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FAQ/Walkthrough by Forelli_Boy

Version: One.B | Updated: 10/05/11

                       _____                 _ _  ___ _ _
                      |  __ \               | | |/ (_) | |
                      | |__) |___   __ _  __| | ' / _| | |
                      |  _  // _ \ / _` |/ _` |  < | | | |
                      | | \ \ (_) | (_| | (_| | . \| | | |
                      |_|  \_\___/ \__,_|\__,_|_|\_\_|_|_|

                              [ FAQ/Walkthrough ]

Author       : Forelli_Boy, adapted froM JPaterson with permission
Platform     : PlayStation 2
Last Updated : 4 October 2011
Version      : One.B



3 Oct 2011 - One.A
First upgrade from JPaterson's original.

4 Oct 2011 - One.B
Fixed some typoes and formatting errors.

From JPaterson's Versions:
Jul. 13th, 2005
- Removed contact information, due to a lack of interest not only in this
  game, but gaming in general.  Sorry, but support for this game, in all forms,
  has been stopped.  Please check other FAQs or websites for info on the game.

Sep. 7th, 2004
- Finally updated my copyright information.  Websites are now free to use this,
  and other guides of mine, without asking for permission beforehand, just as
  long as the content isn't changed and it's not passed off as your own work.

Jul. 5th, 2004 (Final)
- Registered a new domain name, so I wanted to change my FAQs so people know
  where to find them (outside of GameFAQs, of course).  Added new section to
  "Other FAQs Written".

Jun. 8th, 2004 (Final version)
- Just like my other work-in-progress FAQs, this one is dead.  I've lost
  interest in the game, sorry.  I hope whatever I've written helped you.

Apr. 8th, 2004 (v0.3)
- I know I've been neglecting this guide, but I will soon start work on it once
  I finish up some stuff.  I had some free time today, and I had to update my
  contact information, so that's all I really did.

Mar. 17th, 2004 (0.2)
- Added new section; "Game Vitals".  If you are a parent, or just someone who
  is concerned about the game content, check this section.  It can be found at
  the end of the guide; fixed the cheat codes and added three mission
  walkthroughs, up to "Duck Hunt".

Mar. 15th, 2004 (v0.1)
- Just started the guide.  Completed eight missions, up to "Swanky New Car".
  All other sections are done, but a couple are incomplete.

Table of Contents

[CTRL] Controls
[VHCL] Vehicles
[UPGD] Upgrades
[WEPN] Weapons
    [WPFR] Front Weapons
    [WPDW] Drop Weapons
[CHRA] Characters
[GNGS] Gangs
[MSTO] Main Storyline
    [LF01] Welcome to Lava Falls
    [LF02] Looking for Work
    [LF03] Wade's Shop
    [LF04] Cabe's Wheels
    [LF05] Backdoor Shootout
    [LF06] Uncle Woody's Cargo
    [LF07] Rendezvous at Biocide
    [LF08] Swanky New Car
    [LF09] The Briefcase
    [LF10] Uncle Woody
    [BC01] Talon Recon
    [BC02] Duck Hunt
    [BC03] The Getaway
    [BC04] The Gauntlet
    [BC05] Breakout
    [BC06] Mine Over Matter
    [BC07] Drake's Last Stand
    [BC08] Package Pickup
    [BC09] Road to Lava Falls
    [BC10] Grim
    [PA01] Beer Run
    [PA02] Rocketman
    [PA03] Warehouse Gunfight
    [PA04] Behind Bars
    [PA05] Deathwish
    [PA06] Dregs of Society
    [PA07] Mano a Mano
    [PA08] Bombs Away
    [PA09] Attack of the Drones
    [PA10] Axl

[SIMI] Side Missions
    [SMDE] Delivery
    [SMRC] Race
    [SMST] Stunt
    [SMSN] Sniper
    [SMBG] BGM
    [SMSU] Suicide
    [SMSV] Survival
    [SMKS] Killing Spree

[BLPR] Prints
    [BPLF] Lava Falls
    [BPBC] Blister Canyon
    [BPPA] Paradise City

[CRTI] Criminal Titles
[STTC] Statistics
[SLLY] Song List and Lyrics
[CHCO] Cheat Codes

[EMAP] Email Policy
[SPTT] Special Thanks To
[CPIN] RoadKill Copyright Information


| Controls | [CTRL]

XBox Version

Accelerate                A
Brake/Reverse             X
Zoom In with Rifle        A
Zoom Out with Rifle       X
Select Primary Weapon     Y
Nitrous Boost             B

Primary Fire              RIGHT TRIGGER
Handbrake                 LEFT TRIGGER
Secondary Fire            BLACK
Look Back                 WHITE
Select Target             LEFT ANALOG STICK
Change Radio Station      D-PAD UP/DOWN
Steering                  LEFT ANALOG STICK

Pause/Menu                START

PS2 Version
Accelerate                X/Right Analog Up
Brake/Reverse             Square/Right Analog Down
Zoom In with Rifle        Right Analog Up
Zoom Out with Rifle       Right Analog Down
Select Primary Weapon     L2
Nitrous Boost             O

Primary Fire              R1
Handbrake                 L1
Secondary Fire            R2
Look Back                 Triangle
Select Target             LEFT ANALOG STICK
Change Radio Station      D-PAD UP/DOWN
Steering                  LEFT ANALOG STICK

Pause/Menu                START


|Vehicles| [VHCL]

There are a total of thirty seven vehicles available in the game, ranging from
cargo vans to modified police cars.  Each car has it's own different stats.
Trucks won't get to top speed very fast, but they can take more damage, where
smaller cars can outrun others, but can't withstand much punishment.  Here is a
list of all the cars in the game, sorted alphabetically.

To unlock: Only available in Multiplayer.
Top Speed: 4
Health: 7
Acceleration: 8
Description: Guntractor. Hell yeah.

To Unlock: Win Lava Falls Race 1.
Affiliation: Daredevils
Top Speed: 8
Health: 4
Acceleration: 8
Description: Based off the Mini Cooper driven by a certain famous comedian,
             the Bean is a speedy, fragile thing that isn't quite so steady
             over rough terrain. It's good if you want a small getaway vehicle
             that you don't have to worry about squeezing into alleyways.

To Unlock: Finish "Dregs of Society"
Affiliation: South League
Top Speed: 8
Health: 5
Acceleration: 6
Description: This South League station wagon doesn't have that much going for
             it other than it's brisk top speed. It's not that responsive when
             turning, requiring the handbrake more than it should.

To Unlock: Finish "Swanky New Car"
Affiliation: Gauchos
Top Speed: 5
Health: 7
Acceleration: 7
Description: That bright red truck you know you wanted to drive when you
             first laid eyes on it, but turned out to be a bit of a slouch
             when you finally got behind the wheel.

To Unlock: Survive 15 minutes in full RIOT mode in Blister Canyon.
Affiliation: Sentinels
Top Speed: 3
Health: 9
Acceleration: 6
Description: It's the Sentinels' Van and their version of the Vault. The
             armor's better at the expense of speed, which you'll need when
             everyone's shooting at you.

To Unlock: Finish "Cabe's Wheels"
Affiliation: Daredevils
Top Speed: 7
Health: 7
Acceleration: 6
Description: A fairly agile truck that you unlock early on, though without
             upgrades it's a bit of a slouch.

To Unlock: Win Blister Canyon race 3
Affiliation: Daredevils
Top Speed: 7
Health: 7
Acceleration: 6
Description: The 50s' hot rod version of the Thunder. Just a little more
             prone to body roll than the thunder, but still a steady rider.

To Unlock: It's your starter car
Affiliation: None
Top Speed: 5
Health: 7
Acceleration: 7
Description: Not much to say about this old ute. It'd be a performer with
               upgrades, but when you start off, you'll want to switch out of
               this to something better when you can.

To Unlock: Complete the Blister Canyon stunt run
Affiliation: Talons
Top Speed: 9
Health: 6
Acceleration: 5
Description: My personal favorite vehicle. A Beetle-based offroader with the
             right mix of stability, speed and handling. If only I could use
             it more in Blister Canyon...

To Unlock: Deliver 10 packages in Blister Canyon
Affiliation: Section Eights
Top Speed: 5
Health: 6
Acceleration: 8
Description: A hot-rodded jeep type vehicle that's stable and turns well, but
             don't expect to make any clean getaways with it.

To Unlock: Find its parts and blueprints in Paradise City
Affiliation: None
Top Speed: 10
Health: 3
Acceleration: 9
Description: If there was ever such a thing as having too much speed, this car
             would be that thing. Don't be surprised if you find yourself
             slamming this Cobra into walls trying to make a quick getaway.
             You'll have to be an expert to tame it.

To Unlock: Win Paradise City Race 1
Affiliation: South League
Top Speed: 8
Health: 5
Acceleration: 6
Description: A fairly agile muscle car with a very conspicuous flame paintjob.
             Not a bad step up from average, though it might not be useful
             since you unlock it this late. 

To Unlock: Complete the Stunt run in Lava Falls
Affiliation: Daredevils
Top Speed: 8
Health: 4
Acceleration: 10
Description: A low-to-the-ground rally buggy with a green mask over the
             headlamps. Great for stunts and races, but don't expect to win
             straight up combat with this.

To Unlock: Find its parts and blueprints in Lava Falls
Affiliation: Daredevils
Top Speed: 7
Health: 4
Acceleration: 8
Description: The stats say nothing about this bumper car's nature. IT'S
               A TOTAL SPAZ. And it even has a hard time trying to climb
               up sidewalks (which the Bean can do with ease if you're
               looking for something fast and super-small).

To Unlock: Survive the Paradise City Suicide
Affiliation: South League
Top Speed: 4
Health: 7
Acceleration: 9
Description: This yellow-orange Ford Bronco-ish SUV will accelerate the
             hell away from whatever you need to get away from. Just
             don't expect a super fast getaway. This isn't an O.J. for
             nothing, get it? Also handles like a bus.

To Unlock: Survive at least 5 minutes in full RIOT mode in Lava Falls.
Affiliation: Sentinels
Top Speed: 8
Health: 3
Acceleration: 10
Description: The Sentinels' patrol car, a retro 60s sedan that's fast and
             can take a little more punishment than the usual car. You'll
             need that edge when you're trying to escape everyone's wrath.

To Unlock: Beat 25 kills in the Paradise City BGM
Affiliation: Dreg Lords
Top Speed: 7
Health: 4
Acceleration: 8
Description: Low, fast, and not exactly conspicuous. True to its name it
             really slithers along the road with its wide wheels. Watch
             the rear bumper as it takes damage for something novel.

To Unlock: Finish "Swanky New Car"
Affilitation: None
Top Speed: 5
Health: 7
Acceleration: 8
Description: Gets up to speed really quick, which unfortunately doesn't
             count for much. What does count is its agility and armor,
             which puts it above other van/truck types.

To Unlock: Find its parts and blueprints in Blister Canyon
Affiliation: None
Top Speed: 4
Health: 8
Acceleration: 5
Description: A long double-engined pickup truck that can take more
             punishment than most other vehicles, by sacrificing handling
             for ramming power. Unless you have upgrades though, the other
             attributes have been compromised a little too much.

To Unlock: Finish "Race 2" in Lava Falls in first place
Affilitation: None
Top Speed: 8
Health: 5
Acceleration: 4
Description: A mid-engined 80s coupe that's a good step up for an early
             car, but don't count on sticking with it too long with
             that kind of acceleration.

To Unlock: Deliver at least 14 Packages in one run in Paradise City
Affiliation: None
Top Speed: 6
Health: 5
Acceleration: 6
Description: An ATV with a Jeep body, and a real bundle of energy. Lots
             and lots of body roll and big tires, disguised in seemingly
             average stats.

To Unlock: Find its parts and blueprints in Paradise City
Top Speed: 10
Health: 3
Acceleration: 8
Description: Italian style, with lots of speed to match. Fairly large for a
             sports car, but at least it doesn't get allergic reactions to

To Unlock: Complete the Paradise City stunt run
Top Speed: 9
Health: 3
Accleration: 9
Description: Nice low sports car that you can fling around and it won't skid.
             Gets damaged VERY easily though, and it shows.

To Unlock: Find its parts and blueprints in Lava Falls
Affiliation: None
Top Speed: 6
Health: 7
Acceleration: 6
Description: An 80s-style coupe that is actually quite balanced. A basic
             'upgrade' from the Cajones, unless you've already suited
             yourself to something a little more fast or armored.

