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FAQ/Walkthrough by Gbness

Version: Final | Updated: 08/05/06

      _____________                                  _________________
      |  _________  |     ____________               |  _____________  |
      | |         | |____|  ________  |   ___________| |             | |
      | |    _    | _______|__    __/ |__|  __   __    |____     ____| |
      | |   | |   ||   _   |  |  |    ___  |  | |  | _______|   |  ____|
      | |   | |   ||  | |  |  |  |  ,'   `.|  | |  ||   ___/|   | |
      | |   |_|   ||  | |  |  | _|_/  .----`  '-'  ||  |___ |   | |
      | |         ||  '-'  '--'`      |    |   _   ||   ___||   | |
      | |   .    _||   _    _______   |    |  | |  ||  |    |   | |
      | |   |\   \ |__| |__|  |__| \  '----,  | |  ||  |___ |   | |
      | |   | \   \            _    `.___,'|__| |__||______||   | |
      | |___| _\___\       _  | |     _____   _   _   _     |___| |
      |      | |      ,'\_| | | |    |  _  | | \ | | | |/`. ______|
      | /`.,'   `.,'\ `.  __| | |    | |_| | |  \| | | ' / /
      | `.   ,-.   ,' _/ |    | | _  |  _  | |     | |   \ \
      |   | ( ( ) |  |_  |    | || | | | | | | |\  | | |\ \ \
      | ,'   `-'   `.  \ |__  |____| |_| | | |_| \_| |_| \_\ \
      | \,'`.   ,'`./ ,' _  |  ______________________        |
       \___  |_|  ___ `./ |_| |                     /        /
           |_____|   |________|                    /        /
 _________________________________________________/        /__________________
|  _____ ____  _  _  _  _____  ____  ____  __    __   ___   _  _  ___   ____  |
| |  __/|    || || \| ||  __/ |  __\|    ||  \/\/  | / _ \ | \| ||   \ |    | |
| | | _ | || || ||    || | _  | |   | || ||        || |_| ||    || |\ || || | |
| | || || || || || |\ || || | | |__ | || ||        ||  _  || |\ || |/ || || | |
| |____||____||_||_||_||____| |____/|____||_|\/\/|_||_| |_||_||_||___/ |____| |

|ASCII by osrevad|

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando FAQ/Walkthrough
For the Sony PlayStation 2
Copyright 2004-2006 Richard Beast
Version Final
Date: 08/05/06

Version History:

++ Final ++
Updated the guide with a little addition to the legal disclaimer and the IM
rules. That should settle everything that needs to be done in the guide. See
you in my Ratchet & Clank 3 FAQ.

++ 1.0 ++
Yes, this guide is complete, although there's probably some room for a bit more
nifty info to be put in it. I may fix some stuff up in the future, do stuff
with the format, and more. So this is far from the final update.

Table of Contents:

This guide, as you will soon see, is pretty big. Seeing as how this takes
effect, you will most likely be lost in trying to find out what you want to
read. There is one way to get to it, instantly. Press Ctrl + F, and then look
for whatever you want. Let's say you want to go to the Basics section. Type in
"V. Basics", and then you'll go to the basics section, instantly! Pretty neat,

~ -------------------------- * TABLE OF CONTENTS * -------------------------- ~
I. Introduction
II. Game Information
III. Legal Disclaimer
IV. Contact Rules
 IVa. E-Mail Rules
 IVb. IM Rules
V. Basics
 Va. Storyline
 Vb. Controls
 Vc. Moves
 Vd. More Basics
VI. Characters
VII. Weapons
 VIIa. Normal Weapons
 VIIb. Gold Weapons
 VIIc. Gadgets
VIII. Walkthrough
 VIIIa. Planet Aranos
 VIIIb. Planet Oozla
 VIIIc. Maktar Resort
 VIIId. Planet Endako
 VIIIe. Planet Barlow
 VIIIf. Thugs Rendezvous
 VIIIg. Planet Notak
 VIIIh. Slim Cognito's Ship Shack
 VIIIi. Planet Siberius
 VIIIj. Planet Tabora
 VIIIk. Planet Dobbo
 VIIIl. Planet Joba
 VIIIm. Planet Oozla Revisited
 VIIIn. Deep Space Disposal
 VIIIo. Planet Todano
 VIIIp. Planet Boldan
 VIIIq. Planet Aranos Revisited
 VIIIr. Planet Todano Revisited
 VIIIs. Planet Gorn
 VIIIt. Planet Snivelak
 VIIIu. Planet Smolg
 VIIIv. Planet Grelbin
 VIIIw. Planet Damosel
 VIIIx. Planet Grelbin Revisited
 VIIIy. Final Preparations
 VIIIz. Planet Yeedil
X. Collectibles
 Xa. Platinum Bolts
 Xb. Skill Points
 Xc. Nanotech Boosts
XI. Puzzle Solutions
 XIa. Electrolyzer Puzzles
 XIb. Infiltrator Puzzles
XII. Challenge Mode
XIII. Credits


                           =-+-= I. Introduction =-+-=


Hey guys, since I haven't had many projects lately, I decided to write for one
of the more recent games I got lately, the sequel to the awesome PS2 platformer
Ratchet & Clank. My name is Richard "Gbness" Beast. I'll be your host through
this guide, walking you through the game as nicely as I possibly can. Ratchet &
Clank: Going Commando also just happened to be one of my recent favorite games,
especially for the PS2, in which I felt wasn't exactly the strongest for the
platformers. Since I had such an affection for this game, something forced me
to write this. I really hope that you've already gotten this game, since it's a
wonderful addition to any gamer's library.

The guide will have this layout: first of all, there's this introduction that
you are probably (not) reading. Then I'll give you some info on the game, a bit
about the original, etc., and then I'll spill the beans for how you should
contact me, as well as the legal information for this guide. After you get past
that boring stuff, I'll tell you just about everything you'll need to know to
begin your journey through Bogon Galaxy. Then, I'll just tell you a bit about
the characters and the weapons (the Gold ones, too). After that, my walkthrough
will guide you through the whole game, detailing everything as best I can. Then
I'll tell you the locations of all the nifty collectibles. Keep in mind these
can also be found in the walkthrough itself.

My walkthrough for the game itself is as spoiler-free as I can make it. Trust
me, unless it's absolutely important I will not give away anything about the
ending, any revealing cutscenes, or anything like that. I'm a nice guy, so I
wouldn't want to ruin the game for you. Also, throughout the guide I'll tell
you how to get all of the Platinum Bolts and Nanotech Boosts, not only in the
collectibles section but the walkthrough too. Please don't e-mail me how to get
them unless you can't understand what I say, and it's all good. Anyway, I have
tried as hard as I could to make this a great guide. I do hope you enjoy it!


                       =-+-= II. Game Information =-+-=


Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando is the sequel to a popular Greatest Hit title
called Ratchet & Clank that was released in November 2002. You may have heard
of Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando as Ratchet & Clank: Locked and Loaded,
because some countries didn't like the name "Going Commando". They said that it
means walking around without your underwear on... just weird. And in some
places it's just Ratchet & Clank 2. Set in a futuristic galaxy, Ratchet &
Clank: Going Commando features over 24 weapons, about 16 upgrades to them, and
a dozen amazing gadgets.


                     =-+-= III. Legal Disclaimer =-+-=


You are NOT permitted to put this FAQ on your site without my permission first.
All you have to do is email me or IM me saying you want this FAQ on your site,
then you can tell me your site and the chance is high that I'll let you. But if
you put this FAQ on your site without my permission I swear you will regret it.
If I let you, not ONE word should be changed from this FAQ! NOT ONE! Got it?
Good. Also, make sure that no money is involved. If you want this FAQ to be
sold on eBay, then just forget about it, man. And don't sell this guide either,
or pay people to use it, or you'll be in such big trouble you don't want to

Another little note is that I will not have this guide hosted on many other web
sites besides GameNotOver, GameFAQs, IGN, and Neoseeker. You need full-on
permission if it's not one of the four above sites. I am sick of people ripping
me off (I have been ripped off three times in the past), so if I don't like
your site, I won't let my guide be posted on it. I am sorry, but this is how it
has to be. If you ask politely and I like your site, you will definitely have
the luck of getting it up there. Thank you very much.


                           =-+-= IV. Contact Rules =-+-=


| IVa. E-Mail Rules |

I love getting good emails, so you're free to email me with a question any
time, but I will not answer questions already answered in this FAQ. I prefer
e-mails with good grammar, and subjects with Ratchet & Clank <insert whatever
here> or I will delete them, sorry. Also, don't send me e-mails about Ratchet &
Clank 1 with a Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando subject, please. And don't
bother sending things like:

"You friggin' idiot. Your guides suck, you suck, and everything about you
sucks. DIE DIE DIE!"


"What the hell did you think you were doing writing all that garbage, you piece
of crap?

"I hope you fall down the stairs and break every bone in your body!"

"u su><0rz, eVrYtInG BoUt u sUx, dIe ass!!!!!!1"

I will laugh at such e-mails and delete them. So... if you're not just playing
a friendly joke on me or something, don't bother with that crap cos I've been
through with it too much. Another thing: don't send me e-mails in any languages
other than English or Spanish. I can read both English and Spanish pretty well,
but I prefer English. Still, I can do Spanish pretty well, so if you absolutely
have to send me an e-mail in Spanish, hola. But if you know English, I want
that. Thank you.

| IVb. IM Rules |

My AIM list is closed because of everything I need to get, so you'll have to
e-mail me to get on. If you are on, however, do not give me spam or ask me to
work for your site, or I'll probably remove you from it forever. Sorry if I'm
rude, but I am quite busy often and can't stay on a lot, so I can't work for
your site. It doesn't matter what it is; I WON'T WORK FOR YOUR SITE. Asking me
to is
asking to never talk to me again. Thank you. And please don't IM me a lot too,
because I have like 20 people always IMing me, and although I hold nothing
against them, I would prefer having light IMs. Thank you again. My name is


                           =-+-= V. Basics =-+-=


| Va. Storyline |

Ratchet & Clank 2 starts as Ratchet and Clank are sitting at home and being,
sort of... interviewed. Whatever you wish to call it. Ratchet comments that no
one really wants a hero now, which is when a being called Abercombie
Fizzwidget, a very cool person with a white moustache and a habit of using
nonexistant words then knows that Ratchet is the hero he needs, and then he
summons Ratchet and Clank to collect an experiment from a mysterious thief with
a mask of steel. However, it eventually turns out that the experiment is made
to become a pet, which eventually turns out with a twist...

| Vb. Controls |


Left Analog Stick = Move
X = Jump
X + X = Double Jump
X + X On Wall = Wall Jump
O = Fire Weapon/Use Gadget
[] = Use Wrench
X + [] = Wrench Smash
[] + L1 = First Person Throw
[] + R1 = Third Person Throw
/\ = Quick Select
/\ + /\ = Weapon Switch
L1 = First Person View
R1 = Crouch
X + R1 + Analog Stick = Flip
L2/R2 = Strafe
L2/R2 + X = Strafe Flip
Start = Map
Select = Map
R3 = Map


Left Analog Stick = Move
X = Jump
X + X = Hover
[]: Punch
/\: Command

|    GIANT CLANK    |

Left Analog Stick = Move
X = Jump
O = Fire Missiles
[]: Punch
/\: Bomb Attack


X (held) = Glide
R1 + X = Boost Jump
R1 + X (running) = Stretch Jump


Left Analog Stick = Move
X = Rise
[] = Dive
R1 = Swim Faster

| Vc. Moves |

- Wrench Attack
This is the basic of the basics in terms of moves. To do a normal attack with
your wrench, just press []. Of course, it gets much more complex than that.
Also, the wrench attack is stronger if you jump then hit [].

- Other Wrench Attacks
The wrench isn't limited to just jumping and then a strike and just normal
striking. You can throw the wrench at an enemy by crouching with R1 and then
hitting [], and hit [] several times to hit the enemy away from you and deal
some great damage.

- Movement
Ratchet can do much more than move, strike, and shoot. If you've got Clank, you
can crouch and then jump to jump higher, and you can get a running start and
push both of them to do a much longer jump. You can also strafe by holding L2
or R2 and using the analog stick.

| Vd. More Basics |

Funny, I couldn't think of another name, so go ahead and sue me. Anyway, this
is a list of the kinds of boxes, and the basic of the basic stuff you will need
to know.


If you don't know what these are yet, I'd say you need to either turn your game
off and go home or get a bit of a reality, but I'm a nice guy who's writing a
guide, so I wouldn't. Anyway, bolts are the currency of Ratchet & Clank: Going
Commando. You'll use these at Megacorp Vendors, scattered all over the planets.
There's usually more than one in a planet, and there's one vendor at the
beginning of every planet. Bolts can be earned by beating enemies and smashing
boxes, and they come in many shapes and sizes.


Boxes can be found everywhere throughout the huge Bogon Galaxy. However, whilst
the original had 4 kinds, the sequel has only 3 kinds. There are the normal
boxes in which you can pluck open with just about everything, from your wrench
to the Heavy Bouncer, but there are time bomb crates as well. Jump on them or
touch them, and they blow up in three seconds. They contain lots of bolts too,
though. And there are crates with an "M" on them to mark Megacorp, which
contain ammunition for those spankin' weapons of yours. However, for some
reason, the metal boxes which can only be destroyed with weapons but held more
bolts are gone, though.


Megacorp Commandos don't get the whole job off of fun, since Megacorp sponsors
tons of mini-games throughout the game in which you can participate in (Maktar
Resort, Planet Barlow, Thug Rendezvous, Planet Joba, Deep Space Disposal, and
Planet Gorn have the maxi-games). They also offer tons and I mean TONS of
bolts. So if you have yet to set your foot in them, you deserve a gun to be
blasted in yo face.


These are by far the most challenging, most rewarding, and most entertaining
games you'll face in the game. Set in a large, circular arena you will face off
with tons of the Bogon Galaxy's gladiators, and you can also fight bosses.
There are all kinds of challenges in these arenas, which range from challenges
with only one weapon to timed challenges to challenges which force you to go
for a long time without any health being restored to much more. And not to
mention that they pay you a HUGE number of bolts.


Although the races can be a huge nuisances, these are also an awesome source of
more bolts. You'll be in a large race with 20 thugs, and the track is the
limit! As you beat more races, shortcuts open, weapons appear, and your count
of bolts goes up. The Hoverbike Races also have collectibles through them (one
has a Platinum Bolt and the other has a Nanotech boost). Enjoyable shtuff.


There are more space battles than arena battles or hoverbike races, but these
can get you the most bolts in the least time. These battles take place inside
your ship, in which you can use missiles, torpedos, mines, and fully fledged
nukes to blow $&!% up. Also, at a vendor called Slim Cognito's Ship Shack, you
can make these battles easier by purchasing the upgrades there with Raritanium.
Last but not least, there are space races against a thug called Ace Bunyon to
keep you entertained (and also offer a Platinum Bolt per race).


                          =-+-= VI. Characters =-+-=


I'm not going to go ahead and spoil every single character you'll meet in
Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, but here are just a few of the more important

|      RATCHET      |

Ratchet's the main character of the two. Just like the original, and similar to
Jak & Daxter, Ratchet will be the character you control through the game,
although occasionally Clank goes through small areas. Ratchet's got the "cool"
type of attitude, in which he uses to tick Clank off all the time. Ratchet
isn't the guy you'd want to mess with, as he comes with a great Commando's
tool, the OmniWrench 8000.

|       CLANK       |

While Ratchet is the cool, adventurous hero, Clank is the brainy one. He's the
one who constantly has to tell Ratchet off when he gets hyper (for example,
Ratchet says "OHHH YEAH, I got maaaad skillz!" at one point and is told off
with Clank's frown). Clank isn't used too much throughout the game, but he
gives Ratchet incredible jumping and hovering abilities, and his missions are
quite fun, as he can command an arsenal of MicroBots.


This is the guy who gets Ratchet and Clank started on their mission: to get the
Experiment back (its purpose is unknown). Mr. Fizzwidget has to be my personal
favorite character in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. He's an old guy who
talks about 1,000 words a minute, and also uses words that simply do not exist.
(example: incredulous and other mixed-up words) But you can't look out of the
fact Mr. Fizzwidget is rather... strange.

|     THE THIEF     |

One of the coolest characters in the game, the thief is the one who stole Mr.
Fizzwidget's Experiment. However, why he did it is unknown. The Thief is one
heck of a strange character too, since he wears a mask. What exactly is behind
it? And did he really have a reason for stealing the Experiment? Juicy,
humorous information about the thief is revealed around the middle of the game.

|    THUG LEADER    |

The Thug Leader would probably fall under the category of Ratchet & Clank:
Going Commando's main bad guy! The Thug Leader is the employee of a company
called Thugs-4-Less, which takes care of people's problems. The Thief hires
Thugs-4-Less to help, and since Ratchet and Clank ruin the Thug Leader's
schemes various times in the game, he uses heavy machinery to try and stop them.


                           =-+-= VII. Weapons =-+-=


| VIIa. Normal Weapons |

Alright, here is the list of the major weapons of mass destruction you are
going to use across the world of Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. Of course,
there is little chance that Ratchet or Clank will suddenly be warped to Iraq,
get blown up by land mines, or face trouble with terrorists, so to speak.

| OMNIWRENCH 8000 | PRICE: N/A | AMMO MAX: N/A                     |
|You guessed it, this is the ORIGINA WEAPON OF TEH R&C:GC, so      |
|doncha go looking for it. Still, the OmniWrench 8000 will be one  |
|of your most used weapons through the game. The OmniWrench does   |
|not use any ammo at all, and it allows to quickly hit enemies, and|
|to add to that, it even manages to pack quite a punch. It gets    |
|even stronger with every upgrade you get, too. Good for a starting|
|weapon; you will use this quite a lot, I guarantee.               |

| LANCER | PRICE: N/A | AMMO MAX: 200 | AMMO PRICE: 1              |
|This is the first gun in the first game (although you start with  |
|it), but it can be quite useful, as it has a lot distance on it   |
|and it has quite a lot of ammunition, allowing you to fire it many|
|times. You can also use it to aim and snipe, then go for the kill |
|nicely. Plus, although it's not very strong, it can very easily   |
|take certain enemies out in only 5 or so hits.                    |

| GRAVITY BOMB | PRICE: N/A | AMMO MAX: 8 | AMMO PRICE: 50         |
|The Gravity Bomb, unlike the previous weapon, serves for no       |
|purpose other than death, destruction, and ultimate power. If you |
|use this on an enemy, odds are they will be dead. When you fire   |
|one of these things, they lay a very large explosion on the ground|
|which will easily allow you to hit several things at one time. It |
|can also destroy certain objects, and some bosses can be taken out|
|quite easily with a few of these. Only bad point is that the      |
|Gravity Bomb has a severe lack of ammunition. Eight bombs...      |

| CHOPPER | PRICE: 5,000 | AMMO MAX: 35 | AMMO PRICE: 4            |
|The Chopper is one of the quicker and more powerful weapons. When |
|you use the Chopper, you will fire a blade that locks on to the   |
|enemy you're looking at, and after the Chopper slices through it  |
|once, it usually goes backwards and then hits him again. Because  |
|of this, the Chopper is _very_ good for taking out a long line of |
|enemies, since you can fire a Chopper blade very quickly, and then|
|they'll go back and forth many times. The Chopper can also be     |
|quite useful for taking out one single, very strong enemy.        |

| BLITZ GUN  | PRICE: 15,000 | AMMO MAX: 40 | AMMO PRICE: 5        |
|Yes, the Blitz Gun indeed comes for a hefty price of 15,000 bolts.|
|Still, I have to say that the Blitz Gun is worth that price tag on|
|it. When you fire the Blitz Gun, it'll shoot off a long range of  |
|fire. Any enemies that are near you will taste blood once you     |
|press the O button. It can also hit at a very good distance. If it|
|is a long distance from the enemy, it will still do some damage,  |
|although not very much. It's good enough to wipe most of the early|
|enemies out though, making it overall pretty powerful.            |

| PULSE RIFLE | PRICE: 20,000 | AMMO MAX: 8 | AMMO PRICE: 50       |
|To start things off, the Pulse Rifle is POWERFUL. It can kill     |
|Chain Blade fairly quickly, and as a sniper rifle you can fire it |
|quite well. By pressing L1, you will go into a first person mode, |
|and you can then zoom in on enemies. This makes it very useful    |
|against fast creatures such as the birds in Planet Joba and       |
|certain large enemies. However, some downside points are that in  |
|gunfights (such as with Protopets) the Pulse Rifle is totally and |
|completely useless, and it can be quite slow. Not to mention that |
|there only eight bullets? Oh man, that leaves me wanting more.    |

|The Miniturret Glove would be _the_ early weapon to use against a |
|large group of weak enemies, since they fall quite quickly to the |
|wrath of the Miniturret Glove. When you put one of these down, it |
|will start firing fairly weak bullets at an enemy, until after a  |
|bit of use it detonates. Miniturret Glove will quickly wipe out   |
|large groups of enemies in seconds, and it'll also take down big  |
|creatures (such as Sand Dwellers) with a few of them in not too   |
|long of a time. I have to warn you though, that this weapon will  |
|start to get weak around Planet Tabora. Be warned, my friend.     |

| SEEKER GUN | PRICE: 5,000 | AMMO MAX: 25 | AMMO PRICE: 20        |
|The Seeker Gun fires a guided missile at enemies in the way, and  |
|when it comes across an enemy (it goes in a straight line), it    |
|goes straight at it for an attack. The Seeker Gun starts out quite|
|powerful, especially around enemies in Planet Notak or the like.  |
|However, the problem is that it falls to pieces very quickly, just|
|like the Miniturret Glove does. It soon becomes far too weak for  |
|lots of use, so it'll be a good idea to upgrade the Seeker Gun as |
|quickly as you can. Still, for only 5,000 bolts, it's worth it at |
|Planet Barlow, where you can first buy the Seeker Gun.            |

| SYNTHENOID | PRICE: 65,000 | AMMO MAX: 12 | AMMO PRICE: 100      |
|Although the Synthenoid is a grand price of 65,000 bolts, isn't   |
|really worth that price tag, and ain't really that useful, this   |
|has got to be one of the game's cooler weapons. If you use this   |
|baby, four small robots will come out of your gun and will start  |
|shooting enemies. Despite the damage being rather weak, it adds up|
|quickly and can provide you some extra defense. Remember that each|
|time you use it though, it eats up four ammo, since there are four|
|robots. This means that you can use it three times before paying  |
|1,200 bolts, so just keep that in mind.                           |

| LAVA GUN | PRICE: 25,000 | AMMO MAX: 200 | AMMO PRICE: 1         |
|Despite this easily being one of the hardest to control and one of|
|the weirder weapons, the Lava Gun is definitely one of the best in|
|the game, in my opinion anyway. On using this, a large stream of  |
|lava comes pouring out. If you're using this while facing an enemy|
|they will start burning. Against weak enemies, the Lava Gun is the|
|number one choice, hands-down. This weapon is great with an Acid  |
|Mod, since enemies will die even quicker.                         |

| BOUNCER | PRICE: 100,000 | AMMO MAX: 25 | AMMO PRICE: 50         |
|This is perhaps the best weapon in the whole game. The Bouncer is |
|a bomb that explodes into several smaller bombs that bounce around|
|and damage anything they come across. The damage is excellent, and|
|with an Acid Mod you can kill ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING with  |
|this in a short amount of time. Against a crowd of small enemies, |
|the Bouncer is unstoppable. Watch five tons of bombs hunt for the |
|kill with an upgrade, in which words cannot describe the power of.|

|Despite not being in any way original, the Minirocket Tube is one |
|of the best weapons, and one you will use quite a lot. It's just  |
|your everyday missile launcher, but one single missile from this  |
|will be enough to kill a lot of enemies in one hit, and it's even |
|quite fast to boot! An overall quite welcome addition to your     |
|weapon library, you are going to use the Minirocket Tube until the|
|end, I can promise you that. Get it as soon as you possibly can.  |

|The Spiderbot Glove is in my opinion a pretty crappy weapon. What |
|it does is release a small robotic spider out, which can "creep"  |
|through small holes and detonate right at an enemy's feet. One of |
|the main problems with the Spiderbot Glove is that if you're using|
|it on an enemy right in front of you, you'll be a sitting duck,   |
|just waiting for the enemy to shoot you and have you lose health. |
|Also, the Spiderbot Glove can only be used for 30 seconds and does|
|not have a shooting features, which disappoints. Nonetheless, it  |
|can be useful, and you'll need it to get some Platinum Bolts.     |

| PLASMA COIL | PRICE: 150,000 | AMMO MAX: 15 | AMMO PRICE: 50     |
|Another weapon that's okay, but definitely won't be one of your   |
|most used weapons, the Plasma Coil is a standard weapon that you  |
|can fire and the target will take electrical damage. One of the   |
|best things about the Plasma Coil is that it works great against a|
|large group of small enemies, since if you hit a single target    |
|with the Coil, it automatically shocks any nearby enemy for some  |
|decent damage. The Plasma Coil gets weak pretty quick, though.    |

| HOVERBOMB GUN | PRICE: 120,000 | AMMO MAX: 10 | AMMO PRICE: 50   |
|This is a pretty useless weapon, in my opinion. Much like the     |
|Spiderbot Glove, this is a weapon you can control, but you'll have|
|to put your Analog Stick into using this, which means you can't   |
|move Ratchet out of harm's way at the same time. The Hoverbomb Gun|
|is very hard to control, since you have to hold down O and move it|
|at the same time, and it'll be somewhat unresponsive. It's quite  |
|annoying to use, although against a distant, powerful enemy it can|
|sometimes prove that it's not entirely worthless, though.         |

|One of the absolute best and most useful weapons you will EVER    |
|pick up, the Sheepinator, as its name applies, turns enemies into |
|SHEEP! Harmless sheep that not only do nothing to you, but can    |
|sometimes make enemies go towards it and try and destroy it! You  |
|just can't top that. The Sheepinator couldn't be more useful if   |
|you're using it on a huge group of small enemies. Planet Damosel  |
|and its Protopets, anyone? It'll transform in half a second. On   |
|large enemies, if you can move while firing they'll be gone very  |
|quickly too. Too bad you can't use the sheep for wool. And one    |
|last note: THIS IS FOUND ON PLANET TODANO.                        |

| SHIELD CHARGER | PRICE: 100,000 | AMMO MAX: 5 | AMMO PRICE: 100  |
|If you're gonna use this against enemies, I have to warn you that |
|the Shield Charger is pretty damn weak, although that's not the   |
|point of it. :) The Shield Charger creates a barrier around       |
|Ratchet, so he won't take damage while it's up! After taking a bit|
|of hitting, the Shield Charger disappears. The Shield Charger is a|
|great addition to your overall weaponry; get it as soon as you can|
|as it makes the Impossible Challenge on Planet Joba much easier.  |

| BOMB GLOVE | PRICE: 1,000 | AMMO MAX: 40 | AMMO PRICE: 5         |
|The Bomb Glove from the original Ratchet & Clank has gone from an |
|awesome bomb to a piece of crap. The Bomb Glove doesn't provide a |
|half of the Gravity Bomb's explosion, and it doesn't help that it |
|is also very weak. There's no real use for it, so save up 1,000   |
|bolts for something a little more useful, unless you're collecting|
|to get the Old-Skool skill point or are trying to get all weapons.|

