)
Shigekiteki Zetsumeiken

FRC Timing
Ai: 2-frame window 4 frames after attack begins
Mae/Ushiro Kara Ikimasu Yo: ?-frame window when door opens
Yariten Enshin Ranbu: 2-frame window from when scalpel is at maximum bend
Going My Way: 4-frame window from when high-speed spin stops

Gold Mode Changes
Infinite tension.
Nani ga Deru Ka Na? and Na-na-na-nani ga Deru Ka Na! always produce meteors.

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Crouch H -> P, Crouch H -> Crouch P Gatlings possible.
Far S -> Sweep Gatling gone.
Far S slower, reduced reach.
Sweep recovers slower.
Jump D dizzies easier, staggers on counterhit, recovers slower.
Poison damages more.
Rerere no Tsuki faster.
Both doors FRCable, recovers slower.
Souten Enshin Ranbu links faster, lowers guard gauge more, recovers slower,
   no longer FRCable.
Zenpou Idou wallbounces on counter hit.
Growing Flower dizzies easier, recovers faster, damage down.
Hana Daro? Ore Hana Daro? faster.
Going My Way decreases guard gauge more, untechable less.
Going My Way (linked) faster, angle more horizontal, damage down.
Ai now treated as projectile.
Shigekiteki Zetsumeiken faster, FRCable.


Strengths: Great range, many good linking moves, many powerful moves.
Weaknesses: Highly unpredictable, on the slow side.

Top tier Faust has lots of tone downs but a few compensations. Loss of
Souten Enshin Ranbu FRC means fewer opportunities for air combo, and he's
lost priority in a number of moves. FRC doors, however, give him more
versatility, and his ridiculously bad airdash is slightly improved.

Height: 165 cm
Bloodtype: AB
Weight: 46 kg
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthday: November 25th
Eye Color: Changes depending on the angle
Likes: Anything fun, Shiritori in jargon, being eager
Important Things: Number one's a secret, guitar Marlene, youth
Dislikes: People who don't have fun, milk
Voice Actress: Inoue Kikuko

Story: Interested in "That Man"'s power and his plans, she sets forth.
She resolves to destroy anybody who stands in the way of her "festival".

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   12
Kick                                      K                 R/J   20
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   34
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R     28
Hard Slash                                H                 R/J   43
Dust                                      D                 R/X   15
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     10
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     15
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     28
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     35
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R     26
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     18
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R     13
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   23
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     46
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R/J   40
Forward Punch                             f+P               R     32
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R     20+65
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     60
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60

Normal Moves  
Taiboku wo Sasuru Te *1                  hcf+S/H           R/F   40
Kouutsu Onkai *2                         (AMA) qcb+P       F     12+12x(0-5)
Kyougen Jikkou *3                        (MA) qcf+P/K/S/H  R/F   40/44/44/20x3
Chemical Aijou                           (AMA) hcb, f+K    F     50

Tension Moves
Madogiwa Desperate                       hcb, f+H          -     46x3
Genkai Fortissimo                        (MA) qcf, hcb+S   -     50x3

Instant Kill
Rensho Yuigon                            qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 Only HS version is FRC.
*2 Directional lever may be used to move projectile.
*3 Button may be held to increase warp time. I-No reappears in midair; P, K,
   and S are increasingly horizontal angles, while H releases I-No at a
   straight horizontal.

FRC Timing
HS Taiboku wo Sasuru Te: 3-frame window starting 7 frames BEFORE attack begins;
   22 frames after movement starts
Kouutsu Onkai: 2-frame window 4 frames after green note first appears
Chemical Aijou: 2-frame window 9 frames after glow first appears
Kyougen Jikkou (H): ?-frame window at end of horizontal trajectory

Counter Hit Effects
Forward HS: Stagger

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Hover Dash *1                             rdp+K             -     -
Chemical Aijou (Tate)                     hcb, f+S          F     50
Kaigyaku homeostasis *2                   hcb, f+H          R     60x2

*1 Identical to regular I-No's dash.
*2 Tension Move.

Altered Moves
Dash *1                                   f, f              -     -
Kouutsu Onkai *2                         (AMA) qcb+P        F     12+12x(0-5)

*1 Regular dash; I-No does not lift off the ground.           

Lost Moves
Madogiwa desperate

FRC Timing
HS Taiboku wo Sasuru Te: 3-frame window starting 7 frames BEFORE attack begins;
   22 frames after movement starts
Kouutsu Onkai: 2-frame window 4 frames after green note first appears
Chemical Aijou (Yoko): 2-frame window 9 frames after glow first appears
Chemical Aijou (Tate): 2-frame window 9 frames after glow first appears

Gold Mode Changes
Kouutsu Onkai always hits 6 times.

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Hard Slash damage down.
Crouching Hard Slash damage down.
Jump Kick damage down.
Jump Slash damage down.
Jump Dust doesn't have upward trajectory.
Kyougen Jikkou (H) FRCable.

EX Mode
Hover Dash input changed.
Kouutsu Onkai stays in place and can be moved around with the directional

Strengths: Gains tension quickly; diverse both grounded and in mid-air.
Weaknesses: Most moves easily guarded against; moves not very damaging.

I-No's been balanced in odd ways; she's got both improvements and tone-downs.
She's still an unusual character to try using and can still be frustrating
to fight against.

Height: 163 cm
Bloodtype: B
Weight: Unknown
Birthplace: China
Birthday: February 8th
Eye Color: Brown
Likes: Cooking, Watching, Research
Important Things: Kitchen, Youth, Beautiful Boys
Dislikes: Indecisive Men, Ignorance
Voice Actress: Komori Manami

Story: "Kiyuumaro" and "Hanagata". Every cook aspired to be able to work
for these two restaurants, but neither interested Jam. To her, each of
their policies were nonsense. The most important thing was to create good-
tasting food for everybody, and "process" taught by these restaurants
was inadequate. She resolved to create her own restaurant and aimed for
the bounty. After Dizzy's departure, she reports that she took care of it
and received the money for herself. Thus, she was able to get her dream

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   12
Kick                                      K                 R     12
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   34
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R/J   34
Hard Slash                                H                 R     24x3
Dust                                      D                 R/X   16
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     6
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     8
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     26
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     20x2
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R/F/J 28
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     11
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R     14
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   28
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     35
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R     16+28
Forward Punch                             f+P               R     18x2
Forward Kick                              f+K               R/J   16+26
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R/X   30x2
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R     20
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         R/F   60
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60

Normal Moves
Asanagi no Kokyuu *1                      d, d+K/S/H        -     -
Ryuujin                                   (AMA) qcf+K       R     64/66
Gekirin                                   (AMA) qcb+K       R     40/30
Kenroukaku                                (AMA) dp+K        R     14x4/12x4
Bakushuu                                  qcf+S             -     -
  --> Mawarikomi *2                         --> P           -     -
  --> Ashiharai                             --> K           R     30
  --> Hyappo Shinshou                       --> S           R     50
  --> Senri Shinshou                        --> H           R     50
Futsuono *3                               (GC) f/b          -     -
Houeikyaku                                (MA) d+K          R     16+8x3

Tension Moves
Renhoukyaku                               hcb, f+H          -     18x13
Choukyaku Hououshou                       hcb, f+S          R     20+9x10+120
Geki: Saishinshou                         qcf, qcf+H        R     50+105

Instant Kill
Gasenkotsu                                qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 Powers up her kick attacks. K powers up Ryuujin, S powers up Gekirin, H
   powers up Kenroukaku. Powered up attacks do more damage and cannot be
   air recovered from. Ryuujin does 100/98 in midair, Gekirin does 32x5/28x5 
   in midair, and Kenroukaku does 15x8/16x8 in mid air.
*2 Puts Jam behind opponent.
*3 Guard cancels standing only. This allows immediate counterattack.

FRC Timing
Sweep: ?-frame window before kick connects.
Throw: 2-frame window from when Jam's hands touch the ground after the throw

Counter Hit Effects
Forward Punch: Stagger
Crouching Slash: Stagger
Knockdown (Second Hit): Wall Bounce
Ryuujin: Wall Bounce

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Shuupo Senken                             (T) dp+P          R     13x11
Banri Senken                              hcf+P             F     48
Geki: Hououshou *1                        hcb, f+S          R     20x4+32+64
Geki: Renhoukyaku *2                      hcb, f+H          -     100     
Geki: Houeikyaku *3                       (MA) qcf, qcf+K   R     40+26x4

*1 Tension Move.
*2 Tension Move. 
*3 Tension Move. Staggers opponent.

Altered Moves
Crouching Hard Slash *1                   d/db/df+H         R     30     
Knockdown *2                              (MA) D            R/J/X 40
Forward Kick                              f+K               R     25
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R/J   34x2
Mawarikomi *3                             qcb+K             -     -
Hyappo Shinshou                           qcf+S             R     20x4
Senri Shinshou                            qcf+H             R     20x3

*1 Similar to regular Jam's Ashiharai.
*2 Similar to regular Jam's Gekirin.
*3 Puts Jam behind opponent.

Lost Moves
Asanagi no Kokyuu
Choukyaku Hououshou

FRC Timing
Throw: 2-frame window from when Jam's hands touch the ground after the throw
Senri Shinshou: 3-frame window from before attack starts and 1-frame after
Banri Senken: 2-frame window from when glow in front of Jam begins to

Gold Mode Changes
Kick attacks are always charged.
Asanagi no Kokyuu is lost.
With EX Mode, Futsuono performs automatically from a standing guard.

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Punch damage up.
Close Slash damage up.
Far Slash damage up.
Hard Slash damage up.
Sweep FRCable.
Jump Punch damage up.
Jump Kick damage up.
Asanagi no Kokyuu speed up.
Kenroukaku hits down.
Hyappo Shinshou one hit.
Senri Shinshou one hit, loses FRC.
Houeikyaku damage down.
Geki: Saishinshou damage up.

EX Mode
Shuupo Senken damage down.
Geki: Hououshou damage down.
Geki: Renhoukyaku properties changed, wall bounces, one hit.

Strengths: Fast and great combo potential; kicks very damaging when charged.
Weaknesses: Low defense; very vulnerable when charging.

Thanks to her sped up charge, Jam's attack power has been increased
greatly. In general Jam's been improved; she might even become a top tier
character in the near future.

Height: 184 cm
Bloodtype: O
Weight: 72 kg
Birthplace: America
Birthday: October 24th
Eye Color: Blue
Likes: Finding good women
Important Things: Prized guitar collection
Dislikes: People who don't get jokes
Voice Actor: Wakamoto Norio

Story: For Johnny, saving those in solitude, whether human or animal, is his
duty. Even if that person is a Gear. And then, hearing about the Gear which
did not want to hurt humans, Johnny set forth to offer his help once more.
Upon arriving at the "Devil's Living Place", he found Dizzy, who had been
defeated by Sol. Finding her solitude extreme, Johnny extends a helping hand,
and invited her into his pirate force.

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   12
Kick                                      K                 R/J   16
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   26
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R     34
Hard Slash                                H                 R     42
Dust                                      D                 R/X   22
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     10
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     12
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     30
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R/X   48
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R     25+25
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R/J   12
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R     20
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   32
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     40
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R     44
Forward Punch                             f+P               R/J   25
Forward Kick                              f+K               R/F/X 30
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R/J   76
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     40
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60

Normal Moves 
Mist Finer                                qcf+[P]/[K]/[S]   -     -
  --> Zenpou Idou                         --> f             -     -
  --> Kouhou Idou                         --> b             -     -
  --> Dash                                --> f,f/b,b       -     -
  --> Kamae Cancel                        --> H             -     -
  --> Iainuki *1                          --> release       R     Varies
Glitter Is Gold *2                        qcf+H             -     10
Ensenga                                   (MA) hcf+H        R     6+62        
Bacchus Sigh *3                           qcf+P             -     -
Midair Divine Blade                       (MA) qcf+S        F     50
Divine Blade                              dp+S, S           F     50

Tension Moves
Sore ga Ore no Na Da                      hcb, f+H          R     20+65+65

Instant Kill
Joker Trick *4                            qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 P is an upwards slash; K is a mid-level slash; S is a low-level slash.
   Damage can be increased if used in conjunction with Glitter is Gold.
   At Lvl. 1, does 35/32/29. At Lvl. 2, does 70, and opponent cannot
   air recover. At Lvl. 3, does 20x9/18x9/17x9.
*2 If coin hits, the next Mist Finer will be upgraded. Two consecutive
   hits must be obtained for Lvl. 3 and performing Mist Finer, regardless
   of whether it hits or not, resets back to Lvl. 1.
*3 While mist is in contact with the opponent, they will be unable to block
   any Mist Finer.
*4 Is in the form of a card projectile. The projectile WILL NOT hit shorter
   characters (Bridget, May, possibly Zappa) unless it catches them in midair.

FRC Timing
Forward Kick: 2-frame window 3 frames before kick thrusts out
Divine Blade (dp+S): 3-frame window 3 frames after Johnny raises his hand;
   must use P+K+HS.
Divine Blade (during dp+S, S): 2-frame window from when flames first appear
Midair Divine Blade: 2-frame window from when flames first appear

Counter Hit Effects
Crouching HS: Stagger
Jumping HS: Stagger

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
H.I.T.S.                                  dp+K              R     50
  --> Tatakiotoshi                        qcb+K             R     40
Unchou no Iai *1                          (MA) qcf, qcf+H   R     50+60

*1 Tension Move.

Altered Moves
Dash *1                                   f, f              -     -
Kick                                      K                 R     16
Crouching Hard Slash *2                   d/db/df+H         R     28x2
Jumping Hard Slash *2                     (MA) H            R     40
Forward Kick                              f+K               R     30
Mist Finer *3                             qcf+P/K/S         R     68/60/64

*1 Normal dash.
*2 Identical to GGX's version.
*3 Is now a counterattack stance. No longer powered up by Glitters is Gold.
   S version counters low. May be switched between P/K/S version at will. If
   this move is performed within 7 frames of when the opponent's attack hits,
   this move does 80 damage and downs the opponent.

Lost Moves
Bacchus Sigh

FRC Timing
Divine Blade (dp+S): 3-frame window 3 frames after Johnny raises his hand;
   must use P+K+HS.
Divine Blade (during dp+S, S): 2-frame window from when flames first appear
Midair Divine Blade: 2-frame window from when flames first appear

Gold Mode Changes
Dash goes through opponent and is very fast.
Mist Finer does 500+ damage.

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Crouching Slash -> H, Crouching Slash -> Dust Gatling gone.
Far Slash slower.
Jump Kick damage down.
Crouching Slash hits low, recovers faster.
Forward Punch recovers slower.
Forward Kick decreases guard gauge more.
Ensenga trajectory unaffected by jump, prorates 90%, recovers slower.
Mist Finer (level 1) faster, stuns longer, stance slower. Mid, low versions
   prorate 85%.
Mist Finer (level 2) faster, stuns longer, stance faster. Mid, low versions
   prorate 85%.
Mist Finer (level 3) faster, decreases guard gauge less, damage down.
Can now dash in Mist Finer stance.

EX Mode
Mist Finer damage up.
H.I.T.S. damage up.
Unchou no Iai damage up.


Strengths: Powerful; gains tension quickly; good range.
Weaknesses: Not versatile at all.

Johnny's got some interesting new tactics now that he's able to dash in
Mist Finer stance; however his other big standby Ensenga has been weakened
in a few ways. He's still a big threat, if used properly.

Height: 232 cm
Bloodtype: Unable to analyze
Weight: 221 kg
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthday: September 2nd
Eye Color: Gold
Likes: Sleeping
Important Things: Himself
Dislikes: Humans
Voice Actress (!): Ogawa Yumiko

Story: Justice is an existence shrouded in mystery. However, the fact that
he is the strongest as well as the most evil of Gears is undisputable.
(from Guilty Gear)

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   10x2
Kick                                      K                 R/J   16
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   26
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R/J   18x4
Hard Slash                                H                 R     40
Dust                                      D                 R/X   28
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     8
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     18
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R/J   28
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     32x2
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R     40
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R/J   14
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R/J   18
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   18x2
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     44
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R/X   60
Forward Punch                             f+P               R     20x2
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R/J   38x2
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   22x2
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     55
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60

Normal Moves
Valkyrie Arc *1                           qcf+P             -     60
Michael Sword                             hcf+H             F     40x2
Strike Back Tail                          rdp+K             R     24+32
N.B. *2                                   rdp+S/rdp+H       F     8
  --> Detonate                            P                 -     20x3

Tension Moves
Imperial Ray                              f, hcf+S          -     18xn
Michael Blade                             hcb, f+H          F     100
Gamma Ray *3                              b, f, b, hcb+H    -     20+30xn

Instant Kill
X Laser                                   qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 Is a counterattack stance.
*2 S goes straight forward; H arcs upward. N.B. detonates automatically
   when it hits the ground or the opponent.
*3 Requires a full tension bar to perform.

FRC Timing
N.B.: ?-frame window from when ball of fire first appears
Michael Blade: ?-frame window from when Justice begins to swing sword

Counter Hit Effects
Crouching S: Stagger

EX Mode Changes

Justice does not have an EX Mode.

Gold Mode Changes
Can put out more than one N.B. at once.

Changes from GGXX
Dust damage down.


Height: 148 cm (180 cm when Awakened)
Bloodtype: AB
Weight: 55 kg
Birthplace: Switzerland
Birthday: September 9th
Eye Color: Brown
Likes: Voyages
Important Things: Tea Set
Dislikes: Meandering Words
Voice Actor: Sakano Shigeru

Story: During the Holy War, this was the leader of the Seikishidan, Kliff
Undersn. With the relic "Zanryuutou", his fierce bravery in battle was
second to none. The reason for his travels: At a young age, having been
present at a massacre of Gears, he came across a strange man who saved
his life. This event strengthened his young heart. Afterwords, his path
was set. However, after the Holy War, he grew old, and is now living
in seclusion. (from Guilty Gear)

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   10
Kick                                      K                 R/J   20
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   36
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R/J   36
Hard Slash                                H                 R     54
Dust                                      D                 R/X   30
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R/J   12
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R/J   16
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     32
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     46
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R     36
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     14
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R     24
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   34
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     42
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R/F/X 45
Forward Punch                             f+P               R     32
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R     100
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   35
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     55
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60

Normal Moves
Houkou Gaeshi                             qcf+P/S           F     32/64
Zugaisai                                  qcb+S             R     14x6
Kubimatagi                                qcb+K             R     24
Urokohagashi                              dp+HHH...         R     13xn
Sen no Sen *1                             qcb+P             -     -
  --> Jigoku Tsukkomi                       --> P           R     12x3
Shishi Otoshi                             (MA) hcf+S        R/F   40+32
Bakamon!                                  Taunt             -     8x4

Tension Moves
Reflex Roar                               qcf, qcf+S        F     100
Soul Survivor                             b, f, hcf+H       -     24+20xn

Instant Kill
Haryuubakusai                             qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 Avoids high attacks. Kliff has a chance to hurt his back when he
   performs this move.

FRC Timing
Knockdown: ?-frame window from when Kliff angles blade downwards
Houkou Gaeshi: ?-frame window from when projectile begins to shoot out
Shishi Otoshi: ?-frame window from when Kliff begins to descend
Reflex Roar: ?-frame window from when projectile begins to shoot out

Counter Hit Effects

EX Mode Changes

Kliff does not have an EX Mode.

Gold Mode Changes
Infinite tension.
Zugaisai hits 26 times.

Changes from GGXX
Dust damage down.


Height: 178 cm
Bloodtype: AB
Weight: 58 kg
Birthplace: France
Birthday: November 20th
Eye Color: Blue-green
Likes: Teacup Collection
Important Things: Smiles
Dislikes: Sol
Voice Actor: Kusao Takeshi

Story: From the message of Justice at the last tournament, he learned that
his own definition of justice was limited to humans. His own philosophy of 
"Gear = Evil" he could neither throw away nor keep completely, and began
looking for the truth. Then, he heard about a Gear which had no intention
of hurting humans. Now, in order to search for his own "justice", he takes
the Fuuraiken in hand once again. After meeting Dizzy, his answer is...

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   8
Kick                                      K                 R/J   12
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   28
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R     28
Hard Slash                                H                 R     42
Dust                                      D                 R/X   15
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     8
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     14
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     25
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     28x2
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R/J   30
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R/J   12
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R     16
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   28
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     38
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            X     40
Forward Punch                             f+P               R     30
Forward Kick                              f+K               R     36
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R/J   36x2
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         R     60
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60

Normal Moves    
Stun Edge                                 qcf+S             -     40
Stun Edge Charge Attack                   qcf+H             F     20x3
Midair Stun Edge                          (MA) qcf+S/H      F     33
Vapor Thrust                              (AMA) dp+S/H      R     48/52/48
Stun Dipper                               qcf+K             R/F   12+32
Greed Sever                               qcb+K             R     30

Tension Moves
Ride the Lightning                        (AMA)hcb, f+H     R     36x5
Sacred Edge                               qcf, qcf+P        F     27x5

Instant Kill
Rising Force                              qcf, qcf+H        -     All

FRC Timing
Stun Edge Charge Attack: 2-frame window from when ball of light first appears
   (before projectile released)
Stun Dipper: 3-frame window 3 frames after first attack finishes
Sacred Edge: 2-frame window 6 frames after sword of light appears

Counter Hit Effects
Hard Slash: Stagger

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Vapor Thrust                              (AMA) dp+S/H      R     40+25
  --> Kiriharai                             --> qcb+K       R     32
Needle Spike                              qcf+K             R     24+36
Crescent Slash                            qcb+K             R     24
Grand Vapor Thrust                        qcb+S             R/F   24+32x2
  --> Kiriharai                             --> qcb+K       R     26
Elegant ni Kiru                           (T) dp+P          -     70

Altered Moves
Hard Slash *1                             H                 R     37
Ride the Lightning *2                     hcb, f+H          -     60+12x2+40
Sacred Edge *3                            hcb, f+P          F     27x5

*1 Identical to GGX's version.
*2 Tension move. Performs in front of Ky and stays in place.
*3 Tension move. Input changed and startup slower.

Lost Moves
Stun Dipper
Greed Sever

FRC Timing
Stun Edge (air): ?-frame window immediately before landing.
Stun Edge Charge Attack: 2-frame window from when ball of light first appears
   (before projectile released)
Grand Vapor Thrust: 2-frame window after first attack finishes
Sacred Edge: 2-frame window after sword of light appears

Gold Mode Changes
Stun Edge hits three times.
Stun Edge Charge Attack does not disappear after hitting three times.
All lightning based attacks allow followup damage at +50%.
When coupled with EX mode, gains a new Greed Sever super (170 dmg, qcbx2+K).

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Hard Slash damage up.
Forward Punch slower, prorates 90%, hit boxes smaller.
Forward Hard Slash forces crouch on hit.
Crouch Hard Slash recovers faster, floats on counterhit, floats towards on
   air hit, damage down, stuns less.
Jump Punch faster.
Air Stun Edge FRCable.
Vapor Thrust damage up. HS version untechable, blowback down, prorate 80%.
Stun Dipper recovers slower.
Greed Sever hit boxes smaller.
Ride the Lightning damage up, invincibility up, hit boxes larger.


Strengths: Well-rounded; good range.
Weaknesses: Most moves not very damaging.

Ky's been improved in a number of ways, making this low-mid character much
more of a threat. He's not very confusing to use, making him a great choice
for newcomers to the game.

Height: 158 cm
Bloodtype: B
Weight: 47 kg
Birthplace: Japan (?)
Birthday: May 5th (date adopted)
Eye Color: Black
Likes: Thinking about Johnny
Important Things: Johnny
Dislikes: Baldness
Voice Actress: Koorogi Satomi

Story: After her reunion with Johnny at the last tournament, she lived in
happiness. As his birthday drew near, the crew decided to get together and
give him a present. However, to May, she wanted to give him a present not
as "a member of the crew" but as "a single woman". Needing the money, she
heard of the "bounty". But then, the target Dizzy had somehow been invited
to join the crew by Johnny, and now May had a new friend, but...

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   10
Kick                                      K                 R/J   20
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   30
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R/J   33
Hard Slash                                H                 R     50
Dust                                      D                 R/X   22
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R/J   10
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     14
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     26
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     44
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R     30
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     14
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R     24
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   30
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     40
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R/J   38
Forward Punch                             f+P               R     44
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R     70
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     55
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60
Special                                   df+K              R/X   24
Special                                   (MA) d+H          R     34

Normal Moves                              
Iruka-san Yoko                            [b], f+S/H        R/F   50
Iruka-san Tate                            [d], u+S/H        R/F   50
Restive Rolling                           (AMA) dp+S        R     30
  --> Houkoutenkan                          --> S+direction R     20xn
Hakushu de Mukaete Kudasai *1             (C) hcf+P/K/S/H   R/F   20+22xn
Overhead Kiss                             (T) hcb+K         R     40

Tension Moves
Kyuukyoku no Dadakko                      hcb+H             R     25+20x8
Great Yamada Attack                       qcf, qcf+S        R     110
Chouzetsu Monzetsu Kirimomi Daisenpuu     hcb+S             R     18x10
  --> Deluxe Gosho Kawara Bomber            --> P           R     48

Instant Kill
May to Yukai na Nakamontachi *2           hcf, hcf+H        -     All

*1 The longer it's charged, the more dolphins appear.
*2 Only works at close range and is unblockable.

FRC Timing
Hakushu de Mukaete Kudasai: 2-frame window 2 frames after she raises her hand
Iruka-san Yoko and Tate: 6-frame window 6-frames after hit connects. Unlike
   other FRCs this move must connect with opponent in order to FRC.

Counter Hit Effects
Hard Slash: Stagger
Crouching HS: Knockback

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Aqua Rolling Yoko                         qcf+S             R/F   20x3
Aqua Rolling Tate                         qcb+S             R/F   25x3
Mist Finer                                (C) qcf+K         R/F   32/70
  --> Cancel                                --> H           -     -
Mu-Ro-Fu-Shi *1                           qcf+H             R     50
May Dynamic *2                            hcb+H             R     48x2+24x5
Great Yamada Attack (Rear) *3             qcb, qcb+S        -     110

*1 May may move forward and back. Once she hits opponent May stops spinning.
   If May goes too long without hitting opponent she stops automatically.
   H can be held to lengthen this time, but if opponent still is not hit
   May becomes stunned for a short period of time.
*2 Tension Move. 
*3 Tension Move. Like Great Yamada Attack, only Great Yamada appears behind

Altered Moves
Dust                                      D                 R/X   22
Hakushu de Mukaete Kudasai                hcf/hcb+P         F     -
  --> Release *1                          qcf+P             -     20+22xn
  --> Teleport Release *2                 qcb+P             -     20+22xn

*1 Releases dolphins from ring. The longer you wait, the more dolphins appear.
*2 Releases dolphins from ring as well as teleports May to ring's position.

Lost Moves
Iruka-san Yoko
Iruka-san Tate
Restive Rolling
Kyuukyoku no Dadakko
Chouzetsu Monzetsu Kirimomi Daisenpuu   

FRC Timing
Aqua Rolling Yoko: 2-frame window from when May jumps off the ground
Aqua Rolling Tate: 2-frame window from when May jumps into the air
Hakushu de Mukaete Kudasai: ?-frame window from when May raises her hand
Mist Finer: 3-frame window from when heart is at its largest  

Gold Mode Changes
6 dolphins always come out with Hakushu de Mukaete Kudasai.

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Jump Dust damage down.
Crouches lower during Hakushuu de Mukaete Kudasai.
Overhead Kiss untechable.

EX Mode
Aqua Rolling (Tate) damage up.
Hakushu de Mukaete Kudasai input changed, FRCable.


Strengths: Surprisingly powerful; gains tension very quickly.
Weaknesses: Very poor range; weak defense.

May was one of the lower tier characters in XX. She's got several
improvements, but may still not be that great to use. Still hilarious to
use though, and it's easy to underestimate her.

Height: 169 cm
Bloodtype: B
Weight: 48 kg
Birthplace: Russia
Birthday: Orphaned so unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Likes: Chasing cats
Important Things: Chastity
Dislikes: Zato, fallen-out hair
Voice Actress: Sumitomo Yuuko

Story: Finally, Millia gained peace and freedom. She lived her new life both
as a person and as a woman. However, there was still some fear left in her
heart. That was her thoughts of Zato. The "master" she had followed in the
Organization was now a curse... and she lived with the fear that Zato may
once again appear before her. These emotions created a complicated feeling
within Millia. Finally, she resolved to defeat Zato, and set forth. Then,
she learned that he had fallen to the shadows he himself summoned.

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   18
Kick                                      K                 R/J   12
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   22x2
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R     28
Hard Slash                                H                 R     30x2
Dust                                      D                 R/X   12
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     9
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     8
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R/J   26
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R/J   40
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R     26
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     10
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R/J   12
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R     26
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     22x3
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R     36
Forward Punch                             f+P               R     22x2
Forward Kick                              f+K               R     25
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R     60
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   20
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     55
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     55

Normal Moves                              Command           C     Damage
Lust Shaker *1                            SSS.../qcb+S      R     18xn
Tandem Top *2                             qcf+S/H           F     40/50
Bad Moon                                  (MA) qcf+P        R/F   24x3
Kousoku Rakka *3                          (MA) qcf+K        -     -
Zenten *4                                 qcb+K             -     -
Iron Sabre                                qcb+P             R/F   36
Secret Garden *5                          qcb+H             -     30xn
Silent Force                              (MA) qcb+S        R     20

Tension Moves
Winger                                    qcb, hcf+H        R     40+25x4+80  
Emerald Rain                              qcf, qcf+S        -     36x3

Instant Kill
Iron Maiden *6                            qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 Range has been decreased from GGX
*2 Only H version may be False Roman Cancelled.
*3 Brings Millia down to the ground quickly.
*4 Forward roll. Avoids high attacks.
*5 H+lever direction may be used to control direction of orb.
*6 Homes in on opponent's location, but can still be blocked.