To Unlock: Finish "Race 2" in Blister Canyon in first place
Affiliation: None
Top Speed: 6
Health: 5
Acceleration: 7
Description: Yep, it's orange. This muscle car isn't too spectacular for its
             class, though its size makes it better handling than others.

To Unlock: Win Paradise City Race 2
Affiliation: Dreg Lords
Top Speed: 8
Health: 3
Acceleration: 8
Description: This old German targa is fast and stable, but is kinda iffy when
             it comes to curves and jumps. It's also relatively frail, so it's
             not that great for tossing around, intentionally or otherwise.

To Unlock: Find its parts and blueprints in Blister Canyon
Affiliation: None
Top Speed: 6
Health: 5
Acceleration: 7
Description: Corvette-style. One of the better exotic-style racers, with
             more responsiveness fully-upgraded than other models. As always,
             try not to get into too much head-on combat with this one.

To Unlock: Find its parts and blueprints in Blister Canyon
Affiliation: None
Top Speed: 8
Health: 4
Acceleration: 9
Description: A low-riding Mustang that's a little too grippy for tight turning
             but won't buck you off it you throw it around a bit. If you're
             not so ambitious but still want your speed fix, this'll do.

To Unlock: Find its parts and blueprints in Paradise City
Affiliation: None
Top Speed: 7
Health: 8
Acceleration: 4
Description: It's pretty speedy, very durable, but most importantly it's HUGE.
             If you can stand it taking up most of your field  of vision, you
             can really rumble in the Rigg.

To Unlock: Complete the Suicide Mission in Blister Canyon
Affiliation: Talons
Top Speed: 6
Health: 8
Acceleration: 4
Description: An armored 60s' style pickup that handles well at low speeds, but
             turns like a bus when it gets up to speed. On the other hand,
             it's got pretty good armor for its size.

To Unlock: Win Lava Falls Race 3
Affiliation: Gauchos
Top Speed: 7
Health: 4
Acceleration: 8
Description: A classic 50s cruiser that isn't bad by early game standards with
             just a smidge more armor than the Daredevils' equivalents and
             more stability with those big wheels in the back.

To Unlock: Deliver 6 packages in one run at Lava Falls
Affilitation: None
Top Speed: 6
Health: 7
Acceleration: 5
Description: For a Mystery Machine, it's actually quite nimble. Guess whoever
               picked it up from that guy and his dog must've taken better care
               of it than they did. It's still a van though.

To Unlock: Survive 20 minutes in full RIOT mode in Paradise City
Affiliation: Sentinels
Top Speed: 9
Health: 3
Acceleration: 10
Description: The police version of the Ray. Stick with the civilian one as
             it has the distinct advantage of not being shot at on sight,
             otherwise there isn't much difference.

To Unlock: Only available in multiplayer.
Top Speed: 10
Health: 2
Acceleration: 10
Description: It's an ATV. I think you know how those kind of things would
             fare in close-quarters car combat.

To Unlock: Find its parts and blueprints in Lava Falls.
Affiliation: None
Top Speed: 6
Health: 7
Acceleration: 4

Description: Got a...jaw for candy? It's a big boxy van that takes up a good
             portion of your screen. Not much good except for target practice
             for the enemy though.

To Unlock: Win Blister Canyon Race 1
Affilitation: Section Eights
Top Speed: 8
Health: 6
Acceleration: 6
Description: A nice, low, 70s coupe that hugs the road at speed. A pretty
             balanced package of speed and style.

To Unlock: Win Paradise City Race 3
Affilitation: None
Top Speed: 7
Health: 7
Acceleration: 5
Description: A stable, balanced jeep type that isn't too unpredictable. Turns
             on a dime in reverse.

To Unlock: Survive Lava Falls' Suicide mission
Affiliation: Gauchos
Top Speed: 5
Health: 9
Acceleration: 4
Description: It's a Limo. It'll survive whatever you throw at it, but despite
             having a fairly low profile, you shouldn't expect to do many
             tight maneuvers in this.

To Unlock: Complete "Road to Lava Falls"
Affiliation: Section Eights
Top Speed: 5
Health: 8
Acceleration: 5
Description: A great big armored van. It's all right for firefights, just try
             not to make yourself too much of a target.


|Upgrades| [UPGR]

When you've collected enough salvage, you'll be able to purchase upgrades to
your vehicle and weapons at the garage.  Certain upgrades are only available at
certain garages. Stacking upgrades will give you a discount of that price off
the next one, so you don't have to spend as much.

Each upgrade also contains a description as to what they do. Prices listed are

Lava Falls
Nitrous Tank - $100
- Allows you to start using Nitrous by giving you one tank worth.  As if I have
  to even say this, but this is required.

Nitrous Capacity I - $1000
- Increases your Nitrous Tank, giving you two bursts.  This is a semi-useful
  upgrade.  I'd suggest taking it to level two.  You may want four bursts for
  later on in the game, but it's not really that important.

Nitrous Recharge I - $2000
- Allows you to recharge your Nitrous tank faster.  The first level of this
  upgrade is almost required, so go ahead and buy it.  Don't worry about level
  two, though.

Armor I - $9500
- Armor I allows you to take more damage before being destroyed.  Just like the
  Ammunition upgrade, you should purchase Armor all the way up to level three.
  Yes, it's that important.

Air Brake - $2500
- Gives your vehicle the ability to slow down while in the air (after jumping a
  ramp, for example).  I didn't really find this useful at all, but you might.

Flight Control - $2500
- This upgrade allows you to control your vehicle in the air.  Just like the
  Air Brake, I didn't find much use for this upgrade.

Top Speed I - $20000
- With Top Speed, your vehicle's top speed (not acceleration) will increase
  slightly.  This upgrade is pretty much required, so take it all the way to
  level three.

Acceleration I - $15000
- Increases acceleration of vehicle.  This is a worthy purchase, but I wouldn't
  recommend going any higher than the second level, because Acceleration II is
  enough for the whole game, and buying III will just waste your cash.

Ammunition I - $10000
- Increases ammunition amount from pickups.  This is pretty much a required
  purchase, all the way up to level three.

Blister Canyon

Nitrous Duration I - $15000
- Increases the length of time your Nitrous bursts last.  The added time is
  very minimal, so it's not worth purchasing it, not even level one.

Nitrous Capacity II - $20000
- Increases your Nitrous Tank, giving you three bursts.

Nitrous Recharge II - $40000
- Allows you to recharge your Nitrous tank at twice the rate of the first

Armor II - $15000
- Puts another layer of protection on your health meter, increasing the
  amount of damage your car can take before being destroyed.

Salvage Magnet - $5000
- Allows you to collect salvage parts without actually having to drive over a
  lot of them.  You should buy this.  No questions.

Super Brakes - $5000
- Allows your vehicle to stop almost immediately when landing from a jump.
  Unlike the other two upgrades that help you in the air, this one is required,
  as you can land in really small sports, or pull an immediate u-turn and head
  off the other way to lose cars chasing you.

Top Speed II - $40000
- Increases your top speed further.

Acceleration II - $20000
- Increases acceleration of vehicle further.

Ammunition II - $20000
- Increases ammunition amount from pickups further.

Paradise City

Nitrous Duration II - $20000
- Increases the length of time your Nitrous bursts last even longer.

Nitrous Capacity III - $40000
- Increases your Nitrous Tank to it's maximum, giving you four bursts.

Nitrous Power I - $40000
- Increases your vehicle's acceleration when Nitrous is used.  This is, like
  the Nitrous Capacity upgrade, a semi-useful upgrade.  I'd take it to level
  two, and not bother with the third.

Nitrous Power II - $110000
- Increases your vehicle's acceleration when Nitrous is used even more.

Armor III - $30000
- Armor III gives you maximum protection.

Top Speed III - $70000
- Increases your top speed to it's furthest.

Acceleration III - $40000
- Increases acceleration of vehicle to it's max.

Ammunition III - $40000
- Gives you the maximum amount of ammunition from pickups.

Enhanced Weapon Burst Rate - $500000
- The most expensive upgrade but boy is it worth it. EWBR is just a glorified
  term for rapid fire, which means you can fire out any weapon - including
  mines - quicker. Obviously, you'll burn through ammunition faster, so the
  ammunition upgrades will help.


| Weapons | [WEPN]

Weapons are split into two categories; front and drop.  Front weapons are what
you use in normal fights to kill targets, while drop weapons are what you use
to ward off attackers.  They are listed here, alphabetically.

Front Weapons [WPFR]

Air Strike
- When fired, a recticle appears on the ground.  Aim at it a spot on the ground
  to attack that spot, or use it to lock onto a target.  The only way an enemy
  can avoid this attack is if they drive under a building, or somewhere where
  the roof is covered.

- Like the Redeemer from Unreal Tournament, this is a rocket that, when fired,
  allows you to guide it to wherever you want.  It is limited fuel, and if you
  don't find anything by the time it runs out, it detonates where it stops.

Bolt Gun
- The Bolt Gun fires out an arc of electricity that damages any vehicles and
  immediately electrocutes and kills any pedestrians. It won't fire unless
  there's a target in the way.

Cluster Rocket
- This weapon allows you to fire up to ten(!) rockets by holding down the
  fire button to charge it up. It's not a homing rocket though, and if you're
  too close to the target you will get caught in the blast radius.

Homing Rocket
- With the Homing Rocket, you target a vehicle.  When the recticle changes
  color, it means the target is locked, and your rocket will home in onto it.
  If the target drives erratically, it can avoid it.

Machine Gun
- The machine gun is the default weapon, and comes standard on every vehicle.
  No need to worry about ammunition, because it's unlimited.

- It's a much faster and more accurate version of the machine gun, but it does
  have a limited ammo supply, and it chews through it. The regular gun with
  the EWBR does the job just fine.

Scatter Gun
- This weapon is like a shotgun, in which it first a small cone of bullets and
  then spreads out.  Also like a shotgun, this is useless against anything more
  than a few feet in front of you, though with enough upgrades it will destroy
  all but the heaviest cars.

Sniper Rifle
- With the sniper rifle, your car comes to a stop.  The sniper scope comes up,
  and you can zoom in and out at targets, including innocents, enemy drivers,
  or people shooting you from enemy vehicles.

Twister Rocket
- Like the Cluster Rocket, this fires a dumb missile, but only one of them.

Drop Weapons [WPDW]

- Hold to charge. When released, this weapon will immediately disable all cars
  in the vicinity, and turn them blue as a nice side effect. Good for getting
  those cluster-rocket Stalkers off your tail.

Proximity Mines
- Simple yet very effective. Just drop 'em behind you and anyone that gets near
  will feel the firepower. About the only Drop Weapon you need.

Laser Mines
- These are frustrating if you don't know how to use them right. Once you drop
  them there's about a 5 second delay before the laser actually activates.

Flashbang Mine
- Does less damage than the Proximity mine, but blinds the enemy.

Cluster Mine
- Basically drops a bunch of grenades that detonate after a few moments. A
  "spread" version of the proximity mine.


|Characters| [CHRA]

There are several characters you'll meet throughout the game.  Here is a list
of them, sorted alphabetically, with a brief description.

- Axl is the leader of the Sentinels, one of the better gangs in the city.  His
  gang hates everyone else, but that's okay, because all the other gangs hate
  him, too.

- Cabe is a thug for the Daredevils, and he will be the first person to give
  you a job.  He's like Luigi from Grand Theft Auto III.

Coach Knox
- Knox is the leader of the South League, who hangs around the football
  stadium.  His right hand man is Vinny.

General Warwick
- Warwick is the leader of the Section Eights, and he is one mean bastard.

- Grim is a man who is decked out in war paint, on his face and body.  He is
  the leader of the Talon gang.

- Gunny works alongside General Warwick as the "sargeant" of the Section

Mason Strong
- You play as Mason throughout the game.  He's the hero.  Or is that antihero?
  Either way, he's your in-game persona.

- Sage is a weird man who wears paint that makes him look like a skeleton.  Oh,
  he's also the leader of the Dreg Lord gang.

- Spike is Mason's partner, and the only person who Mason can actually consider
  a friend in this world.

Uncle Woody
- Uncle Woody is the leader of the Daredevil gang, and loves the carnival.  You
  will meet him shortly after dealing with Cabe.

- Vinny is decked out in football gear, and he works for the South League.


|Gangs| [GNGS]

There are seven gangs throughout the city, each vying for control.  You'll deal
with all of them, unfortunately.  They are listed here, alphabetically.