| VISIBOMB GUN | PRICE: 8,000 | AMMO MAX: 20 | AMMO PRICE: 100     |
|Why did they have to turn the third coolest weapon in the original|
|Ratchet & Clank into crap? The Visibomb Gun is a first-person     |
|missile in which you can control to hit enemies. First of all, not|
|only is the ammunition expensive (whenever you use the Visibomb   |
|Gun up, it's 2,000 bolts to completely get all the ammo back), the|
|Visibomb Gun is weak as hell. You can do much more damage with the|
|Lancer or the OmniWrench 8000. It is, however, the best of these  |
|five weapons you can buy from the original Ratchet & Clank.       |

| DECOY GLOVE | PRICE: 5,000 | AMMO MAX: 20 | AMMO PRICE: 10       |
|Even as a Ratchet & Clank 1 weapon, the Decoy Glove is actually   |
|quite helpful, although you aren't likely to use it much through  |
|the actual gameplay. If you set one of these up, the enemy will   |
|start attacking it instead of you, mistaking it for Ratchet! While|
|it wastes its time attacking a clone of you, you can just use some|
|of your strongest weapons and destroy the tough enemy quickly. It |
|works very well, and is by far the best of these five weapons.    |

| TESLA CLAW | PRICE: 8,000 | AMMO MAX: 300 | AMMO PRICE: 1        |
|Despite the "coolness factor" of the Tesla Claw, like almost all  |
|of the original Ratchet & Clank weapons it's useless. The Tesla   |
|Claw sends out a wave of electrical shock. First it'll harm the   |
|enemy but after a little bit of shock it'll hardly do any damage  |
|at all. This weapon was much better in Ratchet & Clank 1, you'd   |
|best just pass this up, unless you're going for Weapon Envy.      |

| WALLOPER | PRICE: 8,000 | AMMO MAX: N/A | AMMO PRICE: N/A        |
|The Walloper is a neat little weapon, despite being pretty useless|
|and all. The Walloper is like a replacement to the wrench, as     |
|Ratchet will charge up blue energy from his fist and run into an  |
|enemy, dealing out some hurt. There are some problems though. The |
|first thing you probably thought of is that the Walloper is weak. |
|Well, it is. You could do more damage with the OmniWrench 8000.   |
|Another thing is that the Walloper has very bad range. It only    |
|hits just a little bit ahead of Ratchet. However, two good things |
|are that you can push enemies off of ledges with this, and this   |
|costs you no ammo, making it more useful than other R&C weapons.  |

| ZODIAC | PRICE: 1,500,000 | AMMO MAX: 4 | AMMO PRICE: 10,000     |
|Holy shit... look at the 1,500,000 price tag on it... look at the |
|price for ammo... look at the description of "Words can't describe|
|the devastation of the Zodiac." Look at the disappointment this   |
|weapon will offer you... sure, the Zodiac's great, but what it    |
|does is instantly kill every enemy on the whole screen. It's 100% |
|useless against bosses, in which it won't touch. It'll be a lot   |
|more fun to shoot down an enemy the normal way, and add to that   |
|the Zodiac is friggin' expensive. If you use this up, it's a grand|
|40,000 bolts to completely restore it. I only recommend this if   |
|you're going for Weapon Envy or you're really lazy.               |

| RYNO II | PRICE: 1,000,000 | AMMO MAX: 100 | AMMO PRICE: 50      |
|This is the cream of the crop. It doesn't get any better than the |
|RYNO II (Rip Ya A New One), and unlike the Zodiac and the Clank   |
|Zapper, the RYNO II is worth it. What it does is fire a large     |
|chain of extremely powerful bullets, which can hit lots of targets|
|at once. And also, despite being an incredibly fast weapon, the   |
|RYNO II is POWERFUL. It can kill a lot of bosses very quickly, and|
|almost any regular enemy in a single hit. I do have to note one   |
|serious flaw though: 100 bullets just does not seem like enough.  |
|Seriously. Still, save up for this. You won't regret it.          |

| CLANK ZAPPER | PRICE: 1,000,000 | AMMO MAX: 30 | AMMO PRICE: 100 |
|From looking at the concept and the price tag, you'd think that it|
|is the best weapon in the game, right? WRONG. Not only is it not  |
|the best, Clank Zapper is probably the worst. What happens is that|
|Clank starts randomly zapping enemies, but the problem is that in |
|Challenge mode (the only time you can get it), the Clank Zapper is|
|absolutely pathetic. It hardly does any damage at all; the Lancer |
|and OmniWrench 8000 are much stronger. That's also not to mention |
|the zapping is quite random. Sometimes Clank will zap, sometimes  |
|when you do the same thing (such as jumping), he won't. If you've |
|got a lot of bolts, don't buy this; it's a piece of useless junk. |

| VIIb. Gold Weapons |

| HEAVY LANCER | AMMO MAX: 300 | AMMO PRICE: 1                     |
|Heavy Lancer fires even faster than the regular Lancer does.      |
|Adding to that, Heavy Lancer's fire is much bigger and also a lot |
|stronger than the regular Lancer, and since you WILL be using the |
|Heavy Lancer quite a bit, it even gives you an extra 100 bullets. |
|Upgrading the Lancer shouldn't be very hard, as you will be using |
|it quite a lot. You should have it in Notak though, since by the  |
|turning point of Siberius it will simply be far too weak for a lot|
|of usage, and the Heavy Lancer still leaves desire for more power.|

| MINI-NUKE | AMMO MAX: 8 | AMMO PRICE: 50                         |
|This is just about the only weapon that you can have in your big  |
|inventory of weapons that can top the Gravity Bomb's explosion.   |
|The differences in the Mini-Nuke from the regular Gravity Bomb are|
|that the explosion has a longer range, it lasts longer, and it's  |
|twice as powerful. My only complaint is that the Mini-Nuke still  |
|has only 8 bullets, which is not ANYWHERE near enough. Still, you |
|will probably use this a lot. You can probably get it very easily |
|in the Maktar Resort, since there are large groups of enemies.    |

| MULTI STAR | AMMO MAX: 35 | AMMO PRICE: 4                        |
|The Multi-Star isn't as useful or necessary as the past two Gold  |
|Weapons, but it's still a pretty nice upgrade and weapon to have. |
|As opposed to the regular Chopper, the Multi Star is blue instead |
|of red and when it hits enemies, it splits in two and the main    |
|discs are even more powerful than usual, which should allow some  |
|deaths to come around quicker than with the main Chopper. Although|
|you probably won't use the Chopper a whole lot, the Multi Star is |
|pretty easy to get. Just fight the Endurance Challenge or Mega    |
|Challenge with the Chopper, and you'll get this soon.             |

| BLITZ CANNON | AMMO MAX: 40 | AMMO PRICE: 5                      |
|The Blitz Cannon's even stronger and better than the Blitz Gun is!|
|First of all, I found the Blitz Cannon to be slightly faster to   |
|use than the Blitz Gun, and the power is twice as much. You can   |
|even beat a Saur-Beast with a couple hits of the Blitz Cannon, and|
|if you can get really close to an enemy, you'll really deal some  |
|hurt out to them with this. The Blitz Gun is one of the easiest   |
|weapons in the game to upgrade. All you have to do is defeat a lot|
|of Saur Beasts at Planet Barlow, and you'll get this in no time.  |

| VAPORIZER | AMMO MAX: 8 | AMMO PRICE: 50                         |
|This is definitely one of the best weapons for taking out strong  |
|enemies without needing to get hurt yourself. The Vaporizer (the  |
|Pulse Rifle's upgrade) is very powerful, and can even hit some    |
|nearby enemies along with the enemy you're aiming this baby at. It|
|also helps that the Pulse Rifle couldn't be easier to upgrade. It |
|doesn't matter if you're using this on small enemies; the gauge   |
|fills up quickly. Also: Saur Beasts. 'Nuff said, dear readers.    |

| MEGATURRET GLOVE | AMMO MAX: 20 | AMMO PRICE: 15                 |
|Unlike most of the other upgrades, the Megaturret Glove is not    |
|really that useful. The difference that it has from the original  |
|Miniturret Glove is that instead of firing bullets, it fires some |
|good ol' rockets instead, but the problem is that it sacrifices   |
|the Miniturret Glove's speed for power. The rockets aren't nearly |
|as fast as the bullets are. The Megaturret Glove can get some     |
|glory at times, but it isn't really that useful. To upgrade it,   |
|either use the Miniturret Glove against a Saur Beast and a buncha |
|Tribesmen in Planet Barlow or in a place like Planet Endako, where|
|there are a bunch of small enemies. It works well in that way.    |

| HK22 GUN | AMMO MAX: 20 | AMMO PRICE: 20                         |
|Despite the HK22 Gun having less ammunition then the regular gun  |
|did, it more than makes up for it with the fact that the HK22 lets|
|out a grand total of THREE rockets at a time! Add to that, that's |
|only 1/20 of your bullets gone, so it's like you have 60 of these.|
|The HK22 Gun is definitely one of the best weapons, as each rocket|
|manages to do a lot of damage at the same time. The Seeker Gun is |
|also pretty easy to upgrade. If you let it loose against some Saur|
|Beasts, it'll be pretty damn sweet. Try to upgrade it as quickly  |
|as possible though, since the Seeker Gun can get a bit weak.      |

| KILONOID | AMMO MAX: 12 | AMMO PRICE: 100                        |
|The Synthenoid is one of the toughest weapons that you will ever  |
|upgrade, but the Kilonoid is pretty well worth it. It's like the  |
|Megaturret Glove's upgrade, as instead of firing normal bullets,  |
|it shoots off rockets. Unlike the Megaturret Glove, it doesn't    |
|have any major slowdown, and the Kilonoids are obviously a lot    |
|stronger than the Synthenoids are. One of the worst things though |
|is that the Kilonoids are very hard to get. You'll really have to |
|kill a lot of enemies with the Synthenoids, especially considering|
|that it's also weak at the same time. But it will be worth it.    |

| METEOR GUN | AMMO MAX: 200 | AMMO PRICE: 1                       |
|Unlike the original Lava Gun, the Meteor Gun releases some small  |
|meteors to attack the enemy. The Meteor Gun has a few problems as |
|compared to the Lava Gun, however. For example, the Lava Gun had  |
|a lot more range, since after you finished using it, it would give|
|off an extra bit of lava and hit any enemy that was nearby, giving|
|it some extra range. The Meteor Gun, sadly, doesn't have this. If |
|you use the Lava Gun a lot, it's one of the easier weapons that   |
|you can upgrade. The upgrade bar goes up very quickly.            |

| HEAVY BOUNCER | AMMO MAX: 25 | AMMO PRICE: 50                    |
|Oh my freaking god... THIS WEAPON IS AWESOME! Just like the main  |
|Bouncer, the Heavy Bouncer releases several bombs, that is not    |
|changed, but what's changed is that the Heavy Bouncer's bombs are |
|even bigger, giving off an even longer range, and despite how     |
|powerful the original Bouncer was, the Heavy Bouncer is stronger! |
|Trust me on this one: if you've got an Acid Mod for the Heavy     |
|Bouncer, you CANNOT be beaten. The Bouncer is another extremely   |
|easy upgrade. Use it on a big enemy, use it on several small ones,|
|it doesn't matter. The Bouncer will be upgraded in no time.       |

| MEGAROCKET CANNON | AMMO MAX: 25 | AMMO PRICE: 20                |
|The Megarocket Cannon will have to be one of the best and most    |
|used weapons in the game. A good thing is that while the original |
|Minirocket Tube cost 50 bolts a rocket, this puppy's ammunition   |
|costs only 20 bolts! The main change is that while firing these   |
|rockets, you can hold down O and launch out four at a times, to   |
|really hit an enemy hard. A good place to upgrade this place is   |
|Planet Boldan, where there are a bunch of Thugs everywhere. Just  |
|use some of these and you'll find that upgrade bar increasing. One|
|other good place would be Planet Snivelak.                        |

| TANKBOT GLOVE | AMMO MAX: 8 | AMMO PRICE: 5                      |
|Well, it's a lot better than the original Spiderbot Glove, I will |
|have to say. The Tankbot Glove, unlike the Spiderbot Glove, can   |
|fire bullets at the enemy, which always do a fairly decent amount |
|of damage. But it still has the same problem: you can't move this |
|and Ratchet at the same time. A good place to upgrade this would  |
|be Planet Snivelak. Get out of harm's way on the bridge, and then |
|just use a Spiderbot to defeat the endless Thugs. Since you have a|
|vendor, you'll get the Tankbot in no time. Don't be disappointed  |
|if you never get around to it though, since you're never really   |
|going to need the Tankbot Glove, for the most part.               |

| PLASMA STORM | AMMO MAX: 15 | AMMO PRICE: 50                     |
|Although you'll never need the Plasma Storm, much like the Tankbot|
|Glove, it's a huge improvement from the Plasma Coil, as it does   |
|far more damage and zaps all nearby enemies really hard. It works |
|VERY well on Planet Grelbin, where you commonly have six YETIs on |
|your back. It's also good on the Protopets in Planet Damosel, in  |
|which you can upgrade it very nicely. Planet Joba, Planet Boldan, |
|and Planet Snivelak are also very nice places to upgrade this, but|
|once again, Plasma Storm will never be one of your main weapons.  |

| TETRABOMB GUN | AMMO MAX: 10 | AMMO PRICE: 50                    |
|Yet again, you will never need to use the Tetrabomb Gun much in   |
|the game, but it's an improvement over the original Hoverbomb Gun.|
|Instead of one bomb, it's five bombs in one! Still, this makes it |
|even harder to control, so the difficulty of usage will hinder you|
|from common use, or from the QuickSelect Ring. Still, it's a very |
|powerful weapon, especially if you've got the Acid Mod! To upgrade|
|it, just go to Planet Todano or Planet Joba. Robo Guards and      |
|Tribesmen are pretty good enemies to kill off with this.          |

|Probably one of the single best weapons in the entire game. The   |
|Black Sheepinator still turns enemies into sheep, but this time   |
|the sheep are black instead of white! They commonly charge into   |
|enemies, and the enemies themselves usually go for the black sheep|
|instead of you! Not only that, but the Black Sheepinator is even  |
|faster to turning enemies than the original Sheepinator. Upgrading|
|it is simple. Use it on Squirrels in Planet Todano, or Protopets  |
|on Planet Damosel, then sit back and watch that upgrade bar fill. |

| TESLA BARRIER | AMMO MAX: 8 | AMMO PRICE: 100                    |
|There's no word to describe the Tesla Barrier than useful. You'll |
|get a few more uses of this, to start off with, and surrounding   |
|enemies, as always, can't damage Ratchet. As an aftermath, the    |
|Tesla Barrier zaps the enemies for surprisingly high damage! If   |
|you risk taking a lot of damage, like in Planet Grelbin where you |
|have Sea Leviathans doing about 20 damage to you with a single    |
|attack or half a dozen YETIs trying to kill you. Upgrading it,    |
|however, is tough. Use it on enemies like the Protopets on Planet |
|Damosel to get the upgrade. It takes a long time, but you won't   |
|regret it. Remember you have to touch enemies to hurt them though.|

| CLANK SHOCKER | AMMO MAX: 30 | AMMO PRICE: 100                   |
|Did you think that the Clank Zapper would get better? Well, it's a|
|little bit better, I can give it that. It's a tad bit faster, and |
|it's also slightly faster, but it still sucks. It's still far from|
|powerful enough, especially considering these enemies are from    |
|Challenge mode, and by the time you get this it'll take eternities|
|and beyond to kill an enemy with the Clank Zapper/Shocker. You    |
|will never do anything more frustrating or annoying in the whole  |
|game than upgrading this weapon either. Little nanomites are given|
|to the weapon, and you'll have to jump around the enemy dozens of |
|times to get it to zap the enemy. And you'll never use it either. |

| VIIc. Gadgets |

| TRACTOR BEAM | PRICE: 1,000 | FOUND: PLANET OOZLA                |
|The Tractor Beam comes to use several times in the game, first on |
|getting through the game in Maktar Resort, then it can be used to |
|get a Platinum Bolt in Planet Siberius and to get the Sheepinator |
|in Planet Todano. What it does is pull an object with a Tractor   |
|Beam icon on it which are too heavy for Ratchet to push himself!  |
|Not to mention that you can even move an Inspector Bot to a pad   |
|near a door in which only grants access to it. ;)                 |

| DYNAMO | PRICE: N/A (FOUND) | FOUND: PLANET OOZLA                |
|See one of those green activators found throughout the game? See a|
|locked door or an inactivate platform that's really needed to get |
|you up to a higher ledge? Rejoice, for the Dynamo is here to power|
|machinery! If you see a green activator, zap it with this spiffy  |
|gadget and then the machine(s) around it will become active. This |
|can be used to create platforms across gaps, activate elevators,  |
|and more. You'll definitely be putting the Dynamo to use a lot.   |

|Although puzzles you will have to solve using the Electrolyzer get|
|to be annoying or difficult at times (especially the one in Planet|
|Yeedil), the Electrolyzer will definitely need to be used a lot.  |
|Similar to the Trespasser in Ratchet & Clank 1, although with a   |
|different use, the Electrolyzer does what the Dynamo cannot do, it|
|powers machinery such as elevators, or it can power up a bridge   |
|with a conveyor belt. In the puzzles themselves, you will have to |
|flip various connectors to let light on the grid enter it. Make   |
|sure that light doesn't enter the sides of the connectors though. |

|The Swingshot is definitely one of the coolest and most useful    |
|gadgets in the game! You'll encounter several green and yellow    |
|targets in midair and blue targets on bridges. Well, that's where |
|the Swingshot comes in handy! On green and yellow targets, you can|
|sway to and fro on those targets, and on yellow, you can swing as |
|long as you want. And blue targets on bridges bring them down so  |
|you can cross the bridge! There's a lot to this gadget.           |

|Yet again, one of the cooler gadgets out there, except this is one|
|you will wear on your feet. See those long metal lines? Wish you  |
|could cross them? You can grind them by jumping onto them if you  |
|have this spiffy pair of boots on. And while doing it, you can    |
|jump, swing your wrench, even use a few weapons like the Heavy    |
|Lancer! And they automatically equip too, for the lazy people like|
|me. ;) I'll let you do your own thinking on the rest.             |

|After you get these two, you won't be able to imagine playing the |
|game without them! You get to use these as long as you've got your|
|robotic friend Clank on your back. With the Heli Pack, you can    |
|glide by first crouching and then jumping, and you can also do a  |
|lot longer jumps. The Thruster Pack has the same abilities, but   |
|more powers. However, the Heli Pack is a lot easier to use.       |

| THERMANATOR | PRICE: 1,000 | FOUND: PLANET BARLOW                |
|You really won't use the Thermanator much, but it's used to get   |
|Platinum Bolts in Planet Tabora and Planet Damosel, and it is a   |
|pretty darned nice gadget. What it does is freeze water, turning  |
|it into ice, and thaw ice, turning it into water! Remember this   |
|when you come to an occasion where you want to get to a ledge but |
|water is stopping that, or you need to swim through water but it's|
|frozen. The progress can be seen on the bar to the right.         |

|This would have to be one of the coolest gadgets in the game. Use |
|any red pad with arrows that you find throughout your journey and |
|then press Triangle to attack the Hang Glider, which allows you to|
|fly through the air! Only problem is that if you fly into         |
|something, you'll crash. The best part is that you have unlimited |
|fuel, and thus no limit to time you can hang (puns!) in the air.  |

| LEVITATOR | PRICE: 20,000 | FOUND: PLANET JOBA                   |
|Why they couldn't take out the Levitator and instead use the Hang |
|Glider more often is beyond my knowledge, but the Levitator is    |
|still an awesome gadget. The Levitator raises you into the air,   |
|and you can float in it to reach a nearby island. Be aware that it|
|uses fuel, so unfortunately you don't get unlimited time on it.   |

| GRAVITY BOOTS | PRICE: N/A | FOUND: PLANET JOBA                  |
|Ever see those metal paths you can't walk on? Ever wish you could |
|walk down buildings, on walls, or on the ceiling? If the situation|
|calls for it, you can use the Gravity Boots to walk up a metal    |
|path and walk down one of the above that I mentioned. Because of  |
|gravity, any enemy that you meet on your way can get a single hit |
|from your wrench, and then DOWN THEY GO. Remember though that the |
|same applies to you, and you have more limited options while you  |
|are using these. Just a few pieces of advice for you.             |

|The Infiltrator is similar to the Electrolyzer in that it does a  |
|similar thing to the Electrolyzer (the Infiltrator can deactivate |
|energy barriers and things like that). Before it allows you to do |
|that, however, it forces you to do a puzzle. In this puzzle, you  |
|have to guide a ray of light across a sphere, and guide it back to|
|where it started. There are several paths it can take, but there's|
|only one which gets it there. Although it sounds simple, there's a|
|time limit and it gets extremely frustrating (Planet Endako).     |

|Not once will you ever need to use these in the gameplay, but they|
|make gameplay a lot faster. Tap down that R1 button twice while   |
|you have these on, and you'll start gliding, really fast. These   |
|are an awesome way to speed time up, but there is one large       |
|drawback to them: you'll have little control for the first couple |
|seconds, so you can charge off a cliff. Be careful not to do this.|

| HYPNOMATIC | PRICE: 10,000 | FOUND: PLANET DAMOSEL               |
|Probably the single neatest gadget in the game, but the bad point |
|is that when you get this there are only two planets left in the  |
|story, both of which are pretty short. After this is assembled,   |
|you can look around for Receiver Bots and then hypnotize them. If |
|you're using it, it's a great way to avoid damage, since the robot|
|can take quite a pounding and is also very powerful. They can get |
|into areas that you can't, and they're even able to fight! But do |
|remember you can only use the Hypnomatic on RECEIVER BOTS.        |


                         =-+-= VIII. Walkthrough =-+-=


A few notes before I begin...

- Once again, the guide is spoiler-free. If you find any big spoilers in here,
let me know.

- I like to think that I'm funny. Therefore, the guide has lots of cracks at
humor throughout it. Please try your hardest to ignore my jokes, thank you very

- There's also a little bit of language through the guide. I doubt any of my
language will offend anyone, and there's nothing major in this guide, but just
a warning.

Watch the opening movie. If you really want to know what happens before you
really begin, just check the story section, as that should detail everything
for you. Another recommendation is that you check out the Platinum Bolts
section in Collectibles to find out how to collect all the bolts, before you go
nuts... and bolts, or whatever. Go figure.

|| VIIIa. PLANET ARANOS                                                      ||

You'll start off inside the flying lab, Aranos. Follow the path in front of you
and you'll find a switch on the floor. Step on it, and then you'll realize what
you just stepped on was elevator... to elevate you to greater heights. Oh wait,
if you wanna get on heights in the game itself, that's where I come in. After
you get up there, you will encounter enemies for the first time. These are
called MSRs (Megacorp Security Robots).

As you may guess, they're also very easy. Here you'll get to use the Lancer for
the first time. Fire about three bullets per MSR, and they'll all be dead
quickly. Climb up the ladder and head further down the path and then take a
left. You will find a few more MSRs in here, but they're perfect fodder for the
Lancer, which can take them out very quickly. Go through the next corridor, and
then you'll meet up with another type of MSR, this one being red and armed with
a flamethrower.

I don't recommend taking these out with Ratchet's wrench. Instead, shoot them
from a good distance. Just head through the next corridor to encounter more
MSRs until you come to a bridge. You'll find red ball-type enemies called Blade
Balls in here. They can be taken out in a single hit from Ratchet's wrench, but
if they have enough time, sharp blades will come out from it, making Ratchet
feel not quite as good as he did before...

Once you've handled that, you'll enter a dark room with two more regular MSRs.
Give them a good beating, and you'll see another elevator in front of you. Step
on the switch and then you'll find about four more MSRs, which is where the
game will recommend that you use your handy Gravity Bombs. Launch a good one of
these to destroy all of them, then head through the next door to see the
Experiment right in front of you.

You'll meet the thief in here, but he will just steal the Experiment before
Ratchet could do anything, and will leave you to be killed by several MSRs.
Since they come in large numbers, it'd be a good idea to throw a Gravity Bomb
in the middle of them, which will destroy all of them in one or two hits. When
they're all destroyed, you'll see a door open up. Head over to it and take the
ramp down to the deck of the ship.

Some more MSRs will then come to play with you, some with flamethrowers. Use
another Gravity Bomb to destroy them, then head up and use Ratchet's Omni
Wrench 8000 to break through the glass, and then you'll see another slightly
humorous cutscene. After that, even more MSRs will attack. Finish them all off
with some Lancer bullets to find an elevator right behind them. Take it up and
then climb up the ladder in front of you.

Around the upper-left, even more MSRs will appear. Man, poor Ratchet never gets
a break... after killing them, take the door to the left to find the outside
deck of the ship, but it just so happens that Ratchet falls off of the flying
lab of Planet Aranos and returns to his ship before two MSRs can kill him.
Fizzwidget then directs Ratchet to the co-ordinates of Planet Oozla.

|| VIIIb. PLANET OOZLA                                                       ||

First of all, you may have guessed it by looking at the planet name, but this
is a swamp we're talking about. Planet Oozla is full of bugs and swamp
creatures, and it also features the game's first boss. Planet Oozla is also
full of mud. Remember, if you step into the mud a total of three times you will
drown in it. Try to avoid it altogether, and you're good to go.

Another thing to take note of is that you can buy the Chopper at the Megacorp
Vendor nearby, for 5,000 bolts and the Blitz Gun for 15,000 bolts. Both are
slightly expensive at the moment, so you may want to come back once you finish
the planet. Remember though: the Chopper could be very good in this here
planet. It'll make the first boss a helluva lot easier, anyway. But anyway, I
suppose that it's time to begin the walkthrough itself, eh?

There are two areas to go at first (up into the ruins to the east or down to
the north path). Take the path right in front of you first. Follow it down and
take a small left to encounter a few snail-like creatures. Give them the good
old thrashing with the OmniWrench 8000, and then continue normally, taking a
left. You'll then find the flying Fireflies. Take 'em out quickly and
powerfully, although they're not particularly dangerous.

You'll then have to cross a bridge over troubled water... actually, it's a
bridge over mud. Either way, cross the freakin' thing and let's get on. To the
left you'll find some creatures trying to eat at a Megacorp employee. I have
found nothing special that happens if you save him or any of the other
employees through Oozla, but the reason you should take a left is so you can
get some more money on your greedy ass.

When you've finished there, go back and then jump across the platforms on the
mud, with some fireflies buzzing at you at the same time. Give the buggers (get
it?) something to chew on, and then you'll see some more snails on the way.
Treat them just as kindly as you did the fireflies. You'll then find a purely
straightforward path. Follow it and then you'll have to jump across no less
than three bridges.

Once you've crossed, take out the few snails along the way and then jump up the
ledge in front of you. Continue down to find four more platforms to hop across.
Don't worry, you're almost through all of the platform jumping. Still, you'll
arrive at a large island, with a hint telling you to strafe, which is the key
for this here boss battle. Once you get here, something big and nasty will then
arise from the mud...

*      BOSS: SWAMP MONSTER     *

Even though it's the first boss, the Swamp Monster can be fairly tough for any
new players, although it's still nothing that bad. To attack, one of two large
tentacles will throw themselves down on the island, and if you're caught under
it you'll be damaged. Just as the hint before the battle said, all you need to
do in this fight is strafe to avoid the Swamp Monster's attacks. It doesn't
matter if you hit the two tentacles to the left or right or the middle
tentacle, you'll still do large damage. Just strafe while firing the Lancer or
Chopper, and you'll be fine.