FRC Timing
HS Tandem Top: 3-frame window 14 frames after movement starts; before green
   disc appears
Iron Sabre: 6-frame window 6 frames after hair sword first forms
Bad Moon: ?-frame window just before Millia hits the ground.

Counter Hit Effects
Forward Punch: Stagger
Knockdown: Wall Bounce
Silent Force: Stagger

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Pretty Maze *1                            (AMA) qcf+S/H     F     40/50
Winger (Ascent) *2                        qcb, hcf+H        R     50+20x2
  --> Winger (Descent) *2                   --> hcb+H       R     200
Winger (Midair) *2                        (MA) qcb, hcf+H   R     100

*1 Similar to Tandem Top
*2 Tension Move.

Altered Moves
Lust Shaker *1                            qcb+S             R     18xn
Secret Garden *2                          (AMA) qcb+H       -     30x5

*1 Can no longer be performed with SSS...
*2 H+lever direction may be used to control direction of orb.

Lost Moves
Tandem Top

FRC Timing
Pretty Maze: 3-frame window from when ring first appears (before actual
   projectile appears)
Iron Sabre: 6-frame window 6 frames after hair sword first forms
Bad Moon: ?-frame window just before Millia hits the ground.


Gold Mode Changes
About 9 times as fast (most Gold characters are only 1-2 times as fast as
Silent Force automatically returns to you after 5 seconds.

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Jump Dust damage down.
Bad Moon FRCable.
Iron Sabre damage down.

EX Mode
Winger (Descent) damage up.


Strengths: Fast; can double air-dash; great combo possibility.
Weaknesses: Moves not very damaging; tension moves very hard to use well.

Another top tier character that's been toned down. Millia's generally low
damaging moves have now been reduced even more, and her great air dust
has been weakened somewhat. Still worthwhile to use though may not be among
the best.

Height: 245 cm
Bloodtype: O
Weight: 656 kg
Birthplace: Floating Continent Zepp
Birthday: October 18th
Eye Color: White
Likes: Drawing
Important Things: Pencil box that won't break even if trampled by a dragon
Dislikes: Pencils that can't stand 4 tons of pressure
Voice Actor: Kondou Takashi

Story: With the change of his country's government and his own freedom, both
Potemkin and his government enjoyed a sense of peace. Then, one day President
Gabriel, his former mentor, sent him a secret order. His command was to take
the Gear which had the bounty on it back to Zepp, away from the bounty 
hunters. However, before he made contact that Gear had already found her own
place. Potemkin imitated Gabriel's stoicism on the matter.

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   11
Kick                                      K                 R/J   22
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   40
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R/J   36
Hard Slash                                H                 R     58
Dust                                      D                 R/X   30
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     12
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     16
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     36
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     66
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R/X   35
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     18
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R/J   16
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R     32
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     40
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R     45
Forward Punch                             f+P               R/X   35
Forward Kick                              f+K               R/J   23
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R     90
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   35
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     60
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     70

Normal Moves  
Megafist Front                            qcf+P             R/F   50
Megafist Back                             qcb+P             R/F   50
Slide Head *1                             qcf+S             R     40/0
Hammer Fall                               [b], f+H          R/F   60
  --> Hammer Fall Break *2                  --> P           R     -
F.D.B. *3                                 hcb+S             R     40
Potemkin Buster                           (T) hcb, f+P      -     140
Heat Knuckle                              dp+H              R     0+15+15+40
  --> Heat Extend                           --> hcb+H       R     0+15+15+90

Tension Moves
Gigantor                                  hcb, f+H          R     45 
  --> Gigantic Blid                         --> hcf, hcf+P  R     126
Heavenly Potemkin Buster *4               qcf, qcf+S        -     170

Instant Kill
Magnum Opera                              qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 Only inflicts damage if Potemkin's head actually makes contact with the
   opponent. Otherwise, causes an earthquake which causes opponent to fall
   down. Earthquake is unblockable; headbutt can be blocked crouching.
*2 Brings Potemkin to a stop.
*3 Can also reflect projectiles; does 16x2 in this case.
*4 Anti-air throw.

FRC Timing
Crouch Hard Slash: ?
Forward Hard Slash: ?-frame window from when he thrusts forward
Megafist Front and Back: 2-frame window from when punch first comes out
Hammer Fall: 2-frame window from when he punches his hands together

Counter Hit Effects
Megafist Back: Stagger
F.D.B.: Knockback

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Nitro Hook                                hcb, f+K           R     70
  --> Heat Extend                           --> hcb+H        R     50
    --> Heavenly Potemkin Buster *1           --> hcf, hcf+S -     150

Altered Moves
Heat Knuckle *2                         dp+S/H             R     60/60+16x2+40
Gigantic Blid *3                        (AMA) hcb, f+H     R     110/100

*1 Tension Move.
*2 No longer a catch throw; can hit non-airborne opponents; does not link to
   Heat Extend.
*3 Tension Move.

Lost Moves

FRC Timing
Megafist Front and Back: 2-frame window from when punch first comes out
Hammer Fall: 2-frame window from when he punches his hands together
Heat Knuckle (H): ?-frame window on second hit.

Gold Mode Changes
Can dash and airdash.

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Hard Slash recovers faster.
Crouching Slash staggers on counterhit.
Jump Slash staggers on counterhit.
Crouch Hard Slash FRCable.
Forward Hard Slash FRCable.
F.D.B. reflects more.
Heavenly Potemkin Buster damage down, recovers slower.
Slide Head earthquake RCable.

EX Mode
Heat Knuckle now performable by S or H, properties change.
Nitro Hook damage up.
Heat extend damage up.
Heavenly Potemkin Buster damage up.
Gigantic Blid damage up (ground)/down(air).


Strengths: Very powerful; high defense.
Weaknesses: Extremely slow, poor mobility.

Potemkin was powerful, but he lacked mobility and priority. Some of these
problems have been addressed, thanks to the improvement in Hammer Fall FRC
and his j.S. You still shouldn't use him if you like moving around a lot,

Height: Unknown
Bloodtype: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Important Things: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Voice Actor: Kantaro

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R     25
Kick                                      K                 R     16
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   30
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R     38
Hard Slash                                H                 R/F/X 52
Dust                                      D                 R/X   15
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R/X   20
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R/X   12
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R/X   34
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R/F/X 50
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     18
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R/J   12
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   34
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R/X   28
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R     12x12
Forward Punch                             f+P               R/X   55
Forward Hard Slash *1                     f+H               X     12
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         R     55
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     55

Normal Moves  
Kurattoku Ky? *2                          qcf+S             -     10x3
Ky-Genshou *3                             qcb+S             R     30
Ky-Maku Homerun *4                        dp+H              R     30
Chounai-Ky Bargain *5                     (MA) qcf+S        -     20
Ita-Ky-geki *6                            f,[f]+P/K/S/H     F     50
Ky-Denpa *7                               (T) hcb+K         -     8xn+35
Zadan-Ky *8                               d/db/df+D         -     0

Power Moves
Dame na Yatsu wa Nani wo Yatte mo Dame    qcf, qcf+S        R     10x18+50 
Gen-Ky Lovers *9                          qcf, qcf+P        -     12x27
Ky Kokoro no Ichigeki *4                  -                 R     30+110

Instant Kill
13 Ky-dan                                 qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*Instead of tension, Robo Ky has a "Power Gauge" system. The Power Gauge
and the associated Heat Gauge are shown in place of his Tension Gauge. As Ky
moves, he may begin to heat up. As he does so his Heat Gauge fills and his
face turns redder. If the gauge fills to max, he overheats and takes damage.
This can be prevented by using his forward Hard Slash, which serves as an
exhaust sytem.
The Power Gauge is divided into ten blocks. There are three different 'levels'
to this Gauge that affect the damage moves do and their properties. When 
the Gauge is completely empty, some moves do very little damage. When the
Gauge has at least one block, these moves do more damage, but they consume
one block. When the Gauge is at least half-full, these moves do even more
damage (and consume one block).
*1 Exhaust. Does more damage if Robo Ky is more heated (30 or 50). 
*2 With one power block, does 14x4 damage. With half power, does 18x5.
*3 With one power block, does 40. With half, does 50 and is much faster.
*4 With one power block, does 30+50. With half, automatically links to
   Ky Kokoro no Ichigeki as long as the first hit hits a grounded
*5 With one power block, does 60 and homes. With half, does 25x4 (splits
   into many missiles and homes.
*6 If not cancelled, Robo Ky gains power while recovering. Note this move
   must be done while in a full dash.
*7 Sucks the tension from an opponent and gives power to Robo Ky. Number of 
   hits dependent on how much tension opponent has (the more the better).
*8 Lays a mat on the ground. Robo Ky gains power while standing on the mat.
*9 Starts a countdown. During the countdown Robo Ky's power fills slowly
   automatically. After the countdown a shockwave goes off (the attack
   part of the move) and Robo Ky's power drops to zero.

FRC Timing
Hard Slash: ?-frame window from immediately when attack hits.
Crouching Hard Slash: ?-frame window from when Robo Ky begins to recover
   from crouch.
Ita-Ky-Geki: ?-frame window from just as attack hits.

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R/X   32
Tolonitrotoluene Henshitsu                qcf, qcf+P        F     20xn

*1 Tension move. Tolonitrotoluene is TNT, btw.

Altered Moves
Hard Slash                                H                 R/X   42
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     22
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R/X   40
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   28
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     26
Forward Punch                             f+P               R/X   40
Ky Netsuzai *1                            hcb+S             -     12
Kurattoku Ky? *2                          qcf+S/H           F     20
Ky-Genshou *3                             qcf+K             R     30
Ky-Maku Homerun *4                        dp+H              R     20
Chounai-Ky Bargain *5                     (MA) qcf+S        -     20
Zadan-Ky *6                               hcb+P             -     0
Gen-Ky Lovers *7                          qcb, qcb+S        -     12x27
Ky Kokoro no Ichigeki                     (AMA) hcb, f+H    R     36+24+96

*1 Exhaust. Does more damage if Robo Ky is more heated (30 or 50). 
*2 S consumes two power blocks to do 16x3. H consumes three power blocks
   when over half power to do 22x5.
*3 When mildly heated, faster and does 40. When almost overheated, very
   fast and does 50.
*4 S consumes two power blocks to do 20+40. H consumes three power blocks
   when over half power to do 40+60.
*5 S consumes two power blocks to do 40 and missile homes. H consumes
   three power blocks when over half power to do 25x4.
*6 Lays a mat on the ground. Robo Ky gains power while standing on the mat.
*7 Starts a countdown. During the countdown Robo Ky's power fills slowly
   automatically. After the countdown a shockwave goes off (the attack
   part of the move) and Robo Ky's power drops to zero.

Lost Moves
Dame na Yatsu wa Nani wo Yatte mo Dame

*EX Robo Ky's power gauge is divided into 20 bars instead of ten.

FRC Timing
Kurattoku Ky?: ?-frame window as torpedo appears
TNT Henshitsu: ?-frame window as last missile appears


Gold Mode Changes
Automatically gains power (as if always in Gen-Ky Lovers mode).
Always at full heat (so exhaust does max damage).

Changes from Guilty Gear XX


Strengths: Interesting assortment of projectiles, will confuse the veteran
   GGXX player.
Weaknesses: Huge reliance on Power.

Comments: Wow. Robo Ky sure is different now. He's got a lot of interesting
moves, including anti-air missiles, lasers, and bazookas. An above average
character, but he certainly is fun to play as.

Height: 185 cm
Bloodtype: Special so unknown
Weight: 70 kg
Birthplace: Transylvania
Birthday: October 31st
Eye Color: Brown
Likes: Haiku, fights, observing humans
Important Things: Sharon
Dislikes: Unromantic humans
Voice Actor: Kayumi Iemasa

Story: With the loss of Zato, the assassin's Organization lost its axis, and
set out to reclaim Slayer. Even though he had no interest in the Organization,
he felt that he had to settle things with the Organization he created, and so
he descended to the Earth to finish things.

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   16
Kick                                      K                 R/J   28
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   28
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R/J   32
Hard Slash                                H                 R/J   50
Dust                                      D                 R/X   22
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     14
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     16
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R/J   28
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R/X   52
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R/X   30
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     13
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R/J   24
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   20x3
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     36
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R/J   40
Forward Punch                             f+P               R/F/X 34
Forward Kick                              f+K               R/X   22
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R     50
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     63
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60

Normal Moves             
Feint                                     f+[K]             -     -
Dandy Step                                qcb+P/K           F     -
  --> Pilebanger                            --> P           R     80
  --> Crossways Heel                        --> K           R     27+32
  --> Under Pressure                        --> S/H         R     36
    --> It's Late                             --> S/H       R     52
Mappa Hunch                               qcf+P/K           R     40
Chi wo Suu Uchuu *1                       (T) hcb+H         -     30
Undertow *2                               hcb, f+P          R     60
Footloose Journey                         (MA) qcb+K        R     36x3

Tension Moves
Dead on Time                              hcb, f+S          R     140
Eien no Tsubasa                           qcf, qcf+H        R     88
Chokkagata Dandy                          (MA) qcb, qcb+S   R     100

Instant Kill
All Dead                                  qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 Causes opponent to stagger.
*2 Is unblockable.

FRC Timing
Forward Punch: 3-frame window 3 frames after shoulder comes out
Dandy Step: K version, 4-frame window from when forward motion first starts.
   P version, 4-frame window 3 frames after forward motion first starts.

Counter Hit Effects
Crouching HS: Downed
Forward HS: Stagger
Knockdown: Ground Bounce
Pilebanger: Wall Bounce
Under Pressure: Stagger
It's Late: Ground Bounce
Chokkagata Dandy: Downed

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
V-Jigata Dandy *1                         (MA) qcb, qcb+S   R     100+72+60
Royal Hunt *2                             qcf, qcf+H        R     80

*1 Tension Move. 100 damage part comes from purple orb and trail only - very
   hard to hit with. If second hit hits successfully, third hit causes more
*2 Tension Move.   

Altered Moves
Gatling Combinations *1                   Various           -     -
Dash *2                                   f, f/b, b         -     -
Far Slash *3                              S (far)           R/J   26
Hard Slash *4                             H                 R/J   40
Crouching Hard Slash *5                   d/db/df+H         R/F/X 40
Mappa Hunch                               qcf+P/K           R     20/25
 --> Backfist                               --> qcf+P       R     40
 --> Under Pressure                         --> qcf+S       R     20
   --> It's Late                              --> qcf+S     R     40
   --> Pilebanger                             --> qcf+P     R     40
   --> Sweep                                  --> qcf+K     R     40
Pilebanger                                qcb+P             R/F   80
Crosswise Heel                            qcb+K             R     35+40

*1 Slayer's Gatling Combo trees are much "looser" in EX mode.
*2 No longer teleports.
*3 Recovery time longer.
*4 Staggers only on counterhit; damage reduced.
*5 Is now FRCable. Blows opponent into air.

Lost Moves
Dandy Step
Chi wo Suu Uchuu
Eien no Tsubasa
Chokkagata Dandy

FRC Timing
Crouching Hard Slash: 2-frame window from when feet hit the ground
Forward Punch: 3-frame window 3 frames after shoulder comes out
Pilebanger: 4-frame window immediately after Slayer moves furthest back

Gold Mode Changes
Regains health when he damages opponent (50% of damage inflicted).

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Crouch Hard Slash damage up, floats on counterhit.
Jump Hard Slash damage down, bounces on counterhit.
Forward Hard Slash damge down.
Crosswise Heel damage down.
Under Pressure damage up.
It's Late damage up.
Dead on Time damage up.

EX Mode
V-Jigata Dandy damage up.


Strengths: Many moves make him invincible; versatile.
Weaknesses: Tension moves below average; high recovery on some moves.

Slayer was very powerful and now he has some tone downs. His defense is
lowered some, and his often-dreaded Chi wo Suu Uchuu is much harder to
do. His Crosswise Heel -> Air combo has also been toned down, and some
of his move properties have changed.

Height: 184 cm
Bloodtype: Unknown
Weight: 74 kg
Birthplace: America
Birthday: Unknown
Eye Color: Reddish Brown
Likes: Listening to Queen
Important Things: Queen's "Sheer Heart Attack"
Dislikes: Exerting himself, trying his best
Voice Actor: Ishiwatari Daisuke
Story Mode Voice Actor: Hanada Hikaru

Story: After the death of Justice, the other Gears of the world lost their
own free will and stopped their own movements. But, rumors of a Gear which
still had free will came to Sol. For this unknown Gear, was there despair,
or...? Finally, at the "Devil's Living Place", he met a girl that had been
born with the power of a Gear. Despite his victory over her, for some reason
he did not kill her, and left the forest.

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   10
Kick                                      K                 R/J   14x2
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   30
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R     30
Hard Slash                                H                 R/J   40
Dust                                      D                 R/X   17
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     8
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     12
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     25
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R/J   36
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R     28
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     13
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R     22
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   28
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     24x2
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R/J   44
Forward Punch                             f+P               R     32
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R     40x2
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     60
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60

Normal Moves    
Gun Flame *1                              qcf+P             F     50,42,30,30
Gun Flame Feint                           qcb+P             -     - 
Volcanic Viper                            (AMA) dp+S/H      R     65/52/60      
  --> Tatakiotoshi                          --> qcb+K       R     16
Grand Viper                               qcb+S             R     8xn+24+18+19
Bandit Revolver                           (AMA) qcf+K       R     24+36/22x4 
Bandit Bringer                            qcf+[K]           R/F   50
Riot Stamp                                qcb+K             R/F   40
Bukkirabou ni Nageru                      (T) dp+K          -     40    
Fafnir                                    hcf+H             R/F   70

Tension Moves
Tyrant Rave version Beta                  hcb, f+H          R     80+60
Dragon Install *2                         qcb, qcb+S        -     -

Instant Kill
Napalm Death                              qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 Damage decreases as flame extends.
*2 Powers up Sol for about 6 seconds. While powered up, his speed is increased.
   Also, many moves do more damage. Gun Flame becomes 1 flame that does 60;
   Volcanic Viper S version does 30+20+20, H version does 40+16x12, and midair
   does 30+20+20. Bandit Revolver does 20x3+32. After powerup period is over,
   Sol will be vulnerable and all hits against him will be counter hits for
   a short period of time.

FRC Timing
Gun Flame: 2-frame window ? frames after flams extend
Bandit Bringer: 3-frame window from when flame effect first appears in hand
Riot Stamp: 4-frame window frome when kick comes out after bouncing off wall
Fafnir: 2-frame window from when punch thrusts forward

Counter Hit Effects
Crouching HS: Downed
Knockdown: Wall Bounce

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Flame Dipper                              qcf+K             R/F   15+36                            
Bukkirabou ni Naguru *1                   qcb, qcb+S        -     72x2
Tyrant Rave Version Alpha *1              (AMA) hcb, f+H    R     120
Savage Fang *1                            qcf, qcf+P        -     40x3

*1 Tension Move.

Altered Moves
Kick                                      K                 R/J   14
Gun Flame *1                              (AMA) qcf+S/H     F     40
Bandit Revolver                           qcb+K             R     32
Fafnir                                    hcb+P             F/R   70

*1 Single projectile, travels all the way across ground.

Lost Moves
Gun Flame Feint
Riot Stamp
Bandit Bringer
Tyrant Rave Version Beta
Dragon Install

FRC Timing
Flame Dipper: 2-frame window from when first attack comes out
Fafnir: 2-frame window from when punch thrusts forward

Gold Mode Changes
Always in Dragon Install Mode.
Infinite tension.

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Air throw dizzies easier, untechable on counter hit.
Kick recovers slower.
Crouching Kick recovers slower.
Jump D decreases Guard Gauge more, blows back more.
Forward Punch slower.
Forward HS faster.
Gunflame FRC timing later.
Gunflame Feint faster.
Volcanic Viper recovers slower.
Volcanic Viper (HS, Dragon Install version) damage down.
Tatakiotoshi hit box larger.
Grand Viper damage up, prorates 80%.
Bandit Revolver startup slower, recovers faster.
Bandit Revolver (Dragon Install version) faster, stuns more, damage up.
Bukkirabou ni Nageru untechable, whiff animation draws counter hit and
   is longer.

EX Mode
Gun Flame FRCable.
Fafnir input changed.


Strengths: Good variety, gains tension fairly quickly.
Weaknesses: Poor recovery if he misses; instant kill hard to use.

Sol's ridiculous Dust Loop has been toned down some, but otherwise he still
remains rather powerful. Great choice for beginners and experts a like, 
very versatile.

Height: 185 cm
Bloodtype: Unable to determine
Weight: 73 kg
Birthplace: Switzerland
Birthday: May 9th
Eye Color: Red
Likes: Thinking
Important Things: the late Kliff Underson, Potatoes
Dislikes: Sol, old Itou-ryuu Martial Arts
Voice Actor: Kobayashi Katsuaki

Story: After regaining his own will after the death of Justice, he realized
the things he had committed and despaired of living as a human. Living on
without any purpose, the self-destructive Testament finally came to the
"Devil's Living Place". There, he met Dizzy, who had separated herself from
the world. Her story pulled at him strongly, and he became determined to
protect her. Now that Dizzy has found her own place, what does Testament

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   9
Kick                                      K                 R/J   18
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   24
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R     28
Hard Slash                                H                 R     36
Dust                                      D                 R/X   15
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     8
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     12
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     26
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     38
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R     38
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     10
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R     18
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   28
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     34
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R     44
Forward Punch                             f+P               R     24
Forward Kick                              f+K               R     28
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R/X   55
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     60
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60

Normal Moves
Phantom Soul *1                           qcf+P/K           -     5
Grave Digger                              (AMA) qcb+P       R     45/40
Exe Beast *2                              hcf+S             F     36       
Warrant *3                                qcb+K             R     10
HITOMI *4                                 qcb+S             -     30
Zeinest                                   (AMA) qcb+H       -     10

Tension Moves
Nightmare Circular *5                     hcb, f+H          -     60
Master of Puppet *6                       qcf, qcf+H        R     60

Instant Kill
Seventh Sign *7                           qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 P version is a horizontal skull; K version is higher in the air. If skull
   hits, it also adds marking to the opponent. Marking stays on until
   Testament is hit. While marking is active, Succubus will attack the
   opponent in one of three ways. In crow form, she can thrust forward for
   40 or shower the enemies with feathers for 5x3. She may also transform
   into her regular form and hit the opponent with her scythe for 50.
*2 Unlike GGX, Exe Beast will only appear from behind the opponent now.
*3 Counterattack stance. Poisons the enemy for 9 seconds or until Testament 
   is hit.
*4 Creates a plant mine-type weapon. If Testament is hit, the mine disappears.
   Activates when opponent gets close, but is slow enough that a quick
   opponent can avoid it.
*5 Adds poison to opponent, similar to Warrant.
*6 If it hits, three marks appear above Testament's tension bar. The next
   time HITOMI is performed, a mark disappears. In exchange, HITOMI executes
   much faster and poisons the opponent, similar to Warrant.
*7 Seems like it hits low but can also be blocked standing.

FRC Timing
Forward Hard Slash: ?-frame window as Testament pauses at bottom of swing
Exe Beast: 3-frame window from when his face first is unable to be seen
Warrant: ?-frame window after he emerges from ground
Master of Puppet: ?-frame window as he thrusts key forward.

Counter Hit Effects
Hard Slash: Stagger

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Exe Beast (H) *1                          hcf+H             F     40
Nightmare Circular (S) *2                 hcb, f+S          -     60

*1 Travels forward from Testament.
*2 S version is delayed.

Altered Moves
Exe Beast (S)                             hcf+S             F     36
Master of Puppet *1                       qcf, qcf+H        R     30

*1 Tension Move. If it hits opponent, two marks appear above Testament's
   Tension Gauge. The next time Exe Beast is performed, a mark disappears
   and the Exe Beast is much larger. Damage is unchanged but opponent is
   knocked high into the air.

Lost Moves

FRC Timing
Exe Beast: 3-frame window from when his face first is unable to be seen
Warrant: ?-frame window after he emerges from ground
Master of Puppet: ?-frame window as he thrusts key forward.

Gold Mode Changes
Gravedigger, Warrant, and normal throw add marking to opponent.
When marking is active, Succubus attacks much more often.
Marking disappears only by attacking Testament.

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Forward Kick -> Forward Hard Slash, Forward Kick -> Forward Punch, Forward
   Kick -> Dust Gatlings possible.
Punch damage up.
Dust damage down.
Forward Hard Slash FRCable, damage up.
Phantom Soul damage down, ground version faster, crow attacks slower.
Exe Beast damage down.
Warrant FRCable.
Master of Puppet damage up, FRCable.


Strengths: Good variety of attacks; Grave Digger and Warrant gain lots of
Weaknesses: Gains tension slowly otherwise; Tension moves on the weak side.

Testament's been improved over his XX incarnation, with added Gatlings
as well as improvements to Phantom Soul and Gravedigger. He's now quite
a monster to fight against.

Height: 179 cm
Bloodtype: A
Weight: 66 kg
Birthplace: England
Birthday: Orphaned so unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Likes: Reading, Chess
Important Things: Zato, Sympathy
Dislikes: Blood, those who bother Zato
Voice Actor: Yaeda Mikio

Story: After Zato's escape from the Dimensional Prison, no one knew what
became of him. No one knew if he had been reimprisoned, or indeed if he
were even still alive. Rumors that he had died or that he had given up
his position spread through the Organization. There, Venom, who had long
been by Zato's side, did not believe anything. Then, learning about a
possible location for Zato, he set forth. At the end of his journey, he
realized Zato's death.

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   6
Kick                                      K                 R/J   12
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   16x3
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R     24
Hard Slash                                H                 R     42
Dust                                      D                 R/X   20
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     7
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     8
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     22
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     20+20
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R     20+20
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R     10
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R     12
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   24
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     36
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R     40
Forward Punch                             f+P               R     28
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R     52
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   20
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     5x7
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     R     5x7

Normal Moves
Stinger Aim *1                            (C) [b], f+S/H    F     30/42
Carcass Ride                              [d], u+S/H        -     36/50
Ball Seisei *2                            (AMA) qcb+P/K/S/H -     -
Devious Curve *3                          rdp+P/K/S/H       R     25  
Double Head Morbid                        dp+S/H            R     17x4/21x4
Mad Struggle                              (MA) qcf+S/H      -     12x3/15x6
Shunkan Idou *4                           dp+K              -     -

Tension Moves
Dark Angel                                qcb, hcf+S        -     12x28
Red Hail                                  (MA) qcf, qcf+H   -     26x8

Instant Kill
Deimvolger                                qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 May be charged up. Charging produces more hits, but the damage per hit
   decreases to 22 for S and 25 for H. Max charge is 6 hits.
*2 Creates a ball in midair. Multiple balls may be created at the same time.
   The pattern created by the balls depends on the button used. When a ball
   is hit by a striking attack from Venom, it takes the damage properties of
   that attack and travels forward. If it hits another ball, ricochets occur;
   if it hits the opponent, the damage inflicted is the same as the attack
   used to move the ball.
*3 Opponent cannot air recover, and this move can also be used to hit
   balls created by Ball Seisei.
*4 Venom teleports into the air directly above the nearest billiard ball.
   If no balls are present on the field, Venom merely teleports to directly
   above himself.

FRC Timing
Stinger Aim: For S version, 4-frame window 4 frames after cue stick hits ball.
   For H version, 4-frame window 6 frames after cue stick hits ball.

Counter Hit Effects
Hard Slash: Stagger

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Object Ball *1                            d, d+H            -     -
Banking Jack                              dp+K              R     18x3

*1 Charges up Stinger Aim (up to three charges).

Altered Moves
Stinger Aim *1                            (AMA) qcf+S/H     F     30/42
Carcass Ride                              dp+S/H            F     36/50
Red Hail *2                               qcb, qcb+S/H      F     26x9/31x4

*1 Is charged up by Object Ball.
*2 Tension Move.

Lost Moves
Shunkan Idou
Double Head Morbid
Mad Struggle

FRC Timing
Stinger Aim: For S version, 4-frame window 4 frames after cue stick hits ball.
   For H version, 4-frame window 6 frames after cue stick hits ball.
Carcass Ride: ?-frame window right after cue stick hits ball.
Red Hail: ?-frame window on 5th and 7th hits (S) or 4th hit (H).


Gold Mode Changes
Red Hail's hits are charged.
Stinger Aim charges automatically.
With EX Mode, Object Ball's effects are automatic.

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Throw, Air Throw damage down.
HS Stinger Aim damage down.
Carcass Ride charge time down.

EX Mode
Stinger Aim (H) damage down.
Carcass Ride FRCable.
Banking Jack damage down.
Red Hail FRCable.


Strengths: Is effective at both close and far range; good combo possibility.
Weaknesses: Gains tension a little slowly; some moves predictable.

