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FAQ/Strategy Guide by antseezee

Version: Final | Updated: 03/11/11

      _   __________       ____  ___ __           ____           
     / | / / ____/ /      / __ )/ (_) /_____     / __ \_________ 
    /  |/ / /_  / /      / __  / / / __/_  /    / /_/ / ___/ __ \
   / /|  / __/ / /___   / /_/ / / / /_  / /_   / ____/ /  / /_/ /
  /_/ |_/_/   /_____/  /_____/_/_/\__/ /___/  /_/   /_/   \____/ 

                        FAQ/Strategy Guide
                       For Microsoft X-BOX
                           Version Final
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                   E-mail: chris@z-wad.com
		       Website: www.z-wad.com
                         Created: 07/19/04
                       Last Update: 03/10/11
                    Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada 

Author's Note
The football market of video games has been quite competitive over the past 
few years. With rising competitors such as ESPN and Madden topping the market, 
most of the other minor titles hardly have a chance of high sales. One of the 
more popular football series to erupt the past few years has been NFL Blitz, 
which placed more emphasis on hard-crunching tackles, than the actual goal of 
getting a first down. At one point, it was considered to be a Mature-rated 
game because of excessive amounts of violence. Thankfully, Midway has decided 
to take a more simulation-like approach this year, with NFL Blitz Pro. This 
guide will attempt to guide you through the game step-by-step, provide insight 
on the franchise mode, and teach you some in-depth strategies with the Blitz 
style of play.

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have 
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than 
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If 
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask. 
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me 
with what you want to know!

=03/10/11= vFinal
Final update.

=07/22/04= v1.0
Finished the FAQ/Strategy Guide. Took less time thanks to my new TV, which has 
been working well with my writing hobby.

=07/19/04= v1.0
Started the FAQ. This guide is probably going to take a week to complete as I 
have to experiment with the gameplay modes, and get use to the Blitz 

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
             > Rules
          3) Teams
             > Description of each
          4) Game Modes
             > Description of each
          5) Franchise Details
             > Walkthrough
             > Player Ratings
          6) Strategies
             > Offense
             > Defense
          7) Special Features
             > Blitz Shop
             > Create-A-Player
             > Blitz Theater
          8) Codes
          9) Common Questions
          10) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
          11) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
The NFL Blitz series has never been known for being super-realistic, or high 
quality graphics. Instead, Blitz has been more known for its bone-crushing 
hits, and arcade play that allowed just about anybody to pick up the 
controller and play. Originally created back in the late 90s, NFL Blitz was 
one of the first games to actually turn football into a wrestling-like sport. 
By twisting certain rules, and eliminating penalties, Blitz restated what 
football was all about. You could body slam a wide receiver after he catches 
the ball in your state of anguish. You could take out a rusher who just scored 
the ball by clotheslining him, then laying the smackdown. However, as the 
years passed, Blitz progressively became more stale, and more stale. Hardly 
any intuitive features were added to the game for a pleasing experience. It 
almost felt like they took the same game from system-to-system, simply not 
bothering to update it at all. After a few years of stale sales, Midway 
finally decided to fine tune their Blitz series into NFL Blitz Pro.

Rather than the traditional arcade action, the game was more simulation-like 
with the hard hitting tackles still present. Unfortunately, Blitz loses more 
of its innovative touch with this new game, and most original fans might be 
repelled by it. To start off, NFL Blitz Pro now features 11 on 11 action, 
rather than the previous 7 on 7. Full team rosters are present, along with 
player ratings, an interesting franchise mode, and even more useful plays from 
the playbook. However, Blitz Pro seems to play like a run down Madden or ESPN 
Football game. It has less features and options than either of its 
competitors, yet claims it has the arcade elements still present. Regardless, 
NFL Blitz Pro is a nice cheap football game if you want to experiment with 
something different. 


##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 1-4
Developer: Midway
Released: 2003
Rarity: Fairly Common
Special Features: n/a
Cover Art on case: 
- Shows Terrell Owens in a repeat pattern catching a pass


- 2) Game Basics           -
Thankfully, the Xbox controller is a well-fit mix for football games nowadays. 
With its handy sensitive trigger buttons, along with dual joysticks, and four 
accessible buttons, just about any player can get use to the setup in no time. 
Unfortunately, Blitz makes use of the black/white buttons exclusively as well, 
which could be troubling for some players that aren't too familiar with the 

KEY representation for each button:

                    Y = Y button (yellow)
                    X = X button (blue)
                    B = B button (red)
                    A = A button (green)
                BLACK = Black button
                WHITE = White button
                    R = R trigger
                    L = L trigger
            Joysticks = L/R joysticks
          Control Pad = 4-way control pad
                START = start button
                 BACK = back button
/Menu Controls/
   START - advances through
    BACK - moves back one screen
       B - moves back
       A - proceeds forward

/Pre-Snap Offense/
   Left Joystick - moves player in motion
            BACK - calls timeout
  Right Joystick - adjusts "Impact Player" attitude
               A - snaps ball
           A & B - switches between players before play (if not controlling)
           BLACK - zooms out for overhead view of play
               L - open audibles menu

- Adjusting the Impact player attitude allows you to set his AI for the play. 
You can have him pass block, run block, cover, or simply go out on a route if 
you know a blitz is coming.

   Joystick - moves QB around
          Y - jumps
  X,A,B,L,R - passes to designated receiver, hold down for bullet pass
          B - toggles passing icons

- Passing is a simple process in Blitz. After the ball is snapped, the passing 
icons will immediately pop up, which means you can pass the ball right away. 
You do not have to tap A to initiate the passing icons, which is similar to 
other football games. Tapping the button compared to holding it down will 
cause for either a bullet pass, or lob pass. 

      Joystick - moves rusher
             A - charges, sprint
             B - spin, avoid hand off
             X - dive
             Y - hurdle
         WHITE - juke left
         BLACK - juke right
 WHITE & BLACK - juke backward
             R - speed burst
             L - stiff arm

- The rushing game in NFL Blitz Pro is a tad weaker when compared to other 
football games, but the runningback still has plenty of fancy moves to show 
off. The turbo bar in the lower left corner represents how much speed burst 
energy you have left, or if you want to do any overpowering moves (such as a 
clothesline, rather than a stiff arm). Juking backward is a neat little 
feature to get overbalanced defenders off their feet. Avoid charging and 
spinning right when you're about to be tackled, otherwise your fumble rate 
will increase greatly.