Once that's over, two platforms will rise from the mud, allowing you to cross
to a Megacorp store. OH MAN I wanna get my hands on a good old gun that'll blow
everything I see in front o' me to pieces, don't you, ol' gangsta? Too bad this
store has nothing to sell... for now, anyway. As soon as you cross the
platforms, you'll find a gadget to the left. This is the Dynamo, which is
needed for the activator near the platform.

Use the Dynamo on the activator, which will allow you to use the platform which
turns into an elevator once you charge the activator. Head to the left and take
the path onward to enter the real store. You'll then see some monsters... *urge
to blow stuff up rising* Anyway, I'll leave the blowing up to you. There are
two activators in this room. First of all, get near/stand on the platform to
the right, and then charge it with the Dynamo. With the other activator, charge
it after using the first and then a platform appears.

Let the green platform that appears carry you to the left and jump off to find
even more snails. Just use the OmniWrench 8000 on them to take 'em out and to
the right, you'll find a bunch of more activators. Every time you charge them,
a small path appears. Jump across them to get to the other side of a large gap,
and then head out the door in front of you, and then head to the left and jump
across to the other part of the store.

You'll find a bunch of boxes full of bolts in front of you. Ah, 100 extra bolts
never hurt anyone, did it? ;) Enter the door to the left and head forward to
find five activators in midair. Charge each of them to create five STATIONARY
platforms. Unlike the last ones, these don't move. After crossing them, you'll
find some short stairs to the left, and a room in front of you. Enter the room
ahead of you to find... zip! zilch! zero! zadda!... or so it seems. You can't
do anything in here yet.

The thing about the room you're in is that there's a large path going up at the
end of it. But you cannot use this path until you gain a special pair of boots.
So just ignore the room and take the stairs up to the left. You'll then see yet
another long path, and an activator. Not to mention a closed door at the top.
Charge the activator and the door will open, with several small walls and
obstacles coming out at the same time. It's nothing you can't jump over, though.

In the next room, Abercrombie Fizzwidget will talk to you, and tell you that
the thief is currently at the Maktar Resort at Nebula, and he'll show you to a
humorous commercial about two enemies you'll fight a bit later, Chainblade and
the B2 Brawler. Maktar Resort - Nebula will then be added to your ship's
co-ordinates. Charge the activator in front of you and take an elevator up, and
then step on the panel to the left to arrive back at your ship.

Still, don't leave Planet Oozla yet. There is still a large area that we have
not yet explored yet. You guessed it, it's TEH RUINS! Head east of your ship
and follow the road down to more mud and platforms. Well, here we go again to
swamp jumping. Once you've jumped across them, you'll come to a slightly large
island. Remember this area a few minutes later if you have an interest in
collecting Platinum Bolts.

You'll then have another three... <word not revealed here> to jump across.
Guess what the word is? If you guessed platform, then believe it or not, you're
wrong! It's dragons that we can ride across the swamp water! Once you get to
the next island, continue into the room ahead, and you'll find a platform and a
rather ugly plant in front of you. Jumping on it, it closes its mouth. You'll
lose health if you don't jump off of it quickly.

After that part there, riding dragons gets slightly tedious already, since
you'll have to ride four of them across a LAKE of swamp water. Just jump
carefully and don't jump while you're on them (they will then speed ahead of
you and you'll drown), and you will be just fine. Once you've gotten across,
head through the room in front of you to find yet another lake of swamp water,
except this one is slightly different.

Take a left and you'll find another dragon. After a rather lengthy ride, jump
onto the plant in front of its destination (while still being careful not to
stay on it too long) and you'll find another dragon. After that, it's two more
plants, another dragon, and you're on solid ground. You'll then have four more
plants to jump on, but fortunately they are the last. Once you've done that,
you'll automatically slide down a ramp.

Once you reach the bottom, you'll get a cutscene and you'll be forced to buy a
snazzy gadget called the Tractor Beam, for 1,000 bolts. Not exactly a lot, and
you should definitely have accumulated that amount in this time. Purchase it,
and then you'll get to use it. What it does is move objects with a Tractor Beam
icon that are too heavy to push normally to where the beam directs them. You'll
see a ledge to the right, so just move the platform to the right, and climb up.
Now go back to the ship, unless you want two Platinum Bolts.

---If you want two Platinum Bolts then read through these two paragraphs. If
you don't want them, travel to Maktar Resort now.---

The first Platinum Bolt can be found right now. Once you get back up to that
ledge, pull both the small and the large platforms near the higher ledge, and
then climb up both platforms to arrive on a ledge with the Platinum Bolt on it!
Well, that was easy enough! Now return to the entrance of the ruins and
continue until you reach the area I told you to remember a bit earlier.

When you reach this area, you'll find a dragon that didn't appear before to the
left. Jump on it and then you'll shortly arrive at a new area. Just head a
little bit forward to arrive in a cave full of fireflies. Take out your Lancer
and destroy them all quickly, and then you'll be happier. Climb up the ledges
on the left to reach the Platinum Bolt. THEN go to Maktar Resort at last.

|| VIIIc. MAKTAR RESORT                                                      ||

Before you reach Maktar Resort, you may be surprised to see yourself end up in
an area called "Wupash Nebula". You'll be in space, and you'll see a number of
ships attacking you! Right now, you'll only have the main gun and missiles to
attack with, although your ship already comes with 1/3 of a shield. There'll be
two types of ships: green and blue. For green, attack with the main gun. For
blue, attack with missiles, since they have more stamina. This mission will be
over shortly.

After Wupash Nebula, you'll arrive at the real Maktar Resort. There's still the
Chopper and the Blitz Gun at the Megacorp Vendor. Although I doubt you have yet
accumulated 15,000 bolts, you should definitely have the Chopper by now.
Alright, the first mission of ours is to sabotage the Thugs-4-Less jamming
array. Follow the path in front of you and you'll meet up with a new type of
enemy: one that has two types of fire at you.

This enemy (from now on it will be referred to as a Thugs-4-Less Brute) can
either shoot small blue robots (Chickenbots) at you, or rapid green bullets.
It's recommended you take out the Brute quickly, with the Gravity Bomb. That
will rack up nanomites quickly for it. Take the Chickenbots out with the Lancer
though. At the fork, take a right and you'll find another Brute. Take it out
with a good old Gravity Bomb.

Now, I feel it is a good time to make this note: this place is full of slot
machines that you can use at a cost of 10 bolts apiece. If you end up with
three bolts, you get about 50 bolts; if you get three red rings, the slot
machine is destroyed; if you get three ammunition packs, you'll get some random
ammunition; if you get three blue circles, you'll get some nanotech, and if you
get three of the rare BARs, you'll get a skill point and 300 bolts. These are
worth your time.

Anyway, I'll go back to the main walkthrough now. After defeating the last
Brute, you'll find a Limo across a long gap in which you cannot jump across. To
your left is a pillar with a Tractor Beam icon. Fire the Tractor Beam at the
pillar to move it out of the way and then enter the door behind it to find a
somewhat frantic robot (an InspectorBot) running around the room, with a locked
door at the top of the room itself.

If you stand on the blue pad near the door, it will not give you access, it'll
have to be a personnel to open the door. And the InspectorBot also just happens
to have a Tractor Beam icon on it... guess what? Fire the Tractor Beam at the
InspectorBot and move it over to the pad, and then access will be granted.
Enter the room that opens and you'll find a bomb at the center of the room.
Ignore it for now, and take a right.

You'll find a long line of Chickenbots. Try and gather them up together so you
can kill them all with a single Gravity Bomb, so you can get the Mini-Nuke as
quickly as possible. Once they're all defeated, the InspectorBot will soon
arrive. Ignore both it and the bomb for a second, and then bust up all the
crates in this room to get some nice bolts, and you'll notice a door right
ahead with a bulls-eye target. Now go back to the bomb.

Use the Tractor Beam and drag the bomb into the bulls-eye door, and then you'll
find a room with a ledge at the top (and a ladder to climb up to it) but it has
a pad that will only allow InspectorBots to pass. There are two poles in the
center of the room in which can be used as a slingshot to get the InspectorBot
up to the ledge. It will follow you in, so wait until it gets between the two
poles and start the Tractor Beam.

Try and line up the pad, the two poles, and yourself, and you'll have no
trouble getting the InspectorBot on the pad. After you finish that, climb up
and you'll find another door with a bulls-eye target on the right, and an
electrified room to the left. There are several platforms to jump across, but
try not to land in the electricity, because it costs you one bit of nanotech
per electrocution! Remember this!

Once you get past that, you'll find a shitload of crates with a bunch of bolts
inside them (nice) and a bomb. Alright, all you have to do is use the Tractor
Beam and go back across the electric room quickly. It's not as difficult as it
sounds, since it takes a long time for the bomb to explode. Once you've got it
near the door, it'll explode quickly. That was a very nice explosion, makes me
want to blow more stuff up. BLOW EVERYTHING UP, YES INDEED!

Anyway, the next (and last) part of this area ends with another slingshot (with
two poles and a bomb) and four targets in the air, as well as a barrier under
them. Take out all of the enemies and bust open all the crates in this area
before opting to do this, though. By now, you should have quite a few bolts,
but let's not go to the vendor yet. Try and aim the bomb with the poles, and
with a few tries you should get all of them.

The lower targets are a lot harder to hit than the upper ones. With the upper
ones, all you'll have to do is go as far as the Tractor Beam will let you go,
and whoosh! the bomb will destroy the targets instantly. Not really very hard.
After that, a bridge will appear from the area where you first moved a pillar
with the Tractor Beam and where you are now. That nice Limo is also in front of
you. Get in it to sabotage that Jamming Array!

Once inside the Jamming Array, take out the Chickenbots in front of you, and
then attach your wrench to the bolt in front of you. Now walk around the
platform with the bolt, and then a bright, orange weak spot appears on the
tower in front of you... hit the tower, and BOOM! DOWN SHE WENT! There are six
of these "transponders", and to disable the Jamming Array all you'll have to do
is destroy all of the transponders in this way. Easy enough.

From the first transponder, just head on until you find another bolt. Take out
the Chickenbots around it, and then destroy it just like you destroyed the
first transponder. After that, just go even further and you'll come to an area
full of of lava. The third transponder is just across, and you may just notice
several platforms to the left of it... head over there, and then jump across
the platforms and destroy the transponder.

The next three transponders will be slightly difficult to find, as you need
Jump Pads to access them. Just jump back and head onward until you end up in a
blue-purple colored area. You'll then find a jump pad. Use it and you'll be in
one of several towers in the sky, along with several Chickenbots. Use either
the Lancer or the Gravity Bomb (or the Blitz Gun, if you have it) to destroy
them quickly, and then you'll find the next bolt.

After taking care of the bolt, jump across to the transponder itself and
destroy it, and then jump down to the ground and turn left to find another jump
pad. Take it and you'll find the next transponder, and a bolt across another
few towers. After finishing that, jump back down to the ground and continue
until you find a bright orange light behind some green rings... you'll find the
last jump pad around there.

Use this jump pad to reach the towers in the sky and then destroy the last
transponder, and the sphere will be disabled. You'll see another advertisement,
this one giving the co-ordinates for the Planet Barlow. Still, don't head there
yet. After you've finished the Jamming Array, you'll be back in the main Maktar
Resort. Cross the bridge that appears in front of you and you'll end up just
where you started at the beginning of Maktar Resort.

---If you want a Platinum Bolt, then use the following paragraph. If you don't,
skip it and go to the next one.---

Go back to the Jamming Array, and then jump on the Limo. Ignore the enemies and
the bolts, because you don't need to tinker with them again. When you're on the
limo, jump on the right rocket, and then jump up to the platform above. It's a
very hard jump, but believe it or not, you don't need Clank. Keep trying, and
you'll do it. When you're there, use the jump pad. Don't jump to any platforms,
the jump pad will get you a Platinum Bolt in midair, instantly.

You're only halfway done; you've still got to win the Arena! By now you should
probably have 15,000 bolts, so if you do, buy the Blitz Gun from the Vendor. I
guarantee you that you won't regret it. Anyway... to reach the arena, take the
path on the left to find another four Thugs-4-Less Brutes. Kill them all with
the great power of the Gravity Bomb and the Blitz Gun to reach an elevator.
Take it up to encounter another two Thugs-4-Less Brutes.

Smack 'em to oblivion with the OmniWrench 8000 (in other words, normally) and
then just follow the path past the Chickenbots to reach a Limo. Use it and then
you'll come to a large wall. Grab on to it by jumping, and then just move to
the left and you'll reach a ladder. Climb it up and you'll come to an area with
several radars, a bunch of Thugs-4-Less Brutes, and Chickenbots. Now, try and
get the Mini-Nuke and Heavy Lancer upgrades quickly.

---If you want a Platinum Bolt, then use the following paragraph. If you don't,
skip it and go to the next one.---

On the right ledge, you may notice a glimpse of platinum... yep, that's the
Platinum Bolt. But how to get onto that ledge? MAKE ABSOLUTELY DAMN SURE that
you don't destroy all the boxes around the ledge, or you'll have to come back
and let them regenerate, or wait until you have Clank. Jump on top of the
boxes, and just walk right behind the radar and you'll collect the Platinum
Bolt. Now you can bust up boxes!

After doing that (or not) doing it, walk over to the two walls, and then jump
on either one of them, and Ratchet will start climbing up in a very neat way.
Collect the boxes before going downstairs, once you've climbed up. Jump down
and beat up all the Thugs-4-Less Brutes (the nanomites will really go to your
Gravity Bomb here) and then feel free to have some fun with the slot machines.
Otherwise, follow the next path.

The Brutes will all have to be defeated twice to truly be vanquished, so just
keep that in mind. Keep in mind that since there are so many of them, the Heavy
Lancer and Mini-Nuke will be even easier to acquire. I recommend that when you
enter the Arena, you have both of them, since it'll make the games a lot
easier, and it'll open up two extra challenes. When you're ready, take a left
while destroying Chickenbots.


Feel free to shop at the nearby Vendor for some ammunition, but then enter the
Arena, and you'll first start with a battle against several Megacorp gladiators
to collect the gadget "Electrolyzer". This battle is honestly so easy I don't
even have to give a strategy. Try and use out the Chopper here, since it will
allow you to defeat enemies quickly. Of course, the Mini-Nuke is also nice.
Also, note that on the fourth round, traps will appear on the floor.

Before going and out and continuing with the game, why not go for some of the
other challenges? First of all, the Hazard Challenge is done by simply
completing the game and avoiding the fire and the spikes. It's easily done. In
the Time Challenges you'll have to kill 30 enemies in 30 seconds or 60 enemies
in 60 seconds, but either way all you'll have to do is use a Mini-Nuke in the
middle of several enemies, and your count of enemies will go WAY up.

It doesn't yet get interesting until you get to fighting Chainblade and B2
Brawler (the two mini-bosses here). First, you can fight Chainblade, but you'll
have to deal with him before B2 Brawler. Chainblade himself is pretty easy to
tackle. He'll attack by either swinging his swords twice in front of himself,
or jumping into the air and firing one of his swords at Ratchet. What you need
to do is STRAFE to avoid these. By doing this, you can blast him up with some
nice Heavy Lancer and Blitz Gun shots (Mini-Nuke is also nice) and you'll
hardly take a hit.

B2 Brawler is much harder than Chainblade is, however. The first part of B2
Brawler is the easy part. The large robot will go around firing pink balls at
you. Alright, he'll start getting slow and you can strafe and move to avoid his
attacks. Then he'll get down and start spinning. Again, it'll start out easy,
as B2 Brawler will be very slow. Just fire the Blitz Gun and Mini-Nuke several
times, and B2 Brawler will have more than it can handle soon. Finish it off
quickly then, because it'll start getting fast as hell. Try not to fall off the
arena, but make sure you get in a lot of fire onto B2 Brawler at the same time.
Good luck!

After you've finished with that battle and all the Time Challenges, the Hazard
Challenge, and perhaps the Endurance Challenge (where you have to complete 20
rounds without getting any health or ammunition back, but the Blitz Gun and
Mini-Nuke make that easy), you should try the Tag Team Battle, where Chainblade
and B2 Brawler will switch back and forth to fight you. Use two Mini-Nukes and
about 20 Blitz Gun bullets on Chainblade, and finish B2 Brawler off with
everything else.

Now, there are two challenges left: the Mega Challenge and the Ultimate
Challenge. On the Mega Challenges, it's not particularly difficult. Just save
up the Mini-Nukes throughout the first nine rounds, and then wait until
Chainblade appears, and then throw out all the rest of them, and then strafe
while pummeling him into succession with the awesome power of the Blitz Gun. It
shouldn't be any problem.

I recommend, however, before taking on the Ultimate Challenge, you have the
second OmniWrench 8000 from Planet Tabora, the Blitz Cannon, and perhaps more.
This is worth an instant 7,000 bolts, so it could indeed be worth it. The
battle is comprised of 16 rounds. On Round 6, you have to face Chainblade. The
first five battles are all pretty easy; try not to get hit by any enemies in
them. As for Chainblade, use the Blitz Cannon and the OmniWrench 8000 to take
him down quickly.

After Round 6, just complete four more rounds and at Round 11, B2 Brawler will
come to play. Use some Mini-Nukes on it, and then that'll be over quickly.
After Round 11, just complete all of the rest of the rounds until Round 15, and
try to have half of your nanotech remaining. At Round 15, you will have to face
Chainblade, AGAIN! This time he also comes with Blade Balls. Now use the Pulse
Rifle (should be the Vaporizer if you've gone to Planet Tabora) and the Blitz
Cannon on the Blade Balls.

On Round 16, you'll have to face more Blade Balls and the B2 Brawler. Give it
all you've got, that means all the Miniturret Gloves and the remaining
Mini-Nukes, Blitz Cannon ammo, and Vaporizer bullets. However, take out all of
the Blade Balls FIRST, or you will instantly regret it. It'll take a bit of
luck to win the Ultimate Challenge, although I suppose if you've gotten to
Planet Tabora, it won't be that rough. Anyway, time to proceed with the game
now, I'd say.

You'll be in a new area, 'way across the beginning of the Maktar Resort. Insert
the Electrolyzer into the panel on the right, and then you'll get to try it
out. Although Electrolyzer puzzles get to be very tough later, this one happens
to be very easy. All you have to do is flip the transponders with the O button
when a bit of light comes near it, but make sure that the tops of them touch
the light, and NOT the sides. It's not really that difficult if you get the
hang of it.

A bridge will then open. Cross it and then you'll see a cutscene of the bad
stuff the Thief is doing... and Clank's bad luck. Ratchet will then receive the
co-ordinates for Planet Endako, which should be our next destination. Now, just
use the Electrolyzer on the panel. The puzzle there should be no tougher than
the last one was. After you've finished it, you'll be back at the beginning of
Maktar Resort. We're finished here, so go to Planet Endako (don't head to
Planet Barlow yet).

|| VIIId. PLANET ENDAKO                                                      ||

There are two main things we need to do in Planet Endako: visit Clank's
apartment (and fight the Thugs-4-Less ship on the way) and rescue Clank from
the thief. At the vendor, you can buy the Miniturret Glove for 20,000 bolts.
Expensive, but yeah, it'll be worth it.

Anyway, once you begin, head a little bit forward and then take a left and
you'll have an Electrolyzer puzzle to deal with. It's really easy, since you'll
just have to do a single flip through almost all of the beginning of it, then
flip again and let one bit of light in, and repeat, except for the last part.
Not really anything big. Once the door is opened, you'll find one of two main
new enemies here: the Sweeper Bot.

This robot is the easier of the new two robots. Destroy them with the Blitz
Gun, and then take a left and you'll find a small passage on the left, some
controls in the middle, and another place to insert the Electrolyzer to the
right. Insert it, it'll be the same old grind... and then you can use a crane
with the controls in the middle of the room. Use the crane, and then move over
to the crate in the center of the room.

In this small room, you can find six Sweeper Bots. Use the crane and drop the
crate on all of them if you want a skill point, otherwise just leave them there
for a little easier money. Either way, you'll see the passage that leads up to
where you are (to the right of the red window), and to the left, another
passage. Put the crate right below it, and then turn it off and use Ratchet to
climb up the crate and go through that passage you can now access.

You'll then enter a rather red room, with lava below. Good thing it's boarded
up. You'll meet the second of the two main new enemies here: the Laser Bot.
These are much harder than the Sweeper Bots, since they have dangerous lasers
in which they spin around themselves. I recommend using the Blitz Gun on them,
since it works quite nicely. After you've destroyed it, take a right and then
jump across the platforms to meet up with another Laser Bot.

After performing the kiss of death (I mean, the shot of death), you'll then see
a new enemy -- the Rivet Bot. They have quick double guns and high health;
don't hold back on them. The Blitz Gun works pretty nicely on them. Once you've
destroyed it, just head a bit forward and then take a left and jump across the
small gap to find a few more Sweeper Bots and a Rivet Bot. Kill them all, and
then enter the next room.

Destroy some more Sweeper Bots and then take a left to find yet another
Electrolyzer puzzle. This one's slightly harder than the last ones, but nothing
you can't take care of. You'll then take control of another crane. Keep in mind
there's a type of red crate you can drop that will explode, and that the door
in the room where Ratchet currently is needs to be destroyed using that crate.
Enter the next room with the crane, and then drop the red crate near the door
on the right, and it'll explode.

Don't stop with the crane yet. There's a gray crate in the next room, so if you
want that skill point you'll have to smash up some Sweeper Bots. In the room
with a lot of them, you may find a locked up door. You may not see it with the
CraneCam, so if you don't then you should go in as Ratchet. But if you do, then
first put the normal crate right below it, and then put a red crate on the
normal crate to blow up the door, then enter it as Ratchet to get a Platinum
Bolt, if you want one anyway.

Whether you did or not, put the crate right below the next passage. Then make
your way over there as Ratchet (you should remember the way), and then climb up
the crate and go through the next room. The only thing you'll need to watch out
for is the lava. If you land in there, you'll be in trouble. Just watch out for
it. In the next passage, you'll find an elevator. Just go straightforward and
the thief will appear and push you into the room with Clank. The Electrolyzer
will repair him.

Since Ratchet has been pushed into that room and is trapped inside, Clank has
to wander into an air duct to find a way out. You'll now be controlling Clank
for the first of two times you'll get to control the little guy in the whole
game. You'll come to a large gap. Despite how hard and long it looks, it's
extremely easy to do. Jump into midair and hold down X to glide over. You'll
meet with two SweeperBots. Kill them with Clank's fist, which is his only

Follow the path to the right and you'll find a Laser Bot to the right. DO NOT
proceed to fight with it, because you won't beat it. Instead, take a left and
you'll find four small robots trapped in glass. Smash the glass and now Clank
can make them wait, enter a small door, follow him, or even attack! To add some
robotic humor, he can make them salute him. Anyway, these are MicroBots. The
real strength of Clank.

Head over to where the Laser Bot was. Keep a small distance and bring up the
menu. Go to the red mark of "Attack", and then the MicroBots will attack. Don't
worry if one or two are destroyed, because more will just spawn right behind
Clank. :) Follow the path into the next room and then on the left, you'll find
a trapped Bridge Bot, which can build a bridge. Actually, whiny bastards are
not helped with this, if you get my joke (think about the "whiny" part).

My jokes aside, just a little bit ahead you'll come to a large gap. Choose
"Bridge Build", and then the Bridge Bot will build the bridge right across.
You'll then find another Laser Bot. Kill him just like you killed the last one,
and then behind him you'll find the Lifter Bot, which can lift large boxes.
Just in front of you is one, so bring the Lifter Bot over there and choose
"Lift" and he'll pull it up, into the ceiling, so it'll be out of the way for

A LaserBot comes to play at the other side. After defeating it, enter the
building and then tell the Bridge Bot to build another bridge, and you'll find
a locked door, and a tiny house to the right with the number "2" above it.
Choose the MicroBots' command "Enter" and then they'll enter it and the door
opens. A tempting orange button is right there... step on it and Ratchet's

You'll then control Ratchet through the next part. With Clank on your back,
Ratchet's jumping ability is highly improved. He can glide across gaps, do
double jumps, and more. You'll get to test it out in the next part. Climb up
the wall, and then you'll get to glide across a gap by running and pressing R1
+ X at the same time. After a double jump, you'll then come to another gap, and
a big bunch of boxes to the right.

Smash them all open with your wrench, and then to the right... OH EM GEE! That
light is really clear and bright blue... *goes nuts* Man, that will sell me
some good dead bodies... whoops, sorry. Anyway, it's called a "translocator"
and it will warp you back to the beginning of the level. Remember, you took the
left path but you have still yet to take the path to the right. You'll find a
garbage can to the right. Smash it and five Sweeper Bots appear.

Destroy them normally and then proceed behind the blue barrier that disappeared
when you smashed the trash can. You'll then find another one. Smash it and a
Laser Bot appears, only to be thwarted quickly. Behind it will be a set of
stairs and some Sweeper Bots. Use the Heavy Lancer or Blitz Gun and then head
upstairs into the room, where you'll get your first real challenge in this path.

Hit the trash cans, and then five Sweeper Bots appear. After they're taken out,
two Laser Bots spawn. Again, they're all easy to kill. Once they're all dead,
exit through the left and the Thug leader's helicopter appears! It doesn't
matter if you have the RYNO II and unleash every single damn bullet you have
for it on the helicopter, you can't destroy it now and neither are you fighting
it now.

Take a left and jump across the platforms and kill the Sweeper Bots on the way.
Then take another left and you'll find another couple of them. Again, don't be
nice now. You'll then see a Swingshot target. You don't have the Swingshot yet,
so just ignore it for now. You can jump off the edge right ahead and then
you'll find a Platinum Bolt, just so you know. Instead, head to the right and
take the elevator up to find two Laser Bots. Destroy them just the same way you
destroyed the last few of them.

Once again, the Thug Leader will appear, this time to the right. Ignore him,
since you can't fight him yet. Head up the elevator and knock the trash cans
down. If you want to avoid a fight, knock down the right one to open the door
at the upper-right, if you want one, knock down the left, which causes five
Sweeper Bots and two Laser Bots to attack. After (not) killing them, exit the
door at the upper-right, watch the scene, and...

*       BOSS: THUG LEADER      *

The thug leader's helicopter can be damaged quite quickly by using a large
barrage of Choppers. If you have the Miniturret Glove, this fight is a joke.
Put about ten of them down, and watch as they shoot down the Thug Leader's
helicopter like magic. The thug leader himself attacks with a blue laser, he
can use rockets to attack, and he's got a machine gun. The only bad attack is
his machine gun. He has two of them, so try and use Clank to jump over the
bullets. With the Miniturret Glove and the Blitz Gun, you'll win this fight
quite easily.

After that fight, you'll find another bright, shiny blue translocator...
anyway, just use it and you'll end up in Clank's apartment. Ratchet will then
find two gadgets: his old Swingshot and Grind Boots! Both will be invaluable.
Smash the bag on the table to the right to collect 1,000 bolts inside it, and
then turn to the left and you'll find an opportunity to try out your new
Swingshot. First of all, there are four types of targets: green, yellow, aqua,
and blue.

Green targets stop as soon as you get to the target. Yellow (green to the two
sides but yellow light coming from them) let you swing and swing until you drop
dead! Aqua will move a platform closer to you (only seen once or twice) and
blue (also rare) will bring a bridge down for you to cross. In front of you is
a green target. Use it and swing over to the next platform, and then you'll
find the big yellow! Swing all you want.

