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    FAQ/Walkthrough by War Doc

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 12/13/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    | B A T T L E S T A R   G A L A C T I C A |
               CREATOR:  VU Games Copyright 2003
    AUTHOR OF THIS FAQ:  Kevin Butler AKA War Doc
                E-MAIL:  kevinb(at)technologist(dot)com
           FAQ VERSION:  1.02
                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
     1.  Legal Stuff
     2.  Version Information
     3.  Acknowledgements
     4.  Welcome
     5.  Overview
     6.  The Areas
     7.  Getting Started
     8.  Taking Control
         8.1  The Controls
         8.2  In Flight
     9.  General Strategies
    10.  Specific Strategies
         10. 1  Mission  1
         10. 2  Mission  2
         10. 3  Mission  3
         10. 4  Mission  5
         10. 5  Mission  5
         10. 6  Mission  6
         10. 7  Mission  7
         10. 8  Mission  8
         10. 9  Mission  9
         10.10  Mission 10
         10.11  Mission 11
         10.12  Mission 12
         10.13  Mission 13
         10.14  Mission 14
         UNIT   V:  APPENDIX
    11.  Starcraft Database
         11.1  Colonial
         11.2  Cylon
    12.  Conclusion
    To find a particular chapter or subchapter do the following:
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    5.  You will arrive at the desired chapter or subchapter.
    ********************************* U N I T  I **********************************
    | 1.  LEGAL STUFF |============================================================
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
    private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advanced permission from the author.  Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and
    a violation of copyright.  All content in this guide is Copyright 2004 by
    Kevin Butler.  Only the sites listed below have permission to publish this
    work or to display it:
    If you wish to put this guide on your site, e-mail me and ask.  Save yourself
    the headache of putting up with lawsuits and whatnot because you failed to ask
    a simple "Can I post your guide on <insert site>?".  If you wish to use info
    in this guide, please acknowledge that you have done so.  If I don't respond or
    I say no, accept it as fact.  This especially goes out to Dave at
    www.cheatcc.com since he has a habit of taking guides without permission.  In
    addition, do not modify this guide in any way whatsoever to suit your purposes.
    The latest version can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com.
    If you see this guide on any other site then the one listed above, please
    e-mail me.  If you wish to ask questions or give input to this guide, please
    e-mail me.  Just have Battlestar Galactica as the subject so I know it isn't
    another kooky vendor trying to sell me hair gel or another XXX site telling me
    I have new friends.
    | 2.  VERSION INFORMATION |====================================================
    Version 1.0    2/21/04:  A guide is born.
    Version 1.01  10/12/04:  Fixed Chapter formatting problems.
    Version 1.02  12/13/04:  Added www.wonderdogsoftware.com to the allowed sites.
    | 3.  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS |=======================================================
    The following are a list of people or organizations that have made this FAQ
    My wonderful family (who has had to put up with the tapping on the keyboard)
    VU Games for making a great action/adventure/simulation game
    The gang at the GameFAQ's and IGN Battlestar Galactica message boards.
    GameFAQ's for putting up this FAQ
    | 4.  WELCOME |================================================================
    Welcome to my FAQ for Battlestar Galactica.  Since this is an action/adventure
    game, there is no walkthrough per se.  Instead, this FAQ is broken up into
    parts.  First you will be given an explanation of choices you have for playing
    the game.  Next, you will be given all the possible commands you can give with
    a brief description of what those commands are.  The last part is dedicated to
    strategy.  This strategy will give you an idea on how to fulfill the
    requirements for getting the various items or doing the various tasks required
    to complete each area.  Input is appreciated along with constructive criticism.
    If you wish to e-mail me thoughts on this FAQ, better ways of doing things,
    other strategies, etc., feel free.  Make sure you put Battlestar Galactica in
    the subject.  If you don't, I'm liable to discard the e-mail as spam.
    | 5.  OVERVIEW |===============================================================
    Star Wars started a major craze in 1977.  People were going to the theater in
    droves to see this epic space adventure.  Television was also seeing this
    phenomenon and geared up to take advantage.  In 1978, the movie Battlestar
    Galactica hit the "Little Screen".  It was compared to "Star Wars" and
    considered a poor attempt at duplication.  George Lucas and his production
    company even went so far as to sue the company that created Battlestar
    Galactica.  In the end, it was shown that the two, although space adventures,
    were not alike.  Battlestar Galactica boasted the largest budget of any TV show
    up to that time.  Much of the budget was spent on special effects and this also
    led to the ultimate demise of the show.  The premise behind Battlestar
    Galactica was that a race of advanced humans (the twelve tribes) created robots
    to do everything for them.  Of course, the robots rebelled and are now bent on
    the total annihilation of the human race.  These battles have been raging for a
    long time with neither side getting the upper hand.  Enter one Lieutenant Adama
    (he later becomes Commander Adama 40 years later in charge of the Galactica)
    whose mission is to deal with the Cylon menace.  He, along with the other crew
    of the Galactica, must fight a series of battles to put a check on the Cylon
    tyranny and try to bring some semblance of peace.  Of course, 40 years later
    the battles raged again.  Now it's time to strap yourself into your Viper and
    do battle against the robot menace.
    ******************************** U N I T  II **********************************
    | 6.  THE AREAS |==============================================================
    Battlestar Galactica will require you to go through fourteen missions.  Within
    each of these missions are primary and secondary objectives.  You must
    satisfactorily complete the primary objectives to move onto the next mission.
    The missions are aptly named Mission 1 through 14.  Your success or failure in
    these missions will greatly impact future events.
    ******************************** U N I T  III *********************************
    | 7.  GETTING STARTED |========================================================
    Once the game has loaded, you will be presented with a picture of the Galactica
    with a prompt to push the START button.  You will be presented with the
    Start a new game.
    Load a previously saved game.
    / 7.1  Starting a New Game /___________________________________________________
    When you start a new game, you will be prompted to create a new pilot profile.
    The parts you will enter are:
    | NAME |
    Enter three letters to represent your pilot.
    Set to Normal or Expert.  Expert mode differs in the fact that the enemies are
    smarter and more aggressive.  In addition, you have to deliver more hits to
    their ships to destroy them.  You also pick up a couple of cheats in Expert
    Set the vibration on or off on the controller.  Default is ON.
    / 7.2  Main Menu /_____________________________________________________________
    Once you have loaded a saved game or created a new profile, the main menu will
    come up.
    You will get the following display:
    |                                                    |
    |    1        00:05:32         A       ( )      2    |
    |    2        00:06:15         A       ( )      1    |
    |    3        00:04:22         A       ( )      0    |
    |   --        --:--:--         -        -       --   |
    MISSION:  The missions you have finished and ones that are pending.
    COMPLETION TIME:  Time it took you to complete the mission last time you played
    GRADING:  You will get a grade from A to F.