Venom seems to have been inexplicably improved; his Forward Punch gets
even stronger than it used to be and his Carcass Ride loop is now more
effective thanks to the reduced time it takes to charge it. Perhaps top
tier now.

Height: 180 cm
Bloodtype: A
Weight: 66 kg
Birthplace: Australia
Birthday: June 16th
Eye Color: Blue
Likes: Finding a wife, Diaries
Important Things: Good Health charm
Dislikes: Anything scary
Voice Actor: Ueda Yuuji

Story: Through bad luck, Zappa became possessed by S-ko. S-ko used Zappa's
body and began observing the actions of humans. During this time Zappa would
often lose consciousness and awake with wounds. Fearing that he suffered
from some unknown illness, he worried constantly. Then, he learned of a
famous doctor who could heal any disease, "Faust". However, he learned that
Faust did not stay in one place. Some even said that Faust had died. Zappa
set out to pursue the disappearing traces of the doctor...

Note: S-ko is an homage/reference to Sadako, a character from the Japanese
horror film/novel trilogy "Ring" (1998). Zappa's Instant Kill is also a 
reference to Ring. An American remake of Ring is currently in production.

**Zappa's moves are dependent on what Mukade is currently supporting him.
Getting hit will banish whatever is supporting him. However, getting hit
while no Mukade is supporting him may cause a random Mukade to support him.

Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
(No Mukade)
Punch                                     P                 R/J   9
Kick                                      K                 R     22
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   26
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R     30
Hard Slash                                H                 R/X   20x3
Dust                                      D                 R     17
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R/J   12
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     16
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     26
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R/J   60
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R     30
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R/J   13
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R     22
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   32
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     28
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R     40
Forward Punch                             f+P               R     24
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R/X   50
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     50
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   36
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R/J   22
Hard Slash                                H                 R/J   50
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     20
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R/X   32
Jumping Slash                             (MA) S            R     50
Jumping Hard Slash                        (MA) H            R/X   32
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R/X   36x3
Slash                                     S (close)         R     36
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R     30
Hard Slash                                H                 R     25x2
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     22
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     40
Jumping Slash                             (MA) S            R/X   26
Jumping Hard Slash                        (MA) H            R/X   32
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R     32
Slash                                     S (close)         R     40
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R     36
Hard Slash                                H                 R     48
Dust                                      D                 R     30
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R     36
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     68
Jumping Slash                             (MA) S            R/X   35
Jumping Hard Slash                        (MA) H            R/X   45
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R     76

Normal Moves 
Konnichiwa Sanbiki no Mukade *1           qcf+P             R     20 
Sono Mama Kaette Konaide Kudasai          (MA) qcf+S/H      F     24
Banana *2                                 -                 -     0
Hachiue *3                                -                 -     25
Golf Ball *3                              -                 -     40
Itasou, tte Iu Ka Itai *4                 qcf+S             R     20                  
  --> Followup Attack *5                    --> H           R     45
Ochitoite Kudasai *6                      dp+H              R     30
Chikazuku to Yukimasu *7                  hcb+H             R     30x2
Darkness Anthem                           qcf+S             -     28x3
  --> Followup Attack                       --> P           -     30x2
Last Edegy                                qcb+S             R     100    
Inu Kougeki                               D                 -     25
Inu Kougeki *8                            d+D               -     60
Inu Kougeki                               f+D               -     25
Inu Kougeki *9                            u+D               -     30
Inu Kougeki                               b+D               -     -         
  --> Dog Followup Attack                   --> D           -     30

Tension Moves
Umareru *10                               hcb, f+H          R     40x4
Bellows Malice                            hcb, f+S          -     40x10

Instant Kill
Kowai Yo~ *11                             qcf, qcf+H        -     All

*1 This move can only be performed if Zappa is not supported by any mukade.
   This move adds three souls to Zappa and summons the ghost, sword, or dog
   mukade at random. If Zappa has 5 or more souls around him, this move
   will also do damage to near opponents. If Zappa has 8 or more souls around
   him, he will summon the Raou mukade instead. Raou will support Zappa for
   16 seconds, at the end of which it disappears, as well as any souls around
*2 Randomly happens when ghost hits opponent. Knocks opponent down.
*3 Randomly happens when ghost hits opponent.
*4 Adds one soul to Zappa.
*5 Adds three souls to Zappa.
*6 Adds one soul to Zappa.
*7 Adds one soul to Zappa per hit.
*8 Adds three souls to Zappa.
*9 Adds one soul to Zappa.
*10 This move banishes whatever Mukade is supporting Zappa.
*11 This move only works at close range and is unblockable.

FRC Timing
Sono Mama Kaette Konaide Kudasai: 2-frame window 2 frames after attack begins 
Ochitoite Kudasai: ?-frame window as large barrier forms
Chikazuku to Yukimasu: ?-frame window as sword completes arc

Counter Hit Effects
Kick: Downed
Crouching Slash: Stagger
Knockdown: Wall Bounce
Far S: Stagger
Itasou, tte Iu Ka Itai: Stagger
Chikazuku to Yukimasu: Downed

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Goriyuu wo Keikakuteki Ni *1              d, d+P/K/S/H      -     -
Knuckle Kaiser *2                         hcb, f+S          R     140

*1 This move gives Zappa a mukade in exchange for souls. P gives the Sword
   for one soul. K gives the Dog for 2 souls. S gives the Ghosts for 3
   souls. H gives the Raou for 8 souls. If Zappa does not have enough souls
   the move fails and Zappa is stunned for awhile. This move may be used
   even if Zappa already has a mukade.
*2 Tension Move.

Altered Moves
Konnichiwa Sanbiki no Mukade *1           qcf+P             R     20
Hard Slash                                H                 R     60
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     48
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R     64

*1 Only adds one soul and adds a mukade if move hits; can be performed
   even if Zappa already has a mukade.

Lost Moves
Bellows Malice

FRC Timing
Sono Mama Kaette Konaide Kudasai: 2-frame window 2 frames after attack begins 
Ochitoite Kudasai: ?-frame window as large barrier forms
Chikazuku to Yukimasu: ?-frame window as sword completes arc

Gold Mode Changes
Zappa always has Raou. Does not gain souls.

Changes from Guilty Gear XX
Ghost Close Slash damage down.
Ghost Crouching Hard Slash damage down.
Ghost Jumping Hard Slash damage down.
Sword Close Slash damage up.
Sword Crouching Hard Slash damage up.
Raou Close Slash damage up.
Raou Far Slash damage down.
Itasou, tte Iu Ka Itai followup damage up.
Ochitoite Kudasai FRCable.
Chikazuku to Yukimasu FRCable.
d+D Dog Attack damage up, knocks back.


Strengths: Unpredictable; gains tension easily; very powerful in Raou mode.
Weaknesses: Unpredictable; unwanted Mukades hard to get rid of.

Quite low tier at first, Zappa is now much better. He's gained some move
priority as well as more FRC options, making him really worth using
now. Still as confusing as ever, though.


One of the best features of the Guilty Gear games is the soundtrack, a
punk rock/heavy metal type that sticks in your mind and refuses to leave.
I mean, as groundbreaking and as fun as Street Fighter II was, its music
wasn't that great, and only hardcore fans can remember how it goes. Not so
with Guilty Gear's music, and GGXX is no different.

Since there are two console versions of GGXX #Reload (Japanese and Korean),
there are actually two soundtracks. There are also tracks (like Robo Ky's
music) that aren't present on some of the soundtracks.

The Japanese soundtrack is available on two discs and is published by Scitron 
Discs. As far as I know, the Korean soundtrack is only available with the
actual game itself.

Disc One
01. Feedback (Opening Theme)                             0:59
02. Noontide (Sol vs. Ky)                                3:08
03. Keep Yourself Alive II (Sol)                         3:06
04. Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead) (Ky)                3:01
05. Blue Water, Blue Sky (May)                           3:00
06. Writhe in Pain (Millia)                              3:02
07. Feel a Fear (Eddie)                                  3:05
08. Burly Heart (Potemkin)                               3:13
09. Suck a Sage (Chipp)                                  3:10
10. The Original (Faust)                                 3:07
11. Make Oneself (Axl)                                   3:05
12. Momentary Life (Baiken)                              3:08
13. Fuuga (Anji)                                         3:03
14. A Solitude That Asks Nothing in Return (Venom)       3:06
15. Liquor Bar and Drunkard (Johnny)                     3:08
16. Babel Noise (Jam)                                    3:05
17. Bloodstained Lineage (Testament)                     3:22

Disc 2
01. Awe of She (Dizzy)                                   3:08
02. Simple Life (Bridget)                                3:08
03. Haven't You Got Eyes in Your Head (Slayer)           3:10
04. Good Manners and Customs (Zappa)                     3:10
05. Kagematsuri (I-No)                                   3:08
06. Nothing Out of the Ordinary (Mirror Match)           3:08
07. Existence (Assassin vs. Assassin)                    3:07
08. The Midnight Carnival (I-No EX)                      3:09
09. Till Next Time (Ending #1)                           3:04
10. Boom Town Blues (Ending #2)                          3:09
11. Missing... (Ending #3)                               3:01
12. D.O.A. (Character Select)                            1:15
13. Vs. (Vs.)                                            0:14
14. Go For It!! (Continue)                               0:26
15. Game Over (Game Over)                                0:17
16. Pride and Glory (Kliff)                              3:15
17. Meet Again (Justice)                                 3:17
18. Primal Light (Ending #1)                             3:06
19. Calm Passion (Ending #2)                             3:06
20. Walk in the Dusk (Ending #3)                         3:02

01. Labyrinth of Souls (Opening)
02. Redemption (Character Select)
03. VS (Vs.)
04. Starchaser (Sol)
05. Pillars of the Underworld (Ky)
06. Get Out of My Way (May)
07. The Great Empress (Millia)
08. Dementia (Eddie)
09. Megatona Furioso (Potemkin)
10. Child of the Wild (Chipp)
11. Take the Pain (Faust)
12. Dogs on the Run (Axl)
13. Ricochet (Baiken)
14. Riding the Clouds (Anji)
15. Keeper of the Unknown (Venom)
16. Desert Dust (Johnny)
17. Sticks and Stones (Jam)
18. In the Arms of Death (Testament)
19. Tears are Forever (Dizzy)
20. Fighting (Continue)
21. Vortex Infinitum (Robo Ky)
22. The Vampire Saga (Slayer)
23. Blacklight Babe (I-No)
24. Crash and Burn (Bridget)
25. Seizures (Zappa)
26. Vengeance is Mine (Kliff)
27. The Day of Judgment (Justice)
28. Revelations (Sol vs. Ky)
29. Faith Shall Save Thee (Sol vs. Ky EX)
30. Red Crossroads (Millia vs. Eddie EX)
31. Ditto (Mirror Match)
32. Dead Silence (Mirror Match EX)
33. Rogue Hunters (Assassin vs. Assasin)
34. The Midnight Carnival (I-No EX)
35. Latez (Ending #1)
36. Run Till Tomorrow (Ending #2)
37. Dance of the Behemoth (Ending #3)
38. Final Opus (Survival Mode Ending)
39. Options
40. El Fin (Game Over)

For Existence and Rogue Hunters, "Assassin" is defined as Slayer, Eddie, 
Venom, or Millia.

The last five tracks on Disc 2 of the JP version are tracks from Guilty 
Gear X Plus which weren't in the original Guilty Gear X.

The console version of the game has added tracks, a new track called
"Options" which is played during the game's menus, and ressurected tracks
from GGX - Still in the Dark (dubbed "Millia vs. Zato EX version"), No 
Mercy ("Sol vs. Ky EX version"), and Fatal Duel ("Same Character EX
version"). These "EX version" themes are played during some of the missions
as well as in some of the fights in Story Mode. They also will activate if
Guilty Gear X Mode is enabled (see below on how to unlock Guilty Gear X


Here I will provide translations from Japanese into English of various
aspects of the game. In-game quotes are translated a bit more loosely than
the move names in an effort to make them sound natural. Also, I didn't bother
to translate quotes that are just moans/groans/yells/whatever.
I'm a half native-speaker of Japanese so I am reasonably sure of these 
translations, but if you have a different opinion, feel free to contact me. 

General Terms
Ougi: An often-secret, often-powerful technique of a particular school of
Iai: A style of fighting characterized by rapid sheathing and drawing of
     a katana from its scabbard. Used in this game by Johnny and Baiken.

Move Names
 Shitsu: Rapidness
 Fuujin: God of Wind
 Nagiha: Calm Blade
 Hitoashitobi: One-step Jump
 Shin: Ichishiki: Needle: Type One
 Kou: Crimson
 On: Shadow
 Kai: Commandment
 Shin: Nishiki: Needle: Type Two
 Tenjinashi: Feet of the Gods
 Issei Ougi: Sai: Absolute Ougi: Brilliance
 Kachoufuugetsu: The Beauty of Nature
 Zetsu: Suppress

 Hajime kara tobashiteku ze? Tenuki sun na yo?: I'm giving it my best from
   the start... no pulling back, okay?
 Mataseta naa!: Sorry to keep you waiting!
 Iiwake de mo kangaetoki na!: Think up an excuse while you can!
 Nanpatsu ore ni ataru ka na?: Wonder how many times you can hit me?
 Joushoufuhai ga motto de ne...: Always win, never lose is my motto...
 Tenchi ni musou no mai da!: This is a dance peerless in the world!
 Gifun wo shite ware ni oyobasu...: I got this far on indignation...
 Itsudemo aite ni natte yan ze?: I'll be your opponent anytime, okay?
 Seibai!: Punishment!
 Mijuku!: Amateur!
 Shoushi!: Pitiful!
 Konchikusho-!: Dammit!
 Nan da to-!: What the...!
 Sekai wa hiroi ze...: The world is wide...
 Doji tta ze!: I made a blunder!
 Tsugi wa honki wo dashite yaru!: I'll get serious next time!
 Yaru ki ga nee nara kaen na!: If you don't feel like fighting go home!
 Nameten no ka?: Are you mocking me?
 Dokyou ga tarinee!: Not enough guts!
 Sekoi mane sun na yo na...: No need to be so simple-minded...
 Kousan nara sou ie tte no!: Just say it if you want to give up!
 Shimai nya kireru ze!: I'll end it here!
 Taikutsu da ze!: Boring!
 Ippon torareta ze!: I made a mistake!
 Kanaimasen naa...: I can't keep up with you...
 Koitsua odoroki da...: I'm surprised...
Scalpel Quotes
 Rinshi taiken!: A near death experience!
 Hatsu taiken!: A new experience!
 Shijidai kougeki?: A new age attack?
 Ch, chotto matte...: Hold on a second...
 Ma, mada yareru zo...: I-I can still keep going...
 Ka, kakatte koi ora!: C-come on and fight me!
 Kora, chotto, hora!: Come on, wait, hey!
Psych Burst
 Otoko wo miseru ze!: I'll show you a man!
Psych Burst Counter
 Kekkan kireta ze!: I've burst a blood vessel!
Air Recovery
 Chorochoro shiten ja nee!: Quit fooling around!
 Hora yo!: Take this!
 Tonjimai na!: Fly!
Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Itee ka? Ishi ga annara sore dake oresama ga kusen shita tte koto yo.
         Does it hurt? If you're still conscious, you sure gave me a hard
vs. Ky: Shou wa Mito, na wa Anji! Gagou wo "Kakukaku"! Ore no reisetsu nante
        konna mon da ga. Ma, kanben shite kure.
        Last name Mito, first name Anji! Nickname "Glorious!" My manners
        only go this far, but... Well, go easy on me.
vs. May: Hadaka ga ki ni naru?  Iya, kore de "Kougeki kurau to itee" tte no ga
         aru kara hisshi de yokerareru no sa!
         Worried that I'm naked? Well, with this "Getting attacked hurts!"
         so I'll try my best to avoid things.
vs. Millia: Kajinhakumei. Muzukashiku kangaesugiru to ii koto nai ze?
            "Beauty and luck seldom go together". Thinking too hard about
            something isn't good for you...
vs. Axl: Nugaa! Haratatsuwaso no buki! Nanka sugee ochokurareta kanji.
         Yeesh! Such an annoying weapon! I feel like I got lucky.
vs. Potemkin: Jyuuyoku kata wo sei su... chotto chigau ga, maa tonikaku ore
              wa sugee!
              Able to control such gentle strength... or something, but
              anyway I'm awesome!
vs. Chipp: Omae no kougeki wa karusugin da yo, hidariuchiwa de koto ga
           Your attacks are too light, I went through this in comfort.
vs. Eddie: Jibun jishin wo kitaenee kara sainou ga karerun da yo!
           You don't train yourself, so your potential is wasted!
vs. Baiken: Gashinshoutan no kokoroiki ya yoshi! N daga... ii onna ga 
            dainashi da ze? Waratte erareru sachi mo aru tte koto sa.
            Such single-minded spirit! But... it's spoiling a good woman,
            you know? There's such a thing as feeling good about smiling.
vs. Faust: Iya, omae hora, kikikan to ka nai no? Jibun ni.
           Hey, don't you feel any danger? About yourself?
vs. Testament: Tatakai tte no wa, doryoku to konjou, nekketsu no otokogi
               tte no ga kokozo wo kimerun da yo!
               In fighting, spirit and guts, burning blood and a man's
               spirit are what determine the outcome!
vs. Jam: Suman! Miechimatta! Kou natta ijou wa ore ga sekinin wo totte da na.
         E? Oyobi ja nai?
         Sorry! I saw! Now I guess I'll have to take responsibility... huh?
         You didn't call?
vs. Anji: Monomane suru yatsu tte no wa sugee kansatsuryoku datte na? Ore ga
         donna oshioki wo oshieteru ka itte mi?
         To mimic something takes a lot of observational skill, huh. Why
         don't you tell me what I should teach you?
vs. Johnny: Tatakai wa jou ni shinken shoubu! Ocharake kara sonna zama ni nan
           da yo!
           Fighting is usually a serious match! What's with that attitude
           from the start?
vs. Venom: kka! Antara sonna mon made buki ni shichimau no ka?  Sekai wa
           hiroi nee, tte ore mo are ka?
           Geez! You even use something like that as a weapon? The world
           is big, but... am I like that too?
vs. Dizzy: Chotto shita gakujitsuteki shumi tte yatsu dattan da ga? Koitsu
           wa iki ja nee ya. Dai no otona ga yotte takaru no wa yakutai 
           mo ne.
           A little scientific, huh? But that's not the essence. Many
           adults grow into their roles.
vs. Slayer: Shinshi taru mono hankechi wo chi de yogoshita to accha iroiro
            to aru daro? Cha demo susuttero tte koto yo!
            You think a gentlemen does things like use a handkerchief to
            wipe away blood and stuff like that? Why don't you suck on
            some tea!
vs. I-No: Hayashi nara chittaa kokoroeten daga, uma ga awanee no wa
          shouganee. Daga iji no hariai ja ore wa makenee!
          I know a little about Noh orchestras, but your style's a little
          different. But, I won't lose if we just compare our spirits!
vs. Zappa: Tenchiyonhou wo kiyome, seifuu wo yobikomu mai no chikara yo!
           Jarei, akurei matomete oujou! (...Mada kocchi miteru yo, kanben
           shite kure...)
           Purifying Heaven and Earth, I call upon the strength of the
           dance that summons purifying winds! Evil spirits, vanish!
           (...he's still looking this way, give me a break!)
vs. Bridget: Zengei to shita wa soko soko, daga tougei no mae ni wa
             seizei kadozuke tte koto da na. Otagai shoujin shiyou ya.
             Art for art's sake is nice, but true art is about performing
             in front of an audience. Let's give it our best, ok?

Move Names
 Bentengari: Benten Harvest (Benten is the Buddhist goddess of wisdom)
 Rensengeki: Flashing Sickle Attack
 Kyokusageki: Melodic Chain Attack
 Sensageki: Rotating Chain Attack
 Rashousen: Delicate Bell Spiral
 Tenhouseki: Rock from the Sky
 Housoubako: Beehive
 Raieisageki: Lightning Chain Attack
 Shiranami no Homura: Thieves' Flame
 Byakuerenshou: Massive Sickle Flame
 Rensen Ougi: Midaregami: Sickle Ougi: Wild Hair

 Hade ni ikimasu ka!: Let's make it flashy.
 Tekagen shite kure yo!: Go easy on me, okay?
 Tanoshiku yarou ze.: Let's have fun with this.
 Ude ga naru ze!: My arms are crying out!
 Koko wa, oresama no stage da ze!: This is MY stage.
 Chotto dake honki dashichau ze?: I guess I'll get a little serious...
 (vs. Sol) Danna! Hisashiburi da nee. Genki shiteta?: Hey! It's been awhile.
   How've ya been?
 (vs. Sol) Minogashite kunnai ka na? Ano CD arun da kedo.: How about you let
   me go? I have that CD...
 (vs. Sol) Kono shashin mite. Danna no kodomo jidai.: Look at this picture!
   It's you from when you were a kid...
(vs. I-No) Okashii na, anta no kao. Yoku mirun da yo na...: There's something
   about your face... I've seen it a lot...
 (vs. I-No) Ara, anta no kami suki da yo.: Ooh, I like your hair.
 (vs. I-No) Chotto mattee, anta no mune... tamaran...: Wait a sec, your
   breasts... won't fit...
 Oyobi ja nai nee.: No one's calling you...
 Tatsun ja nee yo.: Don't stand up.
 Yametokya yokatta no ni...: I didn't want to have to do that...
 Choroi mon da ne!: Such a weak one!
 Cool ni kimetaro?: Wasn't that cool?
 Sassuga oresama!: As expected for me!
 Mengo mengo!: Easy, easy!
 Anta, yowai ne!: Hey, you're weak!
 O-ya-su-mi!: Good night!
 Yukkuri nete na.: Sleep well.
 Tsuyoi naa, oi...: Too strong...
 Kanben shite yo...: Give me a break...
 Ore tte konna mon?: Is this all I am?
 Yararechimatta yo... oi...: I'm done for...
 Are... owari?: Huh... it's over?
 Naande katen ka naa...: Why can't I win...
 Bishi! To, ikou ze!: *Bishi*... here I go!
 Sorya, nai darou?: Nah, I don't think so!
 Chikin!: Chicken!
 Sora yo!: Take that!
 Amaaai!: Too easy!
 O, omitooshi sa.: That's my prediction.
 It's cool!
 Ii sen itteru yo!: Nice work
 Yo, dateotoko.: Hey, dude.
 Kaanawanee naa...: I can't keep up...
 Yaarujan!: You're pretty good!
 Kakkoii naa, anta.: You're pretty cool.
 Sokooo!: Not there!
 Kuse ni naru?: Is this going to be a bad habit?
 Yabee...: This isn't good...
 Koko wa doko?: Where am I?
 Ore... tobeteru?: Am I... flying?
 Ashimoto da no shikai da no naaa!: Everything's upside down!
 Hoshi ga kireeei...: The stars are pretty...
 Aa, ore ga ippai iru...: Hey, there's lots of me...
Psych Burst
 Gan gan icchau yo!: This is going to be intense!
 Mou tomannai!: You can't stop me any longer!
 Suki ni shite!: Do what you want!
Psych Burst Counter
 Itai tsuu no!: I said that hurt!
 Aa soko motto aa ii aa ii...: Yes there, more, that's good...
 Shita kanjatta zo.: I bit my tongue...
Air Recovery
 Yoyuu...: Easy now...
 Doko miten da yo!: Where are you looking at!
 Kocchi da zee!: I'm over here!
 Yotto...!: Oof!
 Netena!: Go to sleep!
 Omoi na... anta.: You're heavy...

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Douyo danna, oresama ude ageta ssho?
         How about it, haven't I become better?
vs. Ky: Maa maa, katai koto yuu na tte. Kore mo hito tasuke da to omotte,
        soko wo tsuushite kurenai ka na?
        Hey now, don't be so stiff. Can't you just think this is helping
        people too, and let me pass?
vs. May: Acchaa, chotto yarisugita ka na. Mengo.
         Man, maybe I overdid it a little. Sorry.
vs. Millia: Onna wa burondo ni kagiru tte kangae mo aratameru ze...
            I've changed my opinion of blonds...
vs. Axl: Chigau, chigaaau! Sou ja nakute, kou! Oresama no chaamu pointo
         wa kono 100 man doru no egao ni shuuyaku sareteru no yo?
         No, no! Not like that, like this! My charm point is all summarized
         in this million dollar smile, you know?
vs. Potemkin: Anta no senzo wa doumo oretachi to wa chigau to omoun da ga, 
              kikai ga attara sono ruutsu wo sagashite miru yo.
              Your ancestors were probably different from the rest of us,
              so if you have the chance find your roots.
vs. Chipp: OK, OK! Anta wa hayakatta ga ore no wa nagakatta. Douyo, shoubu
           wa mietetan ja nai no? Naaanchitte!
           Ok, ok! You may be fast, but mine's long. Didn't seem like a 
           fight? Yeesh!
vs. Eddie: Ano sa, anta hountou wa mieten daro?
           Hey, you really can see, can't you?
vs. Baiken: Doresu mo chaina mo waruku nain daga, wafuku tte yatsu wa nan
            tsuu ka kou, iroppoi ne.
            Your dress and chain aren't bad, but for traditional Japanese
            clothes, uh, what do you say, that's a little sexy.
vs. Faust: Nanka sa, shinzou ni waruin da yo. Tanomu kara mou okiagannaide
           kureru ka na.
           Geez, you're pretty bad for my heart. Please, don't get up again,
vs. Testament: Maattaku, ushiro kara mae kara to! Jiman no riichi ga yaku ni
               tacha shinee.
               Geez, from behind and front! Your reach isn't going to be
vs. Jam: Ore no gimon wa futatsu. Kono jidai no onna no ko wa nande konna ni
         tsuyoi no ka tte koto, mou hitotsu, kimi wa honto ni ryourijin ka?
         I've got two questions. First, are all the women in this age this
         strong, and second, are you really a chef?
vs. Anji: Anta no sono dansu nara doko ni ittemo kutte ikeru ze. Daga
          odoru suteeji wa eranda hou ga ii.
          With that dance, you can do great anywhere. But, it's best if you
          picked a dance stage.
vs. Johnny: Dangan wo mo inuku ginkou no issen! Marude eiga da nee, ma, 
            yakusha ga chigatta kedo na, nihihi...
            A blinding silver flash that shoots even through bullets! Just
            like a movie, but I guess the actor was different, eheheh...
vs. Venom: Anta sa, miete wa ikenai mono ga mieru kuchi daro?
           Hey you, you like looking at stuff that shouldn't be looked at,
vs. Dizzy: Onna no ko to komyunikeeshon no hazu dattan dakedo na... nanka
           sokora jyuu daboku shiten dakedo.
           I thought I could do some communication with a girl here... but
           I guess it's a little bruised over there...
vs. Slayer: Esukooto tte no wa josei wo mamoru otoko no koto yo? Tsumari
            oresama no jisho ni wa soko ni Axl Low tte kaite aru no sa.
            Tenawake de, okusan shoukai shite?
            An escort is a man who protects a woman, you know? And in my
            dictionary, "Axl Low" is written there. Anyway, maybe you
            could introduce your wife?
vs. I-No: Matta! Yappa dokka de mita mune... iyaiya kao da na. Okashii na,
          konna utsukushii futomomo... aiyaya! Kao wo wasureru nante.
          Wait! I know I've seen those breasts... er, I mean face before.
          That's strange, how could I forget such big bre... uh, I mean!
vs. Zappa: Nan tsuu ka, itamashii tsuu ka, imawashii tsuu ka... Konna no ni
           maketara sasuga ni naku shika nai na.
           What do you say, painful, or pitiful, or something... If I lost
           to something like this all I could do is cry...
vs. Bridget: Nihihhi, asobi ni kakashite oresama wo dashinukou nanza 10 nen
             hayai no yo! Sore, kashite mi? Kou yatte yaren da ze... atta!
             Heheh, trying to get the better of me with that toy... you're
             10 years too young! Let me see it. It's like this... ouch!

