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Reviewed: 07/21/03 | Updated: 07/21/03

This game is what college football is all about

This is a must play game if you like College Football or just football in general. Its fun, has many aspects and is totally adjustable to the player. You can get the computer to play like an experience gamer or a 3 year old child using the A.I. You can recreated some of the greatest games in college football history. You can recall your own greatest games and overtime thrillers. You view game, profile and dynasty records. You can keep track of home long you've played the game with EA Bio. You can just have fun with this game.

Gameplay- 9/10
This is much improved over years past. Tackling is cleaner, crisper and more realistic. Players now push other players out of bounds instead of always tackling them. Stiff arms are more realistic, and a new lead technique helps you control where you throw the ball. You can lead receivers to left or right, up or down depending on the way you want them to catch and run. There are some funky errors in this game. Including a kicking glitch, If the defensive player gets in the way of the snap on a field goal, and the ball is deflected to the side, it will still kick like it didn’t more.

Audio/Commentary- 8/10
The Commentary is excellent, with tons of new phrases added. The fight songs are old now, because they have used them in a lot of games past, but new ones have been added such as the Florida State war chant.

Dynasty Mode- 9/10
Recruiting requires a bit more skill because you have to add a pitch in the recruiting process. (Program Prestige, Location, Coaching Style and Playing Time) Some players with bite for one or more of these, but not others. For example Joe Smoe from New York, New York may be interested in playing early, but not care where its located, how he’s coached or how good the school is. There is strength of schedule feature that gives your team a star rating on how hard your schedule is. The coolest feature added to the Dynasty mode though is Sports Illustrated cover, and mini covers. They have bowl predictions, conference standings, Heisman hopefuls and such that add to the game. Seeing your player on the cover is cool, and adds to the game.

Extras- 10/10
The extras in my opinion make this game. Football 101 teaches you how to play the game, and its not all the basic ether. I for one didn’t feel like watching it because I didn't want to learn how to move the player. Its a bit more deep than that though, covering moves like the fake pitch and pass leading.

The Greatest game feature is often confusing for a lot of gamers, but once you get the hang of it, its really awesome. You can look back on your greatest games, and you get a rating of how good the game was. My greatest game, for example, was Illinois at Ohio State, beating them in triple O.T 52-49 for a score of 1326. I also had a game where I lost 45-42 in double O.T to Syracuse for a score of 294. Its a nice feature once you get the hang of it.

The EA Bio is a very nice extra. It keeps track of playing time and accomplishments you've had. It always gives you rewards for NCAA Football 2004 and other EA Sports games. All other EA games, such as EA Big game NBA Street series doesn’t count towards the Bio, which is a negative.

The mascot games, practice and Rival games are old features. The trophy room is still in the game, with all the trophies you've won such as a conference championship or bowl victory(and some non-BCS bowl games now have trophies instead of just Plaques) The Rival trophies are also there.

The best new extra is the addition of college classics. There you will be given a description of an old college football classic. You will attempt to repeat the tasks, or make the result different. These including the infamous Cal vs. Stanford game with everything but the marching band running on the field and ''the pass'' with Doug Flutie's (QB #22) hailmary with Boston College. Its challenging and very fun at the same time.

Buy/Rent- Buy

This game is maybe the best football game, and certainly the best college football game out. It gets addictive so beware. I'd buy it is you really love college football, and rent it if you don't really like college football, because it will get old. Ether way you get your bang for your buck with this game that you will find yourself up at 2 in the morning playing and unable to put down in some cases

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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