             B - take control of receiver while ball in mid-air
      Joystick - move receiver
             X - dive catch
             Y - jump catch
             R - speed burst
             L - shove defender

- After the pass is hurled into the air, you may attempt to catch it manually. 
This method is a tad tougher, but also makes up for the lacking AI. There are 
no pass interference penalties, so feel free to shove a defender off your 
back, then leap up for the grab.

/Pre-Snap Defense/
      Joystick - moves defender
Right Joystick - impact player adjustment
             A - switch players backward
             B - switch players forward
             Y - receivers
             L - open audibles menu

- As usual, if you see an opening in the defense, you can adjust your Impact 
Player to a new type of AI for the play. Some selections include Blitz, Zone 
R/L, Cover, and so on. This is useful if you see a big hole in your defense, 
and don't want to waste a timeout.

      Joystick - moves defender
        L or A - shoves defender
             B - switch to closest defender
             X - dive, or dive tackle
             Y - jump, deflect, intercept
             R - speed burst

- Shoving a defender will usually knock him to the ground or off balance. Use 
this frequently on possible receivers, or manually try to jump catch a pass if 
the chance is given.

The rules in NFL Blitz Pro are much, much different when compared to 
traditional football games. First and foremost is the fact that there are no 
penalties. Referees are "non-existant" on the Blitz battlefields, so don't 
expect a catch interference call. This greatly expands what you can do in a 
limited amount of time. There are also additional changes that make the game 
more "Madden-like", but not quite to the same degree.
   = KEY RULES =

     - Don't worry about pummeling players to the ground, or roughing them up
       after the play ends.

     - Contrary to previous Blitz games (30 yds), first downs can now be gained
       via a 10 yard gain. This is a huge difference in gameplay now that the
       distance is much shorter.

     - Blitz was originally designed for primarily passing, with a pass behind
       the line of scrimmage counting as a rush. Nowadays, there are more
       rushing only plays including handoffs, pitches, and shuddle passes. You
       can even setup screens.

     - While the clock works the same way as it does in official football, it
       seems to move at a slower rate when compared to other games. Thus,
       expect to play Blitz Pro on lower quarter times, but see similar scores
       to 8-10 minute quarters on a game of Madden.

   >> NO INJURIES >>
     - Even with all of the nerve-damaging hits, you cannot get a player in
       Blitz injured. However, they will grow tired from time to time, and
       subs will play for them on certain plays.


- 3) Teams                 -
Since NFL Blitz Pro is modeled after the ever-popular National Football 
League, you can expect a plethora of teams to play as. Your selection ranges 
from teams split into various divisions, conferences, and even additional 
bonus teams which can be bought via earned credits during the game. This 
section will give you a brief profile of each team with their 

    ((ARIZONA CARDINALS)) [77 OVR] - designed for PASS
  / A pleasantly young team with plenty of potential, but a lack of experience
 / and key stars provides a weak base. One of the worst teams in the game, but
/ great to start a franchise from.

    ((ATLANTA FALCONS)) [85 OVR] - designed for PASS
  / As you may already know, the rampant Michael Vick dominates on this team.
 / However, they have a great linebacker core, and an excellent passing attack
/ which can prove to be a threat in the league.

    ((BALTIMORE RAVENS)) [83 OVR] - designed for RUN
  / With Jamal Lewis heading the rushing attack, and a furious defense, the
 / Ravens are a premiere physical team in the league. Of course, youth and
/ more time development only improves their ratings.

    ((BUFFALO BILLS)) [87 OVR] - designed for PASS/RUN
  / One of the top teams in the game, the Bills have all of the lethal weapons
 / for a Blitz-like team. You have Bledsoe at the helm, with Moulds at
/ receiver, and Travis Henry at running back. Unfortunately, they seemed curse
| to a certain extent.

    ((CAROLINA PANTHERS)) [81 OVR] - designed for RUN
  / This year's superbowl contender is actually rated fairly low in Blitz.
 / Little did Midway know that Stephen Davis would lead a rushing charge that
/ crippled other team's defenses. Their defense is their primary weapon.

    ((CHICAGO BEARS)) [84 OVR] - designed for RUN
  / They look better in the game than they actually should be. Their dominant
 / defense up front is great to have in Blitz, but the offense is weak in both
/ areas, even with Kordell Stewart.

    ((CINCINNATI BENGALS)) [76 OVR] - designed for RUN
  / My favorite team got no respect in this year's Blitz. Their defense is one
 / of the worst in the league, and their rushing attack seems to be lethal,
/ despite their passing attack being more of a one-two punch.

    ((CLEVELAND BROWNS)) [80 OVR] - designed for RUN/PASS
  / With the loss of several free agents during the 2003 season, Cleveland has
 / dropped out of being a top team. Their defense, rushing, and passing attack
/ are really all rounded off.

    ((DALLAS COWBOYS)) [81 OVR] - designed for RUN
  / Another young team that is developing as each year goes along. Dallas has
 / a stale passing attack, but a defense that rekindles the lack of scoring.
/ Still nothing like a stingy cowboy though.

    ((DENVER BRONCOS)) [89 OVR] - designed for RUN/PASS
  / Another top team in the game, Denver has one of the most stocked lineups
 / that no one can compete with. Their stellar running game, along with the
/ addition of Plummer is something to be feared.

    ((DETROIT LIONS)) [77 OVR] - designed for RUN/PASS
  / Another bottom sucker on the lake, the Lions have no real threat on the
 / the three areas of their team. They need more draft picks and time to
/ develop a star in order to be a top-notch competitor.

    ((GREEN BAY PACKERS)) [85 OVR] - designed for RUN/PASS
  / As always, the Packers still manage to keep on going as one of the
 / home-town favorites in the game. With Favre and Ahman Green, there's
/ nothing to worry about offensively, just the defense has some troubles.

    ((HOUSTON TEXANS)) [78 OVR] - designed for PASS
  / The expansion team has still to land any key players who can lead the way.
 / Their low-luster scores only provide a stable backbone to what they're
/ lacking. Maybe next year will be better.