    MEDAL:  If you got a grade of A, you get a gold medal.  A grade of B yields the
            silver while a grade of C only gets you the bronze.
    REPLAYS:  How many times have you replayed this mission (usually for a better
              grade and for more upgrades).
    NOTE:  If you completed either the Normal or Expert mode and are working on the
           opposite one, you can toggle between the two displays using the SQUARE
    | OPTIONS |
    The following options are available to make your gameplay more enjoyable:
    CONTROLLER:  Set up the controller configuration.
    AUDIO:  Set the following audio attributes:
            EFFECTS VOLUME:  Set the volume of special effects.
            MUSIC VOLUME:  Set the volume of the music.
            SPEECH MOVIE VOLUME:  Set the volume of speech and the FMV's.
    EXTRAS:  Lets you see the artwork, scenes from the original TV series, and
             other interesting things about the game and series (both old and new).
             You unlock these as you play the missions.  You must finish all
             missions in the Normal and Expert modes to get all 170 items.
    PROFILE OPTIONS:  You get the following choices:
                      CREATE A NEW PILOT PROFILE:  Create another profile (See
                                                   Chapter 7.1).
                      LOAD A PILOT PROFILE:  Load a previously saved profile.
                      SAVE YOUR CURRENT PILOT PROFILE:  Save your profile
                                                        (especially if you have
                                                        made changes to it).
    This graphical view shows you how to fly and use the weapons on your Viper.
    You can go through the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced lessons to learn all
    you can.
    When unlocked, you will get Unlimited Wingman, Unlimited Missiles, and
    | 8.  TAKING CONTROL |=========================================================
    / 8.1  The Controls /__________________________________________________________
    The controls for this game will take some getting used to.  The key, of course,
    is practice to become proficient with them.  The controls are:
                                     << FLIGHT >>
                  | BUTTON INVOLVED     | RESULT                   |
                  | LEFT ANALOG STICK   | FLY YOUR CRAFT IN THE    |
                  | (L3)                | IN THE DESIRED DIRECTION |
                  | PRESS LEFT ANALOG   | CENTER YOUR CRAFT        |
                  | STICK (L3)          |                          |
                  | (R3)                |                          |
                  | PRESS RIGHT ANALOG  | CHANGE CAMERA VIEW       |
                  | STICK (R3)          |                          |
                  | R1 (DOUBLE TAP)     | TURBO (VIPER ONLY)       |
                  | L1                  | DECELERATE               |
                  | CIRCLE (DOUBLE TAP) | MATCH TARGETS SPEED      |
                  | CIRCLE + L3 LEFT OR | EVASIVE ROLL             |
                  | RIGHT               |                          |
                                    << COMBAT >>
                  | BUTTON INVOLVED     | RESULT                   |
                  | TRIANGLE            | IDENTIFY TARGET(S)       |
                  | X                   | FIRE LASTER              |
                  | SQUARE              | MISSILE LOCK (HOLD DOWN) |
                  |                     | OR FIRE MISSILE(S)       |
                  | R2 AND L2           | CYCLE THROUGH TARGETS    |
                  | CIRCLE (HOLD)       | MISSILE CONFIGURATION    |
                  |                     | (DETAILS IN CHAPTER 8.3) |
                                 << MISCELLANEOUS >>
                  | BUTTON INVOLVED     | RESULT                   |
                  } SELECT              | CHANGES BETWEEN FOUR     |
                  |                     | DIFFERENT VIEWS          |
                  | START               | BRINGS UP THE PAUSE MENU |
                  | PRESS LEFT ON       | ISSUE WINGMAN COMMANDS   |
                  | DIRECTIONAL KEYPAD  | (SEE BELOW)              |
    ATTACK:  Press up on the directional keypad.  They will attack the target you
             currently have marked.
    DEFEND:  Press down on the directional keypad.  They will attack the enemy that
             is currently attacking you.
    SCATTER AND REGROUP:  Press left on the directional keypad.  Scatter causes
                          them to attack any available target while Regroup causes
                          them to form on you again.
    SPECIAL:  Press right on the directional keypad.  Transfer energy from your to
              your wingman.  This gives them more experience.  Use only when it is
              safe to do so.
    / 8.2  The Main Screen /_______________________________________________________
    This is the view when you are in the Viper or Raider:
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    | <-LOCATOR                                                              |
    |                                                                        |
    |                            ##<-TARGET DISTANCE                         |
    |                    |                 |                                 |
    |                    |   /         \   |                                 |
    |   TARGET SPEED->###|  |          |   |####<-YOUR  SPEED                |
    |                    |  |    O     |   |          CHAIN KILLS->(   )     |
    |                    |  | GUNSIGHT |   |                         |       |
    |  PRIMARY RETICULE->|   \        /<-SECONDARY RETICULE       [ ]|       |
    |                    |                 |            MISSILES->[ ]|       |
    |                                                             [ ]|       |
    |                                                             [ ]|       |
    |                                                         _  _   |       |
    |                                                        /_||_\  /       |
    |                                                       //    \\/        |
    |                                                      //  ||  \\        |
    |   _______                                           //   ||   \\       |
    |  /       \                                          ||   ||   ||       |
    | /         \<-RADAR                                  ||  /  \  ||<-HULL |
    | \         /                                         || /    \ ||       |
    |  \_______/                                  ENERGY->||/______\||       |
    |                                                                        |
    | LOCATOR |
    Shows you where your allies are.  If they are off screen, then an their name is
    followed by an arrow to indicate the direction that they are in.
    The distance to the target you marked.
    The current speed of the target you marked.
    | YOUR SPEED |
    Your current speed.  If the number is between two red lines, then you are
    currently matching speed with your target.
    | GUNSIGHT |
    The point that your laser fire will converge on.
    A counter that keeps track of how many chain kills you have gotten.
    Your field of vision for identifying enemies.
    Used for locking missiles.  In addition, it warns if the enemy has a missile
    lock on your fighter.  This is indicated by the following colors:
    Green :  No missile locks on your fighter.
    Yellow:  A missile has locked onto your fighter.
    Red   :  A missile is very close to your fighter.  Take evasive action
    | MISSILES |
    How many missiles you have to fire.  Green means that the missile is available.
    | RADAR |
    You will notice vertical lines with a rectangle on the top or bottom of them.
    These represent objects that are around your fighter.  If the rectangle is on
    top of the vertical line, then that object is above you.  If the rectangle is
    on the bottom, then that object is below you.  It will also show if the object
    is to the left or right of your current position.  Adding the fact the object
    is either above or below you creates the 3D battlefield.  The bottom edge will
    flash red when the enemy is currently engaging you.
    | ENERGY |
    A blue color bar with a number below it.  It represents your energy level from
    0 to 100%.
    | HULL |
    A green color bar with a number below it.  It represents your hull strength
    from 0 to 100%.