Move Names
Tatamigaeshi: Tatami Flip
Youshijin: Spirit Thorn Formation
Mawarikomi: Reverse
Sakura: Cherry Blossom
Suzuran: Noble Dash
Youzansen: Spirit Cutting Fan
Kabari: Fishing Fly
Tetsuzansen: Iron Cutting Fan
Tsurune Sanzuwatashi: Linked Crossing of the Styx
Baku: Ki: Restraint: Turtle
Baku: Rin: Restraint: Tiger
Baku: Ryuu: Restraint: Dragon
Baku: Hou: Restraint: Phoenix
Garyou Tensei: Final Execution

 Izayoi una yo.: The sixteen-day moon swells...
 Ippun tte tokoro ka.: This'll take about one minute.
 Tekagen wa muyou da ze.: No need to hold back.
 Heh, sou aseru na tte.: Heh, I said no need to rush.
 Ore no ken wa misemon ja nee zo.: This sword isn't for show.
 Meido ni okutte yaru yo.: I'll send you to Hell.
 Jikan ga torasenee sa.: This won't take long.
 Ikigan ja nai yo...: Keep it serious...
 ...wakazo ga!: ...young boy!
 ...komusume ga! ...little girl!
 ...toohenboku ga! ...idiot!
 ...bakemon ga! ...monster!
 ...magaimon ga! ...fake!
 ...ikareonna ga! ...angry woman!
 ...ossan yo! ...gramps!
 ...e, eeto... ...uh, uh...
 Kentou chigai ka.: Different from what I expected...
 Fugainai ne.: How disappointing.
 Temaa tochimatta.: That took up my time.
 Kyoodo ni kaen na.: Go home.
 Ude ga sabichimau.: My skills'll rust like this.
 Tsumaranmon wo kichimatta.: I cut up something useless.
 Omae ja yakubusoku da.: You're a disappointment.
 Udenarashi ni mo naranee.: That didn't even make good practice.
 Samatsu na shiai da ze.: Such a trivial fight.
 Aitsu yori tsuyoi tte no ka...: You're stronger than "him"...
 Konna tokoro de...: Not here...
 Chikushou ga!: Dammit!
 Nasakenee...: Pitiful...
 Temee no kachi da...: Your win...
 Yaki ga mawatta ze...: The night air stirs...
 Ore ga... makeru?: I... lost?
 Aitsu ni au made wa...: Until I meet "him"...
 Yatterannee!: Can't do anything!
 Nan nara saya de yatte yarou ka?: Maybe I should keep my sword in its sheath?
 Taigai ni shiro yo.: Do it somewhere else.
 Mamagoto nara... hitori de yanna.: If you're going to whine... do it alone.
 Nn, ttaku koshi ga samechimatta yo.: Ch, I've lost my taste for this.
 Aaa, miterannai yo.: Aaa, I can't even watch.
 Ano otoko yori tsuyoi...: Stronger than "That man"...
 Omoshiroku natte kita!: This has become interesting!
 Koitsu wa horidashimono da yo.: This is a good find.
 Anta no hou ga tsuyoi na, daga... waruku nai.: You're stronger... not bad.
 Koitsua, ikeru kuchi da na.: Not a bad way to do things.
 Hahaha, ii mon motten ja nee ka.: Hahaha, you've got a good thing there.
 Chikara ga hairenee...: I'm losing my strength...
 Me ga kasumiyagaru!: Eyes are misty...!
 Yacchimattta!: Got me!
 Uso daro...: You're kidding...
 Ura wo kakareta ka!: Playing dirty, huh!?
Psych Burst
 Chintara yatterannai yo!: You can't just sit there!
Psych Burst Counter
 Uzai ttendaro?!: How annoying!
Air Recovery
 Oshikatta ne!: Too bad!
 Madamada!: Not enough!
 Amain da yo!: Too easy!
 Nameten ja nai yo!: Don't underestimate me!
 Shi ni na...: Die.
 Jama nan da yo!: You're a nuisance!

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Nurui ne, sonna yasuppoi honoo ja sakana mo yakeyashinai yo.
         Pitiful, with that cheap flame you couldn't grill a fish.
vs. Ky: Kankangakugaku! Piichikupaachiku! Uttoushii otoko da ne! Temee no
        yousou wo oshitsuken ja nai yo!
        So much debate! So much argument! Such a noisy boy. Don't try and
        impress your youthful enthusiasm on me!
vs. May: Gaki dakara tte nameraretaku nain nara, naki iun ja nai yo!
         If you don't want me looking down on you because you're a kid,
         don't cry about it!
vs. Millia: Ore ni kachitakkya kakkou tsukenaide shi ni mo no kurui ni naru
            koto da ne.
            Trying to win over me would confuse even death, you know.
vs. Axl: ttaku, chikuchiku to sonna tooku kara... otoko nara shoumen kitte ki
         Geez, trying to attack from so far away... if you're a man, come
         and face me straight on!
vs. Potemkin: Sugoude daga nanda ka shiranee ga, mado ga dekakute yari
              yasashikatta yo.
              You have potential but for some reason, you're so big it's 
              easy to hit you...
vs. Chipp: Tekazu ga fuereba, sore dake kuse ga wakari yasuku naru. Kamo datta
           tte itten no sa!
           If you had more moves, it wouldn't be so easy to read you. I said,
vs. Eddie: Naan tsutta ka ne... sou, "narushisuto"! Sou iu no miru to senaka
           ga kayuku natte chikara ga hainnain da yo!
           What do you say..., yeah, a "narcissist!" Just looking at you
           is like a itchy back I can't scratch.
vs. Baiken: Kakugo ga tarinee! Ore no magii wa sotomi dake ja tsutomaraneen
            da yo!
            You aren't prepared enough! If you want to imitate me just
            copying my appearance won't work!
vs. Faust: Ko, kono kaburimono wo torashite morau ze? Temee ga ningen ka dou
           ka tashikametee...
           I, I'm taking off this bag, okay? I want to see if you're really
vs. Testament: Gatagata iu mae ni, sono uzattai kami wo kitte kurun da nee.
               Miteiru kocchi ga iraira surun da yo!
               Before you preach to me, cut that ridiculous hair! Just
               looking at it irritates me.
vs. Jam: Buki ga nee nara bouku gurai tsukerun da na, motto mo koitsu
         de kirenai mono wa nai kedo ne.
         If you don't have a weapon at least put on some armor, not
         that there's anything that this thing can't cut anyway.
vs. Anji: Hone no aru yarou wa kirai ja nee yo. Yowakatta kedo na.
          I don't dislike men with spines. Even though you were weak...
vs. Johnny: Nandai, shaberisugi de jisei mo tsuku koto ga dekinaku
            nacchimatta ka.
            Huh, so you talked so much you didn't get to spit out a 
            death poem, huh.
vs. Venom: Kakurete tatte wakaru ze, sonna sakana mitai na me de teki wo
           attou dekiru to omotten no ka?
           Even if you hide I know it, you think you can overwhelm your
           opponent with such fishlike eyes?
vs. Dizzy: Chii! Uketa wa ii ga, katana ga tsukechimatta ze. Todome wo
           sasu no wa mata kondo ni shite yaraa.
           Damn! You're down all right, but I blunted my sword. I'll
           wait till next time to finish you.
vs. Slayer: Ore no imono ga zenbu ikarechimatta. Tondemo nee ken da na,
            namae wo kiitoku ze.
            You've got me all riled up. Such ridiculous fighting style,
            tell me your name.
vs. I-No: Hiasobi ga sugin da yo. Tsuu ka itte mo mudappoi yatsu ga
          ichiban nigate nan da yo na, aa muka tsuite kita!
          You play with fire too much... is what I'd say, but I can't
          deal with those who don't look like they'll listen. Man,
          now I'm ticked off!
vs. Zappa: Nandai, dokka no yamiisha mitai no ka to omoeba, honmono no
           yousei nara ayashii mon demo naa wa na.
           Hm, if I think about a certain "dark doctor", he's not
           as suspicious as a real fairy...
vs. Bridget: Sakana wo tamete ushi wo korosu. Katsu koto ga mokuteki nara
             temee no moteru buki wo zenbu tsukai kiretten da.
             "Seek the fish, kill the cow." If you really want to win
             you'll stop using that weapon.

Move Names
Yoyo Haichi: Yoyo Release
Yoyo Hikimodoshi: Yoyo Return
Teishi: Stop
Hassha: Fire
Rolling Idou: Rolling Movement
Maintenance-chuu no Higeki: Tragedy During Maintenance
Ore to Kill Machine: Me and the Kill Machine

 Ara? Sonna toko de netetara kaze hikimasu yo?: Huh? If you sleep there you'll
   catch a cold!
 Eeto... nechau hodo matasechaimashita?: Um... did I make you wait so much
   you went to sleep?
 Mou, neteru nante, kinchoukan nai desu yo.: Geez, you aren't nervous at all,
   sleeping like that.
 Motto sugoi torikku wo omise shimasu yo.: Let me show you a better trick.
 Tanoshinde tte kudasai ne.: Please enjoy this!
 Uchi ga kattara ohineri kudasai ne.: If I win give me some money, okay?
 Ikimasu yo!: Here I go!
 Kyacchi suru made ga kyougi desu kara.: It's not over until the catch.
 Osomachisama deshita.: Well done.
 Yoyo ni shikaku wa nain desu yo.: Yoyo's don't have blind spots.
 E, to... guhou mo fude no ayamari...: Um... they say even mistakes of the
   brush get taught...
 Kaze no chikara wa anadoremasen ne.: Don't underestimate the power of the
 Yappari ohineri wa irimasen...: You don't need to pay me after all...
 Kanpeki desu! Aa, hazukashii! Mou...: Perfect! Aa, how embarassing... geez.
 Shiage desu... iyan!: The finishing touch... yah!
 Saigo no torikku desu... etto, ima no nashi de.: Now the last trick... uh,
   never mind that.
 Kirei na kawa ga miemasu...: I see a pretty river...
 A, ojiichan?: Ah, grandpa?
 Are, uchi ga mieru?: Huh, I can see my house?
 Tenshisama da...: It's an angel...
 A, ohanabatake...: Ah, a flower field...
 Motto tanoshimimahou yo.: Let's have more fun.
 Renshuu tsunda hou ga ii desu yo.: You should get more practice.
 Nanigoto mo kiso ga jouyou nan desu yo?: Everything needs a basis, you know?
 Kenka ga otokui nan desu ne.: Your strong point is fighting, I see.
 Dare ni demo torie wa aru mono desu ne.: Everybody has a redeeming feature.
 Etto, yappari kaette ii desu ka?: Um, so can I go home?
 Semete seijin suru made!: Wait until I'm legal at least!
 Moshiya hanzai?: Isn't this a crime?
 Me ga mawaruuu!: I'm dizzyyy!
 Are... makenai na...: Huh? It won't wrap around...
 Osora ga... mawaru!: The sky is... turning!
 Hyaaama... mae ga...: Geez, in front...!
Psych Burst
 Saabisu shimashou!: Let me give you something special!
Psych Burst Counter
 Shizuka ni!: Quiet!
Air Recovery
 Shuuchuu shinai to...: Gotta focus...
 Abunakatta...: That was dangerous...
 Share ga tsuujinai?: You don't get it?
 Are?: Huh?
 Kore, muzukashiin desu yo...: This is difficult, you know...
 Hai, mawashimasu yo.: Okay, now I'll turn it around...
 Ohitotsu dou desu ka?: How about it?

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Hidoi! Ii dougu nan dakara, sonna zonzai ni atsukaccha dame desu!
         No! That's such a nice tool, so don't throw it around so roughly!
vs. Ky: Uwa, kenshisama nano ni kirei na komakai teashi desu ne.
        Wow, for a "Sir Knight" you sure have pretty, thin limbs.
vs. May: Eeto, anta mo kono tehaisho ni arimasu ne. Chotto kite kudasai.
         Hey, you're in this bounty instructions too... come with me.
vs. Millia: Sugoi! Donna kunren wo shitara sonna ni gouken ni narun desu
            Wow! What kind of training should I do to get tough hair like
vs. Axl: A, sore, ii buki ka mo shirimasen ne. Bushousa ni mo
         mentenansu to ka kantan sou de...
         Hey, that's not a bad weapon. Even a slob could take care of it...
vs. Potemkin: Kyouchousei no nai taikaku wo shiteite mo, gei no michi nara
              nozomi wa arimasu yo?
              Even if you have no coordination in that physique, you could
              still live the performing life, you know?
vs. Chipp: Omoshiroi desu! Susamajii supiido de korobu no, okyakusan yobemasu
           How interesting! With that terrific speed you could roll around
           and attract customers!
vs. Eddie: Waa, kaoiro ga warui desu yo. Uchi, yarisugichaimashita ka?
           Wow, your face doesn't look too good. Did I overdo it?
vs. Baiken: Masa ni otoko shouri desu ne! Akogareru naa, onnapoku nai kotsu
            wo oshite moraemasen ka?
            A true man's battle! I'm so envious, maybe you can teach me
            the way to not act womanly?
vs. Faust: Eeto, ano, sono... misemonokoyakei desu ka?
           Um, uh, is that... a circus act?
vs. Testament: Shikomi kei desu ne! Tossa ni taisho dekinai hito ni wa
               saiteki na senpou desu yo ne.
               Such training! It's such a great battle tactic for people
               who can't oppose your attacks.
vs. Jam: Aa, kono nioi! Sakki tondechatta ryouri, buji desu yo! Oishii!
         Ryouri no ude dake wa tashika desu ne!
         Ah, this smell! That food that flew by earlier, it's all right...
         Delicious! You certainly have skill in cooking, at least.
vs. Anji: Dentou bunka no mai wo mirete yokatta desu! Onna no hito dattara
          kirei dattan darou na.
          I'm glad I got to see a dance from traditional culture!
          It would've been pretty if it had been a girl doing it...
vs. Johnny: Iai tte touyou no daidougei nan desu yo ne! Okane ga nain desu
            "Iai" (Johnny's style of fighting) is a street performance
            in the Orient, isn't it!... Don't you have any money?
vs. Venom: Wawawa, jimawari no hou ka na. Shobadai motte nai desu yo?
           Whoa, a street tough, huh. I don't have anything valuable...
vs. Dizzy: Mitsuketa! Anata ga shoukinkubi desu yo ne. Kore de mura ni
           Found you! You're the bounty, aren't you. Now I can go back
           to the village.
vs. Slayer: Ojisan, bimyou ni akunin ppoi desu kedo, moshiya shoukin
            kakkattari shimasen?
            Mister, for some reason you seem a little evil, do you have
            a bounty on you by any chance?
vs. I-No: Son nan ja dame desu! Hyougensha wa okyakusan wo taisetsu ni
          suru gimu ga arun desu yo!
          No, that's no good! A performer has a duty to treat their
          customers very importantly!
vs. Bridget: Eh? Mou monomane made? Monosuki desu ne... Masaka! Karada mo!
             Naan da.
             Eh? Even a mimic? How interesting... no way! The body too!
             What the.
vs. Zappa: Sugoi, sugoi gei desu! Sore dake ganbareba, zettai, okane
           toremasu yo!
           Amazing, amazing performance! If you just try harder, you'll
           definitely be able to get money.

Move Names
Tsuyoshishiki Ten'i: Fortitude Transportation
Tsuyoshishiki Meisai: Fortitude Camouflage
Genrouzan: Misty Illusion Slash
Resshou: Cold Palm
Senshuu: Piercing Heel
Rokusai: Foot Crush
Sakuganki: Rock Drill 
Zanseirouga: Star-splitting Wolf Fang
Banki Messai: Demon Extinction

 Indou wo... watashite yaru ze!: I'll give you a requiem!
 Shisho... mitetekure yo!: Master... watch me now!
 Omae... shisou ga deteru ze?: You've got the shadow of death on you.
 Nanda, sono yoyuuzura.: What's with that calm attitude?
 Sassa to hajimeyou ze.: Let's get this thing started.
 Kudaranee.: Worthless.
 Ososugin da yo!: Too slow!
 Subete jukuchi.: I know all about it.
 Himatsubushi ni mo nan nee.: Can't even kill time like this.
 Chi... yowen da yo!: Chi... too weak!
 ...ttaku, hanashi ni nan nee.: Geez, not even worth talking about
 HA! Beat It!
 Shisho!: Master!
 Chikusho!: Dammit!
 Bakemon ga!: Monster!
 Maketawake ja nee zo...: It's not like I lost...
 Ore no jutsu ga...: My technique...
 Konna toroi yatsu ni...: ...by such a slow guy...
 Hey sissy!
 Come on!
 Kiss my ass!
 Yaru ki an no ka yo?: You serious about this?
 nda, kono chikin ga.: What's up with this chicken...
 Tsumanne yarou da na: What a boring jerk.
 What the hell?
 Dou nacchimattan da ore wa.: What's wrong with me...
 Doumo, choushi ga warui ze.: Something feels wrong...
 Mata motochoushi ja nee ka...: I'm not feeling fine still...
 Imaichi kimaranee...: I guess it won't end here...
 Culture Shock!
 Na, nani ga okitan da!: Wha, what's happening!
 Yume de mo miten no ka?: Am I dreaming?
 Magure atari ka!: Lucky shot, huh!
Psych Burst
 Peesu wo ageru ze!: I'll raise the pace!
Psych Burst Counter
 Namen ja nee!: Don't underestimate me!
Air Recovery

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Maa, anmari ningensama wo namen ja nee koto da.
         Well, it's like this: Don't underestimate humans.
vs. Ky: Temee no onnaonna shii kao miteru to mukahhara ga tatsun da yo!
        Kateba kangun tte kotoba shitteru ka?
        Just looking at your womanly face makes me sick! You know this
        word, "government army"?
vs. May: Kuru mono wa tatoe onna kodomo darou tomo yousha wa shinee! ...ga,
         doumo munekuso warii na.
         I won't have mercy, even if I'm up against a little girl!... but,
         somehow I feel disgusted.
vs. Millia: Ichiichi aite suru no mo mendou da, maji de yatterya ichibyou mo
            kakaranakatta ze? Uzai kara detekunna.
            Just facing you is an annoyance, if I had been serious it
            wouldn't have taken even a second to beat you. I'm sick of you,
            go away.
vs. Axl: Herahera to ike suki ja nai yarou da. Emono ga nagakerya chikazukenee
         to de mo omotta ka?
         You certainly don't like fighting seriously. Did you think that with 
         a long weapon I couldn't get close to you?
vs. Potemkin: Mazu wa sono mezawari na niku wo kezugiotoshiyagare! Godaisou
              na pawaa wo motteta tte, atarnekya imi nai ze!
              I'll just chip away at that annoying bulk! Even if you've
              got ridiculous power, it won't help if you can't hit me!
vs. Chipp: Ore wa mada shi mo, shisho no na wo damatte miyagare! Keshiteyaru!
           Imitating me and trying to blot my master's name?! I'll erase you!
vs. Eddie: Gisei ni suru mono ga nakerya nani mo te ni hairanai tte no wa,
           temee ga sanryuu no shouko da. Issei ore ni wa katenee yo.
           "If you don't have anything to lose, you can't gain anything" -
           you're proof of that three times over! You'll never beat me.
vs. Baiken: Onna no kuse ni ii konjou shiteiru ze, kore ga uwasa ni kiku
            yamato nadeshiko tte yatsu ka?
            You sure have guts for a woman, are you a "Yamato Nadesico" I
            keep hearing about?
vs. Faust: Te, temee wo keiyou suru kotoba ga mitsukaranee... tsumari nanda,
           are da! "Goshuushousama"!
           I, I can't think of a word that describes you... anyway, what is
           it, yeah! "Condolences"!
vs. Testament: Godaisou na waza wo chirichiri narabete, kore ga temee no 
               zenryoku ka? Gakkari saseyagaru!
               Scattering out your techniques like that, is this all you've
               got?! Don't disappoint me!
vs. Jam: Shinobi ni irojikake ga tsuku to omotten no ka? Mezawari da, kiero!
         You thought temptation would work on a ninja? You're an eyesore,
         go away!
vs. Anji: Temee! Ore ga nihonjin ja nai to omotte baka ni shiten no ka?
          "Harisen" wa buki ja neen da zo!... da yo na?
          You! You trying to make a fool of me by saying I'm not Japanese?
          A "harisen" ain't a weapon!... right?
          **Chipp mistakes the word for fan - hakusen
vs. Johnny: Ore wa mureru yarou ga kirai da. Onna no ketsu wo oikakeru
            yarou mo haku ki ga suru. Tsumari, tsui chikara ga haichimatte
            tte koto da.
            I hate those who gather crowds. Those who chase after women
            also make me want to puke. Therefore, I just now felt better!
vs. Venom: Oshiete kureru no ka? Sono kakkou wa asobi ni kita no ka, ore wo
           ochokuru tame na no ka? Temee ga soko ni mukaitsuiteru riyuu da.
           Why don't you tell me? Are you dressed like that to play, or
           to make fun of me? That's the reason you're groveling now!
vs. Dizzy: Nda yo, hyoushi nuke da ze. Chi, tada no gaki ja nee ka. Do kka
           What the, I barely dodged that... huh, it's just a kid. Go 
vs. Slayer: Furafura to nani ga shiten da, temee! Uzatte, tsugi wa kata
            ga attate mo buttsubusu zo!
            What's with that half-assed attitude? Next time you'll
            fall apart if I hit your back!
vs. I-No: Mioroshiten ja nee! Katta no wa ore da! Chigau ka! Kuso!
          Don't look down on me! I'm the one who won! Well!? Dammit!
vs. Zappa: Temee! Detarame ni mo hodo ga aru zo. Sono jutsu, ore ni mo
           oshiete yagare!
           You! Random attacks have method too. Teach me that, why 
           don't you!
vs. Bridget: Satsuki no nee yatsu ni tatakau shikaku wa nee! Chi, tonda
             mamagoto ni tsukiawasareta ze.
             If you're not prepared to kill, you don't have the right to
             fight! Geez, I got involved in some kiddy stuff.

Move Names
Hajime wa Tada no Akari Datta n Desu: At first it was just for light.
Sakana wo Karu Toki ni Tsukatta n Desu: This was used for fishing.
Ki no Mi wo Toru Toki ni Tsukatta n Desu: This was to get fruit off trees.
Yoku Hanashi Aite ni Natte Kuremasu: They became conversation partners.
Hitori ni Shite Kudasai: Please leave me alone.
Necro Okotta Baai: When Necro Gets Angry

 Kyou wa souji touban na no de...: Today's cleaning duty so...
 Kyou wa shokuji touban na no de...: Today's cooking duty so...
 Kyou wa uchiage to ka de...: Today's launch day so...
 ...hayaku kaeritain desu ga...: ...I'd like to go home quickly.
 ...minna wo matasetakunain desu ga...: ...I don't want to make everyone
 ...Nagaku ha irenain desu ga...: ...I can't stay here long.
 (vs. Johnny) Are? Kyou wa "tsukekonda" ja nain desu ka?: Oh? Weren't you
   going to "take advantage" today?
 (vs. Johnny) May ni kotozukeraretan desu kedo...: I wanted to leave May
   a message, but...
 (vs. Johnny) Eetoo, "bangohannuki" ni shimasu yo.: Um, you're going to 
   "skip dinner"...
 (vs. Testament) Hai, minna nakayoku shite kuremasu.: Yes, everyone's
   treating me well.
 (vs. Testament) Arigatou, Testament.: Thanks, Testament.
 (vs. Testament) Johnny-san ga ichido asobi ni koi tte ittemashita.: Johnny
   said for you to come over and visit sometime.
 (vs. Justice) Totemo... fushigi na kanji...: Such a strange feeling...
 (vs. Justice) Kono kotachi ga sawaideru...: These children are restless...
 (vs. Justice) Anata wa... dare?: Who... are you?
 Minna, katta yo.: Everyone, I won.
 Ano, mou kaette mo ii desu ka.: Um, can I go home now?
 Ikenai, yuuhan ni maniau ka na...: Oh no, I might not make it to dinner...
 Doushite...: Why...
 Okaasan...: Mother...
 Otoosan...: Father...
 Minna... sayonara...: Everyone... goodbye...
 Otouban ga...: My chores...
 Onegai, futari tomo yamete.: Please, stop it you two.
 Ii ko dakara yamete.: You're good kids, so stop that.
 Dou shiyou...: What should I do...
 Sore hodo no chikara ga aru no ni...: You have that much strength...
 Amari shigeki suru to kono kotachi ga...: If you provoke me too much these
   two will...
 Watashi wo koroshitai no desu ka?: Do you want to kill me?
 Aa, Undine, daijoubu da yo.: Ah, it's okay, Undine.
 Naze ka Necro ga yorokondemasu.: For some reason Necro seems happy.
 Fuku wo yogosu to minna ni okorarerun desu.: If I get my clothes dirty
   everybody will be angry...
 Kore wa nani?: What's this?
 Are? Nani ga...: Huh? What...
Psych Burst
Psych Burst Counter
 (Necro) Yatte kureta na!: Now you've done it!
Air Recovery
 Onegai, yamete!: Please, stop!
 Nani?: What?
 Doushita no?: What's wrong?
 Da...me...: N...o...
 Mou... yamete...: Please... stop it...
 Ku, kurushii...: I-it hurts...
Necro Okotta Baai 
 (Necro) Ore wa kagen wo shiran zo!: I don't know how to hold back!
 (Necro) Gesshudomo ga...: Trash...
 (Necro) Ikite wa kairen zo!: You won't come back alive!
Gamma Ray
 Dare mo kizu tsuketaku nai no!: I don't want to hurt anybody!

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Eeto, mou daijoubu desu yo ne? Yuushoku mataseru to, minna ni sugoi
         okokrarerun de, mou oitomashimasu.
         Um, are you okay? If dinner is late everyone will get really angry,
         so I'll leave now.
vs. Ky: Gomennasai, mada jyouzu ni chikara kagen ga dekinain desu.
        I'm sorry, I still can't hold back my strength very well.
vs. May: Mou, abunai ja nai desu ka. Nani surun desu ka, ikinari?
         Geez, that was dangerous! What are you doing, all of a sudden.
vs. Millia: Ano, watashi... mou shoukin kakatte nai mitai desu yo?
            Um, I... don't have a bounty on me anymore, I think...
vs. Axl: Go, gomennasai! Konna ni hashagu no, hisashiburi de... chikara
         S-sorry! It's been a long time since I've been this cheerful.
         Are you okay?
vs. Potemkin: Gomennasai. Ima wa kaeri wo matte kureru hitotachi ga irun 
              I'm sorry. Now I have people who are waiting for me to return.
vs. Chipp: Sugoi! Hari no ana wo toosu kougeki desu ne. Watashi nan ka
           bukiyou de, itsu mo kowashite bakkari nan desu yo.
           Amazing! Your attacks could go through the eye of a needle. I'm
           so clumsy, I always break things...
vs. Eddie: Hito ka dou ka... kenka suru kikkake wa aru ka mo shiremasen ga,
           nakayoku naru kikkake ni wa kankei nain desu yo.
           Are you human, or... you might have a reason for fighting, but
           that has nothing to do with a reason to become friends.
vs. Baiken: Ochitsuite kudasai! Doushite tatakau tokoro kara hajimenakya
            ikenain desu ka?
            Calm down, please! Why does it have to start with fighting?
vs. Faust: Oisha-sama? Go, gomennasai! Totemo isoide ita mono desu kara!
           Mr. Doctor? I'm sorry! I'm in a big hurry!
vs. Testament: Watashi ga ima, shiawase na no mo... anata ga ite kureta
               okage desu. Arigatou gozaimasu.
               The reason I am happy now... is because of you. Thank you.
vs. Jam: E to... kourai ninjin to anzuzake to... otsukai tanomareta
         dake dattan desu kedo...
         Um... korean carrot and apricot sake... I just ordered it from
         the maid, but...
vs. Anji: Kyaa! Odorokasanaide kudasai. Kono kotachi ga seigyo wo hanaretara,
          daikega ja sumanain desu yo.
          Kyaa! Please don't surprise me. If I lose control of these two,
          you'll probably get injured.
vs. Johnny: Bangohan wa chanto youi shimasu kara. Eto... shokuzai wo
            katte konakucha!
            I'll fix dinner, so... Um... ah, I have to go buy ingredients!
vs. Venom: Watashi nara tomokaku... kuruu no minna ni te wo dashitara,
           okorimasu yo?
           If I were you, well... if I acted against the crew they'd get
           angry, you know?
vs. Dizzy: Eeto... ima, watashi ga ikiteiru to omowareru to, nanka seijiteki
           ni mazuin da sou desu.
           Um... it seems that the fact I'm living now is somehow
           politically bad...
vs. Slayer: Do, doushita no, Undine? Sore ijou shitara, kono hito shinjau yo!
            Onegai yamete!
            Wh, what's wrong, Undine! If you go further this man will die!
            Please stop it!
vs. I-No: (Necro ga zenryoku wo dashita... kono hito wa ittai?)
          (Necro used his full strength... this person is...?)
vs. Zappa: Mite kudasai, hora. Watashi ni mo futatsu tsuiteirun desu yo.
           Moshikashite... douryou no kata desu ka?
           Please look, see? I also have two supporters. Maybe... are we
vs. Bridget: Watashi ni mou shoukin wa kakattemasen yo? Sore to, shoukin wa
             Jam-san ga mottechaimashita...
             I don't have a bounty on me anymore, you know? And, Jam took
             the bounty anyway...
vs. Robo Ky: Do-dou shiyou... barabara ni nachatta. Suimasen, ima,
             tsunagimasu ne.
             Wh-what should I do? It fell apart. Sorry, I'll put you
             back together now...
vs. Kliff: Otoosan ni... niteru. Onegai, shinanaide...
           You look like... father. Please, don't die.
vs. Justice: Ano... daijoubu desu ka? (Nan darou, kono natsukashii kimochi...)
             Um... are you all right? (What is this nostalgic feeling...)