    ((INDIANAPOLIS COLTS)) [83 OVR] - designed for PASS
  / When you have Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, and one of the best three-
 / way offensive combos in the league, you're going to cruise to victory. The
/ only flaw is a weak defense hides underneath the pro-bowl offense.

    ((JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS)) [79 OVR] - designed for PASS
  / Another fairly young team heading in the right direction. With a few key
 / free agents here and there, they're only a few games away from being a
/ playoff competitor, that is if they could manage a stable offensive plan.

    ((KANSAS CITY CHIEFS)) [88 OVR] - designed for RUN/PASS
  / One of the more Blitz-like teams in the game, the Chiefs have a blazing
 / offense with Priest Holmes and Trent Green, despite a slender defense.
/ Very reminiscent of the Colts, except with better uniforms.

    ((MIAMI DOLPHINS)) [88 OVR] - designed for RUN
  / Probably the best team in the game, roster wise. They literally have
 / playmakers at key positions on offense and defense, but cannot seem to get
/ a legit passing threat at QB.

    ((MINNESOTA VIKINGS)) [82 OVR] - designed for PASS
  / Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss only enhance this passing attack to great
 / heights, but the running game and defense could use improvement. Sort of in
/ a mini rebuilding stage.

    ((NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS)) [84 OVR] - designed for PASS
  / This year's Superbowl winner comes out rated fairly low. Despite some key
 / free agency losses, their passing attack is a threat, and the defense is
/ consistent enough on a regular basis.

    ((NEW ORLEANS SAINTS)) [81 OVR] - designed for RUN/PASS
  / Again, these guys are heavily overrated on screen, rather than actually on
 / the field. With Aaron Brooks and Deuce McAllister, there's no flaws on the
/ header. However, their defense suffers from a lack of speed.

    ((NEW YORK GIANTS)) [87 OVR] - designed for RUN/PASS
  / These hometown favorites have a nice offense, especially with Amani Toomer
 / and Tiki Barber. But the usual curse tends to hover over their heads as
/ they fall down flat when it comes to the playoffs.

    ((NEW YORK JETS)) [84 OVR] - designed for PASS
  / One of the top contenders for an underrated Superbowl contender, the Jets
 / have a superior QB in Chad Pennington. They're overwhelmingly balanced in
/ all three categories, but need an extra push over the steep hills.

    ((OAKLAND RAIDERS)) [91 OVR] - designed for PASS
  / The best team in the game, hands down. While they're extremely old, these
 / guys got skills and hall of fame names for a reason. The only problem is
/ that they will literally die off after a few years.

    ((PHILADELPHIA EAGLES)) [90 OVR] - designed for RUN/PASS
  / Philly has a supreme cornerhold defense, Donovan McNabb leading the helm,
 / and a guy named Deuce Staley at runningback. The only antidote needed is
/ something to lay off the old Philly pressure.

    ((PITTSBURGH STEELERS)) [85 OVR] - designed for PASS
  / With their shifting in gameplan from running to passing, the Steelers are
 / a top contender in the AFC North. Even their defense has an extremely
/ strong physical approach.

    ((SAN DIEGO CHARGERS)) [85 OVR] - designed for RUSH
  / Very overrated in the game due to some inflated youngsters. Aside from
 / that though, their Ladainian Tomlinson is something to be feared of. Their
/ defense doesn't have enough effort on the field though.

    ((SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS)) [86 OVR] - designed for PASS
  / When the star player on your video game is Terrell Owens, you've got to
 / hand a little boost to his team. The 49ers are overrated in the game, with
/ an inflated passing attack, but depressing defense.

    ((SEATTLE SEAHAWKS)) [83 OVR] - designed for RUN
  / Matt Hasslebeck and a premiere offense led by key receivers proves Seattle
 / to be an explosive team. The only problem is that their defense lacks some
/ speed on the interior, making their blitz a useless form.

    ((ST. LOUIS RAMS)) [87 OVR] - designed for RUN
  / No question about this one, Marshall Faulk is a beast in this game. Their
 / passing attack took a deep loss without Kurt Warner at the helm, and the
/ defense has some youngsters in the secondary.

    ((TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS)) [92 OVR] - designed for PASS
  / The 2003 Superbowl winners continue in style with the best defense in the
 / game that seems unstoppable at times. However, with a horrible rushing
/ attack, it could prove to be a problem at getting clutch first downs.

    ((TENNESSEE TITANS)) [82 OVR] - designed for PASS
  / The recent decline of Eddie George has only hurt this team as the years
 / have gone by. Still, their passing attack is legit, and the defense seems
/ more powerful than listed on screen.

    ((WASHINGTON REDSKINS)) [77 OVR] - designed for RUN
  / Another team headed in a mysterious direction. The Redskins have some key
 / free agents, but don't have a playmaker on the offense to really put them
/ in the lead. Give them some time before they're lethal weapons.


- 4) Game Modes            -
Usually each year, game developers will add new modes that give the players 
new options to customize their football game. Ranging from Madden's "Owner" 
mode to even ESPN's First Person View Mode, each adds an interesting twist. 
Unfortunately, NFL Blitz Pro is slightly behind times. Their new franchise 
mode attempts to be several elements that seem to co-exist at certain parts, 
but spread thin for mediocre gameplay. This section will briefly describe each 
of the game modes. For more information about Franchise Mode, please visit 
Chapter Five (Franchise Details).

/Quick Play/
This is similar to someone who wants to play the game right away, without any 
questions asked. Quick Play is designed to get a game going as quickly as 
possible, without fiddling with options or customization features. After 
selecting the option, you pick whether or not you want to be the home or away 
team. Afterwards, you may select your team. You may play as any of the 
official NFL teams, plus any unlocked ones on your profile. 

This is similar to someone who wants to play a game, but allow for more 
options of customization. After selecting the option, you may select which 
side you want to be. After picking teams, you'll then be brought to an options 
menu. You can customize the following options:

     ++>> Quarter Length: how long each quarter lasts, default is 3 minutes
          Skill Level: ranges from Rookie, Pro, to Elite
          Time of Day: allows for night, day, or random play
          Cam Type: from what angle your Blitz game will be played
          Weather: ranges from snow, rain, hail, windy, etc...

