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Reviewed: 11/10/02 | Updated: 11/10/02

Fast Paced Smuggling Action!!!!!!!

Smuggling illegal contraband and dropping it off in the middle of no-where, sounds fun...... it is!!!!!! Pick a vehicle from a wide range of off-road trucks and cars to smash and crash over three vast landscapes and get chased by many different law enforcement agencies. Drive across hilly countryside, barren deserts and snowy winter lands. The basic objective of the game is to get a piece of contraband, which is marked with a green flare, then take it to a drop off point, which is marked with a red flare. The only set back with it is that when you deliver, you deliver in the middle of no-where like at the top of a really big hill. What should happen is there are little buildings at the top of the hill and you deliver next to it which would be more realistic.

There are a few modes of gameplay, missions, which is a one player game where there is a story line and you do a lot of delivery missions but some times you do races and others you have team mates to help. Also you can play multiplayer which is you and a friend either having a race or having an all on all delivery contest or having a team each and trying to deliver eighteen pieces of contraband before your friend. The vehicles you can chose from are buggies, S.U.V.'s, rally cars, military vehicles, trophie truck and monster truck. Only thing is one some levels on missions it is very frustrating because you can only use certain vehicles so it is very hard to do a level. There are a range of law enforcement agencies like Border Patrol, Police, F.B.I and Army, each one is a little different to the other, for example the army is better than the police.

Gameplay 4/5

This game is very fun to play especially when your doing huge jumps over hills and the police come flying after you in a fast-paced off-road chase. The controls are simple, they're just like any other driving game. The only thing is on the first twenty odd missions in the country-side you can only use two car, the buggy and S.U.V. which are both slow and make some of the missions hard since they are all timed.

Story 3/5

The story is basic. You are a smuggler working for The Forgotten. You get a briefing before every mission but that doesn't really matter since all you do is pick up and drop off, but on some missions this is not the case, like when you do races it says you got to win to prove your the best gang out of about five others.

Audio 4/5

The car engines are realistic and when you drive in the water that sounds good too. The background music is ok but Smugglers Run is one of those games where you get too emerged in the fast paced game to notice any back round music, but it is there. the best is when you have a huge crash or have just flew over a hill and when you hit the ground you can heard the crunch of metal breaking off.

Video 5/5

You may not agree with me here but in my opinion when this game was released this was one of the best animated games going. When you have a crash pieces of your car fly off until your left with the bare frame of the car. There are also little men about the place and deer's etc. which if your cruel enough to drive into one they will fly of flopping about all over the place. also the water is animated well too.

Replayability 3/5

Well it's quite a long game but on one player it kind of boring to play the game again, picking up and dropping off again. But multiplayer is fun to have an all on all rampage with your friend and having teams smash each other up in order to win.

Rent or Buy

Buy. It is a long game and I assure you it will keep you coming back for the fast action.

Overall 9/10

This game is epic and original but could improved.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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