Review by allstar56

Reviewed: 06/24/04

As good as madden?

Great job EA! I don’t care what ANYONE says about madden being the same thing as this, in my opinion NCAA is just as good as madden if not BETTER!

Gameplay- This is great for those who never played an NCAA football game before. Dynasty mode is easily set up so you can pick WHO you want to play and WHEN ( Except if you are in a division then you only get set weeks to play whoever you want) This is great if you want to start the season off Taking down the number one team! Apart from this there are sports illustrated magazines every week that updates you on what is going on around the league and who is in the running for the Heisman award. Aside from dynasty mode there is something new that I absolutely love, that would be a mode to relive the top 20 classic moments in college football. If you complete these challenges you win a special pennant which unlocks that team for exhibition use.

Sound 10/10- Turn on the television on Saturday and listen to the bands play. That song is in this game guaranteed. Everything you could want, the referees whistle, the punting of the football and, the catching of the football sound is in here. Commentary is excellent, it feels like you are sitting on your sofa watching the big game, They NEVER overlap each other which is better then some sports games out there.

Graphics- 10/10- Everything looks as smooth as madden. You can expect this from EA yearly now. You can watch a player pose after scoring a touchdown or watch a referee fall to the ground after you run into him. The best thing about the graphics though, is when there is a fake called and your running back runs without the ball the camera goes onto him and returns to the QB in a couple of seconds, this is the PERFECT way to fool a friend, computer, or get fooled yourself. In all You cannot complain about any of the graphics in the game

Control 10/10- This is perfect, If you want your quarterback to throw the ball he throws it, if you want your player to jump to catch the ball he will. There is Absolutely nothing complicated about these controls. In close games one thing can come down to winning and losing a game, and that is controls, if your QB can run you hit L2 and he enters run mode, it is as simple as that.

Online 4/10- I wish they spent a little more time on this feature. Select a player to face and he will accept or decline if he accepts you play a football game for rank that’s it. I wish EA sports added a tournament or a trophy case or SOMETHING better then just playing a person.

Buy or rent- Buy this game NOW, This game is just as good as madden if not better. The only advantage that madden has over NCAA is you can manage your own stadium and buy upgrades for your stadium. One thing I can promise you is that if you do rent this game before you buy it, I guarantee you that you will not find a better game worth your money on the market now, it is just that good I guarantee it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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