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Reviewed: 08/02/04

Blitz really didn't need this makeover.

What do I look for in a football game? Realism and atmosphere. Nice graphics, a great interface, real playbooks, and refs missing calls every once in a while. And I also want the crowd going crazy every second of a Super Bowl game, and I want to see the players on the bench jump up and go crazy when there's a touchdown. Yep, that's my definition of a great, A-List, 10/10 football game.

But what do I look for in a Blitz game? That's a totally different story.

Yeah, yeah, I know this was supposed to be the answer to everyone's prayers. A "REAL" football game... but with the Blitz twist (hey, that rhymed... no, not really) added to it! Well, I'll put it this way, son- that idea shall NEVER work. It's not like that in football- you cannot have a halfway-realistic game, and "arcade up" (as I like to call it) a few key components. It's result is... a mess.

But Blitz has a few good things going for it. The graphics are great. You can actually count the bumps on the football! And you'll always be kept laughing by the two crazy, crazy commentators. Oh, and watch out if you run out-of-bounds- you may hit someone and send them flying. And it has a few extra game modes that are mildly entertaining.

But, that's it. As said before, the gameplay feels all jumbled and messy, due to the unfortunate combonation of Arcade and Sim. Here's a prime example-

The tackles (and late-hits) have, essentially, been "simmed down." Yep, no more flying double-jump tackles, and no more elbow-smashing late-hits. Sure, your huge player looks cool when in a full-out superman dive, but he doesn't go all that far. Now take the arcadey jukes into account. All you have to do is press a button at the right time- and the tackler AUTOMATICALLY misses. Not very realistic, is it? But it allows for an extra 5-15 Yards on a run, normally. And that's good... in an arcade game with players jumping over entire blocking lines to hit the unfortunate ball-carrier.

But put the arcadey jukes amd the realistic tackles together- and you get a game where it's possible, if you're very skilled and playing a human, to get a touchdown EVERY SINGLE PLAY. Computers seem to know exactly when you'll juke- but who mainly plays Blitz against the computer?

And that's just one example. There are many other ways that the arcade and sim styles clash a bit too much- and a bit too badly- which leads for, must I say it again, very messy gameplay.

Overall, Blitz Pro is... a nice try, simply put. It can become mildly fun at points, and you'll never truly feel detached from the original formula. Maybe, in a few more years, they'll actually get the two different genres... to blend. But now, I'm staying with the original Blitz.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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