Move Names
Eddie Shoukan: Summon Eddie
Shou Kougeki: Small Attack
Idou Kougeki: Moving Attack
Taikuu Kougeki: Anti-air Attack
Chuudanwaza: Mid-level Attack

 Ikiru koto wo misetsukeru na.: Let me show you what it is to live.
 Ore wa tesuri ni ikiru mono.: I am one who lives caged.
 Shi yori fukai yami wo.: A darkness deeper than death...
 (vs. Millia) Kukuku... kisama no karada nara najimu darou.: Heheheh...
   your body is one I would feel at home with.
 (vs. Millia) Kisama sae inakereba! Morauzo, sono karada: If only you
   didn't exist! I'll claim that body.
 (vs. Millia) Sono karada ga hoshii no wa, aitsu no ishi ga nokotte iru
   kara ka.: Is it because of his will that I want your body...
 (vs. Slayer) Ningen de wa nai na, kisama nanimono da!: You're not human...
   what are you!
 Koitsu no karada wo itadaku ka.: I'll take this body.
 Katta tokoro de nani ga erareru to iu no ka.: What can be gained by
 Hayaku karada wo mitsukenakereba...: I must find a body quickly...
 Kisama ga shinde mo nao ikiru to iu no ni.: Even if you die you can still
 Kore kara ga moriagaru tokoro darou?: It gets better from here...
 Hito wo horoboshite mo ore ga ikiru koto wa nai!: Even if I destroy
   humans I am not "living"!
 Sadame na no ka...: Is this fate...
 Mitomen zo!: I won't accept this!
 Koko ga genkai ka...: This is the limit...
 Kietakunai: I don't want to disappear...
 Ningen gotoki nii...: Just like a human...
 Ore wa suroo sutaataa nan da yo!: I'm a slow starter!
 (vs. Millia) Kore wa... hikari?: This is... light?
 (vs. Millia) Naze da... atatakai...: Why... is it warm...
 (vs. Millia) Yami ga harete iku...: The darkness is lifting...
 Akubi ga deru.: Makes me yawn.
 Motto agaite misero.: Try a little harder.
 Yaru ki ha aru no ka?: You really want to do this?
 Raku na mon da, bolantia ka?: Too easy, are you a volunteer?
 Nan no tsumori da?: What do you think you're doing?
 Marude kokkei da na.: Just too funny.
 Sasuga da na.: As expected.
 Homete yarou.: Let me praise you.
 Kikishi ni suguru.: Better than I've heard.
 Ningen ni shite wa...: Humans are...
 Te wo nukisugita ka...: Maybe I bit off more than I could chew...
 Ki ni iran...: I don't like this...
 Dairoku kankakusei!: Sixth sense awakening!
 Michi naru kankaku!: Unknown sensation!
 Baizai ga motan ka!: This vessel won't hold!
 Mazui...: Not good...
 Ku, matte kure!: Ku, hold on!
 Suki wo tsukareta!: You got my weak point!
Psych Burst
 Karakatte yaru ka.: Trying to tease me, are you.
Psych Burst Counter
 Yatte kureta na!: Now you've done it!
Air Recovery
 Yokete miro...: Dodge this...
 Tobe!: Fly!

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Hito naranu mono wo yadosu shin. Waga kara to naru ni, fusawashii.
         If you are a person you are a body to house something. Becoming
         my shell is fitting for you.
vs. Ky: Kore wa omoshiroi. Hanzaisha no nikutai wo motsu koto wa hanzai
        wo kousei suru no ka na?
        How interesting. Is having the body of a criminal, committing a
vs. May: Fumu, watashi no puroguramu ni nani ka ga kyoumei shite iru na.
         Moshiya kisama...
         Hm, something in my programmed instinct resonates with you.
         Maybe you are...
vs. Millia: Nan no you da ne? Kimi no sagashite iru ningen nara, ten ni
            mesareta to mo. Tashika ningen wa, sou iu no darou? Kekeke...
            What do you want? The human you seek has been called by
            Heaven. Humans are like that, aren't they? Kekeke...
vs. Axl: Takuetsu shita undou nouryoku da na. Kouhou ni fukumete okou.
         You have excellent movement skills. You are a candidate for my
vs. Potemkin: Tsuyoshi yoku jyuu wo tatsu to iu ga, sou wa naranakatta
              you da na. Shosen wa sono teido no wanryoku ni sugin.
              They say strength can overwhelm anything, but it looks like
              that didn't happen. In the end, you just have brute strength.
vs. Chipp: Chi. Kisama nado ni, kakazuriatte iru hima wa nai to iu no ni.
           Hmph. I don't have time to fool around with the likes of you.
vs. Eddie: Buntai ka? Maa ii. Waga niku to naru ga yokarou.
           A fragment? In any case, become my flesh.
vs. Baiken: Watashi no nikutai ni kyuusho wa nai. Anki nado de wa jyuunen
            kakatte mo chimeiuchi ni wa naranu.
            My body has no weakness. You can attack me for ten years and
            still not kill me.
vs. Faust: Nanda, kono koutai wa! Waga saibou ga kyozetsu sareru!
           What is this resistant body!? It is rejecting my cells!
vs. Testament: Watashi to onaji seisen no bourei ka. Heiki yue ni yasurau
               koto mo kanawanu to iu wake da.
               So you are a deceased spirit from the Holy War as well.
               Weapons do not know peace after their death.
vs. Jam: Shosen wa ningen gotoki no nikutai. Kyouka shita tokoro de taka
         shirete iru.
         A human body after all. Becoming strong is knowing glory.
vs. Anji: Shinki wo tsukatte sono teido ka ne? Joushoufuhai to wa,
          sashizume nigeashi no hayasa to itta tokoro ka.
          You use a shinki and yet are only that level? Is your "Always
          win, never lose" because of how fast you can run away?
vs. Johnny: Fumu... kisama koso waga shukushu to naru ni fusawashii.
            Hmm... you are suitable to become my host.
vs. Venom: Shinjiro to wa iwanu ga, kono otoko wa, omae ni totte to
           onajiku, watashi ni tottemo kakegae no nai sonzai de atta no da.
           Nozonde koroshita wake de wa nai.
           I won't tell you to believe me, but this man, just like he
           was important to you, had no replacement for me. I did not
           wish to kill him.
vs. Dizzy: Hikari wo mitsuketa no naraba, ikeba ii. Heiki ni mo kibou ga
           aru koto wo misete kure.
           If you have found the light, go. Show me that even weapons may
           have hope.
vs. Slayer: Eien nado motomete wa inai! "Aru" koto naku kieru no ga
            osoroshii no da...
            I do not wish for eternity! The "Being" disappearing is
vs. I-No: Kyoumi tai'i de tatakai wo idomu kara, shuutai wo sarasu koto ni
          naru. Shikashi, naze kono nikutai wa noriutsurenai no da?
          Provoking a fight with such a physique leads to disgraceful
          behavior. But... why can't I transfer to this body?
vs. Zappa: Seishinkiseitai to iu wake ka... senkyaku ga iru nara
           shikata nai na.
           So this is psychological parasitism... if there's somebody
           already there I cannot do anything.
vs. Bridget: Seinou wa moushibun nai ga, shukushu to suru ni wa nigasugiru na.
             Sassa to kite usero.
             Your ability is such that making you a host would be
             detrimental. Get lost.

Move Names
Rerere no Tsuki: Rerere Thrust
Hikimodosu: Pull Back
Uisu!: Uisu! (a general type greeting/exclamation)
Koe ga Chiisai!: Voice is too soft!
Mou Icchou: UISU!: One more time: UISU!
Nani ga Deru Ka Na?: What's going to come out?
Ai: Love
Souten Enshin Ranbu: Scalpel Centrifuge Chaotic Dance
Zenpou Idou: Moving Forward
Kouhou Idou: Moving Backward
Kubi Biyoon: Neck bouncing
Hana Daro? Ore, Hana Daro?: I'm pretty? Aren't I pretty?
Mettagiri: Reckless Cutting
Mae Kara Ikimasu Yo: Coming from the front!
Ushiro Kara Ikimasu Yo: Coming from the back!
Ue Kara Ikimasu Yo: Coming from above! 
Shigekiteki Zetsumeiken: Stimulating Destruction Fist
Na-na-na-nani ga Deru Ka Na!: Wh-wh-wh-what's going to come out!
Konshuu no Yamaba: This week's climax...

 Hokenshou wa irimasen yo?: You don't need an insurance card...
 Himitsu no... Faust!: The secret... Faust!
 Ii mono wo misete ageyou: Let me show you something nice.
 Inu ga nishimukya, watashi wa burakku hooru.: The dog faces west, I'm a 
   black hole...
 Watashi ga kita kara ni wa iro iro to hoken wa dekimasen yo!: Since I'm
   here you can't insure anything!
 Hai hai, nanda are da ginga ichi!: Okay okay, number one in the universe!
 Ope shuuryou, seikou desu.: Operation complete, it's a success.
 Asu ga tooge desu.: Tomorrow, the mountain pass.
 Nen no tame, kusuri wo dashimashou.: Just in case, let me give you some
 Tsugi itte miyou!: Let's go see what's next!
 Dame da korya!: This is no good!
 Tsugi no kanja ga matteru no de na!: The next patient is waiting!
 Sayoonaraaa: Goodbyeeeee...
 Mata aimashou!: Let's meet again!
 Jishuu wo otanoshimi ni!: Look forward to next week!
 Mata raishuu!: Next week!
 Ikezuu...: No good!
 Noroccharu!: I'll curse you!
 Sekai saidai no watashi ga yande shimau to ha anyoninyuni: To think the
   greatest in the world, me, would get injured blah blah blah..
 Yakkai na kanja da...: What an annoying patient...
 Zannen da ga...: Sorry, but...
 Te wa tsukushita.: We're out of options.
 Kao furasshu!: Face flash!
 Anata wa yande iru...: You're sick...
 Masui ga tarinai ka na...: Not enough anesthetic?
 Chiryouhin omake desu!: No charge for treatment!
 Nau na yangu ni baka uke: Today's young ones are so...
 Moo taiin shite ii yo...: You can leave the hospital already...
 Guddo de naisu desu ne...: Good and nice...
 Iketemasu ne...: This is good progress...
 Kagayaitemasu yo!: Shining!
 Suteki!: Marvelous!
 Benpi naotta!: My constipation's fixed!
 Buta ga tonderu...: Pigs are flying...
 Kirei na hoshi da...: Such pretty stars...
 Shiawase da naa...: How happy...
 Nuhaa tsuuretsu!: Scathing!
Psych Burst
 Otonashiku shitenasai!: Behave yourself!
Psych Burst Counter
 Mukii!: Reverse!
Air Recovery
 Dakara abunai tte!: I said, that's dangerous!
 Nani sun no sa!: What are you doing!?
 Shinu ka to omotta!: I thought I was going to die!
 Sukirri! Shioaji!: Neat! Salty!
 Numetto! Soukai!: Mm, sweet!
 Poyoon!: Boing!
 Kakiiin!: Craaack!
 Hoomu ran!: Home run!
 Karaburi!: Strike!

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Kokoro no kizu wa jibunjishin ni shika iyasu koto wa dekinai.
         Daga, tasuke ga iru kagiri wa jyoryoku wo oshimanai.
         The wounds of the heart can only be healed by oneself. However,
         as long as you need help you will not resent assistance.
vs. Ky: Hito no michi to wa nayame domo, mae he to susumitsuzukeru sono
        sugata ni shin no koumei ga awareru mono desu. Kekka wo kogeru
        koto wa arimasen yo.
        Even worrying about one's path, moving forward is the way to bring
        true light. It is not rushing the result.
vs. May: Ichizu na omoi ga toki to shite ka you na shoujo ni sae kore
         hodo no chikara wo motarasu. Kore zo ai!
         Only a young girl with a single-minded feeling can have this
         sort of strength. This is love!
vs. Millia: Hijou ni tsuyoi ishi wo omochi desu ga, sore wa shura!
            Sono saki ni yoken suru daibou de nai koto ni anata wa kizuite
            iru hazu desu!
            You have an unusually strong will, but that way lies carnage!
            You must realize that this path is not what you want!
vs. Axl: Anata no taishitsu wa sude ni igaku no hanchuu wo koete imasu!
         Your constitution already surpasses the norms of medicine!
vs. Potemkin: Anata no sentou nouryoku wa watashi ni katte imashita.
              Shikashi taigi wo kakeru kokoro wa watashi ga katteite
              you desu.
              Your battle prowess wins over mine. However, it looks like
              my drive for justice won over yours.
vs. Chipp: Kecchaku to wa setsuna no akugi. Ikaga naru senpou mo itadaki
           wo kamaeneba suki ga kaimamiru mono desu.
           Decision is a practical joke of time. If you don't keep in mind
           your battle tactics you show your weakness.
vs. Eddie: Sugita yoku ni bakaserashi mono no matsuru... Shikkoku no
           gou wo seou tte susumu michi no shou, nani wo motomeru to iu
           no desu ka?
           Being confused by past wants is the end of the road... fettered
           by previous deeds yet moving forward, what is it that you are
           looking for?
vs. Baiken: Fukushuu ni kokoro wo ubawareta mono ni wa mienaku naru mono
            ga arimasu. Sore ga kono kekka ni tsunagatta dake desu yo.
            Those who have their hearts consumed by revenge lose sight
            of something... that is connected to this outcome.
vs. Faust: Shikei wo mane you to mo, utsuro ni tadayou shidou made wa
           kiwamerarenakatta you desu ne. Nanise watashi wa "tatsushite"
           imasu kara.
           You may have copied my appearance, but it looks like you
           weren't able to copy my essence. In any case I am
vs. Testament: Shoukanpou wa watashi ni totte mo jyuuhachiban de ne,
               waza no taimingu wa haaku shiterun desu yo.
               Summoning things is my hobby, you have to grasp
               the timing of the techniques.
vs. Jam: Tokushi kiwamareba jishin no kaihatsu ni tsunagaru no wa
         hitsuzen. Anata koso ga honmono no ryourijin desu!
         Becoming a benevolent person is linked to one's own development.
         You are a true chef!
vs. Anji: Hitamuki ni mo mae wo misueru sono shisei wa, itsu no hi ka shin
          wo musubu deshou.
          Even singleminded, if you don't look forward, you will become
          wrapped up in the now.
vs. Johnny: Hitotabi nukeba naomari wo shiranai, yasui ken de wa nai
            deshou. Hitomazu wa michi wo yuzutte kudasai.
            A sword that is drawn without thought is a cheap sword
            indeed. Please cede the path to others.
vs. Venom:  Kan'aku naru neijin ni taburakasareta tsumori mo naku,
            mukou. Nani to yuujaku na tamashi nano deshou.
            Not seeking to flatter others insincerely at all, unmarred.
            What a solitary soul you have.
vs. Dizzy: Sokuinnaki tokoro ni doku mo nashi. Kekkou! Kouko no yuui
           wa muyou no you desu ne.
           That without loneliness is also without regret. Well done!
           Following up isn't necessary.
vs. Slayer: Kaigyaku wo kaisuru tsutsushimifukijuu to wa! Naze, sono
            you na kamen wo matou no ka wa aete aimasimai.
            A man who sincerely understands the jokes... why you wear
            such a mask, I don't understand.
vs. I-No: Tenzen taru kankei wo daku mono ni wa ooi kakusenai ki wai ga
          aru no desu. Ima tachiagatte mo kamaimasen ga, watashi wo dashi
          nuku koto wa dekimasen yo?
          Those who embrace trickery are unable to hide themselves.
          I don't care if you stand again, but I won't be able to pull
vs. Zappa: Fushou, yamiisha Faust! Inotte shinso no wakenaku kanchi
           ni jiryoku suru shidai! Saru ni anata wa kanja tarien to iu
           koto de...
           The inimitable Dark Doctor Faust! I will immediately work
           towards your complete recovery! This particular patient
           doesn't seem to quite fit but...
vs. Bridget: Yasashisa to wa, kanashisa wo koeru furumau biken. Anata
             no negai wa, kitto kanaemasu yo.
             Kindness is the beautiful art that surpasses sadness.
             Your wish will certainly be granted.
Note: If Faust's moves/quotes sound dirty, it's because they ARE...
Move Names
Taiboku wo Sasuru Te: Tree-stroking Hand
Kouutsu Onkai: Disharmonic Scale
Kyougen Jikkou: Comic Reality
Chemical Aijou: Chemical Love 
Madogiwa Desperate: Desperate by the Window
Genkai Fortissimo: Fortissimo to the Limit
Rensho Yuigon: Last Will and Testament

 Nabutte ageru.: I'll make sport with you.
 Mou gaman dekinai no.: I can't hold it any longer.
 Temijikai ni shinde moraeru.: Won't you die quickly?
 Mushi tte saa, jibun kara hi ni tobikonde kuru yo ne.: You know, bugs
   fly into flames on their own...
 Shinitakunaru made... ijimete ageru: I'll tease you until you want to
 Hajimari no aizu wa, shinigami ga doa wo tataiten da yo: The first sign
   will be Death knocking on your door.
 (vs. Sol) Gobusata, *bleep*yarou.: You haven't written, a**hole.
 (vs. Sol) Shitta koccha neen da yo.: I wouldn't know that.
 (vs. Sol) Dare ni iken shitenda temee?: Who do you think you're talking
 (vs. Axl) Kanguri sugiru to shinu yo.: Dig too deep and you'll die.
 Saikou no koufun shita wa.: You got me excited.
 Tottemo jouzu datta wa yo.: You were great.
 Kuzu wa shosen kuzu nan da yo.: I guess trash will always be trash.
 Fuu, ase kaichatta: I broke a sweat...
 Motto semete yo, mada moekiranai no.: Come on harder, I'm not burning
 Kuso yowee... taikutsudoori koshite muka tsuita yo.: So weak... so boring
   you've made me irritated.
 Tobisou...: I'm flying...
 Kuso ga!: Sh*t!
 Ii kanji yo...: That feels great...
 Ganbatta wa.: You did well...
 Mitomenee!: I won't accept this!
 Watashi ga hoshiku nai no?: Don't you want me?
 Motto manzoku sasete hoshi no.: I need you to satisfy me.
 Aite ni nannen da yo, kuso ga!: Not a good match, you piece of ****!
 Koitsu ga mezurashiku aite wo hometeru ze!: Unusual to find a praiseworthy
 Soko soko tsukaeru yatsu ka motte yo!: I could use you!
 Pashiri ni narashite yaru tte sa!: I'll tame you to be my gofer!
 Otona no jikan?: Adult time?
 Adaruto no kanji...: Such an adult feeling...
 Yori no yotte konna yatsu ni!: Of all things, this guy...!
 A, aseranaide...: Don't be in such a rush...
 Ch, chotto kyuukei shinai?: Won't you rest a little?
 Temee tada ja sumasenee...: It's not enough for you...
 Kono *bleep* ka!: This ****!
Psych Burst
 Hayaku sumasetai no.: I want to finish quickly...
 Sassa to kiero yo.: Just disappear!
Psych Burst Counter
 Watashi no ban ne.: Now it's my turn.
 *bleep* no bunzai de!: By such a *bleep*!
Air Recovery
 Motto yasashiku...: Be kinder...
 Hageshisugi yo...: Too rough...
 Fuzaketa mane shiyagatte...: Fooling around, are you...
 Shibarareru no, suki desho?: You like being tied up, don't you?
 Kirei na chi wo misete ne...: Let me see your pretty blood...
 Jamakuseen da yo.: You're a nuisance.
 Noboritsumete?: Going on top?
 Jitto shitete ne...: Stay still...
 Buchimakete yaru!: Let me confess!

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Wairudo na no wa suki dakedo, saki ni yuccha dame ja nai.
         I like being wild, but no fair of you to die first...
vs. Ky: Mou sukoshi, jouzu ni natte ne. Soushitara, mata aite shite
        Become just a little better, okay? Then I'll be your
        opponent again.
vs. May: Fuun, suki na hito no tame ni tatakatteru no? Omasesan ne.
         Hm, fighting for the one you love? Such a good child...
vs. Millia: Tsumetai manazashi ni midaregami, anata ima, tottemo
            suteki yo.
            A cold glance and wild hair, you look fantastic now,
            you know.
vs. Axl: Watashi, operetta wa hajimete datta kedo, yamitsuki ni
         That was the first operetta for me, but it looks like I might
         get addicted.
vs. Potemkin: Kore de wakatta desho? Watashi no hou ga ue yo. Datte,
              anata omosugirun da mono.
              Now you understand? I'm on top. You're too heavy, besides.
vs. Chipp: Tsukarechatta. Onegai, mou ugokenaide?
           I'm tired. Don't move anymore, okay?
vs. Eddie: Kurokute takumashii doriru... nanbon made daseru no?
           A black, strong drill... how many of those can you put out?
vs. Baiken: Kore dake dougu ga aru to, dore ga ichiban ii no ka nayamu
            wa ne. Anata no karada de tameshite ii?
            With this many tools, I don't know which one is best. Can
            I try it on your body?
vs. Faust: Gomennasai, shiroi no hou go osukimi datta kashira? Sore
           wa mata kondou ne.
           I'm sorry, did you like white clothes better? I'll try that
           for next time.
vs. Testament: Saikou... hichou no finaare wa hitori unizon de kimari ne.
               The best... a sad finale is made for a single unison.
vs. Jam: Yappari seiashi no hou ga ii? Ippai shisen morareru kashira.
         Are bare legs better? Will I get more stares?
vs. Anji: Houraku tte nigate na no.
          I don't like Japanese music.
vs. Johnny: Ii otoko wo hirefusu to forutisshimo ni kanjiru no.
            I feel like a fortissimo when a good man kneels before me.
vs. Venom: Kuukyou no dakaapo. Stoikku na otoko wa miryokuteki yo ne.
           An empty da capo. A stoic man is charming...
vs. Dizzy: Ichido ni sannin aite ni shiteru mitai... koufun shita wa.
           It's like having three partners at once... I'm aroused.
vs. Slayer: Sai wa totte mo mada naechainain deshou? Motto tsukiatte yo.
            You still don't droop for your age? Come along with me.
vs. I-No: Itsu no jidai mo kabaa yori orijinari no hou ga miryokuteki
          na mono yo?
          No matter what the age, the original is always better than the
vs. Zappa: Nokuzocchattari shite, sonna ni yokatta?
           Bending over backwards, was it that good for you?
vs. Bridget: Sugoi tenooru. Gaman dekinaku nacchatta. Watashi to kumanai?
             Such a great tenor. I can't hold back. Won't you join me?

Postfight Speech (EX Version)
vs. Sol: Atashi wa ano otoko to no ferumaata nan da yo. Mukaezuri mawatte
         zetsubou shi na! Ha ha!
         I'm the fermata to That Man. Grovel and despair, ha ha!
vs. Ky: Nukimi no monfurikazashite, onna wo osou tte ka? Taishita kedamono
        buri ja nee ka, bocchan yo.
        Swinging your sword over your head and attacking women? Been a
        while since you faced a monster eh, kid?
vs. May: Kono irogaki ga! Kaette papa no miruku de mo nonde na!
         This little brat! Go home and drink your daddy's milk.
vs. Millia: Choko maka ugoiterya tsureru to omotta ka yo, kono urenokori
            Did you think you could accomplish anything by plodding
            along, with that backlog?
vs. Axl: Echuudo de yutten ja nee yo! Manzoku dekinee darou ga!
         No good dying at the etude! I can't satisfy myself!
vs. Potemkin: Dekakute katee tte toko made wa waruku nee ga, ososugin
              no mo saiaku nanda yo nikudarama ga!
              It's not bad that you're big and hard, but you're too slow
              and musclebound!
vs. Chipp: Karusugin da yo, nan da sono tsuki wa! Hyotto shite, aserashite
           iru tsumori ka?
           Too light, what's with thsoe thrusts! Don't tell me you're trying
           to rush it?
vs. Eddie: Aa kusee, kusee. Doroyarou ni wa gesui ga oniai da na!
           Geez, you stink! Muddy bastards belong in sewage!
vs. Baiken: Iroppoi ne, shukketsu dai saabisu ja nee ka! Gehahaha!
            So sexy, and bleeding too, how fun! Gehahaha!
vs. Faust: Warii warii, hamono ga suki datta yo na? Kiri kizunde yaru kara,
           mukaitsukubatte aigan shi na!
           Sorry, you liked blades, right? I'll cut you up, so grovel and
vs. Testament: Dekisokonai no shinkopeeshon da! Motto buzama na kao shiro yo.
               A failed syncopation! Give me a grovelling face.
vs. Jam: Kenpou daga nan daga shiranee ga, sonna ni ken ga ii nara ippatsu
         buchikonde yarou ka?
         I don't know if that's martial arts or what, but if you like fists
         so much shall I beat you up?
vs. Anji: Rondo wo kurete yaru kara, shinumade mawatte yagare.
          I'll play a rondo for you, so spin around until you die!
vs. Johnny: Aha! Yaru ja nee ka toremoro wo taigen suru to wa yo! Hiiihihi!
            Ha! So you can embody a tremolo, huh? Hiihihi!
vs. Venom: Nandaa, sono emono wa! Kocchi wa takuto de yatterya yokatta
           What's with that weapon! Maybe you should've had more tact!
vs. Dizzy: Ii ne, sono hane. Mushitte yaitara teba no aji ga suru kai?
           Nice wings there. If I grilled them would they taste like chicken
vs. Slayer: Ningen ni mo bakemono ni mo katamotsu wake ja nai, temee wa
            koumori ga oniai da yo, wa! Kessaku da!
            You shouldn't look like a man or a monster, a bat's most fitting
            for you! A masterpiece!
vs. I-No: (same as regular version)
vs. Zappa: Sebone he shi otte inu no esa ni... tte, temee de natterya sewa
           nee na. Nanka nokutaan wo ukandekita ze.
           Bending your spine over backwards for dog food... hmph, there's
           no hope for you. I feel a nocturne coming on.
vs. Bridget: Gaki no himei tte yatsu wa saikou da na, uzuku zee... Motto
             naite kure yo.
             Hearing brats cry is the best, it tingles... cry more for me.
Note: If I-No's moves/quotes sound dirty, it's because they ARE...

Move Names
Asanagi no Kokyuu: Morning Calm's Breath
Ryuujin: Dragon Blade
Gekirin: Imperial Wrath
Kenroukaku: Multi-tiered Sword 
Bakushuu: Explosive Kick
Mawarikomi: Reverse
Ashiharai: Sweep
Hyappo Shinshou: Hundred Step Keen Bell
Senri Shinshou: Thousand Li Keen Bell
Futsuono: Purifying Axe
Houeikyaku: Hawk Talons
Renhoukyaku: Daughter of Destruction
Choukyaku Hououshou: Purifying Leg Phoenix Ascent
Geki: Saishinshou: Violence: Crushing God Palm
Gasenkotsu: Narcissism

 Sasa, tanto meshiagare, atashi no kobushi wo ne!: Eat up... my fist,
   that is!
 Sasa, tanto meshiagare, gekikara de yokereba ne!: Eat up... if you can
   avoid my Chinese violence!
 Kuradoberi Jam, tadaima tanjou aru!: Kuradoberi Jam, making an appearance!
 Chaccha to owaraseru yo!: Let's finish this quickly!
 (vs. Ky) Uchi no mise, otoko ten'in tarinai. Anata boui yaru yoroshi.: My
   store doesn't have enough male workers. You can work there.
 Okawari wa ikaga?: Want seconds?
 Saraarai kettei aru!: Now to wash dishes!
 Asameshi mae aru ne!: It's before breakfast!
 Chotto... yarisugita aru ne.: I think I overdid it.
 Ikiteru aru ka?: Are you still alive?
 Yowai... aru ne.: So weak.
 Ku... kuyashii...: No way...
 Konna tokoro de...: In a place like this...
 Maketa? Watashi ga...: Lost? Me?
 Tekagen shiranai hito ne!: You don't understand going easy!
 Minna no baito dai ga...: Everyone's part-time...
 Taishita koto nai aru...: This won't be a problem...
 Nasakenai...: Pitiful.
 Usero.: Get lost.
 Kudaranai!: Worthless!
 Tanchou na seme ne.: Such boring attacks.
 Kyoseitsutsu... aru yo.: Like a meteor falling...
 Semete ougi de houmuru... aru.: At least finish with your ougi...
 Kikan... kikan aru.: Not working... not working.
 Sukoshi wa yaru aru ne.: You can do a little...
 Ii renkei aru ne.: Such nice cooperation.
 Sugoi waza aru ne.: Amazing technique.
 Asoko wa...!: Not there!
 Otomo no junsui wa...: A maiden's purity...
 Me ga mawaru aru...: I'm dizzy...
 Tatenai aru...: I can't stand...
 Aiyayayayaya!: Oh deaaaaaaaar...
Psych Burst
 Janjan iku yo!: Let's go!
Psych Burst Counter
 Mou okotta aru!: Now I'm angry!
Air Recovery
 Muda aru!: Useless!
 Abunai aru!: Dangerous!
 Tsu, tsuyoi!: S-strong!
 Suki ari!: Vulnerable!
 Jikansa aru!: Too slow!
 Buttobu yoroshi!: Fly away!

