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Reviewed: 02/21/06 | Updated: 02/27/06

Snowboarding game done...Right!

This is by far, the only snowboarding series to even consider buying a game from. Making a snowboarding game interesting is hard enough, but making it FUN is even harder. Plus, you do not need to like snowboarding in general to like this game. Not many snowboarding games, basically any sports-related game gives you the kind of freedom that this game does. You are free to traverse the mountain as you please, with almost no restrictions. The only restraints you have are going out of bounds, and not being able to get to Peak 2 and Peak 3 at the beginning. You are the only snowboarder on the mountain when freestlying your way down the mountain. Get better, earn respect, beat you rival in races, and customize your person.

The graphics in this game are downright amazing. Everything looks incredibly realistic, and, everything is in 3-d. Trees are done perfectly, and sway in the wind. Wind blows snow throughout the mountain. In parts where it is snowing, your visibility is limited. Fog is also realistic, and dense, not allowing you to see more than a couple feet in front of you. When you trigger an avalanche, trees, snow, and some random debris are swept up, and can sweep you up. Billboards are three-dimensional. The people all look different, height, weight, clothing, boards, nothing is the same. The clothes that you can purchase look right out of a catalog, same with the snowboards. Also, there is night and day in this game, and lights that only work during the night at certain parts of the mountains.

Everything sounds realistic also. When a plane flys overhead, you can hear the engines reving up. As the plane is closer, the sound is louder, and gradually grows softer as it moves away. The people all sound different. Some of the guys have deeper voices than others, as they are different ages. The same goes for the girls in the game. When their is an avalanche, you will hear it coming. When you are grinding a rail, it sounds like metal on metal...which can get annoying sometimes. The soundtrack for this game is good too. With some great songs, from when the game was released. Bands on the soundtrack include Yellowcard, Black Eyed Peas, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. However, if you don't like the music, you are given the option of changing the sounds to "mountain ambiance". Or sounds of the mountain. Their is also a DJ, which gives you mountain updates, and some very funny updates at that!

Gameplay is great, but are complicated. Read the manual book that comes with the game! The objective of the game is to gain access to the other two peaks on the mountain. You can gain access to the top of the mountain by getting gold, silver, or bronze medals in the events. Some events require you to get points by pulling off huge airs, while others require you to race down the mountain and beat you rivals. Some of the missions are fun, like bursting big balloons while going to a huge course and getting huge air off of jumps. While racing, there are many hidden shortcuts placed throughout the mountain. Some shortcuts are easy to find, while some are dangerous, and can cost you if you don't go through the course right. Also, you can find money, represented by an asterisk like symbol. Money is also needed to get to the other peaks. You also get money based on where you place in events. Money can be used to buy:
*Statistics(Handling, Speed, etc.)
*Extras(Special Snowboarders, etc.)

One extremely fun part about this game is the ability to punch your opponents to the ground. That's right, you can punch your oppenents by using R2 to punch to the right, and L2 to punch to the left. Some other stuff that you can buy are stuff like paper bag hats, afro hats, and different skins for your person. You can buy snowboards, some of which are "sponsored" by companies like 7up! The higher up the mountain you go, the harder the challenges get. You can also replay challenges. Money can be found pretty much anywhere, and can be found even during races. During races, make sure to get as many symbols as you can, as some increase speed, give you bigger air, and many other "fun" things.

Verdict: 10/10: By far one of the best games I have ever played. I guarantee that you will like it too.

Rating: 10

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