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Silent Hills worst enemy 04/13/04 Alucard517
A great game but fails to capture the essence of horror or action gaming 06/26/07 Arschrammen
I said hand me a gun not a syringe! 08/14/06 bos174
A great horror game with plenty of gore, action and suspense 06/13/04 DarkGamer55
Please, Don't Put Your Torque In My Face 03/14/06 horror_spooky
There's more to fear in this prison then dropping the soap... 04/05/04 Hugh Baldwin
A great survival horror, but not for everyone. 03/12/04 joshingway2
A refreshing take on survival horror, from Midway, of all companies. 03/14/04 Katon
A solid game from Midway sure to be a sleeper hit 04/10/04 Kazin Flame
A Superbly Polished and very Original Incursion into the Survival-Horror Genre 08/05/04 LingMac
Live as a prisoner, or die like one. To them it doesn't matter! 08/19/04 lordkor
An extremely entertaining game. 08/10/05 lou dog
Prison ... wouldn't you hate it if this happened to you? 04/29/04 ManChild314
Guns, monsters, a haunted prison, C'mon what else do ya need to know??? 01/03/05 masterchief375
The Pain, The Vengeance, The Suffering 03/24/04 NeoNess
One of the best survival horror games. Can YOU survive? 09/13/04 primalmayswindu
The tale of the convicts trapped in Hell... 05/10/07 richardocool1
Let the torture begin. 04/25/06 SaintDarkSide
Not really a survival horror game but a action horror game 05/14/06 shAdo_1253
Once the inital scariness wears off you will find that under all the layers of cliched horror that The Suffering is a very enjoyable game. 05/22/09 Vyse_skies

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