Review by allstar56

Reviewed: 12/13/04

SSX 3 belongs on your collection!!

SSX 3 is by far THE best snow boarding game out on the market today. SSX3 Has every single thing you could ask for in a video game, graphics, challenge, unlockables, music, and more importantly a VERY cheap price.

Game play (9/10)- Well, here is the deal in SSX 3 there are basically two groups, conquer the mountain mode and versus ( which we all know what that is about). Conquer the mountain is the main mode of the game, the objective is for you ( the player) to conquer all three peaks in the game. In order to "conquer the mountain" you must complete one of three things: Finish in the top three in a race, finish in the top three in a trick match ( rather score more points then your computer opponents) or a time trial match ( consists of you finishing the race and out scoring your opponent)

Doesn't that get a little boring you ask? NO, Not when you have virtually hundreds of unlockables to get by finishing in the top three of each event. These unlockables consist of little things ( such as a new snow board) or a big thing ( a new unlockable character) If you think you cannot finish first in EVERY race, there is a brand new lodge for you to buy these unlockables, and a couple of songs.

Graphics - (10/10) Every single time I play this game in my house, my body temperature literally falls 10 degrees. The graphics of SSX 3 are THE BEST you can see on the play station 2. It actually makes you feel that YOU are in the crowd watching your snow boarder race across the snow.

Sound- (5/10)- Let me get one thing straight, I have absolutely no problem with this games sound realistically, for example if you grind you can hear the grind, when you hit a tree you`ll hear the pound, and when your character speaks YOU WILL hear it.

What I WILL NEVER understand is this SSX3 supports an EXCELLENT Soundtrack, one of the best on the play station two, this isn't bad. What I`ll never understand is the random points of the songs that they start with. What I hate? I hate the fact that they play one part, and skip the rest of the song, what is the point of having a soundtrack in the game if you hear the first thirty seconds or so of the song, and hearing drums or a guitar in the background for the next three minutes.

Replay ability ( 10/10)- Every single thing about this game is perfect, it will take you hours, weeks, maybe even months to unlock every single item in this game. If by some chance you finish this game in a week, I know you will never want to put this game down.

Buy/ Rent- BUY If you can find this game for any less then twenty dollars, you better buy it, this game is a steal for ten, fifteen dollars, if you can't ? go into your local Gamestop or EB Games and buy a used copy, its pointless to pay six dollars for a rental when you can double it and own the game.

Rating: 8

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