Once you've entertained yourself, you'll find a blue target to bring a bridge
down. Cross it and you'll find another translocator, which will transport you
back to the beginning. Now, let me you ask you a question... got any Platinum
Bolts? Want to get some kickass weapons? If you answered yes to these two
questions, then get your ass over to that Swingshot target I told you to
remember earlier, and then you'll swing over to a rail, where you can put your
Grind Boots to use.

While using Grind Boots, there are some obstacles. First of all, in this rail
in particular, there will be the occasional obstacle blocking you. There will
also be chances to jump between two rails, because the one you're currently on
goes in a circle. Either way, this is really simple, the only thing you really
need to watch out for is the occasional time when the part of the rail ahead of
you is orange. Stop there and use the Swingshot to cross over to the next part
of the rail, and you're just fine. :)

After doing that, you'll come to a lone platform. After a short scene, you can
use a few Platinum Bolts to make modifications to some of your weapons. For
example, there are Acid Mods and Shock Mods. They will poison and electrocute
the enemy respectfully, doing some extra damage to them. Lock-on mods allow you
to press L2 and R2 to lock on to an enemy. You can see their health too, which
is a good thing.

Assuming you're done on everything there is to do in Planet Endako (except for
the Nanotech Boost), head over to Planet Barlow.

|| VIIIe. PLANET BARLOW                                                      ||

Planet Barlow is a desert planet, but it just happens to be a haven for
upgrading weapons, since the powerful Saur Beasts and huge groups of Cute
Hounds of Cuddly Death ('twill now be referred to as Hounds) allow you to get
nanomites quickly. There's also the Seeker Gun, for 5,000 bolts, at the vendor,
in case you're interested.

Take out your Blitz Gun or Chopper, and head into the cave in front of you, and
you'll find some dogs, the Hounds of Cuddly Death. As much as you may feel bad
in doing so, kill them quickly with one of the two weapons. Head a little bit
forward, while at the same time defeating several of these creatures, and then
you'll find some enemy troopers (the Vukoyar Tribesmen). Blast all three of
them down with the Blitz Gun, and then behind you'll find the Saur-Beast.

This is by far the toughest enemy we have faced thus far. It will charge very
quickly at you, causing damage and at the same time getting you away. Add to
that it takes three shots of the Blitz Gun to defeat it. Try to keep a small
distance while still using the Blitz Gun a few times at it, and the gate in
front of the next room will go down. Enter the next room and break the glass if
you want to collect some more bolts.

Outside is none other than several Hounds, and a Tribesman riding a Saur-Beast.
Use a Mini-Nuke or two to destroy all of them quickly, and then head up the
hill and proceed to cross the bridge, to see several Tribesmen taking it. For
the best results, use the Blitz Gun to kill all of the Tribesmen before they
knew what hit 'em.

On the other side, you'll encounter three Saur-Beasts. The Blitz Gun or the
Mini-Nuke would be nice for beating them all in a relatively short amount of
time. Take a left there to find some more Hounds. Take them out with the
OmniWrench, and you'll find three Tribesmen, and a Saur Beast being ridden by a

Enter the next room after you've taken all of them out with a Mini-Nuke or two,
and then smash some of the glass in here to collect some bolts if you want.
Then jump down to the ground, trying to avoid the fire. There are some
Tribesmen awaiting you down here. Blast them to oblivion with the Blitz Gun and
continue into the next room. You will then be locked inside, as several
Tribesmen come to play.

Now is where you can get some improvement with the Blitz Gun. While you're
trapped inside, you can kill about three Tribesmen per shot. Doing this, you'll
find that bar really rising up. After they're all defeated, the gate in front
of you opens. Head through, and then even more Tribesmen attack from the bridge
to what appears to be a weapon shop. Use that handy Blitz Gun yet again to take
care of this, and then enter the shop to have a cutscene and find six weapons
for sale.

Turns out this shop sells weapons from the original Ratchet & Clank: the Bomb
Glove, Visibomb Gun, Decoy Glove, Walloper, and Tesla Claw. If you check the
weapons descriptions, you'll quickly see they all suck. However, they can be a
little fun to use. There's the RYNO II for sale, for a whooping 1,000,000
bolts. I highly recommend you collect this at the end of the game, since it is
worth every last bolt, believe me. If you have a save from the original Ratchet
& Clank with these weapons on your memory card, you can collect these weapons
for free. You won't get RYNO II for free even if you had the original RYNO in
R&C though.

After shopping, outside you'll find a cliff with a character from the Desert
Riders' commercial on the other side. If you want, head to the left and take
about ten Hounds out with one single blast with the Blitz Gun (or Miniturret
Glove) but otherwise use the Heli-Pack to glide across the cliff. Watch a
humorous cutscene as Clank talks to the man, and then you can start racing...
as long as you solve an easy Electrolyzer puzzle.

Once you've solved it, you'll start out in a race. There's an easy enough
strategy for it. Anyway, there are no shortcuts in this level (right now,
anyway), so as long as you're ahead of the other racers and keep getting
boosts, you will stay ahead. Don't start boosting until you collect three of
them. The first three can be found: 1. right ahead of you when you start; 2.
just a little bit ahead of that; 3. inside the water tunnel, on the left path.

---If you want a Platinum Bolt, then use the following paragraph. If you don't,
skip it and go to the next one.---

Speaking of the water tunnel, it goes to the right eventually, but you can also
head left. Do that, and then ignore that annoying WRONG WAY! at the top of your
screen and then just drive forward and the Bolt is yours! Easy enough.

You'll then see another cutscene, showing where the Thug Rendezvous is. Those
co-ordinates are now uploaded to your ship, but don't go there yet. You may
also want to keep racing, since if you break 2:15, you'll get a skill point.
The next race, there will be weapons on the track. Enemy racers do not use
them, so you can still keep your pace, and it'll be even easier, since if an
enemy racer gets ahead, give 'em a missile or a few bullets.

If you make it past that, the next challenge has an open shortcut. When you
reach the point where there's an open path and a speed pad, BEFORE taking that,
make a hard right and you'll be going down this shortcut. Collect the weapon
ahead of you and you'll end up up about 5 seconds ahead of what you would have
been. You can also collect the Platinum Bolt in that way. The next race is much
harder, since racers will attack you. When you see a red target around you,
make several turns to the left and right, and they'll miss. The next race after
that is exactly the same, no easier, no harder.

Now if you were dying to beat off some poor puppies, glide back to where you
originally were and then take a right (what used to be a left). You'll find the
Hounds here, so if you haven't already, take 'em out with the Blitz Gun. Then
you'll find an elevator which will you take you all the way down to... behold,
this glorious moment, because you have reached... you have reached... (look

The beginning of Planet Barlow, where you started. Bahaha.

Still, there's one area that you need to go right now (otherwise the planet
after the next cannot be crossed through). To the left of the ship, you'll find
a path and a Swingshot target right above it. Head up the path and then use the
Swingshot twice to head across some gaps, and then you'll find a large machine
with four moving platforms, going clockwise. You'll then see a platform with a
blue target. Pull it near you, and then after crossing through a few of these,
you'll come to a pool of water.

Dive into it and then head through the water tunnel. Once you get to the other
side of, the first thing you'll notice is five Swingshot targets ahead of you.
However, there's a Platinum Bolt nearby... (skip to the next paragraph if you
don't care) Take a left after that part, and then you'll find a small ledge.
Jump onto the building and start climbing around, and then drop to the ledge
below. You'll then have to use another machine that goes clockwise in a circle
with four platforms. At the other side of where you began is a cave full of
Hounds. Unless you're looking to be cruel, ignore them because they'll just
spawn from the machines. The Platinum Bolt's right in here.

Anyway, after (not) collecting that Platinum Bolt, use the five Swingshot
targets, and then _carefully_ jump to the platform right ahead of you, since
it's another machine with four moving platforms. If the platforms are moving or
haven't moved in a bit, then do not jump. Instead, entertain yourself by
swinging back and forth with the D-Pad. When a platform is in front of you,
jump on it and then wait until you're on the rightmost platform.

Pull the platform next to you quickly with the Swingshot and then jump over to
it and it'll carry you to no less than about 15 Hounds. Use the Blitz Gun to
defeat all of them quickly, and then just perform two more swings across the
targets to enter a building with an ice cube, and a professor inside it. He
sells you a gadget called the Thermanator, which can thaw ice or freeze water.
And it's only 1,500 Bolts!

After you buy the Thermanator, all you have to do is get out. Walk over to the
pool on the left, and then thaw the ice and then head through the tunnel to
arrive in a new area. You'll see a large ledge a little bit above where you
are, but you can't jump to it from where you are. Just freeze the water, and
then jump from the ice, and you'll have no problem. You'll then see an elevator
in front of you. Take it down, and you're right back at your ship.

|| VIIIf. THUG RENDEZVOUS                                                    ||

This level is much unlike the previous planets. Thug Rendezvous doesn't have a
large level to explore. Unlike the past levels, all of this takes place in
Ratchet's ship, and it's a shoot-em-up to the death against two waves of 25
ships! Too bad this is also a _very_ easy battle. Try and get as much
Raritanium as possible by shooting down the ships, and just look for them on
the map to the right, and you'll find them all in no time.

If you end up below half of the meter at the top, try and blow apart asteroids
or if you must, ships, in hope of getting a Full/Partial Shield. Remember:
there's always a shield around the ship, and enemy ships have to destroy it to
harm the ship itself. The Full/Partial Shields will restore the shields, which
is invaluable if they're destroyed. Soon enough, all 25 will be destroyed, and
another 25 appear. Repeat the same strategy, and that's finished.

Once the main mission is over, you'll get to do three other challenges:
clearing out wasps, fighting the Thugs' ten aces, and racing Ace Bunyon through
the area. You'll have to do them in that order. The Wasp battle is probably the
hardest of the three, despite being the first. You'll have to defeat a bunch of
'em, in 2 minutes. Not the easiest task. Rush forward as soon as you begin, and
blast all of them with a barrage of missiles and bullets. Remember: they take a
little bit to go down. Just like before, the map below will help quite a lot.
Good luck.

The battle with the Thugs is actually one of the easiest challenges you'll
face. Just unload one missile per ship with them, and follow them as far as
they go. Don't bother with your health, since it's just ten ships and when it's
down to 4 or less, it'll be incredibly easy to pick off the rest. By doing
this, you will quickly and easily destroy a whole bunch of ships in little time.

After you finish that, you'll get the most interesting of them all: a race
against a Thug ace: Bunyon. This is actually extremely easy. The course is
marked with several rings on the way. By the 50th ring, you'll have to be ahead
of Ace Bunyon, and you'll have to missed no more than 12 rings. Use your power
boosts at the beginning, then save up until they're complete, then be as lousy
as you want and Ace Bunyon won't catch up.

There are two notable things in this race though: a Nanotech boost can be found
inside the spaceship that you'll enter around the middle of the course, and if
you manage to fly through all of the 50 rings, you'll get a Platinum Bolt. It's
not that tough, really, once you get the hang of it. Try and get the crosshair
in front of you through the ring and then just fly forward, and you'll emerge

|| VIIIg. PLANET NOTAK                                                       ||

A couple of notes before I begin: Planet Notak is not the place for swimming.
It's full of sharks that will eat you as soon as you get in the water. Another
note is that at the Megacorp Vendor, you can purchase the Synthenoid, although
it's probably too expensive for you now, at a hefty 65,000 bolts. Also, if you
have the Decoy Glove it could come in handy.

Planet Notak is comprised of two areas: a chemical factory and a shopping area
called the Promenade. Cross the bridge right below and ahead to go to the
chemical factory, and jump down and take a left to go to the Promenade. I'd
personally recommend going to the Promenade first. Jump down and then head to
the left, and kill the Chickenbots on the way. Enter the room and you'll find
some Thug-4-Less Henchmen. They're some tough stuff, as they need about two
hits to take down, and they have electrical guns. Beware.

Take them all down with the Blitz Cannon or Seeker Gun (these two work well)
and head to the left and you'll find three more. Kill them all and then if you
want, you can get a skill point (if you don't, skip the rest of this
paragraph): There's a brown planet sculpture in front of you. First of all, aim
at the rings with the Heavy Lancer. It shouldn't be too hard; just wait for
them to come in range. After they're all destroyed, aim a single bullet at the
planet itself, and it goes BOOM! and a skill point for you!

Head up the path (behind the planet is a machine that spawns Chickenbots, you
may want to destroy it) and then take the elevator up. Through the glass on the
left, several Henchmen appear. Use a Mini-Nuke or something, and they'll be
dead in no time. You'll then come face-to-face with a Thugs-4-Less ship. These
are no pushovers! The Seeker Gun or the Blitz Cannon would probably do the
trick in this case, though. Also, the Miniturret Glove works pretty nice.

After some more Henchmen appear through the glass on the left and get taken out
by YOUR MAD SKILLZ, take a right and you'll find another elevator that you can
take up.

---If you want a Platinum Bolt, then use the following paragraph. If you don't,
skip it and go to the next one.---

Before heading up the elevator, head to the upper-left and you'll find a yellow
Megacorp sign. Destroy it with the Blitz Cannon or any other powerful weapon,
and then right behind it will be a Platinum Bolt in plain view. Impossible to

Up the elevator, beware of a large group of enemies. I find the Mini-Nuke to be
extremely useful in this area. Once they're all taken out, just take yet
another elevator up and then you'll collect a Nanotech Boost. Again, this is
impossible to miss. Unfortunately though, there was no place to shop inside the
Promenade... :( Ah well, 'least I could help you out! ^_~ There's nothing more
to do in the Promenade, so just use the translocator to return to the ship and
follow the bridge to the chemical factory.

---If you want a Platinum Bolt, then use the following paragraph. If you don't,
skip it and go to the next one.---

Before you head too far down the road, look for a little place to the left to
walk through. Then just head a little bit up and you'll find the Platinum Bolt
in the corner on the right. It may be a bit hard to see, so make sure your eyes
are wide open.

Some Henchmen will greet you around the road. If they get the better of you,
you can collect some nanotech to the right. After all the henchmen are killed,
head through the door on the upper-left and you'll find a large pool of water.
Use the Thermanator and freeze it, then do a boost jump to get to the ledge
above. Bust open some crates and then enter the next room to find a rather
dangerous attacking machine. Destroy it with the Heavy Lancer and break some
more crates.

Exit that room to find some more Henchmen and more cold, hard cash (actually,
bolts). After getting them all, cross the bridge and take the path up on the
right. Ignore all the explosives here, because they have no real importance.
After heading up the ramp, take a right and you'll find a Dynamo activator. If
you want a Platinum Bolt, then give it a buzz and then head up, glide across
the gap, enter the open door behind a bunch of explosives, and you'll get the

Just take another ramp up to the left, and then you'll find the gap I mentioned
earlier to the right. Be a little careful while jumping, as it's one of the
harder jumps you'll make. Kill all the Henchmen and then if you buzzed the
Dynamo activator earlier, you can find the Platinum Bolt there. Once that's
finished, locate the elevator on the left and then take it up, and use the
elevator in front of you to see a cutscene.

Slim Cognito's Ship Shack will now be added to your ship's coordinates. Take a
really long glide over to the area ahead of you and bush up some Chickenbots
with your wrench, and head up the path on the right. You'll find a bolt in
front of the chemical factory there. Turn it and then the door will open,
allowing you to go down the stairs. Now I must warn you: THIS IS ONE OF THE
you'll have to use the Thermanator a lot, and it continues.

Head down the stairs and then do a few wall jumps on the wall to climb up.
You'll then see a large pool of water. Freeze it all with the Thermanator and
then cross the ice to get to the platform, and turn the bolt there with your
wrench. This will now open up a bridge. Climb up the steps and then cross the
bridge and smack the Chickenbot ahead of you to find a very large field of ice,
as well as another bolt in the middle.

Jump over to the platform and turn the bolt to create a bridge above. But the
problem is that we can't get up there! Shall we get up? Yes, I say we should!
Thaw the ice with the Thermanator and go through the pool. Swim forward and
then when you go as far as you can, rise and you'll find yourself in a new area
with a wall to climb up. Jump to the ledge on the right and then freeze the
water, and climb up the wall to find yourself exactly where you were before you
jumped to the large field of ice.

Cross the new bridge and head up the steps, and you'll find a pool of water
below, with a dangerous shark in it. There's nothing in the water, but across
from where you currently are and the water, there are a few stairs. The water
will go up and down. Freeze it when it's at the top, and then cross it and jump
up, and you'll find another pool. There's also a tunnel down there, so the ice
may block it off if you freeze it completely. But ahead of it is an area you
need to jump to...

You may have guessed it. Just after the water gets below the tunnel, freeze it
completely and then cross the ice. This may take a few tries, but you can do
it. Besides, what comes up is much harder. Jump up the stairs, and then wait
until the water reaches the top. Freeze it then and cross it to jump up the
next steps, no problem. But the next part is exactly like the last, except you
have to have _perfect_ timing to do it.

When the water just gets below the top of the tunnel, freeze it then. You
should be able to make it through the tunnel, but if not, I'm afraid you'll
have to go back up. After the tunnel, jump up to the platform above and you'll
FINALLY be done with this chemical factory. Some robots will then offer you a
transmission of the thief's current location for a cheap price of 6,000 bolts.
Pay them and watch the humorous scene, and then take the taxi back to your ship
and hop in. Then go to Planet Siberius.

|| VIIIh. SLIM COGNITO'S SHIP SHACK                                          ||

Slim Cognito's Ship Shack can be accessed after seeing it on TV in Planet
Notak. You don't have to come here now, or ever. However, it'll make missions
on Planet Gorn (much later) a lot easier, so you can get lots of bolts. It's
worth your time, but it uses Raritanium as currency. Just keep that in mind.
Here's a full list of stuff for sale, at Slim Cognito's Ship Shack:

Triple Boost Acceleration Engine = 15
Fusion Laser Cannons = 30
Electro Mine Launcher = 10
Mega-Mine Launcher = 20 (requires Electro Mine Launcher)
Fast-lock Missile Launcher = 20
Torpedo Launcher = 10
Multi-Torpedo Launcher = 20 (requires Torpedo Launcher)
Advanced Shielding System  = 20
Ultra-Charge Shielding System = 40 (requires Advanced Shielding System)
Nuclear Detonation Device = 60
Hyperspace Warp System = 45
Noses = 5
Wings = 5
Paint = 5

|| VIIIi. PLANET SIBERIUS                                                    ||

Planet Siberius is your typical snowy level, where you'll have the first
confrontation with the thief. This is by far the shortest planet of the game,
except maybe your first trip to Planet Aranos. You only have one objective:
find that thief and beat him!

Just take a left as soon as you begin and several Blade Balls will come out to
attack. Blitz Cannon, Blitz Cannon, Blitz Cannon, kthxbai. After they're all
dead, the garage will open and a new enemy appears: the MSR II. These are only
slightly stronger than the regular MSRs. Kill them quickly with a Mini-Nuke,
and then some flaming MSR IIs will appear. These robots can shoot fire balls,
making them far more deadly than their original counterparts. Blitz Cannon
and/or Mini-Nuke work well.

If you want a skill point, head behind the garage and knock the snowman there
down. You'll get perhaps the easiest skill point in the game instantly. After
that, just take a right and jump to the ledge to the right. You'll find some
more fast, and furious enemies, and a Platinum Bolt on a ledge _way_ ahead? How
to get that? After killing the next few enemies with a Mini-Nuke or equally
powerful weapon, head down the elevator on the right.

---If you want two Platinum Bolts, read the next two paragraphs. Otherwise,
skip to the next.---

First of all, once you're down the elevator, look to the left and use the
Tractor Beam to pull the small object onto the elevator. Take it up again, and
then just go over to the left. There's a gap between where the first ledge was
and here, so you can't do it directly. Jump onto the object when it's as far as
it can go, then jump on the ledge and then to the left and you'll get the
Platinum Bolt.

Also, try jumping around the ledge just after that elevator... just look over
to the right and you'll find the roof of a building. Just jump all the way down
there and head straight. Find another small building nearby, and then you'll
get this Bolt.

Anyway, once you finish that you'll come face-to-face with a bunch of MSRs with
flamethrowers. Kill them all while avoiding their fire (just double jump with X
and press Square and they're gone) and then jump to the next platform to find
some more Blade Balls. Be careful not to fall off, and just hit them with the
Heavy Lancer, good and hard, and watch them die. After that, jump onto the next
platform and you'll find a Megacorp Vendor. Shop up as much as you want,
because what's coming up next isn't a pushover. When you're ready, hop into the
train on the right.

Once inside, head a little bit forward and you'll find a bunch of MSRs. BLOW
'EM UP, YA YOU SAID IT, BLOW 'EM ALL UP with the Mini-Nuke. Defeat some more
enemies with just your Wrench after that, and then the door opens. Head out and
use the Swingshot, and none other than the Thief appears! Unfortunately, this
isn't the real battle. The Thief's not bad at all, all he'll do is shoot
electricity at you. He's slow and will barely get to use it. Just hit him with
the Heavy Lancer and he retreats. Simple.

Swing to the next part of the train, and then more Blade Balls and MSRs will
come to attack. Again, the Mini-Nuke works great, and the Blitz Cannon's also
sweet. Once again, swing to the next train and then head up the path to the
left and the Thief attacks again! Just as before, he's a pushover. If you just
hit him with a semi-powerful weapon several times, he'll barely even get to
attack. After "beating" him, the train crashes. Ain't much more now. Head a
little bit forward and you'll find yet another Megacorp Vendor. Take a left and
meet the Thief for a good cutscene, and it begins.

*         BOSS: THIEF          *

This is the REAL battle with the thief this time, don't worry! Anyway, he's not
very difficult at all to dispatch. In fact, you should have no problem killing
him. The thief has only three attacks: he can fire electrical beams at you, he
can throw an explosive at you, or he can summon turrets, Blade Balls, or MSRs.
All of his attacks are pretty weak. To easily defeat him, you every Miniturret
Glove you have. Not only will this get you some easy upgrading, but the
Miniturrets do great damage, especially when you throw down several of them.
Couple that with a few attacks here and there, and you'll have no problem.

You'll finally get the Experiment back, after that easy battle. After a talk
with Mr. Fizzwidget, watch the commercial and then you'll automatically go to
the next rendezvous point: a desert planet by the name of Planet Tabora.

|| VIIIj. PLANET TABORA                                                      ||

After a humorous conversation with Mr. Fizzwidget, you'll end up in a cave.
This place is actually pretty straightforward, but there are two new enemies to
greet you here: Mutant Sandflies, and Spitting Dune Crawlers. Also, roll over
to the Megacorp Vendor, and you can find two new weapons: the Lava Gun and the
Bouncer. The Lava Gun is 25,000 bolts. Tad bit overpriced, but it can be useful
in these caves. The Bouncer is one of the best weapons there is, but it's
100,000 bolts. SO SAVE UP! You won't regret it.

Follow the path while killing any Crawlers along the way. Something you'll
notice is purple nanotech. While blue nanotech healed one point, purple
nanotech heals FOUR! Yes, a whooping four. Keep an eye out for it. If you find
any enemy that starts spitting out Crawlers, immediately take it out unless
you're trying to upgrade a weapon. The Seeker Gun and Miniturret Glove are easy
to upgrade around here, so you may want to get the HK22 Gun and Megaturret
Glove here.

Climb up the ledge a little bit forward, and use the Heavy Lancer or Lava Gun
to take out those annoying Sandflies. In the next cave, hit the creatures
spawning Crawlers and Sandflies quickly, and then use any weapon (preferably
one you want upgraded) to kill them. Now jump over the platforms carefully.
Remember: slow and steady wins the race. After that, kill off two more Crawlers

Just beyond the Crawlers is some glass. Watch a cutscene, and then Ratchet gets
an upgrade to his wrench! Now you can beat off those Crawlers quite easily and
hell, you can even beat the MSRs in Siberius with a single hit from your
wrench. In the next room, just follow the path up to the right while shooting
off some Sandflies with the OmniWrench 8000, the Heavy Lancer, or Seeker/HK22
Gun, and then at the end you'll find an easy Swingshot target. Just glide over
and when you reach the next one, press Up and Down several times, and then when
you're as high as you can go, just glide over to the sand, and you're out of
these caves...


The Thief then tries to steal the Experiment, but falls over (on top of,
errr... "his" ship) and then to reveal that the Thief is a female! Yep, you
heard me, a sexy Lombax girl. The same species as Ratchet too! I can feel love
coming. The former thief then shows a commerical for a testing facility, and
then flies away on her ship.

Of course, you've got Planet Dobbo's coordinates, but you'll need a new ship,
since Fizzwidget "accidentally" destroyed the first. Take the elevator up and
you'll find a crazy mystic by your wrecked ship. He'll tell you that you need
10 Crystals in the desert to repair it. So, just jump over the fence a bit
ahead and you'll be in the desert, where you can find the crystals. It's very
hard to give a direct walkthrough for finding the crystals, since there are 100
of them in the desert. All you have to do is just wander about, and you're sure
to find crystals immediately.

Something to beware of is the Sand Dune monsters, though. Sometimes by a
crystal, you'll find some ruins. If you get close, a Sand Dune Monster appears.
If you encounter them, take note they can take 2 health off with a pink laser
and they can take a huge beating. Try and use some strong weapons, and they'll
be gone in no time. Once you have 10+ crystals, return to the mystic, who will
then return your ship.

Another thing you can do is to go into the desert and try to find every single
crystal. Every crystal you get is worth 1,000 bolts (and a whooping 10,000 in
Challenge Mode), and if you collect all of them you'll get a skill point. Also,
you can find a Platinum Bolt at the top of the area, and a Weapon Modification
vendor around the lower-right. But there's still one more thing that you should
do. Head into the building to the west and you'll find a path. Defeat a few
enemies on the way and then enter the cave. Time to use your Thermanator!

Freeze the water with the Thermanator and then head over to the right and jump
up the ledge. Kill off the few enemies on the path, and then you'll find three
platforms in water. Jump on the first one (to the left) and then you'll notice
the other two coming up. If you want a Platinum Bolt, you can get one here!
Jump on the third platform and then freeze the water, and hop up to the first
platform and then jump over to the ledge above, and you'll find the Bolt right

Note that to get the platforms up though, you'll have to have the water frozen.
Otherwise, they'll just come down. Freeze the water when the second and third
platforms are up, and you're good to go. Jump up to the ledge and kill the
Crawlers, and then freeze the water facing you. Then the two waterfalls become
ice. Perfect for a wall jump! Climb up, and then follow the path, while
shooting down a few more enemies on the way. At the end, you'll then find the
Hang Glider, sweet!

You'll get a chance to use it right here. Just use that Hang Glider and just
head forward (a few takes to the right but nothing dangerous) while avoiding
the large towers. At the end of the path is another Platinum Bolt. Use the
translocator, and hop into your repaired ship. Take it to the next
co-ordinates, and AWAY WE GO...

|| VIIIk. PLANET DOBBO                                                       ||

Planet Dobbo is probably the turning point of Ratchet & Clank 2. This is where
it starts to get tough in almost all planets, as most of the enemies from here
on can shoot you down quickly, and they also take quite a bit of a pounding to
go down. That's why a new, awesome weapon has graced the Megacorp Vendors --
the Minirocket Tube! If you have enough bolts, buy this at once. You won't
regret it, and you'll use it until the very end of your adventure.

Pop open the crates at the beginning. Remember: we really need a lot of bolts
now, since there's the RYNO II, there's armor, and there's several weapons we
need to save up for. So get as much money as you can! Jump the platform to find
a yellow Megacorp vendor. This one, unlike the rest of them, sells protective
armor! Keep in mind though that the armor for sale now really isn't worth it,
since it's too expensive and we want the Bouncer right now. Just ignore it and
jump off the platform. You'll then encounter some of the toughest enemies
you'll find for a while -- the Troopers.