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Waza wa tanjun na no ni hakuryoku ni attou saresou ni nata yo.
         Your technique is simple but I felt I would be overpowered by your
         force... that was dangerous...
vs. Ky: Uu... Mada shibirete ugokenai aru. Doko ka ni kata wo kashitekureru
        yasashii otoko wa inai aru ka? (chira)
        Ooh... I'm still shaking and can't move. Isn't there a kind man
        around who'll lend me his shoulder? (glint)
vs. May: Aiyaa, konna gakincho mo maikai shiteru no ka. Bunsouou wo
         wakimaeru yoroshi.
         Aiyaa, this kid entered too? It would be good to know your limits.
vs. Millia: Ken no chikara wo shuushoku saseru no wa hassei ga ichiban aru yo.
            Motto sakendara dou ka?
            Yelling is the best way to focus one's strength. Why don't you
            try shouting some more?
vs. Axl: Tanjun... Buki ga nagakereba sore dake nerai ga futashika ne. Kantan
         ni futokoro hisoreta yo.
         Simple... if your weapon is long your aim is unsure. I'm able to
         hit you easily...
vs. Potemkin: Kinnikutsuki sugi. Mudaniku. Atama mo kinniku ka? Nibunibu
              poyon aru.
              Too muscled. Useless muscles. Your head is muscle too? Dull,
vs. Chipp: Kono senryokusa ga wakaranai ka? Buzama wo toorikoshite aware
           You don't understand the difference in our fighting ability?
           Pitiful you can't overcome your grovelling.
vs. Eddie: Hattari no nouryoku ni tayoru koshinsha ne. Nasakenai otoko.
           Having to rely on bluffing powers, how cowardly. Pitiful man.
vs. Baiken: Kaeshi waza bakari, tsumannai ne. Nanka roketeru re.
            Just counterattacks, how boring. I feel like I'm getting old.
vs. Faust: Chi, chikyuudaiseimeitai aru yo! Ima no uchi ni taisan ga yoshi
           Th-there's life outside of earth! We have to break them up
vs. Testament: Aiya! Daijoubu aru ka? Ka-kao wa nagutte nai yo, kao wa.
               Aiya! Are you okay? I didn't hit your face...
vs. Jam: Ten wa atashi ni futamono ijou ataeta yo. Zenbu mane dekiru ka?
         Heaven has given me more than an imitation. Can you copy
vs. Anji: Nekketsu baka no asenioi otoko wa kirai yo. Mai to ka nando ka
          itte mo utsushiku nai ne.
          I don't like sweaty-smelling fevered boys. You can call it a 
          dance but it's not pretty.
vs. Johnny: Mou migita yo. Sono hayai kougeki, nando yatte mo atashi ni
            ataranai yo. Tamesu ka?
            I already saw through it. No matter how many times you try that
            fast attack it won't work. Want to try?
vs. Venom: Anata baka ka? Sore, asobi dougu aru yo. Sore to, booru wa
           ishinageteru no to isshou ne, hikyou aru.
           Are you an idiot? That's for playing. And, using balls is
           like throwing rocks, cowardly.
vs. Dizzy: Chotto wa genki nata you ne! Mise no orei mo kanete ranchi ogoru
           You look a lot better! Come to my restaurant and I'll treat you
           to lunch!
vs. Slayer: Karada, katai yo. Yooshoku bakari da to eiyou katayoru ne.
            Kotekote saiaku.
            Your body is too stiff. Eating just Western food will make you
            that way. Stiff is the worst.
vs. I-No: Zokugaku wa kikanai aru. Urusai dake ne. Ato roketeru ne. Damedame
          I don't listen to world music. It's just loud. And getting old.
          No good.
vs. Zappa: Ma, mata chikyuugaiseimeitai aru yo! Koushite miru to, warito
           bikei aru ne. Doushite jibun kara dainashi ni suru ka. Nando mo
           mottainai koto aru yo.
           A, another alien!... Looking at it this way, he's pretty. I
           wonder why he made a mess of himself. It's such a waste...
vs. Bridget: Ha! Kono nioi! Anata otoko no ko ne! 5 nen tattara mata kuru
             Ha! This smell! You're a boy! Come again in five years, okay?
*Note: Jam's frequent use of "aru" in her quotes is a stereotypical Chinese
 accent in Japanese.

Move Names
Zenpou Idou: Move Forward
Kouhou Idou: Move Backward
Kamae Cancel: Stance Cancel
Iainuki: Unsheathing
Ensenga: Swallow's Piercing Tooth
Sore ga Ore no Na Da: That's my name.

 Eleganto ni kimeru ze?: Let's do this elegantly.
 Sumaato ni owaraseru ka.: Let's finish this with style.
 Mabataki suru hima wa nai ze.: I don't have time to fool around.
 Hiiroo no jouken wa? Saigo ni tatte iru koto da.: What makes a hero? He's
   the one who's still standing.
 Kaaten kooru wa uketsukenai ze.: You won't get a curtain call.
 Saki ni itte oku ga, ore wa paafekuto da ze.: I'll let you know, I'm 
 (vs. May) Shoubu ni puraibeeto wo...: Matches are private...
 (vs. May) Mochikomu mon ja nai ze.: They're not something to bring in.
 (vs. May) O, omae kitanee zo!: Y-you're dirty!
 (vs. Testament) Sou da na, sake de mo tsukiatte moraou ka?: Oh, why don't
   you come for some sake with me?
 (vs. Testament) Miren ka? Shinpai shinasan na.: Still attached? No need to
 (vs. Testament) Ki ni naru nara asobi ni kuru ga ii sa.: If you're still
   worried you can come visit anytime.
 (vs. Dizzy) Doko de oboetan da? Sono kotoba.: Where did you learn that word?
 (vs. Dizzy) Aitsu wa!: That girl!
 (vs. Dizzy) May...
 Nori ga warukatta na.: Your style's no good.
 Akirame ga kanjin da ze.: Giving up is fundamental.
 Sono hen ni shitoki na.: Let's leave it at that for now.
 Happii endo no jouken wa? Hansamu ga katsu koto sa.: What makes a happy
   ending? When the handsome one wins.
 Sensu ga chigaun da naa... sensu ga.: It's a difference in sense...
 Ore wa honki ni saseta no wa... misuteiku datta na.: It was a mistake to
   get me serious.
 Anbiriibaburu da ze...: Unbelievable...
 Hade ni yararechimatta ze...: Wonderfully done...
 Miren da ze...: Regrettable...
 Chotto te wo nukisugita ka...: I tried a bit too hard...
 Omae honki de yattaro...: You were serious...
 Manaa ga waruin ja nai no?: Aren't you a little rude?
 Kakatte ki na?: Come on and fight.
 Paa to ikou ze?: Let's go.
 Motto hade ni ikou ze?: Let's be a little flashier.
 Yabo na mane shiyagatte...: Such coarseness...
 Anta wa nakanaka...: You're pretty...
 ...guddo da ze.: ...good.
 ...kimatteru ze.: ...decided.
 ...romanchikku da ze.: ...romantic.
 ...buraboo da ze.: ...bravo.
 ...ekisentorikku da ze.: ...eccentric.
 Ore wa noomaru da ze!: I'm normal!
 Ikasu!: Sharp!
 Na, nanka mieru zo.: I can see something...
 Ashi ni kichimatta...: I've tripped up...
 Yatsu wa... doko... da...: Where... is... he...
 Kuritikaru ja nai!?: A critical!?
Psych Burst
 Aguresshibu ga shinjou de na.: Aggressiveness is the key.
Psych Burst Counter
 Shiriasu ni iku ze?: Let's get serious.
Air Recovery
 Tottotoki na!: Take this!
 Hora yo!: Hey!
 Yudan shita na.: You took it too easy...

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Koitsu ga honmono no "iai" tte yatsu yo, benkyou ni natta kai?
         This is true "Iai", did you learn anything?
vs. Ky: Nakanaka no hansamu booi daga, sono teido ja sekai de wa nibanme
        da na.
        You're a fairly handsome boy, but at that level you're only second
        in the world.
vs. May: Naande omaesan ga konna toko ni inno? Rusuchuu no fune wo
         What are you doing here? Didn't I leave the ship to you?
vs. Millia: Aa, ware "Jeriifisshu Kaizokudan" de wa zuiji, josei kuruu wo
            uketsukete iru. Sokontoko yoroshiku.
            Ah, we "Jellyfish Pirates" always welcome female crew. Cheers.
vs. Axl: Nn, gureito na riichi da! Ga, sono bougire ga ore ni todoku made
         10 kai wa battou dekirun da na.
         Hm, great reach! But, before that even reaches me I can draw my
         sword ten times.
vs. Potemkin: Mazu wa echiketto da... takitsubo no you na ase ga tobijiranai
              you ni uwagi wo kitekurenai ka.
              First is etiquette... could you wear a jacket or something so
              the sweat doesn't fly off you like a waterfall?
vs. Chipp: Supiido doukouto jiman suru no wa kamawan ga, sore wo shinoide
           shimau jiiniasu na ore wo douyatte tonaete kureru no ka na?
           I don't care if you're fast enough for yourself, but how should
           I call my genius which surpasses your speed?
vs. Eddie: Iai no shinzui to wa kokoro wo torae, sore wo inuku shingan
           no kyouchi. Mayakashi no kougeki de ore wo madowasu koto wa
           The essence of iai is taking one's heart and concentrate on 
           drawing in the mind's eye. You can't confuse me with distracting
vs. Baiken: Guramarasu na reidii ni wa soredake de ore no ude ni dakareru
            kenri ga aru. Saa!
            A glamorous lady already has the right to be embraced in my
            arms. Come!
vs. Faust: Ku, mou sukoshi de kominikeeshon ga toreru to omotta ga, sasuga
           ni denjarasu na kokoromi datta ka... 
           Hmm, I thoght that with just a little more I could communicate,
           but it turned out to be a dangerous experiment...
vs. Testament: Nanibito taritomo, kono ore kara onna wo toozakeru sonzai
               wa mitomenai.
               It doesn't matter who, but I won't recognize anyone who
               tries to keep me from a woman.
vs. Jam: Otoko wo sasou wa kiken na hiasobi, koketisshu na kosuchuumu ga
         kimi wo zainin ni shite iru no sa.
         Tempting men is playing with fire, that coquettish costume is
         making you a criminal.
vs. Anji: Ekisentorikku ni kimatta ze... kono ore no tensaiteki na
          warutsu tekunikku de tsukiattanda, kansha shite kure yo?
          We finished eccentricly... you kept up with my genius waltz
          technique, thank me, ok?
vs. Johnny: Ichiryuu no kanteishi ni mo miyaburenai imiteeshon ga aru to
            kiku ga... kono kisekiteki sekushiiforumu wo maneru to wa 
            mubou datta na.
            I hear there are imitations that fool even the best appraisers...
            but trying to imitate my miraculous sexy form was foolish.
vs. Venom: Senjou de doresuappu wa touzen no manaa da. Daga chirii tsu
           kaburanai yoyuu ga nakereba shin no mi dashi nami to wa ien na.
           Dressing up at a battlefield is common manners. But, if you
           don't have something to uncover, you can't show your true self.
vs. Dizzy: Daibu chikara wo seebu dekiru you ni natta you da na. Maa, sore
           wa sateoki da, banmeshi wa ore no bun mo youi shite choudai yo?
           It looks like you're able to control your strength a lot better.
           Well, that's that, make enough dinner for me too, okay?
vs. Slayer: Zenjinrui no hanbun ni hitsuyou to sareru oresama wa sukoburu
            bijii da. Yokyou no tsumori nara, tsugi wa kane wo toru ze?
            I am very busy since half of humanity needs me. If you want
            to make a side show I'll collect money next time, okay?
vs. I-No: Kadai wa ansanburu da. Sono ki ga aru nara ore ga kurefu ni natte
          I am making an ensemble. If you care to join I will be your clef.
vs. Zappa: Kanashimanaide kure redii. Sa, sono namida wo... fuenee! Yoshi,
           jaa, oresama no mune no naka de suki na dake... dakenee!
           Please don't be sad, lady. Here, let me wipe away your tears...
           I can't! Okay, then let me hold you tight.... I can't!
vs. Bridget: Naze ka oresama wa hijou ni fuyukai da. Fuseki no tsumori nan 
             darou ga, jibun kara buki wo hanashite kateru hodo, iai wa
             amaku nai ze.
             For some reason I'm not pleased. You must be trying to prepare,
             but if you want to release your weapon to win, iai is not
             to be underestimated.

Psych Burst
Psych Burst Counter
Air Recovery 

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: I am absolute. The first, perfect Gear.
vs. Ky: So this is the Holy Order, the very essence of human good... 
        How pitiful.
vs. Axl: I can sense the aberrant potential in your body... What is an 
         one like you doing here?
vs. Anji: Another Japanese... It looks like they haven’t all died out yet, 
          after all.
vs. Baiken: Slaughter brings about hatred, and hatred brings about slaughter. 
            It takes a sinful being to turn that cycle to one’s own side.
vs. Eddie: Go away. Those who are not human are not my enemy.
vs. Millia: You’ve strengthened your body with magic... Too bad you’ll 
            always be second class.
vs. Chipp: A high-speed approach to battle... I see there is something to be 
           learned from you.
vs. Venom: Did you expect to win without putting your life on the line?
vs. Potemkin: You cannot defeat me with raw power. Is your patriotism clouding 
              your judgement?
vs. Jam: So you’ve mastered "ki"... There’s still not enough power behind 
         your attacks.
vs. Faust: This being is not in my data... You are a precious sample. I must
           analyze it from the molecular level.
vs. Johnny: So this is what they call “divine speed.” The idiocy of humans 
            never fails to make me laugh.
vs. Bridget: I’m not crushing you... I’m crushing the future that lies before 
             you. The human race must multiply no further.
vs. Slayer: Step aside, nightwalker. This battle is between us and the humans.
            You outsiders have no business here.
vs. May: Pathetic Japanese... It disgusts me to think that there are still
vs. Testament: What an interesting sample defect. How can a Gear who can 
               think for himself justify this resistance?
vs. I-No: A causal interference body, huh... What does the future want of 
vs. Zappa: Gathering spirits and wielding them as weapons... An effective 
vs. Dizzy: Sleep now...
vs. Robo Ky: A non-organic magic power amplifier? What on earth are 
             they thinking...?
vs. Kliff: It’s finally time for this old soldier to fade away.
vs. Justice: An imitation doll? Humans do such useless things.

Psych Burst
Psych Burst Counter
Air Recovery 

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Well, what do you say to that? The experience of age has it's 
vs. Ky: You've improved...I see making you the leader was the right choice.
vs. Millia: You seem to be troubled somehow. Why don't you tell me it is what
            bothers you...?
vs. Eddie: Looks like your time is up. You have any regrets? If you do, I may 
           be able to help.
vs. Baiken: A mere woman cannot...Well never mind that. Let's just say your 
            soul is not evident in battle.
vs. Anji: Hmm...you're quite a spirited man, considering your slender size.
vs. Axl: Your clothes...your words. You're trying to seem younger than you 
vs. Venom: You've killed before...You will regret it.
vs. Potemkin: You can't overpower this old dog.
vs. Jam: You buffoon! Don't waste food like that!
vs. Faust: And I thought all young people today were a lost cause.
vs. Chipp: Your skills are unquestionable but you lack control. You must learn 
    to keep your excitement at bay during battle!
vs. Johnny: An iaido Swordsman, eh? That's an old style for a young'in like 
            you. Of course, it wasn't enough to beat me.
vs. Bridget: A mere child turning a toy into a weapon...And I thought Peace 
             had come to the land!
vs. Slayer: What is a Nightwalker doing here? Depending on how you respond, 
            you may not be leaving alive...
vs. May: I worry about your potential...But now is not the time for that. It 
         is time for you to leave here.
vs. Testament: You've grown to be a fine man...I have no further regrets.
vs. I-no: I appreaciate your shallow advances, but you're taking this a bit 
          too far, what are you really up to?
vs. Zappa: Quit flopping around like that and stand up straight. A true man 
           faces what's in front of him!
vs. Dizzy: So much power...but everyone in the world carries a weight 
           like that. It's nothing to be ashamed about.
vs. Robo-Ky: What, are they leaving the fighting to mechanical men now? The
             Holy Order isn't what it used to be...
vs. Justice: I'm sorry...I'm afraid there's no room in the coming years for 
             either of us.
vs. Kliff: I don't know where you got that sword...but I think it's a bit too 
           heavy for you! You'll break a hip weilding it!

 Ikimasu.: Here I come.
 Jinrai no yuen wo oshiemashou.: Let me teach you the way of lightning.
 Zenryoku de dekiru koto da.: I'll use all my power.
 Doushite mo tatakaimasu ka...: So it has to come to a fight...
 Ii shiai ni shimashou.: Let's make this a good fight.
 Kuchi de itte mo muda ka.: I guess you won't understand words, so...
 (vs. Sol) Karukunagaseru to omou na.: Don't think I'll go easy.
 (vs. Sol) Sukoshi tsukiatte morau zo.: Come along with me.
 (vs. Sol) Sakete wa tooren zo.: I won't let you get away.
 (vs. Jam) Naze watashi ga!: Why me!
 Ii shoubu deshita.: That was a good match.
 Yoku ganbarimashita ne.: You did your best.
 Kore ga Fuuraiken no chikara da.: This is the power of the Fuuraiken.
 Konkai wa watashi no shoori desu ne.: It's my win this time.
 Mata, itsudemo oaite shimasu.: I'll be your opponent anytime.
 Jigoujitoku da na...: You reap what you sow...
 (vs. Sol) Naze... honki de tatakawanain da!: Why won't you fight seriously!
 (vs. Sol) Watashi de wa... fufuku na no ka!: Am I not enough!
 (vs. Sol) Ashirawareta mono da na.: I dealt with you.
 Koko made na no ka!: Is this the end!
 Makeru wake ni wa...: I didn't...
 Mi, mikirenai!: I can't avoid it!
 Ko, kokomade kite...: I, I got this far...
 Munen!: Regrettable...
 (vs. Sol) Ku, kuso!: D-dammit!
 (vs. Sol) Omae ni wa... katenai no ka...: Can't I win against you...
 (vs. Sol) Na... naze nan da...: Wh... why!
 Anata de wa muri da.: It's impossible for you.
 Sore demo senshi desu ka.: You call yourself a warrior?
 Watashi wo okorasenaide kudasai.: Don't make me angry.
 Janen wo sutenasai.: Throw away your evil feelings.
 Kata ga amai desu ne.: Your form is underdeveloped.
 Itsumade sou shite iru tsumori desu ka?: How long are you planning to do
 Subarashii waza desu.: Wonderful technique.
 Marude kamiwaza da na.: Like a miracle.
 Kishin no gotoku ka...: Just like a demon god...
 Sasuga desu.: As expected.
 Keisatsukikou ni hairimasen ka?: Won't you join the police force?
 Ki ga nukenai na!: I can't let my attention slip from you!
 Nan te koto da!: How could this happen!
 Sakite wa torareta ka...: The front lines were taken...
 Me ga... kasumu...: My eyes... are misty...
 Ku...fukaku...: Failure...
 Ku, yudan shita!: Damn, I was careless!
Psych Burst
 Ima shika nai!: Only now!
Psych Burst Counter
 Sasmasen!: I won't let you do that!
Air Recovery
 Kikimasen!: That won't work!
 Nante iryoku da...: Such power
 Shitsurei!: Sorry!
 Suki ari!: Vulnerable!
 Osoi!: Too slow!
 Yudan shimashita ne...: You were careless..
 Ikimasu yo.: Here I come.
 Iku zo!: Here I come!

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Sonna me wo suru kara... watashi wa shouri shita ki ni narenain da.
         Because you have those eyes... I can't feel that I've won.
vs. Ky: Kanshoku wo yosootte akuji demo hataraku tsumori ka? Zannnen daga,
        watashi no buka ni gisei wo mimagiu mono nado oki wa shinai.
        Trying to commit evil deeds dressed like an officer of the state?
        Unfortunately, none of my subordinates would be fooled by imitations.
vs. May: Sa, bussou na basho na no de deguchi made okurishimasu yo.
         Now, this is a dangerous place so let me show you the exit.
vs. Millia: So, sonna tekagen da nante! Tashika ni zenryoku de wa arimasen
            ga... otoko de areba touzen no tegokoro.
            To hold back that much! It's true that wasn't full strength...
            if you were a man that would be a natural consideration...
vs. Axl: Shouhai ga dou are, egao de te wo toriaeru. Anata to wa itsu made
         mo sou iu kankei de aritai.
         Even in battle, grasping a smile with one's hands. I wish you will
         always be like that.
vs. Potemkin: Anata ga sono kase wo hazushite itara shouhai wa wakarimasen
              deshita. Otagai ni kougi no shito to shite ganbarimashou!
              If you had been unshackled I wouldn't have fought you. Let
              us try our best as agents of our governments!
vs. Chipp: Kore hodo no sabayasa hokoru hito wa katsute mita koto ga
           arimasen. Me ga nareru made daibun jikan ga kakarimashita yo.
           I have never seen anyone who could boast as much speed as you.
           It took me awhile for my eyes to adjust.
vs. Eddie: Toushin wo kasanereba izure mizukara ni koukai suru toki ga kuru.
           Kui aratameru koto da na.
           If you pile up your sins one day you will regret it. Repent now.
vs. Baiken: Mita koto mo nai kenwaza daga, nante kansei sareta suki no musa
            de... kanpuku itashimashita.
            A sword style I have never seen before, and one without any
            weakness... I am most impressed.
vs. Faust: Kono kiteretsu na waza no suusuu... mae ni... doko ka de oaishita
           koto ga arimashita ka?
           This very strange style... somewhere... have we met before?
vs. Testament: Isshun de mo ki wo nukeba, shikaku kara renzakukougeki wo
               kawashi kirenai. Osoroshii aite datta...
               If one loses a concentration for even a moment, there come
               a quick multitude of unavoidable attacks. Truly a
               fearsome opponent...
vs. Jam: Ano... sono, amari ashi wa takaku agenai hou ga ii ka to... me no
         yariba ni komaru no da, sono... sumimasen!
         Um, uh, it's better not to raise your leg too high... my eyes are
         um, uh... sorry!
vs. Anji: Nante shinayaka na karada sabaki da, asoko de migitte inakereba
          Such a flexible movement style, if I hadn't predicted these
          attacks I would now...
vs. Johnny: Gikyou no yuu wo ie domo tsumi wa tsumi, kore hodo no chikara
            ga oari nara seidou ni tsukau beki desu!
            Even if you say you are a chivalrous gentleman a crime is a
            crime, this kind of strength should be used for the right path!
vs. Venom: Ryoushin to wa, oka shita tsumi wo kui, aratameru koto ni koso 
           shin'i ga aru. Uamashii to omou kigai ga aru no naraba, anata wo
           mukaete kureru hito wa hoka ni mo iru no desu yo?
           Having a conscience is regretting one's deeds and giving true
           meaning to correcting them. If you truly have a strong spirit,
           there are others who will welcome you.
vs. Dizzy: Daibu jisei ga kiku you ni natta you desu ne, yokatta. Shippo
           to tsubasa mo umaku kakuseru you ni nareba mondai nai no desu
           It seems you've become able to control yourself, wonderful.
           If you can just hide your tail and wings well there won't be
           any problems...
vs. Slayer: Toku wo sonaeru mono naraba... a, wa, warai nagara satte iku...
            watashi wa katta no darou ka...
            If you possess virtue, then... hey, walking away while
            laughing... did I really win?
vs. I-No: Anata no me kara wo ryoushin ga kanjirarenai. Josei de atte mo,
          yudan wa dekinakatta.
          I don't sense a conscience in your eyes. Even if you're a woman,
          I couldn't get careless...
vs. Zappa: Ate suiryou nano wa wakatte imasu! Shikashi koushou wa iranai
           deshou. Doko de kusuri wo kattan desu ka? Kore wa anata no tame
           de mo aru no desu yo!
           I know it's a guess! But I don't need authorization. Where did
           you buy those drugs? This if for your own good you know!
vs. Bridget: Sono senjaku na ude kara nashieru waza nomi de, goujuu
             wo fuseru to wa, odorokubeki shuugouchikara desu. Shikashi,
             kokou ni mi wo okumono no anzen wo mikiwameru no wa, watashi
             no ginmu de mo aru no desu.
             You can produce a surprising strength from the techniques
             you perform with those frail arms. However, assuring the
             safety of those in danger is also my duty.

Move Names
Iruka-san Yoko: Dolphin Horizontal
Iruka-san Tate: Dolphin Vertical
Houkoutenkan: Change of Course
Hakushu de Mukaete Kudasai: Please give them a round of applause.
Kyuukyoku no Dadakko: Ultimate Spoiled Child
Chouzetsu Monzetsu Kirimomi Daisenpuu: Superior Fainting Tailspin 
Deluxe Gosho Kawara Bomber: Deluxe Five River Delta Bomber
May to Yukai na Nakamontachi: May and Her Pleasant Friends

 Taishita koto nasasou da ne.: This doesn't look like it'll be a problem.
 Kodomo da to omowanai hou ga ii yo.: Better not think I'm just a kid...
 Naite mo shiranai yo!: Not my fault if you cry!
 Ikku yo!: Here I come!
 Johnny... ganbaru kara ne!: Johnny... I'll do my best!
 Makenai yo!: I'm not going to lose!
 (vs. Johnny) May no fusenshou!: May's easy win!
 (vs. Johnny) ...tte no wa dou?: ...how about it?
 (vs. Johnny) Ii mon, Johnny shokujinuki!: Johnny skipped dinner...
 Hehe! May no kachi na no da!: Hehe! This is May's win!
 Ehehe! Yoyuu da ne!: Ehehe! Too easy!
 Ahahaha! Minna, katta yo!: Ahahaha! Everyone, I won!
 Ahahaha! Yabou ni ippou zenshin: Ahahaha! One step closer to my goal!
 Ahahaha! Yatta ne!: Ahahaha! I did it!
 Gomen ne, minna!: Sorry, everyone!
 Gomen ne, Johnny!: Sorry, Johnny!
 Mou sukoshi na no ni...: Just a little bit more...
 Tsuyosugi da yo...: Too strong...
 (vs. Johnny): Johnny no baka!: Johnny, you idiot!
 (vs. Johnny): Johnny no tako!: Johnny, you octopus!
 (vs. Johnny): Johnny no kechi!: Johnny, no fair!
 Naanda yowachii ya.: So weak.
 Onna no ko ni teageru ki kai?: Trying to hurt a little girl?
 Honki dashi na yo!: Get serious!
 Yowaki nattan ja nai?: Haven't you gotten weaker?
 Motto abaretai no ni...: I wanted to let myself go...
 Sugoi ne, kara hodo ja nai kedo.: Amazing, though not as good as he is...
 Minaoshita yo!: I've changed my opinion of you.
 Kuchi dake ja nain da ne.: You're not just all talk.
 May, makechau ka mo?: May might lose?
 Yappari... tsuyoi na...: Strong after all...
 Sonna!: No!
 Gomen ne Johnny!: Sorry Johnny!
 Ohoshisama ga tonderuu...: The stars are flying...
 Kurakura suru...: Everything's spinning...
 Chotto tanna...: Hey, wait...
 Tanma, tanma!: Mercy!
Psych Burst
 Tobashiteku yo!: I'll send you flying!
Psych Burst Counter
 Moo! Urusai!: Geez! Shut up!
Air Recovery
 Abunakatta na...: So dangerous...
 10 ten manten!: Ten points, full points!
 Baai baai!: Bye bye!
 Jaa mata yo!: See you later!
 Tondecchae!: Fly away!
 Hoshi wo miteki na...: Go see the stars.
 Mei rariato!: May lariat!

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Aite ga dare datte, koi suru otome ni wa kanawanain dakara!
         No matter who the opponent, it doesn't matter to a girl in love!
vs. Ky: Ii otoko... demo madamada aoi wa! Nenki ga tarinai mono.
        A good man... but still too young! Not enough maturity.
vs. May: Bo, boku no mane shite Johnny ni chikazukou tta tte sou wa ikanain
         dakara! Zenzen furimuite kurenain dakara! U... mijime.
         Even if you try to look like me to get close to Johnny it won't
         work! He won't even glance at you! U... how miserable...
vs. Millia: Urayamashii na, kamigata ga omoi no mama nan desho?
            How nice, your hairstyle is how you want it, right?
vs. Axl: Sou, sono maai ga nigate na no. Johnny to ataru mae ni... ne, 
         mou ikkai dake tsukiatte kureru?
         Yeah, I don't like the wait. Until I meet Johnny... hey, want
         to go again?
vs. Potemkin: Ki wo otoshicha dame da yo! Yo no naka ni wa maccho ga suki
              na onna mo iru mitai dakara.
              You can't lose hope! There are a lot of women in this world
              who like the macho type.
vs. Chipp: Nanka sugoku hayakute yoku wakannakatta kedo, yararen no mo
           hayakatta naa, kono hito.
           He was really fast or something, but beating him up was fast
vs. Eddie: (Kurai... nanka shinmiri shichatteru yo...) Ano, bo, boku
           saku wo isogu kara...
           (Dark... it feels so solemn...) Um, I'm going to go first...
vs. Baiken (U... mune okkii...) Jo, Johnny wa oshitoyaka na no ga
           suki nan dakara!
           (U... big breasts...) Jo-Johnny likes the graceful type, ok!
vs. Faust: Nanka samuki ga suru no... anata, hage ne hage nano ne?
           I feel cold for some reason... you, you're bald, aren't you!
vs. Testament: Bikei no kuse ni tafu nan da mon, tsukarechatta.
               You were pretty tough for looking pretty, I'm tired.
vs. Jam: (Uwa, kirei na ashi...) Johnny wa, hashitanai onna ga
          kirai na no yo!
         (Wow, pretty legs...) Johnny doesn't like vulgar women, okay!
vs. Anji: Tatakatten no ni megane nanka tsuketetara abunai yo! Johnny
          nara kanzen muketsu dakara ii kedo...
          Wearing glasses while fighting is dangerous! Johnny's perfect
          so that's different...
vs. Johnny: Gomen ne, Johnny. Demo koremo zenbu futari no ai no tame na no
            Sorry, Johnny. But this, too, is for our love!
vs. Venom: Haetenai yori wa iikedo... kami no ke jamakusaku nai?
           Better than not growing at all, but... isn't that hair a bother?
vs. Dizzy: Kore mo kuruu to shite no shugyou nanda yo! Okaimono ni wa
           donna konnan ga matteru ka wakarain dakara.
           This is training for the crew too! You never now how difficult
           shopping might get.
vs. Slayer: Da, dandii... ha! Jo, Johnny no hou ga dandii nan dakara!
            Da-dandy... ha! Jo-Johnny is more dandy!
vs. I-No: Anta mitai na toshima ni nabiku hodo Johnny wa shumi waruku nai
          mon da!
          Johnny isn't interested in middle-aged women like you!
vs. Zappa: A! Uun, nandemo nai yo. Ka, karada yawarakai ne. Eto,
           arukeru? Uu... waratteru...
           A! Um, nothing. Your body is, uh, soft. Um, can you walk?
           Uu.. he's laughing...
vs. Bridget: Nee, boku, asobi de otona wo karakau mon ja nai yo!
             Hey, I'm not somebody to tease when playing!

