Review by SupaShinji

Reviewed: 11/13/03

Sublime Style to Spare

Every once in a while a game comes along that gives me a new lease on my love of the gaming art form. This is one such game. ''SSX 3'' stomps its excellent previous incarnations, and not so excellent competition (~cough, Shaun Palmer, cough) in every miniscule single aspect.

Gameplay - Very similar to the last two games with a couple new exceptions. The addition of the board press, a move similar to the manual introduced in ''Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2'' which lets you string combos together, adds a brand new set of strategies to the game. Uber-railslides have been added to break up the monotony of the 50-50/boardslide routine. The air trick system is essentially the same with one exception: the ''Tricky'' trick system has been replaced with the awesome, three level ''Super Uber'' system.

Graphics/Sound - Astonishingly beautiful. The environments look absolutely fantastic. My only issue here is that the rider models could look a little more detailed while riding. Otherwise these are some of the better graphics you're likely to see on the black box. The sound is great. Rahzel is notably absent this outing, but I enjoyed the new DJ, who's EA Big radio format sounded a lot less canned than any given Madden game. The music selected for this game is spectacular, I would've enjoyed a few more tracks though. All the sound effects from, the snow to the grinding, sound real as can be.

Presentation - Here's where this game has me. I cannot think of many games that have style just running rampant like this one does. As sleek as ''SSX'' and ''Tricky'' were, everything from the interface, to the voice acting, to the intro video just sends a shiver of happiness down my spine. There is enough style here to make 10 games. If all games had this much style, just maybe gaming could garner the respect it deserves. A+, baby.

Replay - There are an insane amount of unlockables in the game which will encourage you to beat your pefered means of cash flow to death. If you don't know already unlockables are my thing and the insane amount of them here are like gaming nirvana. You'll be working at it for quite a while.

Final - This is a ten across the board. If you own a PS2 but not this game, take your copy of ''Backyard Wrestling'' and leave me alone. Buy ''SSX 3'' now. Supa commands you.

Rating: 10

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