These guys can really take a beating, for the second time. Use your brand new
Minirocket Tube to blast them to smithereens (if you don't have it though, use
the HK22 Gun). Then use the Dynamo on the activators to the left to find some
new Chickenbots. Still not very hard to beat. Climb the ledge and then follow
the path to find two more Troopers. Look in the rooms to the left and right to
find some boxes to break, and then use the Swingshot and enter the room on the
right to find more Chickenbots and nanotech. You know what to do.

In the next area, give the Troopers around here all you've got. You'll also
encounter another new enemy called the Hover Tank. This baby is hard to take
out, since it will constantly fire at you, and it has a bunch of Troopers with.
Once again, the Minirocket Tube and HK22 Gun are your saviors. Use similar
weapons to kill the Troopers. Once they're all gone, climb the ladder and then
swingshot across the gap. Enter the next room to find some more Troopers. After
finishing them, drop down and kill all the Chickenbots for the heck of it.
Besides, you'll get more bolts if you do so. Climb back up the ladder and then
you'll find (across the next gap) a Hover Tank.

Although it's dangerous, the Hover Tank can't fire into your room. So take out
that Vaporizer, and pop about two bullets into it and it's ancient history.
Treat the Troopers likewise, and then use the Swingshot to cross the gap. Head
to the right as you kill more of them Troopers, and climb up the next ladder.
Swingshot four times, and then watch the cutscene. You'll then have a familiar
boss to fight with.

*       BOSS: THUG LEADER      *

The Thug Leader is fought out using Giant Clank. The Thug Leader is controlling
a huge robot, which has exactly the same attacks as Clank, surprisingly.
However, the Thug Leader does much more damage. First of all, in case you
didn't bother to read the controls section: use X to jump, [] to do a melee
attack, O to fire missiles, and /\ to fire a bomb. This moon is full of towers
in which you can knock down to gain ammunition and nanotech, but be warned that
the Thug Leader can do the same as you.

Try not to get too close to the Thug Leader. If he smacks you and gets you away
from him, not only will you not be able to hit him until you catch up, but
you'll lose a lot of health. Whenever you can, use bombs on him. They do tons
of damage, and if you manage to destroy a lot of buildings, you can get a lot
of them. This fight shouldn't be that hard as long as you're careful, but it
can take a long time. Oh, and you can gain a skill point for beating the Thug
Leader by only landing on his head (big damage) and smacking him. And another
for destroying all the buildings.

Watch the commerical after that to gain co-ordinates for the Planet Joba, which
should be the next destination. However, don't leave Planet Dobbo yet. Use the
translocator to return to the beginning of the level and then use the other
translocator around the beginning to find your way inside the testing facility
itself. You'll find three Sentinels in the air. They're pretty much a waste of
time; just dodge the light below them and don't fight them unless they're
proving a dangerous threat.

Behind them are green Blade Ball x2s, much more deadly than their red
bretheren. They are faster, they do more damage, and they're bigger. Take them
out in a hit or two. You'll find a machine that causes electric lasers on the
floor a bit ahead of that. Smash it when its head is shown to stop the electric
lasers, although they're actually not very dangerous at all. Continue to find
two more Sentinels and Troopers. The Multi-Star works nicely here.

Continue and then hop down to find more Troopers. If you've got a good strong
weapon like the Minirocket Tube, I needn't give you a strategy. Continue and
then you'll find two more Sentinels. Use the Multi-Star or Vaporizer and take
the elevator up to find a Hover Tank. After one blast of the Vaporizer to
finish it off, swing to the other side of the ledge, and you'll find half a
dozen Dynamo activators. Give them all a buzz and then cross the platforms and
use the elevator.

Watch the cutscene and a small robot appears. You'll then have to use your Hang
Glider here. Keep in mind that there is something to do now which will really
have you hanging (intentional pun) your anger on this glider course. There's a
nanotech boost in midair, but you'll start the course right after and below the
boost, and you can't glide there. So you can't get it now. Just head where the
course will take you until you reach a room full of X's.

If you want the nanotech boost, go through the < on the right, and then head
back through the > on the left, and you'll be doing this course backwards.
Return to the nanotech boost, but be sure to be high (not on drugs though) and
to the right, or you may miss it. After collecting that well-earned boost, just
return to the room with the X's and fly forward to find an Electrolyzer puzzle.
Solve the easy puzzle and then the power goes back on. Return to the computer
using the translocator.

You'll then have to pay 10,000 bolts to fix the computer (GRRR). Well, if you
don't have the cash, just return to the beginning with the nearby translocator
and then kill off some Troopers and bust up Planet Dobbo to get the needed
moolah, and then you'll then buy a very revealing scene about the Experiment.
After that, you'll get co-ordinates for the Deep Space Disposal. But first,
let's have some fun at Planet Joba.

|| VIIIl. PLANET JOBA                                                        ||

Welcome to the lush green grasses of Planet Joba! I am now hoping you have
accumulated enough cash to save up for the Bouncer. There are now two new
weapons, one cheap and one expensive, neither being exactly worth it: the
Spiderbot Glove. The weapon itself isn't very useful, although you can use it
to get a Platinum Bolt in Planet Dobbo and one in Planet Boldan (a bit later).
The other is the Plasma Coil. It's not that useful, and it's friggin'
expensive. I would recommend saving up for the Bouncer.

Planet Joba's enemies are much like Planet Barlow's, although they're a lot
tougher. You've got Jobian Tribesmen, and Jobian Saur Beasts, both exclusive to
Joba. The Bouncer works very nicely for killing them off, and a Saur Beast is
made ancient history with the Vaporizer. Some Tribesmen have guns, so kill them
off BEFORE taking on the small fry. At the beginning, you'll find several birds
sitting here. My last note is that you can kill them off with the Vaporizer (12
birds need to be killed in the whole planet) and earn a skill point.

Follow the path to meet up with some Jobian Tribesmen and Saur Beasts. Kill all
of them with the Blitz Cannon, HK22 Gun, Minirocket Tube, or Bouncer, and then
before entering the house just ahead, go over to the right and use the Dynamo
on the activator. Still carrying the Dynamo, enter the house again and buzz the
next activator and then a bridge opens up, as well as several Tribesmen and one
with a gun riding a Saur Beast. Not good. Still, dodge them and quickly cross
to the other side. If you did it quickly enough and took care of the activator,
look to the right and you'll find a nanotech boost.

Not only is your health increased, but all that you may have lost from the
Tribesmen is back. Now kill all of them and then take the ladder on the left up
and kill off three more Tribesmen. There's a stationary turret you can use
here, which is extremely powerful and can kill a Saur Beast quickly. There may
be a Tribesmen already using it though, which is where the Heavy Lancer can be
useful. Step on the panel to the left and then you'll open a door to be engaged
with two Tribesmen and a Saur Beast. OOPS, I FORGOT, THIS ISN'T A GODDAMN LOVE

Anyway, enter the room that opens up and after defeating the three baddies,
take a left and kill off all the birds on the path if you want. Otherwise,
follow it to encounter a turret. Sneak up behind the Tribesman using it and
kill him, and then use the turret to kill everyone else in the area. Also, if
you're short on nanotech, stand on the pad to the left to find two regular
crates, a purple nanotech, and a couple Tribesmen.

Just leave that room, and then head through the door on the RIGHT. Thank you;
charge the Dynamo activator and then you'll find a platform that does not
disappear when you jump on it. No, it continues until you reach the top. Still,
you'll have to go all the way to the right, then to the left, then to the
right, and then up, constantly dodging obstacles at the same time. Not easy.
Most of them you'll just have to not go forward, although occasionally you'll
be forced to get ahead of the obstacle in question.

Once you reach the top, be a bit careful. Two turrets above will be firing at
you, and doing massive damage. What you should do is quickly climb up, take one
of them out, and then take the other one out with the turret, and destroy
anything below that moves. Then... destroy anything that doesn't move!
(remember this quote from Chairman Drek in Ratchet & Clank 1?). The non-moving
targets in particular are the boxes. You'll get loads of nanotech and bolts.
After that room, exit and then if you want, kill all the birds on the rail
right ahead with your Vaporizer.

Grind the rail, and then watch the cutscene, and then you can buy the Levitator
for 20,000 bolts. Rather expensive, but you need it to get into the Arena. Once
you've done that, use the pad and then try and fly as high in the air as
possible. Then land on the ledge right there and enter the arena... anyway,
little strategy goes for this next battle. Snipe at a Saur Beast if you see
one, and the Mini-Nuke and/or Bouncer work well for large groups of enemies.

After that rather easy battle, you're awarded a grand prize... A PAIR OF BOOTS
OMG! But these are the Gravity Boots, in which you will definitely enjoy. You
can fight a battle in the cage for a gadget called the Infiltrator, which you
WILL have to use a lot. The Cage Match isn't much harder than the regular
match. The enemies shouldn't be hard to hit with your strongest weapons.
Eventually those, meteors start appearing from the lava and entering the cage.
Just let them hit the enemies, they'll be more good than harm (unusual).

Three battles you may notice are the Arachnoid Battle, Hazard Cage Match, and
Damage Avoidance Challenge. The Arachnoid battle is a fight with a boss, taking
place inside a cage. This guy only has two freaking attacks, summoning a bunch
of Nidbots (the robotic spiders), and firing electricity in front of it. Not
only is it fairly harmless, but it's very easy to dodge. Only hard part is that
the Arachnoid tends to jump around the cage. When you get near it, use the
Bouncer and the Mini-Nuke, and watch its health being eaten.

Hazard Cage Match is almost exactly the same as the battle for the Infiltrator;
you shouldn't have any problems. On the Damage Avoidance Match, all you'll have
to do is to stay away from all enemies, especially the MSR III's. Try and get
close eventually, and use the Bouncer or Mini-Nuke to eat them all up. If you
run into a Jobian Saur Beast though, keep your distance and fire away from your
Minirocket Tube like there's no tomorrow!

The Time Challenge I in which you'll then see can be very challenging at first,
although it's nothing that big. The Bouncer, Blitz Cannon, Minirocket Tube,
Mini-Nuke and HK22 Gun are wonderful assets, and if you end up with a lot of
Blade Balls or Nidbots, then the Bouncer and Mini-Nuke will make your enemy
count go up by about 8. You'll have to kill 90 enemies in 90 seconds, anyway.
Only problem is the Jobian Saur Beasts. I personally found the Minirocket Tube
to prove quite useful.

One of the only difficult battles you'll face here is the Megapede battle.
Ahhh... 12,500 bolts, you may be saying now. That's a lot, but Megapede is a
lot harder than the Arachnoid. It'll never hit you directly though. All it will
do is fly around the area, firing small balls onto the ground. Run away and
avoid these as best as possible, while firing strong weapons at Megapede. It'll
send a large spider to attack you once it loses a bit of health. Use a strong
attack to finish it off, along with any balls nearby, and then repeat the
process until Megapede explodes into two/three of these. You know what to do.

Two other challenges are battles to use only the wrench and another to use onyl
the Heavy Lancer. Neither are tough, especially if you've got nice armor and a
lot of health. For the Heavy Lancer one, if you get low on ammunition, just
fire at surrounding crates to get some more ammunition. There's also a timed
challenge to beat Megapede in 3 minutes (use the Bouncer on Megapede if you
can, and if you've got the Minirocket Tube or Plasma Coil, they also come in

But are you ready to take on a REAL challenge? When "Impossible Challenge!"
appears, select that and prepare to die. I don't recommend fighting this unless
you get a lot of health, some good armor, the wrench upgrade in Planet Aranos,
the Shield Charger, and the (Black) Sheepinator. Don't use the Sheepinator too
much though, as it can stop enemies from appearing in a bug. Use the Shield
Charger and be defensive, while being strong with the Minirocket Tube and
(Heavy) Bouncer. You'll have to switch between the cage and main arena quite a
lot though. The Shield Charger will wear off for some reason when you switch
from arena to cage, just so you know.

At the end of the Impossible Challenge, you'll fight Megapede. If you manage to
do that, you win perhaps the hardest thing this game will throw at you, and
you've gotten an extra 200,000 bolts! Now that's an accomplishment. Anyway,
after leaving the arena, you'll get a chance to use the Infiltrator. The path
you have to use for it is fairly straightforward, only forcing you to choose
from one of two paths a few times.

Take the taxi behind the barrier that disappears once the Infiltrator is used,
and you'll arrive back at the beginning of Planet Joba. Still, there's one
whole thing we have yet to do! Hoverbike races; you can do this task around the
beginning. Follow the path normally as you begin and then instead of going into
the building, take a right and then beat off the Tribesmen on the way, and
Swingshot across the gap.

Once you're across, you'll find one of the rare blue Swingshot targets. Pull
the bridge down and cross it, then Swingshot some more, lower another bridge,
and you'll get to race for a wonderful prize of the Gravity Boots. My lord, you
will need these. The course itself isn't really difficult, although it gets
pretty difficult in certain areas. For example, two doors are in front of you.
One is open, one is closed. One will open and then the other will close, so
drive through the open one quickly.

Drive down the path and then you'll have to take a jump. After that, you'll
find a road which will be rather hard to steer on. Try and get some boosts, and
then you can take a right and you'll drive through not only a shortcut, but a
nanotech boost as well! Second in the level. From there, the rest of the level
is easy. You can get a skill point if you complete the course in a short time.
Use the third match, where racers don't attack Ratchet, and shortcuts open up.

Anyway, time to go to that Deep Space Disposal, eh? There's one optional thing
you can do right now in the swamps of Oozla.

|| VIIIm. PLANET OOZLA                                                       ||

First of all, your revisit to Planet Oozla is OPTIONAL. You don't have to
return to Oozla, and if you're not a strong Lombax by now it's not even
recommended that you return here, since a rather tough boss needs to be fought
if you want to earn the Box Breaker. Still, it's an awesome item that will
definitely come in handy in getting the maximum of bolts in the shortest
possible time.

Use the translocator and head over to the Megacorp outlet. Jump down from the
ledge and then go down the stairs, and take a left. Remember the area I told
you to remember in the first visit to Planet Oozla? With the sloping ramp in
which you needed the Gravity Boots to climb up? Well, here we are. Head up the
ramp, and you'll find a Megacorp armor vendor. Not particularly useful, but
it's recommended you get good preparation for the boss fight. When prepared,
slide down the chute...


If you've got the following weapons: Minirocket Tube, Plasma Coil, Bouncer, and
Vaporizer, you should use them and all the ammunition you have for them up on
the Swamp Monster, because it takes a while to go down. The Swamp Monster
attacks with its claw, its huge tentacles, or moving close to you and spitting
you out, which deals massive damage. Never get close to the Swamp Monster,
because that might happen. Just hop from platform to platform in this swamp
while attacking it with these weapons. If you've got Acid/Shock mods, they will
especially come in handy.

There's another method which can work for this fight, if you're having
problems. One word sums it up: the Decoy Glove. Just put a Decoy Glove on the
platforms and then the Swamp Monster will start attacking it eventually, which
will REALLY waste its time and allow you to knock off lots of its health meter.
Another thing is that the Swamp Monster occasionally stops moving when it
attacks a decoy! It's happened to me, and I've knocked off loads of its health
by doing this. After you've beaten it, you get the well deserved Box Breaker,
which breaks anything that's nearby. Awesome!

|| VIIIn. DEEP SPACE DISPOSAL                                                ||

Defenses will attack you upon arrival, so it's a battle that Ratchet and Clank
have to fight, inside their ship. There are six stationary turrets around this
place, and each of them can take quite a lot of damage. Surprisingly, this is
the hardest battle in Deep Space Disposal, although it's still not hard. Circle
the area, firing one missile and some bullets at each turret. On the second
time around, blast them to pieces. Remember to do it quickly, because otherwise
repair pods will be dispatched to restore them.

After that, there are still three challenges that we can do. The first one will
be defending 16 pods while fighting 20 enemy ships. This really isn't that
difficult; don't worry if a few pods are destroyed, because if 1 remains at the
end, it's the same as if there were 15 remaining. I recommend using missiles or
any other weapon you've got on some of the ships though, since they have a fair
bit of stamina. The next battle is even easier, since there are more ships and
they're even easier to target. Not to mention if you have mine upgrades, this
will be over very quickly.

Of course, the last challenge will be a race against Ace Bunyon. And for 11,000
bolts, too. I found Deep Space Disposal's race to be much easier than the one
in Thug Rendezvous, simply because there are far less obstacles (in Thug
Rendezvous you had to drive carefully through asteroids and avoid the walls,
and there was the ship and everything in it) and the rings are easy to see.
Again, if you fly through all rings, you get a Platinum Bolt. After the first
battle anyway, you get Planet Todano's co-ordinates. Next stop: Planet Todano.

|| VIIIo. PLANET TODANO                                                      ||

At the Megacorp Vendor, you can pick up the Hoverbomb Gun for no less than
120,000 bolts. Very overpriced and the weapon isn't that great, so only buy it
now if it'll start killing you as you advance further. Also, there are THREE
skill points that can be gained in this VERY AREA YOU ARE! One of them can't be
done until you get the Sheepinator (on this very planet), so be patient,

Shortly after your arrival, a Fizzwidget robot and ten tourists will arrive in
a bus, and Fizzwidget will show them the four most exciting pieces of machinery
ever: four rockets in which are all exactly the same from color to structure
and all in which don't move! Okay, maybe not so exciting, but you can destroy
the rockets to collect 500 bolts apiece, and if they're all destroyed you
receive a skill point. Try not to do it while tourists are around, because if
you escort them to the end of the tour, you get another point.

The only enemies around this area are Mutant Test-Squirrels, which couldn't be
less of a problem. You can take them out in two hits. With that spiffy new Box
Breaker you've got, you can also get hundreds of bolts by breaking open the
crates. Follow the path until the three locked doors at the end, and then when
the Fizzwidget robot ends the tour and enters the middle locked door, follow
him inside and you'll get a Platinum Bolt! Probably not one of the first places
you'd expect to find one.

Exit this room, and take a left to find an Electrolyzer puzzle. Solve it, and
then an elevator comes down. Take it up and you'll come to a dam. You can
destroy the yellow lights around here for hundreds more bolts, and once again,
that Box Breaker is great. Collect the booty and then follow the path and drop
down the stairs to find an Infiltrator puzzle. Solve it and then the electric
barrier goes down.

You may notice there are some bombs on the ground. Come close, and they will
explode into a ring of electric shock, damaging any who get caught up in it,
including all the Squirrels here. ;P You'll find two Robot Guards just beyond.
They're no pushover, since their attacks can take about FOUR hit points from
you. The HK22 Gun and Minirocket Tube can work pretty well against them. When
they're gone, just head beyond and take the elevator down to head further into
this place.

Continue forward and bust up a few crates to get some extra bolts. In the next
room, take a left and you'll find a few more to pop open. Remember: if it ain't
nailed down, nail it down. ;) Kill a few Troopers along the way with your
Minirocket Tube or Bouncer, and you'll find an Infiltrator puzzle. Quickly
solve it, as it's not really anything that difficult. An elevator then rises
from below. Use it to go down and you'll find a nanotech boost! You're close to
getting all of them now.

Take it back up and then continue into the next room. It is absolutely full of
Troopers, and to make it worse, they even respawn! It's not worth fighting with
them, although you can get some nice nanomites for the Bouncer. Just across the
gap on the left and you'll find three more. Use the Bouncer again and make them
taste blood. You will have to use the Infiltrator again. After doing so, the
door opens and the female thief introduces herself as Angela and tells you some
shocking news. You now have Planet Boldan's co-ordinates.

However, we're not anywhere near done with this place. You can leave to Planet
Boldan and prepare for some of the toughest stuff in the game, or you can take
an optional quest through the eastern side of this area and collect the
Sheepinator, a wonderful weapon. Anyway, return to the dam and then when you
reach the area where you used the Infiltrator, take a right and then head
forward to find two Troopers and some Chickenbots. Kill all of them and enter
the room. Look to the left and you'll find a force field.

But to the right, you'll find several targets that can be moved and danced
with, using your Tractor Beam! Eh, who am I kidding. Move a target with your
Tractor Beam into the force field, and then you can cross through it with no
problem. In the next room is two force fields, two targets, a pad on the other
side, and an InspectorBot. Move the targets into the force fields and the
InspectorBot to the pad, and you're good to go.

Now take the elevator up, and you'll find a room with Chickenbots. Kill them
all quickly and you'll find a large wall, and a rocket with a Tractor Beam
column in it. Drag the column over to the hatch at the back, and then the wall
will self-destruct, allowing you to get to the other side. You will then be
walking down a long, but fairly harmless path. In the next room, several
Troopers await. And the bad thing is, the damn robots respawn after being taken
down, unless they get hit one hell of a lot of times.

---If you want a Platinum Bolt, then use the following paragraph. If you don't,
skip it and go to the next one.---

Use your Tractor Beam to move a column over to a conveyor belt a little bit up
(easy to see though). Use the Bouncer or Mini-Nuke to temporarily stop the
Troopers, and then climb up the column and onto the conveyor belt, and send a
Spiderbot down the chute you'll see at the end of it. Just head forward, it's a
long path, but it doesn't have any twists or turns. Step on the button, and
then climb up to the next conveyor belt as Ratchet. There's a very small room
there that you can enter, and inside is... OMG A PLATINUM BOLT!

On the ground, there are two columns, two force fields, and an Inspector Bot.
Not to mention another maintenance pad! Drag the columns into the force fields,
and the InspectorBot to the maintenance pad, and then you'll have to ride
another elevator up. Upstairs is a small puzzle. There are two slots, one small
and one big, and two columns, one big and one small. Drag one to a corner so it
doesn't get into the other's way, and then drag the other one to its
appropriate slot. Then with the other one, pull it to its appropriate slot, and
the door opens.

The next room is full of laser fields... and you wouldn't want to get burned
now, did you? Since I think fur is very flammable... ugh, what am I smoking.
Move the column into the laser field, and then wait until it comes back to you.
Then jump on it and it will bring you to the other side, and you won't be
touched. Destroy some more Chickenbots in this room, and then in the next one
you will find yet another column puzzle.

Again, there are three slots, one small, one moderate, and one large, and three
rockets. First of all, get two out of the way and drag the other to its
location, then safely move the other one to its, and the last one to its own
and then the wall explodes. WHOO! That's the last of those puzzles, don't fret.
:) You'll find another laser field after another puzzle, who coulda thunkit.
Once again, move the column into the laser field, wait until it comes back, and
then jump on top of it to get to the next room.

In the next room is another batch of Troopers, who all keep respawning. To get
some nanomites for your weapon and your health gauge, use the Hoverbomb Gun or
Plasma Coil, two of the weapons you are least likely to upgrade, on them.
Beyond them is what you came for -- the Sheepinator! This is one of the best
weapons you will use, and it's worth every second of your time to enter this
facility. Leave the room with the translocator, and then practice it on the
Squirrels to get the "Try to Sleep" skill point. Then leave to your new

|| VIIIp. PLANET BOLDAN                                                      ||

This is by far the weirdest planet in the game. Every strange or interesting
concept this game implements can be found here. Anyway, you'll find a lot of
locked gates as you begin. You cannot pass through them at the moment, so just
bust open the crates and if you need to, pick up some more ammunition. No new
weapons can be picked up currently, which is a good thing. Take the nearby taxi
and you'll appear at a ledge with an elevator. Hop on the elevator and then
you'll get one of the only chances in the game to use your Levitator.

Fly past the windmills along the way and when the gate at the end of the course
opens, fly through it and land on that ledge. You can go left or right now.
Once again, use the Levitator and take a left. Try and dodge the vehicles on
the way, because they can be distracting. Try and keep levitated as well, and
drop onto to the ledge above. Then use the Levitator again to go forward and
you'll drop to yet another ledge, but this time with an elevator. Jump on and
you're behind one of those gates we saw earlier!

You can head north or east at this area. Choose to head east and then climb up
the ladder, and jump on the third rail (the one to the right). On the middle is
a small barrier, and just ahead of that, the first and second have barriers.
All you have to do is avoid the electric shock that occasionally appears on the
rails, and jump to a nearby rail if there's a barrier ahead of you, and you
should have no problem. You'll then find another illegal Mod shop.

Put some use into some of them Platinum Bolts you've picked up thus far and
then enter the room in front of you. Bust up all the crates for thousands of
bolts (juicy!) and then use the translocator to return to the center of the
city. Then step on the button to take down the gates, and you'll find two
powerful Thugs inside the buildings. Use your Minirocket Tube or a similar very
strong weapon to defeat them.

Enter the next room and step on the button to take down the door. Use the
Bouncer to quickly kill all the Thugs in here, and get that nanotech... then
take a left. If the hour is even, a nanotech boost appears on the fountain
here. If it doesn't... well, just return here a little bit later. Smack all the
Chickenbots one and shoot down the Thugs for some nanomites. You may also
notice a small opening in a wall around here... hehe.

---If you want a Platinum Bolt, then use the following paragraph. If you don't,
skip most of it and go to the last sentence.---

So what of that small opening? Well, we finally have a use for that "useless"
Spiderbot Glove of ours. Launch out a spider and then make it go through that
small opening, and then stand on the button. Detonate it, and then return to
the previous room and take a right as opposed to the left you took a minute
earlier. You'll find a wall around here that's opened up! You'll get that
Platinum Bolt right there. Kill all the Thugs here and then take the elevator
up, and use the Bouncer to eliminate the next three Thugs.

Follow the path forward while killing them bastards and take the elevator up
and you'll find an armor vendor. The armor there is good, but it's not really
worth the price. Make sure you don't have the original armor though, because
the Thugs ahead are pretty deadly. Step forward and then you'll be using your
Gravity Boots to walk down a building. The Thugs here couldn't be easier to
take out, as long as you've got the Heavy Lancer. Just lock on and fire a
bullet into them, and they'll be gone before you can say, "fallen off". Walk
down the building until the very end.

Two doors will open, thugs coming out of both. Shoot a bullet into both and
then enter the one on the right. Just head straight and you'll find another
area with a bunch of Thugs and a LOT (and I mean a LOT) of crates. First of
all, use your Minirocket Tube to destroy everything on the ground, then hop
down and collect all the moolah that the enemies and the crates have to offer.
Walk up the path straight from where you arrived using your Gravity Boots, and
if the Thug here isn't dead, kill him. Then glide over to the ledge on the left
and you'll find a Platinum Bolt.

Jump on the elevator and you'll find three more Thugs on a path (Gravity Boots
needed). Therefore, all you have to do is give them a little shot and they're
gone. Use your Heavy Lancer while following the path, and give all of the Thugs
on the way a little blast. When you land, kill all the Thugs with your Bouncer
or Minirocket Tube (make sure you try to upgrade it to Megarocket Cannon as
quickly as possible) until you reach another elevator. Use it to reach another

Walk down while killing the Thugs with your Heavy Lancer, and when you reach
the bottom, jump through the door on the left and you'll end up in a building
with a Fizzwidget robot in the middle. Watch the cutscenes, and you'll be taken
to Planet Aranos. Take note you can return here later and Swingshot to the roof
to get a Platinum Bolt in here.

|| VIIIq. PLANET ARANOS                                                      ||

Yep, we're back in Planet Aranos! Take note that while you usually begin as
Ratchet, you start off as Clank here. No Megacorp Vendors to shop at yet,
unfortunately. You'll start off near a pool filled with lava and small
platforms. When the platforms come up, glide across them to the other side. To
the left, you'll find a HammerBot. They can smash objects, making them
incredibly useful in the long run. The Chickenbots around here are only version
one, and can be taken out in one hit.