  Leader  : Uncle Woody
  Rival   : Gauchos
  Area    : West Lava Falls/Woody's Theme Park

Dreg Lords
  Leader  : Sage
  Rival   : South League
  Area    : West Paradise City/Paradise Mall

  Rival   : Daredevils
  Area    : East Lava Falls/B.W. Johnson Airport

Section Eights
  Leader  : General Warwick
  Rival   : Talons
  Area    : Northeast and East Blister Canyon/Power Plant

  Leader  : Axl
  Rival   : Everyone
  Area    : Everywhere, increased presence during Riots

South League
  Leader  : Coach Knox
  Rival   : Dreg Lords
  Area    : South Paradise City/Stadium

  Leader  : Grim
  Rival   : Section Eights
  Area    : West Blister Canyon/Drive-In theater


|Main Storyline| [MSTO]

The world is chaos.  A plague known as "The Rot" has killed off most of the
population, leaving the rest to die at the hands of savage gangs.  Your name is
Mason Strong, one of the few survivors.  A drifter all your life, working odd
jobs here and there, taxi driver, used car salesman, bouncer, demolition derby
driver, and even a short-lived tour in the military, you find yourself in a
world gone mad, a world without laws, where gangs engage in open warfare on the

With no kin and no place to go, you've been muscling for local gangs as a
strong-arm, working your way up through the ranks, surviving as best you can in
the new world.  You soon find yourself in the good graces of a powerful gang
called the "Sentinels" and find a position as the right-hand-man to the
overlord known as Axl - a man bent on crushing all other gangs and taking
Paradise City for himself.

The good times end quickly as you question Axl's motivations signing your own
death warrant.  Left for dead in Python Canyon, your existence nearly forgotten
and after years in seclusion, you set your eyes upon Paradise City and its
draconian ruler.

Lava Falls
Built on the foundation of a new dormant volcano, Lava Falls remained pretty
much intact in the years following the Rot.  Once the entertainment mecca of
Hell County, Lava Falls has fallen under the twisted and fysfunctional rule of
the psychotic Uncle Woody.

Blister Canyon
They say disasters strike in 3's.  That is no truer than when people talk about
Blister Canyon.  Once a thriving industrial city, Blister Canyon has seen its
fair share of hard times.  The first disaster struck in 77' with the total
collapse of the B.C.C.M (Blister Canyon Coal Mine) putting an end to Porky
Power energy plant.  Next was the collapse of the Blister Canyon Dam.  Flooding
destroyed over half the city and the bridge to Paradise City.  Last was the
Rot.  Those who survived wonder if the lucky ones were the ones that died.

Paradise City
Aptly named, this city of the future was a far cry from the likes of early
settlements like Blister Canyon and Lava Falls.  Paradise City was the blue
print that all other cities would follow.  Suspended in time, near the peak of
its greatness, the Sentinels and South League fight for the ultimate
prize-control of Paradise City.

(taken from manual)

| [LF01] Welcome to Lava Falls                                                |

Objectives  Follow the checkpoints around Lava Falls
            Head to the garage
            Park on the blue rings
            Get to the park and find Cabe

After the opening cinematic, you will be in control of the car.  Your first
objective is simple; follow the checkpoints around Lava Falls.  From the start,
drive forward.  When you get to the first bit of road, look up and to the right
and you'll see a ramp.  Drive toward this and jump it to the other side.  Once
on the other side, follow the road around, and you'll wind up driving alongside
a ditch.  Keep following this road, and you'll come to the entrance of a tunnel
where there is a green rectangular area.  Drive through this; it's the first

Continue through the tunnel.  As you approach the exit, you'll see another
checkpoint, so drive through it.  Once you've got the second one, keep on the
road; this is the main drag.  You'll drive down a ramp, under a bridge, and up
the other side.  Just off in the distance is another checkpoint.  Go through it
and keep going straight.  When you get to the airport, turn right, keeping on
the road.  You'll soon see the fourth checkpoint.  After the checkpoint, keep
heading on this small road, and when you come back to the main area, you'll see
the fifth checkpoint.

After driving through it, following the road to the right, take the sharp turn
left, and drive straight.  You'll come to a large structure, but just drive
under it and go across the ditch to the other side, where the sixth checkpoint
awaits.  Go through it, and you've got a new objective; head to the garage.

After getting the new objective, head forward up the very slight incline, then
turn left.  Follow the road, heading toward the G on your radar.  When you get
to the garage, you'll see a large blue circle.  Drive into this.  You'll get a
quick tidbit about the gaage and saving.  After this little "tutorial", you'll
receive a radio message, and a new objective; get to the park and find Cabe.

Leave the garage the way you came, and turn left.  Follow the road, cutting
across the grass and killing people (if you want), and head toward the M on
your radar, which represents a MISSION point.  When you get to the amusement
park, turn left and drive into the blue circle in front of the trailer to start
a cutscene.

| [LF02] Looking for Work                                                     |

Objectives  Head to the Palace Hotel
            Head to Shoot Yer Load Guns
            Kill the Gaucho at the Hoe Bag
            Kill the Gaucho behind the Four Star Hotel
            Kill the Gaucho on top of the Hotel Parking Garage

With the cutscene over, you're back in control of the car.  The city is fairly
easy to navigate, so from this point forward, I will tell you to get to an area
by using your radar.  If some spot is particularily hard to get to, I'll direct
you, but most of the time, heading toward the correct blip will get you to the
destination.  I will also not list the objectives in the walkthrough, but just
at the beginning of each level (see the objectives numbered above?).  So, on
that note, use your radar to head toward the three blue blips.

When you arrive, you'll see three green icons with arrows over them.  Drive
over the three of them to pick them up.  Soon after grabbing the items, Spike
will tell you that you need some weapons, so head toward the new blip.

When you arrive, you'll have a white and green icon to pick up; one is a bomb
for defense, one is the minigun.  After collecting your weapons, you'll get
another message, and you're instructed to kill a member of the Gauchos, the
rival gang of the Daredevils.

Follow the new blip, and you'll arrive at the Hoe Bag.  You'll see a man in
white standing outside the Hoe Bag.  As soon as you hear Spike say "There he
is!  Kill him", open fire, because he'll be firing at you.  Don't waste your
minigun on him; just use the machine gun.  When the Gaucho's dead, you'll be
assaulted by a few more, and then a Gaucho on an ATV.  Kill the standing men
with your machine gun, then switch to the minigun to take out the vehicle.
Once they're all dead, head to the next blip.

You'll find the Gaucho standing (is that all they do?) behind the hotel.  When
you get close, he'll spot you and take off, and Spike tells you to run over the
bastard.  You can kill him with weapons if you want; not running him over won't
give you mission failure.  When he's dead, head to the next blip.

When you arrive at the parking garage, take the two circular ramps to the top.
You'll see the Gaucho in a vehicle, and he'll take off, jumping off a ramp to
the street below.  Do the same.  Follow him, shooting at him with the minigun.
If you run out of ammo, switch to the machine gun.  Just keep following him,
and unload on him.  When he dies, the mission is a success.  You may now return
to the M to visit Cabe for your next job, head to the S to purchase an upgrade,
or head to the G to visit the garage and save.  Or, go around the city, killing
people, collecting salvage, and increasing your rank.  Whenever you're ready,
read on.

| [LF03] Wade's Shop                                                          |

Objectives  Locate Diego
            Kill Diego
            Locate Pillstop
            Destroy the merchandise

After the pretty cool cutscene, you'll be in control of the car, and Spike will
be riding in the back, manning the turret.  Follow the blip to find Diego.  He
is in a vehicle, so the blip will be moving.  Depending on your timing, you'll
probably catch up to him as he arrives at the airport.  He'll drive to the
right, following that small road that goes around the back (you were there for
a checkpoint earlier).  Unload on him, and when he's dead, you'll be instructed
to go to the Pillstop, so do that, by heading to the blip.

When you get to Pillstop, pull into the blue circle, and you'll be behind the
turret.  Shoot the boxes (they have white arrows above them), and eventually, a
man will come out.  Shoot him, too, then destroy the remainder of the boxes.
When everything is gone, your mission is over.

Rewards: Lava Falls Race 1 unlocked.

| [LF04] Cabe's Wheels                                                        |

Objectives  Drive to the airport and pick up Cabe's wheels
            Fix Cabe's wheels
            Pick up a peace sign
            Head to Cabe's to drop off his wheels

Do what the objective says; head to the airport, which is the blip.  When you
get to the car, stop in the blue circle, and you'll automatically switch cars.
You're now driving Cabe's car, and you need to get it fixed.  The bad news is,
the car's half damaged.  The good news is, there's a wrench right behind you,
no more than ten seconds away, and you only need one to repair it.  When the
car has been repaired, Cabe tells you he had to ditch the car because of the
cops, and you are first introduced to the RIOT meter.  Spike tells you that the
best way of clearing the RIOT is to pick up a peace sign, so do just that; head
to one of the blue blips (doesn't matter which).

Whichever sign you pick up, you now have to go to Cabe's and return his car to
him, so head towards the single blue blip.  When you arrive, park in the blue
circle by the trailer.  If the car is at all damaged, you'll have to get it
repaired, or he won't accept it.  When the mission is over, you unlock the

| [LF05] Backdoor Shootout                                                    |

Objectives  Destroy the beer trucks

For this mission, you'll be behind the turret, and Spike will drive.  I won't
tell you to go to the blip, because Spike drives you there automatically.
After the scenic ride (did you take this pportunity to kill people?), you'll
arrive at your destination.

You'll be at the back alley of a club.  You must destroy three beer trucks.
Normally, it'd be easy, but you have Gauchos shooting at you from all sides,
and some have rocket launchers.  Focus on the ones with the rockets, then shoot
the beer trucks.  Don't worry about getting all the Gauchos, because there is a
never ending amount of them.  Once the beer trucks are destroyed, the mission
will be over, and you'll have control again.  Return to the garage and save the

This time, the trailer is no longer your mission point.
Head to the new M, which takes you to Uncle Woody.

| [LF06] Uncle Woody's Cargo                                                  |

Objectives  Drag the Sentinel to Crab Zone
            Pick up bombs at Shoot Yer Load Guns.
            Locate the cargo truck
            Collect the cargo

As the mission begins, you'll have a man impaled on the front of your car.
Luckily, though, he's not dead; just flailing his arms helplessly, trying to
get free.  Take him to the Crab Zone by heading to the blip.  It's in kind of a
hidden spot in a ditch, near the corner of the map.

At Crab Zone, drop him off in the blue circle, and now you have to locate the
cargo truck.  Head towards the new blip.  When you arrive, you'll be near the
Lava Tube tunnel.  Park in the blue circle.  The truck comes from out of the
tunnel, and you're instructed to pick up the cargo it drops.  You need to
collect a total of twenty crates.  Touching the first crate gives you twenty
seconds, and each additional crate adds five seconds.  Sentinels will chase
you, so be sure to drop bombs behind you.  Once you collect five crates, you
get the R in RIOT.  After you've got nineteen crates, the truck will drop one
more, and this one gives you ten more seconds.  You now have to get your ass
back to Uncle Woody's before time expires, or do the whole thing again.

When you drop the cargo off, mission success.

| [LF07] Rendezvous at Biocide                                                |

Objectives  Locate Bishop
            Follow Bishop
            Park and see what Bishop's up to
            Kill Bishop!

Head toward the parking garage by going to the blip.  When you get there, park
in the blue circle.  You see Bishop speed by.  You need to follow him, but you
can't get too close, or you'll spook him.  Keep your eye on the alarm meter at
the top left.  If it turns completely blue, he's spotted you.

Eventually, you'll wind up at the Biocide, and a blue circle will appear.  Park
in it.  Turns out that Uncle Woody's assumption was right, and you're now told
to kill Bishop, so let's go ahead and do that, shall we?  Keep pelting him,
hopefully with the minigun.  If not, the machine gun'll work, it'll just take a
bit longer.  Watch out for the bombs that he drops behind him, as well as the
cars chasing and shooting you.  When you've ended Bishop's life, you've ended
the mission.

Rewards: Lava Falls Stunt run unlocked.

| [LF08] Swanky New Car                                                       |

Objectives  Head to the garage
            Find the blueprint
            Find the first crate
            Find the second crate
            Find the third crate
            Find the fourth crate

After Uncle Woody's cutscene, head to the garage; you should know where it is
by now, it's the same one you save at.  Once there, park in the blue circle to
swap cars and get into the Brahma.  You now have to make your way to Gaucho
territory, so do that, by heading toward the blue blip.

You'll find the blueprint in the sewer ditch.  Grab it, and you're told to find
a crate on top of the parking garage.  Head to the blip.