    / 8.3  The Pause Screen /______________________________________________________
    Pressing the START button brings up the Pause screen.
    | AUDIO |
    Same as Chapter 7.2
    All the numbers including distance traveled, total kills, kill percentage, etc.
    These are the stats of your wingman.  As they do combat and survive, these
    stats go up.  This is also in addition to energy you give your wingman.
    Until you have your missiles maxed out, you may need to configure them de-
    pending on the situation.  You will get the following graphic:
                                     BLAST RADIUS
                                     |    |    |
                               SPEED |----O----| POWER
                                     |    |    |
    BLAST RADIUS:  The more you put into this, the bigger the blast.  You may be
                   able to catch multiple enemies with one missile.
    SPEED:  How fast the missile flies.
    POWER:  The strength of the missile.  Sometimes a low-powered missile will only
            damage an enemy while a high-powered missile will take out an enemy on
            the first shot.
    AGILITY:  The ability of the missile to maneuver.  The higher this value, the
              better the missile navigates around obstacles.
    You acquire missile upgrades at the end of the mission if your scores are high
    enough.  See Chapter 8.4 for more information on the end of mission grades.
    This lists your primary and secondary objectives.  They are listed in reverse
    order with the newest objective on top.
    | CONTINUE |
    Continue the mission in progress.
    | QUIT |
    Quit to the Start screen.
    / 8.4  End of Mission Screen /_________________________________________________
    After you complete each mission, you will be shown this screen grading your
    performance.  Depending on the grades you get for the individual areas, you can
    acquire missile upgrades in the form of adding one unit to each of the four
    characteristics.  If you score low on a mission, repeat it since it is worth
    the upgrades.  The areas you are graded on are:
    ACCURACY:  Percentage based on hits and misses
    SECONDARY OBJECTIVES:  Secondary objectives completed (if any) out of the total
    CYLONS DESTROYED:  Self-explanatory
    COMPLETION TIME:  Self-explanatory
    COLONIALS LOST:  If you took too long on a mission, then some Colonials may
                     have gotten killed
    CHAINKILLS:  The largest number of chainkills for the mission
    MISSILES EVADED:  How many missiles you got away from that were locked on your
    TOTAL:  Is a grade from A to F
    ******************************** U N I T  IV **********************************
    | 9.  GENERAL STRATEGIES |=====================================================
    Battlestar Galactica is a fast paced game.  To make things even harder on the
    player, you cannot save your game until you have successfully completed a
    mission.  This can lead to quite a bit of frustration after you have spent a
    couple of hours on a mission only to get destroyed right before you finish it.
    These general strategies hopefully will help you accomplish the mission
    objectives so that you don't have to deal with a lot of frustration.  These
    specific strategies are not all-encompassing and there are many other things
    others have done.  I have found, however, that these worked for me since I
    shared in the frustration.  Also note, the only differences between the normal
    and expert modes are:
    -  Enemies are a lot tougher and their attacks are more damaging.
    -  You can gain other secrets (cheats) to enhance your fighting experience.
    Some general strategies are:
    -  First, and foremost, learn how to operate your fighter.  You are fighting in
       a three-dimensional environment, which means that you can be attacked for
       several directions at one time.  Sometimes the difference between life and
       death is being able to fly evasively or use the turbo at the right moment.
       As you get farther in the game, the enemy gets more precise with their
       shooting and they become a lot deadlier.  Failing to learn how to fly will
       prevent you from getting through the later missions.
    -  It's good to be a hero but being stupid in how you do it can be the
       difference between coming home from battle or becoming part of the universe.
       You need to be very familiar with all the systems on your fighter.  This
       way, you don't play chicken with another fighter who is coming at you.  In-
       stead, you can out-maneuver them instead and get in your shots.  Learn to
       fly by using the HUD and only use visual when you know there is a target
       that needs to be dealt with.   Also be aware that the enemy can also fire
       torpedoes and lay mines.  Nothing like taking out an enemy with skill and
       grace to only run into a mine and ruin your day.
    -  Energy is the key in this game.  All fighters require this commodity in
       order to use their weapon systems and to rapidly accelerate out of the path
       of danger.  Poor energy management means you will be caught in the middle of
       a squadron of enemy fighters without anyway to defend or attack.  In
       addition, energy is required to allow your fighter to repair itself.  If
       your energy levels aren't topped off, your fighter will not self-repair and
       you will become a statistic rather quickly.
    -  Always, try to get the best grade possible.  The grades are based on an
       average of different things (see Chapter xx for more details).  If you find
       that you may not complete a mission within the allotted time frame, then do
       other things to offset that problem such as getting large numbers of chain
       kills or destroying large numbers of the enemy.  Your purpose for doing this
       is to upgrade your armament to enable you to make more devastating attacks
       against enemy targets.
    -  When a mission starts, make sure you read the objectives.  Sometimes the
       objectives are vague in what you are supposed to do.  This leads to the
       second part, don't skip the cut scenes.  The cut scenes contain vital clues
       as to what you are supposed to do.  I was guilty of this at first until I
       finally did watch the cut scenes and amazingly, things became a little
       easier afterwards.
    -  Learn how the targeting system works.  Sometimes, enemy formations or
       objects cannot be locked on with a missile.  You then will have to push the
       TRIANGLE to "light up" your targets.  Then you can finish them off with
       either unguided missiles or laser fire.  If you haven't made it to a
       particular cut scene or the mission hasn't ended (although you believe it
       should have), press the TRIANGLE to make sure that you have taken out the
       required targets.  The targets will have a white ring around them when you
       are close and a gray ring when you are far away.  Also, if you lose your
       intended target, pressing the TRIANGLE will find that target again for you.
    -  Be aware that you will go through different models of Vipers through the
       game.  As each new model becomes available, different things such as speed
       and maneuverability will be affected.  Adapt to the change or you may be
       flying headlong toward some hazard because you neglected to realize that you
       are in a more powerful fighter.
    -  If you are constantly getting killed in a certain area or you are failing to
       meet an objective, try to change your tactics.  I know this is elementary,
       but some people continue to do the same things without changing what they
       are doing.  Sometimes you can find some strange strategy that allows you to
       get through a mission easier then if you didn't experiment.
    -  Going back to good grades.  The better your grade, the more scenes and
       pictures you unlock.  For some people, this is an added bonus to see all the
       work that went into this game and see scenes from the old and new series.
    -  Learn the weaknesses of the enemy.  This will go a long way in being able to
       defeat them with minimal energy loss and effort on your part.  If you find
       that you are struggling against a particular enemy, change tactics.
    | 10.  SPECIFIC STRATEGIES |===================================================
    The strategies for the missions are what I have used to get through them.