Move Names
Kousoku Rakka: Sudden Descent
Zenten: Forward Roll

 Koroshi wa shinai...: I won't kill you...
 Itaku shinai kara...: It won't hurt a bit...
 Nigete mo ii no yo?: I don't care if you run.
 Anata ni tsukamaerareru?: Can you catch me?
 Chikamichi wa nasasou ne.: Guess there's no shortcut.
 Mabataki suru hima mo agenai.: You won't have time to fool around.
 (vs. Eddie): Kisama ga... kataki: You're... revenge!
 (vs. Eddie): Mou soko ni wa inai no ne...: You're no longer there, are you.
 (vs. Eddie): Kakera mo nokosenai!: I won't even leave a shell!
 (vs. Slayer): Yokei na kizukai yo.: I don't need your pity.
 Yowai...: Weak.
 Suki ga oosugiru.: You recover too slowly.
 Bootoshiteru kara.: You weren't paying attention.
 Nakanaka yokatta wa... anata.: You weren't too bad.
 Oyasuminasai.: Good night.
 Nattoku ikanasou ne.: Looks like you understand now.
 Taikutsu na tatakai...: Such a boring fight.
 Sayonara...: Goodbye...
 Kuyashii?: Angry?
 (vs. Eddie): Kore de, Millia mo shinda wa.: Now, Millia is dead too.
 Amakatta...: I went too easy...
 Miren ne...: Too bad...
 Watashi wa...: I'm...
 Koko made ne...: This is it...
 Owatta...: It's over...
 Baka na hito ne...: Such a fool...
 Tsumaranai ne.: So boring...
 Sore, senpou no tsumori?: You call that fighting?
 Kinasai...: Come on.
 Kowai no?: Are you scared?
 Anata, heta ne.: You're pretty bad.
 Anata sugoi yo ne.: Pretty amazing.
 Tanoshii hito ne.: Such an interesting person.
 Kawaii hito ne.: Such a cute person.
 Taikutsu sezu ni sumisou ne.: This won't get boring...
 Tsuyoi no ne.: So strong...
 Amaku miteta wa...: I underestimated you...
 Dame...: No...
 Soko wa...: There is...!
 Shimatta!: Damn!
 Mazui...: Not good...
 Masaka!: Impossible!
Psych Burst
 Kime ni iku wa yo.: Let's end this.
Psych Burst Counter
 Tsume ga amai...: Your skills are weak.
Air Recovery
 Dekiru!: Not bad!
 Koko yo...: I'm over here...
 Gomennasai...: Sorry...

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Shio wo okutta tsumori? Ma, kocchi mo ato ga nai kara konkai
         wa kansah suru wa...
         Trying to get away cleanly? Well, I don't have a trace either so
         I'll thank you.
vs. Ky: Otoko no kuse ni to wa iwanai kedo... Anata, sukoshi kinchoukan
        ga tarinain ja nai no?
        I won't say "for a man" but... aren't you a little under-excited?
vs. May: Hontou ni yodomi no nai mezashi ne... anata ni wa sono shiawase
         wo wasurete hoshiku nai wa.
         A true glance without guile... I don't want you to forget your
vs. Millia: Watashi ga kono chikara wo te ni ireru tame ni nani wo shita
            ka shitteru? Niwaka ni mane dekiru to wa omowanai koto ne.
            Do you know what I had to do to obtain this power? It's not
            something that can be lightly imitated.
vs. Axl: Iyarashii me de watashi wo miru na.
         Don't look at me with dirty glances.
vs. Potemkin: Katai yo ne...
              How hard...
vs. Chipp: Hayai no ne...
           How fast...
vs. Eddie: Nani wo waratte iru... naze sonna ni odayaka na no? Odoero!
           Inochi koi wo shiro! Kore ijou watashi wo kakimidasu na!
           Why are you laughing... why are you so calm? Be afraid! Beg
           for your life! Don't bother me any longer!
vs. Baiken: Kanjou ga mae ni desugite iru. Sunbun no suki mo minogasanai
            reiseisa ga nakereba, watashi no ugoki wo torareu koto wa
            Your emotions are showing too much. If you don't have the
            calmness that doesn't show any weakness, you won't be able
            to catch me.
vs. Faust: Nagusameru wake ja nai kedo, ningen wa yarinaosu koto ga dekiru
           rashii kara...
           I'm not making fun of you, but humans can redo their mistakes...
vs. Testament: Ugokanai hou ga ii... sono mama otonashiku shite ireba raku
               ni shineru wa.
               It's best not to move... if you just stay like that you'll
               die easily.
vs. Jam: Koreshiki no ketsumatsu de tachikirete shimau yume naraba,
         akirameru koto ne.
         If your dream is cut off by this, then give up.
vs. Anji: Akireta makezu kirai ne. Souiu me wo suru yatsu wa kirai ja nai.
          To not lose surprisingly, I don't like. It's not that I don't
          like your attitude.
vs. Johnny: Yoyuu aru kao ne. Iyami na otoko...
            A composed face... such a gaudy man...
vs. Venom: Omae, tashika yatsu no sokkin datta na. Warui ga yatsu wa
           "zetsu". Uramitakereba urame.
           You're his associate... sorry, but he is "despair". If you
           want to hold a grudge, hold a grudge.
vs. Dizzy: Tatakai nareshite nakute yokatta. Detarame ni kyouryoku
           na potensharu wo motte iru you ne.
           It's good that you aren't used to battle. You seem to hold
           a random potential for strength.
vs. Slayer: Awaremu na, watashi ga eranda koto da. Kuiru mae ni yaru koto
            mo aru!
            Don't pity me, this is what I've chosen. Before I regret it
            I must do something!
vs. I-No: Iru no yo ne... kuchi wa umai katsu ni, heta na hito tte.
          It's true... those good at speaking are sometimes bad people.
vs. Zappa: Otoko un ga warui to wa yoku iwareru kedo. Hen ne...
           mitsumerareru to me ga awaserarenai.
           It's said I have bad luck with men, but... How strange...
           even if I stare I can't meet your eyes.
vs. Bridget: Abunai... sore, kodomo no omocha ja nasasou ne.
             Dangerous... that's not just a kid's toy, is it.

 Daa! Osokunatta na.: Daa! Guess I'm late.
 Uooo! Ikinobiru koto wo kangaero.: Uooo! Why don't you think about surviving.
 Kakugo wa dekita ka? Ikuzo!: You ready? Let's go!
 Saizen wo tsukusu koto da.: Let's finish this well.
 Ginmu wo suikou suru.: I will perform my duty.
 Inochi wo kakete kakatte koi!: Put up your life and come on!
 (vs. Slayer) Daitooryou kara hanashi wa kiiteiru, shoojiki, tanoshimi
   de shouganai.: I've heard about you from the President... honestly, I'll
   enjoy this.
 Junchou ni susunde iru.: Making good progress.
 Mondai wa nai.: No problems.
 Mite no toori da.: As you've seen.
 Jitto shitero.: Stay down.
 Tateba kizu ga aku zo.: Stand up and your wounds will get worse.
 Shibaraku wa ugoken darou.: You won't be moving for awhile.
 Ginmu shippai.: Mission failed.
 Sumanu... daitooryou!: Sorry... President!
 Futei no yakara ni!: By an unpure...!
 Migoto!: Well done!
 Yasuyasu to wa iku ka!: Went too easy!
 Fukaku: I've failed!
 Hikyoumono me!: Damn coward!
 Misokonatta zo!: You've made a mistake!
 Tachisarei!: Stand up and go home!
 Hokori wa nai no ka?: Don't you have any pride?
 Hazukasarashime ga!: An embarrassment!
 Tegotae no nai.: Unresponsive.
 Tegowai na...: Pretty strong...
 Ii ude da.: Good skills.
 Sou konakute wa!: It won't come to that!
 Makoto no senshi yo...: A true warrior...
 Datsubou sasurareru...: I salute you.
 Kanpuku shita.: I admire you.
 Wa, watashi wa chigau zo!: I-I'm not like that!
 Ba, baransu ga!: My balance!
Psych Burst
 Oora gekishin!: My aura trembles!
Psych Burst Counter
 Sasoi ni kakatta na!: You asked for it!
Air Recovery
Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Aikoku no seishin ga watashi wo sasete iru no da, mamoru mono
         ga nai mono ni wa make wa sen!
         I am supported by the love of my country, those who have nothing
         to protect cannot beat me!
vs. Ky: Kitan suru koto wa nai. Saisen no moushi denaraba itsu demo
        uketsukete iru.
        I will not hold back. If you wish a rematch I will always accept.
vs. May: Maboroshi no chinjuu wo miru you na me de mitsumeru na...
         Don't stare at me like some mythical animal...
vs. Millia: Rittaiteki na sentou ni wa funare de na, umaku kagen ga
            tsukamenakatta ga... kega wa nai ka?
            I'm not used to solid combat, I can't hold back appropriately...
            are you hurt?
vs. Axl: Tashika ni nagai! Ga, komakai no da. Sono teido no kougeki de ore 
         no shinkou wo tomeru koto wa dekin.
         Truly it's long! But, it's thin. With that level of attack you
         have no hope of stopping my attacks.
vs. Potemkin: Ore wo damaru to wa oroka na yatsu yo. Kono yo ni futatsu to
              arienu mono no miwake mo tsukan to wa na.
              You are foolish to try and deceive me. There is no distinction
              between two things of which only one should exist.
vs. Chipp: Futoufukutsu no seishin wa migoto to ieyou ga, hikigiwa wo
           wakimaenu mono wa migurushii dake da.
           I want to say I commend your unbending spirit, but those who
           don't know when to pull back are an annoyance.
vs. Eddie: Modore! Sono hokorinaki shuutai, mire ni koraen.
           Go! I can't stand looking at shameful, prideless behavior.
vs. Baiken: Inochi no yaritori wo shiru mezashi, sono kokorogake wa onna
            dakara ni senshi yo!
            A glance that knows the taking of lives, that kind of heart
            makes this woman a true warrior!
vs. Faust: Nani habakaru koto nai senjutsu! Hone no oreru shouri datta...
           Such a nonthreatening attack style! That was a close victory...
vs. Testament: Ayashige na waza wo tsukau you daga, onore ga tamashi wo
               motanu mono no kougeki nado soku ni natta tokoro de ore no
               teki de wa nai.
               You may use arcane techniques, but if you attack without 
               a soul you don't stand a chance against me.
vs. Jam: Haki wo kometaru ken koso ken'ono ni masaru to shinjite ha ita ga, 
         seishi ni oitewa danjo wo mo awanai to wa, masa ni tooyou no shinpi
         I had believed that a willfull fist was more powerful than any
         weapon, but seeing it put in action regardless of male or female...
         truly a mystery of the East.
vs. Anji: Dai no otona ga kono issen wo marude kenka no you ni tanoshinde ita
          to wa, mattaku kimochi no ii otoko da.
          Enjoying this battle as if it were a simple fight, such an
          agreeable man.
vs. Johnny: Ichigeki hicchuu no ken to ie do, aite wo shikomeru mae ni
            mudaguchi wa tatakanai koto da na.
            If you want to hit your enemy in one blinding flash, you
            shouldn't be talking up your opponent beforehand.
vs. Venom: Himatsumau gekiryuu to te koi no ikikata wo boogu koto wa
           dekinai. Omae no ryuugi ni tsukiau giri wa nakatta to iu koto da.
           The carp cannot protect against the raging, frothing rapids.
           In other words I had no need to go along with your style.
vs. Dizzy: Kyorei wo harau tsumori wa nai. Nakamon ga mitsukatta no nara tomo
           ni yuku ga ii.
           I do not mean to say useless formalities. If you have found
           companions go with them.
vs. Slayer: Tashika na gikou wa arou to mo, senkyoku wo sayuu suru no wa mune
            no uchi ni aru mono da. Ken wo majiwasu no nara shingeki wo
            You do have finesse, but those who rule the battlefield are
            those with something in their hearts. If you want to fight
            with me, bring your true attacks!
vs. I-No: Sunshi mo chinsen mo naku, zare ni karamu mono de wa nai. Konna
          tokoro ni mo fuugi wa aru mono da.
          This is not meant for sporting without thought or contemplation.
          This kind of place has customs as well.
vs. Zappa: Shinshin wo shoku suru hodo no hanarejyuu yo! Kakugo wa
           mitomeru ga, masa ni haichaku shita to ieyou.
           You who eclipse both mind and body! You certainly are prepared,
           but it came to a loss.
vs. Bridget: Makoto sawayaka ni shite kodawari no myougi yo! Mohaya chisetsu
             naru wo sashite kozara to wa yobenu na.
             A refreshing and troubling skill! That is no longer child's

(Robo Ky's quotes are the same as Ky's, only distorted)

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Begin self-check...burn damage on 70% of the body... I won! Halt!
         Where are you going!
vs. Ky: Because you have those eyes... I can't feel as if I have won...
vs. Axl: This armor has a melting point of 6000 degrees. Your fire doesn't
         even make it warm.      
vs. Anji: Your moves are illogical, and your unscientific weapons have no
          effect on me.
vs. Baiken: Metal sensors on! Hidden weapons do not work on me!
vs. Eddy: Is this the best they can do with biotechnology? Hardware will
          always win over wetware!
vs. Millia: Ho, trying to enhance yourself as a human with new parts. That
            won't improve your potential.
vs. Chipp: With these sensor eyes, anything under the speed of sound looks
           like its standing still.
vs. Venom: Use as many balls as you want. With my multiple body calculations,
           I can stop them easily.
vs. Potemkin: What's wrong? I'm over here. Aim a little better!
vs. Jam: Food? I have no need of an energy replacement like that.
vs. Faust: Medicine is useless to my well-constructed body. By replacing
           parts I can be invincible!
vs. Johnny: Even if I can't dodge your battou, I can always take a hit and
            counter. I can always get a new set of limbs!
vs. Bridget: Were you trying to confuse me with those low-level attacks?
vs. Slayer: Attack method unknown... analysis impossible. I won, so forget
vs. May: Small fries don't interest me. Go away.
vs. Testament: Using summons to multitask. However I have already analyzed
               it. You have lost!
vs. I-no: Supersonic wave attacks. Unusual method of attack, but with
          my analysis it is nothing my neutralizers cannot handle.
vs. Zappa: Vengeful spirit? Such an opponent is no match for me!
vs. Dizzy: Calculating magic potential... exceeds known limits! Overload!
           Overload! Danger! Danger! Danger!
vs. Kliff: Your parts are getting too old. Why don't you exchange them?
vs. Justice: Ho... I've stopped it for now. I had better call for
vs. Robo-Ky: Same type? When did you separate from our line of command?

Move Names
Chi wo Suu Uchuu: Bloodsucking Universe
Eien no Tsubasa: Eternal Wings
Chokkagata Dandy: Direct Hit Dandy

 Tatakai to iu mono wo gokyouju shiyou.: Let me teach you what fighting is.
 Ohatsu ni ome ni kakaru, soshite kore ga saigo da.: As soon as I see you,
   it's over.
 Shinpai shinakute mo ii, tekagen wa shiyou.: Don't worry, I'll go easy on
 Suman na, Sharon, zenza ga aru you da omataseshita.: Sorry, Sharon, but it
   looks like I have to take care of something.
 Aa, amari tsuma wo matasetakunai, isogasete morau yo.: Ah, I don't want to
   make my wife wait. Let's hurry.
 Fu, deeto no saichuu da to iu no ni, kimi mo busui da nee.: Hmph, in the
   middle of a date, too, you certainly are rude.
 (vs. Eddie) Ochita ka... oshii otoko wo nakushita.: So you've fallen...
   we've lost a good man.
 (vs. Potemkin) Watashi ni idomu nara mazu yatsu wo koete hoshii mono da.:
   If you want to provoke me you'd better be better than he is.
 (vs. Venom) Utsuwa de wa nai, asoko wa ikigurushii darou?: Not a vessel,
   suffocating, isn't it?
 (vs. Millia) Kimi wa Zato no... Zannen datta na.: You're Zato's... It was
   such a pity.
 (vs. Sol) Sasuga ni hima ni natte ne.: Since I had time on my hands...
 Takaku tsuita ga ii jugyou datta darou?: It was a bit expensive, but it was
   a nice lesson, huh?
 Kono ippuku yori jikan ga kakaran to wa ne.: To think you didn't even last
   as long as a puff on this pipe.
 Shoujiki, mou sukoshi dekiru to omottan daga ne.: Honestly, I thought you
   could do a little better.
 Aa, kamawan, tekitou ni kutsuroidete kuretamae.: Ah, I don't care, go ahead
   and relax.
 Hashitanai you daga oodoburu wa manzoku dekinakute ne.: Seems vulgar, but
   I can't be satisfied with just an hors d'oeuvre.
 Michikusa wo kutta ga nakanaka tanoshimeta yo.: I had to loiter a bit but
   I had fun.
 Maamaa da na.: That was pretty good.
 Taikutsu shinogi ni wa natta yo.: That was just killing time.
 Kimi no yowasa wa shitsurei da to omou da ga...: Your weakness is an insult to
 Motto koko mo tsukaetamae.: Why don't you use THIS more?
 Kamawan yo, tasuke wo yobitamae.: I don't care, go ahead and call for help.
 Piriodo wo utou ka.: This period is boring.
 Maku wo sagarosou.: The curtain's falling.
 Finaare to ikou.: Let's cut to the finale.
 Midokoro wa aru na, daibu sama ni nattekita yo.: You have promise, I'm
   interested in you.
 Ii zo, sono mama taikutsu sasende kure yo?: Great, keep me entertained, okay?
 Ganbaru ja nai ka, sono choushi de tanomu yo.: You're trying your best, keep
   it up.
 Sharon, kore ni wa wake ga!: Sharon, there's an explanation for this!
 Shi ni mo masaru kutsujoku: A humiliation worse than death!
 Nn, naisu na tegotai da.: An excellent attack.
 Nu, ii tokoro he, goho!: Nice... shot!
 Kora, tatakun ja nai.: Hey, no hitting!
 Hande wo yarisugi da.: I gave you too much of a handicap.
Psych Burst
 Seme te ni mawaru ka.: Let's go for offense.
Psych Burst Counter
 Hitoshi ga tarin yo.: One push isn't good enough.
Air Recovery
 Ima no wa nakanaka da.: That was pretty good there.
 Mou sukoshi fumikonda hou ga ii.: You should step in a little more.
 Oiuchi ga osoi yo.: Your followup is too slow.
 Shikkei.: Impertinent.
 Yosomi wa ikan yo?: Looking away won't get you anywhere.
 Tsuyome ni iku zo?: Let's try some power.
 Shoushou arakuiku zo.: I'll get a little rough...
 Suki ga medatsu na.: Your vulnerability is glaring.

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Sousha wo shinogu to iu no mo matohazure ka, aikawarazu no
         sentounouryaku da. Izure honki de yaritai mono da na.
         It's a mistake to say you can surpass a nobleman, but it
         was your usual fighting strength. One day I will want to fight
         you seriously.
vs. Ky: Kore wa junsui na shumi na no daga... naze kimi hodo no otoko ga,
        tsumi wo osoreru no ka ne?
        You have a pure desire, but... why is a man like you afraid of
vs. May: Slayer no tejaku onna ni kai hite utameru. Hoshi furu ya / 
         Koppamijin ni / Kujira tobu.
         I compose to commemorate meeting this girl. "The stars fall /
         Smashed into little pieces / A whale jumps".
vs. Millia: Kurameba seisoku ni satsuki wo kaikorosu. Daga kimi wa sou 
            arubeki ko na no da yo.
            How vain that murderous intent strangles life. But you seem
            as if you should be that way.
vs. Axl: Mubougyou ni miete mo tayasuku kai ni wa hairenu to iu wake ka.
         Kimi no shoseijutsu ka ne? N? Kora, hen na me de Sharon wo miru na!
         Even if you look defenseless it's hard to reach you. Your secret
         to life? Hm? Hey, don't look at Sharon that way!
vs. Potemkin: Chikara mo shinen mo, tatakai ni oite zettai no youso to wa
              narien yo. Ma, ano shi ni shite kono teishi to itta tokoro ka. 
              Neither strength nor focus are an absolute element of fighting.
              Well, from that master I expected nothing more from this pupil.
vs. Chipp: Tsugi no itte wo oshihakaru, kokorozashi motsu mono naraba ichigi
           to shite kokoro etamae. Chinpu na tsuchi ga tsuku zo?
           I conjecture, if you focus all your efforts on what you want your
           spirit suffers. You will achieve only cheapness.
vs. Eddie: Ishu taru kanashimi mo kodoku mo, shosen wa sakkaku ni suginu no
           da yo. "Aru" koto yori juuyou na mono wa nai.
           The sadness and solitude from being different are in the end
           merely an illusion. There is nothing more important than
vs. Baiken: Oo madomowazeru. Chi no umi ni tayutau nakigao no shoujo yo.
            Nanto, nanto ningenteki na ikiyou!
            Oh, mademoiselle. You who wade through an ocean of blood 
            crying. Such a human way of living!
vs. Faust: Jisetsu, kimi no you na mono ga derukara, jinrui wa omoshiroi.
           Arui wa warera no ganso mo, kimi no you na hito datta no ka mo
           shirenu na.
           It's because people like you appear from time to time that
           people are interesting. Perhaps our originator was somebody like
vs. Testament: Aseru koto wa nai. Ikiru imi nado, ato kara tsuite kuru mono
               No need to rush. The meaning of living is something that comes
vs. Jam: Shoujin suru koto da na. Sono senpou nara, arui wa watashi wo
         messuru koto ga dekiru ka mo shire nu.
         It's about focusing. Perhaps someday, your style of fighting may
         be able to destroy mine.
vs. Anji: Memai mashi wa yuui ni tatte koso, kouka wo hakki suru mono.
          Daga, somosomo kimi to watashi de wa ikimono toshite no kaku ga
          Superior in the face of dazzlement, that is what demonstrates
          effects. However, you and I have different reasons for living
vs. Johnny: Slayer no masurao ni kai hite utameru. Sangurasu / Shukuya
            souchaku / Jiko no moto.
            I compose to commemorate meeting this brave man. "Sunglasses /
            Always prepared / The essence of accidents".
vs. Venom: Ouji no awarenai "Shiroyukihime" ga attara dou omou ne? Zannen
           deshita to iu hanashi de kimi jishin wa nattoku dekiru no ka.
           What would you think if a prince didn't appear for a "Snow White"?
           It's a sad story, but can you accept it?
vs. Dizzy: Shikkei shita. Sekai no shouten wo, ichido kono me de mite
           okitakatta mono de ne.
           I was rude. I wanted to see once what the world was focused upon.
vs. Slayer: Kari ni kimi ga katta toshite, Sharon ga watashi wo machigau to
            demo omotta no ka ne? N? A! Sharon, nani wo sowasowa shite iru.
            Did you think that if you won over me, Sharon would mistake
            you for me? Hm? Ah! Sharon, what are you fidgeting about!
vs. I-No: Marude neko nadegoe no you na... naruhodo, sore ga "fudan no kimi"
          to iu wake ka.
          Sounds just like a stroked cat... I see, so that is the "real
vs. Zappa: Moushuu to temo, hito no kokoro no katachi de wa aru ka na.
           Mottomo, hanryo naraba shinchou ni erabu bekida, naa, Sharon?
           Speaking about a myth, how about the shape of the human heart?
           Besides, a person should be able to choose one's partner with
           consideration, right, Sharon?
vs. Bridget: Waza wa atte mo waza ga nai. Shigei tariereba, patoron ni
             nanori wo agetai tokoroda. N? Sharon! Kore wa tatoe, tatoe da!
             Just a technique doesn't make a performance. If you have
             the art, a patron will surely accept you. Hmm? Sharon! That
             was an example, just an example!

Move Names
Tatakiotoshi: Knockdown
Bukkirabou ni Nageru: Rough Throw

 Kakugo wa dekiten no ka?: Are you prepared?
 Uzatte...: Annoying...
 Hevi da ze.: Heavy.
 Dou natte mo shiran zo!: Whatever happens isn't my fault!
 Warui ga oshimai da!: Sorry, but it's over!
 Mendokusee...: Annoying...
 (vs. Slayer): Intai shitan ja nee no ka?: Didn't you retire?
 (vs. I-No): Shibaraku da naa.: It's been awhile.
 (vs. I-No): Yarou wa doko ni iru?: Where is he?
 (vs. I-No): Nigasanee ze.: I won't let him run away.
 (vs. Ky): Shaanee na.: Guess I don't have a choice.
 (vs. Ky): Mata omae ka...: You again...
 (vs. Ky): Gokurou na kotta.: Such trouble...
 (vs. Axl): Bochi bochi da na...: So-so...
 (vs. Axl): LP de juubun da.: The LP is fine.
 (vs. Axl): Damatte oite ke!: Shut up!
 Yareyare da ze.: Sheesh.
 Konna mon ka!: Is that all?
 Abayo.: See ya.
 Te no uchi wa oshimai ka.: That's it for your skill.
 Taikutsu saseyagaru...: Bore me...
 Mou owari ka?: Finished already?
 (vs. Ky) Nakigotoba wa kikanee zo.: I'm not listening to your crying.
 (vs. Ky) Maa, ganban yo.: Give up trying.
 (vs. Ky) Bouya dakara sa.: It's because you're a boy.
 Hevi da ze...: Heavy...
 Yareyare da ze...: Sheesh... 
 Nan no mane da, sorya?: What the hell is that?
 Mibae wo misero.: Show me your skill.
 Kakatte koi yo.: Come on and attack!
 Mezawari nan da yo.: You're an eyesore.
 Usero!: Get lost!
 Yaru ki nee no ka?: Don't feel like it anymore?
 Yaru ja nee ka.: Pretty good.
 Joudeki da.: Good performance.
 Mazumazu da na.: That's tolerable...
 Mazui darou!: This ain't good!
 Kusou!: Dammit!
 Kuso!: Dammit!
Psych Burst
 Ikki iku ze!: All at once now!
Psych Burst Counter
 Choushi ni noriyagatte...: Feeling high and mighty are you...
Air Recovery

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Yareyare da ze...
vs. Ky: Nanda, sono kao? Shinkikusai me de miten ja nee.
        What's with that face? Don't look at me all irritated.
vs. May: Sore nari no kakugo wa attan darou na?
         Were you this prepared?
vs. Millia: Tekagen mo kokora ga genkai da, mou ichido tatsu tsumori nara...
            kakugo wo kimerun da na.
            This is the limit to how I can hold up, if you stand up again...
            just be prepared.
vs. Axl: Warui ga tsukiatte raren.
         Sorry but I can't have you tag along.
vs. Potemkin: Nibuin da yo...
              You're dull...
vs. Chipp: Chitto wa damatte rannee no ka, temee wa.
           Can't you shut up for a second?
vs. Eddie: Nousho wa zonbun ni tareta ka? Jaa kutabare.
           You done making your calligraphy? Well, **** you.
vs. Baiken: Nan datte konna ni onna ga taiseii yagaru? Hebii da ze...
            Why does this one woman have such a presence? Heavy...
vs. Faust: Yarou...
vs. Testament: Temee mo taigai shitsukkeena... jiman no kao ga
               henkei suru mae ni hike.
               You sure are persistent... before you warp your face
               again go away.
vs. Jam: Nani wo hoketeyagaru, nagusame no kotoba de mo matten no ka? Hike.
         What are so surprised about? Waiting for sympathy? Go away.
vs. Anji: Atsukurushii yarou da na.
          Sweltering bastard...
vs. Johnny: Maji de yannee no ka? Kuenee yarou da na temee mo...
            Won't act seriously? Can't stand this bastard...
vs. Venom: Ore mo temee ni wa you ga ne, usero.
           I don't have a use for you either, get lost.
vs. Dizzy: Urochoro shiten ja nee...
           Don't loiter around...
vs. Slayer: Ima sara taikutsu datte ka, warawase yagaru.
            If you're still bored, I'll laugh.
vs. I-No: Nakanee nara nakasumade da.
          If you don't cry now I'll make you.
vs. Zappa: ... kimi warii na.
           You make me feel weird...
vs. Bridget: Komamori wa gomen da ze...
             I don't babysit...

