Review by swfan10

Reviewed: 11/20/03

Game of the year material

I have been a long time fan of the SSX series. I put a lot of time both in the original and its sequel, Tricky. But I had not followed much of SSX 3 until I noticed it sitting on the shelf at my local EB. Doing something I normally do not do I bought SSX 3 on a hunch, and when I put it into my PS2 I was completely satisfied with my purchase.

Let me begin by reviewing one of the best parts of this game: the gameplay. The controls for SSX 3 are a little tricky to understand at first, but once you've learned them it becomes second nature. You have controls to steer as well as the X button to jump and tricks are executed by pressing a combination of the shoulder buttons.
Once you're in the game and have learned the controls to a moderate degree, you begin conquering a mountain. At first I thought playing on just one mountain wasn't a great idea, but when you start playing, it becomes apparent that it was a great idea on EA's part. There are three peaks to beat, and to beat each peak you must earn medals in race events, freestyle events, and freeride events where you have to collect these snowflakes. It is very indepth and if you want a large challenge try going for platinum medals, I am still working towards a lot of them.

The graphics for this game blew me away. The choppiness that plagued the first game is gone, and it really feels like you are on a mountain. There is not much else to say about the graphics other than the fact that they are very good, some of the best I've seen on the PS2.

This is a THX certified game, and if you have the right sound system, then wow, this game is amazing. I really enjoy the soundtrack as well, and the ability to customize your playlist is a great feature.

Replay Value
I have not yet conquered the mountain with my first character, Mac, and I have put atleast twenty hours into this game. This game has a ton of replay value, and is definitely worth your money. With thousands of customizations (and I am not exaggerating), this game is head and shoulders above the competition.

For fans of this series, this is a no-brainer. Buy this game. For newbies, there is a bit of a learning curve but once you get passed that you will be tearing it up. This is the game to own this year, no doubt about it.

Gameplay-10/10-Best type of controls for its genre.
Graphics-9.5/10-Some of the best I've seen, loading times on the PS2 are a bit long though.
Sound-9.7/10-Amazing sound if you have the right system.
Replay value-10/10-So much to unlock and so many ways to customize your rider. What else do you want?
Overall 9.7/10-This is the best in the SSX series and quite possibly the game of the year. Do yourself a favor and buy it, you will not regret it.

Rating: 9

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