Review by stalebread

Reviewed: 10/28/03

SSX 3 is not just a game... it's poetry in motion

It's seven o'clock in the evening. I finally pop in SSX 3 to see what all the hype is about. After just the intro, my jaws have already dropped and saliva is dripping onto the floor. Ok let's play a bit and see how it goes... Now it's seven in the morning. My eyes are burning and my head hurts. But I just can't put down the game... I'm hooked.

Presentation- I usually would not cover presentation but everything about how this game is presented is just... perfect. The player gets the feel of ACTUALLY being on the mountain, kicking back to the tunes of Radio Big and looking out for boarders. The whole idea of being on one huge mountain with all the tracks connected does wonders to draw you in. The inclusion of some nice game previews didn't hurt either. 10/10

Graphics- SPLENDID. More than the previous 2, SSX 3 goes for an EXTREMELY soft tone graphics wise. The color palette is light, giving the impression of soft fresh powder begging to be boarded on. Characters are remarkably detailed and fresh, adding to their personality. Environments are GIGANTIC sprawling across as far as the eye can see. Lighting effects are fantastic as the sun at times can even blind you momentarily as you are suspended high in the air, cutting through the clouds. 10/10

Sound- Music comes from notables like N.E.R.D and Xecutioners among others. The music does enough to add to the gameplay, but not too much that it steals the show. The music fade out effect works well here too. Sound effects are great, the sound of board on snow, or rail sliding among others is represented well. Character voices are well done, each fitting the character, from Griff's childish attitude, to Zoe's edgy, tom-boyish look on life. What REALLY impressed me here though is how great D.J Atomica did to draw in the player and not ONCE annoy. 10/10

Gameplay- EA Big has been known for bringing out some crazy games, stretching the limits of possibility. Here is no different and Big brings a once thought impossible and unprecedented level to the sport of snow boarding super cross. The trick system is the most in depth I have EVER encountered, surpassing the likes of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and other greats. The tricks themselves bring new meaning to the term crazy and the best thing about them is, because of the way they are presented they actually LOOK possible. The inclusion of the nose press/ tail press allow for even higher combos and scores.
The amount of unlockables in this game borders on insane. The toys, posters, cards, new characters, movies and other things to find is utterly mind numbing, easily allowing for over 30 hours of gameplay. Simply leveling up all your characters is an easy 10 hours. Along with online play it's safe to say the gameplay here is unmatched. 10/10

Conclusion- I tried really hard to find something wrong with this game. All I could come up with was- ''It stopped me from leaving my house for over two days and left me with watery eyes and a messed up thumb finger. Then again, such trophies of war are things to be proud of. So I say BUY this game. There's no way you could not like this. It's ground breaking and magnificent.

Final score- 10/10

Rating: 10

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