     ++>> Stadium Select: play in any one of the official NFL team stadiums
                          and any bonus ones unlocked
     ++>> Play Conditions: allows you to customize playing conditions such as
                           - Heavy, Light, or No fog
                           - Cloudy, Partly Cloudy, Snow, Rain, or Clear
                           - Night, Dusk, or Afternoon
                           - Temperature and Wind conditions are also displayed

     ++>> Create-A-Game: if you unlocked any of these special custom game
                         modes, you can play them during Exhibition Mode

/Season Mode/
This is similar to the traditional Blitz season mode where you can manage any 
team for one season. All the options of franchise mode are available (with the 
exception of contracts, player progression, etc...). You can adjust your depth 
chart, pick up free agents, or make trades. The season will reset after the 
end of Year One, so don't prepare this like a franchise team. 

/Franchise Mode/
This is a definite improvement over the previous Blitz games. Franchise mode 
allows you to draft players after the year ends, watch your players progress, 
and improve them by spending cash. You can also make off-season moves, and 
control your team for up to 10 seasons. Certainly the most enjoyable aspect of 
the game. For more information, check out the Franchise Details section below 
on the secrets behind franchise mode.

This is an interesting twist added to Blitz for anyone who wants to expound 
upon the multiplayer experience. You can play either a 4-player or 8-player 
tournament. You have the option of allowing everybody to fantasy draft their 
teams for an interesting mix. A bracket is accompanied with the games to show 
who has made the finals and semi-finals. This is a one-loss elimination type, 
so every game counts.


- 5) Franchise Details     -
In nearly every sports game out there, the franchise mode is the most prized 
possession that players endeavour towards. Franchise modes give players the 
ability to own and manage a team rather than just being a sidelined coach. You 
can make roster transactions, player negotiations, and pretty much customize 
the team for a successful future. NFL Blitz Pro's franchise mode is not 100% 
perfect, but it does offer a refreshing experience for previous Blitz fans. 
This section will describe the franchise mode in detail, and explain some key 
components behind it. 

After selecting the franchise option, you'll be given the choice of selecting 
a name for your franchise. You can also enter a short PIN password in case you 
do not want any other people accessing it while you're not around. After that, 
you will be brought to the user menu. You can add as many users as you want 
(up to the maximum team limit). Unfortunately, all players must be human 
controlled. Afterwards, you may customize your franchise by selecting the 
difficulty (Rookie, Pro, Elite), a play select timer (allows 10 seconds to 
pick a play), and if you want a fantasy draft. From here on, you may start 
your season and prepare to control an NFL franchise.

Five headers will dominate your Franchise Mode menu. They are:

   <|@@|> PLAY WEEK <|@@|>
- Displays the current week with all teams playing, and a checkbox next to 
human-played games. You may navigate through the weeks using the L/R triggers. 
Press X to simulate a week, Y to check on/off one game, or A to play a game.

   <|@@|> STANDINGS <|@@|>
- Displays the current standings of the league, individual conferences, along 
with their records. Great overall view allows for easy way of displaying 

   <|@@|> MANAGE TEAMS <|@@|>
- This is the key feature you will be dealing with during a franchise. This 
option splits into 6 separate choices, which each have advantages and 

     ))#> Depth Charts - Let's you set the order of players at each position.
                         Their ratings are displayed to assist you, and let
                         you know who would be a better player at that
                         position. For offensive lineman, the top two players
                         will each play right and left positions properly.
                         You also are given the option to cut players by 
                         pressing X. This gives you an open slot on your
                         roster, but you'll have to pay free agency prices
                         to get them to sign.

     ))#> Improve Players - Rather than being forced to wait till the end of
                            the year, you can instantly improve player ratings
                            with the sacrifice of some cash. This option let's
                            you pay a certain cash price to increase ratings
                            in specific categories on any player on your team.
                            The cost is dependant on the position of the
                            player and their primary rating. It costs a lot
                            more to improve a receiver with 90 SPD rather than
                            one in the high 60s. The cash cost decreases by
                            50% for non-important ratings. More cash is earned
                            by winning games. You'll always start off with

     ))#> Trade Players - Gives you the option of trading certain players at
                          specific positions to another team. You can put
                          people on the trading board by selecting their
                          name, then pressing X to rotate to the other team
                          and select who you want. The only disadvantage is
                          that you cannot trade for picks, and the CPU will
                          decide if the deal is fair.

     ))#> Free Agency - You can hire free agents anytime during a season.
                        However, each of them have costs in order to be
                        hired to your team. Depending on their ratings,
                        their cash costs will rise or lower independently.
                        If you don't have the money or roster spots, then
                        you cannot hire them. You can cut players to make
                        cash room.

     ))#> Coaching Changes - Permits you to change a user-controlled team
                             to CPU-controlled, or change the team you
                             control as well. Useful for making quick
                             changes without having to fire or hire

     ))#> Create-A-Player - This neat option let's you create your own
                            player from scratch by customizing unique
                            data. The player's cost will rise based on their
                            position, ratings, and availability. Only useful
                            if you have the spare cash.

   <|@@|> STATISTICS <|@@|>
- This is another data-like feature that allows you to examine how well your 
players, or other ones are doing on the field. Depending on their position, 
stats are revealed, and include %'s, overall depth, etc. The menu splits into 
four objects after selected.

     ))#> Player Stats - Let's you view the current player stats of this

     ))#> League Leaders - Let's you view the current league leaders in special
                           stat categories.

     ))#> Team Stats - Let's you view stats for overall teams, and their
                       ranking compared to other teams.

     ))#> Career Stats - Let's you view the current player's profile stats.
                         If you have a profile loaded, you can see how well
                         you have done during games.

   <|@@|> LOAD/SAVE <|@@|>
- This gives you the ability to save any loaded or created files during a 
franchise. Pretty much the only way of upkeeping your progress.


