Review by ShiftJC

Reviewed: 04/06/05

Did a good job!

This game is based up on the old arcade game "Altered Beast". But from what I remember of that game, this game seems extremely different.

The Story

There was an accident in north California, exposing local residents and animals to the deadly Genome (pronounced Gee-Nome) Mist, killing them and reviving there corpses into deformities. You are being carried above the accident in a plane, in a coffin, when all of a sudden you are attacked by a winged beast, the plain crashes and the men die. You wake up to find that you have lost all of your memory. Suddenly you are surrounded by hundreds of "zombies", something inside of you awakes and you turn into a werewolf. This is where the action takes place and lets you kick there ass. After killing them all you fall on the floor paralyzed. A woman walks up to you and injects you with anaesthetic. She is shocked that you have lost all of your memory and speaks of "Genome Chips" She then walks off.

Basically you are a "Genome Cyborg" (even though your human) Who can insert Genome Chips into you and become animal like. The animals you can transform into are Werewolf (cross between man and wolf), Merman (Amphibious man), Wendigo (cross between gorilla and man), Garuda (cross between eagle and man), Minotaur (cross between bull and man) and Dragon (guess what that is). There is also three extra creatures that you have to meat certain requirements to unlock. These are Grizzly, U.W.H (Unidentified weightless human) and "Weretiger" (cross between man and tiger, duh).

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics through out the game are beautiful, each and every beast you transform into has explicit detail, especially when you transform into them (VERY Gorey). Most of the enemies you fight are very well made and the revived dead effect is great, because not only have there corpses been re-animated, they have mutated into.... Things!. One of my favourite things in the game is the graphics of the bosses, I love battling them all over and over again just to see them again. The world you explore is also beautiful and shows the effort that has been put into it.

Sound: 6/10

The sound is good, but not great. Its pretty dull and sometimes doesn't seem to fit the theme. The sound that I do like, and probably the saving grace of the sound is when you are in a beast form. For instance when you transform into a werewolf, the sound is all fast paced and has thriller music (no i don't mean Michael Jacksons song).

Gameplay: 10/10

The Gameplay is awesome. No other words needed to describe how good it is. It has a very basic combat system. Basic but effective. The controls are very easy to grasp and you will grasp them just by reading to booklet. (thats right you don't even need to play to grasp the controls). All the enemies have a decent amount of health and strength suited to there type and area, and each different enemy has a unique attack pattern.

Overall: 8/10

The game is extraordinary and should get a higher score than what I gave it, but when I look at the scores above, i'd be stupid to give it a 10. (all thanks to the sound). This game is better suited to older players, due to the very VERY VERY gorey nature of the game.

Buy or Rent?

If you rent it you will weep when it has to go back, as theres no way you'll complete this game in the time you have to rent it. (unless the store gives you a very long time to rent games). So definitely buy.

Rating: 8

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