1. Di Davies Background Design
  2. John Nevarez Background Design
  3. Joe Pearson Background Design
  4. Alan Simmons Background Design
  5. Margaret Tang Casting and Voice Direction
  6. Charles Zembillas Character Design
  7. Theodore Bialek Cinematic Art Production
  8. Tom Happ Cinematic Art Production
  9. John Mack Cinematic Art Production
  10. Ethan McCaughey Cinematic Art Production
  11. Seth McCaughey Cinematic Art Production
  12. Cara Paul Cinematic Art Production
  13. Orde Stevanoski Cinematic Art Production
  14. Christopher Winters Cinematic Art Production
  15. Keliu Zhu Cinematic Art Production
  16. Dave Chlstyk Cinematic Reproduction
  17. Vincent Edwards Cinematic Reproduction
  18. Bob Foster Cinematic Reproduction
  19. John Fox Cinematic Reproduction
  20. Jennifer Graves Cinematic Reproduction
  21. Eric Lusk Cinematic Reproduction
  22. Joe Pearson Cinematic Reproduction
  23. Robert Souza Cinematic Reproduction
  24. Keith Tucker Cinematic Reproduction
  25. Dan Tanguay Cinematic Screenplay
  26. Geoff Smith Color Concepts
  27. Snakebite Color Concepts
  28. Rui Tong Color Concepts
  29. Chongguang Zhang Color Concepts
  30. Andy Lomerson Kart Designs
  31. Perry Zombolis Jr. Kart Designs
  32. Ashif Hakik Music
  33. Todd Masten Music
  34. Erin Filoteo Production Manager
  35. Jose Lopez Production Models
  36. Todd Anisman Re-Recording Mixer
  37. Robert Arturo Ramirez Sound Designer
  38. Jussi Tegelman Sound Designer
  39. Lydia Tone Sound Designer
  40. Michael Gollom Supervising Sound Designer
  41. Rik W. Schaffer VO Recording/Engineering/Editing/VO FX
  42. Mel Winkler Voice (Aku Aku)
  43. Debi Derryberry Voice (Coco, Polar)
  44. Kevin M. Richardson Voice (Crunch, Advisor)
  45. Dwight Schultz Voice (Dingodile, Fake Crash)
  46. Steven Jay Blum Voice (Emperor Velo, Crash)
  47. Paul Greenberg Voice (Geary, Pura)
  48. Marshall Teague Voice (Krunk)
  49. Quinton Flynn Voice (N. Gin, N. Oxide)
  50. Tom Bourdon Voice (N. Trance, Velo Minion)
  51. Michael Ensign Voice (N. Tropy)
  52. Billy West Voice (Nash, Zam)
  53. Andre Sogliuzzo Voice (Norm, Zem)
  54. John Dimaggio Voice (Tiny)
  55. Clancy Brown Voice (Uka Uka, Dr. Cortex)


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