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    Challenges Guide by Carps Tail

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    Carp's Challenges for Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8, ver. 1.04
    by Douglas Lee (douglaswlee-at-netscape-dot-net) -- 19 January 2004
    These are some challenges for the game, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8.
    It can work for either the PC or the PS2 version since both versions
    should have the scenarios needed for each challenge. It is particularly
    targetted for PS2 players since the PS2 version of RTK8 didn't come with
    some pre-set challenge-scenarios that were included in the PC version.
    I will continually add new challenges as I develop them, so check back
    here every now and then to see what is new!
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    * Please note: I am not able to answer any emailed questions about RTK *
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    Legal technicalities
    "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" series is (c) 2002-2003 Koei Games
    (http://www.koeigames.com). No copyright infringement intended. This
    document should be found exclusively on GameFAQs.com. You may use and/or
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    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2003-2004 Douglas Lee.
    Version history
    v1.04 - Minor changes to spelling.
    v1.03 - No additions made - I am not accepting any email questions, re: RTK
            games. Sorry, I simply don't have the time to give personal attention
            to email questions about this topic, so please use the message board.
    v1.02 - Cleaned up some text and clarified some conditions for better
    v1.01 - Added Challenge H6 "The pretender Yuan Shu"
    v1.0  - Original draft
    The ground rules
    There are some ground rules that apply to each challenge:
    1. You must play as ONLY ONE CHARACTER--the character specified in each
    scenario. You may NOT control more than one character, or any other
    character than the one specified.
    2. You must play in the HARD DIFFICULTY MODE.
    3. You CANNOT USE ANY CHEAT CODES that allow you to have, for example,
    an infinite number of soldiers or infinite gold and food. You have to
    use the limited resources that are given to you during the course of
    the game. This is an integral part of the challenges.
    4. Secondary objectives are NOT required to be completed unless you want
    to do so. Instead, they provide you with some additional goals that you
    may be interested in doing, if you have the time and resources to do
    Easy and hard challenges
    I have categorized the Challenges into two sets: easy and hard, based
    on my opinion of their level of difficulty. "Easy" challenges often
    have a lax time constraint or not as many primary objectives to achieve.
    "Hard" challenges have a more restricted time limit and/or have more
    primary objectives to meet.
    ========================= THE EASY CHALLENGES ==========================
    Challenge E1 - Liu Bei claims his heritage
    Difficulty rating: 7/10 (multiple conditions required for marriage,
    varied opposition)
    Description: Liu Bei thought himself as having a rightful member of the
    Imperial Han dynasty. Solidify his claim by getting him to marry Hu Ji,
    the Han emperor's sister.
    Start in any scenario before 210 AD and play as LIU BEI.
    This one's a bit tough since there are so many conditions that are
    required to be met before Emperor Xian will let you marry Hu Ji. See my
    general FAQ at GameFAQS.com for the conditions to meet.
    Your primary objective:
    -CAPTURE the city of where the HAN EMPEROR resides (this may be either
    CHANG'AN, LUOYANG, or XUCHANG, depending on which scenario you play in)
    -Choose to SUPPORT THE DYNASTY when asked
    -CONTROL at least 25 CITIES and ascend to the rank of PRINCE
    -MARRY HU JI (see the general FAQ at GameFAQS.com for the remaining
    conditions required to marry her)
    ** There is no time limit on this challenge. **
    Challenge E2 - The rise of Cao Cao
    Difficulty rating: 8/10 (extreme time constraint, limited resources,
    decent opposition)
    Description: Cao Cao immediately saw Dong Zhuo as a tyrant, whose evil
    intentions would result in nothing but catastrophe for the country. You
    are to help Cao Cao begin his ambition by leaving Dong Zhuo and
    eradicate the tyrant.
    Set up: Start in 189 AD and play as CAO CAO (he's an officer under
    Dong Zhuo at this point). Resign quickly to become a ronin and move to
    the city of CHENLIU where you will declare yourself a chief and found
    your new faction.