    These are not the only strategies, just the best that I have found.  If you
    have others you would like to share, please send an e-mail and you will be
    fully credited with that strategy.  In the next subchapters, all of the
    missions will follow the same basic format.  This format is as follows:
    Name of the mission
    Primary Objective(s):
    Secondary Objective(s):
    Brief blurb about the mission
    Key points to accomplishing your objectives and finishing the mission.  I will
    also put (Primary Objective #) to indicate which objective you have
    accomplished.  NOTE:  The objectives are shown in reverse order of how they are
    shown in the game.  The game shows the first objective at the bottom vice the
    top.  Also, you do not need to complete the Secondary Objectives to finish the
    mission.  They do, however, add to your overall grade (see Chapter 8.4 for more
    details).  I won't put where you complete the Secondary Objectives since these
    can occur throughout the mission.
    Also, if you are not sure about your weapons, go to Chapter xx to get more in-
    formation.  Go to Chapter xx for more information about the enemy fighters.
    Now, on to the missions.  
    / 10.1  Mission 1 /____________________________________________________________
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy the incoming Raiders
                           2.  Protect the bridge
                           3.  Destroy the 5 Transmission Stations
                           4.  Protect Paulus and Cain
                           5.  Destroy the Shield Generator Probe
                           6.  Ignite the Tylium deposits
                           7.  Escape to the rendezvous point
    Secondary Objective(s):  None
    This is your introduction to the world of Battlestar Galactica.  This is where
    you will learn all about your fighter and what it can do.  Don't expect the
    Cylons to accommodate your learning.  You will be getting your "Baptism of
    Fire" for this learning curve.
    -  The scene opens up with Kassia stating that Cylon Raiders are on their way
       to attack the Galactica.  Go ahead and engage the enemy.  Try to take out
       the Raider Leaders since this seems to cause disorientation amongst the
       regular raiders.  (Primary Objective #1).
    -  After you pick off a few Cylons, Commander Magus will come on screen.  Seems
       that an entire squadron of Cylon Raiders are going after the bridge.  After
       he has informed the squadron of this attack, use your TRIANGLE button to
       pinpoint their exact location.
    -  Lock, load, and fire your missiles at the incoming Cylons.  If you are far
       enough away, you may be able to get off a second salvo.  Then use your
       targeting to find the survivors.  (Primary Objective #2).
    -  After destroying the Cylons going after the bridge, Kassia will state that
       she has found where they came from.  The game will load up and a couple of
       cut scenes will show an asteroid with Tylium deposits.  Turbo over to that
    -  Paulus and Cain will keep the Cylons busy while you concentrate on taking
       out the five Transmission Communication.  Use your targeting to find out
       exactly where they are located.  When you get close, use missiles or laser
       fire to destroy them.
    -  Right before you destroy the fifth station, make sure you are facing the
       asteroid with the Tylium deposits.  After you destroy the fourth station,
       turn and turbo toward the asteroid.  (Primary Objective #3).
    -  After the cut scene showing Paulus in trouble, get over there quickly and
       missile lock all the Cylons pursuing him.  It should only take a couple of
       salvos to severely deplete their numbers.  Pick off the stragglers.
       (Primary Objective #4).
    -  After you destroy the Cylons, Paulus will tell you that the Shield Generator
       Probe has to be destroyed in order to attack the asteroid.  Use your
       targeting to locate the Shield Generator Probe.   Pursue and destroy it.
       (Primary Objective #5).
    -  Now that the shield is down, go after the asteroid.  Missile lock or laser
       the deposits.  There are four on each side of the asteroid.  In addition,
       there are guns for defense.  After you destroy the deposits, you have 10
       seconds to get a safe distance away before it blows up.  (Primary Objectives
       #6 and #7).
    / 10.2  Mission 2 /____________________________________________________________
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Investigate distress transmission
                           2.  Protect the Atlantium
                           3.  Protect Paulus
                           4.  Destroy the Basestar generator hatch
                           5.  Fly clear to safe blast distance
    Secondary Objective(s):  None
    A distress call from the Battlestar Atlantium brings Blue Squadron to the
    rescue.  It appears that a Basestar is busy beating up on the Atlantium and
    your job is to prevent this from happening.
    -  After a couple of cut scenes, you will be behind the Atlantium.  Go ahead
       and missile lock on the Cylons buzzing around the Atlantium.  When you get
       close, destroy as many as you can.  (Primary Objectives #1 and #2).
    -  Another cut scene will occur where Paulus is going to go in to find a weak
       point on the Basestar.  Your job is to blast the guns and any stray Cylons
       that may try to stop Paulus.
    -  Missile lock on the Basestar to start taking out the guns.  Again, watch
       your energy since one can get overly ambitious launching missiles left and
       right.  Keep moving around the Basestar then move from top to bottom to
       clear out the rest of the guns.
    -  Pick off any Cylons and another cut scene will show that Paulus' scan was
       successful at finding the main energy reading.  (Primary Objective #2).
    -  The Atlantium reports that the Basestar is getting ready to fire and you
       need to blast open the vents covering the core.  You will have 1:30 to do
       this.  The best way to do it is to target lock and somewhat slowly move
       around the inside of the Basestar.  When you are at the right point, turn
       and let loose with your lasers.  You may have to accelerate backward to
       prevent you from running into the side of the Basestar.
    -  When you successfully complete this phase, the Atlantium tells you to get
       out of there since they are ready to fire.  (Primary Objective #4).
    -  You will have 15 seconds to clear out before the Atlantium fires and
       destroys the Basestar.  (Primary Objective #5).
    NOTE:  If you are playing in Expert Mode, then you will acquire the Unlimited
    Missiles cheat. 
    / 10.3  Mission 3 /____________________________________________________________
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Stop the troopships docking with Galactica
                           2.  Destroy the engines of the Presidential Ship
    Secondary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy at least 2 wings of Raiders
    Seems the Cylons are more determined now.  In addition to their Raiders, the
    Cylons are now sending out Troopships to board the Galactica.  Of course, you
    must prevent this at all costs.
    -  The cut scene opens up by explaining that the Cylons are sending out Troop-
       ships.  After the cut scene is over, accelerate to the Galactica and use
       your targeting.  Lock on to those targets.  It only will take a couple of
       missile hits to destroy the Troopships.
    -  Continue to use your targeting to identify Troopships.  It is best to slowly
       hover over the top of the Galactica to get the best angles.  If a Troopship
       happens to latch onto the Galactica, you will be told by Kassia to "burn it
       off".  You only have a few seconds time from when a Troopship latches onto
       the Galactica to when it opens it up so you need to be quick.
    -  After you have taken out the Troopships, it is time to clear out some of the
       Cylons.  (Primary Objective #1).
    -  When you have blasted away enough Cylons, a cut scene shows Kassia telling
       you that Commander Magus has been kidnapped.  Your job is to shoot out the
       engines of the shuttle that has abducted him.
