Review by felix79

Reviewed: 03/24/04

Good idea, Bad execution

After reading a ''Official Playstation Magazine'' review of ''Magic Pengel : The quest for color'' I thought ''Hmm, I'll keep this one in the back of my head...''. Yes it is kiddy, yeah it's a dumb concept but hey you can draw your own monster and battle it, that's cool! Umm... not really, The game suffers from several major problems that should have not been in existence, it makes you wonder if the people who made this where even awake during the programming process:

Story 3/10:
Most definently the worst aspect of the game. It's bad enough it even attempts it but when it tries to copy other RPGs and do some ''Gods and government conspiracy'' thing it makes it even worse. I mean, who wants to play a game where the whole concept is to bring color back to the world? Not me.

Gameplay 4/10:
First things first. A good ''create a *blank*'' game need a good creation system. Magic Pengel lacks one. When you first start drawing a ''doodle'' (really weird monster) you can tell something is wrong when you can only make a bouncing blob, what's more, the game even limits the length of the lines you can have by a system called ''color crystals''. Now, this is a good thing considering that you doodle's stats are based on how long your lines are but it is still annoying when you are trying to draw the ''coolest looking wizard thing in the game''. And yes as the game goes on you can draw other parts to your doodle, evolving it from a bouncing blob to an actual monster but you arn't going to survive that long. Furthermore the system(still talking about the drawing system) will often put your arms and legs in completely the wrong places, resulting in 30 min. of total frustration while trying to draw a simple person!
Now, if you manage to get past the horridness of drawing the doodles then comes the battle system. Battles consist of picking commands ''Attack ''Magic'' ''Block'' and ''Recharge'' each one being weak to the other and ''Recharge'' being weak to all three. In other words it plays like a glorified game of rock-paper-scissors! Not a good thing in my book.

Music 5/10:
Umm... in a word, ''bad''. Yes it matches the theme of the game but I honestly can't stand it, some of it sounds like it came strait out of ''Barney''!

Graphics 5/10:
Note to character designers. If you want cell-shaded go ''Wind Waker'' not '' let's draw stupid looking people that look like they came from a 8 year old's color manga!''. Blech

The Final Word:
Simply put: Spend your $40 elsewhere. It was a good idea, just done horribly wrong.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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