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Reviewed: 07/06/03 | Updated: 07/06/03

If you ever wanted to whack Pikachu with a baseball bat, this is your chance!

A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away...
I meant: Right now in a world created by Agetec, God created Man and Doodles. Man had a free body and Doodles had free souls (or was it the other way around?) Eventually, Doodles are enslaved to do the work for Man. The Doodle King sacrificed himself to God to free the Doodles. Now, only those with pure hearts, like you, can use that power to create Doodles.

Now, your probably asking: ''What is a Doodle?''

A Doodle is a drawing that you do with a Pengel. The drawing comes to life when your done with it.

A Pengel is a little Angel like thing that comes to pure souls and gives them the power to create doodles.

In Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color you have a pure soul. You can actually draw your own Doodles, and guess what! They come to life in FULL 3D cel shaded format!


The story of Magic Pengel is very short, 20 hours MAX. But the characters are loveable, and you really would miss them if somehow they left in the game. The story has a deep background and a very surprising end. It also leaves enough room for a sequel...*hint* *hint* *nudge* *nudge*


This can be a little off-turning. There are only maybe 10 music tracks. They arent GREAT tracks, but they arent AWFUL either. Some are actually catchy and the violin songs can make you cry. I only took off one point for that, but I'm being GENEROUS with the voice overs. The voice overs are AWFUL!!! The words rarely match the lips, and sometimes what is written on the subs isnt what they say. And some of the voices that you hear when passing by someone can be very annoying like: ''Come see my beautiful fish tasty yummy come see my beautiful fish tasty yummy'' without any pause between sentences! By the way, if you do get this game, make sure to MUTE the TV when the theme song is playing. It can make grown men scream like little girls...


This is more of an Nintendo 64 graphic game, but the way that it is presented really doesnt take away from the gameplay. My problem is with the translations on signs. On a fish market sign instead of it saying FRESH, it says FLESH. Japanese use the same symbol or something for l and r so they translated it that way. Also with the bakery sign: it says BAKELY. It can really scare you sometimes.


Simply amazing! You draw a monster, then fight in duels. The duels are a lot like Rocks, Paper, Scissors but it adds a twist of status effects, health, and a few other things. Drawing your Doodle is very easy with the controller, but you cant plug anything into the USB jack, the controller is the only thing that works. You can also play two player duels and there are a few other features. Like I said, draw Pikachu. Have your friend draw a baseball bat, and let the fun begin!

Bonus Stuff-10

Even after you beat the game, you can play for as long as you like! There are a few more side quests and you can draw almost infinitely. There are many more challenges and other things awaiting you! There is an infinite replay value to this!

If you decide to pick up this game, dont be put off by the kiddish look of it! My Dad plays this game!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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