Review by Vashcaflowne

Reviewed: 11/17/03

Oh what would the world be w/o color?

First Impression
-I was extremely skeptical about this game when I first looked at it. I mean it looked like a pokemon rip-off, but this time you get to make your own monsters. WHOOPDEE DOO!!…(Note: I was being sarcastic). Well I was TOTALLY WRONG. I thought this game was targeted for the younger generation, but the gameplay elements in this game are somewhat challenging at points and the rewards are worth it. 5/10

-In my personal opinion, gameplay is the strongest aspect of any single game in the universe. Games such as Super Mario Bros. 3 can be defined as brilliant, while games that utilize wonderful eye-candy such as Devil May Cry 2 can be defined as mediocre. Magic Pengel creates a sense of delightful rock, paper, and scissor games and makes them into a battle of the victor. The basics are: You create a monster; bring it into battle with other artists to fight. The victor gets more colors to create a better monster. The more colors you get, the stronger your monster will be. 8/10

-Magic Pengel emphasizes a lot about the importance of color in our world. Without the colors our world would be bland and dull. And in Magic Pengel you realize that w/o color you and your creations are useless. The ending did not disappoint if you all are wondering. The story actually has some twists and turns, but nothing that stands out too much. 7/10

-Graphics aren’t the best here. Magic Pengel uses sort of a cell-shaded approach to it. The graphics in my opinion resemble that of Megaman Legends. Some music in the game is catchy, while others can get very old and annoying. Overall the display and sound go well together. 8/10

-You can’t find much replayability here, unless you’re the type who likes to max all your stats of your monsters. In Magic Pengel there aren’t any strong rewards for replaying it. 6/10

Final Verdict
-Magic Pengel should not be over-looked. Especially now since the price has dropped to $20, I suggest this game to anyone who loves to draw creations to bring to life. The drawing ability from paper to 3d is magnificent. After maintaining all drawing abilities, the monsters you create will show significant personality. The minor flaws that exists are some voice acting glitches and the lack of emotion with the main characters, due to their monotonous voices. For the current price, this game is a definite buy. 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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