    Your primary objective:
    Eradicate DONG ZHUO'S FACTION.
    ** You have 5 years to accomplish your primary objective. **
    Challenge E3 - Gongsun Zan's "Rubicon"
    Difficulty rating: 7/10 (decent opposition, time constraint, limited
    Description: In Ancient Rome, the famous military general Julius Caesar
    crossed the Rubicon River and entered the city of Rome with his army to
    forcibly oust the government he had once served. Similarly, you are to
    guide Gongsun Zan along a fierce march back to Luoyang and take the
    capital city.
    Set up: Start in 191 AD and play as GONGSUN ZAN.
    Your primary objectives:
    -Fight your way past the Yellow River and CAPTURE LUOYANG. (i.e. this is
    like Caesar crossing the Rubicon and entering Rome). The Yellow River is
    a natural border between Luoyang and the northern part of China, where
    you start.
    -You must CAPTURE BOHAI or YE, or both on the way (e.g. you can't go
    northwest along Ji-Jinyang-Shangdang-Luoyang or south along Pingyuan-
    Jinan-Puyang-Xuchang-Luoyang without capturing Bohai or Ye, or both).
    -You must not lose more than two cities during your campaign.
    ** You must complete the primary objectives within 10 years. **
    Challenge E4 - Yan Baihu's ambition
    Difficulty rating: 7/10 (limited resources, time constraint)
    Description: From his lone city of Wu, Yan Baihu styled himself the
    "Prince of East Wu". Help him realize his ambition in pacifying the
    region of Jiangdong.
    Set up: Start in 194 AD and play as YAN BAIHU.
    Your primary objectives:
    -CONQUER the province of YANG (cities of MOLING, WU, HUIJI, CHAISANG,
    and POYANG)
    ** You have 10 years to complete the primary objectives. **
    ========================= THE HARD CHALLENGES ==========================
    Challenge H1 - Ma Chao's revenge
    Difficulty rating: 9/10 (time constraint, limited resources, strong
    Description: After Ma Chao's father, Ma Teng, and brother, Ma Tie, were
    killed at the hands of Cao Cao, the fiesty warrior from the mountains
    declared an unquenchable thirst for revenge on Cao Cao. Help Ma Chao
    seek his vengeance on his family's killer.
    Set up: Start in 213 AD, and play as MA CHAO (he's a chief in Zhang
    Lu's city of Hanzhong). Either DEFEAT ZHANG LU and capture HANZHONG, or
    move to SHANGYONG or WUDU to begin your campaign.
    Your primary objectives are:
    -CAPTURE the provinces of LIANG (the cities of Xiping and Xiliang) and
    YONG (Tianshui and Chang'an),
    -CAPTURE the province of SILI (Hongnong and Luoyang) from CAO CAO
    -EXECUTE CAO CAO once he is captured
    Secondary objective:
    Execute ANY of the CAO or XIAHOU OFFICERS if you capture them--this means
    you can't let them go or try to recruit them.
    ** You must achieve your primary objectives within 10 years. **
    Challenge H2 - Zhang Lu spreads to the West
    Difficulty rating: 8/10 (time constraint, limited resources, decent
    opposition, challenging layout of required cities)
    Description: After the demise of Ma Teng at the hands of Cao Cao, Zhang
    Lu sought control of the western lands. He styled himself "Prince of
    Hanzhong" and believed that he could easily take the province of Yi from
    Liu Zhang.
    Set up: Start in 212 AD and play as ZHANG LU.
    Your primary objective:
    -Conquer the provinces of YI, NANZHONG, LIANG, YONG, and NORTHERN JING
    Your secondary objectives:
    -In addition, conquer the province of SOUTHERN JING
    -In addition, control the cities of HONGNONG and LUOYANG
    ** You have 10 years to complete the primary objectives. **
    Challenge H3 - The Rise of the Jin
    Difficulty rating: 10/10 (limited resources, increased probability of
    failure due to requirement of revolution, time constraints)
    Description: Wei Prime Minister Sima Zhao is on the cusp of seizing
    control over his emperor's empire. Help him establish the Jin empire.
