1. Mark Gerny Additional Design Consultation
  2. Greg Phillips Assistant Producer
  3. Sam Thompson Associate Producer
  4. Mark Cerny Design Consultant
  5. Connie Booth Director of Product Development
  6. Yuki Masuda Japanese voice of Angela Cross
  7. Tooru Ookawa Japanese voice of Clank
  8. Kujira Japanese voice of Helga
  9. Atsuko Tanaka Japanese voice of Help Desk Girl
  10. Takahiro Yoshino Japanese voice of Narrator
  11. Makoto Tsumura Japanese voice of Ratchet
  12. Ara Demerjian Lab Technician
  13. David Bergeaud Music Performed and Composed by
  14. Grady Hunt Producer
  15. Eric Ippolito Project Coordinator
  16. Kevin Simmons Technology Manager
  17. Shuhei Yoshida Vice President of Product Development
  18. Jim Ward Voice of Ambercrombie Fizzwidget, Captain Qwark, Ultratech Announcer, Corp Announcer, Qwarkbot Galactic Greetings Announcer
  19. Kath Soucie Voice of Angela
  20. David Kaye Voice of Clank, Arena Announcer, Robot Hypnotist Head 2, Employee
  21. Benjamin Diskin Voice of Fan Boy
  22. Sylvia Amerito Voice of Female Announcer, Darla Gratch
  23. Mona Marshall Voice of Help Matron, Operator
  24. James Horan Voice of Mechanic, Bikers Announcer, Slim Cognito, Male Employee
  25. Carolyn J. Lawrence Voice of Mother Child
  26. James Arnold Taylor Voice of Ratchet, New Ager, Hypnotist Head 1
  27. Michael Bet Voice of Security System, Interviewer Announcer, Biker Two, Mutant Crab, Protopet Announcer
  28. Chad Michael Einbinder Voice of Shady Salesman, Billy
  29. Rodger Bumpass Voice of The Unknown, Inventor, Announcer, Dr. Fullbadder
  30. Steven Jay Blum Voice of Thug Leader, Biker One, Qwark Announcer, Gladiator
  31. Kim Mai Guest Voice of Trailer PA
  32. Julianne Buescher Voice of Vendor Girl, Loudspeaker, Help Desk Girl
  33. Neil Flynn Voice of Waterworker

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