With the crate in hand, jump off the parking garage, and head to the new blip
to secure the second crate.  You'll have to jump from the runway to a roof to
snag it.

With the second one in your posession, you have to get the third one, which is
on top of the airport terminal, of all places.  To get there, you'll need at
least one nitrous boost.  Line up with the broken wing of the plane behind the
terminal.  Start driving all the way from the railing.  As you get closer, turn
on the nitrous boost.  You should shoot up the wing, then bounce off the top of
the plane and land on the terminal.  Now, slowly drive over so that you don't
fall off, and grab the crate.

The final crate is at the end of the runway, by the radar tower, and is very
easy to grab.  Now, return to your garage.

Rewards: Mercenary and Brahma unlocked.

| [LF09] The Briefcase                                                        |

Objectives  Find a way out of the park
            Meet the contact at Mr. Green Jeans
            Meet the contact at the Four Star Hotel
            Meet the contact at Ashley's

From the get go, you need to get out of the amusement park.  All of the members
of the Daredevil gang will now be shooting at you.  Head to the entrance, but
look out; there are three broken down school buses blocking the entrance off.
Shoot one of them until it explodes, then plow into it so you can get out onto
the street.

You are now under a fifteen second time limit.  Get to the blue dot.  If at any
time during this mission a Daredevil steals the briefcase, ram him to get it
back.  Do not kill him, however, or you'll destroy the briefcase.  When you get
to the dot, talk to the contact.  If you run out of time, you'll have thirty
seconds to get to the second contact at the Four Star Hotel, so go there.  If
you run out of time yet again, you'll have to get to the third and final
contact at Ashley's.  Miss this contact, mission failure.  No matter which
contact you make it to, the mission is over when you deliver the briefcase by
parking in the blue circle.

What I did was use the ramp behind the wall near Cabe's trailer and leapfrog
the entire gate so I didn't have to destroy the bus. It didn't leave me enough
time to get to Mr. Green Jeans but I did manage to get to the Four Star Hotel
with plenty of time to spare.

| [LF10] Uncle Woody                                                          |

Objectives  Destroy the bumper cars supplying Uncle Woody's ammo
            Park on the blue rings and let Spike drive
            Kill Uncle Woody

When the mission begins, you'll see a bumper car come out of the building to
your left.  Destroy it, and you'll have to destroy several others as well.
Eventually, after you destroy seven or right bumper cars, you'll have to park
on the nearby blue circle, where Spike will take over driving.  You're now in
control of the mounted gun, and you are tasked with killing Uncle Woody.  Spike
will continuosly circle the giant clown statue; you have to take aim at the
head and blast away at it, draining his life.  While you are doing this, bumper
car after bumper car after bumper car will come at you, so you have to keep
your eyes open for them; you'll know when they're close by looking at the red
blip on your radar.  If that wasn't enough, you'll eventually have to contend
with the police, because your RIOT meter will grow during this mission.

Once the head has been destroyed, your time with the Daredevils ends, and you
are on to the second part of the game.  To get to Blister Canyon, head towards
the Lava Tube tunnel.  Just through the tunnel, you'll see a road leading to
the right.  Take this, and you'll end up in Blister Canyon.  You can return to
Lava Falls anytime you want, if you need to collect any blueprints/parts, or do
any of the side missions (race, stunt, suicide).

| [BC01] Talon Recon                                                          |

Objectives  Follow the recon vehicle into Talon territory
            Protect the recon vehicle

For this mission, you must follow a Section Eight recon and protect it as it
gathers intelligence on the Talons.  Follow the truck with the arrow above it.

As you enter Talon grounds, you'll be attacked by several Talons.  Do not let
them destroy the vehicle, or it's mission over.  The truck will drive around,
always circling the same area, while a "Scouting" meter fills up at the top
left.  When the meter is full, the truck's finished with the recon, you're
finished with the mission.

I recommend stocking up on concussion mines and the Scatter Gun if you've
unlocked it, this way you can get one of their cars between you and the truck
to cover all your bases.

Rewards: Blister Canyon Race 1

| [BC02] Duck Hunt                                                            |

Objectives  Pick up the sniper rifle
            Locate the Talon vehicle
            Follow the vehicle and stay undetected
            Eliminate the first group of Talon reinforcements
            Locate the Talon vehicle again
            Follow the vehicle and stay undetected
            Eliminate the second group of talon reinforcements.
            Locate the last Talon vehicle.
            Eliminate the third group of Talon reinforcements.

First, get the sniper rifle in the parking lot near where you started. Then
head to the west section and park by Der Wiener Cube to activate the tailing
section of the mission. You don't have to actually see the target, just make
sure he's still on the radar.

The first group of targets will be at Biocide: 5 on the upper walkway, 1 along
the ground, walking. There will be a pair of them on the walkway with rockets,
take those out first. Then work your way across the walkway and finish with the
one on the ground.

The second vehicle will take you from the diner to this warehouse by the docks
on the north side. This time there will be two rocket goons on the roof with
four on the bottom. My strategy was to creep around to the back and snipe one
on the roof, the other went to the front. Then I drove through the warehouse
letting Spike take of the gunners before finally sniping the last one out

The third vehicle will ride from the tire shop across the rail bridge to the
Moon Me Motel near the power plant. There will be 6 enemies, 2 of which are on
the balcony firing rockets. Drive on down to the blocked-off road by the power
plant for the best view.

| [BC03] The Getaway                                                          |

Objectives  Locate the vehicle.
            Follow the contact to the rendezvous point
            The contact is waiting at the rendezvous point.

Gunny wants you to steal a briefcase. First drive down to the Warehouses near
the drive-in theater. A cinematic will play, and the chase begins! Don't let
that Sanford hit your car or you'll have to hit it in return to get the
briefcase back.

Boost up the main road to put some distance between you and the truck, and get
ready to drop off the freeway when you're near the Section Eights' vehicle to
follow it. It should lead you slowly around Biocide until it gets to the
rendezvous point near the entrance, in which you'll have 30 seconds to catch
up. If you don't make it in 30 seconds, you'll have to follow a new contact
down to the power plant. Miss that somehow and the contact will lead you to the
basketball court at the north island docks.

Try to keep driving around the block to keep some distance between you and the
truck in case you think he's getting too close.

Rewards: Unlocks the Blister Canyon sniper mission.

| [BC04] The Gauntlet                                                         |

Objectives  Stop the Talons from overrunning the Section Eights.

The Talons are mounting an all-out offensive on Section Eights territory, and
you'll be called in to defend their flank. All by yourself.

You'll be facing attacks from all sides, so bring a vehicle with decent armor.
If you can get an armor upgrade, that'll help too. Above all, remember to use
fast-aim so you can switch between targets easily.

The footsoldiers will mainly attack from the balconies and rooftops, though
a group of 2 or three may appear streetside before you round the corner on
them. If you can destroy a car, that's 3 targets off your total, so remember to
seize on the opportunity if you can.

| [BC05] Breakout                                                             |

Objectives  Eliminate the Talon scouts on the way to the prison.
            You were spotted!
            All the scouts have been eliminated. Head to the prison.
            Take out the Talon defenders.
            Pick up the hostage.
            Take the hostage back to your garage.

General Warrick's son was kidnapped during the last assault and the Talons are
holding him hostage. Gunny wants you to break him out so you can meet the

The game probably wanted you to use a sniper rifle or something on the way
there, but I basically told stealth to shove it and used nitrous down the main
road toward the prison. The guards will automatically clear out about halfway
down anyway.

The prison is guarded by several footsoldiers with rockets and a pair of
Burners. Try to take out the ones with the rockets first and don't put yourself
right in the middle of their line of fire. You can approach through the
drive-in theater, and there's a health powerup inside the tire shop across the
street. Once they're gone, park on the beacon to break the General's son out.

After the cinematic, it's time to hightail it back to your garage. You can go
around the north section or through the rail bridge. I took the first route
mainly to pick up repairs at the gas station.

Rewards: Blister Canyon Suicide mission.

| [BC06] Mine Over Matter                                                     |

Objectives  Take out the guards.
            Destroy the mines.

For your first mission with Warrick, you're to clear the Power Plant of its
recent Talon infestation. Oh, and they laid mines all over it too. Spike
doesn't have a good feeling about this, so you're on the turret for this run.

You'll see the gas trucks blocking the entrance as you get close, start
shooting at them as soon as you see them spawn. Once you're in, it's time to
clear out the mines. The secondary-fire grenades work wonders on those things,
so keep the secondary fire button down while you work on the guards. If you
stop near a mine that's too close to your grenades, take out the guards first
before working on the mine. For some reason those things tend to repel bullets
up close.

There are 16 mines in total, and they'll lead you to the ramp on the other
side. Once the last mine is destroyed, the mission will end right before the
ramp. You don't have to jump out if you don't want to.

| [BC07] Drake's Last Stand                                                   |

Objectives  Locate Drake
            Fight your way to the top of the parking garage.
            Kill Drake. Don't let him get away.

Warrick wants you to take out Grim's right-hand man, Drake. He'll be waiting
at the top story of the parking lot near the tunnel.

You'll be faced with enemies on each level of the parking lot, and they'll
start pummeling your car as soon as you get close. You'll find at least one or
two Burners mixed up along with the ones on-foot. Pick off the latter first
using your Minigun, then get up close and vaporize the Burners with the
Scattergun. Finally, there are plain flatbeds blocking the entrances which
you have to blow up to get past.

When you get to the third floor, Drake will be waiting in the far corner with
his Sanford. Hitting him will cause him to start moving.

You can retreat any time to get health pickups, which can be found just up the
road north at the gas station as well as the warehouse in front of the parking

Drake will circle around the top floor before launching off the ramp facing
south. What I try to do is drop a bunch of mines before the ramp. He'll run
into them and it'll cut chunks off his health bar. Once he lands, keep after
him. Avoid his mines and keep up the firepower, and he should be toast soon

Rewards: Blister Canyon Stunt run.

| [BC08] Package Pickup                                                       |
Objectives  Find a pickup truck with cargo.
            Shoot the pickup truck to recover the cargo.

The Sentinels have hijacked a shipment of a new weapon from some radiation-
suited nomads and they've asked Warwick to ask you to retrieve it for them.
You'll need to find the trucks carrying the cargo and blast the weapon out of
them, as it were.

The three trucks are roaming around Talons territory, so it can help to bring
a Talons car there. The Section Eights will most likely shoot at you on the
way out there, so be sure to pick up some repairs once you get to their side
of the city.

Once you start firing the trucks will start zigzagging every which way to try
to escape you. However they won't leave the west side of the island, so don't
get too frustrated if you can't keep up. There are 18 crates, 6 in each truck.
What I like to do is try to stay close and use the Scatter Gun once they're
square in my sights, guaranteeing a crate every one or two shots.

Rewards: Cluster Rocket at hideout.

| [BC09] Road to Lava Falls                                                   |

Objectives  Locate the convoy at the power plant.
            Protect the convoy.

Warrick has struck a deal with the Daredevils, and he wants you to escort a
shipment to the tunnel to Lava Falls. Naturally, the Talons are as willing to
let that go as the Daredevils' little beef with you killing their boss. But
the latter's another story.

Once you arrive at the beacon, you'll switch to the turret of the truck. From
here you'll have to stay alive until you get to the tunnel. You'll face Talon
patrols in the streets as well as the occasional pursuer vehicle.

You'll also encounter at least three blockades of easily-destroyed gas trucks.

Rewards: Vault unlocked.

| [BC10] Grim                                                                 |

Objectives  Locate Grim.
            Kill Grim.

Time to return to the parking garage for Operation Dead Lead. Almost. Make sure
you're in a car with a high-enough Armor attribute and are loaded up with
Cluster rockets and mines.

The idea is for him to approach you and for you to let loose at least 2 sets of
fully-charged (i.e. 10x) Cluster Rockets once he's close enough. He'll already
be draining your car's health with his bolt gun. Now make a beeline for the
nearest repair powerup, dropping mines along the way. He'll pursue, and race
right into them.

Congratulations, you've opened up the sewer entrance to Paradise City! Yeah,
I was disappointed when it wasn't the bridge either.

| [PA01] Beer Run                                                             |

Objectives  Pick up the beer.
            Deliver the beer to the hospital.
            Pick up a crate at the nightclub.
            Deliver the crate to city hall.
            The third stop is the police station.
            The fourth stop is the warehouse.

