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Quote List by laidback0378

Version: 0.80 | Updated: 05/27/2004

                             _____ _____ _  __ _____
                             / ___// ___/| |/ /|__  /
                             \__ \ \__ \ |   /  /_ <
                            ___/ /___/ //   | ___/ /

                          __                      _     __
              ____ ___  ______  / /____     ____ ___  __(_)___/ /__
             / __ `/ / / / __ \/ __/ _ \   / __ `/ / / / / __  / _ \
            / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / /_/  __/  / /_/ / /_/ / / /_/ /  __/
            \__, /\__,_/\____/\__/\___/   \__, /\__,_/_/\__,_/\___/
              /_/                        /____/

                               SSX3 Quote Guide
                            Version 0.80 (04.11.04)
                           Compiled by  laidback0378

Version Details
 ~ Version 0.80 Added moby quotes (laidback0378)

 ~ Coming soon: zoe quotes courtesy of Ren of merqurycity.

Table of Contents:
Prelim: Introduction
   a.  Guide introduction
   b.  Is this official
   c.  About the different sub-sections


1. Elise
   a. Quotes on the slopes
   b. Crash quotes
   c. Quotes while playing "dress up"
   d. Quotes after selecting character in single event mode
   e. Victory quotes
   f. Taunts

2. Mac
   a. Quotes on the slopes
   b. Crash quotes
   c. Quotes while playing "dress up"
   d. Quotes after selecting character in single event mode
   e. Victory quotes
   f. Taunts

3. Griff
   a. Quotes on the slopes
   b. Crash quotes
   c. Quotes while playing "dress up"
   d. Quotes after selecting character in single event mode
   e. Victory quotes
   f. Taunts

4. Psymon
   a. Quotes on the slopes
   b. Crash quotes
   c. Quotes while playing "dress up"
   d. Quotes after selecting character in single event mode
   e. Victory quotes
   f. Taunts

5. Nate
   a. Quotes on the slopes
   b. Crash quotes
   c. Quotes while playing "dress up"
   d. Quotes after selecting character in single event mode
   e. Victory quotes
   f. Taunts

6. Allegra
   a. Quotes on the slopes
   b. Crash quotes
   c. Quotes while playing "dress up"
   d. Quotes after selecting character in single event mode
   e. Victory quotes
   f. Taunts

7. Viggo
   a. Quotes on the slopes
   b. Crash quotes
   c. Quotes while playing "dress up"
   d. Quotes after selecting character in single event mode
   e. Victory quotes
   f. Taunts

8. Moby
   a. Quotes on the slopes
   b. Crash quotes
   c. Quotes while playing "dress up"
   d. Quotes after selecting character in single event mode
   e. Victory quotes
   f. Taunts

Epilogue: Assorted details
  a. Legal
  b. Thanks and credit
  c. Contributors section
  d. Version details



a. Guide Introduction
SSX3 is the latest installment in Electronic Arts Snowboarding Series. This
guide will attempt to cover all the various quotes that the various characters
use in the game.  I have done the listings for Elise, Mac, Psymon, Allegra,
Viggo, Nate, and Moby. The other authors of this guide are CndSwtGriff
(author--griff), fredde007 (contributor--moby), kakkun will be working on
kaori, Stryde (contributor--nate and zoe), and Ren of merqurycity will be
working on Zoe. This all means that the guide is nearly done.

b. Is this guide official?
Not a chance.  This guide is nothing more than an attempt by fans of the game
to share interesting information about the game (read: chara. quotes) to other
fans of this terrific series.

c. About the different sub-sections
There are 6 main sub-sections.  They are all there to make it easy for readers
to locate and read what they are looking for.  This is intended to be detailed
and (eventually) complete as well.

The "Quotes from the slopes" sub-section is where you will find quotes the
various boarders will say while actually boarding. This section includes all
quotes while the character is in the air or does a successful trick, on any of
the various types of competitions.

The "Crash quotes" sub-section is, you guessed it, the section where you will
find quotes the various boarders will say when they crash, or bump into an

The "Quotes while playing dress-up" sub-section is the section where you will
find quotes the various boarders will say when you change their outfits in
single event mode.

The "Quotes after selecting character in single event mode" covers all quotes
the various boarders will say when you (suprise!) select them from the main
menu when in single event mode.

The "Victory quotes" are quotes of what a character will say when they win an

The "taunts" are quotes of what a character will say to the other characters
during a race, both when passing others (and when being passed) as well as when
knocking down others (and getting knocked down by others).

NOTE: Use of any CAPITAL letters in the quotes represents the fact that that
part of the quote is shouted, except for "I".

End of explanation.

                         The Characters

1. Elise

 a. Quotes on the slope
#1 folks, right here.
a little extra elise action for ya.
a perfect 10...just like me!
a prime slice of perfect.
am I not wicked !?!
atomically supercool.
autographs when I land.
big sky chillin'.
big-time player.
camera is lovin' me.
can you stand it!?!
couldn't BE better!
delivering the goods.
did you see that?
disco queen, woo-hew!!
DOMinating the natural world.
don't ever doubt me people.
dreamy, ain't it?
dynamite as usual.
elise is kickin'.
enjoy the show boys.
epic execution, if I do say so myself.
fancy, fancy.
fly...or die.
generation ELISE!!
get my good side.
get used to it people.
gimme MY respect!!!
going ballistic!
haha...still got it baby!
hello, sweethearts.
high end, BABY.
high-flyin' supermodel!
how good it is.
how huge? HUGE!
I am so in demand, its silly!
I rule.
I'm a big, bright, shiny star.
I'm going huge all over this.
I'm making it look easy.
I'm real, and I'm spectacular.
In the elise Z-O-N-E!!!
incoming ultrababe!!
its a wake up call ladies.
its all about the hangtime.
its all me people, ALL ME!
its called a ride, folks!
its elise, LIVE.
its just ridiculous, how good I am!
I've got all the options.
I've got my groove on.
just for you all.
just what I need.
ladies and gentleman, Elise.
launching into legend.
look out, shes out of control!
lookin' fine, I must say.
Lovin' being elise.
mad good.
Magnificient Me!!
my move, sweetheart.
no doubt.
no limits, baby.
not big, MASSIVE!
nothing can touch me.
now we're getting somewhere.
oh yeah...
out of sight!
pardona wa?
primo excellante!
right on!
rockin' it on out of here.
sealed with a kiss mwahha!
shes the electric superstar.
sizzle, sizzle!
splendid work elise.
start the drooling boys!
straight up, baby.
suprise, suprise.
sweet AND stylish.
sweet as candy.
take my picture.
taking it WAY up.
Tally Ho!!!
that was stupendous!
thats how I do it.
That's SNAZZY!!
the best just got better!
the stunning stuff.
things are heating up.
this is how it is done.
this is what I am sayin'.
this is what I do.
this mountain ain't got nothin' on me.
trust me, its nothing.
try that on for size.
watch and learn.
watch me fly.
watch the master!
we have lift off!
welcome to the bigtime.
WOW baby!
you better be watching this...
you watchin'? you learnin'?

 b. Crash quotes
a little rough and tumble for ya.
aah, so what?
absolute junk elise, absolute junk.
AGH! I have no patience for this.
air nothing.
and she's safe!!
anyone just see that?
bad flava!
check PLEASE!
c'mon elise!
c'mon elise, you can do better than this.
c'mon, lets go!
completely trashed.
crash and BURN!
down, but not out.
enough already!
first time for everything.
full stop!!
give it back!
haha, that was funky.
I am a geek.
I am better than this.
I am really hating this.
I don't have time for this garbage.
I got slammed!
I gotta get going!
I meant to do that!
I was robbed.
I'll just be a sec.
it happens once in a while.
its all good, all good.
its not my day.
just chillin'.
keep it simple, stupid.
minor setback.
must be the board.
never again.
news flash, I am so lame.
ooo! nasty!
Oww! my spleen!
PPTTHHHHH!  (I don't even know how to begin to describe this one)
right behind you, but not for long.
stunning, wasn't it?
STUPID, dumb, stupid.
thank you, I'm here all week.
that came out of nowhere.
that was brillant.
this bites!
totally laid out.
truly inspiring.
ugh! I am not as tough as I look.
ugh! I don't have time for this crap.
ugh! silly GIRL!!!
we're having some technical difficulties.
well, that sucked!
what a crock!!
what a waste!
why ME?
WOOF! hahahaha......
yeah, yeah, yeah.
yow! that hurt!

 c. Quotes when you play "dress up"
ahha! I am so in the mood for this.
alright, back to work.
bring on the powder.
ha! there is not a mountain around I can't tame.
I love MY life!
I think a whole lot of boarding is in order.
it doesn't get much better than this!
just another day in paradise.
lets get things moving up to MY speed.
my oh my! don't I feel primed!
nothing like a day in the mountains.
nothing like a little accessorizing to get me going.
this will do nicely.
time to bring a little elise-style into this place.
time to ride.
you know what, I make anything look good.