Head forward and then make the HammerBot smash the crate. Then in the next
room, walk along the path to the right and smash that crate, and you'll find a
balance. Stand on it, and then order the HammerBot to smash it, which will send
you into the airduct above! Punch the Chickenbots along the way, and then free
the two MicroBots. They're pretty good for killing all the Chickenbots, and
it's safer and more fun. When you reach an elevator, make sure the MicroBots
get on it! That's a necessity.

Ride the elevator down and stand on the button in the next room (a balance is
in here). Then that HammerBot in which we were using earlier returns! Make sure
the MicroBots get on the balance, and then order the HammerBot to smash the
balance. Then when you're on the ledge above, make the MicroBots enter the door
and then take the elevator down. Two MSRs will appear. Stay away from them as
best as possible, since even though they were the first enemies in the game,
they're pretty damn tough here. It'll take more than one punch to take them
out, and their weapons will kill Clank quickly, usually before he can touch

Now that I've rambled on enough, instead of committing suicide by becoming food
for the MSRs, take the door on the left while killing the Chickenbots on the
way. Up the elevator, you'll find two MicroBots! An MSR will attack as you go
forward, but the MicroBots can kill it. Fight off another MSR as it appears,
and then you'll find two more MicroBots. Enter the door, and you'll be walking
through a small duct. Step on the button to shut down the power, and then back
inside Ratchet's cell, he's not trapped anymore. You'll then be controlling him.

You can now buy stuff at the Megacorp vendor. Two new weapons are available,
one good purchase and one bad: the good is the Shield Charger for 100,000
bolts, and the bad is the Zodiac, for 1,500,000 bolts, which IS NOT worth it.
Buy the Shield Charger if you have the money (which you should, seeing as how
there are no new weapons on Planet Boldan). A problem here is that you don't
have Clank. You may remember how much of a drag it was on the first three
planets, where you couldn't use Clank. Now without him, you can't glide, hover
jump, or the like. Don't worry though, since you won't be like this for long.

This room is full of MSRs, some of them with flamethrowers. Don't worry, since
they're all extremely easy to defeat. Try to upgrade the Minirocket Tube, since
it'll come in handy on a later planet (Planet Snivelak). Enter the next room
and you'll find three MSRs, one with a flamethrower, one a platform. Use the
Bouncer or Minirocket Tube to kill them, and then step on and it'll turn
around, so you'll be walking across the ceiling. Robots will appear from the
lava, but don't worry, since they're pushovers.

Ignore them and continue across the ceiling and then jump on the platform,
which will take you down. Kill all the MSRs in the following room with your
Minirocket Tube and wall jump up the wall. Then take out the enemies in the
following room and look to the left to find a platform. Jump on it, and it will
gradually disappear as another platform appears. This will continue until the
end. Once you reach the ledge above, using the platforms to jump across this
room, the scene will return to Clank.

As Clank, simply follow the path into a room with lava. Although it looks
impossible, if you're good you can glide across this room. Too bad you'll have
to. You may mess up, although it's easy if you're good with hovering. Jump
across the platforms in the lava and then free the BridgeBot. You'll
immediately get to put him to use, since there's a large gap in this room.
Across, take down the Chickenbots with your fist and head up the elevator.
Don't worry, since that BridgeBot WILL retract the bridge and follow you up.

Bust up some more Chickenbots and take another elevator up to find another
large gap. Build a bridge and then at the very end of the bridge, glide across.
On the next platform you'll find two MicroBots (and another BridgeBot). Across
the gap is one of those deadly MSRs. Cross the bridge you will make the
BridgeBot build, and then order the MicroBots to beat the shit out of that MSR.
Look around this room to find a HammerBot and another MicroBot. To the left is
a heckload of crates. Smash them all down with that trusty HammerBot ally!

Locate another cage and free the MicroBot inside, and then smash down the crate
and build a bridge right behind it, and then make sure all your little buddies
are following you. Make them enter the door, and you'll reach a large room.
That's where it goes to Ratchet again. Enter the next room and you'll find a
wrench upgrade! Now you can beat down the enemy MSRs in no time at all. Jump on
the platform (crouch and jump; it's slightly hard to get to) and then perform
similar actions to what you did last time you played as Ratchet to get up to
the ledge above.

Enter the next room and you'll find yourself on the ship. Remember that you'll
be using the Gravity Boots, but just like in Planet Boldan, any enemy MSRs that
will appear fall off in a single hit. Just follow the path, and you'll have to
do even more jumps up more platforms. Don't worry, since this is the LAST time
you have to do that! I promise. You'll then arrive in the same area that Clank
currently is. After a cutscene, you'll finally control Ratchet with Clank on
his back again!

Your ship is currently surrounded by a force field, so we can't yet leave
Planet Aranos, not that we want to. Climb the ladder straight from the ship,
and you'll get an opportunity to use your Levitator. Start it when the lava is
around midway and getting low, and then when you pass through this tunnel, you
won't have to worry about the lava at all. Just a bit ahead it's a bit harder.
There is pink and blue electricity along the way in which you'll have to avoid.
Just stay clear of the pink and fly between the two blue electric lines to land
on another ledge.

Fortunately the Levitator doesn't fade away yet. The next part is even easier,
since the obstacles on the way, and the white electricity lines are no problem.
Head below the blue, and above the pink, and you should have no problem. In the
next room, Angela will contact you and you receive co-ordinates for the
Thugs-4-Less fleet at Planet Gorn. Step on the button in the room, and your
ship will now be unimpounded, and you'll have all-new co-ordinates. Still,
don't leave yet.

---If you want a Platinum Bolt, then use the following paragraph. If you don't,
skip to the next one.---

Head over to your now free ship. See that ledge in which your average sane
person would never think of jumping? Jump that ledge very gently, and fly down
very slowly. Turn around to find a small ledge there. Then just glide across
this room to the next ledge, and then you'll find the Platinum Bolt. Return to
where you previous were with the Levitator.

There's still one more thing we have yet to do. Take the left in the main room
and climb the ladder. Use the Levitator and then start flying when the lava is
low. Around halfway through it'll go back up. Stay very close to the ceiling
and try not to go down! If you're lucky it'll go down and you'll make it to the
next ledge. Watch the cutscene, and you can buy a Qwark Action Figure for
20,000 bolts. Now use the Levitator again to return.

|| VIIIr. PLANET TODANO                                                      ||

Just like Planet Oozla, replaying Planet Todano is OPTIONAL. If you want your
armor to pick up bolts from a longer distance though, you may want to go to
this place again, though. Just use the translocator near you to quickly
transport you over to that dam, and then yet again, smash all those yellow
lights! Remember, we gets lot of money for it, so it's worth it, no? ;) Once
again, head back into that dam, and then take a left into the next room.
Inside, look to the right and you'll find a ledge really high up. Need I tell
you how to get there?

If you guessed to use the Tractor Beam to pull two columns over there, you were
right. After climbing up there, follow the path until you reach a counter with
a Megacorp employee who is a total and complete Captain Qwark fanboy. After a
little fight, you can trade with him that useless-seeming Qwark figurine you
got from the plumber in Planet Aranos, in exchange for an armor upgrade that
allows you to pick up bolts from a distance! Very cool and worthwhile. After
getting it though, glide to the tower below, to the left and you'll find a
Platinum Bolt.

|| VIIIs. PLANET GORN                                                        ||

It's the final planet with space battles! The only one you'll HAVE to do is to
shoot down four powerful Thugs-4-Less ships. However, it's easier said than
done. These ships can take a real beating, which is why it's recommended you
use your strongest weapons. Fire torpedos and mines at one of them and destroy
it, then shoot down some small fry for a little extra Raritanium (if you have a
Nuke, use it), and then go to the rest of the ships. Once you get the hang of
it, it's not that difficult.

The second battle is just your average ship battle against 32 enemies which all
go down quickly. If you've got a Nuke, you don't need a strategy, as you can
kill about 30 of them with a single hit. Mines also work fairly well. Again,
you really don't need a strategy for this. You may want to repeat this
challenge so you can pick up some extra bolts (first time you attempt this is
25,000 bolts, that's pretty juicy) and Raritanium.

You ain't seen nothing yet. The third battle is by far the toughest space
battle in the whole game. You're fighting one of the ships you destroyed, but
it's a ghost ship. When it's not solid, you can't shoot at it. I recommend
having at least two shields, the Torpedos and Mines, and if you can afford it,
the Nuke. It's not necessary, though. Avoid the gun attacks and wait for it to
become solid, and then fire with all your might at it. Then head back and
destroy the small fry and get some ammo, Raritanium, and shields.

Keep in mind that when you're going for the small fry, you can very well get
shot down. There are about 30 of them in the air, all liking nothing more than
destroying Ratchet's ship. If you've got a Nuke, you may even want to use it if
you can get a lot of them together. Then you'll get a lot of shields,
ammunition you've wasted on the ghost ship, and more. Try to avoid the ghost
ship's attacks by doing a barrel roll as much as possible, however. Good luck,
this fight took me about 9 tries.

Naturally, the final ship challenge is a race against Ace Bunyon. Well, these
races just keep getting easier and easier. It's pretty straightforward, so you
really don't need a strategy. You'll get that lovely 35,000 bolts quickly. Also
note you can get a Platinum Bolt by flying through all of the rings. Once
you've got the moolah, just head to your new co-ordinates: Planet Snivelak.

|| VIIIt. PLANET SNIVELAK                                                    ||

This is it. This is the planet where you'll finally defeat the Thug Leader, and
where the best boss fight in the game takes place. Anyways, before we tackle
this I HIGHLY recommend you have the Minirocket Tube, and preferably the
Megarocket Cannon. Trust me, you're going to need it a lot. It's recommended
you've got some good armor too, since some of the enemies here do quite a lot
of damage. You can find armor vendors on Dobbo, Boldan, and later in this
planet. Now that the warnings are finished...

Go forward and Swingshot across the gap several times. If you do it really
quickly, you can get to the top of the roof and collect the game's final
nanotech boost. This may be tough, but it can be done. Afterwards, enter the
next room below and do some more swinging and then pull the bridge down. Cross
and then beat off the few enemies with your wrench, you won't need your ammo
and it's best conserved for the boss. You'll come to a metal walkway with lava
charge the activators with the Dynamo and then wait until planks appear. Jump
across and then snipe at the ships with the Vaporizer.

After you destroy those ships, beware, because it's going to get really rough
now. Jump down to the path below and then follow it to the jump pad, where
you'll arrive at a bridge. You can also find an armor vendor here, where you
can buy the Electrosteel armor, for 250,000 bolts. Forget it, because it's too
expensive and there are far more important things to save up for right now.

---If you want a Platinum Bolt, then use the following paragraph. If you don't,
skip it and go to the next one.---

Before taking on the bridge, look to the right and you'll find some Dynamo
activators on a wall. Glide to the ledge and then head forward until you reach
one. Charge it to create a platform to jump on, and then use the Dynamo twice
to move the platforms ahead of you so you can jump on them. Then jump to the
next ledge and repeat that process, and you'll find a Platinum Bolt on the next

Once you've done that, you'll find two ships ahead of you. Destroy them both
quickly with the Vaporizer and you'll find two Thugs behind them. Kill them
with some of your strongest ammo, and then defeat the rest of the ships and
thugs to find... even more thugs! Devastate them all and look to the right, and
kill all of the land enemies with the Minirocket Tube, or preferably, the
Megarocket Cannon. With the green ship in the air, just use the Vaporizer a
couple of times to obliterate it. By now you may want to go back and buy back
some more ammo.

If you did, continue back to where you were and continue. Do not open the box
with the nanotech unless you're in serious need of extra health, because you'll
then be trapped between two energy barriers, alone with a bunch of thugs. The
Bouncer or Mini-Nuke will do the trick in that situation though. We're almost
there now, so don't give up. Regardless if you take the next nanotech, you'll
be trapped alone with the Thugs, so take it. Again, kill all of them with your
Bouncer or Mini-Nuke, and then follow the path to meet a simply GIGANTIC robot.

*       BOSS: THUG LEADER      *

Here we are. Don't chicken out now because the Thug Leader is over 20 times
bigger than you, because this battle is actually very easy once you get the
hang of it. You can fight the Thug Leader with or without turrets. If you chose
the earlier, I hope you have every weapon available, because you're likely to
run out of every bullet you have in all 15 or so guns you've got. The Thug
Leader has extremely high defense, and his health is best brought down with the
turrets around here.

The Thug Leader has only one attack if you're going to go for him without the
turrets: firing constant blue lasers. To avoid them, just strafe and fire your
guns while he fails to hit you. If you're using the turrets though, that's
where the Thug Leader starts to get dangerous. He can fire a very powerful red
laser which will instantly destroy the turret and a lot of your health, he can
fire missiles from a long distance, he throws small ships at you, or he smashes
the turret. Particularly avoid the red laser and the smashing.

Try to avoid getting caught right near the Thug Leader's feet though, because
then he'll smash Ratchet and you'll be gone. Use the Charge Boots and use any
jump pad you find and it'll take you to a turret. Let loose with everything you
have, but when the Thug Leader fires the missiles or throws an airship, try to
destroy those before handling the Thug Leader some more, since your health is
invaluable. If you've got the Tankbot Glove, it's also useful. This fight isn't
hard at all, just very long.

Watch the following cutscene, and you'll get co-ordinates for Planet Smolg.

|| VIIIu. PLANET SMOLG                                                       ||

Once you reach this place you've got three areas you can go to: the warehouse,
the Distribution Facility, and the docked ships. Start out with the warehouse
by following the small path to a jump pad. Once inside the warehouse, you'll
see a couple Snappers behind a force field. Be warned, because the Snappers can
be some of the most dangerous enemies you have met thus far; they are similar
to the Crabs on Planet Orxon from the original Ratchet & Clank, if you remember

Lower the force field with the button, and then kill the Snappers with the
Megarocket Cannon, Heavy Bouncer, or even the Hoverbomb Gun. Climb the boxes on
your left and you'll also see some small enemies called Grulches, best killed
with the Sheepinator. After that, continue until you drop down into a small
area with two Snappers. They're both very easy to kill with that Heavy Bouncer
of yours. Continue north to find a room full of cages with Snappers in them.
After defeating all of them, once again jump into a small area.

Press the button to lower the fields and eliminate all the Snappers that appear
with your Heavy Bouncer (or maybe some Megarockets). The Grulches will be
eliminated in the exact same way. In the next room, head to the north and
you'll find a conveyor belt. To the left of it is an activator that can be
charged with your Dynamo. Jump on the platform that starts moving, and you'll
pass a crate. Jump to it and then use your Dynamo again and jump on the next
platform. Then just finish it off by jumping to the right.

Spank the Grulches with your wrench and you'll find a platform. Charge it with
the Dynamo and you'll arrive in a room full of crates. They'll all be broken
down by a huge storm of Snappers. Once again, nothing works better than the
Heavy Bouncer (except maybe the Megarocket Cannon). Then behind all the crates
is another damn conveyor belt. Anyway, to the left is a Dynamo panel. Charge it
and then head to the right and charge the panel there and a platform will raise
you. Once the conveyor belt ends, charge the next Dynamo activator.

Jump on the platform that is then raised to you, and you'll find an
Electrolyzer puzzle. Solve it quickly and then an elevator is powered up. Use
it and then watch the cutscene to get co-ordinates for the Planet Grelbin.
Well, we've now got 1/3 areas finished. Down the nearby rail, you will arrive
at the Distribution Facility, probably the shortest of the three. After the
rails, a Robo Guard attacks. Use the Megarocket Cannon to destroy it, and the
next Robo Guard that appears. Then head to the top of the area and climb the
crates into the ship.

Once across the platforms right ahead, kill all the Snappers on the next ship,
and then look to the left of where you entered to find another ledge to jump
to. Climb the crates, kill the Snappers and Grulches, you know the drill. Then
use the next platforms to jump to another ship, and you'll find an Infiltrator
puzzle. Solve it and the force field will go down, and you'll find a few more
minor enemies. Sheepinator, Megarocket Cannon, and Heavy Bouncer are all very
good choices.

Enter the small building and make your way out to find the first piece of a
gadget called the Hypnomatic. Return to your ship, and then you'll find that
there's one place we have yet to visit: the docked ships. You already used the
jump pad and the stationary platform, so use the few platforms to get to a
ship. Kill the Grulches on it with your wrench, and then jump the next few
platforms to reach an elevator. Head down to find a Levitator pad.

Once in the air, all you have to do is head forward, since the next large
platform is plainly in view. The next platform is around the east, but like the
last one it's easy to spot. Here you can gain another Platinum Bolt by heading
to the tower at the northwest. You'll have to use every drop of fuel in your
Levitator to get there, but just stay below the tower and don't give up if you
die, and you'll get the hard-earned treasure.

From the last platform, just head north again and then you'll arrive at another
ship, this one with a rather dangerous Snapper on it. Kill it and the nearby
Robo Guard with your Megarocket Tube or Hevy Bouncer, and then enter the main
ship through the door to find another Levitator pad. Just fly up and through
the pink lasers and straightforward to find another platform with two Snappers
on it. Kill them, and then fly to yet another ship to find a creature that
spits out Grulches. Kill all the Grulches and the creature.

After they're all dead, the entrance to the main ship opens. Enter, and then
fly out of the roof and head to the next large ship to the left. It's full of
Snappers, but unless you want to deal with them, ignore them. Instead, use the
Levitator to land on the crates and collect everything on them, and then behind
the crates, use the next Levitator pad to reach a building with a friendly
Snapper. Buy the transmission of Planet Damosel for 40,000 bolts, and then
return to your ship. That's all for Planet Smolg. Don't head to Planet Damosel
yet, though. Go to Planet Grelbin.

|| VIIIv. PLANET GRELBIN                                                     ||

You'll find nothing new at the Megacorp vendor here yet again, since we've
bought just about everything there is to buy by now. :( Still, save up for the
RYNO II with every bolt you get. Bust up the crates around here first, since
they're worth quite a bit. Then walk down and head over to the upper-right and
you'll find that mystic you met from Planet Grelbin. We can trade 9 moonstones
to move a rock. AH, SOUNDS GOOD! So get in the ice field and start looking.

Whereas crystals were pink, moonstones are aqua. Keep in mind that Planet
Grelbin's enemies are no pushover. The YETIs are fast, they come in huge
numbers and hit really hard. To take them down, use the Heavy Bouncer,
Megarocket Cannon, or Plasma Storm. Do not use the Plasma Coil if that's all
you've got unless you're building it up for nanomites though, since the Plasma
Coil is far too weak. The first few moonstones you'll probably collect will
only have YETIs around them, so if you attack with enough force, you can beat

If you thought that they were hard though, get a load of the Sea Leviathans,
which appear when you find a lot of ice near a moonstone. The Sea Leviathans
are always accompanied by at least four YETIs, grrr. Double grrr in that they
take off about 20 freaking health points with a single attack! And to top it
all off, it takes about 3 uses of the Heavy Bouncer with Acid mod to kill them.
Make sure you've got the Acid Mod though, since killing them will be much
easier. Also, they drop moonstones. When you've got 9 of them, return to the
mystic and he'll show you a piece of the Hypnomatic.

Don't handle that yet, though. Enter the area that has opened up, behind where
the rock was. You'll find a Hang Glider course, one of the few (very few) in
the game. Just head down, take a left, and then continue forward until Ratchet
automatically jumps off the Hang Glider. You'll find several robots in the next
room (use the Infiltrator) but they're all extremely weak. Nothing on your
Heavy Bouncer. Head into the next room, and then take a right. Then take
another right into the next room, and stand on the button to open a door.

Head through that door and you'll find a lot more robots. They can be a little
tougher here, but still nothing. Use your Heavy Bouncer and then use the
translocator to return to an area near the beginning, but here you'll find an
armor vendor. You can pick up the Carbonox armor for no less than 1,000,000
bolts. Forget it; it's far too goddamn expensive and not really worth it. Plus,
you're going for the RYNO II, right?! Good. A waterfall around the upper-left
of Planet Grelbin will be solidified. A whole new area opens up for moonstone
collection. Walk up the solid waterfall and then just collect every moonstone
you find. I can't give a strategy to it, really.

Once you finish pushing yourself (try and get as many nanotech slots as
possible), return to the mystic to get the second piece of the Hypnomatic. You
can also get 3,000 bolts per moonstone. A great deal. Anyway, work's done on
Planet Grelbin for now. Go to Planet Damosel now.

|| VIIIw. PLANET DAMOSEL                                                     ||

When you arrive in Planet Damosel you'll have three places to go. On the left
you can do a Giant Clank battle, north is the city, and to the right is a
midtown rail. Let's go for the railway first, shall we? Jump to the rail on the
right and take it forward until a train to the left appears. Jump and then do a
few jumps across the rail to continue. I'm not going to provide a complete
strategy, but there's one very tricky spot. Just continue past the Protopets
and the flaming obstacles to get there.

The tricky area is when you end up between several trains. There will always be
one rail with no trains, so jump to that one and eventually you'll make it to
the final one without getting hit. Then it will be pretty straightforward to
the end. When you arrive at the end, you get a Hypnomatic piece as a reward!
Also, if you've played Jak & Daxter you will LOVE the next scene. Return to the
city and then head to the Giant Clank pad, and then you'll have a not-so-little
boss fight.

*       BOSS: MOTHER SHIP      *

This battle can be very tough at first try, although on your second or third
time around it will be second nature. The Mother Ship is a large saucer in the
air which really doesn't attack you, but will leave the killing up to the
dozens of robots on the ground, which will be your primary threat. Like the
second fight with the Thug Leader, recover health by smashing down the
buildings. This time though, the enemies are by far the bigger threat until you
reduce the Mother Ship to about 30% of its total health. When it lands, fire at
it with all you've got.

A good tactic to really damaging the Mother Ship is to jump on top of it. Now
that will really damage it! When it's lost a lot of its health, almost all
offense will stop coming, and then it will build up energy around it, but it'll
be down on the ground. This might be a bit tricky, but it's the easier part of
the fight. Strafe while firing bombs and your machine guns, and/or jump on top
of it several times to bust it up. Once you get the hang of it, it's an easy
fight, but it's still a pretty long and challenging fight.

Once you've completed that you will gain the Mapper. When you bring up a map,
you can now see secret areas on the map. Huge help for getting all the Platinum
Bolts. When you've finished up with that long battle, it's time to head into
the main town! You will find dozens of Protopets attacking villagers. If you
have the Sheepinator, USE IT NOW! Trust me, you won't regret it. The Bouncer
and Megarocket Cannon also work very well. After killing some Protopets, move a
bit forward and a stronger robot appears from the sky. Kill it using your
Megarocket Cannon or Heavy Bouncer, those work best.

To the right of the next ledge, smash down the machine that spawns more
Protopets with your wrench and kill the rest of the Protopets with the
Sheepinator. Then switch back to the Megarocket Cannon or Heavy Bouncer and
then climb the ladder. To kill all the robots in front of you, use either of
them and they'll all drop dead like skeletons suffering through brain surgery.
Swingshot across the gap, and quickly destroy the four machines spawning
Protopets and get ready to get cracking on some mayhem.

Several robots appear. To kill them (and the dozens of Protopets) quickly, just
use the Heavy Bouncer. Soon enough, all of them will die. Try not to lose too
much health while doing this, however! You won't get a checkpoint for a little
while longer, and Protopets take off 6 damn health points with a single bite.
After they're dead, the yellow door at the top opens. Even more Protopets come
to attack. A nice trick is that if you've got the Sheepinator and want it
upgraded, you can stand on the ledge and sheepinate all of them without fear of
every getting killed, since they can't hit you!

After you've effectively doubled the nanomites in your Sheepinator, three more
robots appear. Use the Megarocket Cannon/Bouncer to kill them quickly and then
another yellow door drops. Run over there and you'll find a rather large gap
you can jump across. Make the jump and use the Megarocket Cannon or the
Hoverbomb Gun to kill off the robot. Then use the Heavy Bouncer for the rest of
the enemies in the area and a door at the upper-right lowers. Use the taxi
there to arrive at the Damosel bank.

You'll get Planet Damosel's only checkpoint and a Megacorp Vendor, as well as a
wall perfect for wall jumping (baha). Climb up and then the bank will be
infested with tons of Protopets. Kill them all with the Heavy Bouncer unless
you want a skill point by letting all the villagers inside live; in that case,
use your Sheepinator. Up the stairs are a few more robots, although the
Megarocket Cannon will make 'em fish food with hardly any effort in the

---If you want a Platinum Bolt, then use the following paragraph. If you don't,
skip it and go to the next one.---

To the right is a pool full of water. What to do when you see water? You'll
need the Thermanator later, so let's use it for the first time since Planet
Tabora, and freeze the water. Then you can grind the small path and arrive at a
small platform in the water with a Platinum Bolt on top of it. Return to the
bank using the nearby taxi.

Climb the stairs and take a left to encounter three Receiver Bots. They're
absolutely pathetic, don't even waste time dispatching them. Just a little
further and then you'll find another large area with Protopets, two robots on
the roof of the store, and two robots on the ground, ready to attack you. Two
machines also spawn more Protopets, so blow them up quickly and then use the
Sheepinator/Heavy Bouncer to eliminate all ground enemies. To kill the two on
the roof, use the Vaporizer or Megarocket Cannon.

When all enemies are obliterated, the door to the store opens. There are some
robots and Protopets in here, but they're all easy to kill, with the Megarocket
Cannon and Sheepinator respectfully. Once all of them are gone, head forward to
meet up with some more robots, and a few Protopets. Kill them all and then use
that Thermanator of yours to freeze the pool. Skate on the ice and hover jump
up to the next ledge. Simply follow the path until you reach one heck of a
nutcase for a professor.

Still, this professor and his "companion" can make the Hypnomatic in exchange
for the parts on Planets Smolg, Damosel, and Grelbin and 10,000 bolts. You
should have all four, so give them away and you get to test it on the Receiver
Bot. With the robot, use your guns to blast apart the nearby enemies and follow
the path until you reach a button. Step on it to make a taxi appear where
Ratchet is. Now we can test out that Hypnomatic on Grelbin!

---If you want a Platinum Bolt, then use the following paragraph. If you don't,
skip it and go to Planet Grelbin revisited.---

Head to the square with the Receiver Bots and the large sign. All of the ones
on the ground are enemies and cannot be hypnotized, though. Jump onto the ledge
and hypnotize the one righ

|| VIIIx. PLANET GRELBIN                                                     ||

Immediately head into the factory to the right at the start and hypnotize the
robot across the gap. Then just walk a bit ahead to find another robot.
Hypnotize it, and then follow the path. Be careful not to fall into the water
though, since that's instant death. The enemy robots should be no problem,
although they respawn. When you reach the end of the path, hypnotize the next
robot and you'll come to a small button. Then in the gap you were at in the
factory, three platforms appear.

Jump across the platforms and you'll find a few more robots. Kill them all and
then hypnotize the robot behind the force field. Head forward while blasting
the other robots to pieces, and take an elevator down. Hypnotize the robot
behind the next force field, and then with that robot, just blast your way
through all the rest of the robots until you reach a button. The room with the
elevator will now be filled with water. As Ratchet, enter the next room and
dive into the water, then swim through that tunnel. Eventually, you'll find a
tunnel of water going up, and lots of it below.

