Review by jasonethos

Reviewed: 12/06/03

Incredible Game With Very Few Problems

As a huge fan of SSX Tricky I immediately bought SSX3 upon release. This game is worth every penny of the money I spent. I have had friends over just to show them this game. They cannot believe what they are seeing.

Gameplay 9/10

The gameplay is almost exactly the same as SSX Tricky, which means its good. Control is tight, and its easy to pick up and play, while mastery takes a while. This is as it should be. SSX3 has added handplants a-la Tony Hawk and string combos. This means that you can raise the front or back of your board like an ollie to string tricks together and get a bigger multiplier and score. It really is well done. You can also now do uber grinds and monster tricks. This adds a great deal of depth to the game. The outrageous ''a real person would be killed'' gameplay is still there and true. Fun and funner.

The game exists on one huge mountain as opposed to the different locales in the other SSX games. The mountain is split up into 3 peaks. You start out on peak 1 and the other two become available as you unlock them. Each peak has 5 or 6 runs on it. There are races, big air competitions, trick competitions, and free runs which access challenges that the player can accept or decline. Eventually you can run from the top of peak 3 to the bottom of peak 1, a 30 minute or longer run. The game quietly loads while you're playing and you don't see it happening on these long runs. Well done.

There is no more trick book from SSX Tricky, which is good, and the system of character improvement is very well done. You earn cash from competitions, collectables and tricks which you use to buy attributes, gear and goodies.

The only problem I had with the gameplay was that some of the runs could have been designed with more care. Its one thing to wipe out, but quite another to get stuck behind a rock or something with no way out. That should never happen. However, it will happen in SSX3, albeit not often.

Graphics 10/10

SSX3 just may be the best looking game for the PS2 to date. It runs along at a smooth 60fps and I've not seen a slowdown ever. From vibrant colors to snow effects and avalanches, SSX3 gets it right every time. Combined with the gameplay, you can at times actually feel like you're there on the snow. It really is amazing. Massive drops give a tangible feeling of falling.

Sound 9/10

Now you have a radio station that you listen to while boarding. It is done very well, but ultimately if you're not into extreme sports culture or you are older than 20 much of the music will not be your taste. That's okay, you can customize, or just shut it off.

The sounds on the slopes are authentic. The board sounds like it should, the trees crackles as you snap off their branches while going through them. All in all very well done.

Overall 9/10

I would not hesitate to recommend this game to anyone. Its good for all ages and all tastes. Quite simply you owe it to yourself to play SSX3.

Rating: 9

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