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Reviewed: 06/29/03 | Updated: 08/20/03

Go flying hotdog, I choose you!

Here’s the scenario, my beloved flying hotdog fell early, but thankfully my Chainsaw wielding Knight with a lazy eye knocked out the punching glove in a box and the caterpillar, but now that stupid penguin with his staff is kicking my behind; I have only 20 Hp left compared to his 100. I decided to charge this turn to recover 40 HP, while he attacks bringing me back down to 25 HP. Next turn I attack, while he blocks, my attack blows through his block and he takes 60 damage, bring him down to 40. Next turn we both pick magic, but since his agility higher he goes first knocking out my Game Boy Cartridge. I have only one hope left, my mighty Red Hammer, if he falls its all over for me, but the penguin is weak, if I can finish him off I win. I choose to attack with my Hammer, while the penguin charges recovering HP. He now has 50 HP. Now I have to pick carefully, if the penguin picks the right attack now, he can turn the tide in his favor, and I know he’s got a deadly HP drain magic he would love to use on me, so I decide to counter attack with block. He used his magic, but my block reflects his magic right back at him, him, I win!

Confused what I’m talking about? In Color Quest *Cough* excuse me Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color you can let your imagination run wild You can draw anything you want and battle with them. Perhaps you want to create a 6 legged, 6 armed, 6 winged massive monster complete with snapping jaws, you can do that. Perhaps your tastes are a little simpler and you want a human wielding a sword and shield, that’s easily accomplished too. Or perhaps your tastes are a little bit more unique; in that case you might have some fun with the soft and wiggle parts.

Story: 6/10

Ok so the story is nothing special, but if you are buying this game for its story you are buying it for the wrong reason. The beginning of the story I just plain awful, it picks up a little once the story picks up, but you spend more time wishing you could skip the cut scenes to go draw your doodles or fight rather than paying attention to the story.

Game play 9/10

Drawing your doodles are very simplistic, even people with no drawing talent like yours truly can create some truly awesome creature you’ll be proud of.

The Battles run on a standard rock paper scissor with a twist. Your options are magic, attack and block. Magic is strong against attack, but gets reflected back by block. Attack blows through block, but get stopped dead in is track against magic. Block beats magic, loses against attack, simple right? Here’s the twist, you can not pick the same attack twice, and you have a fourth option called charge, which replenishes your HP and makes your next attack stronger. Battles can seem awfully random until you learn when to charge and to pick the attacks your opponent can’t counter attack. (Ie. If he just used block, your next move should be magic, since he can’t counter attack)

My only real complaint is the slowness in which you move around, this can be especially frustrating when you need to go all the way across town to go to your home so you can draw and save your game.

Graphics/Sound 8/10

Sure the graphics looks a little kiddy, the doodles you draw look like they are drawn with crayons, but its very easy to look past these and truly enjoy your masterpieces that you create.

The Music is nothing special, but on the other hand it doesn’t get on your nerves, so that’s always a plus.

Many people have been complaining about the voice acting, but it’s not as bad as it could have been. Personally I don’t find it too bad, and I rather hear them talking then read it off the screen, what can I say I’m lazy.

Replay Value 10/10

This score can be argued. For people who love to use their imagination to create hundreds of monsters to fight with, you can do that even long after you beat the game. But for those who find the battles reparative, may not touch this game after you beat it. But since the majority of the people who will buy this game will buy it for the ability to create your own monsters, I will stick buy my 10 score.

Overall 8/10

This game isn’t fore everyone. If you are looking for a good long RPG with memorable battles, look elsewhere. This game can easily be beaten in 20 hours, and the battles all seem the same after a while. But if you want a game where you can finally see Mario battle Sonic, this is the game for you

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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