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Reviewed: 11/29/03 | Updated: 04/12/04

An uber-game.

SSX3 is the third in what has been a highly popular series, so far it has had two successful games, the original SSX and SSX Tricky, both developed by EA Sports BIG, this game is too. There has been so much work put into the new game and it was highly anticipated, believe it or not it doesn't disappoint with loads of new stuff, features and extended gameplay, graphics and game time. Sweet.

You start as a nobody, down on Peak 1, you have to beat events and win against your rivals to proceed up and conquer the mountain.

Cool, these have defiantly improved since Tricky and boy how realistic they look. For one thing the mountain scenery is absolutely breathtaking with the attention to detail really high, there's is loads of backgrounds and the areas of the mountain are all unique with their own distinctive things. Another positive is the characters, they are detailed to the limit with everything from unique gear to emotions on their faces. On a slight negative to finish with graphics there is the odd glitch bit where the game freezes now and then, but other than that everything's cool.

Now you're talking, this is pretty good. I'll start with special effects before moving on to the audio score and other things. The snow is great, the sound when you hit it is realistic and the textures of it sound as your board hits it, you can hear the meaty grinds and slides and other special effects such as a character voice or growl. Onto the audio score then, this resembles Wipeout Fusion in many ways by having licensed music that fits the game, there are tracks from various artists and groups including N.E.R.D, X-ecutioners and the Chemical Brothers. Overall sound kicks ass.

A shining star, you just can't find a major mistake with this game, everything's a bit too good. First up the control system, its responsive and easy to use once you've got the hang of it, it does take getting used to if you are a beginner. Next up the fun factor, guess what? its really fun, you wouldn't think cruising in a race or pulling an Uber (special) trick or buying stuff could be as much fun, in fact this is too fun. Next up is multi player, lots of different things added in, it adds game time. Lastly the collectable's, they rock.

Game Time:
A long while, maybe three months or two months, depending on your ability, there's loads of stuff to master, unlock and play with but online mode adds to the game time as does the multi player. The game is deep and you won't get bored.

More than five hundred things to unlock!

Final Recommendation:
The best game on Playstation 2? probably not but only beaten by a few, namely Pro Evolution Soccer 3 and Ratchet And Clank 2 but all in all SSX3 is an essential game, you must have it.

Rating: 10

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