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Reviewed: 04/10/02 | Updated: 04/10/02

Great Fun For Your Friends, But Not For You. . .

This is pretty much a driving game, which will no doubt amaze you. The controls are great, and they even differ from car to car. If you're driving a little buggy, you'll have great turning ability, and might even slide a little on the dirt. When you drive a massive truck, the turning is much harder, and you can actually feel yourself struggling to make the tight turns.
The levels are fansastic! Everything is original, there's no doubleing of mountains, or anything like that, it's all great. Bouncing over the mountains and down waterfalls would be worth the $50.00 right there. Except, that after exploring for maybe an hour, and jumping off everything you will get bored.

The best in any driving game yet, if that's what you want to call Smuggler's Run. The level design is flawless, the things in it are interesting, fun and couldn't be better! When you drive over railroad tracks, your wheels will actually move up and down, which you drive in snow, you'll see imprinted tracks. There's tons to explore in Smuggler's Run. You could spend tons of time searching for the best jump, or timing your ''air time''. There's everything to tunnels to trains to waterfalls to hikers! When you fly off cliffs, your car tears apart and becomes a playable part of the environment.

SOUND 0/10
The voice in the game is so annoying, you'll wish you can fail missions just to gain sweet relief. Saying the same thing over and over and over until your ears bleed might have seemed like a good idea to the game designers, but when you actually play it, you'll hate it. There is no music! How can you not have music? All you hear in this game is the buzzing of cars, which is cool for about 5 minutes, or the terrible voice you hear telling you to stop being so wreckless.

AI 3/10
In the mini games, the AI is perfect. They're easy, but give you a slight challenge in some games. They'll hit you off the road and follow you into the mountains. In the missions, the AI is absolutely TERRIBLE! There's no way to be prepared for the frusteration you will feel. You car will tip if you go over a bump wrong, but they can jump off a cliff and turn around in an SUV and not show any signs of tipping. Since there is no difficulty setting you can't change then to be real. You won't get passed the first 5 missions without throwing your controller across the room. I won't even go on because words can't describe how bad this is.

The great idea of being a smuggler, going against other gangs is what gives this a 10. But since the AI is a 0, 5 averages it out. Read the AI paragraph above to understand. The missions are pretty much picking up something, then driving to a dot. There might be a race here or there, but it's simple below average.

Great ideas, but since there are hardly any of them, you wil grow tired of them. You can play by yourself against a bunch of wreckless cars trying to go after the same thing, or with a team of 4 vs. another team of 4. If you don't have a friend handy 24/7 you'll start to hate the mini games, because they're so repetitive, and easy.

Play the game for about 3 days, you'll be begging for another human to be playing with you. There is no difficulty setting, so there's no point of getting better. The mini games will keep your attention for a tiny bit of time, then you'll be praying for a person to play with you.

RENT! RENT! RENT! This is a great game if you rent it, but anything else will give you nightmares! Rent, and have a friend come over, and this game will live out it's potential. If you buy, you're doomed to hate this series forver.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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