 d. Quotes when you choose Elise from the main menu in single event mode
charmed, I'm sure.
funk-cabulous choice, BABY!
groovy choice.
I bet you're going to enjoy the view.
I guarantee you'll enjoy the show.
I hope you know what you're getting yourself into.
I suppose you call that natural selection.
I'm going to give you the ride of your life.
its tough being the obvious choice.
lets see if you can handle me.
spectacular decision on your behalf.
this is going to be very, very interesting.
time to go kick some butt...elise-style.
um...humm...excellent choice.

 e. Victory quotes
just confirms what I already know, noone can touch me.
oh yeah! all hail to the queen!
woo! looks like I have some celebrating to do!

 f. Taunts
a little competition would be nice...
about time you showed up!
ah, no big deal.
all too easy.
are you even trying?
big deal...
but I'm hot!?!
can't stay, gotta win, bye!
check you out!
c'mon, follow me.
c'mon sweetie.
c'mon, just a little more...
comin' through in style.
divas first.
don't be going there.
don't you dare...
enjoy it, for now.
enjoy it, for now.
ew, I'm so scared.
forget your wax?
get out of my face.
get that HUGE butt of yours GONE!!!
give it back!
go get 'em.
haha, elise is kicking your butt.
hey ____, at least you look good!
hey ____, come on sweetie.
hey ____, come on, you're making this too easy.
hey ____, don't sweat it!
hey ____, let me show you how it is done.
hey ____, lets do this!
hey ____, you're doin' fine.
how rude!
I could care less!
I could care less.
I didn't even feel that.
I won't be forgetting this...
I'll be waiting!
I'll take it from here, thanks.
its just so sad...
keep at it.
keep paddlin' slowpoke.
keep your distance.
later loser, hahahaaa.
lemme guess, bad board day?
no worries.
no you didn't...
not a problem!
not even....
oh yeah, baby!
remember, 2nd place is 1st loser.
share the podium with me, lets go!
show us how it is done.
someone means business.
sure you wanna do that?
thanks for slowing down!
this is what speed looks like.
this won't matter at the end.
try being nice for a change.
watch it!
what a machine.
what are you, insane?
what, are you kidding me?
whats the rush?
where are you off to in such a hurry?
who do you think you are?
yeah yeah, whatever...
you and me, baby.
you call that speed? hahahaaa...
you do this... to me?
you might as well be riding backwards.
you must have learned that from me.
you think so eh?
you're an idiot, a total idiot.
you're an idiot.
you're doin' fine.
you're mine.


2. Mac

 a. Quotes on the slope
a tidy little package that was!
aerial assassin.
ain't nuthin' better, no where.
AIR-borne! GO! GO! GO!
all the WAY!
and he sticks it.
another helpin' of huge air.
aw yeah BOY!!!
aw yeah, be real.
aw yeah, rippin' it up!
bah! this is my game.
bet ya' stunned.
better than the best!
big time shoe money.
biggest and baddest.
bring it!
bring me the cash.
bringing you the mad news.
catchin' prime space!
crazy! I am beyond good!
cue the beats!!!
dazzlin' the group!
drop your linen, and start your grinnin'.
el supremo.
embrace the flavor.
feel like a cup of oatmeal.
firing hot!
gettin' all rowdy?
gettin' up in it.
gibber! (???)
going for the gusto.
going HUGE!
going mad!
got the vibe.
heads up!
heads up, SQUIDS!!
hello SPONSORS!!!
hero time.
hey ladies.
high and CHILLIN'!!!
high fever!
high flya'.
high sky breaker!
high specs!
I am slicin'.
I got mad funky flava.
I got the mad groove!
I got this locked!
I'm buggin'!
I'm going ballistic.
I'm kickin' it.
I'm kickin' it!
I'm likin' this!
I'm on a rampage.
it happened all HUGE!
its a good thing.
its going to be lonely at the top.
jam packed excitement kids.
killa skilla!
king of the clubs, man of the air.
listen up y'all.
live from new york, its MAC!
Look at me!
mac defined!
mac 'N' the BEAT!
macs comin' your way!
my madness!
no hesitation.
no holdin' back!
'nuff said.
observe the realness.
oh yeah!
oodles and oodles of fun!
possessin' the abilities.
record hangtime!
satisfaction guaranteed.
should see me on the mike!
showin' the top goods.
showing the potential!
slicin' dis up!
so intimidating!
spine chillin' greatness.
stay in school kids!
taking this higher!
tasty treats.
teachin' the magic!
that was as good as my chops!
that was sick!
thats how you make the loot.
the essential mac.
the smackdown is in town.
this one is for you guys. (???)
throwin' it down.
throwin' it down!
time to get paid!
too much good.
totally stylin'.
vastly superior.
winner takes all!
without a doubt!
woa, woa, WOA!!!
workin' well.
world famous.
yeah right!
yeah, that rocked!
yeah, this is my time.
yeah,yeah,yeah BOY!

 b. Crash quotes
ah man!
ah man! I am my own worst enemy.
ah man, I don't believe this.
ah man! not even...
ah man! turbulence!
ah, no escape.
ah! no way!
ah! shut down.
ah! tainted.
ah, the shame of it all.
ah! this ain't nothin' but bad!
ahh! this is messy!
ahh! what am I doin'?
ahh...beat down!
ain't this the dogs breakfast!
amazing potential right here!
back to the drawing board.
c'mon mac, get it together.
c'mon mac, this ain't you.
c'mon man, what did you expect? (?)
c'mon, enough already!
c'mon, super-mac.
c'mon, this is not a drill
down and DOWN.
for-GET this!
frustrating ain't the word for it.
get back to it mac.
graphic destruction.
hey, how cool was that?
hey, my board!
hey, that was a beauty.
hey, that was a freebie
hey, we havin' fun yet?
hey look, we got casualitites.
how much does this NOT rule?
how pathetic is this?
I guess its rookie time.
I just got busted up good.
I just got rocked.
I think I just lost contact.
it had to happen sometime.
just tryin' to survive.
like a runaway train.
must have been dreamin'.
no cameras, no cameras.
not a clue.
oh ho ho, what a fluke!
oh! wild.
ok! one step at a time.
shot block!
situation critical.
takin' OUT.
that was a minor setback.
that was some tasty snow, hope it wasn't yellow!
they can rebuild me.
this is messin' with my medula oblongata!
totally choked.
totally obliterated.
totally trashed.
train wreck!
uh! I ain't down with this.
wake up and welcome to the real world.
what day is it?
what!??! where did that come from?
whats happening?
where is my brain? AHH!
whoa, where am I?
whoa! speed bump.
whoa! there goes the eagle.
whoa! what just went down?
woo! hello, gravity.
yeah, thats right, I am a professional.
yo! that was tasty!
yo man! look at THAT crater!
yo houston! we got a problem.
you catch all that?

 c. Quotes when you play "dress up"
cool...works for me.
feeling like a million pesos.
if you're happy, I'm happy.
I'm all about the tasty threads.
I'm calling this a style attack.
its all about my style.
like a fashion trainwreck.
now we got the essentials...lets do it!
what, you style blind or somethin'?
word...works for me.
yeah, this'll do.
yeah...now that worked for me.
yeah...works for me.

 d. Quotes when you choose Mac from the main menu in single event mode
alright then, bring it on!
alright then, lets do this.
alright, lets do this.
bring it on then!
c'mon, times a wastin'.
come on, lets go!
its time to re-COG-nize.
lets do it.
lets do this.
lets hit it.
realize and recognize.
the real deal yo.
this be me.
time to kick it.
time to recognize and realize.
time to represent.
time to rock the house.
we gonna do this or what?
yeah, roger that.
yeah, thats right.
yo lets rock it.
yo, I got the special stuff right here.
yo, its time to hang with me.
yo, lets bust it.
yo, lets do this.
yo, ya'll ready for this?
yo, you got it?
you got it? lets do it!

 e. Victory quotes
can you say bling, bling, bling, bling, bling?
everyone back to my place!
yeah man, I conquered this sucka!

 f. Taunts
beep beep.
beep, beep people! out of the way...
blah blah blah.
cheeky chump.
come on, slappy!
good form, good form.
haHA, see you later!
hey ____, catch you on the flip side.
hey ____, come here often?
hey ____, don't worry, you still rock.
hey ____, later!
hey girl, follow the masta.
hey girl, whats the situation?
hey what, ya broke?
hey what, ya frozen?
hey, hey watch it!
hey, I'm gonna getcha'!
hey, move over!
I should start chargin' for this.
I'll rip you up.
I'm comin' for ya.
I'm switching to dangerous!
it ain't over till its over.
later skater.
later, your lameness!
lucky for you someone stole my wax.
man, I'm starting to get a little peeved here!
man, your such a one-timer.
man, you're so slow!
nah, this ain't happenin'.
no hesitation.
no holding back.
oh you wanna battle?
pitter patter, lets get at her.
quit throwin' your fat butt around!
see you at the bottom...NEXT YEAR.
sneak attack!
so sad!
so slow!
sunday driver...OUT of the way!
thats because you lost it...
think I'm intimidated, ha!
this is unbalanced.
welcome to my bad place.
what a fool.
what a joke!
what are you on pause?
what 'cha got, earwax on that plank?
what do you think this is, a nature walk?
what kind of fuel you usin'? Lead-slow?!!?
what you thinkin' fool?
what, you callin' me out?
whatever, slap face.
whats the situation?
why don't you take up tennis?
yo ____, expensive stuff comin' through.
yo ____, keep representin'.
yo ____, pitter patter, lets get at her.
yo man, I'll mess you up.
yo man, I'll mess you up.
yo man, you better watch your back.
yo! you feelin' lucky?
yo! you're relentless!
yo, I am on your butt.
yo, you get that board out of a cereal box?
yo, you steppin' up?
you ain't ready for me.
you aren't joking are ya?
you delusional.
you'll finish.
your doin' a fine job of losin'.
you're a coach potato.


