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Reviewed: 10/26/04

Best one yet!

SSX 3, as the name suggests is the third installment of the SSX snowboarding series. In my opinion this is far better than the previous two games, there is much more to do and see, many secret characters to unlock and special effects to buy, this game will keep you occupied for a long time.

Graphics: The graphics are everything you would expect from the game, they're great. It runs smoothly and looks good at the same time, there aren't really any problems in this department, everything you can see has good detail. Of course, like any game, there are some things which look crap. You may notice the odd flat looking bush which makes you cringe, but the graphics everywhere else in the game make up for that. Like the previous game, the graphics are on the cartoon-ish side, but this is by no means a put off. The snow looks great, when you slow down from top speed, a spray of snow goes across the screen. The trees are all in 3D, there are no flat ones which just fall over when you hit them, if you do hit them, you know about it! The tracks are very detailed, whether you are going through thick white snow, or a blue looking ice, the detail is there and tracks are left by any boarders ahead of you. Like the previous SSX games, there are bridges and gutters that you can grind across, and as ever sparks fly as you do so. In summary, there isn't much to complain about when it comes to graphics, all of it is very easy on the eye, and it's very smooth. 9/10

Sound: The sound on this game is good, I really hate when the songs sound like they have been made by the game developer. I find it a real put off , but this game has a good variety of real music. Since the last game, they have decided to include a radio station which some times talks about the event you are doing, and sometimes plays music. Unfortunately when the guy talks about the different events, he sounds like an idiot, and in a way it can be embarrassing to listen to! Perhaps he should keep his annoying comments to himself? Either way it is easily bearable. The sounds of the snowboard sliding over the ice ic great, and it contrasts to the blowing sound of going through thick snow, this is something the developers have done really well. On the whole there isn't anything bad about the sound either, my only moan would be the annoying radio guy! 9/10

game play: The game play on SSX 3 is quite simply fantastic. The controls are easy to pick up and they work well. It runs very smooth, and it feels really good when you pull off a chain of good tricks. Aside from the controls, which I have nothing to moan about, there is the new system for upgrading your character. On the original SSX, for every race you won, you earned a few points to upgrade the character with, on SSX 3, you earn money. For the first few points it may cost $500, but to get your character from 9 to 10 on an attribute might cost as much as $25,000. You can also buy new clothes and accessories for the character, new snow boards, halo's and bunny ears are all options. There are also a few novelty items which cost huge amounts of money, you can replace you head with a skull, or perhaps a paper bag! You might decide to have a surf board instead of a snow board, or have hand flares. The most obvious way to earn money is win races and freestyle events, but you can also to collect snow flakes which can earn you up to $2000 each, or you can complete special challenges, that usually require you to jump through hoops, or something similar. You can also unlock hidden characters and movies to watch. On the whole, there isn't anything I can complain about. 10/10

Multi-Player: There are two options for multi-player, online play or standard head to head. Personally I haven't played online, so there isn't much I can say, but the head to head option is okay. To tell you the truth it is nothing special. Like before, you choose you character, and then have a split screen race, however there are a lot of tracks to choose from, so it might keep you occupied for a while. 7/10

Summary: I have to say that SSX 3 is a great game, if you buy it, you will probably not be disappointed, and the price tag isn't big, so it is definitely worth a look. The idea of conquering a mountain is good, you have to complete a series of goals on peak 1 to unlock peak 2, then eventually you can move to peak 3. In fact, if you race from the top of peak 3 to the bottom of the mountain it takes around 30 minutes. I think that is a great achievement in a game. On the whole, the graphic, sound and game play are all great, and the multi-player is pretty good as well. This game is pretty much an essential buy for a fan of this genre. 9/10

Rating: 9

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