In order to get to Coach Knox and then to Axl, you'll have to work your way
through Vinny. Fortunately, you've got Woody and Gordon Grim's corpses as
references. He wants to start you off by delivering some special beer to the
usual Sentinel delivery points.

You'll have 3 minutes 30 to deliver all of the beer. All of it. A car with a
decent speed attribute will get you to all five destinations with at least a
minute to spare.

Rewards: Paradise City Race 1 unlocked.

| [PA02] Rocketman                                                            |

Objectives  Pick up the BGM on top of the parking garage.
            Take out the Dreg Lords without being spotted.

Get to the top of the parking lot near the stadium, where you'll pick up the
BGM. If you've already got three weapons, just change one out that you don't

Once you get the BGM you have about 2 minutes to take out 5 Dreg targets.
Three of these are pedestrians, two are big trucks, and they're all lurking
around the mall area.

The trick is that pressing the "turbo" button on the BGM doesn't waste extra
fuel. So keep that button pressed and have your BGM run all along the south
highway and main roads until you have the target in sight.

| [PA03] Warehouse Gunfight                                                   |

Objectives  Stop the Dreg Lords from stealing the weapons.
            Get back the cargo! Shoot the truck to dislodge crates.

The Dregs keep raiding a South League warehouse full of weapons, and Vinny
wants you to go over there and stop them.

So get in your vehicle and head out to the warehouse behind the shop. Brace
yourself because the Dregs have blockaded the area and will be chucking every-
thing they got at you soon as you get close. Once you get there the truck will
start driving off with the merchandise, and you have to stop them before they
get back to the Paradise Mall.

A full burst of 10 cluster missiles will get 3 crates out at once. The Scatter
Gun can also choke an extra crate out with one shot. If your car can handle
well, you can also lay into them with the Minigun to keep those crates falling

The truck will also lead you to some Dreg roadblocks, but you're likely to
either drive to the side of them or around them since the truck itself won't
drive through them.

Rewards: Paradise City Sniper Unlocked.

| [PA04] Behind Bars

Objectives  Head to the police station.
            Eliminate the Sentinels guarding Knox.
            Pick up Knox / Get a vehicle with room for Knox.
            Protect Knox.

Knox got arrested, and you've gotta bust him out of the police station.

There are 2 armored trucks, 4 Sentinels with guns on the steps, and 2 with
Rocket launchers across the street. The next bit is IMPORTANT:

You're going to need a vehicle "with room for Knox." This means you need a
vehicle where Spike doesn't ride shotgun. Once you get that vehicle, return to
the police station. There's a small glitch where the blip does not show up on
the radar when you switch to the right vehicle, but the checkpoint is still

Once you arrive with the proper vehicle, you'll switch to Turret mode and will
have to defend the truck from Sentinels. They'll get at you with their cruisers
and vans. The Stalkers and Bruisers fire rockets, take care of the Stalkers
first as they're fragile before working on the vans. Every now and then you'll
also run over a health pickup, but having a car with great armor helps.

The chase will end at the Stadium, where you will return to driving your

Rewards: Paradise City Suicide unlocked.

| [PA05] Deathwish                                                            |

Objectives  Find the first sentinel.
            Destroy the sentinel.
            Find the second sentinel.
            Find the third sentinel.
            Find the fourth sentinel.
            Find the final sentinel.

There are some Sentinels ogling about the Pussycat Corner, and Vinny wants them
out. But not the old-fashioned way. They need to be lured out with an
emergency. So Spike gets the idea of just whacking some ones outside to get the
attention of the ones inside.

Which, actually, is a pretty good idea.

The five targets alternate between Stalkers and Bruisers. They'll be dropping
mines as you chase them, and you'll be pursued from behind by other vehicles
very likely firing rockets.

Fortunately, there's no real time limit, so if you're too damaged you can duck
out of the pursuit for a bit to get some repairs. You can even run over a peace
powerup to get some of the heat off your back. When you're done, the RIOT level
is cancelled, so don't worry about being tossed into Survival Mode.

Rewards: Paradise City BGM unlocked.

| [PA06] Dregs of Society                                                     |

Objectives  Take out the dreg lords.

It's time to get your first gameplan, er, mission from Coach Knox. He wants to
take care of the Dreg Lords before getting to Axl, and the first play is to
show the Dregs their "run-and-shoot offense." In other words, this is The
Gauntlet taken to the second half AND a little over time. You will have to kill
100 Dreg Lords.

You'll be given a Brady with Bronx driving and Spike riding shotgun. You've
got the turret. The opposition will be mostly automotive, which is good because
each Rattail is worth 2 kills while Lizards and Fireballs (probably stolen) are
worth 3 kills each.

The trick is to keep the gun pointed behind you as much as possible. The only
time you'll really need to aim ahead is when you run into the occasional
roadblack of two gas trucks.

Rewards: Brady unlocked.

| [PA07] Mano a Mano                                                          |

Objectives  Win the race

Your recent slaughter has caused Sage to want to settle the score, one-on-one.
And you're gonna do that...with a race. Loser dies.

The race starts off at the pier. It will wind you around the inner streets of
Paradise City. Avoid ramps because the air time will cost you race time.

The race ends at the Paradise Mall.

Rewards: Paradise City Stunt Run unlocked.

| [PA08] Bombs Away                                                           |

Objectives  Pick up the explosives behind the nightclub.
            Deliver the explosives to the hospital.
            Pick up the second explosive crate.
            Deliver the explosives to city hall.
            Pick up the third explosive crate.
            Deliver the explosives to the police station.
            Pick up the fourth explosive crate.
            Deliver the explosives to the warehouse.
            Pick up the final explosive crate.
            Deliver the explosives to the power plant.

With the Dregs out of the way, Coach Knox wants to take the fight to the
Sentinels. He plans on literally blowing a hole in their "defensive line" with
some bombs to take out their weapons stashes. And you gotta deliver those
bombs. Grab a car with a fast speed attribute.

You'll have about 20 seconds to make it to the hospital, and park through the
beacon in the middle of the waiting Sentinels before you die.

The second target has a 15 second limit but is conveniently closer. The third,
the police station is also straight up the alley. Unfortunately you'll have to
get used to Spike's bitching on the way there, as that's about how long it'll
take if you've got a fast-enough car.

The last target, at 30 seconds, is the power plant. The extra time is needed
because you may have to drive all the way around to the east side to get up to
the elevated area where the target is.

| [PA09] Attack of the Drones                                                 |

Objectives  Destroy the first generator.
            Destroy the second generator.
            Destroy the truck being sent to repair the generators.
            Another truck is being sent. Destroy it.

You have five drones to destroy three targets. Use them wisely. The bad news is
these drones are EXTRA SENSITIVE. If you hit something that can be 'destroyed'
or killed with a normal car, it will explode. The good news is that you don't
really have a time limit for the generators, so you can be extra careful where
you drive them.

The first generator is to the map's northeast, just past that upended slab of
road that serves as a ramp for the stunts and blueprints. It's a long drive,
but take your time and be careful.

The second generator is under the big glass bridgeway. You could either go over
the ramp, or just shortcut around some alleyways to drive right into it.

You'll start racking up a RIOT level, but since they can't find you, you won't
have to worry about the pursuit.

Getting to the trucks is a little trickier as they will move quite quickly.
The first will spawn on the northern roads near the power plant. The second
willl spawn somewhere downtown. Try to stick primarily to the main roads for
these, as the only real obstacles are the vehicles.

| [PA10] Axl                                                                  |

Objectives  Kill Axl.

This mission will start on the steps of City Hall. You'll be treated to a
cinematic, and then Axl will come at you bro with this big intimidating boss
vehicle of his. You obviously don't want to get too close to this thing.

My strategy? Concussion mines, concussion mines, concussion mines. Oh, and the
Enhanced Weapon Burst Rate will help if you REALLY need it done faster.

Just drive up the main road, and once you pass Axl, just keep a relatively safe
distance and spam those mines. If you're at the right distance, the worst he'll
do is sprinkle you with some Scatter-gun fire.

About 15 mines'll do the trick. Bring extra in case he throws some extra
Sentinels in your way. Once that health meter runs out, enjoy the ending.

Rewards: "Firepower" powerup at your Paradise City garage.
         Temporarily increases the strength of your weapons.


|Side Missions| [SIMI]

|Delivery| [SMDE]
Delivery missions are simple - you pick up a package at one location and drop
it off at the beacon on the other. You'll get time for each pickup and delivery
and cash for each successful delivery. Delivering a certain number of packages
will give you a car.

Each delivery mission is available at the start of each city, however they are
not marked on your map. Instead you have to run over the yellow box beacon to
start each of them.

- While you have to stop/come to a near-standstill on the beacon for delivery,
  you can drive right through packages for pickup.
- Handling is your friend. Boost too, but only if you've got a lot of distance
  to cover.

Lava Falls
Location: Across the parking lot from Cabe's trailer in Woody's Fun Park.
Rewards: Shag for delivering 6 packages.

Blister Canyon
Location: South side of the warehouse south of the garage, facing the railyard.
Rewards: Ese for delivering 10 packages.

Paradise City
Location: Sitting in front of a garage door north up the road from your garage.
Rewards: Offroad for delivering 14 packages.

|Race| [SMRA]

Race missions are just that; you race around the city, and you have to drive
through checkpoints and stay ahead of the competition.  The better your
placing, the more you win.

There are nine races in total; three in each city. You unlock the first race
after a certain mission, and you unlock the second and third in sequence by
winning the previous ones. These missions appear as flags on your map.

Lava Falls
Race 1
Unlocked after "Wade's Shop".
Opposition: 3 Beans.

Your fastest car will probably be the Cajones when you first unlock it. That's
okay, it's possible to win with this one. You could also try waiting to unlock
Survival mode so you can get the Lawdog, but that could 

This one will take you down the main drag, around the airport and into the
Lava Tube tunnel. Try to cut corners when you can if it can get you into the
beacons faster, and if you've got nitrous, use it on either the drag or the

Rewards: $1000 and Bean

Race 2
Opposition: Gauchos vehicles.
For this race, you'll start off at the Airport and then race down the main drag
however you'll turn right toward the theme park and then head through the
tunnel. On your way out, you'll head back up the main drag before detouring
through the city about halfway through and back into the airport.

Rewards: $2000 and Señor

Race 3
Opposition: Fast Civilian Vehicles
You'll head east out of the hotel parking lot, west and around the back of the
Four Star Resort. The route will loop you around back, through the pool and out
heading north into the Lava Tube. You'll shoot straight out the exit, across the
trenches and onto the back alleys. Once you cross the point, drop right into the
trenches to the next beacon, then edge OUT of them around the back of the

Then you'll go into the airport, loop around the south edge and hit a wing jump
on a destroyed plane before exiting out between the north terminal side and the
fence. You'll go around the inner city, loop around the grassy area between an
office building and the trenches, before sprinting up the home stretch on the
main drag.

Rewards: $3000 and Mullet

Blister Canyon
Race 1
Unlocked after "Talon Recon".
Opposition: Section Eight gang vehicles.

First, you'll loop around and out Biocide and head to the south coast of the
north section. You'll zig-zag around the buildings before jumping the hump into
the east section, where you'll also zig-zag around the buildings there before
finishing in the power plant.

Rewards: $2,000 and Thunder

Race 2
Unlocked after "Race 4".
Opposition: Talons gang vehicles.

This race takes place primarily in the north section of the city. Starting from
a warehouse by the docks, you'll launch into the north section and loop around
its main roads twice before finishing in Biocide.

Rewards: $4000 and Pumpkin

Race 3
Unlocked after "Race 5".

You'll race out of Biocide (they just love Biocide, don't they?) and head into
the north section of the city. Careful not to miss the dive into the alley to
get the point after the overpass. You'll head back into Section Eight territory
again, but this time you'll also hit a ramp (careful not to overshoot it) and
then go all the way around the power plant before turning left over the railway

Once you arrive on the west island, you'll turn left toward Talon territory and
jump the diner out onto the main road. The route will take you into the rail
yard and all the way around the last building before shortcutting you through
some warehouses and through the drive-in screen before the final stretch
across the main road and through the tunnel.

Rewards: $6,000 and Burner

Paradise City
Race 1
Unlocked after "Beer Run".
Opposition: South League vehicles

This one's an easy one that sticks primarily to the main roads. Starting from
the power plant, you'll power down the main divided road, turn left and left
again onto the other main street. Then you'll exit right out onto the south
highway which you'll take all the way up to the strip mall.