---If you want a Platinum Bolt, then use the following paragraph. If you don't,
skip it and go to the next one.---

Before taking the tunnel up below and then leaving to get to Angela's house,
descend to the right, and you'll find another tunnel you can go through; you
should have no problem finding it, since it'll be right in view. It's fairly
long, so you should use that Hydro Pack with your R1 button to get through it,
and then you'll finally come to solid land. Jump up and get the Platinum Bolt.

When you reach the main tunnel, head up and jump out of all the water. Then
leave the factory and you'll then find Angela's house and a large group of
Protopets. The Sheepinator works very well nicely here, although the Heavy
Bouncer and Plasma Storm are also pretty nice. Give Angela's door a knock, and
then you'll receive co-ordinates for the final planet, Planet Yeedil. Take a
right and then just use the hovercraft to return to your ship, where you're
free to head to Planet Yeedil.

---If you want a Platinum Bolt, then use the following paragraph. If you don't,
skip it and go to Final Preparations or Planet Yeedil.---

Head beyond the rock that the mystic moved earlier, and head to the large area
with the Receiver Bots (the area behind the armor vendor is also a good place
to go) and look around for a gate with a friendly Receiver Bot behind it.
Hypnotize it and head outside (through the door to the left). Three YETIs will
appear, just kill them quickly with your guns and step on the button to lower
the gate. Then head to that room as Ratchet, and climb the ladder to reach a
ledge with the Bolt.

|| VIIIy. FINAL PREPARATIONS                                                 ||

Planet Yeedil is no pushover, and Challenge mode isn't either. That's why you
should prepare up a little bit before you go to Planet Yeedil. There are a few
things you should pick up before you head straight to Planet Yeedil, and here's
a list of them:

/ PLANET OOZLA \________________________________
If you haven't already gotten the Box Breaker, well, let's just say you have a
lot to be ashamed of, unless you couldn't beat the Swamp Monster. Beat it now,
because that Box Breaker will help immensely in Challenge mode, and in the next
/ MAKTAR RESORT \_______________________________
First of all, just in case you've forgotten about the Ultimate Challenge, you
can get a mere 7,000 bolts for completing it if you haven't already. Meh, I
know it isn't much, but every bit helps. More importantly, you should use the
Box Breaker to smash up the Maktar Resort. It's fun, you get a skill point, and
you get a lot of bolts!

/ PLANET ENDAKO \_______________________________
You can pick up a nanotech boost you couldn't pick up the first time around if
you go to Planet Endako for a second time. Shortly before the room where Clank
is trapped, you'll find an Infiltrator puzzle. It's extremely difficult, and by
far the hardest Infiltrator puzzle you'll ever try. However, it can be done.
The door will open to reveal this.

/ PLANET BARLOW \_______________________________
The RYNO II at the shop of Gadgetron products that sells Ratchet & Clank
weapons. 'Nuff said. However, since it's extremely expensive, you may want to
master Planet Tabora and Planet Grelbin before you get the RYNO II. But there's
nothing more important than it.

/ PLANET TABORA \_______________________________
Before heading to Planet Yeedil, a good way to get the needed bolts for the
RYNO II is to find all 100 crystals in the desert. You can get about 100,000
bolts if you manage to collect all of them, and since you'll also get some
bolts for killing enemies, AND you'll find them quickly, you should rack bolts
up in no time.

/ PLANET DOBBO \________________________________
First of all, you'll need the Spiderbot Glove to get this. You can get it when
you head to Planet Joba, just a bit after Planet Dobbo. From before you fight
the Thug Leader, Swingshot back and then take a left across the platforms and
enter a tiny room there to find a small chute that only a Spiderbot can go
down. Drop it down and then at the gap, take a right. Then step on a button,
and a door opens. As Ratchet, just head back to the right and drop to the lower
ledge, and a door will be opened to reveal this Platinum Bolt.

/ PLANET JOBA \_________________________________
There's the Impossible Challenge, in which you may not have finished in Planet
Joba when you went there. You'll get no less than 200,000 bolts if you finish
it. By now it shouldn't be that hard though, since you have the Shield
Charger/Tesla Barrier, Megarocket Cannon, the wrench upgrade from Planet
Aranos, and loads and loads of nanotech.

/ PLANET TODANO \_______________________________
If you haven't already gotten the Armor Magnetizer (read up on the second visit
to Planet Todano if you don't know how to get it), you may wish to get it. It's
also good for smashing up the Megacorp store in Planet Oozla, Maktar Resort,
and Planet Endako.

/ PLANET BOLDAN \_______________________________
Once again, you can pick up a Platinum Bolt after you've completed Planet
Aranos. Since the Thug Leader arrests Ratchet and Clank before they can do
anything in the final room of Planet Boldan, you'll have to revisit to get
this. Remember: swingshot to the roof and then you'll find the Platinum Bolt
right up there.

/ PLANET GRELBIN \______________________________
It's an extremely hard task, but you can get all 101 Moonstones in the snowy
fields of Planet Grelbin for not only a skill point, but around 250,000 hard
earned bolts. It's worth it, and since you'll be killing YETIs and Sea
Leviathans a lot through Planet Grelbin's ice field, you'll also get tons of
bolts that way.

|| VIIIz. PLANET YEEDIL                                                      ||

Just like I noted in the Final Preparations, make sure you're ready before
going to Planet Yeedil, since it's one pretty difficult level. When you're
ready, smash some crates around you and then head straight, and you'll find a
Receiver Bot. Hypnotize it, and then just look to the left and hypnotize that
next one. After that, step on the nearby button and some Protopets appear.
Shoot them all down quickly and then hypnotize another robot. Shoot the robots
right near you, and then hypnotize the robot to the right.

Follow the path through the laser fields (it's easy to follow) and then you'll
find two Troopers. Blast them while quickly running to that button and then
after it's pressed, two Swingshot targets appear for Ratchet to take! Now just
swing across and head over to the area where you hypnotized all the robots. At
the other side, shoot down the two Hover Tanks with your Megarocket Cannon or
RYNO II and climb up the next ledge. Destroy the next two tanks and then cross
the next gap to be attacked by a whole lot of Troopers. Two words: Heavy
Bouncer. It really works well for this. After all of them are defeated, head to
the left and hypnotize the next robot.

Do NOT destroy the robots at the side unless you wish for failure. 30 seconds
is not enough to kill all of the enemies in this room. They're not hard to
destroy though, just keep on blasting until you get to around 8 seconds. Then
head back a little, hypnotize another robot, and you're good to go. When
they're all killed, a door opens. Enter and step on the button and a door
shortly before the area Ratchet is in opens. Then as Ratchet, you'll find a
translocator. You will then arrive in the factory itself. Buy up any ammo at
the Megacorp Vendor nearby and then continue.

You'll find a few Troopers in the next room. Kill them with your regular
weapons and then head down the hall. Defeat the Protopets with your wrench,
since your ammmunition needs to be saved for the Troopers and Hover Tanks. In
the next room, kill off all the Troopers by standing on the large center of the
room. Again, the RYNO II works great if you have it. In the next room is even
more Troopers. Again, use the Heavy Bouncer, Megarocket Cannon, or RYNO II.
Then enter the next room and cross the gap with the Dynamo. Four more Troopers
appear though. Take 'em out. You may wish to use the Shield Charger now though.

Once you're finished with that, you'll find a room with even more of these evil
Troopers. *yawn* Getting tired yet? We're almost there. Kill them all and then
you'll have to use the Infiltrator. Not that difficult. In the next room you'll
find a lot of ice and half a dozen Protopets. Kill them with your wrench, and
then use the three platforms to get to the next ledge. Remember to be patient
on them though, because it's pretty difficult to jump. After that, do a
Swingshot and then make sure you've got the Shield Charger on. Devastate the
Hover Tank across the ledge with your Megarocket Cannon. It's not that hard and
its fire is easy to dodge.

A Swingshot target then appears. Cross the gap and you'll have to use your
Electrolyzer to power up a platform. After doing that, jump on it to reach the
next area, which is full of Troopers. Do NOT waste ammunition and time killing
them unless they prove a serious problem, because they will respawn. Only fight
off the first so you can use the Infiltrator on the door. After that, try and
kill off a few Troopers in this room and bring down the bridge. Cross it
quickly, and you'll see a very revealing cutscene. I won't spoil it, I'll just
give you a strategy for the final boss!

*       BOSS: EXPERIMENT       *

Here we are. Ratchet vs. the original Protopet, only it's been mutated! Before
fighting, get out that RYNO II if you've got it, and buy some ammunition at
this Megacorp Vendor for it. You don't need a strategy if you have it, because
you can just ripple fire at the Experiment and it'll be defeated in a few hits.
If you don't, shame on you. Still, I'll provide a strategy because I'm nice.
Despite being the final boss, the Experiment is so easy I could cry. Just make
sure you've got the Megarocket Cannon and all of its ammunition, and it'll be a
good idea to have the HK22 Gun's ammunition to the max. Heavy Bouncer and Blitz
Cannon work nice too.

When you're ready, just Swingshot over to the Experiment. Usually it'll be
rolling to you. Try to strafe, and keep away from it while firing the
Megarocket Cannon and lowering its health. Also, the Charge Boots work pretty
nicely. That'll be just about all the Experiment does most of the time, except
occasionally smashing down on the floor and breaking it. When it does this,
some Troopers appear. Just ignore them, as the Experiment usually kills them
itself. To lower its health, put out some Kilonoids, Megaturrets, and activate
your Shield Charger so you can take some of the Experiment's attacks.

Once you've taken down some of the Experiment's health, small objects will
appear around the arena. When the Experiment eats these, it can shoot missiles
at you, small meteors, or fire a bunch of bombs at you. Use the Charge Boots to
avoid the missiles (or just use the Heavy Bouncer or preferably, the RYNO II).
With the other two, all you have to do is keep a small distance and use the
Megarocket Cannon or Heavy Bouncer. You'll find some Hover Tanks a little bit
on, but just ignore them; they're no threat. The Experiment will fall pretty
quickly; it's very easy if you've got the hang of it (and a 0/10 difficulty if
you have the RYNO II).

After that, just watch the ending, you've definitely earned it! Congratulations
on beating Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. If you want to go to Challenge
mode, press O at the end of the game and you can play the game again, with some
new features, but with higher difficulty! Check the Challenge Mode section for
more information.


               =-+-= IX. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) =-+-=


Alright, you got a question or two to ask me about the game? You may very well
find it here. Please note that I will not answer any questions that are
answered here.

Q: What's with the Platinum Bolts and what exactly do they do?

A: Platinum Bolts don't exactly _do_ anything. Platinum Bolts can be traded for
upgrades to your weaponry. You can get your weapon to electrocute, poison, or
lock-on to the enemy.

Q: Where can I trade upgrades for Platinum Bolts?

A: There are there places, actually:

- Planet Endako: after you've got the Swingshot, return to the area just before
the elevator to the right. You'll find a green target to swing onto. Once on
it, take the rail to the end of the course. You'll have to use the Swingshot
occasionally, but it's no big trouble. At the end is the first illegal
Modification Shop.

- Planet Tabora: enter the desert, just a little bit north of the town itself,
and then look for a short little pole. It should be around the east, but it's
not that difficult to find.

- Planet Boldan: by far the most difficult of the three. You'll have to ride
the Power Cables with the Grind Boots to the east of the town. This is full of
obstacles, as you'll constantly have to switch between cables, avoid obstacles,
and dodge electricity. Good luck; it's well-deserved at the end.

Each Mod Shop sells different modifications, just so you know. Planet Endako
sells modifications for stuff like the Lancer, Gravity Bomb, Seeker Gun, etc.,
Planet Tabora sells upgrades for things like Minirocket Tube, Lava Gun, and
things like that, and Planet Boldan sells the latest of weapons.

Q: Challenge Mode is killing me. Any ways to do it?

A: I really recommend that you pick up the RYNO II. It makes Challenge mode a

Q: 1,000,000 FREAKING BOLTS?! How on earth do I get that much?

A: Patience, young 'un. :) There are various ways in which you can get a lot of
bolts. Here are a few ways that I know of which will allow you to get a bunch
of bolts:

The Impossible Challenge in Planet Joba. I know, it may be tough for you, but
200,000 bolts is worth it. If you want to make it as easy as possible, then I
must give you two words of advice: Tesla Barrier. The Shield Charger will also
work, but in my opinion, it should be the maximum. ;) Save up a little bit for
the end of the Impossible Challenge though! When you're fighting Megapede, the
usefulness of the Tesla Barrier cannot be put in words. The small insects that
Megapede throws out will not hurt you, and those frickin' bombs will be very
easy to destroy, as the Tesla Barrier provides an extra zap to destroy them.
Combine all this, and you can beat Megapede. Also, use extra nanotech you will
definitely get by killing lots of enemies to your advantage! That's how to win
the Impossible Challenge. And if you're in Challenge mode, collecting 2,000,000
(yes, you heard me right, two million bolts) is even better.

Nukes. This really only applies to space battles, of courses, but nukes can
instantly destroy every single thing you fight (at times). In case you have no
idea what the hell I'm on about, Nukes are short for the "Nuclear Detonation
Device" that you can purchase at Slim Cognito's Ship Shack, for 60 Raritanium.
That's a lot, but it's worth every last Raritanium you spend on it. With these,
you can instantly destroy every single thing that you find in a ship battle, as
long as all the enemy ships are nearby. With this, you can do some challenges
in Planet Gorn to get a huge number of bolts in a matter of minutes.

Q: I've heard of something called the Insomniac Museum. What exactly is this
and how do I get there?

A: The Insomniac Museum is where you can find insomniacs falling asleep reading
every Info Message in the game.

Actually, that was just a joke! The Imsomniac Museum is where you can learn a
little bit about the creators of Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, and some
things that weren't put into the game. As for getting there, it's no easy task
and it's hidden either way (there are two ways). Here are both ways that you
can do it, both in Planet Boldan:

- The "Real" way. First of all, you may have noticed something rather strange
in the park on the left of the room to the north from where you first entered,
in your ship. There's a fountain there, and a translocator on top of it, that
never works! So how to get it work? It becomes active once a day, at 3:00 AM.
If it's 2:59 AM or 3:01 AM, you can't get in. So you'll have to wait til 3:00,
look at the clock tower above and to the right, and then use the teleporter to

YEAH, but I can't stay up until 3:00 AM, you might be saying now. Got parents?
Can't wake up at 3:00 AM? Would it be too much of a hassle? That's why you
gotta reset your PS2's time. In case you don't know how, this is how you do it:
don't insert a disc into your PS2. Go to "System Configuration" and over to the
time. Reset it to 2:55 AM. You can make it a little higher than that, but you
wouldn't want to make a mistake, would you? After it's reset, pop Ratchet &
Clank: Going Commando into your PS2, and then start the game up. Wait until
3:00 AM (use the clock tower to the upper-right) and then a chime rings. Use
the teleporter and you'll enter an arena.

This isn't anything like the tough challenges in Planet Joba or anything.
Nothing anywhere near as difficult as that. You'll just have to fight a bunch
of Thugs-4-Less Henchmen. After they're all defeated, use another teleporter
behind them, and your ship will be off to a new planet. You'll automatically
end up inside the museum. Have fun!

- The "Glitch" way. I have read this off of the Codes & Secrets section, so
thanks to JBaker for contributing this.

On Planet Bolden: Silver City, ride the power lines to the construction site,
but don't jump on the first steel beam. Instead make sure you're on the left
power line and hit the transformer. As you hit the transformer, press jump, and
execute a heliglide over to the left where the city is. Now make your way to
the street and follow it to the end to find a lone building towards the South
of the map(you pass underneath this when continuing with the power lines). Make
your way either left or right around the building. At about half way, try to
walk through the building and make your way to the center (you may have to jump
through). Start to jump, and the immediately center the camera (Press L1 and R1
at the same time) because you'll have to take out a several Thugs. There will
be two teleporters in the building, one that goes back to the ship, and one
that goes to the Insomniac Museum. Take the one to the museum and enjoy!

Personally, I think that the "Official" way is much better for getting to the
museum. This method can cause the game to freeze and glitch up more often, and
I found the Official method to be less of a hassle.

- The "Shortcut" way. You must be in Challenge mode, and you must have either
done the Real or Glitch ways to get in the Insomniac Museum to do it. In
Challenge mode, a shortcut list will open up. Assuming you've already been to
the museum, there will be the museum on the list, so you don't have to bother
with using the other two methods, which both take a while, to get there.
However, take note that it ONLY WORKS IN CHALLENGE MODE, once again.

Q: What are some of the features of the Insomniac Museum?

A: Several... you'll see some bosses and features that never made their way
into the game, you'll be able to learn a little bit about the insomniacs there,
and even get to make editted fire from a Thug bandit's gun. There's also a
really tough Electrolyzer puzzle there.

Q: Where are all the pieces to the Hypnomatic located?

A: One in one of the three areas you can go to in Planet Smolg, one can be
found by using the rails in Planet Damosel, and the other is found by trading
moonstones with the mystic on Planet Grelbin.

Q: Where is the Sheepinator located?

A: Planet Todano, at the path to the right a little bit after the dam. Never
ask this, because I will not respond.

Q: I'm really, really bad at this Electrolyzer puzzle. Can you help me?


Q: What are some known glitches in the game?

A: There are two glitches that I know of which take place in Planet Joba. One,
sometimes if you kill all enemies to get the Wrench Ninja II: Massacre skill
point it doesn't give you the skill point for some reason, and you are forced
to repeat the level again. There's no way getting around this that I know of,
so if you don't get it you'll just have to repeat it again. Also, sometimes if
you use the Black Sheepinator to no end in the Impossible Challenge of Planet
Joba's arena, enemies stop coming, and you therefore cannot win. It also
appears that if you use the Glitch method to get to the Imsomniac Museum (see
above) it can cause the game to glitch and freeze up more. I know little about
this, however.


                         =-+-= X. Collectibles =-+-=


Alright now... if you're too lazy to look for Platinum Bolts or Nanotech Boosts
in the walkthrough (don't blame you), or you're looking for Skill Points, this
is the place for you.

| Xa. Platinum Bolts |

Enjoy. If I've missed any, please inform me at once. Thanks!

Head over to the ruins, into the area where you first bought the Tractor Beam.
On a ledge across the area, you can see a Platinum Bolt. Drop down and use the
Tractor Beam to put the two platforms right under the ledge, and then jump on
the shorter one, then the taller one, and then jump right to the Platinum Bolt!

First of all, make sure you've finished ALL OBJECTIVES. This means purchasing
the Tractor Beam, exploring the store, and getting the co-ordinates for Maktar
Resort. Enter the ruins and on the left, you'll find a dragon that didn't
appear before. Hop on its back and then it'll take you into a cave full of
fireflies. Blast them all with your Lancer, and then jump up the platforms to
find the Bolt.

You do not need Clank to get this Bolt, although it's recommended that you have
him, because it'll make this a lot easier. When you get to the area with the
cranes and the path leading to the two walls you climb up, head over to the
right, and LEAVE TWO BOXES. Otherwise, you cannot collect this Bolt unless you
have Clank. Jump on the boxes, and then jump to the ledge on the right and
right behind the crane will be the Platinum Bolt.

Jump on the Limo that you take to this place, and then jump on one of its
rockets. Now, many people might say that you need Clank for this, but if you're
lucky then you can jussst make the jump to the platform. On the platform will
be a really big jump pad. It will jump you over to the Platinum Bolt in the
air. Enjoy.

Note that you CANNOT see this from the crane... but take the left path at the
beginning to the room where Ratchet gets trapped, and stop at the second crane.
Go onward into the room with the lava and jump across the platform. See a heavy
metal door above? That's what you need to destroy! Use the crane and move it
into the third room. Carry that crate directly below it, and then drag the TNT
crate on top of it. That will do the trick to blow it hard (uh, no sexual
comment intended). The Platinum Bolt is inside.

Remember where you take a right to reach a small room? Well, just return there,
it's on the path to Clank's apartment, right after you fight the Thug Leader.
Instead of taking a right, jump off that cliff and then slowly lower yourself
to a ledge below (helps if you have Clank). You'll find this Bolt right on that

In the hoverbike races, head through the water tunnel until you have to make a
sharp right. Instead of doing that, make a sharp left. I know you'll probably
be annoyed by that WRONG WAY! at the top of the screen, but once you make it to
the end of this road, you'll find the Platinum Bolt. Not exactly the hardest of

Head over to the area with the machinery, and then go over to the first tunnel
of water. Make your way through, and when you get to the five Swingshot
targets, instead of going that way, take a left and you'll find that you can
climb around the building. Climb around it, and at the other side will be two
Swingshot targets and another machine with four platforms. Use them to get to
the other side and then enter the room in front of you. You'll find several
Hounds. Take them all out and go to the back of the room and you'll find the

This is probably one of the easier Platinum Bolts to collect in the game. Enter
Ace Bunyon's race against Ratchet, and then... you will have to fly through all
50 rings. If you've done the race once or twice before though, this should be
no problem at all. To fly through them, make sure the crosshair in front of
Ratchet is inside the ring, and you'll likely fly through it. There are about
50 rings, but this is actually much easier than it sounds. At the last ring,
you'll see a Platinum Bolt, clear in view. Good luck.

Honestly another extremely easy Platinum Bolt. Jump down at the beginning of
the Planet, and cross the bridge in front of you. Instead of following the path
into the room with the water, take a left instead and then just head a little
bit up and you'll find the Platinum Bolt in the corner on the right.

After you get through the room where you need the Thermanator, take the ramp up
to the right, and from there, look on the right and you'll find a Dynamo
activator. Give it a good buzz, and then QUICKLY run up the next ramp and then
hover across the gap on the right and you'll find a door open. Inside is a
Platinum Bolt.

When you go to the Promenade (the area to the left of the entrance, jump down),
head up an elevator and then make your way around to the next one. Instead of
taking it up, head to the upper-left of the area and you'll find a large yellow
sign. Destroy it with whatever you will, and then right behind it will be the
Platinum Bolt you came for.

You'll find just a little before the elevator, a ledge really high above with a
Platinum Bolt on it. Not even Clank can jump up to that. Use the elevator and
go down, and then you'll find a target for the Tractor Beam to your right. Use
the Tractor Beam and then head up the elevator again. Note that there is a
small gap between right before the ledge and the elevator, so take the target
as far as it will go, then jump on it and climb up to the ledge above. Then
jump to the ledge with the Platinum Bolt.

This platinum bolt, just like the last one, can be found near the end of the
level, and up the elevator. Take it up and then take a left. Eventually you'll
find a cliff to jump off of, and a platform to jump on to. Just glide over
there, and then look around the buildings. Eventually, you'll find the Bolt
right behind one. Not hard to find.

Enter the desert at the top of Planet Tabora, and then go as far up as
possible. Try and head over to the east if you want to play safe while finding
this. Keep heading west (while still at the northeast of the area), and then
eventually you will find the Platinum Bolt.

Head into the cave that leads to the area where you get the Glider, and
eventually you'll find a pool with three platforms in it, where if you jump on
the first platform, the other two go up. Stand on the third platform, and then
the other two platforms will rise. Freeze the water so that the platforms will
remain high. Jump to the first platform (from the third platform), and then do
a double jump to reach another ledge, where you can find this Platinum Bolt.

This is a joke of a Platinum Bolt. When you get the Glider, instead of
immediately rising to the surface, just continue on the path that the Glider
will take you through, and then at the very end you'll find this Platinum Bolt.

First one can be found inside the Hang Glider course in the testing facility.
Just take the main route until you get to the final room with the diagonal
beams. Move up very quickly until you're as high as you can get, and you'll
find this Platinum Bolt with relatively low difficulty. It's also the only one
you can get the first time you go to Planet Dobbo.

You need the Spiderbot Glove to get this, so return after you get it (you can
first buy it on Planet Joba, the next planet). Teleport to where you fight the
Thug Leader with Giant Clank and swingshot across the large gap four times.
Then take a left and enter the small room, and send a Spiderbot down the small
chute. At the intersection, take the right to find a small button. Stand on it,
and then as Ratchet, jump to the right and down to the lower ledge. Then you'll
find an opened door with this Platinum Bolt.

In my opinion, this is one of the easiest Platinum Bolts in the game. When you
reach the second area full of birds (the first is the entrance), look to the
right and you'll find two Swingshot targets. Use them both, and then you will
have to cross an area with a few Saur-Beasts and Tribesmen, but nothing that
bad. At the end of the road, you'll find the Platinum Bolt inside a small room.

Head over to the Levitator course, right before the arena. If you missed it
your first time through, unfortunately you'll have to make your way back here.
Anyway, return there and then activate the Levitator. Notice two towers, one to
your left and one to your right. Head as high as you possibly can, and use
every drop of fuel your Levitator has, and you'll reach the top of the left
tower. The Bolt is there.

This is just like the Platinum Bolt in the Thug Rendezvous, you have to fly
through all of the rings on the course. This is even easier than the one in
Thug Rendezvous, since the rings are easier to see and the layout isn't as

Wait until the Fizzwidget robot ends the tour. While you're at it, you can kill
squirrels and escort the tourists to safety to get the "You're My Hero" Skill
Point. Anyway, wait until Fizzwidget enters his room at the end of the tour,
and then enter the room he goes into, and you'll see the Platinum Bolt right

The second Platinum Bolt is located in the building east of the dam. Head up
there and past the first force field into the next room. Move the next two
columns into that force field to get to the other side, and then move the
columns right before the room above to get to the area with the Qwark fanatic.
You can find the Platinum Bolt right inside the building on the main path, you
won't break a sweat.

Probably one of the more annoying Platinum Bolts to collect. Head into the
third room, beyond the room before you got the second Platinum Bolt. You'll
find several conveyor belts in the air. What's annoying is that the Troopers in
here just won't keep spawning, and it's just nauseating. Anyway, use the
Bouncer to take them out for a while, and move the columns right below the
first conveyor belt (right near the Troopers, grrr) and jump up to find an air
duct you can send a Spiderbot. Let it go down and eventually you'll find a
button. Stand on it, and then glide to the next conveyor belt to see a small
room you opened, with a Platinum Bolt.

After you've finished the area with the Glider, head south of your ship and
when you reach the intersection, take a left and behind a glass wall at the
upper-right, you can find a Platinum Bolt. There's a switch in the small room
with the Platinum Bolt, and a small hole in the glass wall... guess what? Send
a Spiderbot into the small room with the Platinum Bolt and then let it stand on
the switch. Detonate it and head back into the building and take a right. You
can then collect the Bolt.

Probably one of the most ridiculously easy to find Platinum Bolts in the game,
head to the first tower and drop down that door. Then follow the path and jump
outside, then kill all the Thugs (also, get the crates for some big money).
Then use those Gravity Boots to walk up the metal path just a little further,
and glide to a platform with the Platinum Bolt from there. No problem in the

This Bolt can only be collected after the second visit to Planet Aranos,
because the Thug Leader arrests Ratchet and Clank in the room with this Bolt.
Return to this room after Planet Aranos and then use the Swingshot to pull
yourself up to the ledge at the top of the room, with a Platinum Bolt on it.

It's preferable if you get this one after you've got the barrier behind the
ship lowered. Just get to the ship, and then jump off the platform that it's
on! Slowly lower yourself down until you find the ledge. Turn around and use
all that you've got to get to that ledge. When you get there, you've got the
Platinum Bolt. Then to get back to the base, simply use the nearby Levitator

Just like the ones in Thug Rendezvous and Deep Space Disposal, this one
requires you to fly through all 50 rings on the course. This one seems to be a
little easier than even Deep Space Disposal, since there are less obstacles on
the way, and the layout is a lot easier. Nothing big to worry about here,
believe me.