3. Griff

 a. Quotes on the slope
air mail, ha ha ha!
airborne who-ha!
am I dreamin' or what?
and dad wanted me to take up golf!
and for my next trick...
and the legend continues...
beats 'em all.
can I just keep my eyes shut?
can't get enough of this.
coming through.
did I just do that?
did you see that girls?
does it get any better than this?
don't try that one at home kids.
extremely sweet.
flawless man!
goin' into orbit.
griff does it again.
griff express coming through!
griff's epic journey.
here we go!
hey kids! don't try this at hoooooome.
hey, we can't all be this good.
high score!
high score!
mega monster carnage!
I can hardly breath up here!
I can smell the O-zone!
I could do this all day long.
i did it!
I hope I can land this thing!
i live for moments like that!
I should be paying THEM to do this.
I use my powers for the big air.
I wonder if allegra saw that?
I wonder if zoe saw that?
I'm a natural.
I'm getting pretty good at this.
I'm seriously amped.
I'm there man.
insane man!
is this for real?
is this REALLY happening?
I've got the goods.
I've got the goods.
killer stuff!
killer, man!
king of the hill.
like a pro man.
look out below.
love it, ha ha ha.
man I'm good.
man oh, man!
man, that was sick.
massive air!
monster air man!
my sponsors are gonna love me!
now THAT was worthy.
now THATS a trick!
ohh yeah, ohh yeah, OHH YEAH!!!
ohh, that was tight!
oooh yeah.
poetry in motion.
right where I wanted.
right, but smackin' on. (???)
so good I'm silly.
supremo butt kicker.
take cover people.
thank you, and good night.
that'll give them something to talk about.
the amazing tricky-griffy!
the best never rest, man.
the kid ROCKS!
the kid's got game!
the kid's got style!
the master.
the master.
the ultimate stuff!
they PAY me to do this.
this is DEFINITELY my sport!
this is so incredibly SICK!
this is the best!
this is the best.
totally sick.
totally, radically epic!
tottaly steller!
tricky huh?
ultra rocket kid!
up, up, and AWAAAAY!
what a rip!
what a rush, man.
whats RIP?
whoa! this is fan-tastic!
WOW, you gotta love the view.
YAHOO! make way for the wonder boy!
YES! look at me!
you have GOT to see the view up here.
you see that?! did everybody see that?!

 b. Crash quotes
ahhh... happens, right?
all washed up at the age of 12.
am I bleeding?
anyone get the liscense of that truck?
AUGH! I think it knocked the wind outta me.
aw man, gimmie a break!
aww man, this truly bites.
bad move griff!
bruised my body AND my ego.
crater city man.
did anyone see that?
even the best can bail.
get outta my way.
gotta learn NOT to do that.
gotta take the thrills with the chills.
griff, you blew it dude.
guess I'm not gonna win this one.
hope allegra didn't see that.
hope no one caught that.
hope zoe didn't see that.
how could I have done that?
how embarassing!
huh? aah, sure didn't see that coming.
I can do better than that!
I can't afford these kinda mistakes.
I can't believe I did that.
I can't belive I just did that.
I choked!
I choked man!
I gotta stop doing that.
I hate it when that happens.
I HATE this!
I haven't done that for awhile.
I hope elise didn't see that.
I hope Kaori didn't see that.
I messed up BIG time.
I need a hug.
I should have seen that coming.
I swear it came from outter space.
I think I swallowed my gum.
I wish I'd quit doing that.
I'm majorly bummed.
I'm one gaint bruise.
I'm riding like a girl.
I'm so mad at myself.
I'm sorry I let everybody down.
I'm still better than Psymon.
I've messed up, big time.
just gimmie another chance.
least I didn't break anything.
lets move on.
major malfunction.
MAN, thats frustrating.
mega monster carnage.
nobodys perfect.
not cool.
not exactly my best work.
not my finest hour.
ooh my aching brain.
ouch! that kinda hurt.
pretty beat, man.
pretty stupid move.
serious bummer, man.
so much for MY career.
sugar, I need sugar.
that hurt.
that stings, man.
that took me off guard.
that was bright.
that was butt ugly!
that was fun, in a twisted kinda way.
thats it, game over.
there goes that run.
this hardly ever happens to me.
this is seriously lame.
this is so wrecked.
this some sort of joke?
too bad I'm such a poor loser.
tough session.
very dumb move.
we all make mistakes man.
what a joke.
what a loser I am.
what a pain in the butt!
what a screw up.
what happened man?
whatever, lets move on.
who designed this stupid course?
who pushed me?
whoa, punched that one.
whoa, what was that?
whoooa I'm seein' alota stars!
why now?
WH-Y me?
you goofed griff.

 c. Quotes when you play "dress up"
about time we got back to this.
all griff, and then some.
back to the action.
back to the damage.
can't wait to show off my new threads to zoe!
cloths smooth, lets ride!
feelin' a bit nuclear.
gimmie some sugar.
got me some wicked duds, man.
here comes captin griff.
I wish allegra was here to see me now.
I wish elise was here to see me.
it's mountain time!
maybe I shoulda hit the can back there.
on with the show.
set course for collisions.
start your engines.
this is where the trouble begins.

 d. Quotes when you choose Griff from the main menu in single event mode
a most excellent choice.
excellent choice, dude.
I knew you'd use that brain for somethin'.
right on, dude.
smart move.
then go with the compact model.
this kid RULES!
you can't lose now.
you couldn't resist, could ya?
you know a winner when you see one.
you picked a winner alright.

 e. Victory quotes
does this mean I get to stay up tonight?
that was WAY to much fun!
yeah, this is cool!
YES, now where is the snack bar?

 f. Taunts
at least I am still better than ____.
can't stop me now!
check it out.
don’t get used to it.
don't push your luck.
don't slow down now.
don't stop now.
dream on goof!
eat spray.
enjoy the view, loser.
geek show!
get lost!
gotta go win a race.
hey, thats my path.
HEY, you lookin' for the bunny hill?
hey ____, bust it out!
hey ____, can't stay and talk.
hey ____, I'm half your size and twice you speed.
hey ____, lets show them how its done.
hey ____, make way for the little guy.
hey ____, need a tow?
hey ____, see anybody?
hey ____, want me to save you a burger?
hey ____, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.
hey ____, you need more sugar in your system.
how lame can you get?
I hope you botch the next jump.
I'll ask them to leave a light on for ya!
I'll get you for that.
I'll watch for you at the finish line.
I'll wave at you when you pack yourself into a snow bank.
I'm gonna nail you!
I'm just resting.
I'm right behind you.
I'm right on your tail.
I'm rooting for ya.
I'm still gonna whip your butt.
it ain't over till its over, pea-brain.
just give'n you a chance.
make way for the REAL talent.
make way for the winner.
my granny is faster than you!
nobody hits me and gets away with it.
not bad.
oh boy.
ooh, I'm really upset.
out of my way, CHUMP.
parting is such sweet sorrow, chump.
PEE-YEW, someone left trash on the track.
power-up man!
right on!
save me a spot on the podium.
see ya! hahaha.
show off!
slower vehicles to the right, please.
so long sucker!
sorry, no time for pointers.
take some lessons, why don't 'cha?
that make you feel good?
thats good for a laugh...
thats more like it!
this is a race, remember?
this ones yours.
time to play follow the leader, haha!
to bad, so sad.
watch and learn dude, watch and learn.
WAHOO! coming through.
way to go.
we oo we oo we ooo. (siren)
what me, worry?
where did you learn to ride like that?
yeah yeah yeah.
you call yourself a pro?
you got the goods.
you need more than luck to win.
you rule, bud.
you were going so slow there, I thought you were a tree.
you won't be there long.
you'll need more than luck to win.
your gonna bail, BIG TIME!
your gonna regreat that!
your out of control.


