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Reviewed: 08/22/01 | Updated: 08/22/01

Great AI and everlasting multiplayer fun

Gameplay 10/10

Amazing, this game deserved it’s 10 in gameplay because of the very realistic terrain (even though the gameplay all around isn’t very realistic) that goes on for miles and doesn’t repeat itself. The single player missions aren’t very good, but in the hardest of the only 12 missions the police warn you to pull over and if you don’t, which you shouldn’t, they will get lots of backup and chase you down. In some games, police are just there for show and obstacles; they ram your car and stuff just to make it harder. However, in smuggler’s run, they can ACTUALLY arrest you, and you lose.

The loot grab is my favorite part; I expect it to be everyone’s favorite part. In this, you select your car and team color, and then you must be smart on what your other three teammates’ cars will be. Then, you and your opponents (either your friend’s team or a computer’s team) race to get the package, and smuggle it back to your base. If one of your opponents’ car touches you, they steal the package, and if two cars on the same team touch, they pass the package to them; just like football but with four balls at a time. This is incredibly fun and never gets old, especially with multiple players.

In joyride, you can explore the three enormous levels and have some fun with your car and cliffs. A great part about this game is that the joyride is multiplayer, so you can do things like chase your friend (cops and robbers) or you can make your own game and have a lot of fun with the variety of terrain in a single level. My friend and I developed a game in the mountains where we go to the peak of the highest mountain and sumo wrestle; we try to knock each other off the mountain by tricking each other or ramming our cars together. Have some fun with the levels and make some games with your friends.

You can select from six vehicles including the slippery racer, the invincible monster truck, a bouncy dune buggy, an efficient military truck, a rounded out pickup, and the useless SUV.

Story 7/10

This kind of game doesn’t need a good story, but here it is. Billions of dollars in things are taken to people and across the border by criminals known as smugglers. They take advantage of the borderline rules (American police cannot cross the border to Mexico or Canada in chases) by taking illegal or stolen items across the border to sell for higher prices and such. In the story mode, you are part of a criminal organization fighting against the police and rival organizations over the items. The items are worth from hundreds of thousands to millions so the organizations and police will risk their lives for the items.

Sound 7/10

The music isn’t a big part of the game; in fact, I haven’t noticed it. However, the odd woman yelling things at you when you screw up gets annoying. The SFX is very good, the screeching of tires, the banging of metal, and the terrible sound when you hit the ground and your car door and the hood goes flying off the mountain.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

This game will never get old if you have other people to play it with. Even though the AI is so good to play loot grab by yourself, its much more fun with others. The main reason, however, that the game lasts long is because the levels are HUGE! The three terrains, forest (Idaho and Montana to Canada), desert (California to Mexico) and snow (central Canadian border) each are miles and miles across. When you first look at your map you see a rectangular shape that will take awhile to cross all the way, however the map will scroll for a long, long way. The realistic terrain never will repeat itself and it will vary across all the whole area, from valleys to lakes to forests to mountains to cities to ruins, it will never get boring and you will discover a new area every time you play. This does not mean the levels are random though, like in some games. You may want to rent the game if this isn’t enough of assurance but you will probably end up buying it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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