• Boost your ship without depleting your boost bar!

    Whenever you need to boost just tap X repeatedly. Doing this will make your ship go alot faster and not deplete your bar!

    Contributed By: Sickopuppie.

    13    8

  • Cheat Slim Cognito

    Go to the Ship Shack and try to buy something you can't afford and when you get the "You Can't Afford It" message, hit X and quickly go an item right next to the one you that you can't afford and buy it. Instead of the item you bought, you will have the item you couldn't afford.

    Contributed By: Invader TAK.

    25    8

  • FPM Wall Climb

    Go into First Person Mode, double jump towards a wall and then repeatedly press the square button and you will climb up the wall.

    Contributed By: Omniwrench12000.

    16    5

  • Glitch makes the Impossible Challenge WAY too easy...

    All you have to do is make sure you get the Decoy Glove from the vendor on the Desert Planet Barlow: Vukovar Canyon. YOU MUST HAVE THE DECOY GLOVE FOR THIS TO WORK, and I highly recommend making sure it has full ammo, too.

    When you have the Decoy Glove, go to the Megacorp Games and start the Impossible Challenge in the Battle Arena. Fight through the first 5 levels of the Impossible Challenge any way you want. I recommend using only one type of weapon to do it and the reason will become clear in a moment.

    After the first 5 levels a Cage Match will start. Jump up into the cage area and defeat all the enemies in first 4 levels of the Cage Match any way you want- once again, using one weapon is recommended.


    Now, during Round 10 (the last round before you fall back onto the floor after the Cage Match), defeat all but one or two of the enemies. Once you have done this, SWITCH TO THE DECOY GLOVE and throw one or two decoys out. The last one or two enemies you have left alive will go after the decoy(s). Defend the decoy(s) at all cost and kill any enemies left. If you do this successfully, you will leave a decoy inflated on the side of the cage where you just fought the Cage Match, and then you will fall back down to the platform below for round 11.

    Guess what? The enemies will COMPLETELY ignore you, and they will gather underneath the spot where the decoy was left in the cage during the Cage Match! You can now run around and smash all the ammo crates to refill any ammo you used, and then if you want you can use the wrench in first person mode to kill the enemies gathered under the decoy. This will work for rounds 11-15.

    Round 16 starts another Cage Match. Your Decoy will disappear. Defeat all the enemies for Rounds 16-19 any way you want, then defeat all but 1 or 2 during Round 20. Once again, leave a decoy or 2, defend the decoy(s) (make sure it stays there) and kill the last enemies alive again. You'll fall down to the platform for Round 21 and your decoy(s) will stay in the cage up above. Once again, the enemies will ignore you and gather under the decoy(s)!

    Repeat this technique for the rest of the Impossible Challenge and you will win easily every time with plenty of ammo and more than likely very little damage.


    1. Be careful setting out your decoys during the levels where the lava rocks hurl from below. The rocks can and will destroy your decoys so you might want to kill the enemies down to 1 then plant 2 or 3 decoys before falling back down to the platform.

    2. Cage Matches happen every 5 levels after every 5 ground match levels. (I.E. Ground Levels are 1-5, Cage Match is 6-10, etc.)

    3. Don't forget to plant your decoy(s) on the sides of the cage during the last Cage Match round before falling back down to the platform for a ground battle! If you forget the enemies will go after you and you're on your own again!

    This is officially a cheat/bug because everything you leave in the Cage after the Cage Match is supposed to disappear. Turns out things in the cage do not disappear *after* each Cage Match- only *before* them! I discovered this entirely by accident- Good luck!

    Contributed By: o0Warstar0o.

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  • Pass through walls in Insomniac Museum

    A glitch in the controls of the Snivelak car allows you to pass through walls:
    First enter the car and collide head on with a wall,
    Press and hold X L1 R1 and LAnalog (down), the front of the car points up and raises slightly, then moves into the wall and drops down (if not release X then hold it again)
    Next release L1 and you pass through the other side of the wall.

    This gives access to a few sections of the museum that usually can't be reached one of these voids is behind the curved wall near the car.

    Contributed By: Quolnok.

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  • Walk through almost any wall

    Be at any Planet Where your Ratchet walking. Note: You must have the decoy gun before doing this. Stand in front of the wall you want you want to go through. Take out your decoy gun and then lay on as close as you could get one on each side of you with out making it fall through the floor. You have to be facing away from the wall when doing this. If done correctly the screen should be shaking. Now lay a decoy directly in front of you which should also be between the other two. What you just did was have the decoys force you through the wall.

    Contributed By: extremepowerup3.

    8    4


  • Challenge Mode and Secrets

    After completing the game, Challenge mode and a lot of other features are open to you.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Challenge modeBeat the game once.
    Mega WeaponsBuy from vendors in challenge mode, after getting a weapon's second form.
    Most of Secrets MenuPlay challenge mode
    Rejected CommercialsGet all weapons and modifications
    Rest of Secrets MenuSee above, get all weapons second form+mods. Does not apply to Clank Zapper, Gagetron Weapons, R.Y.N.O II or Zodiac. These can have their first forms
    SketchbookBeat game once, then enter challenge mode and it should be in the Cinematics menu
    Ultra WeaponsUpgrade from Mega Weapons.

    Contributed By: Salvatore and Warhawk.

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  • Paint Jobs

    Get skill points and visit Slim's.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Clowner25 skill points
    Dark Nebula15 skill points
    Insomniac Special29 skill points
    Lunar Eclipse25 skill points
    Neutron Star19 skill points
    Paint Jobs3 skill points
    Plaidtastic29 skill points
    Prepster29 skill points
    Scoop Nose18 skill points
    Silent Strike15 skill points
    Solar Wind15 skill points
    Space storm10 skill points
    Split Nose29 skill points
    Star Traveler19 skill points
    Super Paint Jobs10 skill points
    Supernova10 skill points
    Warp Streak10 skill points

    Contributed By: soroush123.