4. Psymon

 a. Quotes on the slopes
another hole in the ozone.
auspicious delicious...sluurp...ahhh.
behold, I have arrived.
bow down and worship, earthlings.
burnin' down the rock.
chalk that one up perfecto.
cloud nine baby, cloud nine.
couldn't have dreamed it better.
criminally insane.
deceptively delightful.
execution, impeccable.
farewell terra-firma.
gimmie some air time.
give it on up for the psy-borg!
haha...wrap it up for me, RAW.
hahaha...drive it home, baby.
hahahaha...I'm cool.
hahahaha...yo, a touch of evil...hahahaha.
he slip slip slide on the slipstream.
hello houston, we have lift off!
hey, I'm tge surreal thing, baby.
hey, someone call the cops...I want them to see this too!...hahaha.
high voltage!
hmhmhm, extra board-inary.
hmph-hmph-hmph...simply explosive.
huho, yeah, that was beyond imagination.
humongous sky...hahaha.
I own this rock.
I was totally spellbound...yeah!
if I were ben franklin's key I would get struck by lightning...haha.
I'm just lettin' go of the snow.
I'm outta my own league here!
inconceivable yet believable.
it don't get NO better baby.
its like a three picture deal.
kids, don't try THAT at home...hmhmhm.
like a microwave sunrise!
my oh my, I'm gonna kiss the sky!
no fear...in the stratosphere.
oh ho ho, you own the sky, you've earned it.
oh yeah, he is going big time.
oh yeah, it staggers the mind, eh?
oh yeah, we is intense.
oh yeah, we're going big!
oh yeah...it pierces the mind man.
oh! into the eye of the storm.
oh, delirious, baby.
oh, dude, biohazard...huhhuhhuh, biohazard.
oh, haha...thats some radical behavior.
oh, I can see jupiter from here, haha!
oh, I own the sky, I've earned it.
oh, simply unparalleled.
oh, thats wicked and wonderful.
oh, the SKY is in LOVE with me!
oh, theres gold in them there thrills.
ohh, crowning achievement, baby.
OHhohoho, I LOVE this game!
psymon says: crAzy! hahaha.
psymon says: cut me loose.
psymon says: kick it!
psymon says: move over!
psymon says: you gotta love it!
pure-snow poetry.
put the pedal to the ozone metal.
quick, somebody hurt me...hurt me, hurt me, hurt me!
say it loud, AND PROUD!
shock that monkey...two times.
shock the monkey, hahaha.
shock, shock, SHOCKIN'!
thats all there is...there ain't no more.
thats gotta be illegal.
this much air...gotta be illegal.
totally intense.
totally intense.
totally noxious.
totally spectacular.
wake me, I'm dreamin'...haha.
we got that super-prime-airtime.
what a brutal beauty.
whoa! aerodynamic.
whos got the power?...psymon.
whos makin' history?...ME!!! HAhahaha.
whos the man? can't hear ya!
yeah, light-headed!
YE-HA! watch the man fly.
yo! I just joined the space race!
yo! you've been psymon-ized.

 b. Crash quotes
aah, whatever.
ah great...my life just passed before my eyes.
ah! monkey meat.
ah! sorry MOM.
ah, bushwacked.
ah, crap on a stick.
ah, hangin' out to dry man.
ah, like a hole in the head.
ah, lost a little ???
ah, nothing broken except my PRIDE.
ah, now that hurt, hahaha.
ah, rat butts!
ah, utter annihilation man.
ah, what a downer man.
ahh, I quit! wuhahaha...
ahh...that sucks...BIG TIME!
ahhoh, cut to commercial!
bah, well, if that wouldn't just...burn your board!
ca-ching! there goes my money...
clearly intentional.
come n, concentrate man.
forget about it!
hahaha...el cruncho, amigo.
hahahaha...snow snot.
heeey! don't get mad...get even.
heh, a little change of pace.
hehe....I meant to do that.
hey, can I get a jump-start?
HEY, maybe i can get a job waxing boards...
hey, the bigger you are, the HARDER YOU FALL.
I'm gonna burn this board!
I'm gonna let that one go...
its gotta be the board.
its the price of speed.
just call me irresponsible.
just when you think you're there, you're gone.
LOSER! what a concept!!
no hurry, no worry.
oh yeah, I'm pumped.
oh! no rest for the wicked.
oh! well if that don't crack your cranium...
oh, deliberate.
oh, infinitely heart wrenching.
oh, like rabid monkeys in a washing machine.
oh...shut up, man.
ow! roll over, rover.
psymon says: whoops!
so thems the brakes...
so what?
thats reasonable.
the thrills...and the spills.
uh, thats inconceivable!
unfortunately, that was me!
well thats a cool reminder.
well, get a grip and let it rip.
well, it happens to the best of us and I should know.
well, that went off my bank account.
well...THERE goes the sponsorships.
what the zap is happening?
what!? so take a picture already!
whatever doesn't kill ya...
who?! ME ANGRY? NO! hahaha....who-who.
yeah bite yourself, butt-face!
yeah like I give a hoot.
yeah right.
yeah well, it goes with the territory.
yo, take that to the bank.
yo...I can dig it.
you know, theres no biz like snow biz.
you ride the edge and sometimes you get cut.

 c. Quotes while playing "dress up"
ALL-right, enough of that.
back to doin' what I do best.
back to stompin' flakes.
fire it up to the point of explodin'.
heh, feelin' a little more dangerous than normal.
I like my mountains RAW, please.
I wanna break somethin'.
no time like the present.
ready to lay waste.
take cover, 'cause here comes psymon!
time to flex a little of that killer instinct.
time to get into something compromising.
what ya' know, what ya' know?
yeah! gimmie somethin' to break.
yeah, in it to smash it.

 d. Quotes after selecting character in single event mode
get on board.
get on board....NOW!
hahaha! you got it!
I got a tattoo with your name on it.
I'm gonna shock your system.
OH YEAH! you're plugged in now!
OH! you that desperate?
oh, thats the first smart choice you made today.
oh, you got a TASTE for punishment.
oh, you got a TASTE for punishment...ahh.
OHH, you got it!
we're gonna tear this rock down, eh?
YO! lets melt some snow.

 e. Victory quotes
thats right! burn down the house.
woo! hurt me, hurt me!
you're all crazy! hahaHA!

 f. Taunts
a little competition would be nice.
ah c'mon, get with the program.
ah, get your butt off the throne.
ah, I'm so impressed...
ah, power to the people.
ah, precious.
ah, quit pickin' your nose.
ah, sorry, can't hang out and chat.
ah, watch your back, slacker.
ah, we'll discuss this LATER!
ah, what a poser.
ah, you humble me...NOT!
ah, you're going down, way down.
ah, you're looking good I guess...
ah...like your goin' backwards!
ahh, why don't you choke on it!?!
BOO! scare ya? hahaha...
buzz...buzz...BUZZ OFF!
crank it up, slowboat!
crawl baby, crawl.
don't get over-confident.
dreamin' again huh?
eat my icicles.
elimination station.
enjoy your teeth while you still HAVE them!
go with CHEESE and onions.
haha, don't be late for dinner.
haha, speed-O-rific.
haha....mildly amusing.
haha....transmission trouble?
haha...call a taxi!
haha...stay tuned.
heads up, snow slug.
hello? its the price of speed.
hey ____, catch my slipstream!
hey ____, hey, get busy!
hey ____, move over, rover.
hey ____, uurRR! cast-a-way huh?
hey ____, when you get second, remember to try harder.
hey ____, you know I give lessons huh?
hey ____, (kiss) lets see what your made of.
hey, move aside slowpoke!
hey, save me a slice.
hi mom, bye MOM.
I got 'cha number....zero!
I'll keep second place open for ya.
I'm gonna cruch your numbers, ya zero!
I'm shakin'....hahahaha!
in your dreams.
keep the free world knockin'.
move aside, stone boat.
move over...I'm the law!
oh yeah!?! wait till the fat lady sings!
oh yeah, I'll carve it up!
oh you think your fast? ya right!
oh! look at the monkey.
oh, don't despair, theres always TOMORROW!
oh, precious, hahahaha.
oh, sublime ain't no crime!
ooh, like your going BACKWARDS!
psymon says: big deal.
psymon says: I can dig it! I can dig it!
say "goodnight psy...."
say WHAT?
say, you should join the postal union.
stick it in your ear.
take control.
tell me again, why do they call this a race?
that boards a piece of crap, ya know?
thats right, get it out of your system.
this ain't no school zone!
turbo magic ba-BY!
watch and learn, LOSER!
wave to my butt, sport.
well, if it ain't frosty the snowman.
what 'cha gotta do?
who?...ahh, you make me look slow.
why don't you just race on the bunny slope?
ya, enjoy it while you can.
yo! need a jump start? zzZAP!
yo! turn it on up.
yo, you've been psymon-ized!
you put the "bored" in "boarding".
you're a poster child for slow.


