Review by laaquit1157

Reviewed: 12/15/03

Fun, Fast,... and anything but serious!

Tell me... have you ever ridden down an unbeaten path on a next to vertical mountain side at 400 mph on a snowboard, doing insane tricks, while having no idea where you're going because there are a 100 different paths, but there is no time to explore or admire the beautiful scenery because an avalanche is hot on your tail? No? Well then buy SSX 3, and you won't be disappointed. This is a hilarious, explosive sountracked, arcade based game. Not liking sports games myself, I was surprised. But then, this isn't like any sports game I ever played. The levels are insane, and finding all the different routes, shortcuts, and out of bounds secret passages may also take awhile.

Graphics: 9/10
Beautiful. The light effects are gorgeous, the sceneries are next to same. Then comes the numerous modelizations and styles of the many different characters, which you can customize to infinite degrees.

Gameplay: 10/10
The trick system is awesome (I won't spoil it) just as the tricks themselves, and believe me, there are more than 2.
The levels are huge (17 in all), and it will take 30 minutes to go through some of them; there are hundreds of different pathways and roads to victory. My favorite feature is that some levels are not beaten paths: it's just you and the mountain, JUST LIKE WHEN YOU GO OFFROAD SKIING. And that is cool; just don't forget to explore. What's even cooler is that in levels like these, you are usually experiencing a severe snowstorm or an avalanche.
Now this game really looks like arcade: it is anything but serious and realistic. Some huge jumps will take you 20 feet in the air, rails (sometimes fallen trees) will take you through dark mountain tunnels... the levels are simply AWESOME. Plus you upgrade your riders a 100 ways.

Audio: 8/10
The music is good, mostly techno, and presented in the form of a radio station.

Play Time/ Replayability: 10/10
This game will last long, especially in Conquer The Mountain (which is very realistically and originally set up), where there are three huge peaks where all the action (races, showoffs, etc...) is located. Plus you will want to try all the stuff (riders, boards, upgrade money, tricks...) you win. And even after all that, you will want to play again.

Are you looking for insane thrills and action? Then buy SSX 3. If you are hesitating, rent, but you won't finish it. Of course, you are probably wondering why I put 8/10.
That is simply because the game is too much like the other ones, so if you have SSX tricky, wait until the price goes down. It is however a bigger change from the 2nd one than the 2nd one from the 1st one. Other than that, it is flawless and great for everyone, not just the fans!

Rating: 8

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