    -  DO NOT use missiles or you run the risk of destroying the ship and failing
       the mission.  Instead, target and track the ship.  You only have mm minutes
       to take out the engines so make every shot count.  If you can get behind the
       ship, just put the laser on auto.  Watch out for return fire.
    -  After you have blasted the engines, Kassia informs you that they have taken
       the shuttle in and congratulates you on a job well done.  (Primary Objective
    / 10.4  Mission 4 /____________________________________________________________
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy all fuel tankers
                           2.  Hunt down and disable the Crimson Elite Raider
                               carrying Magus
    Secondary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy all standard Raiders
                             2.  Destroy all Leader Raiders
    -  Kassia will inform Blue Squadron that the shuttle they picked up didn't have
    Magus aboard.  She believes that a cloaked Crimson Elite kidnapped Magus while
    you were doing battle in Mission 3.  She is vectoring the squadron to where
    this Crimson Elite may be.
    -  When you enter, you will see three Light Tankers in front of you.  Take them
       out with missile and laser fire.  They are being escorted by Raiders and
       Raider Leaders.  Paulus will also order you to blast that Crimson Raider
       from his sky.
    -  After you clear out the three Light Tankers, you will go to where five Light
       Tankers are located.  Give them the same reception.  You will then go to
       where seven Light Tankers are.  When you are halfway done destroying them,
       Paulus will order you to pursue the Crimson Raider carrying Magus.
    -  DO NOT use missiles or you will destroy the ship and fail the mission.
       Again, just target and track the Crimson Elite fighter.  This time, though,
       you are going against a fighter that has better maneuverability then yours
       so you will have to get your shots in where you can.  When you finally blast
       out its engines, the mission is complete.  (Primary Objectives #1 and #2).
    / 10.5  Mission 5 /____________________________________________________________
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Protect Iphi
                           2.  Destroy holding towers
    Secondary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy all turrets on the alien vessel
    Kassia tells you that the Crimson Elite fighter, that has Magus aboard, seems
    to have escaped to this area.  To greet you is an alien vessel of unknown
    -  This mission opens up with Iphi being pursued by Cylon Raiders.  Your job is
       to pick off those Raiders to prevent them from shooting her down.  Missile
       locks and lasers work wonders on this one.  (Primary Objective #1).
    -  You are then ordered to take out the holding towers.  These are satellite
       looking things that are anchoring the vessel to the adjoining asteroids with
       electrical energy.  There are six towers to take care of and they can absorb
       quite a bit of punishment.
    -  You may have to take down a few Raiders while you are destroying the towers.
       Once the towers are destroyed, there are a couple of targets on the alien
       vessel itself you will have to take out.  Beware of the missile fire from
       the alien vessel.  A six second countdown will occur every time it is ready
       to let loose.  (Primary Objective #2).
    -  After a couple of salvos, the mission will end showing that the aliens were
       under the domination of the Cylons.
    / 10.6  Mission 6 /____________________________________________________________
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Protect the Galactica during the journey through the
                           2.  Destroy the attacking Cylon bombers
    Secondary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy at least 1/2 of the attacking Raiders
                             2.  Destroy the Raider recon wing before it completes
                                 its scan
    This will be your first experience manning the Galactica's gun turrets.  You
    have four to choose from:  Top front, top rear, middle right, and middle left.
    Use the directional pad or R3 joystick to change guns.  The top front gun is
    the best for this mission.
    -  When the Galactica enters this wormhole, a Cylon Basestar will be riding be-
       hind and to the left.  Various Cylon formations will attack the Galactica.
       Using the guns and missiles will take care of some of these pests.  Make
       sure the missiles are charged full before letting them loose.
    -  Kassia will tell you that the Cylons are sending in recon probes to look for
       weak points.  Shoot down all the recon probes.
    -  Next Cylon Marauder bombers will head for the Galactica.  Lock and load on
       each of them with your missiles.  You will get a better kill then using
       lasers alone since these are tough ships.
    -  Ignore the Light Tankers until they are well in front of the Galactica.  If
       you hit them too close, they will drop their fuel pods, which act like
    -  Continue to clear the "skies" of Marauder bombers and the mission will
       eventually end.  (Primary Objectives #1 and #2).
    / 10.7  Mission 7 /____________________________________________________________
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Locate and join security flight path
                           2.  Remain undetected while Iphi scans the station
                           3.  Destroy the Tylium core
                           4.  Neutralize the plasma cannons
                           5.  Destroy the exhaust vents
                           6.  Escape to minimum safe distance
    Secondary Objective(s):  None
    This mission puts you in the driver's seat of a Cylon Raider.  You will quickly
    learn that the Cylon Raider is a pretty bad ship for fighting in.  It is slow,
    doesn't make tight turns, and it has limited armament.  This mission will
    definitely test your skill as a pilot and a gamer.
    -  A couple of cut scenes will basically tell Adama that he must infiltrate the
       area around the Communication Tower.  In order to do this, they have managed
       to piece a Cylon Raider back together.  All Adama and Ishi have to do is
       ride in with a Cylon patrol.
    -  When you start, you will see an asteroid in front of you.  Turn slightly to
       the left and use your targeting button.  In the distance, one of the Cylon
       fighters will have "Follow" indicated.
    -  Go to the right of the asteroid and drop your speed down around 100 to 110.
       The formation will pass by and you will see a blue "ghost" ship as the back
       fighter.  Slip into position on this "ghost" ship.  You have 30 seconds to
       get into formation.  (Primary Objective #1).
    -  If you stray away from the formation or make the wrong moves, you will have
       six seconds to correct the problem or the Cylons will blast you away.
    -  Follow the formation through all the twists and turns of its patrol.  Pay
       particular attention to all the different cut scenes since they will tell
       you exactly what you need to do.  In addition, pay attention to the "lay of
       the land" around the station and the station itself.
    -  After around ten minutes, Ishi will tell you that she has found the main
       conduit for controlling the station's plasma cannons.  After that, she tells
       Adama he only has one chance to take care of the Cylon Station.  (Primary
       Objectives #2).
    -  There are a lot of methods to do this next part.  I will list a couple of
       them.  Again, all of them will involve a lot of fighting and dodging since
       you can only fire one missile at a time from a Cylon Raider.
    -  The first method involves you taking care of all the Cylons protecting the
       station.  This battle will take a long time since you can only fire one
       missile and you will spend a majority of your time dodging the enemy.
       -  While battling the Cylons, keep bobbing and weaving so they can't get a
          lock on you.
       -  When you lock a missile on a Cylon, keep the missile button depressed
          until it is at maximum power.  This will ensure you destroy the Cylon and
          not merely damage it.
       -  When you are low on hull and/or energy, go to the far side of the large
          asteroid to "recharge".
