Where can I find (specialwarheadvls/cruismissile)?

  1. What stage how can i get one? if there is one

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    cocops - 8 years ago


  1. read this, this is of the cheats page:
    2-Hull Battleship To unlock the 2-hull battleship, kill 500 transports
    2-Hull Crusier To unlock the 2-Hull Crusier destroy 100 Transport Ships.
    203mm Chain Gun Sink 100 planes
    356mm Chain Gun To unlock the 356mm Chain Gun you have to destroy 500 enemy aircraft.
    406mm Chain Gun To obtain the 406mm Chain Gun you have to destroy 999 enemy aircraft.
    46cm 60-Caliber Gun To unlock the 46cm 60-Caliber gun, destroy 100 PT Boats.
    80cm Guided Torpedoes To unlock the 80cm Guided Torpedoes sink 100 Cruisers playing as the Germans.
    Astral Railgun Beat level D-9 collecting all parts you should get atleast one. Stats 10,000 offense 10,000 range 100 shots
    Atomic Engine Alpha To get the Atomic Engine Alpha simply destroy 100 Destroyer ships.
    Atomic Engine E To unlock the Atomic Engine E you have to sink 500 enemy Destroyers.
    Charged Particle Gun 3 Sink 100 battleships
    Easy way to obtain the XBattlecarrier To obtain the XBattlecarrier without having to sink 999 transport ships you have to beat the game once as the Americans and continue the game. Simply get an ''S'' Rank on the C-8 mission and the XBattlecarrier will be your reward.
    Enigmatech Atli Hull Sink 100 submarines
    Gas Turbine E Destroy 999 Destroyers to get the Gas Turbine E.
    Grian Laser Sink 999 battle ships to recieve the Grian Laser
    I32-Arawashi Destroy 100 Carriers to get the I32-Arawashi.
    Massive Wave Gun Destroy 999 superships
    Multi-Warhead Launcher Destroy 100 Battlecarriers to get the Multi-Warhead Launcher.
    New Supersonic Torpedo Sink 999 cruisers to get the new supersonic torpedo
    Salach Laser Sink 500 battleships
    Special Warhead Torpedoes Kill 500 Cruisers to unlock.
    Wave Gun To unlock the wave gun, destroy 100 superships

    User Info: jwr64

    jwr64 - 7 years ago 0 0

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