5. Nate

 a. Quotes on the slopes
ah SWEET, that was well worth the wait.
all-natural nate, mm mmm mmm.
alright nate, a seat in 1st class just became available.
alright, jump to the front of the line.
and he's up and riding!
and he's up AND...RUNNING!
and they pay me for this?!!?
another chapter of the classic.
big kick...big kick for nate.
big ol' nate, comin' through! woo!
break out the I'm-on-fire hose.
break out the measuring stick, MA!
can't do this back on the farm! woo!
can't mess with perfection.
comin' up with gold.
corn silk smooth.
don't act so suprised, its nate baby.
don't mind me, I'm just explorin'.
don't stop at 10.
everything is comin' up flashbulbs...
fame just dropped in to say hello.
FUN-da-mentally fine!
go out and grab the good times.
ha! that upped the standard!
haha, can't stop for grown-ups.
haha, everyday is nate day.
haha, it all feels too good.
haha, that ups the standard.
haha, that'll quiet the critics.
haha, theres no screw-up in me.
haha, you just can't scratch that.
hahaha, whew! it only looks like I practice.
he ha, put a brand on that one.
he's on the move.
hey nate, move to the front of the line, bro.
hey, can't hold me down.
hey, don't look so suprised - its me, baby!
hey, hey. I got what I wished for!
hey, it looks higher from up here man.
hey, just stokin' the fire!
hey, look, ma! no wires attached!
hey, that'll never go outta style.
hey, thats worth some mountain madness, wooh ho!
hey, this is what you call "ear-to-ear" large!
hey, where do I sign? I'm ready!
hey, y' know, that's a whole day's work for anybody else!
hey, you know what, it doesn't have to hurt to be good.
hey...just finding my form.
hmmm...that ups the standard.
I am the guy in the sky!
I follow, talent leads. wo!
I just keep runnin' the show. whew!
I know the band, and now the band knows me.
I'm cookin'! feel the sizzle!
I'm darin' to achieve.
I'm getting my lick in...OH YEAH!
is that gold I see?
just met the big dog. whew!
just settin' the table for later.
keep the hits comin'.
let the board work the room.
look at this - this is like, big sky country!
mm-mm...still under construction.
nate to ground control...YEE-HAA!
NEVER stop smilin'.
no quitin' an old horse.
no wrinkles to be seen, whew!
nothin' but mmm mmm mmm grade A.
now that was well worth the wait.
now thats what I'm talkin' about.
oh, it almost feels TOO good!
oh yeah, bread and butter stuff.
oh yeah, just hittin' the highs.
oh yeah, oh yeah, that calls for a touchdown dance.
oh yeah, time to be counted.
ok, start braggin' baby, come on.
on demand perfection.
put a brand on that one, its a keeper!
puttin' the "pro" back in "productive".
rule #1, don't settle for less.
save me a dance!
send them all home hungry.
somebody punch me...I'm outgrowing this place.
someone yell cut 'cause thats a wrap.
spike the ball, and lets go home.
surfin' the air babe, surfin' the air.
that is gold-plated air.
that one's got credentials.
That a' boy nate, chewin' up the headlines.
thats more than print-worthy...yeah!
the auction is officially open.
the one and only...NATE!!
this is my party, and I'm just getting started.
this sun is risin'! I'm lovin' it.
too fat for the farm.
up close and personal, sky.
well, inflame my hand.
whew! time to become a player.
whew, theres gold in these hills.
whoa, I'm a long way from the farm...
whoa, that’s big man! yah!
woo! it's a pit-load of air!
woo! there's gold in these hills!
ya know, I keep makin' it tougher to improve.
ya know, I'm in action figure territory now.
ya know, the snow likes me!
yeah, its time to go...
yeah, thats it, sending impossible home hungry.
yeah! time to be counted.
yeah...the good times just rolled!
you are above the highwater mark. whew!
you know what, you can't hold me back.
you know what? its getting harder to hold me back.
you know, I'm going to have to buy a mirror if this keeps up.

 b. Crash quotes
ah man, that'll put a leak in sponsorship.
ah, horse puckey.
ah, this time the book is better than the movie.
all right - I'm scrapin' on my ego here!
alright nate, blow it off.
alright, come on nate, put on that sheriffs badge, and lets go bring those boys
alright, enough slope groomin' for one day.
alright, just blow it off. whew!
alright, lets take a seat in the stands.
alright, let's take a seat in the stands...
alright, who pulled the plug?
as they say back home, that one hugs the pup.
bone check.
can't wait to say "easy come, easy go".
chummp...who pulled the plug?
closed for renovations.
c'mon nate, nate, nate, nate, nate, c'mon man, lets go!
come on buddy, don't be molassess, you're gasoline dude, come on, get after!
come on buddy, thnk gold, gold all the way.
come on nate, this is just a little set back.
come on, stay sharp nate.
dah! blast it! gotta go out and grab the good times.
dah, I'm leavin' the wrong kind of impression.
darn horse.
day late, and a dollar short.
dur! dirty dogs!
flame out...crashed and burned.
get back up and out there, lets go man.
haha, well, back to bein' the deputy.
hey man, you're the posse and they're goin' down, come on buddy.
hey, nice use of opportunity nate.
ho ho man, this just don't cut it.
I deserve to walk home from here.
I got plenty of time to catch up.
I should have got money up front.
I think part of me is left packed under the powder.
it ain't over till its over.
just flush that ride.
just played by the horns and paid.
'kay nate, enough slow groovin' for one day.
keep your edge nate.
like losin' the lottery.
man, thats definitely a came-and-went-er.
nice clutch performance.
no dessert for you young man.
none of those guys are better, get with it man.
not exactly a photo op.
now that was a sidekick performance.
now thats a big money mistake.
now thats not a photo op.
now this wasn't in the brochure.
oh, that ended badly!
ok, c'mon, focus nate, that can't happen again.
okay, just caught the last train into loserville!
remember, it only looks easy.
right, just brush it off and move on!
shh, whoa, you don't learn unless you crash and burn.
slap shock! d-oh!
so much for my wish list...
that barely rates and "uups".
that is definitely NOT a confidence builder.
thats not a confidence builder.
theres the one that got away.
this darn horse just threw shoe.
this just don't cut it.
too busy reading my press clippings apparently.
uh, theres rocks under that powder.
uhuh...put the condo on hold.
well, back to diggin' ditches!
well, that puts me out of the bonus round.
well, we'll leave that one on the cutting room floor.
whew! come on, lets get out there.
whew! first in line at the bonehead buffet...that'll be me.
whew! theres the one that got away.
whew, I think I left some pieces back there.
who shot my horse?
whoa! heartbreak overload.
whoa! hey, you left that paycheck in the snow.
whoa, I think I left some pieces back there.
whoa, I'm selling myself down the RIVER!
whoa, just chumped that one.
whoa, who ordered the scrambled?
whoa...setting down the learning curve.
ya know, that barely rates and "uups".
yeah, woo! setting down the learning curve.

 c. Quotes while playing "dress up"
alright, lets do it.
alright, lets get to business.
back to the grind.
feelin' good...uuw, lookin' fine.
feelin' like a champion!
gonna rack up some serious elevation.
ha, time to open a can of whup-ass.
hey, there we go, much better!
nothin' wrong with adding a little somethin' to the mix.
now I'm pumped. on to the good stuff.
on to the good stuff.
that oughta catch some female attention.
well, now that we got that out of the way...
yeah, thats what I'm lookin' for.

 d. Quotes after selecting character in single event mode
I'm nothin' but triple-A prime cut!
leave your doubts at the door.
nothin' but prime cut!
saddle up, let's ride!
scratch my back...heh, you know the rest!
set the table, its prime-time!
so you finally quit posin' huh?
so, you got a good gut feeling about this one.
so, you got a good gut feeling goin' on, huh?
straight on.
that just makes good sense.
you choose not to lose.
you choose NOT to lose.

 e. Victory quotes
hey, ya know what? number one looks pretty good from here!
wrap that medal up, and call me done for the day.
yeah! now THIS is livin'.

 f. Taunts
adios, slow coach.
advance at your own risk.
ah, carry on!
alright, take it out and relax mate.
back to the cheap seats.
bad career decision.
be careful what you look for, you might find it.
eh, this is a small wrinkle.
get your horse out of the barn.
good nature will only take yo so far.
heh...don't count your chickens...
hehe, you're still not competition status.
hehe....I've just changed your deadline.
hey ____, cashin' in your chips already?!
hey ____, how do you stay warm?
hey ____, I'll leave you a wake-up call!
hey ____, next stop, the glue factory!
hey ____, you sittin' this one out?
hey ____, you're scenery.
hey regression poster child.
hey, I can see first from here!
hey, I'll be with you in a minute!
hey, knock yourself silly.
hey, nothing like a little false hope.
hey, stop or I'll shout.
hey, would ya mind?! save some for me!
hey, ya know, if tryin' gives you hope, go nuts.
hey, y'know you're my favorite...after me.
hey, you're about to be a has-been.
hmph, you're not that good.
hold your horses!
I didn't order lip service.
I exist for the fist.
if there was two of me, I might have competition.
I'll leave you a wake up call!
I'm getting gray lookin' at 'cha.
improvement noted.
is it an emotional thing?
now, winning is personal.
pull over to put on your makeup.
rivalries gottta start somewhere.
slow...and slower don't cut it.
tailgate party, my treat!
tell me again, why do they call this a race?
that comes as a warning label.
the sound barrier is safe.
this is a no gloating zone, hello!??!
time to chuck knuckles.
too busy combin' your hair?
welcome to ouchville.
well, stick a fork in me and call me "spud".
who ordered a reality adjustment?
woo down doggy.
you better call a cab.
you DON'T want to be a cowboy.
you just bought a ticket on the pain train.
you just reached into a pocket of hurt.
you just upped the ante.
you know what? theres still plenty of daylight left.
you tweaked my comfort zone.
your a bypassing distraction.
your hogging the slow lane.
your jerkin' my chain.
your slow-motionally challenged.
you're about to become an example.
you're havin' a money run...
you're outta the money run!
you're over-extended.
you're smilin' with rented teeth.
you're still in my range.