    -  After this battle, get to the station.  You will be fired upon by the
       station's guns as you approach.  Once you are in the superstructure of the
       station, you won't have to deal with any more defensive fire.
    -  This part will take a long time.  Very slowly (speeds up to 20) move around
       the station and target the small guns on the two platforms below the top of
       the station.  There are four guns on each platform.  You can usually missile
       lock these guns.
    -  Once you have taken out all of the guns and other parts of the station,
       slowly go to the top until you are just barely looking over the edge and
       missile lock the hatch covers.  Let loose the missiles to blow them away and
       blow open the core.
    -  Go back down and take out the energy core, that Iphi opened, to neutralize
       the cannons guarding the core.  You will only have a short amount of time
       before the Cylons repair the damage to allow the cannons to fire again.
       (Primary Objective #3).
    -  Get directly above the core, lock your missiles, and let them loose.  It
       takes three to four missiles to destroy the core.  (Primary Objective #4).
    -  You will told to take out the exhaust vents to allow the core to go
       critical.  Fly along the out edges of the station and use targeting to find
       the vents.  There are eight vents in the lower part and four in the upper
       part.  (Primary Objective #5).
    -  Once you have taken out the vents, turn and put on the thrusters and get
       away from the station as fast as you can.  You have 15 seconds to get away
       from the station.  A cut scene will show the station blowing up.  (Primary
       Objective #6).
    -  The other method has you basically dodging fighters and going in.  Destroy
       the energy core to neutralize the weapons guarding the core.  Blow open the
       hatch and continue as above.  Only this time, you will be dodging the
    / 10.8  Mission 8 /____________________________________________________________
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Shoot down the ice chunks
                           2.  Destroy the Overhaul laying mines.  Destroy all
                               remaining fighters
    Secondary Objective(s):  None
    The Galactica is now flying in the tail of the comet.  Of course, this causes
    all sorts of other hazards to deal with.
    -  This mission opens up with you in the fighter launch bay.  Once you are
       catapulted from the Galactica, use your targeting to see where the ice
       chunks are.
    -  They will roughly be in a row.  Use your lasers and missiles to break them
       up.  Your goal is to prevent them from impacting the Galactica.  If any get
       through, Kassia will tell you that you are letting too many ice chunks
       through.  If too many hit the Galactica, it will be destroyed.  (Primary
       Objective #1).
    -  After you have taken care of the ice chunk threat, Kassia will tell you
       there is a problem.  Communications and sensors are being affected by the
       interference caused by the comet's tail.  Be on guard for enemy formations.
       To prove the point, a cut scene shows the Cylons showing up.
    -  First, target the Overhaul.  The mines it is laying are very dangerous and
       they can quickly destroy the Galactica.  Use your missiles and lock them all
       on the Overhaul.  An Elite Raider is escorting the Overhaul.
    -  After you destroy the Overhaul, turn and burn back to the Galactica because
       there is a major battle going on with Cylon Raiders and Raider Leaders.  The
       Cylons have gotten better so expect a lot of missile locks.  Take evasive
       action as required but don't get too far away from the battle.  Also, don't
       let your shots hit the Galactica.
    -  A group of Marauder bombers will show up after you clear out the Cylon
       Raiders.  They will be targeting the bridge so concentrate all firepower on
       the Marauders close to the Galactica.
    -  After you destroy the Marauder bombers, go after the last two Overhauls to
       finish the mission.  (Primary Objective #2).
    / 10.9  Mission 9 /____________________________________________________________
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy all mining towers
                           2.  Destroy Crimson Elite Raiders
    Secondary Objective(s):  None
    Seems you have stumbled upon a Cylon remote mining operation.  Even better, you
    have caught them unaware of your presence.
    -  Iphi will tell you to destroy the mining towers while she engages the Cylon
       Raiders.  There are six towers you must take care of.
    -  Each tower has eight targets on the top.  Destroy them with missile or laser
       fire.  When you destroy at least seven of the points, the energy core under
       the mining tower will open up.  Go down and let loose to extinguish it.
       Doing so will destroy the tower.  (Primary Objective #1).
    -  After you have destroyed the towers, turn toward where Iphi is and turbo
       over.  Destroy any stray Cylons in your path.  A cut scene will occur where
       two Crimson Elite Raiders will enter from hyperspace.
    -  Use your targeting to find the Crimson Elite.  Turbo toward them and missile
       lock on them.  Let your missiles fly.  If you aren't quick enough, they will
       destroy Iphi's fighter.  If you have done it right, a cut scene will show
       the Crimson Elite running away.
    -  After this occurs, the mission will be over.  (Primary Objective #2).
    NOTE:  If you are playing in Expert Mode, then you will acquire the
    Invincibility cheat.
    / 10.10  Mission 10 /__________________________________________________________
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy the fuel base
    Secondary Objective(s):  1.  Stop any tankers escaping
    This is your second outing on the Galactica's gun turrets.  The primary turrets
    you will be using are your middle right and top rear.
    -  After Kassia explains what you are doing, switch to the left turret and
       target the two Light Tankers attempting to escape.
    -  After you destroy the Light Tankers, turn your attention to the fueling base
       itself.  This is a target rich environment and your laser fire should
       devastate all targets you lock on.  Be sure to destroy all the fuel lines
       and tankers that are attached.
    -  In addition, destroy the black box-like projections that in between the
       fueling points.  After you have raked the fuel base for a time, Kassia will
       break in stating that the Crimson Elite Raider has escaped.
    -  Be prepared for the next part of the mission.  Kassia will tell you that
       there are Light Tankers making a suicide run on the Galactica.  Switch to
       your rear gun and face it slightly to the right.  Use the magnifier and you
       will see the tankers approaching.
    -  Target the tankers in turn and let loose with laser fire.  This turret
       requires you to constantly hit the fire button.  Although not automatic,
       this turrets fire is significantly more devastating.
    -  After you destroy the tankers, turn your attention back to the fuel base
       again and go back to the left turret.  As you did the first time, hit the
       fuel lines and other designated targets.
    -  Kassia will state that the Galactica is going in for another pass.  Switch
       to the left turret and continue to blast the base.
    -  Kassia will break in and state that two more Light Tankers are approaching
       the Galactica.  Go back to the rear turret and look to the left side of the
       fuel station.  You will see two more tankers approaching.  Let loose and
       destroy them.
    -  Go back to the left turret and finish raking the fuel station with fire.
       After a while, the mission will end with a cut scene showing the fuel
       station blowing up.  (Primary Objective #1).
    / 10.11  Mission 11 /__________________________________________________________
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy Cylon Heavy Fuel Tankers
    Secondary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy Cylon Light Fuel Tankers
    You get to fly a Colonial Bomber for this mission.  If you thought the Cylon
    Raider was a bad fly, then you are in for a surprise.