After you've finished fiddling around with the menus, you must then play 
through 17 grueling weeks, with one week as a bye rest week. Depending on your 
record, you may or may not make it to the playoffs. The Playoffs are split 
like this:






Once the entire season is finished, tap A to enter the Off-Season. The first 
menu involves Retired Players. You'll receive some humorous reasons for 
retirement, here are a few good examples:

   - "Said equipment didn't fit him."
     "Became a meat salesman."
     "Wants to get into politics."
     "One hit too many."
     "Took HS coaching position."
     "Lost desire to win."
     "Didn't feel he could perform."
     "Went to raise race horses."
     "Wanted more 'me' time."
     "Lost desire to play."
     "Wants to spend more time on farm."
     "Grown tired of being on-fire."
     "Left to manage slew of mini-malls."
     "Wanted to spend time with kids."
     "Took college coaching position."
     "Went to coach kids football team."
     "Tired of going to training camp."
     "Family reasons."
     "Doesn't have the desire anymore."
     "Pursued other interests."
     "Opened lucrative steakhouse."
     "Heart isn't in it anymore."
     "Said he had enough."
     "Didn't feel he could perform."
     "Ankles hurt too much."
     "Tired of the grind." 

- I've found that most of the retired players happens to be by random. Some 
key players who just enter their prime will retire for little to no reason. 
Don't be alarmed by this.


After tapping start, once you've viewed player retirements, the game will rush 
forward to the NFL draft. There are no preview sessions, scout lessons, or any 
of that political non-sense. You'll be tossed right into the middle of the 
draft, with your first round pick ready. You may view your current roster, 
along with available players on the board, and drafted ones as well. Just tap 
the trigger buttons to rotate back and forth. Press A to instantly draft the 
player. There are 7 rounds to the draft. You can fast forward through the 
troublesome navigation by pressing START.


After the draft ends, you'll be rushed to Free Agency. You can make any 
additions to your team that seem to be necessary. Costs are relatively 
cheaper, but still high for the top players.


Finally you'll be brought to next year's depth chart, and be given the choice 
of setting your options. All draft picks are instantly signed, and you do not 
have to deal with player negotiations at all. One big benefit to the whole 
mix. After navigating through this menu, you'll be given a chance to send 
players to a TRAINING CAMP. Unfortunately, it's the same option as Improved 
Players, because you still have to pay cash! How cheap of Midway to toss that 
in. Finally, you'll be offered an Off-Season Summary to see who was 
released/retired, improved, and acquired players. Hit START to proceed and see 
a final summary. Then, it's the next season all over again.

/Player Ratings/
This brief section will describe the effect each player rating does, and what 
it stands for. As you know, player ratings basically determine how skilled a 
player is. Aside from that, without ratings, player names would be 
meaningless, and everyone would be the same.

  |     RATING     |                        DESCRIPTION                      |
  | Speed          | Determines how fast the player moves naturally          |
  | Quickness      | Determines the agility of the player on spins, and      |
  |  ...           |  momentum shifts                                        |
  | Awareness      | Determines the player's CPU awareness on the field when |
  |  ...           |  not controlled by you                                  |
  | Strength       | Determines the player's natural strength, ability to    |
  |  ...           |  tackle other players, and throwing arm power           |
  | Accuracy       | Determines the player's arm accuracy on passes          |
  | Hands          | Determines the player's ability to intercept passes and |
  |  ...           |  hold onto the ball                                     |
  | Break Tackles  | Determines the player's ability to break tackles when   |
  |  ...           |  wrapped, or disengage from a block                     |
  | Blocking       | Determines the player's ability to successfully block   |
  |  ...           |  or pancake an opposing player                          |
  | Tackling       | Determines the player's ability to tackle a player, or  |
  |  ...           |  cause a fumble                                         |
  | Attitude       | Determines the player's loyalness to team, prevention   |
  |  ...           | from retiring, importance to team, and luck rating      |


- 6) Strategies             -
As always, football is primarily more of a strategy game that involves 
physical contact. Coaches decide upon plays that will lead them to victory. 
This section will try to describe offensive and defensive strategies to help 
enhance your gameplan. Unfortunately, Blitz places more emphasis on player 
skills and knowing when to use your abilities, rather than the actual 
execution of plays. 

To be quite frank, the offense in NFL Blitz Pro is mainly dominated by the 
pass. While the game has incorporated a better running system, it still lacks 
consistency to be an effective weapon. This brief section will describe some 
ways to improve offensive gains.

  Throughout a few games during Blitz, I have discovered a much easier way of 
gaining above-average yards, with the simple allurement of the defense. The 
idea of the short flip-off is to pick a play that has at least one back in the 
backfield. From here on, make sure it's a passing play, and ensure that the 
back goes on an outside route. Now, hike the play, and start to scramble right 
or left (depending where your runningback goes). Continue to scramble in that 
direction. Eventually you'll start to get defensive linemen, and perhaps a 
blitzing linebacker after you. However, make sure your QB is fairly close to 
the line of scrimmage as well. You can actually lure the coverage off of your 
back if you're close enough to the line, and allow him to get open (because 
the defender will see a higher priority, the QB in closer proximity to him). 
When the opportunity arises, quickly flip the pass to the runningback (usually 
the Black or White button), and then hold down the R trigger to get a 
sprinting boost. To put this into better wording, look at the following 

                                                      D  Hb
  X    XO O O O O  X          --->        XO O O O O  | /
            Qb       X                                v/
                                               ----> Qb      (Flip it up)

 1. Start off with the initial hiking.
 2. Let the runningback get open along the sidelines by luring the defender
    off of him. This can be executed by letting your QB close enough to the
    line of scrimmage to lure him off, and then flipping the ball to the open
 3. From there on, I'd hold down the turbo boost button and sprint straight
    up the sidelines. Very useful for a quick first down when it's third and
    fairly long. Most of the secondary will be out deep to prevent the long
    pass. Remember though that you'll need a fast back who has good hands in
    order to execute this play for most of the game.

  Unfortunately, the running game in NFL Blitz Pro isn't exactly worthy of a 
pro-bowl mention. While Midway fine tuned the system this year to make it a 
tad more realistic, the CPU tends to have trouble actually making use of the 
running game. Often, you'll shut down the running game, allowing the CPU to 
minimal gains under 30 total yards, and sometimes into the negative regions. 
It just doesn't feel balanced enough during stressed times. Regardless, here 
are some tips to improve your running game.

   = If you know that the side you're running to is clumped up with

   + Then, send a wide receiver in motion. If the receiver is on the side with
     the bunched up group, he should be able to lure away one defender if it's
     man-to-man coverage. If the receiver in motion is coming from the other
     side, lure him over to act as an extra blocker on the running attack. You
     will be surprised how fierce receivers can act as blockers.