6. Allegra

 a. Quotes on the slopes
100% un-BE-lievable.
a little somethin'... for you.
absolutely proper.
ah man, I'm so unreal.
ah, sweet goodness.
awesome stuff.
bangin' through!
can you like, believe my talent?
'ch YEAH!
'ch yeah, what did you expect?
classic cool!
crunchy delicious.
downright cool.
drivin' it high.
drivin' it home.
dude, I am feelin' explosive.
dude, I am in a complete groove.
dude, I got the goods.
dude, I make it look ssoooo sweet!
dude, only the best.
dude, this is awesome!
dude, this is sick air!
from good to stellar.
good to go.
high-end moves.
how much do I rock?
I am beyond impressive.
I am FLYIN'!
I am on the verge of greatness...
I am rockin' this bad boy.
I got the goods!
I nailed that.
I rule this place.
I'm ALL good.
I'm all over this!
I'm blastin' with my talent.
I'm buzzin' huge.
I'm in the super groove!
I'm likin' my skill.
I'm soo outrageous.
I'm sooo happenin'.
I'm totally unstoppable.
its mad high.
just proving I'm good.
just throwin' it up.
keepin' the moves pure.
like a dream.
MAD-stupid air up here!
man I am awesome.
man, I got the goods.
man, I'm on a mission.
man, I'm trickin' big.
massive talent here!
noone does it like this!
oh ho, yes yes yes!
oh how tasty!
oh YEAH!
oh yeah, 5,5,5.
oh yeah, cool!
oh yeah, I rule.
oh yeah, rippin'.
oh, I'm likin' that.
right on.
see what I'm sayin'?
shakin' it up baby, shakin' it.
sign says, massive talent here.
slammin' large.
smooth like butter.
so killer.
SO SEN-SATional!
so wired for success.
stompin' with style.
styly, styly.
superb style.
take that!
taking off nicely!
that was purely wicked.
that was sick.
that was SO sick sick sick.
that was so wicked phat!
that was the bomb!
thats me, all good, all the time.
thats the stuff of legend.
theres one for the books!
this is a sin.
this is as easy as pie.
this is awesome!
this is nothing!
throwin' down a little trick-fest.
what do you think of that?
what more do you need?
whoa! dreamy ain't it?
whoa! workin' it.
whoa, how nice was that?
whoa, I got it workin' nice.
whoa, like killer moves.
whoa, nice one.
whoa, so tight!
whoa, that was sooo cool!
whoa, that was wicked, that was so wicked cool.
whoa, this is totally cool!
whoa, wow, that was SO cool!
whose the girl?
wicked greatness.
wired for success.
word up!
workin' the groove.
yeah, bustin' out the stuff!
yeah, I'm on 24/7.
yeah, I'm so workin' this place.
yeah, that was luscious.
yeah, yeah, you know it.
yeah, yeah.
YEE-HA! this rocks.
yo dude, check out my style.
yo, I am the show-stopper.

 b. Crash quotes
aaah, I still look good.
ah, I'm such a geek.
ahh, its just a flesh wound.
ahh, I've had it!
aw my aching butt!
big deal.
down but not out.
dude, bad move!
eh, it happens.
enough of this.
got knocked a bit around the block.
gotta start keepin' my eyes OPEN.
ha, I'm feelin' a bit defective.
ho ho, so tragic!
hope noone saw that.
I AM the queen of breakage.
I didn't order that!
I got bruises on my bruises.
I'm broke all over.
man, I HATE fallin'.
must have been faulty gear.
must have caught an edge.
not quite time to call it a day, but its close.
nothing broken but my ego.
now I know what a loser feels like.
phew, game over.
schools out.
smash, trash, total crash.
something malfunctioned.
that hole is twice my size!
that was at least an 8 out of 10.
that was totally rotten!
that wasn't supposed to happen.
the fight will go on.
this run is total garbage.
well, that was brillant.
what an embarrassment.
what was that?
whatever dude, whatever.
whatever, bad timing is all.
who put that there?
whoa, snow bath.
whoa, that was a direct hit!
won't be doing that again.
yard sale!
yo! what kind of junk is this?

 c. Quotes while playing "dress up"
dude, am I a hottie or what?
duh! of course I look good!
I feel hot.
I just make everything look sssooo good.
if I am going to kick butt, I might as well look good doin' it.
it'll have to do for now.
much more than a pretty face.
not too hard makin' me look fine.
nothing like a little shopping spree before a race.
now that we got that out of the way...
now your talking MY language.
so far, so good.
true style has just met its match.
uh, could I look any better?
we done with the shopping? lets ride!
what looks good on some looks GREAT on me.
whats with the gear, we going somewhere?
wow, I looke even BETTER now.
you know something I don't?
you lookin' for a visit from the fashion police?

 d. Quotes after selecting character in single event mode
alright hot stuff, lets do this.
alright, lets go make some tracks.
alright, lets go.
dude, I'm lookin' to do some serious damage.
I hope your prepared to go ...BIG.
I'm as far as you need to go.
I'm gonna own this ride.
its time to start messing things up.
time to kick this my way.
umm, I guess you'll have to do.
yah, somethin' special right here.
you could NOT do any better than me.
you ready to go kick some butt?
you think your good enough for me.

 e. Victory quotes
ah yeah, how sweet it is.
I wanted it, I got it.
oh yeah, I dig this flavor.

 f. Taunts
about to kick your lazy butt!
ah, c'mon man, lets go!
are you serious?
beat it!
big deal...
blabber mouth!
bummer...no talent, no speed.
can't win 'em all...I can.
catch you at the bottom.
come on, hot shot.
come on, you can do it.
could someone stop the lameness?
do us all a favor, and keep going.
don't even talk to me...
get used to the view.
go ahead, see if I care...
ha! you're dreamin'.
hey ____, watch and learn.
I got moves you've never even heard of!
I got your back.
I'm gone.
I'm gonna take you down.
I'm the queen of smash.
keep workin' it.
keep your hands off...
later, idiot-bot.
like I care.
make way!
nice outfit...
no dust on me...
not for long.
not so fast, its dangerous.
now I'm on you.
ooooh, you're sooo fast! (not)
outta my way.
quit your yappin'.
see you tomorrow.
shut it, or I'll shut it for you.
slow it down for a change.
so easy its scary.
someone stop the lameness.
step aside.
suprise, suprise.
take that, rat-face.
that all you got?
that must be hard at your age.
this is how it is done.
this isn't a passing lane.
try harder at least.
try showering occasionally, whew!
watch and learn, stupid-head.
what a slow poke!
whatever, lame-o.
whats going on around here?
whats the rush?
where are you going, dork?
where did these moves come from?
who do you think YOU are?
whoa, nice one.
why are you even here?
yeah, yeah, whatever dufuss.
yeah, you show them how its done...
you ain't nothin' special.
you got no idea what speed is.
you had that comin'.
you like it like that?
you never had a chance!
you think you're sooo good, don't 'cha?
you won't be there for long.
you won't be tryin' that again.
your a poor excuse for anything.
your playing my song.
you're messing with an alpha pup here?
you're one sorry lookin' punk.
you're pretty fast...for a change.
you're sooo slow.


