Review by rocksays

Reviewed: 10/28/03

SSX3 defines what a sequel should be!!

EA BIG returns in a well, BIG, way with SSX3. From the second you are launched out of the helicopter onto the ONE HUGE MOUNTAIN, you will be amazed at what is in front of you!

Graphics: WOW.... Everything looks amazing... The moves actually are more fluid looking and seems like they are ACTUALLY being done... Not to mention how crisp and clear EVERYTHING looks.. The sky, the crystals, all the scenery looks amazing... As for the character models, Mac, the only one I have yet to play with, looks great... His outfit and face looks much more detailed.. Overall, everything from the buildings and the night sky in Metro City to the trees in Snow Jam looks amazing! 9.5/10

Sound: Impressive... EA certaintly decided to match the TH series with over 20 LICENSED artists featuring new music or new remix's to familiar songs. Some artists you can expect to find are: The X-Ecutioners, Fatboy Slim, Placebo and Felix the House Cat (what a name!!!) The voice acting is excellent... From what I have seen, each character has at least 10 different lines... Example: Psymon passes Mac, ''Hey Mac, see you later!'' Psymon proceeds to crash, ''Well, that sucked!'' 10/10

Control: Everything the previous games were but better. I really like how each character starts off really crappy and proceeds to become masters... If you have played ANY of the SSX games, the second you pick up the control, it will all feel familiar to you.. (Especially if you played the last 2 as much as I did) The only really new aspect to the this game is the rail ubers (simply done the same as a regular uber put when you are on a rail) and a handplant (simply hit 'circle' near a rail.) This game has some of the easiest controls to use even if you have never picked up this game. Overall, these controls are excellent... 9.5/10

Replay Value: From what I have seen, this game is going to have an extremely high replay value. The game features over 3 HUGE peaks that has 4 different races and events. From Big Air, Slopestyle, to racing your rival in a showoff event, what an amazing amount of events! To fully complete this game with EVERY character, meaning unlocking/buying and completing everything, expect to play the game for A GOOD 30+ hours... 10/10

SSX3 is everything I hoped it would be... Insanely addicting, amazing to look at, great to listen to and simply fun to watch others play. I have to lend extreme congratulations out to EA for another great sequel. Give yourself a HUGE pat on the back guys, the 2 year wait WAS WELL WORTH IT!!!

Rating: 10

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