Rewards: $6,000 and Fireball

Race 2
Opposition: Sentinels vehicles

The race will take you out of the mall and up the inner city road north to the
north divided road. You'll follow that as it loops around west, then head north
past the parking lot up to where the north divided road actually begins. Then
the route will backtrack almost to the mall, where you'll ride the south
highway all the way east until it merges just past your garage.

Rewards: $9,000 and Rattail

Race 3
Opposition: Fang, Omega and Stalker.
You'll go up against the three fastest cars in the game, so bring something
that's fast and will last because this race will also take you through almost
every road in the city.

Rewards: $12,000 and Tornado

|Stunt| [SMSU]
Similar to Race, except you're required to jump through checkpoints.  Each
checkpoint awards you more time.  The more checkpoints you get through, the
more cash you earn. Completing all the stunts within the time limit will earn
you a car.

There is one Stunt mission per city, unlocked after a certain mission. These
missions are marked with a ramp and arrow on your map.

- Faster = Better, almost. It is quite possible to fly OVER a jump marker if
  you're going too fast, or overshoot a landing zone.
- Air Brakes Are Your Friend. You can get them cheap in Lava Falls.
- If you have Flight Control, learning to master it won't hurt. Remember that
  it works like controlling the turret. If you've got Inverted off, then you
  may feel disoriented. But if you can master Flight Control to help with your
  landings, you can save precious seconds.

Lava Falls
Unlocked after "Rendezvous at Biocide".

1-2 Directly east of the starting point, you'll find a ramp that leads out to
    the parking lot where you got Cabe's missions. Jump that fast enough to
    hit that beacon AND the one over the gate. There's a dirt mound opposite
    the trench if you miss #2.

3   Continue on east past that dirt mound and there will be two beacons. We'll
    only hit one for now. There's a walled off area just to your left at the
    far edge of that parking lot. Drive around those buildings to your left
    and you'll see the ramp that leads to the beacon when you drive in.

4   Drive into the nearby trench and head north. You'll end up driving under
    a beacon. The ramp for that beacon is to either side, just exit out either
    way and use that ramp to hit the point.

5   Head to the parking lot south of the theme park. When you get to the top
    story, hit the concrete ramp south across the street and land on top of
    the building ahead.

6   There are several jumps starting from this building, let's start with the
    one on the roof that links you back to the parking lot.

7   Hit #5 and land back on the roof. Now look left and you'll see a small
    jump to a hotel just east.

8   Continuing on from that jump, continue straight across the roof and drop
    into the gap between the two buildings. You should land on an extended
    balcony. Continue left and around out to the road side and you'll see
    this beacon after a small ramp.

9   Head into the trenches south of the hotel and start going west. Make a
    left at some pipes, a right at the next set of the pipes and this ramp
    will take you right into the beacon at the back of the hotel.

10  Keep going into the hotel, you'll see this beacon off a ramp at the far
    end of the empty swimming pool.

11  Get back onto the main east-west drag, and eventually you'll see a big
    park to your left. There will be a brick walkway between two giant
    statues. That's your runway all the way north to a big grass ramp and a
    beacon that you might miss if you're going too fast.

12  You may have landed on a roof, if not you've probably landed on a long
    east-west road leading to the airport parking lot. Get over there and 
    make your way to the top storey. There are two jumps, one on either end
    of the parking lot. Hit the first one, which should be at the north end.

13  Now head back up to the parking lot again, this time hit the far one at
    the southeast corner.

14  You'll see a parking lot to your right as you land. Hit the ramp at the
    west end of the parking space.

15  Go into the airport and head right. You'll see a wrecked plane with a
    beacon on top of it, the ramp for that is the wing on the other side.

16  Continue to the south edge of the airport. When you hit the fence, turn
    right and there will be a ramp squeezed in between the fence and the
    terminal building.

17-18 Head back into the airport and look north. You'll see a jump out the
      north fence of the airport. There's also a jump past the next building
      after. It is possible to hit the first ramp smoothly enough to hit
      both beacons. If not, just try to land on the roof and hit the ramp

19  Get back into the airport. There's another wrecked plane near the north
    side of the terminal with another wing ramp.

20  The last one is a ramp stuck between the north side fence and the
    terminal. Well now, that wasn't so bad...

Rewards: Cash for every 5 jumps.
         Goblin unlocked for completing the mission.

Blister Canyon
Unlocked after "Package Pickup".

1 Facing north from the start point, you'll see the first ramp directly ahead
  of you.

2 Double back into the power plant, head right around the statue to get the
  momentum for the ramp leading up over a blocked-off road to this stunt.

3 Keep going up the road from #2 until it curves right in front of an orange
  warehouse. Turn left into the alley, jump up the small ramp into the
  enclosure, then 180 and hit the ramp.

4 Continuing straight from this ramp, you'll pass two streets and head into
  the shipyard. Behind a crane ahead to your right you'll see this ramp behind
  a crane. Hit it and land on the S.S. Tarduck.

5 On the Tarduck, head to the railing, turn left, go up the far set of stairs,
  turn left and then go down the other set of stairs. You should be facing a
  really big jump. Use nitrous as soon as you land on the deck to get enough
  airtime to clear the stunt and the water gap.

6 You'll see the stunt marker glowing beside the McCoy's garage sign. The road
  will chicane left/right and the ramp will be just ahead.

7 Heading north from your garage, you can't miss the big speed bump in the
  main road that will launch you up to the next marker.

8 Continue up the main road, then turn left around the parking lot behind the
  Chick 'N Run Hotel. Head south until you run into some billboards where the
  road goes right. You'll see some nitrous on the street just to your left.
  Starting from the billboard, head northeast and you'll see the ramp beside
  the cliff face. Hit the ramp, clear it all the way to the top.

9 Continue northeast along the roof. It'll drop to a lower roof, and there
  will be a ramp leading to the next jump.

10 Hit #9 hard enough and you'll land near a wide-open parking lot with some
   silos and a warehouse. Head right past the warehouse, turn right when you
   get to some multi-colored shipping crates by the edge of the water, then
   face Southwest. You'll see a blue warehouse to your right and the jump
   just to the left of center past some green and red shipping crates.

11 Return to the multi-colored crates from #10, this time turn left and you
   will see this jump and the marker. DO NOT GO TOO FAST otherwise you will
   overshoot the landing point and land in the water.

12 This is a tricky one. You'll see a dock across the water from where you
   just landed. From where you landed, turn left, follow the railing to U-turn
   all the way around to that pier. You'll pass the ramp next to a blue crate,
   but keep going until you have enough "runway." Turn around to get ready.

   The tricky bit is that the two cranes constantly swinging those highway
   sections will mess up your jump something real fierce.

13 If you've done it right, you should have landed on a small rooftop with a
   tiny ramp leading to a blue roof ahead. You'll want to just gently launch
   off that ramp and land on the blue roof. Once you're secure there, you can
   back up a little to get yourself some launch room, then run right off into
   the marker.

14-15 Head East to the parking lot with the sniper rifle. There is a ramp in
      the back, to the right. It's double sided, so you can hit 14 and 15

16 Depending on which side of the ramp you took first, one will land you on the
   overpass by the tunnel entrance. You'll probably have noticed the ramp on
   the far right lane by now, so go ahead and hit that to get the marker.

17 If you were fast enough to land on the collapsed section of the overpass,
   you'll see #17 hanging low just ahead. Reverse off the overpass and you'll
   see a ramp leading right up to it. Hit the ramp normally and you'll land on
   or past the Big Wrench building if you've done it right.

18 Turn around and head right into Biocide Chemicals. There's a ramp and
   matching marker right past the big Biocide sign.

19 Go back out to where the Nitrous was under the overpass. There's a similar
   jump this time mounted to the wall to the right of the Biocide sign.

20 Go to the bottom of the collapsed section of the overpass and position
   yourself at the lower-left corner. Be careful not to fall off as the ramp
   suddenly cuts off at the bottom. Aim for the right side of the top of the
   incline and boost away. If done right you'll fly off the ramp, over some
   water and into the marker.

21 On the southwestern side of the refinery, right before the overpass, there
   are two rather flat cylindrical containers with a grating style ramp laid
   against one of them. Aim yourself between the two torches between the ramp
   and the containers, then hit the ramp and the marker.

22 Arriving on the West Island from the tunnel, turn right at the pharmacy, go
   under the tunnel and turn right. 180 before you reach the end, and you'll
   see a ramp on the right lane of the road leading to the marker.

23 Go to the second story of the parking garage and jump right out the gap in
   the south wall. You can't miss the marker.

24 Third story of the parking garage. Jump off the south end, it's where you
   chased Drake during a previous mission.

25 You'll land in an open lot. There's a ramp straight ahead with the marker
   just above it.

26 Starting with your back to the Royal Flush facing north, you'll see a ramp
   by a warehouse just off the right side. Hit it to the left at a bit of an
   angle to hit the marker floating above the road perpendicular to the parking

27 Go back to the Royal Flush and hit the same ramp at an angle to the right.
   Use nitrous to clear the marker over the big roofless warehouse. Make sure
   you hit it smoothly, the ramp can sometimes spin your car around instead of
   actually launching you.

28 You know that diner near the big open warehouse you just jumped? There's a
   marker right above it and an easy ramp for it on the north side.

29 To the left of the diner you may have noticed a marker just to the north of
   what appears to be a rail blockade. The ramp for this marker is on the other
   side of that blockade, and there's some nitrous down the rails south.

30 Head down the road to the Lava Falls tunnel. There's a ramp mounted right
   next to the Chocolate Holes donut shop. Go partially onto it to align your-
   self, then reverse until you hit the Tire Shop across. Then simply boost onto
   it and fly up onto the building next to you. Don't forget the blueprints on
   your way down.

Rewards: Cash for every 5 jumps.
         Drifter unlocked for completing the mission.

Paradise City
Unlocked after "Mano y Mano."

01 There's a set of three jumps west of where you start. The first one starts
   from a section of the main road warped into a ramp. Hit that and you'll land
   on a hidden roof behind a building with some Omega blueprints.

02 Continue along that hidden roof as it curves around right. You'll find some
   nitrous and the jump at the end.

03 This one is unique in that it's wall climbing. It's above a set of stairs.
   Start from the alleyway just east and boost right into the stairs. If done
   right, you'll flip straight up into the air and hit the checkpoint from

04-05 There's a set of two jumps east of the first set of three. Both of these
      can be hit by boosting off the bump in the road leading over the building

06 When you land, look east and you'll see the big concrete ramp leading up to
   the Norton Industries complex with the upgrade shop. Hit that ramp with a
   little boost to get the next marker.

07 Further east of that there will be a single marker just around the Power
   Plant area. The ramp is the eastern edge of the long grassy park where
   the divided road forms a hairpin with a four-lane road.

08 This one is just southeast of 07 and involves the same park. Align yourself
   with the road and boost right off the grass into it.

08 Go back to the power plant where you hit 06, then go all the way around the
   north side warehouse. You'll find some nitrous and the ramp and marker
   facing south among some green and yellow shipping crates.

09 If done right you'll land somewhere near this one. This is an easy one, the
   ramp for this leads up west from from the beach. Don't back up too far or
   you'll back into the water. Then just hit this one normally.

10 Heading south from the #07 hairpin toward the parking garage, you'll see a
   grassy bank that gets you this marker and onto the top story if hit right.

11-12 On the top story of the parking lot you'll see a busted section built
      into a ramp heading up onto the stadium. Use the nitrous and you'll hit
      both of them at once.

13-14 Landing on the stadium roof from the last two, go all the way to the edge
      and turn around. Facing north you'll find some nitrous and a ramp that
      should launch you into the next two. The tricky bit is using the air
      brake to hit the second one, which is closer to the ground and set up
      at an angle.

15-16 This is a tricky two-fer. Beside your garage facing north you'll find
      another concrete ramp. Start in the narrow lot beside the roofed off area
      and boost off the jump so you can hit the two that are aligned at a 90-
      degree angle.

17 Easy one, it's the stadium ramp on the northwest side. Hit it to get the
   marker with the stadium on your right.

18 Same thing with the south entrance. Don't worry about the covered section
   leading up to the stairs.

19 Just west of the stadium near the Wong & Wong Dentist shop you'll find two
   jumps. The first one's easy and uses the elevated divider heading north.

20 The second requires hitting it at a bit of an angle. Use nitrous to get
   enough speed to hit it, it's just above the doorway to the building.

21 This one is hovering right over the lower lane of the highway running across
   the south edge of the map. Keep heading west past it until you hit the
   nitrous, then boost right into the tiny planters along the sidewalk to your
   right. One of them should cause you to fly up into the beacon.

