1. Geoff Coates Art Director
  2. Henry Labounta Art Director
  3. Ian Lloyd Art Director
  4. Steve Anthony Associate Producer
  5. Frank Faugno Audio Team
  6. Tim McKenzie Audio Team
  7. John Morgan Audio Team
  8. Steven Rechtschaffner Executive Producer
  9. Paul B. Lee Lead Animator
  10. Gilbert Ngo Lead Animator
  11. Carolyn Cudmore Lead Graphic Designer
  12. Robin Kort Lead Lighter
  13. Sinisa Karolic Lead Modeler
  14. Nicholas Tay Lead Modeler
  15. Mike Rayner Lead Programmer
  16. Laura Luris Lead Texturer
  17. Celia Jepson Lighter
  18. Martin Borycki Screenwriter
  19. Janice Braudoin Screenwriter
  20. Deborah Peraya Screenwriter
  21. Randy Wagner Screenwriter
  22. John Spencer Technical Director
  23. Alistair Abell Voice Talent
  24. Ben Ayres Voice Talent
  25. Kathleen Barr Voice Talent
  26. Rodney Charles Voice Talent
  27. Michael Dobson Voice Talent
  28. Mark Hildreth Voice Talent
  29. Mariko Kage Voice Talent
  30. Jessica Lynn Voice Talent
  31. Bif Naked Voice Talent
  32. Matthew Prior Voice Talent
  33. Joe Richards Voice Talent
  34. Ryan Wall Voice Talent

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