   = When should I use the special carrying skills...

   + Use jukes when you need to evade only ONE oncoming defender. You can often
     rid of his presence with a well-timed juke. Avoid juking towards the
     direction of the sideline. Spins should be used if you have multiple
     defenders on your one side, but not the other. Just spin, and start
     sprinting in the other direction. The charge should be used for pounding
     it up the middle, especially against a weak secondary. You can charge
     through wrap tackles, and break from one by tapping A. Do not overuse
     charge though, especially on a normal run. You will fumble 2-3 times a
     game to let you know if you're overcharging. Hurdling is only decent for
     getting over proned bodies. Diving is for getting the first down in close
     quarters, or a touchdown score. Sprint by holding down the R trigger. This
     should be used often during a play, especially in wide open field. The L
     trigger sends out a stiff arm that is extremely useful for creating space.
     The only flaw is that you need to have good reaction times to place the
     arm out in time.

   = Are there any recommended rushing plays...

   + I've found the HB Smash, any outside pitch play, and the HB Gut plays to
     be quite useful for gaining 3-4 yards. Pitch plays will go awry once in
     awhile with a bad loss, but it's almost like tossing a free screen play
     out. The gut runs will get you good gains once in awhile, especially
     when your opponent overblitzes you.

   = Any recommended types of RBs to have as starters...

   + Unlike Madden which is based entirely around speed, I'd say it's a must
     to have a runningback with good hands. One who can catch the ball on a
     flats pass, and rush without fumbling it every 3 seconds is necessary
     to your team. Do not worry about speed too much. Power skills such as
     stiff arms and jukes can really open up the field for you more than a
     sprinting back.

Defense in NFL Blitz Pro is not the most optimistic point of the game. In many 
cases, scoring will be much easier, and playing an effective defense will be 
much more frustrating. You have to remember that this game plays like arcade 
football, so expect fluctuating scores. This brief section will describe a few 
defensive pointers.

  Formations are the key to every defense, since the personnel that play at 
each position will determine your success rate. There are primarily 3 
different base formations in Blitz, along with additional support formations. 
You have the 4-3, 3-4, 4-6, Nickel, Dime, and Goal Line formations. These are 
your basic ones. There may be additional playbook specific ones, but these 
will make up a majority of your pickings.

   = When to use each formation...

     .     NAME     .                      DESCRIPTION                     .
     .     4-3      . This formation is designed to combat I-forms,        .
     .              . or 2 WR sets. The 4-3 has 3 LBs up the middle, a nice.
     .              . defensive front, and a well-based secondary. Great   .
     .              . for providing pressure against the run and pass, but .
     .              . really designed for stopping big run gains.          .
     .     3-4      . This formation is designed for more personnel like   .
     .              . teams who have talent at the LB position. The 3-4    .
     .              . puts 4 LBs up the middle, with less on the defensive .
     .              . front, and the same secondary. The 3-4 is designed   .
     .              . for deceptive blitzes and coverage schemes. However, .
     .              . without the correct personnel, it's just another     .
     .              . fart in the wind.                                    .
     .     4-6      . This formation is designed for teams with excellent  .
     .              . safeties that can grind out for tremendous plays.    .
     .              . 4-6 can shutdown the running game, but sacrifices    .
     .              . extra protection in the backfield. This formation    .
     .              . can be very risky if you blitz on the wrong play,    .
     .              . or get burnt deep.                                   .
     .   Nickel     . The nickel play should be used when facing 3 WR or   .
     .              . one back sets. It's designed for added padding       .
     .              . against the pass, but still gives two LBs to protect .
     .              . the middle. Not the best for stopping the pass, but  .
     .              . is sort of like a 4-3 Pass version, per say.         .
     .    Dime      . The dime formation should be used when facing an     .
     .              . absolute passing situation. This will give you six   .
     .              . men in the secondary to take care of business. The   .
     .              . only flaw is that you are susceptible to the run, if .
     .              . fooled by the opponent.                              .
     .  Goal Line   . The goal line formation is designed for situations   .
     .              . that are seven yards or closer to the goal. Often,   .
     .              . you will face situations where the opponent is going .
     .              . to pound the ball with a RB, and you need extra men  .
     .              . in the middle to stop the rush. It's only flaw is    .
     .              . that you hardly have anyone in the secondary.        .

  If you're fairly confident, you can attempt to fool around with the Impact 
Player setting. During each play, a player is designated the Impact Player. By 
fiddling with the right joystick, you can alter his behavioral pattern for 
that play. Let's say you choose a play where your 2 middle LBs are going to 
play zone up the middle (to stop any pesky tight ends). However, on this play, 
you notice that every blocker up front is taken. Hit the right joystick down, 
and your Impact Player will now blitz on the play, rather than play his zone 
coverage. You now have one extra blitzer on the attack, who may be able to 
sneak through for the sack. This is the advantage of the Impact Player 
setting. Remember that it only affects the one designated player, and not the 
entire team (like Madden 2004).


- 7) Special Features      -
As usual, developers are always trying to add new features and modes that 
separate their sports games from the rest. With Madden, it was the intuitive 
Playmakers feature. With ESPN, a first person view mode added variety. And 
with Blitz, well, it's just different we'll say. This section will describe 
some of the special features included with the game. 