Move Names

 Koko kara saki ni wa ikasenai.: You won't get any further than this.
 Madoromi ni oboreru ga ii.: Go ahead and doze off.
 Kamishimo wo nugu ki ni wa naren ka.: Not used to taking off your battle
 Watashi ni kateru to omou no ka?: You think you can win against me?
 Onore no rikiryou wo wakimaero.: Let me test your strength.
 Orochi ni fukube da na asamashii.: Pitiful like a serpent in the gourd.
 (vs. Dizzy) Shiawasesou de anshin shita zo.: Seeing you happy puts me at
 (vs. Dizzy) Sonna egao mo dekita no da na.: So you've been able to smile
   like that.
 (vs. Dizzy) Ii kazoku wo moteta na.: You've found a good family.
 (vs. Johnny) Kari ga dekita na.: I'm in your debt.
 (vs. Johnny) Ano ko wo tanonda zo.: I leave her to you.
 (vs. Johnny) Dizzy wa shiawase ka?: Is Dizzy happy?
 Tengai no chi to shirekakawaru na.: Don't involve yourself in what doesn't
   concern you.
 Tanomu, mou konaide kure.: Stop coming, alright?
 Kono mori wa yogosan.: You won't stain this forest.
 Mou... au koto wa nai darou.: I don't think we'll meet again.
 Ogotta na.: What a luxury.
 Myoutai na do nai ka mo shiren na.: There might be strange retreats...
 To... toosan...: F-father...
 Chikara ga... tarinai...: I don't... have enough power...
 Mada... hayai!: Not... yet!
 Baka na, kono chikara ga...: Impossible, this power...
 Kono mama de wa...: Like this...
 Genkai wo hikidase.: Try to the limit.
 Touki ga susuketeiru zo.: Your fighting spirit is stained.
 Motto yaru ga ii.: Try harder.
 Asamashii mane wo...: Such a pitiful manner...
 Enjaku ni hitoshii...: Just like a birdie...
 Muri wo sureba shi wo maneku zo.: Try to hard and you'll be asking for
 Naruhodo ude ga tatsu.: Your skill is impressive.
 Tamami ni shite wa yaru na.: Not bad for someone living.
 Chikara wo tsukawaneba naramai.: Guess I'll have to use my strength for
   this one.
 Tanoshimasete kureru.: This will be fun.
 Koeba kurushimi ga fuyasu dake da.: Resist and it will only hurt more.
 Numada chikara wo kakushite iru na.: Hiding your strength, are you.
 Nani!: What!
 Wa, watashi no himitsu ni chikazuku na!: Don't get close to my secret!
 Masaka...: Impossible...
 Kiiteru to iu no ka?: That worked?
 Ku, onore...: Damn you...
 Ku, yaru na!: Not bad...!
Psych Burst
 Tekagen wa shinai!: I won't hold back!
Psych Burst Counter
 Honki ni saseta na!: Now you made me get serious!
Air Recovery
 Itashikata nai.: No choice.
 Mada korinu ka.: Still punishment...
 Naze hiku koto ga dekinai?: Why can't you pull back?

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Kisama wo omou to kokoro ga kawaku! Kiete nakunare!
         When I think of you my heart dries up! Get lost!
vs. Ky: Kaeru ga ii... Kouken no deru baku de wa nai.
        Go home... this is not a place for civil rights.
vs. May: Kodomo to tekagen no dekiru shintai de wa nai, kaette kure.
         I'm not one who can hold back because of a child, please go
vs. Millia: Marude tamashi no kai da na... kokoro koko ni arazu de
            kateru to omotta no ka?
            Just like a soul's corpse... did you think you could win
            here without a heart?
vs. Axl: Mada wakaranai no ka? Somosomo butsuriteki ni watashi wo kesu
         koto nado dekinai to iu koto ga.
         Don't you understand? The fact that you cannot erase me
         by physical means...
vs. Potemkin: Bakemono atsukai sareru koto ni wa nareteiru. Kisama ni
              iwareru no wa shingai daga na.
              I am used to handling monsters. Regrettable that I
              can say that to you...
vs. Chipp: Sore dake no ashi ga aru no nara kaeri michi mo hayakarou...
           If you're that fast than hurry home... go away.
vs. Eddie: Masaka... mada nakamon ga ikinokotte ita to iu no ka?
           Impossible... some of my "companions" were still left?
vs. Baiken: Sou itta engon wo kurai tsuzukeru koto ga wareware no sei na
            no da...
            To continue over past regrets is our fate...
vs. Faust: Watashi mo mata "ikiru" koto to mukai atte iru. Makeru wake
           ni wa ikanai.
           I seek to "live" once again. I cannot lose.
vs. Testament: Oroka da na... seishin de shoukan wo ninau koto ga, dore dake
               fuka wo kaname suru no ka wakaranakatta no ka?
               Foolish... did you not know what kind of burden you would have
               to take to summon others?
vs. Jam: Fun, shoukin meate ka. Watashi mo kakerareta kingaku ni miau hataraki
         wo sen to na, kukuku!
         Hmph, a bounty hunter. I won't let you take the money put on my
         head, hahaha!
vs. Anji: Watashi wa, sonzai suru koto ni inochi wo kakeru mono no kabe da.
          Tan naru kyoumi de koerareru to omou na.
          I am one who obstructs those who seek to bet their life. I can't
          be beaten by simple interest.
vs. Johnny: Kirifuda ni watashi ni mikata shita you da, jookaa wo hiita no wa
            kisama no hou datta na.
            It seems the cards have allied with me, you're the one who drew
            the Joker.
vs. Venom: Igai na sentou sutairu datta yo, shikashi tamaasobi no jun wa dete
           inai ga na.
           It was an unexpected fighting style, however the essence of
           playing ball wasn't there.
vs. Dizzy: Ano touryou no shita naraba watashi mo anshin da. Mou koko he yori
           hitsuyou mo arumai.
           If you are under him then I am also at ease. There is no need
           to come here anymore.
vs. Slayer: Kore ga sennen wo etsu shita yami no chikara ka. Zuibun to,
            So this is the power of darkness of a thousand years. Still
            not enough.
vs. I-No: Chikai wo jisuru yaiba ni wa misakai ga nai. Shisho ni megumaretaku
          ba, koko ni wa chikazukanai koto da.
          A blade which holds an oath bears no distinction. If you wish a
          burial place stay away from here.
vs. Zappa: Watashi wa ichiyoku ni sura shinshin wo shitagaete iru no da.
           Zarei no kimi ni kachime wa nai.
           I am wholly a servant of my spirit. A miscellaneous spirit like
           you cannot win.
vs. Bridget: Watashi ga koto no hoka taikakusa ni kurou shita kara, sono
             teido no kega de sundeiru no da. Hayahaya ni tachimodotte kure.
             I am so different from others because of much pain, so just
             that amount of injury should suffice. Please leave quickly.

Move Names
Ball Seisei: Ball Creation 
Shunkan Idou: Instant Movement

 Bureeku da.: Time to break.
 Kimi ni you wa nai da ga...: I have no use for you, but...
 Soko wo doite kurenai ka...: Would you step aside?...
 Hajimeru ka.: So it begins.
 Katanarashi ni naru ka...: So I get to warm up...
 Yamuwoen ka...: So this is inevitable...
 (vs. Eddie) Gurou shite kureta na...: Now you're mocking us...
 (vs. Eddie) Tatoe mukuro dake demo...: Even if it's just a corpse...
 (vs. Eddie) Kaeshite morau zo!: I'll take it back!
 Geemu setto da...: Game set.
 9 booru getto da.: Got the 9-ball.
 Ichido no chooku de juubun datta na.: One choke was enough.
 Kore made ka!: So it ends here...!
 Fukaku!: I've failed!
 Watashi ga mijuku na bakari ni!: Am I so immature?!
 Koko ga hakaba ni naru to wa...: To think this will be my graveyard...
 Te mo ashi mo den to wa!: Giving up hand and foot...!
 Akirameru wake ni wa...: I can't give up...
 Watashi mo mairimasu...: Now I go...
 Kyuu nashi de mo?: Even with no cue?
 Marude aite ni naran na...: Not even a worthy opponent...
 Kimi wa taikutsu da.: You're boring.
 Youchi na waza da na.: Such childish technique.
 Sore ga kimi no senpou na no ka...: That's your fighting style?
 Ocha no jikan ni shitai no da ga...: I'd love to have tea, but...
 Kore hodo to wa...: If you're this good...
 Odoroita na.: You surprised me.
 Nami no ude de wa nai na.: Yours is no ordinary skill.
 Ano kata igai ni...!: Nobody other than that person...!
 Ku, kehai ga yomen!: Damn, I can't read your aura!
Psych Burst
 Muda na jikan wa habukou ka.: Let's cut down on this waste of time.
Psych Burst Counter
 Faaru wo okashita na.: You've committed a foul.
Air Recovery
 Kochira no ban da na.: Now it's my turn...
 Suman na.: Sorry.
 Yukuzo.: Here I go...

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Yoryoku ga aru no wa wakatte iru ga, mada tatakau tsumori nara
         kakugo shita hou ga ii. Ima no watashi ni suki wa nai zo.
         I know you have more strength, but if you plan to fight more
         be prepared. I have no vulnerability now.
vs. Ky: Kari ni mo senjin ni kamaeru tachiba tote, koushoku ni junzuru koto
        ga kimi no nozomi de wa arumai?
        Even if you are temporarily in the vanguard, don't you wish to die
        for your country?
vs. May: Hakumen wo niyamu koto wa nai.
         Don't regret your lack of experience.
vs. Millia: Ano kata wa kimi wo shitatte ita... Naze uragitta no da...
            He adored you... why did you betray him...
vs. Axl: Nagasa ni wa jishin ga attan daga, watashi no ue wo iku to wa na.
         You had confidence in your reach, but did you think it would beat
vs. Potemkin: Dareichi demo zettaiteki ni shinrai dekiru mono wa buki ni
              naru...ka. Gakubasete moratta yo.
              So anything one trusts completely can become a weapon... huh.
              I've learned from you.
vs. Chipp: Supiido wa kimi ni ichijichi no chou ga aru. Tokuwaza ni maishin
           sureba jakuten mo kabaa dekiru hazu da.
           You have superiority in speed. Now if you only pressed on with
           your special attacks you would cover your weaknesses.
vs. Eddie: Zato-sama, kanarazu otasuke itashimasu! Shikashi kore wa ne
           ga fukai...
           Zato-sama, I will definitely save you! But the roots of this
           are deep...
vs. Baiken: "Kiru" koto wo mokuteki to sureba, nihontou ni masaru buki wa
            nai hazu. Douyara sono katana wa koshi ga nobiteita you da na.
            If "killing" is your purpose, then there should be no weapon
            superior over the Japanese sword. It seems that katana was just
            decorating your waist.
vs. Faust: Soshiki no senzokui wa sekai demo yorisuguri no mono da, byou ni
           tachimukau yuuki ga aru no nara shoukai shiyou.
           The guild's doctor is one who is versed in the world, if you
           have the courage to face sickness let me introduce you to him.
vs. Testament: Kore hodo tairyou no houriki wo ichido ni houshutsu dekiru
               to wa... Kongenteki ni wareware to wa tsukuri ga chigaurashii.
               To be able to release this much spiritual strength at once...
               it seems that what you are made of is different from us.
vs. Jam: Soshiki ni mo sude wo tsukatta senshi wa iru ga, hakairyoku wo
         joushou saserareru mono wa mitakoto ga nai.
         There are those who fight with their bare hands in the guild,
         but I have never seen one who can raise their fighting power as
         you do.
vs. Anji: Kaishaku no shikata hitotsu de donna shudan mo kougeki ni korozuru,
          watashi no kenkyuukadai demo aru.
          How to evade any sort of attack, that happens to be my area of
vs. Johnny: Naze fumitodomatta no da? Asoko de furikitte ireba kimi ga katte 
            ita hazu da...
            Why did you hold back? If you had fought seriously you would've
vs. Venom: Watashi no mane wa kamawanga, tamashi wo shimareruzo. Tometa hou
           ga ii.
           I don't care if you imitate me, but my soul might be eclipsed.
           I had better stop you.
vs. Dizzy: Shinjigatai sentounouryoku da... Tayumanu saya ga aru no nara, 
           osamatte ita hou ga ii no ka mo shirenai na.
           Unbelievable battle strength... if you have a something to 
           sheathe that power, that may be the way to go.
vs. Slayer: Soshiki wa Zato-sama no mono da. Tatoe anata de mo yuzure wa
            The guild is Zato's. I won't give it up even to you.
vs. I-No: Doumou wo yosooimushi no hane wo mushiru ka, shikake ga wakareba
          kouryaku wa muzukashikunai.
          You may cloak yourself in darkness to pick at your enemy, 
          but if I understand your method attack is not difficult.
vs. Zappa: Aite wo ayamatta na. Nayami wo kau no wa kagyou no uchi da.
           Imasara enrei gotoki ni wa odorokanai.
           It was a mistake by my opponent. Sorrow is my business. I
           will not be surprised by a vengeful ghost.
vs. Bridget: Kimi no waza wa kanpeki datta ga, subete mieteita. Yooyoo
             de wa hissatsu ni ikki tarimu koto wo shiri, watashi wa ima no
             sutairu wo kakuritsu shita no dakara na.
             Your technique was perfect but I saw through it. It's is
             because I have perfected my technique that I know that a yoyo
             can be lethal.
Move Names
Konnichiwa Sanbiki no Mukade: Good morning, three centipedes.
Sono Mama Kaette Konaide Kudasai: Please don't come back.
Hachiue: Potted Plant
Itasou, tte Iu Ka Itai: Looks like it hurts... or rather, it hurts!
Ochitoite Kudasai: Please stay down.
Chikazuku to Yukimasu: Come closer and you'll die.
Inu Kougeki: Dog Attack
Umareru: I'm fading away...
Kowai Yo~: I'm scared!

 Faust-sensei wo mikakemasen deshita ka? Shuukaku nashi ka... Aaaaa!: 
   Have you seen Dr. Faust? I don't have a clue but... aaaa!
 Donata ka, donata ka tasukete kudasai tte itte mo na... haguoo!: Someone,
   someone please help me, I said... haguoo!
 Yabai, yabai tte! Kono mama dato... kitaaaa!: This is bad, this is bad...
   if this goes on... here it comes!
 (vs. Faust) Anata nara watashi no kurushimi gaa...: You might be able to
   ease my pain...
 (vs. Faust) Temijikai ni setsumei suru to desu ne... aaa...: To explain it
   quickly... aaa...
 (vs. Faust) Hayaku, ishi ga aru uchi ni...!: Hurry, while I still have my
 Nanja korya! Toriaizu kizetsu...: What is this! Well for now, faint...
 Mata mo fukuzatsu kossetsu da!: Another complicated bone fracture!
 Abosoborobierobuburo... mitana!: (gibberish) Did you see that!
 Ore no! Soshite! Akuma de ore no! Zetsubou...: Mine! And then! Perhaps
   mine! Despair...
 Kore wa! Ittai! Doushita! Mondesharo!: What! The heck! Is happening!
 Tattate kureru!: I'll curse you!
 Urameshii zo!: I'm bitter!
 Nani yue konna koto ni...!: What are you doing...!
 Oyasumi Zappa!: Good night Zappa!
 Nani ga nanda ka sappari da!: Somehow I feel great!
 Kanben shite kudasai.: Give me a break.
 Nigasanai wa yo...: I won't let you run away...
 Keshiki ga keshiki ga keshiki gaaaa...: The scenery, the scenery, the 
 Kono karada igokochi ii wa.: This body is comfortable.
 Karada wo kaesu tsumori wa nai.: We don't want to give this body back.
 Nanka, senaka ga muzugayui na.: My back itches for some reason...
 Kore ga saishin no chiryou?: Is this the latest medical treatment?
 Anta sore demo isha ka?: Are you really a doctor?
 Kodomo wa netoke!: Put the kids to sleep!
 Ore ga warui no ka?: Am I evil?
 Doushite konna me ni?: Why do you look at me like that...
 Mou suki ni shite.: Do what you want...
 Ko, koko wa ittai!: Wh-where is this!
Psych Burst
Psych Burst Counter
 Zu ni norun ja nai yo!: Don't push for too much!
Air Recovery
 Itaku mo kayuku mo nai!: It doesn't hurt or itch or anything!
 Onore!: Damn you!
 Dakara shinjau tte!: I said, I might die!

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Aa! Mata hito ga taoreteiru! Daijoubu desu ka? U... Rifujin ni
         sakki wo houshutsu shiteirassharu!
         Aa! Another person has collapsed! Are you okay? U... I feel
         an unreasonable thirst for blood...
vs. Ky: Mata karada ga... soko no keisatsu no hito, tasuketee! tte nani,
        okotterun desu? E? Taihou? Baka na!
        My body is... hey Mr. Policeman, help me! Huh, why are you angry?
        Huh? Arrest me? No way!
vs. May: Shoujo ga taoreteiru! Shikkari shi... e? Yoru na? Hee... ku... namida
         A girl has collapsed! Wake up... huh? Don't come any closer? Hee...
vs. Millia: "Haikei hahuesama, senjitsu, uruonda hitomi de ore wo mitsumeru
            josei ga michibashi de neteimashita. Ore wa koi wo shite shimatta 
            you desu." Shikashi, doko to naku sagesunda ita you ni mo...
            "Dearest mother, the other day, I found a women lying by the road
            who stared at me with moist eyes. I felt that I was in love..."
            But, I also felt that I was being ridiculed...
vs. Axl: Yatto futsuuppoi hito ni aeta to omotta no ni, kono hito mo neteru.
         Ha! Shikamo naiteiru. Sotto shitoite ageyou.
         I thought I had found a normal person, but he's sleeping too. And
         crying too. I'll just leave him alone...
vs. Potemkin: Gorira ga taoreteiru! Iya! Gorira yori dekai! Tasukeyou ni mo
              kowakute chikayoren!
              A gorilla is collapsed! No! Bigger than a gorilla! Even if I
              want to help I'm too scared to get close!
vs. Chipp: Kokko no hito! Kami ga masshiro dashi! Watashi ga neteru aida ni,
           iiitai, donna osoroshii me ni!
           This person! His hair is white! While I was sleeping, what could
           possibly have happened!
vs. Eddie: Moshimoshi, moshimoshi? Hii! Kono hito, ikishitenai yo! Nanka
           tsuchikeiro shiteru shi.
           Hello, hello? Aaah! This person isn't breathing! And he looks
           ashen too...
vs. Baiken: Do, doushitan desu ka? Kyuu ni katana to ka furimawashite,
            abunai tte! Sore kireru tte! A! Honki da! Okka ne!
            Wh-what's wrong? Swinging around your sword like that is 
            dangerous! You're going to hurt me! Ah! She's serious! No way!
vs. Faust: Aa, sensei! Baka na, sakki made genki ni tatte ita no ni! Dare ga
           konna hidoi koto wo!
           Aa, Doctor! No way, you were standing there healthy earlier!
           Who could do something this horrible!
vs. Testament: Houwa! Shinigami? Tsui ni omukae ga!... Shinigami made mo
               Whoa! Death? He's come for me!... Death is sleeping too...
vs. Jam: Sasayaka de... chiisai yume... atashi ni datte atta no ni... sore
         na no ni... ano hito wa... nikuiiii!
         Fresh... with dreams... I had them too... but even so... that
         person... hate!
vs. Anji: "Haikei hahuesama senjitsu araka ni hanzaisha to omowareru 
          roshutsugyou ga, ourai de nonbiri to neteorimashita. Toukai wa
          kowai tokoro desu."
          "Dearest mother, the other day, I saw a criminal-looking
          exhibitionist lying in the street. The city is a scary place..."
vs. Johnny: Urameshii... onna wo nakasu otoko... hitori nokorazu...
            norotte yaru...
            How hateful... a man who cries for women... without leaving
            a single one... I'll curse you...
vs. Venom: Mieru... mieru yo... anta no kata ni mo, senaka ni mo... bettari
           to nayami ga...
           I see... I see it... on your shoulders, your back... hate is
           clinging to you...
vs. Dizzy: "Haikei hahuesama senjitsu kureetaa no chuushin ni hane no 
           ueta shoujo ga tsuffushite orimashita. Yo no naka wa dounatte
           shimatta no deshou ka? Sore to mo kotoshi no harai ka nani ka
           deshou ka?"
           "Dearest mother, the other day I saw a young girl with wings
           stuffed into the center of a crater. What is the world coming 
           to? Or is it this year's fad?"
vs. Slayer: Hie! Hi, Hito ga sakasama ni neteru! ...tte, nanda, ore no kubi
            ga sakasama ni natteru no ka. Eeh?
            Aah! A person's sleeping upside down! ... huh, what the, 
            my neck is upside down. Eh?
vs. I-No: Ge, mata hen na houkou ni! Mi, mimi ga! Ude ga! Ashi ga! Kubi ga!
          Geh, another weird pose! Ears! Arms! Legs! Neck! ...neck?
vs. Zappa: Aa! Shinderu! Tte kore ore jan! Ore shinda? Ore shinda?!
           Aa! He's dead! But that's me! Am I dead? Am I dead?!
vs. Bridget: "Haikei hahuesama, senjitsu, juu ni sumau mori nide nejire
             taoreteita shouko wo kaihoushita tokoro, ii kanji datta no de 
             yomekouhou ni agetara otoko deshita. ... otoko deshita!"
             "Dearest mother, the other day I was taking care of a young
             girl in the forest where beasts live and I felt she would
             be a good bride, but when I lifted her up she was a man.
             ... a man!"


Story Mode
There is no Story Mode anymore in the Japanese version. I have been informed
that the Korean version has the old Story Mode intact, so please check my
Story Mode FAQ for GGXX on GameFAQs for help on that.

Survival Mode
Survival Mode is the key to unlocking many things within GGXX #Reload. Like 
most fighting games' survival modes, GGXX's will have you fight a random 
series of opponents. You will gain some health back after each victory but not
necessarily all of it. The difference lies in the Level system. It seems
that each action that would've given you points in the regular game
translates to Levels in Survival Mode, as combos or counter hits seem to be
the fastest way to gain levels. Also, you will usually gain a bonus if you
get a perfect or if you finish an opponent with an Overdrive. (However these
bonuses do not necessarily translate to an increase in Level, especially
in later Levels). 

As compared to GGXX, GGXX #Reload has a few changes. Daredevils appear once
every 20 levels now, not every 10. However, it's now MUCH easier to gain
levels (or so it seems). A Gamma Ray, for instance, now gives as many as
15 levels, and in the higher levels it still gives around 10 (as compared
to the 2 or so it gave before).

Level   Opponent                      Unlocks
020     EX/Shadow Faust               EX Faust
040     EX/Shadow Testament           EX Testament
060     EX/Shadow Johnny              EX Johnny
080     EX/Shadow May                 EX May
100     EX/Shadow Millia              EX Millia
120     EX/Shadow Slayer              EX Slayer
140     EX/Shadow Chipp               EX Chipp
160     EX/Shadow Ky                  EX Ky
180     EX/Shadow Anji                EX Anji
200     EX/Shadow Potemkin            EX Potemkin
220     EX/Shadow Jam                 EX Jam
240     EX/Shadow I-No                EX I-No
260     EX/Shadow Baiken              EX Baiken
280     EX/Shadow Eddie               EX Eddie
300     EX/Shadow Bridget             EX Bridget
320     EX/Shadow Venom               EX Venom
340     EX/Shadow Zappa               EX Zappa
360     EX/Shadow Axl                 EX Axl
380     EX/Shadow Dizzy               EX Dizzy
400     EX/Shadow Sol                 EX Sol
420     EX/Shadow Robo Ky             EX Robo Ky
440     Shadow Kliff                  Kliff
460     Shadow Justice                Justice
** From this point on regular opponents will also be Shadow/EX. Robo Ky, Kliff,
   and Justice will also appear.
480     Gold Chipp                    SP Chipp
500     Gold Baiken                   SP Baiken
520     Gold Ky                       SP Ky
540     Gold May                      SP May
560     Gold Potemkin                 SP Potemkin
580     Gold Slayer                   SP Slayer
600     Gold Jam                      SP Jam
620     Gold Anji                     SP Anji
640     Gold Zappa                    SP Zappa
660     Gold Eddie                    SP Eddie
680     Gold Testament                SP Testament
700     Gold Venom                    SP Venom
720     Gold Faust                    SP Faust
740     Gold Johnny                   SP Johnny
760     Gold Axl                      SP Axl
780     Gold Millia                   SP Millia
800     Gold Bridget                  SP Bridget
820     Gold Dizzy                    SP Dizzy
840     Gold I-No                     SP I-No
860     Gold Kliff                    SP Kliff
880     Gold Robo Ky                  SP Robo Ky
900     Gold Justice                  SP Justice
920     Gold Sol                      SP Sol
** From Level 920 onwards regular opponents will also be Gold.
940     None                          --
960     None                          --
980     None                          --
999     Super Gold Sol                --
*Super Gold Sol possesses a superpowered Gunflame, more powerful even then
Dragon Install Gunflame. Beating Super Gold Sol ends Survival Mode.

M.O.M. Mode
This mode works basically as a combination of Medal and Survival modes from 
GGX; the more hits you inflict on your opponent, the more a "medal gauge" on 
the screen fills up. You gain points by collecting medals and filling up the 
medal gauge, which will let you gain more high scoring medals. Once you 
defeat 20 opponents, the mode is over. You do not gain health back between 
rounds, but every set number of points a life item will pop out which will 
restore a small amount of health (5-25%) if you pick it up.

Mission Mode
#Reload has 50 added missions now for a grand total of 100. Missions
number 51-100 are similar to the original ones from GGXX, but some have
had their conditions changed to make them harder. (More help on Missions
coming soon.)

Voice Select
You can control to an extent which set of quotes your character will use
during the fight. While the fight is loading (after the Vs. screen, but
before the actual background pops up) hold down P, K, or S. 
I don't have which buttons correspond to which quotes for a character,
so experiment.

Win Pose Select
As soon as "Slash" or "Destroyed" appears, hold down P, K, or S. Not all
characters have three win poses so not all of these buttons will work.
I don't have which buttons correspond to which win poses for each character,
so experiment.

Quick Staff Roll
The Staff Roll can be sped up by holding down any button.

EX Mode Characters
There are three ways to unlock EX Mode characters. 1) Defeat them as they
appear, every 20 levels, in Survival Mode. 2) Finish 35 Missions. 3) After 
leaving the game on for 50 hours, every additional 2 hours another EX mode 
character will be unlocked in the order that they appear in Survival (so EX 
Faust is unlocked first). To use the EX version of the character, hold down 
L2 when selecting. See each character's section for EX Mode changes. Kliff 
and Justice do not have EX modes.

SP Mode Characters
There are three ways to unlock SP Mode characters. 1) Defeat them as they
appear, starting at level 480, every 20 levels, in Survival Mode.  2) Finish 
80 Missions. 3) After unlocking Guilty Gear Mode, a new Gold mode will be 
unlocked every 2 hours, in the order that they appear in Survival Mode 
(so Gold Chipp is first). To use the SP Mode character, hold down L1 while 
selecting. SP Mode has no noticeable changes unless used in conjunction 
with the Start button (which gives Shadow characters with Infinite tension) 
or the Dust button (which gives Gold characters). General Gold Mode changes 
are increased offense, defense, speed, and tension gain rate. Specific 
character Gold Mode changes are listed under each character. 

Guilty Gear/Guilty Gear X Mode
There are three ways to unlock these two modes. 1) Finish 65 Missions. 2)
Pass Level 300 in Survival Mode. 3) Unlock all 60 Story Mode Endings. 4) After
unlocking Justice, leave the game on for 2 hours. These two modes can now
be set in the options. GG Mode makes the game play more like the original
Guilty Gear - game speed is up, most moves become Jump Cancellable, and
now, the lower your health is the faster you gain tension. When at really
low health your character will glow Gold and gain tension even when being
attacked. This is close to the original GG, in which you got infinite
tension at low health.
Guilty Gear X Mode changes some things to how they were in GGX. Certain
music reverts back to GGX style, Dust can now be performed with S+H, 
FD can only be done with P+K, OTG hits don't let the opponent tech,
and a slight increase in game speed is evident.

Unlock Kliff
There are three ways to unlock Kliff. 1) Defeat him at Level 440 in Survival
Mode. 2) Finish 50 Missions. 3) After unlocking all 21 EX characters, leave 
the game on for a total of 24 hours.

Unlock Justice
There are three ways to unlock Justice. 1) Defeat him at Level 460 in Survival
Mode. 2) Finish 50 Missions. 3) After unlocking all 21 EX characters, leave 
the game on for a total of 26 hours.

Use EX Mode Characters in Mission Mode
Beat all 100 Missions. Now when replaying any Mission you can select EX Mode
for your character by holding down L2.

Fight against Gold or EX Mode Characters
Hold down L1 (for Gold) or L2 (for EX) when selecting Arcade or M.O.M. mode.
All your opponents will be altered in the method specified. You can also
hold down both buttons to fight against Gold, EX characters. To use EX, you
must have unlocked Kliff and Justice; to use SP, you must have
unlocked SP mode for all 23 characters.

Hear Slayer's Haiku
In the Sound Test, when selecting Slayer's private sounds, you can press
Square to hear Slayer recite a complete haiku.

Sammy, ArcSystem Works, and Ishiwatari Daisuke for another great game

This FAQ copyright 2003 to Edward Chang. Retransmission in any form 
without express permission of the author is strictly forbidden.

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