    -  The mission opens up with Kassia explaining that this is the last link in
       the Cylon fueling pipeline.  Take out these tankers to isolate them.
    -  You will be approaching two Heavy Tankers from behind.  Flying the Colonial
       Bomber, you will have to basically bomb them to destroy them.  If you don't
       bomb the right areas, you are wasting your efforts.
    -  When you get within a Colonial Bomber length of the target, switch to your
       bomb sight.
       -  The best method is to go along the side and bomb the sides of the panels.
          This will cause them to break off and expose the two fuel cells under-
       -  Bomb the two fuel cells.  When destroyed, go to the next set of panels.
          Continue this until you destroy all eight panels and fuel cells.
       -  Use your targeting to identify your next targets.  There is one on the
          cross-beam at the rear of the ship.  One on the cross-beam at the front
          of the ship and one on the bridge.
       -  Hitting all of these targets will bring the Heavy Tanker down.
       -  While you are in the middle of your bomb run, be aware that the Cylons
          are busy attacking your bomber.  You may have to move out to collect more
          energy and repair your bomber.
    -  After you destroy the two tankers, Kassia will wonder where the third tanker
       ran off to.  Paulus will hunt for it and find it flanked by two Light
    -  You will have six minutes to take out the last Heavy Tanker.  Use the above
       method to destroy it.
    -  The mission will end and you will see the Heavy Tanker crashing.  (Primary
       Objective #1).
    / 10.12  Mission 12 /__________________________________________________________
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Protect the Galactica from the incoming Raiders
                           2.  Destroy the Marauder bombers
                           3.  Destroy the 2 Cylon tankers
                           4.  Destroy the kamikaze Crimson Elite
    Secondary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy all hostiles
                             2.  Destroy the tanker support wings
    This battle will be an old fashioned dogfight.  You will have a target rich
    environment so you should be able to rack up the chain kills and other stats.
    -  Kassia will inform all squadrons that the Cylons are going for an all out
       attack.  The first waves will be Raiders and Raider Leaders.  Use all that
       you have learned to blast them from the heavens.  (Primary Objective #1).
    -  Kassia will then warn you that Marauder bombers are on their way.  Again,
       clear them out.  Don't stray too far from the Galactica and you should have
       no problem taking care of the threat.  (Primary Objective #2).
    -  Kassia then tells you that two Light Tankers are on a collision course with
       the Galactica.  They will appear off the right corner.  Missile lock them
       and their escorts and let loose.  Go in with missiles and lasers to wipe out
       the threat.  (Primary Objective #3).
    -  Kassia is still full of good news as she tells you that a Crimson Elite is
       on a collision course with the Galactica.  Lock all missiles on the fighter
       and blow it from the heavens.  You may have to do two groups of missile
       locks to blow away the fighter.  (Primary Objective #4).
    / 10.13  Mission 13 /__________________________________________________________
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Protect Paulus
                           2.  Stop the Troopships from docking
                           3.  Protect Paulus while he scans the Basestar
                           4.  Destroy the Basestar's shield generators
                           5.  Kill Magus
                           6.  Destroy the Basestar's neutron cannon
                           7.  Retreat to a safe distance
    Secondary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy 12 advanced Raiders from the first attack
                             2.  Destroy the Basestar turrets
    This will be one of the busiest and most difficult missions you will have to
    deal with.  There are multiple objectives and a lot of them are on a tight time
    -  The mission opens with you in the launch tube.  After you are launched,
       target to identify the targets chasing Paulus.
    -  Use all your missiles to lock on those targets.  It may take a couple of
       locks to destroy a bunch of Raiders.  (Primary Objective #1).
    -  Kassia will get on the screen and tell the squadron that Troopships are on
       their way.  Paulus tells you to take care of the Troopships while they fly
       top cover.  Use the same methods you used in mission 4 to take care of these
       Troopships.  (Primary Objective #2).
    -  After you have cleared out the Troopships, you will be vectored to protect
       Paulus again while he scans the Basestar.  Head toward the Basestar and
       missile lock on it.  Most of the targets you lock on will be gun turrets.
    -  You will have to make a few passes in order to clear out all the turrets.
       Once you have cleared out the turrets, turn your attention to picking off
       the Cylons that are pursuing Paulus.  Make sure to keep yourself out of
       harms way as you take down those fighters.
    -  A cut scene will occur where Kassia states that the Basestar fired its
       neutron cannon and did big damage to the Galactica.  Its up to you and
       Paulus to find where the controls are to prevent another such blast.  Pick
       off more Cylons and Paulus will state he has found the six controls but has
       only identified five of them.  (Primary Objective #3).
    -  Depending on your perspective, there will be three generators on top and two
       on the bottom of the Basestar.  They appear to be blue cylinders sticking up
       from the Basestar.  Use targeting to identify their locations.  Use your
       laser on auto to destroy the five generators.  You will only have one minute
       to complete this.  (Primary Objective #4).
    -  Another cut scene shows Paulus identifying the sixth controller.  He states
       that it is moving.  Magus appears behind Paulus and destroys his fighter.
       You are now tasked with hunting down and killing Magus.
    -  After your character states he is scanning and found something.  Target lock
       on Magus' Crimson Elite fighter.  You will have two minutes to take Magus
    -  You should have enough distance for five to six missile locks.  After you
       let the missiles fly, immediately move out of his way or his laser and
       missile barrage will clear you out.  Turbo to create distance and repeat the
       above.  Since these are homing missiles, fire a couple at him when he
    -  You should blast out Magus with a couple of passes.  (Primary Objective #5).
    -  Kassia will state the Basestar is getting ready to let loose another neutron
       cannon blast.  She tells you to take out the neutron cannon.  Go to the
       Basestar and you will see a shield around the core.  Start blasting the
       shield to bring it down in that area.
    -  Shoot out the white projections.  There will be ten white projections to
       take out and you have two minutes to complete this objective.  Continue
       around the perimeter of the Basestar and blast the projections.
    -  After you have blasted them all, Kassia tells you to fly clear since it is
       ready to blow up. You will have five seconds to fly clear.  (Primary
       Objectives #6 and *7).
    / 10.14  Mission 14 /__________________________________________________________
    Primary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy Erebus' Cradle
    Secondary Objective(s):  1.  Destroy all incoming Raiders
    This is it, for all the marbles.  Finishing this mission will ensure some
    semblance of peace for a while between the humans and Cylons.
    -  Kassia will tell you that Erebus has escaped to the planet below.  Due to
       interference, she is sending Adama alone to finish the job.
    -  Use targeting to get to the Advanced Basestar you need to work over.  Be
       prepared to tangle with four Elite Raiders.
