Best strategy for the 3rd Emerald?

  1. Somehow, I can never reach it in time, mostly because the speed character always run into mines, stuck on the roof, or they would run backward to a wall, then jump off! What is your best team/ strategy for getting to the 3rd Emerald?

    User Info: Denzien_of_Sega

    Denzien_of_Sega - 10 years ago

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  1. I actually suggest using team Rose to acquire the secret key as their stages are easier. That way you will have a musc easier time collecting the key to practice. The emerald stage is just a copy of the bonus stage if you get the key in the first act. Only practice will help you collect the emerald. But if you must know... when the level begins go straight down then left and right to doge the mines on the side. Try to keep the emerald in your sights or chances are you won't catch it. When you come to the section filled with red power spheres hold down the boost button while stayin in line with the power spheres. If you end up on the ceiling, jump off and press down-then resume boosting. The only time I would recommend staying on the ceiling is if you do not lose a lot of speed when you go there so then you would be able to manuever yourself off. GOOD LUCK!!!

    User Info: most_games_r_ok

    most_games_r_ok - 10 years ago 1   0


  1. Actually if you can't get there in time then use the team you think is the fastest and when getting to the special stage stay at speed form and get 2 or 3 bars worth of boost then get on the ceiling then use one boost after another after the last boost runs out so you go a longer distance with your boost. I hope this helps.

    User Info: GuiterHeroRuler

    GuiterHeroRuler - 10 years ago 0   0
  2. Well, i wud use team dark/sonic. Even tho their levels r harder and longer, wen u do get 2 the special stage they're considerably faster. Also, (and this go's 4 all the emeralds.) make sure to keep the emerald in veiw, if u dnt it's very hard to catch it up, and keep collecting balloony things.Always stay in speed formation. Then wen uv'e got 3 bars, keep dashing 2wards the emerald and u shud get it. hope this helps. :D

    User Info: super-shadow96

    super-shadow96 - 10 years ago 0   0
  3. I have seen a video on Youtube where the guy used power formation the entire time and got the emerald (not just the 3rd one) almost instantly. This is because power formation has more control and can get more orbs easier than speed formation. Here is the link:
    Hope this helps and good luck.

    User Info: btluchaos09

    btluchaos09 - 7 years ago 0   0

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