/Blitz Shop/
This is one of the more unique unlockable features that can be enjoyed during 
NFL Blitz Pro. To access the Blitz Shop, go to the main menu of the game. Tap 
the R/L triggers to move back and forth. Under features, click on the Blitz 
Shop tab. Now, pick a username (you must create one to access it at least). 
Anytime you earn credits during a game for causing amazing feats, or 
performing above expectations, you will be rewarded with credits. These 
credits can then be saved to your profile, and you may purchase items from the 
Blitz Shop. Items include new teams, gameplay features, or just random menu 
settings. This section will describe each of the items. The three types of 
things you can buy from the shop are split into Teams, Stadiums, and Game 
  /))!> FANTASY TEAMS COST: 5,000 
| TIGERS * "Purchase the Tigers and the Lions to see which pussycay roars 
|           loudest."     
|>COST: 5,000 
| BEARS * "Chris and Gator often wonder if a team of Broncos could beat a
|          team of Bears. Purchase both and answer their question."
|>COST: 5,000 
| HORSES * "If you're looking for speed, these ponies have plenty of
|           giddy-up."
|>COST: 5,000 
| RAMS * "Those curved antlers are priceless in short-yardage situations."
|>COST: 5,000 
| EAGLES * "Fast and furious, but how hard can they peck? That might be a
|           little too personal."
|>COST: 5,000 
| PIRATES * "Eye-patches make it difficult for them to be great receivers,
|            but that hook can be devastating."
|>COST: 5,000 
| DOLPHINS * "They're smart, slippery mammals, but how tough can they really
|             be?" 
|>COST: 5,000 
| FAT BOYS * "If plus-sized players in diapers can't win the battle in the
|             trenches, who will?"
|>COST: 10,000 
| VIKINGS * "Nothing is more intimidating than a bunch of old sailors.
|            Nothing."
|>COST: 5,000 
| CLOWNS * "The only thing scarier than mimes may be a team of clowns. If you
|           don't understand now, buy them and you soon will."
|>COST: 5,000 
| CHEDDARHEADS * "Love 'em or hate 'em, you have to admin that those cheese
|                 domes make snazzy helmets."
|>COST: 5,000 
| CRANIUMS * "As if wearing a cheese hat just wasn't crazy enough."
|>COST: 5,000 
| COWBOYS * "They're not exactly America's team, but they'll do."
|>COST: 5,000 
| ROBOTS * "They're built like dump trucks and move like them, too."
|>COST: 10,000
| EVIL ROBOTS * "They're robots and they're evil. What more do you need to
|                know?"
|>COST: 10,000
| KNIGHTS * "Sometimes warriors get a little bored guarding King Arthur's
|            fat can."
|>COST: 5,000   
| BISON * "Bison burgers are lean n' tasty, but you don't want a mouth full
|          of this buffalo anytime soon."
|>COST: 5,000 
| HOTDOGS * "They're not chill cheese dogs, but these franks are hot to
|            trot."
|>COST: 15,000
| NINJAS * "Stealth and quickness reign supreme with these warriors of the
|           night."
|>COST: 5,000  
| PATRIOTS * "They're not the biggest or baddest, but they're the smartest."
|>COST: 5,000 
| PENGUINS * "Their top-end speed may be wobbly, but they sure can dance."
|>COST: 5,000 
| ZOMBIES * "A physically impressive team, as far as athletes made of
|            rotting flesh go."
|>COST: 5,000 
| APES * "These precursors to the modern-day Blitz athlete battle all teams
|         above them on the evolutionary ladder."
|>COST: 10,000
| CODE MONKEYS * "Sure, they can code, but do they have any skills on the
|                 gridiron?"
|>COST: 5,000  
| POLY GOONS * "Obviously they can draw, but are their hands any good for
|               catching a football?"
|>COST: 5,000 

  /))!> STADIUMS COST: 10,000 
| CENTRAL PARK * "Nothing like 22 men hitting each other amongst the birds,
|                 the bees, the flowers and the trees."
|>COST: 20,000
| TRAINING FIELD * "Practice makes perfect, so suit up and hit the Training
|                   Field."
|>COST: 10,000
| BLITZ CLASSIC * "Play a game in the arcade stadium that started it all!"
|>COST: 25,000
| HARDHAT PARK * "Even if there's no grass on the field, you can still play
|                 ball."
|>COST: 30,000
| AERODOME * "Make sure that your high-powered offense does not find itself
|             grounded like the two planes that call this hangar home."
|>COST: 35,000
| THE RUINIRON * "Everything you need in a coliseum, besides the lions and
|                 tigers, which you can add if you like."
|>COST: 30,000
| OIL RIG * "Gives a whole new meaning to the word of offshore drilling."
|>COST: 30,000

  /))!> GAME MODES COST: 10,000 
| BIRDCAGE * "Mere words cannot describe the debauchery contained here. Make
|             sure to use the celebrate stick!"
|>COST: 50,000
| BUTTERFINGAZ * "The Blitz team's favorite. No running out of bounds and
|                 every hit causes a fumble in this manly mode."
|>COST: 30,000
| BLITZ CLASSIC * "Play Blitz old-school style with all of the classic arcade
|                  rules, but with 11 players on each side."
|>COST: 30,000
| CYBERLEAGUE * "Robots vs. Robots. Toss an exploding ball around and hope
|                for the best. Riveting."
|>COST: 50,000
| DAVID VS GOLIATH * "Ah, a time-honored tale, but this time with lots of
|                     hitting. See if speed or strength prevails in this epic
|                     battle."
|>COST: 30,000
| DEUCES WILD * "Two's are king, so try for safeties and two-point
|                conversions!"
|>COST: 10,000
| INVISIBLE MAN * "You can't hit what you can't see, or can you?"
|>COST: 10,000
| LUCKY 7 * "Score as quickly as you can. Every play you run takes away from
|            your touchdown score so big plays are key!"
|>COST: 10,000
| BIG HEAD * "You know what they say, big head, large helmet. This mode is a
|             Midway Sports staple."
|>COST: 5,000

In traditional fashions, any create a player mode in a football game is 
usually added for customization purposes. You can create yourself, a friend, 
just about anyone, and see if they can lead a successful NFL career. Blitz's 
mode is no different, and perhaps less detailed when compared to the other 
games. Regardless, here are some of the key options you can alter in create-a-
player mode. 
       ________                   ________                 __________
  ____/STEP ONE\____         ____/STEP TWO\____       ____/STEP THREE\____
- First Name               - Face Mask (10 styles)  - Attributes (0 to 100)
- Last Name                - Mask Visor             - Lowering att. will
- Position                 - Neck Roll                save your overall
- Jersey #                 - Gloves                   free agent cost to
- Date of Birth            - Sleeves                  hire the player.
- Years Pro (Rookie to 20) - Elbow Pads
- Height (5'6" to 7')      - Wrist Pads
- Weight (150 to 400)      - Shoe Type
- Hands                    - Ankle Type
- Skin Tone (6 types)

/Blitz Theater/
Again, many of the modern sports game include little clips that help entertain 
the user when they're bored. Blitz features a special theater that allows you 
to view these clips.

   :: Owens in Action Intro ::
>> Shows a clip with Owens getting ready for a typical game day and making 
some beautiful catches in the endzone. Also shows some crushing hits along 
with the Blitz Pro logo.