    -  The target will be three locations at the bottom of the Basestar.  To make
       things more interesting, the Basestar launches missile salvos in groups of
       four at your fighter.  You will have to do some fancy moving to avoid the
       missiles and shoot at the targets on the bottom of the Basestar.
    -  Once you have destroyed all the targets, the Basestar will take off and
       launch missile in its wake.  Use targeting to identify the twelve points on
       the Basestar you must destroy.
    -  You must turbo behind the crown of the Basestar.  Use your lasers to destroy
       the areas projecting from the crown.  After the Advanced Basestar has fired
       four salvos of missiles, it will accelerate away at high speed.
    -  The Basestar will then turn and fire a massive laser burst.  Avoid getting
       caught in the burst or you will last a very short time.  Turbo behind the
       crown and target again to blast away at the projections.
    -  You will play cat and mouse like this for a while.  When you destroy all of
       the projections, the Basestar will explode and Erebus will enter the scene
       with a few more fighters.
    -  Clear out the fighters and concentrate on destroying the white projections
       on Erebus' Cradle.
    -  After that, go to the other side and lock onto the center of the cradle.
       Use laser and missile fire to totally destroy the cradle and finish the
    NOTE:  If you are playing in Normal or Expert Mode, then you will acquire the
    Unlimited Wingman cheat.
    The final scenes show the Galactica moving away from the planet.  You have
    created a peace which will last 40 years.
    ********************************* U N I T  V **********************************
    | 11.  STARCRAFT DATABASE |====================================================
    These are the weapons of the Colonials and Cylons.  Each has its strengths
    and weaknesses and it is your job to determine these.
    / 11.1  Colonial /_____________________________________________________________
    These are the craft available in the Colonial arsenal.  You will not see all
    of these at one time and some go through upgrades as you play the game.
    | Viper |
    You use this fighter on missions 1 through 6.  It is light and fast.  Its
    weaponry is relatively weak but it is compensated by rapid fire.
    | Viper MK II |
    You use this fighter on missions 8 through 12.  It is a little heavier and
    takes more punishment.  In addition, it is faster and more heavily armed.  It
    also uses less energy then its predecessor.
    | Strike Viper |
    This is your fighter for missions 13 and 14.  It is the heaviest and fastest
    of the Viper classes.  It was designed to take a great amount of punishment.
    In addition, it is very well armed plus it also has homing missiles.
    | Bomber |
    Only used in mission 11, the bomber is slow, cumbersome, and heavily armored.
    Their main purpose is to drop bombs on the enemy.  They require an escort since
    by themselves, the Colonial Bomber is helpless.
    | Battlestar |
    A Colonial capital warship.  It has a wide variety of weapons systems in
    addition to protection provided by its Viper and Bomber compliment.  Ships of
    this class include the Galactica, Atlantia, and Pegasus.
    / 11.2  Cylon /________________________________________________________________
    The Cylons have a wide array of offensive fighters.  You will encounter
    different variations as you progress through the missions.
    | Raider |
    The standard Cylon fighter.  They are lightly armored but heavily armed.  They
    don't move very fast so they are easy pickings for a Viper.
    | Raider Leader |
    This Cylon fighter is basically a Raider with more armor.  These fighter tend
    to direct the attacks of the Raiders within their wings.  Taking out a Raider
    Leader usually causes confusion amongst the ranks.
    | Scatter Raider |
    A lower armored and down-gunned version of the Raider.  These are mostly used
    for reconnaissance.
    | Advanced Raider |
    More heavily armed and armored then the Raider, these fighters are superior to
    the Viper but inferior to the Viper MK II in speed.  This is compensated for by
    their heavier weapons system.
    | Elite and Crimson Elite |
    The "Top Guns" of the Cylon fighters.  These are flown only by the top Cylon
    pilots.  These fighters are fast, heavily armored, and heavily armed.  They
    usually lead squadrons and are more then a match for the Strike Viper.  Taking
    them down can reap huge rewards.
    | Marauder and Heavy Marauder |
    Heavily armored and slow, the Marauder bombers carry a huge payload of bombs.
    Like the Colonial Bomber, they are heavily armored but they are weak in
    offensive capability.  Make sure you concentrate all fire on them since they
    are so heavily armored.
    | Imperium |
    Encountered in mission 14, the Imperium is a larger, more heavily armored, and
    more heavily armed fighter then the Elite and Crimson Elite fighters.  Take
    care around them since they usually outmatch a Strike Viper.
    | Troopship |
    Only encountered in missions 3 and 13, Troopships are lightly armored.  Their
    only purpose is to latch onto a vessel and burn a hole through it.  Once
    that's accomplished, the Cylons unload and take over said ship.
    | Heavy Fuel Tanker |
    Only encountered in mission 11, the Heavy Tanker is just as the name implies.
    They are slow and lightly armed but they make up for it by being heavily
    armored.  Lasers and missiles cannot penetrate their armor so bombers have to
    be used.  It takes a while to bring these big ships down.
    | Light Fuel Tanker |
    The most common tanker you will encounter.  Lightly armed and armored, they
    make easy prey for Vipers.  They are usually heavily escorted for protection
    but once you break through, shooting out their engines makes them sitting
    ducks.  Their only offensive capability is dropping their fuel tanks and using
    them as bombs.
    | Raider Overhaul |
    These ships usually carry other Cylon fighters.  Heavily armed and armored,
    they serve as small carriers for Cylon forces.  Sometimes they are used as mine
    | Basestar |
    The Cylon capital ship class.  Like the Battlestar, it has a wide variety of
    weapons systems in addition to protection provided by its Cylon fighter.
    | Advanced Basestar |
    Only encountered on mission 14, the Advanced Basestar is a more advanced
    capital warship.  It has at its disposal multiple missile and laser systems
    which is more then enough to keep most things at bay.  Very hard to destroy.
    ********************************  U N I T  VI *********************************
    | 12.  CONCLUSION |============================================================
    Battlestar Galactica is a fast paced, highly energetic game.  It is both very
    challenging and very frustrating.  Some of the missions I had to do multiple
    times in order to accomplish the objectives.  To add to this difficulty is the
    fact you cannot save your game until after you complete the mission.  This
    means that after spending an hour on one mission, if you get killed before
    finishing it, you just wasted an hour.  The gameplay, though, is excellent and
    you do feel as if you are piloting a Colonial Viper or a Cylon Raider.  In
    addition, you feel like you are in the thick of things when you are being
    swarmed by enemy fighters.  This game does justice to the series and it's nice
    to see a game of this caliber.  This guide, though, was a lot of fun to write
    and I hope you get as much enjoyment out of reading it.  If you do have other
    ideas or thoughts, please e-mail me and share them.  Who knows, maybe I'll
    start a Q&A chapter in this guide if enough people ask the same questions.
    Anyway, thank you again for reading this guide.
    To see other FAQ's I have written please go to:
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