Probably one of the more interesting Platinum Bolts to collect. From the armor
vendor near the bridge, look to the right and you'll find a ledge to drop on
to. Jump on and then follow the path until you reach a Dynamo activator. Give
it a buzz and it'll raise the platform you're on. You'll find another Dynamo
activator and two platforms. Jump on the first and then buzz the activator and
quickly jump to the second. Repeat on the next two platforms and you'll reach a
small room at the top, with the Platinum Bolt.

In the area where you'll use the Levitator, you can find a platform in the air
with a Platinum Bolt on it. Just get your Levitator started and fly across two
platforms, and you'll see one that is really, really high up in the air before
the third. I think you know what to do. Try to stay right below it, because
that usually uses up less fuel. If you're good enough, eventually you'll do it.
Enjoy your reward.

Head to the warehouse area, and right before the place where you'll first use a
conveyor belt. Jump on the crate and zap the activator with your Dynamo to get
it moving, and then jump on the next crate. While normally you'd activate the
next pad with your Dynamo, you can wall jump here. Just quickly do that, and
then jump across the boxes to find the other Platinum Bolt. You can't really
miss it once you're on top of the boxes.

The first Bolt can be found right inside the bank. Wall jump up the wall and
then head to the right to find the pool there. If you look across from there,
you can find a waterfall leading to a platform with the Platinum Bolt. Simple;
just use the Thermanator on the waterfall to freeze it, and then just grind it
to reach the platform, and you'll get this bolt. To get back to the bank, take
the taxi that appears.

First of all, make sure you have the Hypnomatic, because it's needed to get
this. Head over to the bank and leave it, and you'll be in the area with the
enemy Receiver Bots. Just ignore the ones on the ground and jump on the ledge,
and hypnotize the Receiver Bot right on top, next to a sign. Hypnotize it and
then jump down, and look right behind the ledge to find a delicate wall.
Detonate the Receiver Bot with the Triangle button to destroy it. Then as
Ratchet, enter it to find a Platinum Bolt inside.

I hope that you have the Mapper from Planet Damosel before collecting this,
because it's hard to find if you don't have it. Head north of the ship and up
the frozen waterfall, then around the north you'll find it. There's nothing
really that can give more help, really. If you have the Mapper though, the Bolt
will just be a green dot on the map, allowing you to find it in no time at all.

You will probably like this Platinum Bolt, since it's one of the easiest Bolts
to get, with the least time needed to collect it. While you're going to
Angela's house, in the final area (with the water), you'll usually head
straight, then rise to exit. Instead, before entering look down to find another
tunnel you can take. Just follow it until you reach this very easy Platinum

First of all, you'll need the Hypnomatic to get this Platinum Bolt, no
exceptions will be made, no matter how sexy you are. Hell, if that exception
was made, I'd get this before I turned the game on! </self ego> In the tunnel
behind the rock, you may remember a door you couldn't open with a Receiver Bot
right behind it. Hypnotize it and then exit through the door to the left and
then when the YETIs appear, blast them all down. Then stand on the button, and
as Ratchet enter the room that just opened. Climb the ladder to collect the

The first one can be found right at the beginning. Cross the huge bridge at the
beginning to get to the vendor, and you may notice something weird about the
rails on the bridge; they can be grinded! Jump on the one to the left, and
it'll automatically take you back to your ship, and it'll automatically get you
the Platinum Bolt on the way. Overall very good deal.

Just follow the main path until you reach the Electrolyzer pad. Use it to
activate the elevator, and in the next room get rid of all of the friggin'
annoying enemies, and then look to the right until you find a Tractor Beam
target. Move it out of the way and climb the stairs to find a rail. Grind it
all the way to the end (you should have no problem) and you'll find the final
Platinum Bolt.

| Xb. Skill Points |

If you can get skill points, then you can make the game look a lot funnier than
it already is. A lot of them are hard to get, but here is a list of all of them:

PLANET OOZLA - Prehistoric Rampage
Right before you get to the store, look up and you will find four pterodactyl.
What, I thought they died out years ago?! Either way, shoot them all and you'll
get a Skill Point.

PLANET OOZLA - Smash and Grab
I recommend getting this AFTER you've gotten the Box Breaker. Believe me, it'll
make this far more enjoyable and a lot easier. You have to break every single
thing that can be broken, in the whole Megacorp store. Since the Box Breaker
breaks anything at a range, just go through the whole store while doing the
OmniWrench8000's overhead move every ten steps or so, and you'll get this in no

See above. You have to break _almost_ everything in Maktar Resort. You can
leave a little here and there, but you should start out in the area that leads
to the Jamming Array, and then head over to the left. Remember, the Box Breaker
works great here, and I've noticed that when you break some stuff inside the
Arena, you may get the Skill Point. Rather interesting.

MAKTAR RESORT - Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade
Defeat Chainblade using only your wrench, one of the easiest skill points.
First of all, you'll want to time Chainblade so that you will get hit as little
as possible. Get close to Chainblade and jump when he attacks, and then land
with an attack. It'll take long, but you shouldn't hardly ever get hit with
this method. Remember: NOTHING BUT THE WRENCH!

MAKTAR RESORT - 2B Hit or Not 2B Hit
As the name might suggest, you have to beat B2 Brawler without getting hit. I
personally don't recommend this until you've got the improved wrench and some
nice Gold Weapons such as the Blitz Cannon and the Mini-Nuke. Try and keep a
good distance from it, and then throw your most powerful weapons (the
Megaturret Glove might also work good) and with enough luck you'll beat it.
Good luck.

MAKTAR RESORT - Clank Needs a New Pair of Shoes
The humorous name may suggest otherwise, but you'll have to use one of the slot
machines and get three BARs. BARs are very rare, but they're not impossible to
get. Just keep at it with a slot machine, and eventually you'll get it. Along
with the skill point is 300 bolts, by the way.

PLANET ENDAKO - Destroy All Breakables
Same as Vandilize and Smash and Grab, all you'll have to do is break everything
in the whole planet. Once again, the Box Breaker works great in this place. The
things you should aim for are the screens in midair, all boxes, the lamps, and
more. This could take a little searching, but it's more than possible to do

PLANET ENDAKO - Operate Heavy Machinery
You'll have to kill 10 enemies using the crane. If you just pick up a Sweeper
Bot, then you'll be going nowhere. Laser Bots can be picked up and then put
down and they'll be destroyed, but if you pick up a crate and drop it on a
Sweeper Bot, it's goodbye.

In the Hoverbike Races, you have to get a time of 2:10 or less. I recommend
doing the third circuit, this way racers will not attack Ratchet, and you can
use the shortcut to shave some time off. Try and collect every boost you can,
and you'll get this point with ease.

PLANET NOTAK - Planet Buster
Enter the Promenade, and you'll find a large bronze sculpture of a planet in
front of you. Use the Heavy Lancer and first defeat all enemies that might
interfere, and then use it to shoot down all the rings around the planet. When
they go down, just shoot some bullets at the main planet, and then it'll
explode shortly enough.

PLANET SIBERIUS - You Can Break a Snow Dan
This is easily one of the most effortless Skill Points in the whole game. When
you enter, try and search for the garage on the left, and then just look behind
it and you'll find a snowman. Hit it with your wrench, and then you've
instantly got a skill point for -- let me see -- nothing.

Not particularly one of the hardest Skill Points, but one of the most time
consuming. You have to go into the desert and collect every single crystal
there is to be found. Yep, you heard me, all 100. When you get below 15 or so,
it starts getting really difficult to find them. You may want to use the
hovertank (at the lower-right, you must have the Gravity Boots from Planet
Joba) to find them quickly. Good luck!

You have to beat every enemy on the level with only these weapons: OmniWrench
8000, Bomb Glove, Tesla Claw, Visibomb Gun, Walloper, and Decoy Glove. Troopers
are rather easy to take it out if you use the Walloper, since you can knock
them off a ledge, instantly killing them. Kill off Chickenbots with your
wrench, and Hover Tanks and Sentinels with the Visibomb Gun. This is easiest if
you've completed all objectives already, because then you get less enemies.

PLANET DOBBO - Robo Rampage
A ridiculously easy skill point to collect. In the battle with the Thug Leader,
you have to destroy every single building on the whole city. You'll be
destroying things quite a lot, and the Thug Leader will help. In fact, you may
even get this in the main fight without even trying.

Probably one of the harder skill points to collect; you have to beat the Thug
Leader on the moon with only melee attacks. Those are punching with your fist,
or landing on its head. Landing on the robot's head does much more damage, but
you'll have to do it when the Thug Leader is nearby. This will take a very long
time, but remember that the buildings still remain.

PLANET JOBA - Bye Bye Birdies
Remember all the birds at the beginning of the area? The Vaporizer is immensely
useful for this task. Anyway, you have to kill off 12 birds. The birds are
obviously very difficult to hit, as they fly in the air, the HK22 Gun doesn't
lock on to them, and they fly away when you get close to them. First of all,
kill off about five of them at the very beginning, and then if necessary use
the Megacorp Vendor to buy some more Vaporizer ammo. After one of the
buildings, you can find some more birds on the ground, and a lot are found on
the rail before the Arena.

PLANET JOBA - That's Impossible
All you have to do is beat the Impossible Challenge. Actually, that's a very
difficult task. You have 60 rounds, and a huge number of dangerous enemies,
coupled with Megapede at the end of the challenge. Check the main walkthrough
or the FAQ section for a strategy.

PLANET JOBA - How Fast Was That?
Same as Speed Demon in Planet Barlow, all you'll have to do is score under 2:27
in the race. Try and collect every single boost you see, and avoid all
obstacles as best you can. Also, use the third challenge, because then you will
be able to take the shortcut and racers won't attack Ratchet. This point is a
lot easier than Speed Demon.

PLANET JOBA - Wrench Ninja II: Massacre
Not an easy point, you'll have to kill every enemy in the entire level using
only your wrench. Note that you can't kill any inside the arena, as that'd just
be cheating. To make this a bit easier while handling Saur Beasts, you can use
the gun turrets (not the Miniturret Glove, the turret right after the first
building, and the two inside the one shortly before the arena). This will be
easier if you've got some good armor, and the upgrade of your wrench found in
Planet Aranos (note: second visit).

NOTE: THERE IS A GLITCH ON THIS ONE! Note that for some reason, you won't
always be awarded the skill point for your efforts. Just retry until you get
it. If you know what causes this glitch, and/or how to avoid it, e-mail me at
once. You'll be in the credits section for that.

PLANET TODANO - You're My Hero!
It's what you may have thought from reading the title of this point. You have
to save all ten tourists along the Fizzwidget robot's tour of the Megacorp
rockets. The things you have to save them from are your own self (don't use the
Blitz Cannon or Bouncer, as you can have BAD results) and the squirrels. Take
out the squirrels throughout the whole area, and watch by the trees when the
tourists pass, because squirrels may jump down from the tree while they're
walking past. If a tourist screams, carefully kill the squirrel with your
wrench. You won't find these if the Fizzwidget robot gives them a second tour

PLANET TODANO - Nothing To See Here
Personally, I don't recommend getting this and You're My Hero simultaneously,
but this is an easy skill point nonetheless. You have to destroy the four
rockets along the Fizzwidget robot's tour. Use your most powerful weapons, such
as the Minirocket Tube. If you don't want to spend money, it'll take a while,
as each rocket takes about 15 hits from your wrench to destroy. Still, one of
the easier points in the game.

You must have the Sheepinator to get this. After getting it, leave Planet
Todano and come back, and then sheepinate any squirrel you find. You'll have to
sheepinate no less than 16 of them to get this point. They can be found at the
beginning, and right before the dam. It's very easy to find the needed sixteen

PLANET BOLDAN - No Shocking Developments
Although this can take some practice, it's pretty easy to do. Use the power
cables to the east of the town and just ride them all the way without getting
hit. Just as long as you know the course, you should have no problem getting

PLANET SNIVELAK - Moving Violation
Easily one of the more time-consuming skill point, despite being extremely easy
to get. You'll have to shoot down 14 of the ships in the air. It'll take time,
a little bit of money for ammo, and nothing more. Some good spots to find ships
are the beginning of the level and around the bridge. It's best to do it with
Vaporizer, so you can hit them at a good distance and don't have to worry that
you'll miss.

PLANET DAMOSEL - Safety Deposit
To get this, you have to (not so) simply save all four robots in the bank from
the Protopets and enemy robots. To make it easiest, use the Kilonoids and
Megaturret Glove to shoot at all the enemies and not have to worry about
killing the robots by accident. Also, the Black Sheepinator works well for the
Protopets. With the robots, just use the Megaturret Cannon when friendly robots
are not around. Not too hard to get, when you get the knack of it.

PLANET DAMOSEL - Midtown Insanity
Probably one of the easiest Skill Points, considering how very late in the game
this is. To get it, you have to grind the rails without taking damage. To make
it really easy, get along four Synthenoids/Kilonoids to destroy any Protopets,
while always madly swinging your wrench, except when you need to jump. Doing
this, you'll get it on your first try, easily.

PLANET GRELBIN - Be a Moon Child
The final planetary skill point, and probably one of the most time-consuming,
too. You'll have to get all 100 Moonstones in the snow field. It'll take
nothing but time, but you can use the hover found after Angela's house to
quickly find the moonstones. If you're having any problem with the Sea
Leviathans, remember that the Bouncer or RYNO II work very well for it. Good

Weapon Envy cannot be gotten on a planet. What you have to do is waste hours
upon hours of your life collecting all the upgrades for every weapon. That's
the Acid/Shock Mods, Lock-On Mods, and turning them all into Gold. And getting
all of them, since there's 1,000,000 bolts for the RYNO II and 1,500,000 bolts
for the Zodiac. Fortunately though, you do not need the Clank Zapper, so you
don't have to waste 1,000,000 bolts on the useless crapper and won't have to go
to Challenge mode. Also, the Omniwrench 8000, Black Sheepinator, Bomb Glove,
Tesla Claw, Visibomb Gun, Decoy Glove, Walloper, Zodiac, RYNO II, and Clank
Zapper don't have Gold upgrades.

By far the easiest of the miscellaneous skill points, although far from a short
and easy skill point. You have to buy all the upgrades for your ship in Slim
Cognito's Ship Shack. That's all the weapons, upgrades for them, and shields.
However, you don't need the optional stuff like wing upgrades, paintjobs, etc.
To get it, buy the Nuclear Detonation Device and go to Planet Gorn. Destroy a
dozen ships in one hit with this to rack up lots of these, and go out and blow
all the other ships to smithereens to rack up tons of Raritanium. You'll get
this in no time.

MISCELLANEOUS - Nano to the Max
Once again, Nano to the Max is not collected on a planet. Just like the name
says, you have to fill in all 80 nanotech slots. 66 of them can be gained by
killing enemies, 4 are started out with, and 10 are collected. Once you've got
all the nanotech boosts, getting all 80 nanotech slots is all about time. Just
kill tons of enemies in Planet Grelbin and Planet Yeedil, and eventually you
will get Nano to the Max. Also, if you're looking for the nanotech boost
locations, you've just reached that section. ^_^

| Xc. Nanotech Boosts |

Note that you CANNOT get the nanotech boost in Planet Endako on your first trip
through. You'll have to finished Planet Joba to get the nanotech boost in
Planet Endako. Right before you take a right and jump two platforms, look
straight to find an Infiltrator puzzle. It's very hard, but note that it
usually goes in the same direction several times and then takes another one.
Keep that in mind, and you'll do this hard puzzle quickly. On the other side of
the once locked door is the boost.

I recommend getting this in Ace Bunyon's race challenge, as you'll have to
enter the area where this is anyway. Head inside the spaceship after following
the rings and around the middle, look down and you'll find none other than the
Nanotech Boost right here. This will be your first Nanotech Boost, and one of
the most difficult (not saying it's hard to get though).

This Nanotech Boost is impossible to miss. Honestly, if you miss this, you need
eye surgery. It's right at the end of the Promenade, right before the
translocator at the very top. Use every elevator you see to get there; it
doesn't take long.

On that Hang Glider course you'll take in the second part of Planet Tabora,
look on top of one of the towers and you'll find the Nanotech Boost right on
top of it. While hunting for crystals, you can also glide over to it, although
you'll commit suicide at the same time.

Likely the hardest, most time consuming Nanotech Boost in the whole game.
Noticed right before the Hang Glider, that Boost in midair? First of all, you
CANNOT just jump and glide over there. You have to use the Hang Glider, but
take note that you can't just head up as soon as you get on and then get this.
You'll have to go around this entire course to get it. Head past the two
tunnels and then when you get to all the X's, fly through the right side of
one, and head BACKWARDS through the one on the left. Then go all the way back
to this Boost! Only two tricky things to note: on one of the tunnels you'll
have to go WAY up -- be careful while doing so, and try not to miss the
Nanotech Boost itself when you go back to get it, then all your work is wasted.
Remember that it's high in the air.

There are two Nanotech Boosts in Joba, but this is the first one you'll
probably pick up. After the room just ahead of the path where you begin,
noticed a Nanotech Boost behind the glass? Before entering that room, just take
a right and buzz the Dynamo activator and then cross the bridge. To your right
is the Boost.

This one can be found in the Hoverbike races (a bit northeast of where you
begin in Planet Joba, follow the path to get there). You'll get a chance to
head north or east at one point. Head east and if you're going fast enough,
you'll jump the gap you'll find after that. Jump it and you'll see this Boost
right in front of you.

When you reach the room where the gigantic rocket is located, you'll find an
optional Infiltrator puzzle. It's not easy, but you'll get it with little
problems. After completing it, an elevator rises. Take it down and then follow
the path to an extra nanotech boost.

One of the more odd Nanotech Boosts you can pick up in the game, in my opinion.
Start by heading straight when you begin (assuming you've opened it up) and
enter the building. Take a left, and you'll find a fountain. If the hour is
even, then it'll appear on the fountain. If it's odd, it won't. Just come here
when the hour is even; it's made easy by reseting your PS2's time (see the
Frequently Asked Questions if you don't know how).

This is definitely one of the hardest Nanotech Boosts you'll ever get in
Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. At the beginning of Planet Snivelak, head to
the west and you'll find several Swingshot targets and on top of the large
building is the nanotech boost. You'll have to go REALLY fast and swing back
and forth several times with increasing speed to get this. Remember -- try
several times, because this can very well take a lot of time to get. Good luck!


                       =-+-= XI. Puzzle Solutions =-+-=


Alright, this took TIME and WORK to compile. You'd better be appreciative of
the hard work I put into this.

| XIa. Electrolyzer Puzzles |

You'll first pick up the gadget in Maktar Resort on Nebula. Basically, you'll
have a few switches in a grid and sparks of light that need to enter the
switches. The light needs to enter either of the two ends of the switch, and
NOT the edges. Here is an ASCII diagram showing how it should be and how it
should not be:

*^ = Spark of Light going Up
*> = Spark of Light going Right
- or | = The Grid
= = The Switch

 (DO) *>----===-----
             *^ (DO NOT)

As you can see, the DO one will enter one of the two ends of the switch. The DO
NOT one will enter the edges, which will screw it up and force you to restart.
Here's a solution for all of the puzzles:


The Electrolyzer puzzles in the Maktar Resort can be found after the arena,
when you'll repair the bridges to get back to your ship.

Let one in, flip, let one in, flip, let one in, flip, let two in, flip, let one
in, flip, let one in, complete.


Flip, let one in, flip, let one in, flip, let one in, flip, let one in, flip,
let one in, flip, let one in, flip, let two in, flip, let one in, complete.


Take note that all the Electrolyzer puzzles found in Planet Endako are on the
path to the left.

Let one in, flip, let one in, flip, let two in, flip, let two in, flip, let two
in, flip, let one in, complete.


Let one in, flip, let one in, flip, let one in, flip, let two in, flip, let two
in, flip, let one in, flip, let one in, complete.


Flip, let one in, flip, let two in, flip, let one in, flip, let two in, flip,
let one in, flip, let two in, complete.


The lone Electrolyzer puzzle in Planet Barlow can be found right before you
repair the Hoverbike around the end of the planet.

Let one in, flip, let one in, flip, let two in, flip, let one in, flip, let one
in, flip, let two in, flip, let one in, complete.


You'll find this Electrolyzer puzzle at the end of the Hang Glider course in
the testing facility.

Let one in, flip, let one in, flip, let two in, flip, let one in, flip, let one
in, flip, let one in, flip, let two in, flip, let one in, flip, let one in,


Right before you take the elevator to the dam up (at the end of the Fizzwidget
robot's tour), there's an Electrolyzer puzzle.

Flip, let one in, flip, let two in, flip, let one in, flip, let two in, flip,
let one in, flip, let two in, flip, let one in, flip, let one in, complete.


The Electrolyzer puzzle in Planet Smolg is at the end of the warehouse with the
crates. You'll have to repair an elevator.

Flip, let one in, flip, let one in, flip, let one in, flip, let two in, flip,
let two in, flip, let one in, flip, let two in, flip, let two in, complete.


At the back wall of the museum, you'll find an Electrolyzer puzzle there, by
far the toughest of the game, since there are 17 switches! However, it pays off
very nicely.

Flip, let one in, flip, let one in, flip, let two in, flip, let one in, flip,
let one in, flip, let two in, flip, let one in, flip, let two in, flip, let one
in, flip, let two in, flip, let one in, flip, let one in, flip, let one in,

| XIb. Infiltrator Puzzles |

This is a crappy attempt-to-be-above-the-bad-mark ASCII of an Infiltrator

G: Main Circle

                          /   \
                         ( )  ( )
                          |    |
                    ( )--( )  ( )
                      \         \
                      ( )--( )--( )

As you can see, you're going to have get a beam of light starting from a
particular circle through several paths to the small circle again using a
different path. Of course, there are several paths you can take along the main
one, but there's only one that you can use to get to the circle goal, sadly.
That's basically how it works, here it is in action. And just so you know, NW
is northwest, N is north, NE is northeast, E is east, SE is southeast, S is
south, SW is southwest, W is west, and NW is northwest. Don't forget.


By far the hardest Infiltrator puzzle. Head around the area of the second crate
and you'll eventually find another of these puzzles... prepare.

N, NE, E, N, SE, E, N, N, E, S, E, S, E, NE


W, NE, S, NE, E, NE


Across the dam, you'll find an energy barrier. Get past it by doing an
Infiltrator puzzle...

N, N, SW, W, SW, SW, S, SE


After the last, enter the rocket silo and you'll find an optional Infiltrator
puzzle. Remember there's a Nanotech Boost is at stake...

S, SW, S, S, NE, S, SW, S, SW, N, NW, S, S, S


Shortly after that is another Infiltrator puzzle, surrounding a mine field. The
work ain't cut out for us, pardner...

W, S, E, S, S, SE, N, SE, N


When you find Clank, just the climb the ladder to begin trying to get rid of
the barrier on your ship, and there's a puzzle.

W, SW, W, SE, SW, S, SE, S, S, SE, N


In the docked ships area, just head nearly to the end of it. There's an energy
barrier and a puzzle awaiting you there.

W, NW, W, SE, SW, S, SE, S, S, SE, N


Just head to the end of the Hang Glider course behind the rock (remember, that
the mystic moves?) to find one of these.

W, SW, SE, E, S, S, SE, N, SE, N


Head to the end of those caves, and right where there's an Armor vendor,
there's a puzzle. What a coincidence. Or not. Whatever.

N, NE, E, NE, E, N, SE, E, SE, SE, N, SW


The last one (Planet Grelbin, the second one) is slightly harder than this one,
found at the end of the room where you'll use the Dynamo a lot.

N, SW, SW, S, SW, N, N, SW, W, SW, SW


                        =-+-= XII. Challenge Mode =-+-=


After the final boss fight in the game, you'll get the choice to go back in
time to before you defeated Captain Qwark, or head to Challenge mode. Challenge
Mode is basically the game, played once again, but this time with all your
bolts, weapons, gadgets nanotech, items, Platinum Bolts, and skill points, but
there are a few large differences.

First of all, everything is worth more in Challenge mode, if you know what I
mean. You'll get quite a few more bolts when you destroy breakables in
Challenge mode. In terms of bolts, you can also collect a lot more bolts from
arena battles, races, collecting crystals or moonstones, and space battles. For
example, the Impossible Challenge of the Joba Arena is worth 200,000 Bolts in
normal mode, and it's worth freakin' 2,000,000 in Challenge mode. You'll get a
lot more ammunition from ammo packs, and if you pick up blue nanotech, you'll
get 4 health points back, and 16 back from purple.

--- WEAPONS ---
Wonder what you'll do with all those bolts? In Challenge mode, it doesn't stop
at Gold. It goes up to Mega, and then Ultra. If you have a Gold weapon, you can
buy the Mega version of it and a vendor, for a large price. The Mega Mini-Nuke,
for example, is 1,500,000 bolts, although it is the most expensive. After that,
you can upgrade them to Ultra just like you'd upgrade a standard version to
Gold. With each upgrade, most weapons will gain more ammo (for example,
Vaporizer has 8 bullets but Mega Vaporizer can fire 12) and a lot more power.
There's also a new (but crappy) weapon called the Clank Zapper.

Once you reach Challenge mode, something else that will increase the number of
bolts you get from enemies is a bolt multiplier, displayed near your bolts at
the top of the screen with an "x1" or "x2", well, you get the point. This will
go up as you kill enemies. The bolt multiplier goes from x1 to x20, so you can
get a lot more bolts easily, as long as you have powerful weapons. Keep note
that when it gets to "x20", you will NOT get 20x as many bolts, though. But
you'll get quite a few more. Also note that if an enemy hits you, the Bolt
Multiplier resets. And it only applies to ENEMIES. Not boxes. Thank you.


                          =-+-= XIII. Credits =-+-=


Here is a list of people I'd like to thank for supporting me or helping me in

- Jeff "CJayC" Veasey: For running the whole site of GameFAQs, the main site
that I work for. It's an awesome site, and I must commend CJayC for running
this great site for 6 whole years and posting this guide.

- Stephen Ng: For being the FAQ editor for IGN, which is the other site that I
write for. I am honored to write for IGN, since it is a great site. I was also
very glad to do an exclusive for IGN.

- osrevad: That psycho awesome ASCII at the top of this guide. osrevad is
definitely one of the best ASCII creators there is out there, and I must thank
him for making this guide better with that ASCII. =P

- JBaker: Although he probably won't see this guide, I must hold some credit to
him, since he contributed a cheat about how to find the Insomniac Museum, and
not in the official way.

- Steve "Psycho Penguin" McFadden: Yes, you have supported me quite a bit
through this walkthrough although you may not have realized it. You've been
motivational help, and I know you were awaiting this crapper here, so here it
is. =P

- David "ZoopSoul" McCutcheon: As much as I think about it, I must credit Zoop
here for secretly motivating me in a way or two, with his original Ratchet &
Clank guide.

- All the guys who first got me started writing from GameFAQs and all of my
best friends like SinirothX, Psycho Penguin, Meowthnum1, CVXFREAK, Karpah,
ZoopSoul, Crazyreyn, Gobicamel, asa2377 (OH EM GEE YOU TROLL), Warhawk, Cyril,
supernova54321, Minesweeper, AlaskaFox, me frog, RHarrison, masterzero99, Tom
Hayes, wayalla, djg40, MTincher, NickBush24, BurningFox, AquaBlast, and
definitely more that I'm forgetting: you are some of the best friends that
anyone can have, and I may have quit FAQing/left FCB forever without all of
you. Thank you for everything and for motivating me to get my ass in gear.


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