7. Viggo

 a. Quotes on the slopes
a personal best...well, HELLO!?!
ah haha, man, this guy is good!
ah man, I love this music, move to this music.
ah yeah!
ah yeah, I think it is time to party all night long, mmmm, yeah.
AH! as hot as an oven at a factory. nice.
ah! this guy isn't even human, what is this guy, a man of steel?
ah, a little more volume please, a little more volume everyone, come on.
ah, artichoke heart with a little pepperoni.
ah, he's going to the extreme now, look at this.
ah, I love this tune, YEAH!
ah, its a beauteous day.
ah, just like that, we're taking it to the bank.
ah, man, better replay that, you'll never see anything like that again.
ah, ow! it hurts to be so good.
ah, positively air-conditioned up here, this is great, man.
ah, stand and deliver just like that.
ah, that was soo nice.
ah, theres alot more where that came from, trust me.
ah, where is all my little snowbunnies? I hope you saw that.
ah, where there is love, there is viggo.
ahh, its all good, all good. what is this guy?
and so good for you, you have no idea.
and the crowd goes BONKERS!
are you kidding me?!? oh, I'm hyper-ventilating!
b-b-b-BOOM that bass baby, uhhh.
boom! he's larger than life.
boom! the way it is MEANT to be. uhhh, can you feel that?
brillant baby, that was brillant.
did any of you beautiful bunnies see that, how about you right there?
dude! that was C-R-A-Z-Y!! yeah.
dude, he makes it look so simple its sick.
EXTRA, EXTRA, front page news, did you see that folks?
feelin' especially good dude.
ha ha, he's full of miles and miles of smiles.
ha! are you kidding me? did I just do that?
he's comin' through loud and clear, loud and clear, you got that?
he's not human, I'm not human, I'm so sorry.
ho ho yeah, we're taking it uptown.
hoho, this guy is flawless people!
how can you not love me right now, that was insane!
how's it done? let me tell you, mind over matter.
I can't believe this, I'm lovin' every minute of it.
I can't hear you!
I do it for your love, I do it for YOUR love.
I know, I know, its hard to believe, isn't it?
I think he's burning down the house with this stuff, look at this guy!
I think I am the king right now, I think I am the king right now.
I think its time to pump, pump, pump, pump, pump up the volume.
I'm licking snow from the source.
is that even possible?
it all happened so fast, it was like a dream, that was spectacular man.
its soo good up here.
lets do that one more time with authority...(sings) I don't think thats
live and direct people, its VIGGO.
look at that, he played it like a fiddler's elbow, you like that? yeah...
nice baby, yeah!
oh hah, did you take a pic? 'cause you're never gonna see that again.
oh haha, I think we're blowing the speakers on that one.
oh my, oh my, oh my, what was that?!?
oh yeah, party hardy, just like that.
oh yeah, pump it up, pump it up baby, boom!
oh yeah, viggo does it baby!
OH! just like that, viggo is in the house.
OH! unbelievable! wake this guy up, I think he's dreamin'.
oh, he's like a fine-cut diamond. boom!
oh, I love the air!
oh, I'm poppin' way up.
oh, that was WIN-toxicating, yeah.
oh, this guy is firin' on all cylinders man.
oh, you got to love this guy, chill.
on a wing and a prayer.
par excellence baby, I think more like a birdie.
some got luck, viggo got style, baby.
that was so interstellar I can't even believe that just happened...
the light IS on, and everyone IS home!
this guy is a modern day action hero!
this is like a synchro-system right here.
ummmm that is DE-licious.
viggo conquers them all baby.
well, I guess theres no fear here, thats for sure.
well, I think thats pretty much suitable for framing, right above the mantle
well, if that didn't stimulate the senses, I don't know what would.
well, they call it zen and the art of viggo baby.
well, this little gift I give to you personally.
whoa, just like that, just like the pros.
whoa, the textbook execution...is that even IN a textbook?
yeah, big air, woo-oo!
yeah, can I get two of those to go, with a side of VIGGO!
yeah, thats like an intergalactic snack pack man!
yeah, thats right, I got the viggo motion baby.
you know what, we're gonna turn it inside-out right now.
you know what? I think you're all gonna have to throw me a party for that one.
yummy! um mmm, yummy.

 b. Crash quotes
a little counter-productive.
ah man, talk about over-confidence, alright, here we go.
ah man, that was a bit of a disaster, here we go, lets get out of that.
ah man, that was such a gutter ball.
ah man, you got to be kidding, we got to send you back to the bush league for
ah, a little game of tennis anyone, while I'm here?
ah, damn, that was not a very cool trip... that's alright, lets just keep the
wheels movin' here.
ah, get a grip viggo, c'mon.
ah, its a shadow of my former self. its alright, lets keep it movin'.
ah, just like that, crash and burn, but right back at her.
ah, man, I'm just a little bummed.
ah, thats a major blow man, a major blow.
ah, you know what, that was totally unacceptable.
and there we go...and now a word from our sponsors...
dude, talk about funk-afied.
dude, that bites, big time.
expert my butt, come on dude!
feelin' a little discombobulated I think.
hey, no, very good, no, its fine, its fine.
how that was a major gash right there man.
I call that indecent exposure, right there.
I got those bonehead blues.
just like that, hung out to dry, up and in the wind.
not all that enjoyable, but ya know, you take the falls...
now THAT was an unwise decision.
now thats what I call random catastrophe.
oh hahaha, yeah, whatever.
oh, that was interesting, that was interesting, I should eat a little snow so I
don't get thirsty.
ouch, that gonna hurt the bank account right there.
please people, can someone smack me out of this?
so punish me, c'mon, I'm only human.
thats all right, we'll just grin and bear it, grin and bear it.
uh dude, buns up on that one.
vile, revolting, yeah, pretty much, pretty much all of the above.
well, if that wouldn't just fry your filet...
well, that ought to impress the girls, you like that huh, you like that?
well, that was rather boring.
what? what? I mean to err is human right?
whoa, whoa, whoa, can we back that up and try that again?
whoopsies! how embarrassing, alright, alright, here we go, here we go.
yeah well, that'll clear the mind I guess, right?
yeah, well, thats what I call counter-productive, really.
you know what, that is abnormal behavior, that is what you just saw.
you know what, that was not my idea of fun.

 c. Quotes while playing "dress up"
ah, you know what? there's some powder with my name on it.
alright, gotta fly.
feelin' fearsome.
here we go, here we go, off to the show.
here we go, we're all nice and sharpened up, ready for a little go go time.
hola mom-esitas, check me out.
how fresh do I feel.
'kay, here we go, this is where I earn some coin.
okay fine, lets play, yeah.
this is where I keep the dream alive.
time to do some carvin'.
well, I'm up for a little silliness.
yeah, I'm cool, cool like lemonade.
you know what? I think I'm gonna have a little fun with this.
you know...jus just keeping it real.

 d. Quotes after selecting character in single event mode
#1, just like that.
alright, cool, someone new to party with.
alright, its 'bout time, someone cool to party with.
cool, alright, well lets get tricky.
nice one, alright, lets party.
oh nice, word, I want you pushin' my buttons. yeah.
oh, you party animal.

 e. Victory quotes
ah ha ha, just throw money.
come on everybody, show me some love.
listen to that sweet, sweet music.

 f. Taunts
ah man, you got that winning smile, I just see it.
ah yeah, famous last words right there, right?
AH! try some breath mints, you got to be kidding.
ah, killer.
ah, what do ya know?
ah, you're givin' up already huh? I don't doubt it.
alot of talk, small shock.
alright, just call if you need back-up, 'cause I'll be right here.
are you making a pass at me?
do me a favor, don't forget to write ok? lets not be strangers.
do you need a push?
don't hurt yourself.
don't make a habit of it, ok?
don't mention it.
dream on, dreamer.
enjoy it for the moment.
enjoying the scenery are we?
excuse me?
fine, but you have to save second for me, alright?
get out of my way, loser!
here's a word to the wise, give up.
hey ____, can't catch me!
hey ____, c'mon, embrace the speed.
hey ____, conserving energy, yeah thats a good idea, I'd do it too, but I want
to win.
hey ____, use it or lose it, c'mon, brother.
hey ____, wake up and smell the coffee, lets go.
hey, alright, you get what you deserve, right?
hey, c'mon, stop picking your nose, pick up the pace, pick up the pace.
hey, just keep it fun, thats all I'm askin'.
hey, watch the material.
huh, you want to step up, fine, time to kick it in.
I appreciate the gesture.
I can't hear you sorry, whats that?
I'm sorry, did you say something? could you speak into my good ear?
is your mouth as big as your ego?
jeans? haha, jeans!?! talk about the late '80s!
lets go, lets go, lets go people.
look out, look out, look out for the tree right there...KIDDING...not.
oh lookie, its a slow boat to china, nice!
oh yeah, I am so upset.
oh yeah, you're good alright... for nothing.
oh, such pearls of wisdom! write those down people!
oh, very well, if you must.
ok, but just don't be late for dinner.
smile when you say that.
so, you want to party, alright, ALRIGHT!
so, you want to party, huh?
talk is cheap.
tell ya what, you look very silly right now.
that actually felt good, I think I needed that.
thats big words for a little mind.
thats funny, I'll remember that though, I will remember that.
thats right, give it all you got, thats right, move those arms.
watch that bump.
wave to your mom, look, she's wavin' at 'cha.
well aren't you just the speed demon.
well, at least you have a sense of humor.
well, I guess its your turn.
wha? you're going the wrong way, left, LEFT, ohh...sorry.
what a party animal.
whatever makes you happy.
where's the competition? lets go guys!
wish me wha? wish me harm, is that what you said? whatever, I'll see you at the
write me a letter, I'll read it later, then burn it.
ya pompous pigy.
you call that a threat?
you call that a threat?
you know what, all style and no substance, where's your substance baby?
you oughta wax that piece of junk.
you will eat those words, bro.
you'll be eating that later.
your laces are undone.
your obviously such a party pooper.
zzzzZOOM! bye bye.


