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Reviewed: 12/24/03

SSX3 is a great game!

This game is a very good game. It kept me playing, and playing for along time non-stop, and I still play it often. If you look below here, I will tell you a lot of stuff about the game!

Graphics- The graphics are pretty dang good in this game. A good example is sometimes when you pass under a ledge, it shows some of the snow falling off in little segments, its really cool. And it has a lot of detail. Like the hair will move in the wind sometimes, and the trees have some detailed snow on them, etc. Also the levels overall are just very detailed.

Sound- The sound is great. He voice acting isn't bad at all, like a lot of games are with voice acting. Some of the riders say some pretty funny stuff. They have a great selection of music also. Witch include: Eleven Finger, and Yellow card. They did something really cool with the music in the game. When you get really high air, sometimes the music would kind of fade away into the background, and then right when you made that hard landing it would bounce right back in, and it would sound so sweet.

Gameplay- The gameplay is great, and it has so much stuff that you can unlock. There is over 3,000 things that you can unlock total. This includes: Boards, Hats, Special Effects, Jackets, Gloves, Backpacks, Pants, and much more! There are different types of games that you can compete in. Some are for racing, and others are for tricks. When you do good in the races, or when you do good in the trick modes, then you can earn stats for your player. Stats will make your player: Faster, Get bigger Air, Better Balance, etc. Also when you win races you can get CASH! And with that cash you can buy your clothing, and accessories. This game isn't that hard to beat. But it IS hard if you would like to beat the game at 100%. If you don't wish to, then it should only take about 10 hours to beat. But don't worry, just because its not hard to beat doesn't mean that it isn't fun, and doesn't have a lot of replay value. Because it IS fun, and it DOES have a lot of replay value. Also the Über tricks are really cool. Über tricks are the special tricks that you can do when you get your Über meter all the way up. The tricks include a bunch of grabs, and flips, and much more radical stuff. Sometimes they are hard to land, so watch out.

Replay Value- The replay value is high. I still play this game all the time to get my stats up, and just to unlock all of the stuff, and upgrade my character. Also there is an Online mode too, and that adds a ton of fun to the game!

Online Play- The online play is very good. This is one of the best online games for the Playstation2, in my opinion. All you need is a network adaptor, and an Internet connection, and your all set to play online! The online play is also very fun, and addictive! Once you get online you can choose a lobby to go into, then you can wait for a challenge, or send somebody else a challenge to play with them! Once you are playing with them, you can do all the modes, and choose all the levels that you can choose, and play in 1st Player mode. Also if you both have a microphone, then you 2 can talk directly. Online play is VERY FUN!

Over All- With the Online play, graphics, sound, and replay value, this game will last for a very long time! That is why I gave this game a 9!

Rating: 9

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