    Set up: Start in 263 AD and play as SIMA ZHAO only. You may NOT play
    as Wei Emperor CAO HUAN.
    Your primary objectives:
    -Set yourself up as a NEW LIEGE; this must involve rebelling against
    Cao Huan (i.e. you can't simply resign and move to an unclaimed city)
    -Control the cities of LUOYANG, JINYANG, YE, XUCHANG, WAN, HONGNONG,
    CHENLIU, and SHANGDANG within 5 years of your revolt
    -You must control at least 20 OF THE ORIGINAL 27 WEI CITIES within 15
    years of your revolt
    Your secondary objective:
    -You may, during the course of your new ambition, wage war with the Shu
    and/or Wu factions; if you choose to fight either of these two empires,
    you must capture their capital cities of CHENGDU and JIANYE
    ** You have no more than a total of 15 years to achieve your primary
    objectives. **
    Challenge H4 - Lu Bu returns from exile
    Difficulty rating: 8/10 (initial limited resources, time constraint)
    Description: After killing the tyrant Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu and Wang Yun
    fell to the military and political machinations of Li Jue and Guo Si.
    Lu Bu led his band of ronin to the province of Yu. Help Lu Bu reclaim
    his "good name" and begin his ambition against those who failed to
    recognize his deeds and support him.
    Set up: Start in 193 AD and play as LU BU.
    Your primary objectives:
    -Set up yourself as a NEW LIEGE at the city of XUCHANG
    -EXECUTE the LIEGES of these factions
    Your secondary objective:
    -CAPTURE 25 CITIES so that you may ascend to the rank of PRINCE
    ** You have no more than 20 years to achieve your primary
    objectives. **
    Challenge H5 - Yuan Tan's inheritance
    Difficulty rating: 9/10 (initial limited resources, time constraint)
    Description: When Yuan Shao died, he named his second son Yuan Shang to
    succeed him instead of his first son, Yuan Tan. Help Yuan Tan achieve
    his rightful inheritance of his father's empire.
    Set up: Start in 202 AD and play as YUAN TAN.
    Your primary objectives:
    -You must NOT lose any cities to CAO CAO, GONGSUN KANG, or SUN QUAN
    Your secondary objective:
    -CONQUER the city of JINAN from CAO CAO (to complete your control over
    the province of QING)
    ** You have 10 years to complete your primary objectives. **
    Challenge H6 - The pretender Yuan Shu
    Difficulty rating: 10/10 (limited resources, strong opposition, time
    Description: Yuan Shu's ambitiousness has taken over his thoughts. With
    the Imperial Jade Seal in his possession, he has declared himself
    emperor. However, the town of Guangling is no place for an emperor--you
    are to guide Yuan Shu to a city worthy of an emperor.
    Set up: Start in 199 AD and play as YUAN SHU.
    Your primary objectives:
    -CONQUER the provinces of HUAINAN (cities of Guangling, Lujiang, and
    Shouchun), XU (Xiaopei and Xiapi), YAN (Chenliu and Puyang),
    YANG (Chaisang, Huiji, Moling, Poyang, and Wu) and YU (Runan, Qiao, and
    -DEPOSE the HAN EMPEROR at XUCHANG (you automatically do this once you
    capture this city)
    -EXECUTE SUN CE for betraying your trust
    -MOVE YUAN SHU to a city with at least 250,000 POPULATION (at the
    beginning of this scenario, the cities that qualify for this objective
    are Xuchang, Ye, Bohai, Chengdu, Changsha, Xiangyang, Jiangling,
    Moling, and Huiji)
    Your secondary objective:
    -ALLY yourself with YUAN SHAO
    -You may, if Yuan Shu dies, continue the game as YUAN YAO or YUAN YIN
    ** You have 20 years to complete the primary objectives. **

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