8. Moby

 a. Quotes on the slopes
absolutely dead good.
absolutely mate.
ACTION--MAN (sings)
ah, he shoots, he scores, yes!
ah, just floatin'.
ah, legend.
ah, now thats how a professional does it!
ah, thats how a professional does it!
ah, unmistakeable who I am.
ahh, fierce.
ahh, re-markable.
ain't none cooler.
air moby coming through.
all over it, with a smile.
and that my friends, is moby expressed.
and you can call me Sir Moby.
big stuff eh?
big-wheel time.
blindingly great.
breath-taking talent.
check your dials.
c'mon, get your cameras out!
come on, let me hear ya!
completely grilled.
duhnta duhnta duhntaaa. (trumpet)
electric space superstar.
expect nothing less.
first rate.
full out of salt.
give it up for moby!
glam is in.
goal to the opposing moby.
ha ha haha, I'm the best.
ha ha haha, remarkable.
ha ha, larging it mate.
ha ha, scratch your loaf over that one.
haha, mad about moby.
hello ladies.
hello, this is my good side, get your cameras out.
I am soo mustered.
I am the main man.
I know my onions.
I, am a cut above.
illegal air.
I'm a made man.
I'm way up in the air.
I'm wreckin' heaven, mate.
its moby's world, ha ha haha.
keepin' it all rollin' mate.
king stylee.
lovely, lovely.
lumin' smokin' mate.
master moby.
mighty, mighty, mighty.
mmm...so sumptous.
mo-b-b-by all the way.
moby for mayor!
moby jones, ladies and gentleman.
moby jones, the best there is.
moby jones: tower of power.
moby jones is unstoppable.
moby magnificent.
moby the champion.
moster stylee.
my moves are art.
never ending moby.
no pain in this one.
not too shabby.
oh, as good as can be.
oh, fears.
oh, my goodness, do you believe these tricks?
oh, the stuff legends are made of.
oh, what a bundle of talent here!
outrageous mate.
ozzy bomb, ya.
paid in full with this one.
pushing the tops.
riding off the carpet.
right then.
ruining the pictures.
smashing stuff, check your style.
snow field dynamo.
so good I'm crackers.
soap in a box.
spots on, mate.
spread the word, moby is back.
stupid good.
sweet as bees and jam.
ta ha ho, clap your eyes on this.
take a gander at the greatness.
takin' a backseat to noone.
that my friends was off the first.
that my friends, is why I'm the best.
that was beautiful, mate.
that was clear cut style.
that was juiced.
that was konking solid stuff.
that was mental.
that was other worldly mate.
that was so good its brutal.
that was so good its criminal.
thats better than beans on toast.
thats right ladies.
thats what I'm about.
thats why I'm a pro.
the man, the myth, moby.
the whole works mate, the whole works.
theres no better than moby.
this is my world up here, ha ha.
up here, its moby's world.
was that the bees neezle  or what?
watch my fly!
welcome to moby's domain.
what a blast!
what a bouncer!
what a champion!
who am I? I'm the man, thats who.
who loves ya baby?
whoa, dashing good show, this.
wonderful stuff, wonderful.
wreckin' havoc.
yeah, adam and eve it mate.
yeah, I'm having a bowl...I'm having a bowl made.
yeah, you got it, it's the top job.
yeah, you got that right.
yee-ah! winner!
you bet your footy boots ha ha.
you know I'm the best...ha ha haha.
you know what? any which way, this is gonna be good.

 b. Crash Quotes
ah, a better deal, that one.
ah, that was certainly embarrassing.
ahh! off to la la land for a while there.
all that and a bitten tongue.
barrel of laughs, that was.
better than a kick in the teeth.
blinkin' it.
bongos! hate 'em.
clearly that wasn't right.
gimmie a minute.
give me a minute.
give us a break, ha ha ha ha.
hang on.
havin' a wee bit of trouble here.
I'm a little bamboozled about that one.
I'm all over the frog and toe.
I'm brained!
just a moment, fix me goggles.
knew that was gonna be iffy.
knock me down with a feather.
konked out.
like it or lop it.
little muck around time this is.
might as well take five.
moby around the clock.
no time for a kick.
on a blink.
on the blink.
rattle me fuse box.
really nice, this.
right up on that.
ripe bit of fun, that.
rotten cotton.
smashed, wasn't I?
sorry, what?
what a bob shop.
what a flop!
what a mugs game.
whats the damage?
where was I?
why do I bother?
zonks rightly.

 c. Quotes while playing "dress up"
a little bit of moby goes a long way.
good choice, let me toss it.
half man, half amazing, all moby.
I completely eclipse the rest, don't I?
I look brillant mate.
I look so good I wanna kiss meself, mate.
its absolutely painful how good things look on me.
like what ya see? of course you do.
no complaints from me, mate.
now that we got me all keyed out, lets ride.
now thats how you cloth a legend.
right proper rags these are.
right, we done lolly gagging around the shops yet?
this is me, man of the match.
WELL! aren't I lookin' all sharpish like!
where style meets its maker.

 d. Quotes after selecting character in single event mode
cheers mate, this'll do.
fresh from the fridge mate.
hey zeus.
lets get on with it.
nice one.
oh yeah, full stop.
sit up, mate.
tip-top mate.
top story now.
yeah, right then.
yeah, this will do nicely.
yeah, this will do.

 e. Victory Quotes
drink that and try and toss it in the bin.
take that, and they say its not whether you win or lose.
yeah, this is the top of the world, right here.

 f. Taunts
aah, loopy eh?
ah, you're burning me up.
alright mate, lookin' fine.
can't hear you.
cheesy little monkey.
cryin' shame ain't it.
don't lose it now.
don't matter to me.
don't talk to me.
forget it.
get a move on.
get out of it, clear off.
go, go, go!
hey ____, alright chump.
hey ____, come on babe, no time to chin-wig.
hey ____, don't dilly-dally.
hey ____, faster, faster.
hey ____, today would be nice.
hey mate, whats the rush then?
hurry up you.
I'm on to you.
impressive, to say the least.
its gonna be your show then.
its not over yet.
lemon squeezer.
lets do it today then.
mack this... shovel bum.
man with talent passed you by.
no time to lose.
no, mate.
not for long mate.
not impressing me at all.
OY! get your knickers out of my face!
oy, got a few tourists on there, have ya?
oy, ya wally.
pack it up.
pack it up.
see ya later, crocodile.
smashing stuff.
stealing from the needy-greedy.
uowww... look at your speed.
well, well, well.
what an idiot.
what, me concerned? Ha!
what'd ya say?
whatever, ya mucker.
ya dafty.
ya know what, I'm right behind ya.
ya looty.
ya louty.
yeah right... cheers.
yeah, bad alec.
yeah, whatever flips your switch.
yeah, you're a gabber.
yeah, you're miss squeaky, eh?
your looking good.
your looking to get right brained you are.
your nothing to me.
you're a bloomin' plank.
you're dumber than a dust bucket.
you're slower than molasses, you are.



a. Legal
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b. Thanks and credit
~ Author credit goes to laidback0378 (elise, mac, allegra, psymon, viggo, nate,
and moby) and CndSwtGriff (griff).

~ Contributor credit goes to many at merqurycity.com, including Blade-14,
Vivi FF, gondee, fredde007, Ettepet, and everyone else who has posted on the
various quotes threads at the gravitude board. Contributor credit also goes to
Stryde of gamefaqs.com, for his help with nate and zoe.

~ Credit to Grandmort and Gondee, the men who "changed the way we played SSX
forever :) ", for creating and maintaining the premiere SSX site on the web -
Merqurycity.com. Without them there wouldn't be a resource anywhere for SSX
fans to refer to. They are my heroes, lol.  :)

~ I want to take the time to say to Electronic Arts Big and the various EAC
employees, quite simply, thank you so very much.  As Elise says, the best just
got better!

c. Contributors - Who are these people?
Note: all contributors are either regulars at merqurycity or at gamefaqs

~ CndSwtGriff is a member over at merqurycity who really likes griff, and was
extremely helpful in regards to his quotes. He is the master of all things
griff related.

~Fredde007 is another member from merqurycity who has been very helpful,
finding many of moby's quotes.

~ Blade-14 is a member over at merqurycity who has been very helpful in
the collection of elise quotes. He is also an extraordinary artist, whose mad
skill can be viewed at http://tope_akiboye.tripod.com/

~ Vivi FF is a regular over at merqurycity who has also been very helpful in
the collection of elise quotes.

~Stryde is a regular at gamefaqs, who has been very helpful in regards to
finding both nate and zoe quotes.

~ More coming soon.  :)

d. Version details
~ Version 0.10 (01.04.04) Initial version. Partially complete listing of
elise's quotes

~ Version 0.20 (01.06.04) Updated listing of Elise's quotes as well as a mostly
complete listing of Mac's quotes.

~ Version 0.25 (01.11.04) Added griff quotes and put all lists in alaphebetical

~ Version 0.30 (01.21.04) Added elise taunts as well as some of psymon's

~ Version 0.40 (01.27.04) Comprehensive lists of elise, mac, griff, and psymon

~ Version 0.50 (02.10.04) Added allegra's quotes.

~ Version 0.55 (02.14.04) Added partial listing of nate's quotes courtesy of

~ Version 0.70 (03.07.04) Filled out nate's quotes and added comprehensive
listing of viggo's quotes.

~ Version 0.80 (04.11.04) Added moby's quotes.


This guide is still a work in progress, thus it is probably containing a few
mistakes that I have missed.  If you see one, let me know at



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