22 Works exactly the same as #19. Start at the nitrous on the sidewalk, and use
   the divider as a ramp onto the top of the Pussycat Corner. Don't forget the
   EMP parts on your way down.

23 A similar jump west of #22, with the same mechanics.

24-25 Head into the Dreg Mall parking lot, and you'll see some nitrous at one
      end of a row of parking lines. Align yourself along the lines facing
      north and you'll see the first beacon high up. You'll need to hit the
      side of the highway to vault you into the beacon, over the building and
      into #25 on the way down.

26 Starting from a parking lot near where you landed, aim east so you see the
   beacon and the Gasso station just beyond that. Hit the City Hall steps to
   fly into the beacon.

27 Continuing on from there is an extreme version of #3. Head along the road
   then boost headfirst into the grassy embankment of the office building at
   the T-intersection. You'll be propelled straight up into the point.

28 Just north of #27, there's an oddly-angled beacon hovering over an
   intersection. You'll want to start from the grassy embankment somewhere
   southwest of that intersection that you can see the beacon and the Gasso
   station just beyond it, then hit the corner embankment with nitrous to get
   the airtime needed to hit it.

29 West of the hairpin at #7 there's a point hovering above a divided four-lane
   road. Start from the nitrous at the far north side of the road and boost
   right into the embankment to hit it.

30 Between the parking lot and the office building north of the stadium is a
   lowered alleyway. Find the nitrous there and face north, you'll hit the ramp
   heading out onto the main roads.

Rewards: Cash for every 5 jumps.
         Piñata unlocked for completing the mission.

|Sniper| [SMSN]

This one's fairly self-explanatory. You get a sniper rifle with unlimited ammo
and you have to snipe as many targets as you can before time runs out.

You will get time bonuses starting from 30 seconds per kill, decreasing 5
seconds every 5 kills down to only 5 seconds per kill. You'll also get
cash for every target, increasing in value as the time bonuses shrink.

Sniper missions are marked as crosshair icons on your map.

-The further away you are, the better. It'll save time driving up to find
 the guy, and chances are good the next guy will spawn next to you. Be
 careful though as it is possible to spawn too far away.
-Don't worry about spending too much time to stop. Going into sniper mode
 will automatically stop the car for you.

Blister Canyon
Unlocked after "The Gauntlet".

A good strategy for this sniper mission is to divide your possible target
locations into each of the three islands.

Paradise City
Unlocked after "Warehouse Gunfight".

Many of the targets in this sniper mission are on top of tall buildings.
You'll have to get fairly close to get to them, but you can also use
Paradise City's more grid-like street layout to find the right avenue
(no pun intended) for approach.


Using the guided missile, you have to destroy as many cars as possible.  Each
car destroyed gives you more time.  The more cars you blow up, the better
your winnings will be.

There's only one BGM mission, in Paradise City. It's unlocked after finishing
"Deathwish" and can be found at the missile icon on your map.

-The trucks tend to spawn in certain locations. Many of them are easy to reach
 if you can maneuver right. Two locations are west down the road to city hall,
 and just east of the parking lot where you're stationed for this mission.
-Like in "Attack of the Drones," if it can be destroyed, the BGM will blow it
 up. Streetlights are your worst enemy.
-If you're heading toward the ground at a shallow-enough angle, the missile
 might just ricochet off the ground.

Rewards: Lizard for beating 25 kills.

|Suicide| [SMSU]

You'll be parked in a stationary vehicle while waves of suicide bombers and
vehicles will come at you.  Kill them to stay alive and prevent them from
blowing you up.

Each suicide mission consists of four rounds. The first two consist mainly of
pedestrians coming at you, while the second two introduce Beans that will
drive at you and try to blow you up.

Suicide missions can be found on the timebomb icons on the map.

- Always aim as far away as you can, as much as you can. The turret gun has a
  surprisingly long range and disturbingly good accuracy as long as you keep
  your target in the reticule.
- Vehicles FIRST. Unless you've got the hordes bearing down you, the runners
  can wait.
- Fast aim when you can to switch between different sides, but slow scrolling
  also works if you've got enemies in an arc.
- Do not expect to let off the trigger once the vehicles start coming at you.
- You can only "chain" explosions from vehicles. You'll have to destroy each
  running target separately.

Lava Falls
Unlocked after "Backdoor Shootout".

The frustrating bit about this mission are the relatively narrow confines of
the alleyway from where you're parked. You can't see the ones coming at you
from the sides until they're nearly on you. On the other hand, that means
you've got more time to take care of any approaching vehicles.

Rewards: Tub for surviving all four rounds.

Blister Canyon
Unlocked after "Breakout".

This is probably the easiest of the Suicide missions because not only do you
get a nice, wide view of your 'arena,' but you're also set back far enough
into the parking lot that if anyone does reach the area you have enough time
to respond to anyone that enters.

Rewards: Sanford for surviving all four rounds.

Paradise City
Unlocked after "Behind Bars.

If fast aim was your friend, this stage will make you sleep with it. You'll
only be defending from the sides and not the front. Fortunately, you'll have
a fairly wide parking lot from which to shoot. Make sure you only hit the

Rewards: Juice for surviving all four rounds.

|Survival| [SMSV]

Also known as RIOT mode, the premise of Survival is simple: survive against the
wrath of the Sentinels as long as you can until you either die or your RIOT
level wears off.

RIOT mode is activated by killing and destroying pretty much everything until
you get all four letters on top of your radar, or by picking up a RIOT icon.

- You can't get away with hiding in some place the Sentinels can't reach to
  run out the clock. You have to actually keep killing. Fortunately, it doesn't
  really take much if the "T" starts blinking. Gunning down a Sentinel yourself
  will do.
- Learn where all the repair icons are, because they'll start shooting cluster
  rockets at you after a certain number of time.
- Stock up on mines. Two will pretty much clear out everyone that's been after
  you, and leaving them at roadblocks will clear them out too.
- Get the salvage magnet, so you can rack up the cash every time you blow up
  a car.

Rewards: Lawdog for surviving 5 minutes in Lava Falls.
         Bruiser for surviving 10 minutes in Blister Canyon.
         Stalker for surviving 20 minutes in Paradise City.

|Killing Spree| [SMKS]
The RoadKill equivalent of the Rampage, Killing Sprees involve you killing a
certain number of gang members in 90 seconds. You can either run them over or
use the weapon. And you have to kill them yourself, Spike's turret won't

Killing Sprees are not required for 100%, but you can get cash for completing

1) Lava Falls - Impale 10 Gauchos.
   Location: Located in an open parking lot next to the airport multi-storey
             parking garage on the north side.

   The trick to "impaling" is that you can only impale ONE person at a time on
   your car. So if you see two, run over one, then reverse a bit to get him off
   faster, THEN run the other one over going forward.

2) Blister Canyon - Scattergun 20 Talons.
   Location: North of the bowling alley, in an elevated yard.

   The road that runs directly south of this behind the parking lot is the
   perfect arena to find your targets. Try to line as many of them up as you
   can so the Scattergun can hit more than one. If you're lucky, you could get
   as many as four in one shot.

   You're bound to hit a few pedestrians, of course, so watch out for
   Sentinels. It might help divert Spike's attention away so he doesn't start
   turret-killing any other talons around though.

3) Paradise City - Air Strike 15 cars.
   Location: West of the shop, in a walled-off parking lot behind BankJuan.
   This is the most aggravating of the killing sprees, primarily because it
   takes time for the Airstrike to "reload" before you can use it again and
   there isn't usually much in the way of pedestrian traffic. Getting the
   Sentinels can help, but then that's also them firing at you while you try
   to blow them up.

   Try to get more than one car in the blast radius, which is fairly wide.

4) Paradise City - Impale 10 Dreg Lords
   Location: In the Paradise Mall parking lot, tucked into a corner
   While the Paradise Mall is fairly open, you'll find very few Dregs lurking
   about. You'll find more of them around the elevated highway that runs past


|Prints| [BLPR]

Every city has a set of unlockable vehicles and weapons you can earn by finding
five items - four parts and the blueprint. Many of them are fairly hard to
reach, though some are visible from the main road. Once you find all five parts
the car or weapon will be immediately available for use.

You can also buy Blueprint Hints at the shops, but I get the feeling that they
prevent you from getting 100%, so fortunately you can use my guide here to get

|Lava Falls| [BPLF]

1) Go to the park with the two Atlas statues in front. The part is nestled
   behind the west one.

2) At the east entrance of the tunnel you'll find this one sitting on a
   platform above some pipes. Start down in the trenches that run east of it,
   then accelerate so you hit the far corner of the intersection where the
   trenches run south. The jump should put you on top of that platform.

3) Use the ramp near Primer Part #1 to jump across the empty parking lot and
   onto the roof with this blueprint.

4) Behind the fire station at the airport. Go around the back.

Print: Go to Atlas Park, and starting from the main drag there's a brick
       walkway that you can use as the runway. Hit the grass ramp at the end
       and you should fly far enough to land on the roof where this part is.

Laser Trip Mine
1) Second story of the parking lot. It'll be in the corner to your right as you
   go up the ramp.

2) There's an empty swimming pool behind the hotel at the southwest of the map.
   The print is nestled right beside the ramp leading out of it.

3) East of the shop there's a hotel with a very wide covered driveway and a
   fountain. The print is in plain sight under that driveway.

4) Go into the theme park and look for the Woody's Hole ride. Immediately west
   of those are a series of neon-lit buildings. Look for a way behind them and
   the part will be sitting there between the buildings and the back wall.

Print: Hit the ramp at the northern side of the airport at an angle, so that
       you land on the high roof with the skull, just on the other side of the
       street. The blueprint should be on the north side of the building.

Scatter Gun
1) Go up to the top story of the hotel parking lot, and jump the concrete ramp
   going south across the street onto the rooftop. Then hit the jump to your
   left and land on the green rooftop where the part is.

2) On the Got Toes? Billboard near your garage. The jump for this is actually
   placed between the south edge of the airport terminal and the fence. Go
   around there, and be sure to use nitrous to get you all the way to the

3) Jump off the wing ramp at the north side of the airport runway, you'll land
   on a roof with a skull mounted on the right side wall. Continue off the ramp
   straight ahead and land on the next roof, and this part will be to the left.

4) Behind the wall near Cabe's trailer where you get missions at the start of
   the game.

Print: Drop into the trench between the west Tunnel entrance and the big Lava
       Falls sign.

1) Second story of the airport parking lot, just laying there in the northeast

2) On top of your garage. The ramp to get up here is located east, across the
   trench and right beside the airport gate sign.

3) Go to the busted-down wall at the southeast corner of the Four Star Resort.
   Creep around north heading outside/east and you'll find this one in a narrow
   alley between the wall and the building next door.

4) Go to the top storey of the Airport parking lot and jump off the ramp at the
   south end at an angle to land on the airport building. Then turn around and
   go north and you'll find this last print.

Print: In the airport, sitting in a small hollowed-out plane fuselage section
       toward the northeast section.

1) There's a walled-off parking lot beside the Shoot Yer Load gun store. Go
   around and into it, there will be a ramp by the west wall and the print
   will be right next to it.

2) You know that road that goes all the way around the Four Star? Follow it and
   it will lead you right into a parking lot. You'll see this part behind the
   last column to your left.

3) Heading into the airport from your garage, the road will curve left. Follow
   it left, and you'll see a long covered area leading to a ramp at the very
   far end. Jump that ramp and land on the roof ahead to get this next

   Alternatively, you can also drop down onto the building from the ramp at the
   northeast corner of the airport parking lot's top story.

4) Go into the trenches and go all the way to where it runs around the
   southeast corner of the map parallel to the airport road. It should be lying
   there in front of you.

Print: West of the shop, between the last two buildings before the jump. One of
       them is bright green and yellow with a "Cancer Sticks" sign on top.

|Blister Canyon| [BPBC]

1) Start heading east down the road from where the building where you get the
   first five missions. You'll come to some billboards. Turn left just a little
   and you'll see this ramp down a side road. Hit that ramp to get to the top
   roof. There's a ramp just after the roof, hit that to land on this low roof
   between two buildings to get the blueprint.

   (See Blister Canyon Stunt ramps #8-9).

2) On top of the bowling alley. The ramp for this is under the Lube & Screw 
   sign just north of it, use the road to give you some runway.

3) Go behind the last warehouse at the end of the road heading south on the
   west island and you'll find this on a small concrete yard by the water.

