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Reviewed: 11/01/03

SSX3. I hope you're prepared...

SSX3 marks the third chapter in EA's critically acclaimed Winter Sports series. However, unlike the previous installments which had players trotting around the globe for fame and glamour, everything in SSX3 will take place on one big mountain. This aspect give you somewhat of an open ended feel to the game, instead of SSX Tricky which felt much more restricted. Some of the SSX veterans like Elise, Mac, and Zoe return, while newcomers like Allegra, Viggo, and Griff look to dominate. All of this and a whole bunch of subtle improvements make SSX3 one hell of a sequel to an already great series.

Gameplay 10/10

The series has always been known for it's fun gameplay. Having you're rider going down hills at breakneck speeds and then flying off a ''jump'' and performing some insane tricks is like poetry in motion. The controls are spot on, and the gameplay is still addicting. You have the option of choosing a single event or decide to ''conquer the mountain.'' Conquering the mountain allows you to compete seriously in the world of SSX, buy attributes, clothing, and move further up the mountain. Visiting the lodge on the mountain allows you to do all of these things, and even save you're progress. The series signature Uber-tricks are still intact, but new additions like rail uber tricks are especially impressive. Basically, SSX3 is a thrill to play, especially for long time fans.

Graphics/Sound 9/10

It's impressive how EA is able to improve on the look of each game. The game is much more realistic compared to the previous two games. The snow actually sparkles, the sun glares on the mountain with beautiful precision, character models are nice, and the mountain itself is detailed well. The mountain is so huge, you can see for miles. The graphics are a step up from SSX tricky. It seems may experience some slow downs at times, but it rarely happens, and it hardly affect gameplay.

The sound is splendidly done. The characters still shout things at their competitors or while doing tricks. This time they actually have small conversations with each other during races. It's a small thing, but it's a nice touch. The soundtrack is extremely well done considering it plays just like how a radio station would. Some songs that are incorporated include the likes of MXPX and Black Eye Peas. Many of the songs flow with the motion of snowboarding.

Replay 9/10

This game has tons to unlock. You can unlock everything from clothing, gear, snowboards, pumpkin heads, additional uber tricks, etc. There are plenty of challenges like racing, big air challenges, the new super pipes, slope-style races, etc. These new features allow players to earn cash to buy gear, attributes, artwork, video clips, secret characters, and whole lot more. The point is, there is plenty to unlock, and plenty to do. The only problem is that many of the characters are way to similar, except for their personalities.

Overall, this is a terrific addition to the SSX series. It improves on SSX tricky in more ways than one. Any fan of the series owes it to themselves to get this game. Casual sports fans might find this game fun, but might want to rent it. Either way, you won't come out disappointed.

Rating: 9

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