   :: Pre-Kickoff Intro ::
>> Shows a clip with various players running out onto the field. Some 
interesting tackles are shown as well.

   :: Pre-Snap Intro ::
>> Shows a clip with two lines getting ready to snap the ball, along with 
various players hurdling and running over others. Some more Owens highlights 
as well.

   :: Blitz Pro Credit Roll ::
>> Shows a clip with Owens tossing a football. A game is then showed between 
Programmers and Artists of the game. Owens hides a sharpie in his shoe, and 
the game proceeds with the players having fun with Owens. He says the overall 
experience was fun working with Midway. He claims a lot of them can't play, 
but they showed the heart to play. You also get to see some humiliating misses 
and horrible attempts by the programmers to catch the ball. Of course, the 
entire team chants his name at the end of the game. 

   :: T.O. Signs the World ::
>> Shows a clip with an interview of Owens. Says how he never really was a 
star during HS or college, but claims they did a good job on the Blitz game. 
He then signs a lot of autographs for the programmers, and some comedy is 
added during the interview. Near the end he starts signing everything in sight.

   :: Probowl ::
>> Shows a clip of players at the Pro Bowl. Derrick Brooks start playing T.O. 
in a game of Blitz. Tony Gonzalez joins in on the fun and starts kicking a 
programmer's butt. Ty Law and Hines Ward start competing in a game as well. 
Jeremy Newberry, an offensive lineman, starts to play as well. Even Champ 
Bailey, the shutdown corner, starts kicking a programmer's butt. Eventually, 
more players continue to play Blitz down at their Pro Bowl vacation. Then they 
end with a ordered ending of the Pro Bowlers saying Blitz is the next great 

   :: Hitz Promo ::
>> Shows a clip promoting Midway Sports next game, which is NHL Hitz Pro. 
Seems like they're really trying to express their "Pro" endorsement. 


- 8) Codes                 -
Surprisingly, most of the rampant codes that use to exist in NFL Blitz games 
are now gone. The quick little logo codes before each game allowed players to 
quickly input codes without having to worry about repricussions. Now, there's 
only one known code for NFL Blitz Pro that seems to work. I'd like to thank:


- for providing this sole cheat code.
  "'\ DOG TEAM /'"

- To unlock the Dog Team, win any tournament during tournament mode.


- 9) Common Questions      -

)) Gameplay ((

<< How does this compare to other football games on the Xbox? >>

- Well, to start off, NFL Blitz Pro is part of the lower echelon of football 
games. During 2003, the top 2 football games were Madden 2004 (which was 
better than ESPN Football IMO), and then ESPN Football. Madden offers 
realistic gameplay along with an Owner's Mode, while ESPN Football was 
designed directly for the Xbox, but suffered with some unrealistic stats. NFL 
Blitz Pro tries to be like both games (it was released 2-3 months after both 
of those games). By adding the 11 on 11 action, and taking out the arcade-like 
results seen in the previous Blitz games, Blitz Pro feels more of like a 
hybrid beta version of a game. At certain instances, it feels realistic. But 
then you'll get a really horrible catch, or something cheap that just 
frustrates the day. The franchise mode feels rushed, ESPECIALLY in the off-
season, where you're instantly thrown into the first round with your pick, not 
knowing any previous knowledge of prospects available. If anything, I would 
avoid Blitz Pro if I had to buy only one football game, but I'd stick with it 
if you can find it cheap on eBay, or preowned at a Blockbuster. My personal 
rating would be a 6/10.

<< What does it mean when a player "catches" on fire? >>

- If you're new to the Blitz series, then I must rekindle your mind. Whenever 
a player catches on fire, this means they become super hot, and their 
attributes rise like crazy. For example, if you connect three consecutive 
passes to the same receiver, then his hands will catch on fire. Players can 
begin to heat up if they make a QB sack, tackle for a loss, or big 
interception. However, to stay on fire, you must keep getting them the ball on 
consecutive plays. You'll know a player is heating up when he begins to steam. 
Catching on fire is a good item, just hard to consistently earn on a regular 

<< Are there any other versions of this game available? >>

- Yes, NFL Blitz Pro was designed for all 3 systems - the PS2, GCN, and Xbox. 
Personally, I've never played the other two versions, but seeing as the Xbox 
is the superior system, then it has a graphical advantage over the others. 
I've yet to know if there are any differences between the 3 versions - 
gameplay wise.

<< Will there be another Blitz sequel? >>

- I hate to say this, but I don't believe so. NFL Blitz Pro put up horrible 
sales numbers for the amount of money, time, and promotions put into it. I'm 
starting to think that Midway is giving up with the series. Back in the early 
days, NFL Blitz was a big seller on the N64. Players just loved to crunch 
their friends, and even non-football lovers got hooked to the addictive 
gameplay. However, with NFL Blitz 20-02 and 20-03, sales were down. Players 
were simply bored with the same old formula. Midway Sports tried something new 
with Blitz Pro, but the sales never showed up. Personally, I think the series 
is over with, and it's on a sad note to see a great football game leave after 
less than 10 years.


- 10) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines  -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted 
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO 
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your 
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website, 
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on 
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as 
its in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that, 
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling 
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time 
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

This is a list of the current known sites that host my FAQs:

- http://www.gamefaqs.com/
- http://www.ign.com/
- http://www.neoseeker.com/
- http://www.cheatcc.com/ 
- http://www.cheatplanet.com/


- 11) Proper Credit        -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ 

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life 
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) Gamewinners.com (( for providing a sole cheat code to accompany this game. 
At least one "exists" out there.

)) Rootsecure.net (( for providing an ASCII generator to help create the ASCII 
art for the title.

)) Midway (( for producing an interesting Blitz game that attempted to be more 
realistic. Not everyone might have enjoyed it, but it kept me satisfied for a 

  "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
  "Freeeeeeeeeedddddoooooooooommmmm...Ugh!" - William Wallace, Braveheart

  As with all of my football FAQs, I'd just like to give a Shabooyah out to my 
Cincinnati Bengals (who got nerfed in this version of NFL Blitz), who 
certainly kicked butt during the 2003 season with an 8-8 record. Improvement 
is only going to reign down with the great Marvin Lewis. May the playoffs be 
in our destiny!

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