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Reviewed: 07/29/03 | Updated: 07/29/03

The pinnacle of college football games has arrivred

Finally the newest rendition of EA Sports NCAA Football has arrived with NCAA Football 2004 and is in top form. The real question seems to be, is it better than last years 2003 edition and does it warrant another $50 dollar purchase? The answer is a definite YES!!!

GamePlay - 9.5/10

The gameplay is a lot better than last years edition. The game speed has increased considerably, which gives the games played a much more realistic feel.

One of last years biggest complaints was the A.I. of the defensive backs not being aggressive enough and not making plays on bad passes that even my Grandma could make. Well, that problem has been addressed. The defensive backs are extremely good and will make great plays just like they would in college or the pros, they are much more aggressive. Passing is tougher because of the overall speed and A.I. of the opposing players. Which in turn makes the game overall more rewarding if you win. Also the concept of blocking for your running backs and quarterback have been vastly improved. Your blockers will work with you even while running down the field or performing a pulling block.

Another cool concept is the new camera angles which will throw off even the most hardened veteran player. You will see what I mean when you run a play action pass or a draw play...Very Cool!!! Plus they have even included more cool trick plays, which this edition really needed.

Also added is the very cool concept of the Sports Illustrated covers which appear after a week of mayhem in the college football world. It is very rewarding to see one of your players on the cover or even better, yourself as a created player on the cover. One of the many things to work for.

Another cool concept is the newly added classic teams. I am talking teams from way back, leather helmets and all.

Graphics - 9.5/10

Graphics are even better than last years edition, but not by much. The animation is a little bit smoother and not quite as many hiccups. There are new and improved animations which look fantastic. New tackle animations and new injury animations. Also now are the new celebration animations which work great, but be careful not to get a flag for excessive celebration.

Be sure to watch your receivers head actually turn to catch the ball.

Also the crowds and stadiums look a lot better. The crowds are not perfect, but when comparing them to last years edition, there is world of difference. Plus there are cool entrances for your team and the cannon being fired after scoring. This all just adds to the realism.

Control - 10/10

Control is excellent. It does not get any more precise than this.

Sound - 10/10

Sound is great. Close your eyes and you will feel like your at your favorite college teams game. The hits sound real and the crowd does also. From the grunts and groans to the schools fight song, you will swear your at the game.

Also the commentating has been improved and feels a little more natural and overall much better than last years.

Replay - 10/10

This game seemingly will never end. With the fantastic 50 season Dynasty Mode to the old school rivalry games you will never be left wanting!

Buy or Rent

I am not one to tell others to go out and spend $50 on a game. But if you love or even like football, then this is the game to get. This game has no competition!!! Well worth the $50. You won't feel cheated with this purchase.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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