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  • Random Stuff Menu

    If you want to check if you have completed the game, check this menu.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Clank's Day at InsomniacGet all weapons, mods, and upgrades
    Endorsement DealsGet all weapons, mods, and upgrades
    PaintingsUnlock the Random Stuff Menu
    Random Stuff MenuEnter Challenge Mode
    Space InvadersUnlock the Random Stuff Menu

    Contributed By: ManiacOVG.

    3    2

  • Skill Point Cheats

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Beach BoyGet 30 Skill Points
    Big Head ClankGet 10 Skill Points
    Big Head RatchetEarn 5 skill points
    Clown SuitGet 20 Skill Points
    Enemies have big headsGet 25 Skill Points
    Mirrored LevelsGet 12 Skill Points
    NPCs have big headsGet 15 Skill Points
    Ratchet in a Tux skinEarn 7 skill points

    Contributed By: Kaboobi and Explosion.

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  • Snow Skin

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Snow skinTo unlock the snow skin, beat all 60 levels of the "Impossible Challenge" in the Arena in the Megacorp Games.

    Contributed By: Kaboobi.

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Easter Eggs

  • Insomniac Museum

    On Planet Bolden: Silver City, ride the power lines to the construction site, but don't jump on the first steel beam. Instead make sure you're on the left power line and hit the transformer. As you hit the transformer, press jump, and execute a heliglide over to the left where the city is. Now make your way to the street and follow it to the end to find a lone building towards the South of the map(you pass underneath this when continuing with the power lines). Make your way either left or right around the building. At about half way, try to walk through the building and make your way to the center (you may have to jump through). Start to jump, and the immediately center the camera (Press L1 and R1 at the same time) because you'll have to take out a several Thugs. There will be two teleporters in the building, one that goes back to the ship, and one that goes to the Insomniac Museum. Take the one to the museum and enjoy!

    Contributed By: jbaker.

    6    2

  • Insomniac Museum - Non Glitch Method

    This method of getting to the Insomniac Museum is one of two ways that Insomniac intended for people to find the museum. The first way is to beat the game with the appropriate level of completion. The second way is to be at the right place at the right time, as described below.

    The right place is on the planet Boldan, in the courtyard near the big clock, on the top of the fountain. The right time is 3am by the PS2 clock which should also be 3am as shown on the big clock mentioned above.

    So, into the specific details: I suggest you try this after you have unlocked the electric fence and cleared out the enemies in the two courtyards that are to the left once you pass the electric fence. You don't want to get shot while trying this! The fountain that you need to stand on is closest to the clock and it is the only fountain in the immediate vicinity. Don't confuse this with the pair of fountains in the opposite courtyard. To get there from your ship, go through the deactivated electric fence, up the walkway and turn left. Walk to the end, into the room that you opened with the switch that has two stairways leading up and out of it. Take the left stairway and the fountain will be straight ahead of you in the courtyard. There is no water running in the fountain; it is just a stack of what looks like bird fountains of decreasing size. Stand in the center of the transport pad in the top of the fountain when the clock nearby chimes 3 (at 3am) and a message will appear saying ''Press Triangle to go to museum'' or something similar. Press Triangle and you will transport to a hallway with some bad guys. This is the entrance to the museum.

    There has been some controversy over how exactly to do this, people having various problems, etc. so I think more detail will be of use. Obviously if your PS2 clock is set right, go there at 3am, duh. I have verified that this works if you are in the center of the transport pad while the clock is chiming 3am. I do not claim that it works any other time outside of the few seconds while the clock is chiming. In fact I went back a few minutes past 3 and the transporter did not work at that time. I also do not claim that this is the only time that works. However, I have personally verified that this works when the PS2 clock is at 3am PST, and many others have corroborated this.

    If you do not feel like waiting until 3am, do the following:

    Reset PS2 clock to 2:55am and your time zone to PST. Now, load the game and get to the abovementioned fountain before the clock strikes 3. Follow the rest of the directions above. If you need more time set the clock earlier than 2:55.

    Contributed By: Dead Again.

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  • Minigame before getting all weapons

    If you use the Dynamo on the lamp on the table in Clank's Apartment, Endako, the minigame Sheep Invaders pops up. You usually get it when purchasing all weapons.

    Contributed By: Bevinsky.

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  • Ratchet plays Sly & Jak

    On booting the game up, you'll see Ratchet and Clank sitting in a chair playinga a videogame (the Press Start screen). Ratchet will be playing levels from the original R&C game and this one... leave it run for a few minutes and he'll start playing other Sony platformers Sly Racoon and Jak II.

    Contributed By: Packing Heat.

    9    2


  • 6000 Bolts in 3 Seconds

    This can take a while to get the desired amount of bolts you need, but it does work. Simply go to the Thug Rendevous, and do the second mission, the one where you have to kill 30 space wasps. You need the nuclear device. Simply aim the crosshairs slightly downwards at the start and fire the nuke. The nuke will destroy all 30 space wasps in 3 seconds, completing the mission and earning the reward. Do this multiple times for easy money.(Note: You only get 6000 bolts in challenge mode. You only get 600 bolts in normal mode)

    Contributed By: Salamando_13.

    4    3

  • First person mode

    Beat the game once

    Contributed By: the yugi ghost.

    7    1

  • Free Weapons

    If you have a completed game save of Ratchet & Clank (if which you acquired the weapons) on the memory card you saved Going Commando to, you will get the 5 returning weapons for free.

    Contributed By: aaronstc.

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