4) North of the blue warehouse at the Hudson Shipyards (you went here for Duck
   Hunt) there are a bunch of multi-colored crates. This last print is behind
   the green crate to the right of the double-stacked blue one.

Print: Go to the top story of the parking lot and hit the ramp by the north
       side of the parking lot just to the left to land on the roof where these
       prints are sitting.

1) This one uses #30 from the stunt run. Use nitrous up the ramp beside the
   donut shop and land on the roof of the tall building, with the part at the
   far corner.

2) Go into the power plant. Before the giant pig statue, you'll see a small
   road left into a parking lot. Go down that road and turn left once you're in
   the parking lot, and you'll see the part under a billboard on the far side
   of the yard.

3) There's a ramp near where you found the second part. Hit that ramp and land
   on the roof of the next building, and this part will be sitting by a corner.

4) Underneath the collapsed section of the overpass on the north island there
   is a long patch of dirt that runs between the fence and the cliff. Go to
   the end of this section and you'll find this part peeking out behind a
   small ramp.

Print: Hit the big bump in the road between the north and east sections of the
       city flying north. You should land on a long blue warehouse, with the
       print in the far corner.

1) Go into the power plant and look for a ramp by a landslide-blocked road.
   You'll want to hit that ramp fast and to the left to land on a green-roofed
   building where you can find this part.

2) On top of the water tower by your garage. Use nitrous on the ramp mounted
   on the giant bump in the road and aim yourself at this print. It's possible
   to go too fast and fly right over it, so keep trying.

3) Hit the ramp, this time at an angle to the left to land on the green/pink
   warehouse. The blueprint will be off on the corner.

4) Use the ramp at the south side of the drive-in theater to land on the roof
   of the Royal Flush building where this print is sitting.

Print: Start from the ramp below the collapsed overpass, and jump onto the Big
       Wrench building. Then take the jump to the left of where you land to get
       to the building with this blueprint on it.

Homing Rocket
1) Go all the way around the back of the southernmost power plant building and
   you'll find this one sitting out in the far corner of the yard.

2) Right under a long green warehouse under the overpass just after the south
   Biocide entrance.

3) Heading down from the overpass into the west island, turn right into the
   alleyway behind NarcoLux and head straight until you see the blueprint on
   your right.

4) There's a walled off section along the eastern edge of the western island by
   the railyard. You'll want to follow that green wall to the south end, creep
   around the periously-angled roads and make your way behind it. There's a
   ramp all the way at the end of the road and this print is right beside it.

Print: Go all the way east across the docks by your garage and you'll find a
       large ramp that will drop you onto the S.S. Tarduck. Head around the
       aft (that's navy for "rear") and you'll find a ramp into a pink-lit area
       where this print is sitting. Use the ramp at the fore of the boat to
       leap off.

|Paradise City| [BPPA]

1. East of the shop you'll find the power plant. Search among the transformer
   poles for this part, you'll find it sitting right there.

2. East of the power plant is a large 7 (or L-) shaped building. Stick to its
   walls and you'll find this part in a small alley on the north side.

3. Follow the directions to get the Omega's prints. There will be a ramp at
   the other side of the balcony, use nitrous to boost off that and jump onto
   the building across the street to get this part.

4. North of where you found Bolt Gun #4, in a walled-off yard at the southeast
   corner of a four-lane intersection across from BancJuan.

Print: Jump to the top of the stadium using the ramp at the parking garage
       just north of it, this print is sitting right in the middle.

Bolt Gun
1. From the top of the stadium (see Rigg Print) you'll want to face north and
   you'll see an office building to the left. Go over there and you can
   actually drop onto a ledge running along that office building. Then drop
   down one more ledge toward the stadium and you'll find this part.

2. Go into the Paradise Mall parking lot. You'll find this part by the north
   side of the parking lot where an office building meets the end of the
   highway bridge.

3. Behind the Head Corp. building, directly south and across the park from
   Omega #1.

4. There's a mostly-abandoned strip mall immediately west of City Hall. Go
   into the alley in the middle of it and you'll find this part underneath
   the awning by Pizza Sheik.

Print: On top of a footbridge between two buildings west of the shop. You
       can't really miss this, the ramp to reach the bridge is directly
       south on a busted overpass. You don't have to use nitrous if your car
       has a high-enough speed attribute, because it's easy to overshoot it.

1. Directly under the garage where you get the BGM mission, east of city
   hall. There's a ramp that'll take you under it.

2. South of where you found Fang #2, on a grassy alley near the water.

3. Immediately west of the shop there's a gray building. Go all the way
   around the back of it past the Blister Canyon entrance and you'll find the
   part sitting on the grass.

4. Go west from the shop down the divided road until you see some boarded-up
   red buildings to your right. Look left and there will be an alley with the
   prints all the way in.

Print: Follow the directions for Paradise City Stunt Jump #1 and you'll
       find this between the building and the cliff face.

1. Facing south from the shop you'll see a gas station out to the right and
   an office building with a staircase in front of it to its left. Go over
   there, go up the stairs for this print.

2. Go west along the highway running along the south side of the city. It
   will turn north and turn into a bridge. You'll find this part between the
   two lanes.

3. In the yard south of where you find Rigg Part #3, under a blue-lit awning.

4. There's a side road immediately east of the Pussycat Corner with covered
   areas with columns on both sides. You'll find this last part underneath
   the one on the right.

Print: Northeast of where you find Rigg part 2, there's a building with an
       alley that runs around behind it and to the edge of the dock above
       the beach (and the EMP's print). You'll find this print between the
       building and the edge of the dock.

1. On top of the Pussycat Corner where you get your missions. Use the incline
   divider on the highway just south of it as a ramp and boost up onto the

2. There's a pair of concrete docks just west of your garage, this print is
   sitting on the north one.

3. From the Pussycat Corner, go northwest into the alleyway and you'll see
   this print sitting before you exit out onto the divided four-lane road.

4. Southeast of where you found Fang #3, you'll find this in an alley between
   two buildings, one of which is the Cockmaster Rooster Training building.

Print: There's a beach at the northeast section of the map, running along the
       docks. GO all the way to the northeast side of this beach and the
       print will be lying right there.


|Criminal Titles| [CRTI]

Everything you do in the game affects your criminal rating.  The more death and
destruction you cause, the higher it goes.  Here is a listing of all the titles
you can achieve, in the order you rise through them.

Higher criminal titles increase the number of "Followers" you have outside your
garage. These "followers" are all dressed like Spike and will fire at anyone
threatening you if you're nearby.

Ass Clown
Side Kick
Pole Smoker
Big Cheese
Pimp Daddy
Grim Reaper
The Shizz
Harbinger of Death
Overlord of Doom
Reaper of Death
Road Lord


|Statistics| [STTC]

The stats screen, when you pause, shows a total of everything you've done.  The
stats that are tracked are listed here, in the same order as the stats screen.

=== Deliveries ===

Lava Falls
Blister Canyon
Paradise City

=== Kills ===

Followers Killed
Gauchos Killed
South League Killed
Daredevils Killed
Bedlamites Killed
Section Eights Killed
Dreg Lords Killed
Talons Killed
Sentinels Killed
Scavengers Killed
Prostitutes Killed
Shopkeepers Killed
Bums Killed
Old People Killed

=== Kill Style ===

People Impaled
People Burned
People Splattered
People Shot
People Exploded

=== Player ===

Farthest Jump
Highest Jump
Longest Hang Time
Times Toasted
Times Drowned
Total Salvage Earned
Total Salvage Spent
Repair Pickups
Nitrous Pickups
Missions Completed
Game Percent Complete
Hours Played
Longest RIOT


|Song list and lyrics| [SLLY]

For a listing of songs and lyrics from the radio stations, please check out the
Roadkill Song Guide by JPaterson.



|Cheat Codes| [CHCO]

Cheat codes have the potential to ruin a game, not only by making it extremely
easy, but some cheats could cause your save to go corrupt, so use these codes
at your own risk.  Do not complain to me if something bad happens.

To use any of these cheats, press START to pause the game, highlight the MAP
option, then enter one or more of the following button combinations.  If you
hear the sound of an engine, it means the code worked.

Unlimited Ammo          Y, X, X, B, Y, X, X, B
More Money              Y, B, Y, B, X, A, X, A, DOWN, UP
Full Health             X, B, X, B, X, B
Increase RIOT           Y, B, A, X, Y, B, A, X, UP
Decrease RIOT           Y, B, A, X, Y, B, A, X, DOWN
Unlock All Vehicles     UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, Y, A, Y, A, X, B, B, X

PS2 (special thanks to FoxHound26 via GameFAQs Cheats section)
Decrease RIOT level  Triangle, O, X, Square, Triangle, O, X, Square, Down
Increase RIOT level  Triangle,O, X, Square, Triangle, O, X, Square, Up
Infinate Ammo	     Triangle, Square, Square, O, Triangle, Square, Square, O
Money Cheat	     Triangle, O, Triangle, O, Square, X, Square, X, Down, Up
Restore Health	     Square, O, Square, O, Square, O, Square, O
Tornado	             Triangle, O, X, , Square, Square, X, O, Triangle
Unlock Weapons	     Triangle, X, X, Triangle, Square, O, O, Square, X, Square,
                     O, Triangle


E-mail me if...AND ONLY IF...

- You have tips and strategies for missions et al. ALREADY INCLUDED IN THE
  CURRENT VERSION OF THE GUIDE. I cannot stress this enough.
- You have real-life trivia pertaining to said content, EXCEPT products
  mentioned on the radio. That's what my scripts are for.
- I typoed or made errors in grammar. And don't insult my intelligence about it,
  these things happen when you're currently living in a country with a severe
  national brain drain AND you've spent an assload of man-hours on a guide this
- You have a time that can beat (not just equal) my set times for the challenges
  above. Send me the folder with your savefile in a .zip, and no viruses.
- You have a sensible suggestion as to how to improve/add on to the guide.
- You want to publish, link to or copy this FAQ to a CREDIBLE
  publication or website.

- Q: How do I unlock this city/mission?
  A: See the respective sections.

- Q: How do I unlock a certain vehicle?
  A: See the vehicle section or the missions.

- Q: How do I unlock the Stump and Bagger?
  A: You can't unlock them in single player. The reason is because both vehicles
     seat only the driver by default without the gunner.

- Q: What about Frank's Blade or Vinnie's '57 Cruiser from Gear Talk?
  A: Nope.avi

- Q: How do I unlock the Sentinels' APC?
  A: You can't. Sorry.

- Q: What do I need for 100%?
  A: All story missions, all side missions and blueprints that unlock vehicles.

- Q: What do I get for 100%?
  A: Nothing that I know of, sorry.

- Q: Did you really get permission from JPaterson to build on his guide?
  A: And I Quote:

     Hey Frank,

     All yours. Have fun.


- Q: When are you gonna add something for the multiplayer mode?
  A: I will when I find someone else to help me with them. ;_;

Flames and anything of THAT sort (especially regarding the excessive use of LS-
Talk in the Pimping Section), even as much as insults planted in otherwise
credible solutions will result in you being BLOCKED. The latter instance will be
the ONLY time I may add your info WITHOUT crediting you. If you ask one of the
questions above, I'll delete it without replying but I won't block you the first

And as a new policy, PLEASE say in the SUBJECT TITLE which part of the game
you're asking for help/making suggestions for. It'll make dealing with these
messages - and coming back for them in case of reference - a lot easier.

Examples:  "RoadKill - Killing Spree Locations"
           "Gamecube Control Scheme for Roadkill"


That all being said...

forelli_boy at myway dot com


| Special Thanks To... | [SPTT]
Me, for bothering to use up all my spare time to gather the data for the guide.
The PS2 I got from Goodwill for $15 for handling all the hours I put into it.
Midway (RIP) and Terminal Reality for making this game.

Extra special thanks to James Paterson, for letting me build on his guide.

|Copyright Info| [CPIN]

RoadKill copyright 2003 Midway Home Entertainment Inc.  Midway and Midway logos
are trademarks of Midway amusement games, LLC.  Roadkill is a trademark of
Midway Home Entertainment Inc.  All rights reserved.


This document is copyright by US and Canadian copyright laws.  This FAQ is for
personal use only.  This FAQ may not be altered or sold for personal or
commercial reasons.

If you would like permission to use this guide on your website, please e-mail
me and I'll grant it if you're polite.

Thank you.


End of RoadKill FAQ/Walkthrough.

©2011 Francis Santos-Viola and James Paterson.

The author of this FAQ is in no way affiliated with Midway Home Entertainment,
or any member of the RoadKill development team.

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